2006 EXTERNAL

AED Fellowships
These fellowship awards to support small nonprofits and promising new leaders committed to social
justice and peace. The two-year grants offer support for salary, fringe benefits, financial assistance,
mentoring, and a professional development account for a promising new leader. Applications and
eligibility criteria are available from the New Voices web site at www.aed.org/newvoices. For
information, newvoice@aed.org, or 202-884-8051

American Association of University Women (AAUW) One-Year and Two-Year Grants
One-year grants ($2,000-$7,000) provide seed money for new projects. Topic areas are unrestricted, but
should include a clearly defined activity that promotes education and equity for women and girls. Two-
year community action grants ($5,000-$10,000) provide start-up funds for longer-term programs that
address the particular needs of the community and develop girls’ sense of efficacy through leadership or
advocacy opportunities. Two-year grants are restricted to projects focused on K-14 (including 2-year
colleges) girls’ achievement in math, science, and/or technology. Funds support planning activities,
coalition building, implementation and evaluation. Applicants must be women who are U.S. citizens or
permanent residents. Grant projects must have direct public impact, be nonpartisan, and take place within
the United States or its territories. For information, visit

Charles Lindbergh Fund Grants
The Lindbergh Fund Grants support projects addressing the balance between technology and the natural
environment (including conservation, health and population science, intercultural communication, and
wildlife preservation). Funding of $10,580 (a symbolic amount representing the cost of the “Spirit of St.
Louis”) is provided to recipients. For more information contact Charles Lindbergh Fund; 708 South 3rd
Street, Suite 110; Minneapolis, MN 55415 or www.lindberghfoundation.org/grants/index.html

CHCI Public Policy Program
Places 21 Latino graduate students with congressional offices, federal agencies, Washington-based media,
national advocacy organizations, and government-related corporate institutions in Washington, DC for
nine months of work and learning. All fellows receive a monthly stipend, health insurance and round-trip
transportation. www.chci.org/chciyouth/fellowship/fellowshipprogram.htm

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS)
Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to operate volunteer
programs around the world in partnerships with sustainable community initiatives. Three programs CSS
offers is Volunteer Abroad, Intern Abroad, and Insight Abroad. Volunteer Abroad is an international
volunteer 2-12 week program available in 10 countries with nearly 200 start dates every year. Intern
Abroad is a 2-12 week internship offered in the fields of heath, education, and social services. Insight
Abroad is a one week program identical to Volunteer Abroad but designed with special provisions for the
short stay. If you have any questions regarding CSS, please contact (800) 380-4777 or (914)632-0022 or
via email at cassie@crossculturalsolutions.org, or visit www.crossculturalsolutions.org.

Daniel K. Inouye Fellowship Program
The fellowship program is designed to encourage a college graduate who has a commitment to the Asian
Pacific American community to pursue a public policy career. The Fellowship is for nine months and
provides a stipend of $15,000 and medical insurance. The Fellow will be placed either in the APAICS
office or in the office of a member of Congress or congressional committee, a federal agency, or a
nonprofit public policy organization. The Fellow will have the opportunity to engage in research on

policy issues and will be expected to write a substantial paper during the Fellowship. For more
information visit http://www.apaics.org/apaics_fellow.html#fellow1

Echoing Green Foundation Undergraduate Public Service Fellowships
The echoing green Foundation provides individuals over 18 years old with $60,000 to sustain a two-year
commitment to entrepreneurial or innovative public service projects. Individuals or groups of two may
originate projects. Initial proposals must be sent by early January. For more information, OCS 495-8126
or www.echoinggreen.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=145

Ella Lyman Cabot Trust Grants
The Cabot Trust Grants support individuals at critical points in their lives for personally meaningful
projects, which can also benefit others. Projects may not be part of routine academic or occupational
courses. Individuals must approach the Trust in writing to secure an application. Funding range: $7,000-
12,000. For more information contact Ella Lyman Cabot Trust, Inc.; c/o E. B. Thompson; 109 Rockland
Street, Holliston, MA 01746 or www.yale.edu/iefp/acrobat/Cabot.doc

Federal Trade Commission Honors Paralegal Program
Help attorneys with investigation and in-court litigation of consumer protection issues. If interested, send
resume, cover letter, transcript, names of 3 references, and a writing sample that demonstrates your
analytical skill to Phyllis Marcus, Office of the Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC, 600
Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20580. Phone number is (202) 326-2854. Visit
http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/oed/hrmo/jobops.htm for more information.

