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                    Number 7       Volume 19	   July 1991

           Hats Off To
       Thurmon Green
        Doris Harris
Train & Bus Operators of the Year
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 Cover Story: Doris Harris Wins Bus Operator of the        Arrivillaga; and Bindery Operators Il—Manny Alvarez,
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  Year; Thurmon Green Named Top Train Operator 	 16
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Letter from the President
                                                               were published in a bro-        practical means of travel
                                                               chure.                          are the common denomina-
                                                                   This unit also arranges     tors in all marketing
                                                               joint sponsorships, such as     programs.
                                                               the recent Eco Expo and the         To accomplish this, the
                                                               Long Beach Marathon, that       Marketing Department has
                                                               keep RTD in the public eye      devised a number of other
                                                               while contributing to a         very successful advertising
                                                               worthwhile community            campaigns in recent years.
                                                               effort.                         The Los Angeles Raiders
                                                                   The Publications and        anti-graffiti ads have
                                                               Video Programming unit,         earned notice in local
                                                               headed by Mike Barnes,          business publications for
                                                               produces a variety of           their innovation. The
                                                               informational brochures and     Dodgers, Kings, and
Perhaps when you were          television, radio, maga-        videos distributed to the       Clippers also have teamed
listening to the radio         zines, billboards, brochures,   public and special audiences    with RTD in advertising
recently, you heard me         booths at special events,       such as business and            programs.
announce some of the new       and videotapes.                 political. These include the        It's fun to be a part of
programs RTD has                   Department Director         District's annual report,       RTD promotions and
launched to help improve       Tony Fortuno's daily goal is    brochures on clean air, our     advertising campaigns. But
our service.                   to reach as many of the 10      Central Maintenance             it's especially gratifying to
    Or maybe you saw a         million Los Angeles County      Facility, and others.           know that the Marketing
commercial on TV featur-       residents as possible with          The department also         Department is there behind
ing our buses and trains.      the message that I've been      produced the videocassette      the scenes. All of us owe
Remember the big bill-         working on since I became       that featured the Ninja         them our thanks for
boards that had pictures of    president: RTD works.           Turtles riding the Blue Line    keeping the public informed
Los Angeles Raiders            We're improving, and we         last year that was distrib-     about the work the rest of
players asking people to       can improve your life, too.     uted to 100,000 households,     us do to provide quality
help us "crush graffiti?"          The Department's three      In another one now in           public transportation
    Radio, television and      units accomplish this goal.     production, we will ask         service.
billboard advertising are      The Passenger Communica-        people to ride the bus or
three basic ways RTD uses      tions and Promotions            train at least once a week to       S cerely,
to "spread the word" about     section, headed by Alice        help alleviate gridlock and
our services and special       Wiggins, plans and carries      air pollution.
programs, lt doesn't           out promotional programs            Harry Goldsborough                       02-Qatv-,
happen by itself, of course.   designed to inform bus and      runs the Advertising and            Nick Patsaouras
RTD's Marketing and            train riders and the public     Market Research Unit.               RTD Board President
Communications Depart-         about our service and what      Market research is an
ment makes it happen.          benefits it can offer them.     extremely important
    Without our Marketing          I've been privileged to     function. Once thorough
Department, millions of        participate in a number of      research has been done, we
Los Angeles County             these programs since I          can advertise more effec-
residents would remain         became president. One of        tively.
uninformed about the           the most successful was the         A major District goal of
Transit Rider Bill of          "Moving L.A. Into the '90s"     advertising is to communi-
Rights, our ongoing            contest. We invited citizens    cate and establish the value
program to improve bus         to submit their ideas on        of public transit in general,
service. Marketing employ-     how to improve transit in       and the worth of the RTD in
ees use a variety of media     Southern California. We         particular. Creating a
available to teil as many      chose the 90 best ideas and     positive identity for the
people as possible about       honored them at a special       RTD and positioning the
our activities: newspapers,    luncheon, and their ideas       District as a viable and

                                                                                         JULY 1991 H EADWAY 3
RTD Strapped Financially; Tax Monies on Hold

      lawsuit filed by a        protect the bondholders by        "The court challenge            In June, Pegg asked
 citizen's group has put on     not expending the tax          has a direct impact on next    each departmental director
 hold the implementation of     monies until the Court's       year's budget," said Pegg.     to submit a two percent cut
 Proposition C, a half cent     approval. Attorneys            "Additional cuts were          from their FY 91 budget to
 sales tax approved by          estimate that the process      needed to balance antici-      achieve a $12 to $13
 voters last November. As a     will take six months to a      pated revenue shortfalls       million reduction in next
 result, the Los Angeles        year.                          during FY 92."                 year's budget.
 County Transportation
 Commission (LACTC) has
 mandated a hold on
 spending pending a resolu-
                                Corporate Partnership Program
 tion by the California
 District Court of Appeals.
                                To Be the District's FY 92 Focus
    The decision not to
 spend the tax, which is         Alan Pegg, RTD general        funding shortfalls that        RTD of Propositions A and
 intended to raise an           manager, has announced         have plagued the agency in     C dollars. lt positions RTD
 estimated $400 million per     that the proposed Corpo-       recent years. Pegg said the    as a lead agency in meeting
year for mass transit, bus      rate Partnership Program       program increases corpo-       the region's Regulation XV
 operations and right of way    will be the District's         rate financial contributions   clean air goals.
 purchases, will definitely     primary new marketing          to the RTD with pass              The Corporate Partner-
 impact the District, said      thrust in the coming year.     subsidies, increases           ship Program was the only
Alan Pegg, general man-            In making the decision,     corporate awareness of         District program exempted
 ager. "The monies gener-       Pegg said he believes the      District services and          from a two percent budget
 ated from the tax were to      program can insulate the       programs, encourages           cut in the FY 92 budget
be spent as soon as possible    District from continued        investments by cities in the   submittal process.
on expanding bus service in
congested corridors during
                                 Fact: Ridership on the
commuter hours, increasing
                                 Blue Line has doubled in
transit security, removing
                                 less than a year. On a
graffiti from buses and
                                 typical weekday, the
trains, and converting
                                 trains carry 31,000
buses from diesel to electric
                                 Fact: On-time perfor-
    The LACTC, vigorously
                                 mance is 99 percent. "The
defending the lawsuit, was
                                 reason it's so good, " says
victorious in Superior
                                 Rail Operations Superin-
Court. But the plaintiff in
                                 tendent Paul O'Brien, is
the lawsuit, the Libertarian
                                 that if we do have a
Party of California, has
                                 mechanical problem --
given notice of its appeal of
                                 like a door that won't
the decision to the Court of
                                 close -- the operator is
Appeals. Declaring its legal
                                 trained to fix it himself.
arguments "strong and
                                 And 24 hours a day, we
persuasive," attorneys for
                                 have an extra train and
the Commission say they
                                 an operator standing by,
are confident the sales tax
                                 so if there's a problem,
will be upheld. lt is sound
                                 we can make a last
fiscal policy, they say, to
                                 second swap without
                                 inconveniencing the

