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    Marketing and
    Public Relations
    Summer 2009

    DISCOUNTS for AMA, IABC, PRSA, SIOC and SPRA members

Courses may be taken individually or as                       FREE INFORMATION SESSION!
part of the Marketing or Public Relations
Specialized Studies Program.                             Marketing and Public Relations
                                                      As technology, the media and culture have
Search Engine Marketing                               changed over the last decade, so have
Noncredit.                                            the growing fields of marketing and public
                                                      relations. If you would like to advance your
In today’s economy, advertising dollars               marketing or public relations career to a
must work harder than ever. Search Engine             more professional level or would like to bet-
Marketing (SEM), including pay-per-click,
                                                      ter understand the principles and strategies
search engine optimization and web content
                                                      involved in today’s marketing and public
development now account for almost half
                                                      relations fields, please plan to attend our
of all online advertising dollars. There’s a
                                                      free information session.
reason for this: SEM works. It can cost far
less and provide a much higher return than            Meet industry professionals and learn about
most traditional advertising channels. With           program content and format, career trends
competition growing and budgets being                 and opportunities, and answers to all of
squeezed, now is the time to learn about this         your questions.
high-return marketing channel.                        R E S E RVE YO U R S EAT TO DAY!
Examine how to develop marketing cam-                 Aug. 11: Tues., 5:30-7:30 p.m.
paigns and strategies for SEM. Learn how
                                                         Sacramento: Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St.
search functions as a marketing component;
how to create an effective SEM plan; guide-              No charge. Enroll in section 091OPE102.
lines and best practices; what works and what
doesn’t; how to avoid costly mistakes; what
SEM technology is all about; how to measure          Special Events
a campaign’s success; and emerging trends.           1.5 quarter units academic credit, X423.19.
Discover practical methods for developing            Discover ways to define your goals and custom
web content and landing pages to maximize            design events to accomplish them. Whether
your effectiveness and improve your visibility.      you want to promote a new business, launch
Small business owners, in-house marketing            a product line or reinforce your brand, special
professionals, and those working for search          events are an important marketing tool
engine marketing firms and advertising               and offer public relations opportunities for
agencies benefit.                                    companies, organizations and communities.
SANDRA NIEHAUS is the vice president                 Examine how to identify target audiences
of user experience and creative director of          and find sponsors. Learn to create pre-event
Closed Loop Marketing, heading up the                publicity and draw in event-day media cover-
company’s online conversion optimization             age. Gain an “insider’s look” at events as well
projects. She is co-author of Web Design for         as how to manage them, how to measure them
ROI and regularly speaks on the topics of            and how to produce events successfully time
search engine marketing, usability, design           after time.
and conversion at industry conferences.              INGRID LUNDQUIST, CSEP, is the owner
Niehaus has contributed her expertise to a           of the Lundquist Company, a California
wide range of companies, including Hewlett-          corporation specializing in high-profile event
Packard, Brocade, ReelzChannel and Allstate.         production for corporations and nonprofit
n   2 meetings.                                      cultural organizations. She has been honored
n   June 4-11: Thurs., 6-9 p.m.                      with top local, regional, statewide and
n   Sacramento: Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St.   international industry awards.
n   $225 ($275 if postmarked after 05/21/2009).
                                                     n   5 meetings.
    Enroll in section 084MAP700.
                                                     n   June 18-July 16: Thurs., 6-9 p.m.
n   Special discounts: Groups. AMA, IABC,
                                                     n   Sacramento: Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St.
    SIOC, SPRA and PRSA members.
                                                     n   $460 ($510 if postmarked after 06/04/2009).
                                                         Enroll in section 091PUR425.
                                                     n   Special discounts: Groups. AMA, IABC,
                                                         SiOC, SPRA and PRSA members.
AMA/IABC/PRSA/SiOC/SPRA members: American Marketing Association, International
Association of Business Communicators, Public Relations Society of America, State Information
Officers Council and Sacramento Public Relations Association members are eligible for a 10 percent
discount off all designated marketing and public relations courses. Discounts cannot be combined and
are not retroactive. Memberships will be verified.