Green Corps Environmental Leadership Training Program
Green Corps is a nonprofit field school for environmental organizing, founded by leading
environmentalists in 1992 to identify and train the next generation of environmental leaders. The three-
part training program includes intensive classroom training, hands-on experience running urgent
environmental and public health campaigns, and placement in permanent leadership positions with
leading environmental groups. The program begins in August 2005, with the
Introductory Classroom Training in Boston, and concludes with graduation in August 2006.
Fellows are paid a salary of $23,750. Other benefits include optional group health care coverage, paid
sick days and holidays, two weeks paid vacation, and a student loan repayment program for qualifying
staff. Apply online at www.greencorps.org. Please contact Jenna Perry at (617) 426-8506 ext. 1 or e-mail
jobs@greencorps.org for more information. Deadlines vary by location and end March 1, 2005.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship
Annual program to provide an opportunity for college graduates to gain practical experience by
contributing to the efforts of non-profit, public-interest organizations in the Washington, D.C. area
working on peace and security issues. Applicable fields of study include: Government, international
relations, conflict resolution, peace studies, and related fields. Of special relevance are arms control,
disarmament, conflict prevention and resolution, defense budget, dismantling chemical and nuclear
weapons in the former Soviet Union, economic conversion, environmental security, export controls, and
international security. Applicants are expected to demonstrate an excellent academic background and a
strong interest in issues of peace and security. Fellows are given a stipend of $1,800 per month, health
insurance coverage, plus travel expenses to Washington, D.C. Tenure of award is 6 to 9 months.
www.scoville.org Paul Revsine, program director, Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Program, 322
Fourth Street, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002. Telephone: 202-543-4100 extension 124. E-mail:

J.W. Saxe Memorial Prize
The Saxe Memorial Prize provides $1,000 to undergraduates or graduate students pursuing volunteer or
low-paying public service projects or internships in the U.S. or overseas. For more information contact,
J.W. Saxe Memorial Prize, 1524 31st St., NW; Washington DC 20007 or

The Jewish Organizing Initiative
JOI is a Boston based organization that recruits young Jewish adults from all over the world for a year of
leadership training that includes: working for social and economic justice, Jewish learning, training in
grass roots community organizing skills, and Jewish community building. The fellowship year involves
work in social justice community or labor organizations, generally in low-income community
organizations, (sometimes in the Jewish community) and weekly learning and reflection about organizing
for justice, Judaism, and community building. For more information visit www.jewishorganizing.org or
call or email us at: 617.350.9994, lindsey@jewishorganizing.org.

The Media and Technology Charter High (MATCH) School in Boston, Massachusetts is recruiting 45
talented individuals who are passionate about closing the Achievement Gap in urban education. The
MATCH Corps is one-year service program for recent college graduates and graduating seniors.
MATCH Corps Members receive a $600/month stipend toward living expenses, as well as free health and
dental insurance at local restaurants. For more information visit www.matchschool.com.

National Endowment for Financial Education
The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping
individual Americans acquire the information and gain the skills necessary to take control of their
financial destiny. The foundation functions as an active participant, by providing both funding and
expertise, in developing programs and materials for the public. The NEFE Fellows Program recruits
qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in working on projects
within NEFE’s broad scope of activities and in gaining non-profit operations and management
experience. NEFE fellowships are funded for periods of up to two years and directed primarily at new
college graduates at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Fellows are assigned to projects, and work
with staff at NEFE headquarters in the Denver area, to gain both practical skills and meaningful
professional experience through their tenure with the foundation. Fellows receive a salary of $27,150 per
year and an attractive benefits package. See www.nefe.org/pages/search.html