RTD's Dan Dryden Hits a Grand Siam
                                                                                               interrupts nine-year-old
                                                                                               David Fisher, who has
                                                                                               braved eight operations for
                                                                                               spina bifida, a congenital
                                                                                               condition in which the
                                                                                               bones do not fuse properly
                                                                                               at the base of the spine.
                                                                                               "This gives me a chance to
                                                                                               play baseball and to get
                                                                                               dirty, and I usually don't
                                                                                               get that chance. And," he
                                                                                               adds with a grin as wide as
                                                                                               center field, "I'm pretty
                                                                                                   For youngsters like
                                                                                               David and Timmy and
                                                                                               Pam, the years of battling
                                                                                               disabilities have now
                                                                                               dissolved into summer days
                                                                                               of batting softballs. This is
                                                                                               the story of their triumphs.
                                                                                               And of their coach, Dan
                                                                                               Dryden, who used his VISA
                                                                                               gold card to purchase
                                                                                               baseball uniforms costing
                                                                                               more than $1,000 for his
                                                                                               special kids.
                                                                                                   Dan Dryden, Division 5
                                                                                               assistant manager, was
 "I just bought a P.A. system for my team. The kids hear their names called, and they get so
                                                                                               dead tired after driving to
excited, they don't want to leave the batter's box," says coach Dryden.
                                                                                               Las Vegas one day last
                                                                                               summer. Too exhausted to
T     immy Holmes is
almost six years old. He has
                                whispered, "let's go the
                                game." Peeling back her
                                                                the night before -- and had
                                                                slept in it.
                                                                                               see a show, he flipped on
                                                                                               television. The station he
never been able to feed or      eyelids, Leann Holmes              Two hours later, Timmy      had tuned to was showing a
dress himself. But on that      looked at her son with          was at bat, in the batter's    tape on the nearly 20,000
Saturday morning in May,        cerebral palsy and with a       box at Eagle Rock's            physically or mentally
the little boy with the         glove in one hand and           Yosemite Park. Pam waited      challenged youngsters who
angelic face was so ener-       cleats on his feet, and         on-deck. "I never thought it   play baseball in Little
gized by what had hap-          cried.                          would be possible," says       League's newest innovation
pened the weekend before           A mile away in the same      Leeann Holmes, who had         -- the Challenger Division.
that he maneuvered his          Eagle Rock neighborhood,        extra wheels installed on      ("I sat there with tears
wheelchair to the drawer        nine-year-old Pam Perez         her son's chair so that they   running down my face.")
and pulled out his pint-size    was waking her sister for       could speed him around the         Arriving back in Los
Dodger uniform.                 the third time that morn-       bases. "This is wonderful,"    Angeles, Dryden did some
   Soon after, dressed from     ing. She had tried at five      concurs Miran Magana,          soul searching. "I love
head to toe, he wheeled         am., then at six and seven.     who brought her two            baseball and I'd always
himself into his parent's       Like Timmy, the little girl     autistic sons, aged 11 and     wanted to be involved with
bedroom. Flashing a smile       with the dark tresses and a     seven. "We've been fighting    the Special Olympics. This
as bright as any major          rare brain disability called    for this for so long.          program was my calling."
league scoreboard, he           Moia Moia was in her               "When it happens, you           After calling Little
tugged at his sleeping mom.     uniform, but unlike her         don't know what to do."        League headquarters in
"Come on, Mom," he              teammate she had put it on         "I know what to do,"        continued on page 6

                                                                                           JULY 1991 H EADWAY 5
                                                                  "When he was six years          swing the bat. "lt gives him
                                                                  old, his Daddy died, and        seif-confidence and self-
                                                                  my wife and I -- we've          reliance and improves his
                                                                  raised him.                     thinking and reasoning."
                                                                      "You know," the older           The kids play on an
                                                                  man says, blinking back         "accessible" baseball field,
                                                                  the tears, "he's had three      thanks to city councilman
                                                                  surgeries on his head and       and RTD director Richard
                                                                  two on his anldes, and yet      Alatorre, whose support
                                                                  anything we can do              Dryden had sought some
                                                                  together he won't let me        months back. The dugout is
                                                                  miss."                          ten feet deep, triple the
                                                                      Ames accompanies his        usual size, so that wheel-
                                                                  grandson to the game as         chairs can pass each other.
                                                                  part of the Challenger          As far as the game goes,
                                                                  Division's buddy system.        "we have everything that
                                                                  Buddies mostly parents          Little Leaguers have," says
 "He is a beautiful child," says proud grandfat her Leon
                                                                  and siblings -- push            Dryden. But he adds with a
Ames of the little boy he's cared for since birth. "I have a
                                                                  wheelchair players around       chuckle, "we make up the
gallery full of his pictures."
                                                                  the bases and are with the      rules as we go along."
                                                                  players in the field to make        That rneans there is no
. . . continued from page 5
                                                                  sure no one gets hurt by        formal scorekeeping and no
                                                                  batted balls.                   outs. Dryden has one basic
Williamsport, PA, the 16-               think our child might         "lt brings us together,"    rule: "Everybody scores."
year RTD veteran contacted         qualify."                      says Sheila Perez, whose        And he has two mottos.
 the Eagle Rock Little                Twenty-two sign-ups         sister Pam has had two          From time to time during
 League. "I told them of my       later, Dryden had more          strokes from a rare             the game, he will call out to
 plans, that I wanted to put      than enough for a team.         condition in which the          his spirited players, "Why
 together a Challenger team       The youngsters range in age     arteries of her brain are       are you here?" Like the roar
 in Los Angeles County; I         from five and a half to 14      too small.                      of fans who have jumped up
told them it would be             years. Their disabilities are       "I know my son loves        for the seventh inning
expensi:e, but I guaranteed       as varied as the kinds of       it," pipes up Raylene           stretch, they yell: "To have
it would not cost them a          pitches thrown in a major       Holliday, who was helping       fun!"
penny. I told them I would        league game. Some have          her 14-year-old son David
fully finance it."                cerebral palsy, two have                                       continued on page 7 . . .
    With their blessing,          spina bifida, a handful have
Dryden spent nine months          Down's syndrome, one is
connecting with local             profoundly deaf, another
schools, hospitals, physical      has something called
therapists. He even con-          pseudobublar palsy, several
tacted Miss California            have autism. Whatever they
Wheelchair, who lived             have, Dryden says, "they
nearby. But as Dryden             have so much locked inside
found out, "it was a lot          of them that's bubbling to
easier trying to do it than       come out.
actually doing it."                   "I heard kids talk today
    Then one day the phone        that I've never heard talk,"
rang.                             he says softly.
    And the former bus                One of those youngsters
operator with the bushy           is six-year-old Adam Gaw.
brown beard was touched           Fair haired and freckled,
by what parents on the            the little boy is wheeled to     Dan Dryden with Timmy Holmes: "You should haue seen
other end were saying. "The       home plate by his proud         him the other day. His best friend, Jimmy, who goes to the
way they put it was so            grandfather, Leon Ames.         same orthopedically disabled school, showed up to play in
precious...I was moved by             "He and I are so close,"    his first gamehThe two practically ran toward each other in
their tenderness. They said,      the doting Ames says.           their walkers."

                                                                 Patsaouras Interview
                                                                 Editor's Note: The following    On a second term as
                                                                 passages are drawn from         board president: "No, I
                                                                 an informal, wide-ranging       will not run again. lt
                                                                 interview by Headway of         would be a very, very
                                                                 RTD Board President Nick        remote chance. I think
                                                                 Patsaouras near the             that there are other
                                                                 completion of his term.         members of the Board who
                                                                                                 are as creative and as
                                                                 On his term in office:
                                                                                                 energetic as I am. It's their
                                                                 "When I t,00k over as
                                                                                                 turn to lead the institu-
                                                                 president, I wanted to
                                                                 restore our credibility and
Adam Gaw flashes a grin.                                         the public's confidence in
                                                                                                 On RTD employees:
                                                                 us. I give myself a
                                                                                                 "They're the best."
. . . continued from page 6                                      grade for doing that."
                                                                                                 On RTD bureaucracy: "I
                                                                 On reorganization of the
    "What's important?" he                                                                       think that the staff
                                and what doesn't. This           RTD and LACTC: "I
 asks them next. "To do your                                                                     reporting structure should
                                game is something that           strongly believe that with
best!" they scream back.        works."                                                          be revisited. We need
                                                                 some delineation of respon-
    Later that day, as the                                                                       aggressive leadership,
                                    Some time before             sibilities and jurisdictions,
kids sip punch and munch                                                                         more accountability, and
                                opening day, Dan Dryden          the RTD organization will
 on watermelon, Dryden                                                                           more immediate responses
                                had a dream about two            remain a separate entity.
reflects on what inspired                                                                        to problems. I think we
                                youngsters at school. One        We are working on a
him to do it. "I don't know,"                                                                    have turned the corner but
                                of them was disabled; the        reorganization plan that
he says, shrugging his                                                                           we have a long way to go."
                                other was not. In the            should be ready by Septem-
 shoulders. "When I drove a     dream, the one child called      ber. Up to now I can
bus, I loved to pick up         to his friend at the close of    reassure employees that
 disabled people. They're so    school, "What are you going      their jobs will be safe."       continued on page 18 . . .
honest. I love `em.             to do now?" The disabled
    "Everybody has a place      youngster replied, "I have
in this world," he continues.   Little League practice.
"I guess it's just my way of    What are you doing this
being thankful to God that      afternoon?"
my kid is able-bodied."             David Fisher, who
    Parents think he's          doctors think will never
terrific. "Dan is               walk, has a dream, too. He sweet,"          wants to be a surgeon. "It's
Holmes gushes as she hugs       kinda hard being disabled.
Timmy after the game. "He       I wish things were differ-
just loves the kids."           ent. But they're not."
    "Dan's so nice," sums up        So, the little boy says
David Fisher, who's the         quietly, "I'd like to help all
Easter Seals poster child       the people who've got what
for spina bifida in Los         I've got. And," he says,
Angeles county. His father,     looking around the field,
Richard, agrees. "Dan has       "who've got what they've
worked out a good way for       got, too."
kids to play without
    "My son will never be       Editor's note: At press
without the canes. It's hit     time, four more youngsters
and miss with what works        had joined the team.             Dryden hopes that he can take the team to a Dodger game.

