mis selling complaint letter by cuiliqing


									Mis-selling complaint letter


Re: Mis - selling complaint

I am writing regarding an energy contract that I feel I’ve been mis-sold.

Continue with:
As I am still within the seven day cooling off period I would appreciate if you could ensure
that the contract is cancelled and that I receive written confirmation of this.

Or if outside the seven day cooling off period:

In my opinion I was mis sold the contract because..... [E.g. we were told the tariff price
was cheaper than our current suppliers but we have now realised this is not the case.
This should be followed up by details of who you spoke to, when you agreed to the
contract and at what point you discovered that you were mis-sold the contract]

Please terminate the contract and ensure my supply is returned to my previous supplier
using the erroneous transfer process.

If you cannot arrange for this to be carried out please re-bill the account at the same rates
as my previous supplier so I’m not penalised for the tactics used by your sales agent.

I would also like a full explanation for the actions of your sales agent, and confirmation
that the sales agent will be referred to the Energy Retail Association, as his actions were in
breach of the Energysure code.

Please ensure that a written reply is produced and sent to me within 10 working days.

Yours sincerely

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