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                             To kill a mocking birds was written by Harper and is about the sin of the small town in Macomb Alabama in the 1930.

                             Explanation of Topic
(Paragraph 1)

                             This great text is very complex in the way it shows racism and femineity in the hard times of 1930’s.

                             There are many exampole of Racism in the book

                             Point 2 Women in the book and the film knew what their place was

                             The similiteis and differences between the novel and video

                             To analyse the text of the great book to kill a mocking bird

                              Racisms comes from many different characters and scence thoughout the novel

                              How it is showen to the reader
                                                Tom robsin and how he was treaded
             (Paragraph 2)

                                                4 black people were profiled and automatically blamed for any crimes

                              Evidence          A quote from accittus ‘it’s a sin to kill a mocking bird’

                                                the levels of the court

                                                The character with the black wife mixed chlidren

                              Not just the black men discrimaded but women as well

                              In the book and film women knew their places

                              How the woman are portred

                                                It does not say about the woman in the book and flim
             (Paragraph 3)

                                                2 Women mostly stayed in the house and most woman loved there graden

                              Evidence          3Women had no say in anything

                                                4 aunt alxendra and her socily group tries to get scout invloed


                              There where some characters and scence not in the flim

                              The novel had many pages at it use but the flim only had time

                              With the novel having more pages it was able to go into more depth

                                                Mr dubose and her morphine adction
             (Paragraph 4)

                                                The skipping of scence

                              Evidence          Skipping of characters

                                                flim Less in depth from novel


                     you can see this award win text has many different componeds that make it great.

                             Restate Topic To kill a mockingbird by Harper lee

                             Restate Thesis / Argument Comparing How Racism and Femininty are different in the book and the film
             (Paragraph 5)

                             Restate Paragraph 2 racsim

                             Restate Paragraph 3 feminity

                             Restate Paragraph 4 differentces

                             Clincher –

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