                                                                                           JULY 1991 HEADWAY 7
Calm After the Storm: Division 1 Pulls Out All the
Stops for Returning Soldiers

Dressed in his combat fatigues, Alfredo Goytia (right) accepted yellow flag from Assistant Transportation Manager Dave
Vaillancourt, as fellow soldier Peter Bueras, Jr. looked on. "Shortly after the two were activated," Vaillancourt said, "I'Ve
bought the flags and hung them on our flagpoles here at the Division and at our Auxiliaty Division 3204."

Alfred° Goytia, on a              Rose. Choked with emo-              Goytia, in the reserves       17 he flew to Fort Ord in
typical day, cuts a 70-mile      tion, he remembered.              12 years, first had the         Northern California, and
swath through the heart of           "They came out of            feeling two weeks into the       then was sent as part of the
the Olympic Boulevard            nowhere, with their hands        new year that something          "advance party" to Saudi
corridor between Eighth          up," Goytia recalled. "Some      was about to happen. "The        Arabia. "Our plane carried
and Ninth streets. But           of them were so sick. So         rumor was that my com-           a cruise weapon," he said.
during an atypical January       we'd load them into              pany was about to be             The allied bombing had
through May, the 42 year-        helicopters and there they       activated," he said. "My         already started when the
old bus operator trudged         were, the enemy and the          children were terrified."        plane touched down in
150 miles into Iraq, cutting     American wounded on the             Bueras, training with         Saudi Arabia so he and his
across to Kuwait, finally        same helicopter being            the 3rd Anglico 4th Marine       fellow troopers had to make
veering back to his base         taken care of the same           Division at Camp Pendleton       their way to waiting trucks
camp in Saudi Arabia.            way. No one was treated          was preparing, too. Up           by way of irrigation ditches.
   On May 31, mobbed by          any better than the other.       until last year, he had              He was sent to Rafha, a
his Division 1 colleagues           "I thought that was           thought something was            border town five miles into
and UTU representatives,         pretty great," said the          going to break in Korea or       Iraq, where his mission was
he and fellow soldier Pete       handsome Roosevelt High          the Philippines. "We were        to provide military aid to
Bueras, Jr. came home to         School graduate of 1967.         always ready," he said. His      Iraqi refugee camps. He
cake and cameras. "There's       "Never did I see an              best friend was sent. He         was surprised at the
no place like home," said        injustice done by an             was not.                         number of Iraqis both
army Sergeant Goytia, as         American soldier, and that          Goytia, meantime, was
he clutched his lovely wife,     made me proud."                  called to the front. On Jan.     continued on page 9 . . .

                                                               RTD Wives: "We Never
                                                               Thought it Would
                                                               Reach Into Our Homes"
                                                                On the day the war               support. She helped
                                                               broke out, Rose G-oytia's         organize a support group
                                                               heart sank. For five days,        at her parish, Epiphany
                                                               she didn't know where her         Church in El Monte, for
                                                               husband was. The rest of          the loved ones of those
                                                               his unit, including his           serving in the Gulf. As a
                                                               brother Rodolfo, had              support group leader, she
                                                               arrived in Germany, but           shared her apprehensions
                                                               her husband was not there.        with and comforted about
                                                               "I haven't seen him," was         100 families in her parish
                                                               what R,odolfo, an RTD             who had families over-
 "We got many letters from our friends at the Division," the   mechanic, told her when he        seas. "The loneliness and
pair said. "But nothing is better than seeing them with Dur    phoned from Germany.              anxiety were terrible,"
own eyes."                                                        "I would cry and crawl         she said softly. "VVe
                                                               into bed and just go to           prayed and prayed."

refugees and prisoners --       everyone to the airfield.
who spoke English. "A           They were so eager to get
couple of them wanted me         home, he said, that they
to mau l letters to their       worked 72 hours straight
relatives in the States," he    cleaning rifles of sand and
said, touched.                  other contaminants. Even
    "They told me that          the officers joined in, he
Saddam had lied to them;        joked.
that the Americans would
kill them. The prisoners
                                    "They came out of
told me they were hungry
and hadn't been paid in                nowhere with
   Far and away, the Scud             their hands up.
alerts were the worst
                                    Some of them were           "I didn't judge the politics of the war," said Rose Goytia.
experience for the father of
                                                               "My children and I just wanted him horne."
three. "lt was horrible," he              so sick."
said. "No one liked the gas
masks. You would overheat                                      sleep," recalled the petite          On the 22nd of January,
in about 20 minutes. What          The flight home took 18     brunette. "My three              her spirits were lifted.
a horrible way to die." He      hours. But he was holed up     children would say to me,        Goytia called her from
said he asked an Iraqi          for four days at Ford Ord      `Mom, he's alright. God's        Saudi Arabia, but the
prisoner one day why they       for debriefing and medical     going to take care of him.       conversation was awkward
didn't use the chemical         exams.                         Don't cry anymore."              because he could reply only
weapons. "He told me they          On May 22, he called his        At first, Rose watched       in the affirmative or
were afraid the Americans       wife from the Grapevine        CNN but then the pictures        negative. ("For security
would use something worse,      when the army buses            became too graphic for her.      reasons," whispered
like nuclear bombs."            stopped for gas. She met       "I tuned instead to the local    Alfredo. "You never could
    Goytia's company was        him two hours later. "lt       news," she said.                 be sure if people were
one of the last to leave,       took me five seconds to find       She relied on friends and
since they had to transport     her," he said, grinning.       her church for emotional          continued on page 10 . . .

                                                                                          JULY1991 HEADWAY 9
. . . continued from page 9
                                                                                                 household, and my 13-year-
                                                                                                 old did a lot of praying."
listening in on the phone                                                                            Marva said her husband
lines.")                                                                                         called her every chance he
    After that, Rose says, he                                                                    could. He would teil her the
called once a month. "We                                                                         conditions of other soldiers
have two phone bills for                                                                         from California, and she, in
over two hundred dollars,"                                                                       turn, would phone the
she said, laughing. She said                                                                     wives to let them know
she was always on the                                                                            their spouses were okay.
phone to her in-laws, who                                                                            Sometimes, there was
had "twice the worry,"                                                                           no news. And the old adage,
because both their sons had                                                                      "no news is good news"
been deployed.                                                                                   floated in Marva's
                                                                                                 thoughts. "I kept saying to
                                                                                                 myself, 'Now don't think
                                 "I grew up over there," said Curtis Shelby, shown here          the worst."
                                squeezing his wife, Mama. "I came back a better person."             She told Headway that
                                                                                                 "finally seeing him was the
   "If his friends love                                                                          happiest time of my life."
                                much time as he needs to         messing me up; I have to        Teased Shelby, who was
                                get used to being back           divorce myself from this."      within earshot, "Well, I
     him that much
                                here," she declared. For the         She said that in the        thought it was the day we
                                next couple of hours, she        beginning, Curtis was on        were married."
    here then he's in           let him out of her sight but     her mind constantly. "I            "No honey, that was a
                                briefly.                         wondered what he was            different kind of happi-
                                    The lady in the pretty       doing, and was he eating        ness," she said gently.
    the right place."
                                green suit glanced around        well." Too distracted she
                                the room in admiration. "I       couldn't be. "For the first
                                think it's great that they       time, I had to take on the
                                did this for him," she said      responsibility of finances in
                                of the welcome home              a timely manner. My oldest
                                ceremony. "If his friends        son became the head of the
                                love him that much here,
   On May 22, her husband       then he's in the right
of 19 years came home.          place."
"He's ours now," she said
beaming. "We don't want                       +
him to go back.
   I know he knows his job       "This separation brought
well," the attractive Rose      us closer together as far as
continued. "He's level-         expressing our feelings,"
headed and I didn't worry       said Marva Shelby,
about him in that sense.        hugging her husband
But the tough part was not      Curtis, who returned from
knowing what they (Iraqi        the Gulf in April.
soldiers) might do to him."         Unlike Rose Goytia,
   On this day, she smiled      Marva practically camped
broadly, obviously moved        in front of the television set
by the affectionate em-         for the first three weeks.
braces shared by her            "My nickname was CNN,"
husband and his colleagues.     she said, shaking her head.      "Pico Boulevard is waiting for you," shouted operators to
"We're going to give him as     "But then I thought this is      Alfredo Goytia and Peter Bueras, Jr.