National Teaching Academy Teaching Apprenticeship
At NTA, we see teachers as public intellectuals, leaders, and activists for social change. As a teaching
apprentice, you can earn a Masters degree in Education and teacher certification in one year, be mentored
by a gifted Master Teacher, and teach at an innovative urban school with a supportive culture.
Qualifications in addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree include a strong desire to make a difference, a firm
belief that every student can make a difference, and a commitment to continual learning. For more
information visit www.nslp.org/repay.htm#teachers.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Higher Education Research Experiences (Tennessee)
Higher Education Research Experiences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (HERE@ORNL) provides
research opportunities and associated activities for students at all levels, beginning the term before college
entrance through thesis/dissertation research, and higher education faculty. The program is designed to
complement academic programs by utilizing the unique resources of Oak Ridge National Laboratory to
enhance science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education, encourage careers in science and
technology, and improve scientific literacy, while at the same time contributing to the Laboratory
mission. Fellows are paid $450/week (bi-weekly) and are given $75/week housing allowance (for students

whose permanent residence is outside a radius of 60 miles of ORNL). They are also eligible for tuition
and fees for off-campus programs (offered at the discretion of the research mentor). For more information
contact Cheryl Terry at (865) 576-3427 or terryc@orau.gov. http://www.orau.gov/hereatornl/

Paul Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice
The Wellstone Fellow will be engaged in Families USA’s outreach to, and mobilization of, communities
of color. The fellowship is designed to give an individual both a national and a local perspective on social
justice work by working in the Families USA office in Washington, D.C., where he or she will learn
about Medicare, Medicaid, efforts to achieve universal coverage, and other important health policy issues.
The fellowship will last one year, from September 2004 through August 2005. Fellows will be paid an
annual stipend (mid-$30s) and will receive excellent health care benefits. For more information about the
Wellstone Fellowship, contact Melissa Rosenblatt at 202-628-3030 or at internship@familiesusa.org or
visit www.familiesusa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=Wellstone_Fellowship_index.

Phillips Academy: Andover Teaching Fellowship Program
Annual program to provide graduate students and recent college graduates with teaching experience at
Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass. A summer teaching Assistant Program is also available. Relevant
fields of study include: Art, English, mathematics, classics, French, German, Spanish, Russian, biology,
chemistry, physics, music, physical education, history, philosophy, and religion. The Fellowship period
begins September 1 and runs for 9 months. The Phillips Academy program pays medical, dental, and life
insurance as well as a stipend of $20,000. An on-campus apartment and board are included. Summer TAs
receive $2,500 plus room and board. For further information, consult the Website:
http://www.andover.edu, clicking on “Employment” and then “Open Faculty Positions.” Summer TA
information is found under “Academics.” For an application form, contact: Lynda Diamondis, Phillips
Academy, 180 Main Street, Andover, MA 01810-4161 Tel: 978-749-4003 E-mail:

Public Allies Fellowship Program
The Public Allies Fellowship Program at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center seeks
young leaders who have a college degree and are interested in working in youth development and
education to serve in one-year fellowships at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center in
Estes Park, Colorado. Fellows will live in community for one year at a nationally recognized innovative
high school located in the Rocky Mountains. To learn more visit www.publicallies.org/eaglerock and
www.eaglerockshool.org, or email raglerock@publicallies.org.

Samuel Huntington Public Service Fellowships
The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award provides an annual stipend of $10,000 for a graduating
college senior to pursue public service anywhere in the world. The Award allows recipients to engage in a
meaningful public service activity for up to one year before proceeding on to graduate school or a career.
Students are encouraged to develop their own proposals for public service in this country or abroad. The
proposal may encompass any activity that furthers the public good. For more information contact the
Samuel Huntington Fund; 25 Research Drive; Westborough MA 01582; 508-389-2125 or

Steppingstone Fellowship
The Steppingstone Fellowship is a paid, 26-month teaching and administrative experience designed to
expose motivated and talented recent college graduates to several aspects of careers in education. It starts
in June of 2003 and will end August 31, 2005. Upon completion of The Fellowship, the Steppingstone
Fellow will be a candidate who is well prepared for employment at an independent school or charter
school, as well as admission to a graduate program in education or human services. For more information
visit www.tsf.org/boston/bos_tf.html.