                                  F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I ON
               For general information, call UC Davis Extension at (800) 752-0881.
    For specific program information, call the Business & Management unit at (530) 757-8895,
     email, or visit
Marketing and Public Opinion Research
1.5 quarter units academic credit, X441.315.                               JENNIFER FRANZ, Ph.D., is the president
                                                                           of JD Franz Research, Inc., a statewide public
Learn a planned and critical approach to
                                                                           opinion and marketing research firm founded
using research as a tool for making informed
                                                                           in 1981. She works with a mix of public- and
business decisions. People from many
                                                                           private-sector clients, including the city
different kinds of organizations, includ-
                                                                           of Sacramento, California Department of
ing nonprofit, government, political and
                                                                           Boating and Waterways, Southern California
corporate, often need to gauge public opinion
                                                                           Association of Governments, The Sacramento
before making major decisions. Explore both
                                                                           Bee, Golden 1 Credit Union and Landmark
quantitative and qualitative methods from a
                                                                           Health Care.
practical point of view, with many real-world
illustrations. Topics include research plan-                                n   5 meetings.
ning, instrument design, sample selection,                                  n   July 13-Aug. 10: Mon., 6-9 p.m.
field implementation, data tabulation and                                   n   Sacramento: Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K St.
analysis, and preparation of written and oral                               n   $460 ($510 if postmarked after 06/29/2009).
reports. Individual and group projects let you                                  Enroll in section 091MAP661.
develop your own skills with observations                                   n   Special discounts: Groups. AMA, IABC,
from the instructor and your peers.                                             SiOC, SPRA and PRSA members.

                                            w w e s s

 Specialized Studies Program in Marketing
 REQUIRED COURSES (6.3 units)                                              #Units                 F           W           SP          SU
 Essentials of Marketing*                                                        1.8               n
 Marketing and Public Opinion Research                                           1.5                                                   n
 Integrated Marketing Communications                                             1.5                                       n
 Strategic Marketing Planning                                                    1.5                           n
 ELECTIVE COURSES (Select 3 units)# Units                                                         F           W           SP          SU
 Special Events                                                                  1.5                                                   n
 Essentials of Public Relations                                                  1.8               n
 Media Relations                                                                 1.5               n
 Social Media                                                                    1.5                           n
 Any Web Technologies course with pre-approval

 Specialized Studies Program in Public Relations
 REQUIRED COURSES (8.4 units)                                              #Units                 F           W           SP          SU
 Essentials of Public Relations*                                                 1.8               n
 Writing for Public Relations Professionals                                      1.8                           n
 Media Relations                                                                 1.5               n
 Marketing and Public Opinion Research                                           1.5                                                   n
 Strategic Planning in Public Relations                                          1.8                                       n
 ELECTIVE COURSES (Select one)                                             #Units                 F           W           SP          SU
 Special Events                                                                  1.5                                                   n
 Social Media                                                                    1.5                           n
 Any Marketing or Web Technologies course with pre-approval
*Those with previous experience may request to substitute an elective course.
F=Fall W=Winter SP=Spring SU=Summer
The University of California does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures or practices. The university is an affirmative action/equal
opportunity employer. Not produced at state expense. UC Davis Extension is a self-supporting, nonprofit organization funded by
course fees, grants and contracts.
                                                     BY MAIL complete this form and send it to the Registration Office, UC Davis Extension, University of          BY FAX at (530) 757-8558. If you are enrolling with a company purchase order, please fax a completed enrollment form along with a copy
                                                     California, 1333 Research Park Drive, Davis, CA 95618-4852.                                                   of the purchase order. For security purposes we can no longer accept credit card payments via fax.
 ENROLLING IS EASY!                                  BY PHONE call toll free (800) 752-0881. From Davis or Woodland call 757-8777.                                 IN PERSON at our Registration Office, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., 1333 Research Park Drive, Davis.
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