JULY 1991     H EADWAY 10
RTD's Lussier Makes Peace With War While
Giving Peace of Mind to Others
                                                              pilot was elected com-          Simi, Palmdale and San
                                                              mander. He says he began        Fernando. Once a week
                                                              to encourage his forty          throughout the war, the
                                                              colleagues at the division,     loved ones of those overseas
                                                              who had served in Vietnam,      would come together and
                                                              to talk about their experi-     share their fears. Arnong
                                                              ences. ("lt was my way of       those who attended were
                                                              doing something as a vet.")     several wives and family
                                                                  Drafted in 1966, Lussier    members of RTD employees
                                                              himself had started in the      sent to the Gulf.
                                                              artillery, but was soon             "You must realize," the
                                                              flying Navy cobras. During      articulate Lussier told
                                                              the '68 Tet Offensive, he       them, "the odds against
                                                              was airborne for 68 hours in    them not returning are
                                                              support of ground troops.       astronomical because of the
                                                              ("My only thoughts were of      cautious way the U.S.
Division 8 Instructor and VFW Commander Richard               staying alive.") When the       planned the operation.
Lussier.                                                      operation was finally over,         "In this war there was a
                                                              his helicopter had taken 80     battle front; in Vietnam
                                                              rounds of ammunition.           you had war around you 24
      t was an experience I    them, the mind is where        "There were holes all over      hours a day."
wouldn't give up for a         the real battles of the war    the place," he says.                Lussier corresponded
million dollars, but an        are being fought.                   For flying that mission,   with RTD employees in the
experience I wouldn't do           Eight years ago Richard    he was awarded the Bronze       Gulf. He says they told him
again for a million."          Lussier, then a division                                       they understood what we
    Richard Lussier's war      dispatcher, saw the way                                        went through as Vietnam
was Vietnam. There was no      vets were being treated by                                     vets. What kept them
fanfare; no award ceremo-      society and by the V.A.            "The odds against
                                                                                              going, they said, was the
nies, no pats on the back.     Hospital. "They called us                                      rallying support of the
For his friends and for        baby killers, undesirables,       them not returning           American people.
himself, coming home was       unwanteds."                                                        As for Lussier himself,
just the harshest reality in       One of his buddies from                                    well, he may be headed to
a long nightmare. And in                                         are cmfronofnkat. "
                               the war had killed himself;                                    Vietnam this September to
 1991, nearly a quarter of a   several others became                                          play an extra in a movie
century later, Vietnam         addicted to drugs and                                          being produced by Para-
remains unfinished busi-       alcohol. Resolving not to      Star. He also was awarded       mount. In the meantime,
ness.                          become a spiritual hostage     two Purple Hearts.              he invites any RTD em-
    Lussier, a Division 8      to the war, Lussier joined        Nowadays Lussier tries       ployee who has served on
instructor, has laid to rest   the San Fernando post of       to get public exposure for      foreign soil to join his post.
the nation's longest and       the Veterans of Foreign        vets. His 210-member post           "People have the
least wanted war. ("I was      War (VFW). "My first           meets once a week and he        misconception that we're a
fortunate; I had a solid       meeting was deeply emo-        has a large box filled with     bunch of old guys sitting
family base to come home       tional," he remembers.         commendations from              around telling war stories,"
to.") But for many of the      "When I let my feelings out,   congressmen, and state          he says. "We're not."
vets who come to his           it seemed to open doors.       and local politicians.              They must not be. In the
support groups, the horrors        "I was the first Vietnam      Lussier snapped into          three months since the
of the war, like rounds of     vet in my post. Everyone       action when Desert Storm         troops started coming
ammunition, eternally          else was shunned."             broke out. He organized          home, he's recruited four
explode on the inside. For         Soon, the ex-helicopter    informal support groups in       Desert Storm soldiers.

                                                                                       JULY 1991 HEADWAY 11
Assistant Librarian Glenda Mariner Hears Her Heart

Her parents knew                                                                                   herself. "I told myself that
 something wasn't right.                                                                           my hearing impairedness
 Their daughter, according                                                                        was a fact of life and that I
 to the Brownie scout leader,                                                                     was too tired and too old to
 couldn't hear the water                                                                          be depressed.
 running. Alarmed, Glenda                                                                              "I told myself that I was
 Mariner's parents took                                                                           down, and that it was now
 their eight-year-old to the                                                                      time to get up and try
 family doctor in Atlanta.                                                                        again."
 There was no diagnosis.                                                                              The chance came two
 Her teachers told her to sit                                                                     days alter Christmas, 1990.
 in front of the dass so that                                                                     Mariner had seen the ad
 she could hear more.                                                                             that RTD was looking for a
    "I don't know at what                                                                         catalogue librarian. She
 point I realized what was                                                                        decided that this time she
 wrong," says the District's                                                                      was not going to say she
 charming assistant librar-      "I know my hearing is worse than it was as a child,"             was hearing-impaired.
 ian. "I do know that when I    Mariner says. "I remernber 1 used to hear birds chirping 1            But that, RTD Librarian
 took spelling tests, I would   can't hear those sounds now."                                     Dorothy Gray says smiling,
 depend on certain clues and                                                                      was exactly what she said.
 memorize the words in the                                                                           "I was amazed," recalls
 order I had studied them."     them off since.") Now             University in Detroit. She      Gray of the interview. "I
    Frustrated because she      motivated to learn, she           followed her heart to Los       had no clue whatsoever. I
 couldn't hear, Mariner         spent much of her time            Angeles, where she joined       thought to myself either she
wanted to drop out of           alter school in the Atlanta       the public library system,      is able to hear or she's able
 school. At 15, her parents     public library teaching           working the bookmobiles.        to read lips darn well."
 sent her to Detroit so she     herself.                          Next, she took a library            And then Gray says, she
could see doctors who               "The libraries in Atlanta     position with the L.A.          didn't know if she should be
specialized in hearing          had just become inte-             Community College Dis-          "suspect" or not about
disorders. After undergoing     grated," the soft-spoken          trict, but in 1987 she was      Mariner's love of catalog-u-
a battery of tests, doctors     Mariner recalls. "lt was a        laid off.                       ing. "You see," Gray says,
told her she was suffering      beautiful time for me."                And then silence.          "cataloguing is the re-
from nerve deafness and             She won a scholarship to          lt wasn't Mariner who       searching and preparation
had lost much of her            Bennett College in North         had stopped hearing, but         of materials before they are
hearing in both ears. ("They    Carolina, the only hearing-       employers. She found it         put onto the shelves; it is
said they didn't know if it     impaired student at the          nearly impossible to get a       the intellectual, not popular
was caused by the high          college. With no help at all,    job. How ironic, she thought     part of the discipline."
fevers I had as an infant,      Mariner wound up only one        to herself. In the sixties she       But a behind-the-scenes
the medication which was        point short of qualifying for    had fought racial discrimi-      position was perfect for the
prescribed for them, or         the honor roll. When she         nation; twenty years later       gentle Mariner. Because of
something congenital since      was not studying, she was        she was still fighting but       her hearing impairedness,
my niece is hearing-            marching and singing at          this time against a different    she preferred the responsi-
impaired.) To this day,         campus demonstrations in         kind of prejudice.               bility of determining what
Mariner can hear only low       support of racial equality. "I        "I put it on the table      part of the Library of
tones and has now lost 75       even marched with Jesse          every time," she says            Congress cataloguing
percent of her hearing in       Jackson," she chuckles,          candidly. I told them 1 was      system under which to file
both ears.                      adding, "but I never got         hearing-impaired and then        a book than a position
    She returned to Georgia     arrested."                       I never heard from them          which required a lot of
with hearing aids in both          Two years later Mariner       again."                          public contact.
ears. ("I put them on at age    got her master's in library          Never one to surrender,
15 and have never taken         science from Wayne State         Mariner took stock of            continued on page 13 . . .