The United Way of Tri-State Fellows Program
The program provides recent graduates with the opportunity to see firsthand how the corporate and
nonprofit worlds join forces to build stronger communities. The six-month fellowship requires a
commitment of 30 hours per week from July through December. Fellows work on corporate fund-raising
campaigns and may also be involved with special community projects. Fellows receive a monthly stipend
funded by corporate sponsorship. Eligible are college seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students
with a demonstrated interest in the nonprofit sector. Visit http://www.uwts.org/tsvo.asp#top for more

Located in various cities:
   • Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs (www.coro.org)
   • Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program
   • Teach Kentucky (www.teachkentucky.com) (Praxis II Exam)
   • City Year (www.cityyear.org/joinus/index.cfm)
   • Teach for America (www.teachforamerica.org)
   • AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps (www.avodah.net)
   • Public Allies (www.publicallies.org/getinvolved/becomeanally.html)
   • Peace Corps (www.peacecorps.gov)
   • AmeriCorps (www.americorps.org/joining/basics.html)
   • Public Interest Research Groups Fellowships (www.pirg.org/jobs/recentgrads/Fellows/index.html)
   • International Fellows Program (http://www.ifesh.org/fellows.html)
   • Community Fellowships (http://www.soros.org/initiatives/cf/)


  • Capital Fellows Programs (www.csus.edu/calst/Programs/programs.html)
  • Cal-Teach (www.calteach.org/index.cfm)
  • JusticeCorps (www.courtinfo.ca.gov/programs/justicecorps/)
  • Great Valley Fellows Program (http://www.greatvalley.org/gvfellows/)

• Inner City Teaching Corps (http://ictc-chicago.org/vtc/index.php)

  • El Pomar Fellowship (www.elpomar.org/leader1.html)
  • Stanley British Primary School Teaching Internship (www.stanleybps.org/brochure/i2.htm)
  • The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), Greenwood Village, Colorado

  • Andover Teaching Fellowship (www.andover.edu/personnel/TeachingFellowInfo.htm)
  • Massachusetts Promise Fellowship Program (www.masspromise.org)
  • Massachusetts Institute of New Teachers (MINT) (www.doe.mass.edu/mint/)
  • Citizen Schools National Teaching Fellowship Program (www.citizenschools.org/teachingfellows/)

  • Common Ground Fellowship in Creative Response to Homelessness
  • New York Urban Fellows (http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/urbanfellows.html)
  • New York Teaching Fellows Program (www.nycteachingfellows.org)
   • NYC Department of Housing and Community Development (www.nyc.gov/html/hpd/html/for-job-
  • New York City Community Fellowships Program

  • DC Teaching Fellows Program (www.dcteachingfellows.org)
  • Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (www.apaics.org/apaics_fellow.html)
  • Population Connection Fellowship (6 mo. fellowship)
  • Hillel Fellowships
  • Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship (http://www.clw.org/pub/clw/scoville/index.html)


American India Foundation Service Corps Fellowships
A selective program that builds bridges between America and India by sending talented and skilled young
Americans to work with leading non-governmental organizations in India for a period of nine months.
The Fellowship runs from September to June each year. During this time, the Fellows immerse
themselves with organizations working on causes related to livelihood, primary education, public health
and human rights. http://www.aifoundation.org/site/Programs/ServiceCorps/index.html

Dorot Fellowship in Israel
Develops knowledgeable and impassioned Diaspora Jewish lay leadership. Fellows are funded for twelve
months in Israel for an intensive language program, Jewish study and an internship. The Fellowship is
open to Jewish college graduates in their 20’s and 30’s. Awards of up $13,000 are determined according
to need. http://www.dorot.org/DFI/Learn_More/index.cfm

The Indicorps fellowship is a structured, competitive public service program for people of Indian origin
who have a university degree or five-years equivalent work experience. Indicorps selects 10-15 young
professionals of Indian origin for one and two-year service fellowships with grassroots service
organizations in India. The structure of the Indicorps fellowship is created to rapidly orient fellows to
India and to their issues/projects, maximize the limited resources of partner organizations, and capitalize
on the fellows’ enthusiasm and expertise to implement robust projects that are in the organizations’ and
India’s best interest. The optional second year encourages Indicorps fellows to broaden their
understanding of development and take leadership in managing projects or Indicorps programs. To apply
after January 26, visit www.indicorps.org/apply.


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