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									Name of Candidate     Email-ID             Contact No.          Preferred Interview Location   10th %         12th %   Graduation

PD Balaji                   9123456 Bangalore                              62%       64% BSc
All fields are mandatory except PG and PG% and PG University Name
Values have to be entered exactly below the headings in the 2nd Row ONLY
Name should be Candidate's Name
Email ID is Candidate's Email ID
Phone No of the Candidate to be referred
Preferred Location has to be selected from the list
Graduation will be the name of the degree;
Percentage for the same also has to be entered in Grad %
Post Graduation will be the name of the degree;
Grad Stream Grad % Grad University/ college Name   PG    PG %                              Name
                                                                    PG University/ college Year of Passing of highest degree

Computers       65%                MCA          68%                                       2009
New Delhi
Sr. No.   Name of the college
     1    UIET, Chandigarh
     2    USIT, Delhi (GGSIPU)
     3    IET-DAVV, Indore
     4    Punjabi University, Patiala
     5    JMIT, Hry
     6    OIST, Indore
     7    IGIT, Delhi
     8    SGSITS, Indore
     9    SVITS, Indore
    10    IET, Alwar
    11    Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan
    12    NIT Jalandhar
    13    MNNIT Allahabad
    14    future Institute of Engineering And Management, Calcutta
    15    J.K. Institute of Physics, Allahabad
    16    NIT Kurukshetra
    17    Mody Inst of Tech. and Sci., Laxmangad
    18    GNDU, Amritsar
    19    PEC, Chandigarh
    20    BIT , Mesra
    21    BITS , Pilani
    22    DU, MCA, Delhi
    23    GBPUAT, Pantnagar
    24    DCE, Delhi
    25    TIET, Patiala
    26    NSIT, Delhi
    27    Govt. COE, Ajmer
    28    ISM , Dhanbad
    29    Amrita School of Engg., Coimbatore
    30    RNSIT, Blr
    31    COE, Trivandrum
    32    BNMIT, Blr
    33    Dr. Mahalingam COE, Pollachi
    34    GVIT, KGF
    35    Dayananda Sagar College, Blr
    36    B.I.T, Blr
    37    AIT, Chikmagalur
    38    Dr. A.I.T, Blr
    39    NIT Surtkal
    40    NIT Trichy
    41    NIT Calicut
    42    NIT Wrangal
    43    Heritage Institute Of Technology, Calcutta
44   CET, Bhubneshwar
45   Future Institute of Engineering And Management, Calcutta
46   KIIT, Bhubaneshwar
47   TECHNO INDIA, Calcutta
48   NIT, Durgapur
49   NIT, Rourkela
50   IIIT, Calcutta
51   Jadhavpur University, Calcutta
52   OEC, Bhubaneshwar
53   B. P. Poddar Institute Of Managaement & Tech, Calcutta
54   P V G's College of Enginnering & Technology, Pune
55   Govt. COE, Aurangabad
56   K J Somaiya COE, Mumbai
57   G H Raisoni COE, Nagpur
58   Nirma Inst. of Tech, Ahd
59   Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli
60   Walchand College of Engineering, Solapur
61   Wadia College, Pune
62   AISSMS'S COE, Pune
63   BVP COE, Pune
64   JNEC, Aurangabad
65   Ramrao Adik Inst. Of Technology, Mumbai
66   Sinhgad College of Engg. Pune
67   Sri RamdeoBaba Kamla Nehru Engg. College, Nagpur
68   D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune
69   Fr. Agnel COE, Bandra

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