                                                              Staff Shake-Up
                                                               Alan Pegg, RTD general        now reports to Pegg. The
                                                              manager has announced          general manager said this
                                                              the following re-assignment    change will enhance the
                                                              of department functions.       role of this department as
                                                                  Effective June 3,          the agency's primary
                                                              Transit Systems Develop-       fiscal control unit.
                                                              ment began reporting to the         Finally, the Equip-
                                                              Assistant General Man-         ment Maintenance
                                                              ager, Planning and Public      Department now reports
                                                              Affairs. In a memo to          to the Assistant General
                                                              department heads, Pegg         Manager, Operations.
                                                              said the consolidation         According to Pegg, the
                                                              would result in better         consolidation of Transpor-
Assistant Librarian Glenda Mariner specializes in             coordination of Planning       tation and Equipment
cataloguing m aterials for the District's library.            and Local Government and       Maintenance under one
                                                              Community Affairs staff in     administrator will
continued from page 12 . . .                                  the further development of     enhance the control of bus
                                                              the electric bus program. lt   and raul service to our
                                                              also, he noted, would          patrons.
     In February of this        sign language. ("I've just    reduce the cost of fulfill-        The unit of Equal
 year she was hired. ("I        started to take the dass      ment of the District's         Opportunity is now
 was ecstatic.") In the four    one night a week.")           contractual role as the        reporting to the Office of
 months since she's been           Married to a traffic       grantee for MOS-1 and          Inspector General. This
 here, Mariner has "very        officer for the city of Los   consolidate the raul design    change, said Pegg, will
 expeditiously" catalogued                                    review function within the     consolidate functions and
 some 160 technical                                           planning function. lt also     provide for better coordi-
                                    Twenty years later
 documents, according to                                      will consolidate planning      nation of audits and
 Gray.                                                        functions as they relate to    investigations, and the
     Mariner says the only             she was still          the RTD's clean air pro-       performance of this
 trouble she has is with the                                  grams and Regulation XV.       important personnel
 phone. "It's ironic to think                                    The Office of Manage-       function.
                                    fighting, but this
 that Alexander Graham                                        ment and Budget (OMB)
 Bell invented the phone to
 make communication                   time against a
 easier. Because I can't
 read the other person's
                                     different kind of
 lips when I'm on the
 phone, it's really a
 challenge." A special                  prejudice.
 device installed on the
 phone helps.                   Angeles, the mother of four
     A couple of things         is a role model to other
 irritate Mariner about         hearing-impaired children
 how others react to the        and spends her off hours
 hearing-impaired. "Either      inspiring them to get as
 people will increase their     much education as they
 voices, which is annoying      can. Hear your own heart,
 if you're wearing a hearing    she counsels them. "Don't      Fach Almost every day RTD reunites Blue Line
 aid or touch you roughly to    ever give up. lt can be        passengers with their lost articles. `lire find that
 get your attention."           frustrating and it may take     article," says Paul O'Brien, “while they're waiting."
     Her biggest regret is      time, but you can overcome      The train's near-perfect lost and found record is a
 that she never learned         it."                           joint operation between the Sheriffs Department,
                                                                the train operators, and the CCF controllers.

                                                                                      JULY 1991 HEADWAY 13
Division 3 Steals the Thunder for April
                                                                  The Cypress Park                 On the transportation
                                                               division, according to Tony     side, Division 3 runs a
                                                               Chavira, assistant director     "super" earthquake pre-
                                                               of maintenance had the          paredness program,
                                                               lowest absenteeism rate for     according to Leo Bevon,
                                                               non-contract, ATU, and          assistant director of
                                                               UTU maintenance employ-         transportation. Operators
                                                               ees among all divisions.        are encouraged to practice
                                                               Even though the division's      earthquake drills with their
                                                               buses operate in areas          families and to stock their
                                                               crawling with graffiti,         shelves with bottled water
                                                               Division 3 checked in with      and canned foods. In the
                                                               the lowest number of            event of a quake, operators
                                                               customer complaints about       still are required to report
                                                               breakdowns and cleanli-         to work so if they know
                                                               ness. The division also was     their loved ones at home
 "We are number one," said operators, mechanics, and all
                                                               among the top three in the      are well-equipped, they can
employees of Division 3 who crowded around the
                                                               number of miles accumu-         have some peace of mind.
"Outstanding Division" flag. Board President Nick
                                                               lated between road calls.           Division 3 was the joint
Patsaouras and General Manager Alan Pegg join in.
                                                               The division had a low          recommendation of Trans-
                                                               wheelchair failure rate, and    portation General and the
Ask Division 3 Trans-             On a misty May morn-         according to Chavira,           Equipment Maintenance
portation Manager Roy          ing before sunrise, it was      showed great improvement        Department to capture
Starks about his shop and      made official.                  over the last month in the      April's award. Final
he'll teil you that it was                                     number of late buses and        selection criteria was
home to three of last year's                                   cancelled service.              continued on page 39 . . .
Operators of the Month.
"More of them came from           "Division 3 runs a
our division last year than
from any other," he               super Earthquake
                                                               Driving Never Gets Old
    "My employees go out            Preparedness               for Division 3's Arnone
everyday and provide top of           Program."
the line service."                                             Retirement was a                year hiatus in the early
"They always come through                                      fattening proposition for       50's to spend time with
for our customers and me.                                      veteran bus operator            his bride, he would be
    "Our division is kind of      Earning top marks in         Angelo Arnone. Five             near the top on the
a family," he adds. "We're     several categories, Division    months into his retirement,     operator seniority list.
always putting together a      3 clinched Division of the      he had gained 25 pounds            He says he could fill
party, brunch, or breakfast    Month honors for April,         and feit miserable. lt didn't   three books with his
to pull people together to     1991. RTD Board President       take long for the career        adventures on a bus. He's
do the job, and that's what    Nick Patsaouras, in making      driver to hire back on. "If I   outlived four bus compa-
it's all about."               the announcement, thanked       stay active, I feel better,"    nies (LA Motor Coach, LA
    Echoes Maintenance         Division 3 employees who        says the now trim Arnone.       Transit, Pacific Electric,
Manager Therol Golden,         he said are "truly the          "I'm doing this to stay         and Metropolitan Transit
"Ours is a coordinated         people who make RTD             alive."                         Authority) and, along the
effort of all shifts to get    number one in the country."         Now 76 years old,           way, scooped up "Out-
clean, safe buses out on the   Expressing his gratitude on     Arnone is one of the oldest     standing Operator"
streets." His mechanics are    behalf of the entire Board,     RTD operators still driving.    honors five times and
innovative, too. He says       Patsaouras said he was          ("As long as I'm healthy,       was an Operator of the
they've recently developed     particularly proud of the       be here; this work is easy,"    Month in 1976. ("I can't
a sealing on the floors of     division's record of improve-   he says.) He's got forty        remember what month,
the buses so that gum          ment in several categories      years under his belt and
won't readhere to them.        over the months.                had he not taken a three -      continued on page 15 . . .

anymore," he says, his eyes
    What he and others of
his generation do remem-
ber is the cost of the fare in
1948. Seven cents, he says.
Cheap though it may have
been, the operator, more
times than he cares to
remember, paid a price. "lt
was a madhouse in '48," he
remembers. "We were
selling weekly passes, and
the leids used to sneak into
the windows and steal
them."                            Bus Operator Angelo Arnone says it would take him two years to write a book on all he's
    And he was robbed            seen from his windshield.
occasionally, because
                                 lost 75 percent of our               Any advice he would        say that I'm grateful to
operators in those days
                                 division." As a buck ser-        give to his company?           RTD because I came to
made change. "Yes, I think
                                 geant with the 92nd field           "Don't change the line      them newly married and
it really was more danger-
                                 artillery battalion, 77th        numbers. lt confuses           then I brought a son and
ous then," he says soberly.
                                 infantry division, he was        people."                       daughter into this world.
                                 among the soldiers who              The proud man who once      We raised them on the
    "The older drivers           established a beachhead at       captured a thief who had       money I earned from RTD.
                                 Leyte when MacArthur             stolen a gold necklace from    I'm very grateful to this
                                 returned to the Philippines.     a passenger suddenly           company."
    are not encourag-                On the day that Head-        pauses. "You know, I must
                                 way spoke with Arnone,
      ing the younger            the horseracing enthusiast
                                 was accepting from Leilia         Eric Carrillo, Son of Armando,
                                 Bailey yet another Out-
     ones .. . I'm from          standing Operator award.          Performs on London Stage
                                     Some reflections: "The
                                                                  Eric Carrillo, son of
      the old school."           older drivers are not
                                                                  electronic maintenance
                                 encouraging the younger
                                                                  supervisor Armando
                                 ones. The younger guys
"If they wanted to roh the                                        Carrillo, completed a one
                                 take driving more lightly,
                                                                  year course at the London
farebox today, they would        like it's a game. I guess I'm
                                                                  Academy of Dramatic Arts
need tools."                     from the old school; if you're
                                                                  in England. A graduate of
    Navigating the streets of    going to do it, do it the way
                                                                  Northwestern University
Los Angeles was more             you were taught and do it
                                                                  in Evanston, III., Eric's
dangerous, too. "The car         right."
                                                                  expertise is in classical
was cruder then. We didn't           Does he think the
                                                                  theatre. In May, Armando,
have sideview mirrors and        District will dismantle?
                                                                  who supervises the
to turn you pulled a cord        "No way," he says, "I don't
                                                                  Telecommunications Shop
straight down."                  think there's any way we'd
                                                                  in the Headquarters
     He calls it flying blind.   get rid of RTD. They've got
                                                                  building, flew to London
    Before he drove profes-      to admit that RTD is doing
                                                                  where he saw his son
sionally, the silver-haired      a good job in a large city
                                                                  perform in Summerfolk, a        Eric Carrillo performed
grandfather of one drove an      with a large population. If
                                                                  play by Maxim Gorky. Eric       in Gorky drama.
ammunition truck in World        they haven't changed in all
                                                                  hopes to become a dra-
War II. "We liberated            these years, they won't
                                                                  matic actor on Broadway.
Guam," he says, "but we          change now."

                                                                                         JULY 1991 H EADWAY 15
"The window is like one big
moving camera. You see
people doing everything."

 Doris Harris Wins Bus Operator of the Year;
 Thurmon Green Named Top Train Operator
                                                               District's first Blue Line       psychology with a lot of
                                                               Train Operator of the Year.      people who ride the bus. To
                                                                   "These two individuals       the kids who tag buses, she
                                                               over the last year served as     barks, "put those markers
                                                               model employees of whom          away and get a job with
                                                               we are all proud," said          Earl Scheib. You might as
                                                               Bailey. "Their high stan-        well get paid for it."
                                                               dards and commitment to              Green, an 18-year RTD
                                                               serving the people of this       veteran was one of 29
                                                               region are examples of what      seasoned bus operators who
                                                               we strive to have all our        successfully completed
                                                               bus and rau l operators          cross-training to become a
                                                               emulate."                        Blue Line train Operator.
                                                                   Harris, who began at the     Most recently, Mr. Green
                                                               District as a part-time          has been promoted to Rail
                                                               operator more than 10            Transit Operations Super-
 "lt felt really good when they called my name," said a
                                                               years ago, currently works       visor.
startled Doris Harris. "But I felt so embarrassed, because     Line 206, which travels             Both Ms. Harris and Mr.
here I haci told them I wasn't going to come." The photo was   along Normandie Avenue.          Green exemplify the spirit
snapped the second Lei Bailey called her name.                                                  and quality of service RTD
                                                               She navigates 60 miles of
                                                               road, making three round         bus and rail operators are
Last year Operator             neighbor. This time, Lei        trips a day between              trying constantly to attain,"
 Charles Warde was set to      Bailey personally called        Gardena and Hollywood.           said General Manager Alan
 go on a cruise and notified   Harris and begged her to            Harris, who likes to cook    Pegg. "They are tops in
 his division manager that     attend.                         and sew, says she uses
 he would be away for the          Recollected Harris, "I
 recognition ceremonies.       think she said, 'Doris,
     Knowing the Riverside     you've got to come you're
 Operator of the Month         the only lady Operator of
was going to named             the Month."'
Operator of the Year at            She never caught on. But
the luncheon, Evelyn           she did come, bursting into
Frizielle did everything       tears of joy when it was
she could to convince him      announced she was the
to go. "1 pleaded with         1990 operator of the year.
him," she recalled. In the     Saying she was "shocked,"
end, he went. And won.         the 10-year veteran thanked
    This year, when the        "the almighty God for
invitation came for the        allowing her to come to
luncheon, Doris Harris         work every day.
informed the Transporta-          "I'm no better or worse
tion Department that she       than any other employee,"
unfortunately would be         the mother of two said,
unable to attend because       tearfully.                       "1 was stunned," said Thurmon Green. "I expect a few
she had made plans to go            RTD also tapped            things in life, but neuer this. The other guys haci uery good
to Las Vegas with a            Thurmon Green as the            backgrounds. I guess I'm just harder on myself"

                                                                  Romancing the Line
                                                                 The following letter from a          As luck would have it,
                                                                 Carson man was received          we both took the train to
                                                                 by the Customer Relations        the Del Arno station. Over
                                                                 Department:                      the next several months, we
                                                                                                  talked more and more and
                                                                    Dear RTD:                     became very good friends.
                                                                    On August 2, 1990, I          Today, after countless little
                                                                 was on the Number 28             rendezvous at bus stops and
                                                                 Olympic bus trying to get to     train stations, we are
                                                                 the Blue Line train.             engaged to be married.
                                                                 Because it was so new, few           Now we get a thrill
                                                                 people knew exactly where        every time we see a bus or
Doris Harris accepted trophy from General Manager Alan           the stations were. A nice        train. Ah, the magic of a
Pegg as Board members Gordana Swanson and Marvin                 lady who rode the train for      Bus Pass!
Holen look on. Swanson made mention at last year's               the first time the day before        Sincerely,
ceremony that she was waiting for the year a woman would         offered to show me the way.          Ray L. Allen
be chosen. Harris said she'll display the trophy in the living

their profession.                Patsaouras kicked off this
   Harris has had only one       year's ceremony of the New
avoidable accident in the        Otani Hotel in Little Tokyo.
last decade and has served       He was interrupted by
as a full-time bus operator      applause when he told the
for the last six years. She      guests that "our company is
has received the highest         the best run in the nation."
number of merits attain-            "I took certain risks," he
able and she has received        continued. "I know that
numerous letters of              some of you are reluctant
commendation from the            about the on-time guaran-
public as well as her
division manager.
   She becomes the second                                         Thurmon Green receiving loud cheers when his name was
                                      To the kids who            announced. "It's anot her world in the cab of a train," he
woman in RTD's history to
be named Bus Operator of                                         said. "I don't think I'd get back on the buses now. lt was
                                       tag buses she
the Year, and received                                           good when I was driving them, but I just love the trains."
honors as Operator of the              barks, "Get a
Month in 1987 and 1990.
                                         Job with
   Green becomes the
District's first Blue Line             Earl Scheib."
Train Operator of the
Year, having operated 87-
foot-long trains carrying       tee program, but it is now
people between Long Beach       being emulated and copied
and Los Angeles during the      around the world. I believe
afternoon rush hours.           in every member of this
   As an RTD bus operator,      organization."
Green was the recipient of         More cheering broke out
the District's Operator of      when Patsaouras told
the Month award in 1979,        invitees, "You are worth
1982 and 1988.                  every dollar you are
   Board President Nick         earning. I will always be        Both of them said they think the other is great.
                                grateful to you."
                                                                                          JULY 1991 HEADWAY 17
Hertzberg Appointed to RTD Board of Directors
                                                                "I    'm disappointed at the
                                                                level of antagonism be-
                                                                                                "lt makes sense for the
                                                                                                taxpayers, and if we don't
                                                                tween RTD and the Los           do it, someone else will and
                                                                Angeles County Transpor-        it won't be as friendly."
                                                                tation Commission                   The 34-year-old
                                                                (LACTC)," said Gerry            Hertzberg, who has been
                                                                Hertzberg, who was              Ms. Molina's chief legisla-
                                                                recently appointed to the       tive aide since she became
                                                                RTD Board of Directors by       a Los Angeles city council-
                                                                County Supervisor Gloria        woman in 1987, said he's
                                                                Molina. "lt hits you in the     been riding the bus fre-
                                                                face and is not acceptable."    quently since his appoint-
                                                                    In an interview with        ment in March. "I've been
                                                                Headway, Hertzberg said         taking Line 16," he said,
                                                                that since the legislature      "And I've been fairly
Gerry Hertzberg, appointed to the RTD Board by Supervisor       has mandated the two            impressed with the cleanli-
Gloria Molina, took the oath of office as administered by       transportation agencies to      ness of the buses. The
District Secretary Helen Bolen in April. Said Hertzberg to      reorganize, he wants it to      operators have been very
Headway, "I'm excited to be on the Board. You can have a        go smoothly and with the        responsive and share their
quicker impact on constituents because you don't have to go     full participation of every-    concerns with me.
through as many layers of bureaucracy as you do in city         one. He thinks a smooth
government."                                                    transition is still possible.   continued on page 19 . . .

Interview with Patsaouras
. . • continued from page 7
      On Nick Patsaouras,            On Nick Patsaouras,            On those whom he
 the bus rider: "Riding the     the man: "I describe myself     admires: "I like Bobby
 bus has opened up and          as a guy trying to do a good    Kennedy. He brought
 reminded me of the beauty     job. If I had to choose the      compassion and vision. Of
 of the interaction that       words, I would say I have        someone alive today, I'd say
 exists among transit           seif-confidence, seif-esteem,   Mario Cuomo."
 riders. Yesterday I experi-   pride, and credibility."
 enced a tremendous high
when I saw older passen-                                                "Transit is a
gers crack a wide open              On Los Angeles: "We
smile at a young child         live in an exciting, urbane,            soeial equal-
whose mother was carrying      dynamic city, and only a
her in her arms. Transit is    well-planned transportation
a social equalizer that we     system can keep it going. If             izer that we
desperately need, consider-    we miss it now, I'm not sure
ing that we are faced with     we'll ever get the chance                desperately
racial tensions. Public        again."
transit's greatest benefits         On future goals as a
will occur when Metro Rail     board member: I'd like to                   need."
is complete. Only then will    see the new headquarters
traffic congestion be          building moving along and             On anything else: "I
relieved and the quality of    the reorganization in place.     want to thank RTD employ-
life improved. I, by the       Once these two things are        ees for helping me and the
way, intend to be involved     accomplished, I will feel as     Board to create an institu-
with transportation for a      though I met the chal-           tion that can be proud of its
long time."                    lenge."                          service to the customers."

Hertzberg	                     State of the District
. . . continued from page 18   by Rick Jager,
                               Press Relations Rep.
   "I do notice that the                                            RTD service perfor-          accidents per 100,000 miles
buses on that line are         RTD bus and raul ridership       mance indicators show            traveled. This is the lowest
overcrowded in the             increased 3.7 percent            District bus service is more     rate since FY 1984.
evening. The operators teil    during the first nine            reliable than a year ago            "RTD has stressed
me they feel badly passing     months of FY '91 compared        with fewer road calls and        operator training and safety
people up."                    to FY '90, with revenues         more buses meeting their         awareness by implementing
   Hertzberg's goal on the     from the farebox totalling       scheduled runs.                  a number of intensive
Board is to make sure that     approximately $181 million,          Miles traveled between       safety programs and has
the agency receives            an increase of 1.7 percent       road calls increased from        enforced the nation's most
adequate revenue to            over last year, announced        4,1000 miles in FY '90 to        rigorous drug abuse policy
provide the best service       RTD Board President Nick         4,745 miles between road         among transit agencies,"
possible. He hopes the         Patsaouras.                      calls in FY '91.                 said Pegg. "The goal of a
District will move forward         "The state of the District       In addition, 90 percent of   safer, efficient, and reliable
aggressively in long range     is simple; we are on course,     all RTD buses ready for          bus system is obviously
transit planning and           on budget for fiscal year        service are currently anti-      being implemented."
procurement possibilities.     1991, and one of the best        graffiti-free upon leaving           Since RTD implemented
"Since the county is           transit operators in the         the yard as opposed to 80        a tough new drug and
gobbled up by traffic, we      nation," said Patsaouras.        percent in FY '90.               alcohol abuse policy in
must expand the bus lines          Alan Pegg, RTD's                 RTD has moved to             1986, positive drug tests
and develop incentives for     general manager, noted           enhance the quality of its       have been reduced from a
ridesharing."                  that the District's third                                         high of 20.5 percent of those
    He says that his boss,     quarter report for FY '91                                         tested to 1.14 percent in
Ms. Molina, is very            shows that the RTD,                                               March of 1991.
committed to transporta-       barring any unforseen                    "Ridership                   RTD statistics also show
tion and has worked with       circumstances, will end this                                      that absenteeism among
                                                                           is up."
both planners and commu-       fiscal year with a balanced                                       bus operators and mechan-
nity groups on the in-         budget.                                                           ics continued to decrease.
tended light rau l through         "This has been accom-                                            A recently completed
Pasadena. "Our goal," he       plished despite an increase      customer service by empha-       absence rate survey
emphasized, "is to make        of expenditures to provide       sizing courtesy and assis-       conducted by Booz Allen
Los Angeles more               additional bus service and       tance. For example, RTD          and Hamilton, Inc. con-
liveable."                     Blue Line security, added        quality assurance data from      cluded that driver atten-
   The Los Angeles native      Blue Line service to             service inspecting units         dance improved by 18
graduated from the             accommodate increased            show more and more bus           percent between FY '88 and
University of California at    ridership, and higher fuel       operators are calling out        FY '89 and another 16
Santa Barbara with a           costs during the earlier part    bus stops for their passen-      percent in FY '90.
degree in economics. He        of the year," said Pegg.         gers. In an informal survey         What this shows is that
then went on to graduate           RTD has added 35 buses       taken in June of 1990, only      between 1986 and 1990,
studies in public policy at    this fiscal year to relieve      44 percent of the bus stops      attendance among our
Duke University in             overcrowding that exists         were being called by bus         Operator has improved by
Durham, N.C., where he         throughout the system.           operators compared to 90         35 percent, a reduction of
was a graduate fellow in       This has allowed the             percent during April of          17.5 average annual days
the Institute of Policy        District to keep pace with       1991.                            absent per driver," said
Sciences and Public            passenger growth by                 Traffic accidents involv-     Pegg.
Affairs.                       carrying more passengers         ing RTD buses are at the             The District's mainte-
    Hertzberg, who is          with less serious over-          lowest rate in seven years,      nance employee absence
single, worked with the        crowding on many RTD             continuing a downward            rate improved by 15 percent
City Redevelopment and         lines.                           trend that has seen a six        between FY '89 and FY '90
Housing Committee,                 "We still need to add        percent overall drop in          with average days absent
which Ms.Molina chaired.       more service, and in the         accidents.                       per mechanic reduced 5.4
He is a resident of the        coming months we will seek          After three quarters of       days representing a de-
Mid-Wilshire area of Los       the funding necessary to do      FY 91, the District's annual     crease of 27 percent
Angeles.                       so," said Patsaouras.            accident rate is 3.82            between FY '86 and FY '90.

                                                                                         JULY 1991 HEADWAY 19
 Bon Voyage to Marlene Allen
 Marlene Allen has heard                                                                           on and I was the only
  some pretty good ones over                                                                       examiner working with
  the years.                                                                                       some 2,000 open files.")
      "One time," the gracious                                                                         Back then, Allen says
  Minnesota native recalls,                                                                        employees didn't file stress
  trying to keep a straight                                                                        claims. "You didn't want to
  face, "this bus operator                                                                         do anything that might
  tried to teil me he had                                                                         jeopardize your job," she
  gotten a boil on his tailbone                                                                    says. lt wasn't until the
  because the mechanics got                                                                        early eighties that she
  the seat dirty. I said to him,                                                                   started seeing stress
  `You do wear clothes when                                                                        claims, and even then, she
 you drive the bus, don't                                                                          says it "was just dis-
 you?"                                                                                             gruntled employees trying
      Allen smiles, "Let's just                                                                   to get back at their em-
  say we agreed to forget                                                                         ployer."
  about that one."                                                                                     Nowadays, Allen says
      Last month, after 30                                                                        employees report things
 years of service to the                                                                          that somebody at home
  District and overseeing the                                                                     wouldn't see a doctor for.
  closing out of some 26,000                                                                      Yes, she thinks workers
  claims, Allen retired. She                                                                      comp is a iJenefit that
 spent the lion's share of her                                                                    employees should be
 years at RTD supervising                                                                         entitled to. But, as she puts
 the District's workers                                                                           it, "Some people overdo it."
 compensation program and                                                                              "You get to the point
 ensuring that those employ-                                                                      that you hear so many
 ees who filed got the                                                                            stories of the different ways
 benefits to which they were                                                                      people have been hurt, that
 entitled. For years, Allen                                                                       you don't believe it until
 administered the program                                                                         you practically see the
 by herself. Now there are                                                                        blood.
 ten employees doing                                                                                  "You must understand,"
 worker's compensation in          In the ballroom at the Burbank Airport Hilton Hotel,           she says with a grin, "I
 the Risk Management               Marlene Allen's friends threw her a night to remember.         don't mind people trying to
 department. Notes Allen,          Honoring the retiring Allen, who was also secretary of the     work an angle, but what
 "they're doing what I did         District's golf club, is her boss, Director of Risk            I've minded over the years
 myself for years."                Management Barbara Anderson.                                   is that they think I'm
     Allen started in 1961 as                                                                     stupid enough to believe the
 a medical clerk receptionist                                                                     stories."
 for what was then the             clear there was no room for    the District's outside claims       And how about the
 Metropolitan Transit              advancement, she decided       administrator. Several          people who file the far-
Authority (MTA). ("Nobody          to move to the credit union.   years later, RTD brought        fetched claims? Do they feel
 ever starts in workers               "But they talked me into    the claims in-house, and        stupid?
 comp.; there's not even a         staying," Allen says, "and     Allen was doing the actual          Not at all, she says with
dass in it in law school.")        doing workers comp."           adjustment, including           a straight face. "People do
Within seven years she had            The position required       arranging payments,             not get embarrassed about
worked almost every union          Allen to track employees       dealing with attorneys and      those things."
job in the personnel               hurt on the job and file       setting up medical exams.
department. When it was            their damage claims with       ("There was a hiring freeze     continued on page 21 . . .

                                                                 Allen, who's single, will    dinner dance at the
                                                              take her memories to Las        Burbank Airport Hilton.
                                                              Vegas where she recently        The humble Allen had not
                                                              purchased a house on a golf     wanted a to-do made of her
                                                              course. At the end of May,      leaving, but she gave her
                                                                                              friends the nod when she
                                                                                              thought of her father who
                                                                     "I don't mind            had passed away some
                                                                                              years ago.
                                                                   people trying to               Her Dad, Wayne
                                                                  work an angle . . .         Spittler, had worked at the
                                                                                              District as the maintenance
                                                                  what I've minded            manager of Division 6.
                                                                                              When he retired in 1973
                                                                  is that they think          because of failing health,
                                                                      I'm stupid              his colleagues didn't give
                                                                                              him a party. Not even a
                                                                  enough to believe           little gathering in the office.
                                                                                              "He would have liked that,"
                                                                     the stories."            says Allen. "My party was
                                                                                              really for him."
                                                                                                  When he retired,
                                                              her colleagues and the          Spittler had served the
                                                              attorneys she's worked          District for 31 years.
                                                              with over the years toasted         Like father, like daugh-
                                                              her retirement with a           ter.
 When all was said and done, there was still more; a jumbo
television set was presented to the lady of the evening,
Marlene Allen.

Barnfield, Gene K., began                                                                     Vazquez, Horacio, began
with the District on Sep-

                                                                                              with the District on May 5,
tember 21, 1973, retired as                                                                   1980, retired as a Mechanic
a Bus Operator on April 18,                                                                   "A" on November 27, 1990.

Bell, Thomas, began with
                                     EARS                                                     Weathersbee, Jesse,
the District on April 8,                                                                      began with the District on
1967, retired as a Bus                                                                        May 6, 1967, retired as a
Operator on April 22, 1991.                                                                   Bus Operator on May 17,
Bullock, Jasper E., began
with the District on March
23, 1968, retired as a Bus                                                                    Wesling, Ralph E., began
Operator on May 7, 1991.                                                                      with the District on March
                               Gutierrez, Tomas A.,           McCoy, Cornelius, began         28, 1968, retired as a Bus
Cooper, Donald R., began       began with the District on     with the District on April 5,   Operator on April 27, 1991.
with the District on May       April 21, 1981, retired as a   1976, retired as a Mechanic
13, 1958, retired as a         Mopper Waxer on April 30,      "A" on April 9, 1991.
Transit Operations Super-      1991.
                                                                                              Wyrick, Curtis J., began
visor on April 30, 1991.                                                                      with the District on
                               Hassan, Raymond E.,                                            February 17, 1968, retired
Doss, 0. D., began with the    began with the District on     Takemoto, Jacqueline S.,        as a Bus Operator on April
District on April 27, 1968,    May 4, 1963, retired as a      began with the District on      30, 1991.
retired as a Bus Operator      Bus Operator on May 17,        March 3, 1986, retired as a
on April 28, 1991.             1991.                          Secretary on May 11, 1991.

                                                                                        JULY 1991 HEADWAY 21

                                                                                       /,';'WE;g5,;24 %Y

 "In my mind, she's always been Operator of the Month,"
said Supervisor Dave Coffey of Information Operator
Theresa Lutton-Ramirez who was honored May 23 by the
Board of Directors for officially taking the honors in April.
                                                                  "The best part of my job is meeting so many people from
"Theresa is sharp, knows what the patrons want before they
                                                                 all over the country and the world," said Bus Operator
ask and knows the lines, schedules, and fares like the back
                                                                 Stephen Glaser who clinched Operator of the Month
of her hand," added Coffey. Fielding calls from up to 30
                                                                 honors for April. Introduced to the Board May 23, Glaser
people an hour, Lutton-Ramirez said the most popular
                                                                 posed afterward for a snapshot with his sister, Sharon
request is information about the Blue Line. She said many
                                                                 Sanders, who is an attorney in the District's Legal
people are shocked to find that the light rau l line only goes
                                                                 Department. Glaser, who works out of Division 15, started
between Long Beach and Los Angeles. "I tell them to give us
                                                                 with RTD in March of 1980 as apart-time operator. The
a couple of years," she laughed. The mot her of two sons, she
                                                                 single jogger has carried 90 merits since 1983, and has
graduated from Marshall High School. She's presently
                                                                 neuer had a missout. He has not been sick since 1984.
taking business classes at Los Angeles City College.
                                                                 Glaser earned Outstanding Recognition for the years 88-
                                                                 89, 89-90, and according to his division manager, Chris
                                                                 Coleman, "will undoubtedly receive Outstanding Operator
                                                                 for 90-91. When he's not behind the wheel, Glaser enjoys
                                                                 hiking and working out.

Commendations                                continued from page 22

                                                               "He's one of our best," said Director of Accounting Mike
                                                               Butler of Rene Decena as he presented him with a plaque
                                                               for Outstanding Employee of the Quarter. The seven-year
                                                               RTD veteran is in charge of financial management systems
                                                               which means making sure that the general ledger, accounts
                                                               payable, fixed asset, and the grants systems are all working
                                                               properly. The Burbank resident also acts as a liaison
                                                               between Accounting and other District departments and
                                                               consultants. "I can't do without him," said Josie Nicasio, his
Rob Hartert, photolithograp hic process operator, was
                                                               supervisor. "Everybody just loves him. He has no airs. The
recently named the Print Shop's Employee of the Quarter.
                                                               recognition was long overdue."
Hartert, 13 years in the printing business, averaged 140
percent a month in productivity, according to his superivsor
Mike Kennedy. A "good" rating is 90 percent. The Rialto
father of two says his jobs are "neuer the same so they are
neuer monotonous." Word has it that Hartert worked so
much one year that he earned the nickname "O.T. Hartert"
from his colleagues. His boss says that he depends on him
personally for specialty jobs. Said Kennedy, "Rob gives 100
percent all the time -- he's very dependable." Al Moore,
manager of the Print Shop, and Steve Parry, director of
Scheduling and Operations Planning join Rob in the

                                                                                        JULY 1991 H EADWAY 23
 More Commendations                                             continued from page 23

                                                                  Director of Human Resources Gayel Pitchford accepted
                                                                  an award on behalf of RTD for dispatching a bus to
                                                                  transport family members of troops returning from the
                                                                  Gulf. The story was featured in the May issue of Headway.
                                                                  The presenter was the Commanding Officer Mobile Inshore
                                                                  Undersea Warfare Unit (M1UWU 105) of the U.S. Navy
                                                                  Reserves, to which Gayel belongs. Declaring it was "our
Five of the returning Desert Storm soldiers received a hearty     way of saying thanks," the Navy saluted RTD for their
welcome home in May from the RTD Board of Directors.
                                                                  effort in making the community stronger. "This is your
Euch was presented a bronze medallion and a T-shirt that          day," they conveyed to RTD through Gayel. She,
read "Operation Desert Storm" on the front, and on the back       incidentally, is one of only 120 women commanders in the
read, "My Other Job is With RTD." Those honored included          U.S. Navy.
(from left to right) Jose Solano, Curtis Shelby, Froylan
Sandoval, Douglas Park, and Wesley Tyvog. Making
presentations to the men were (on the left) L. Rich Davis,
director of maintenance and Leilia Bailey, director of
transportation. RTD Board President Nick Patsaouras,
flanked by General Manager Alan Pegg, holds the plaque
with the soldiers' pictures and those of their colleagues who
are still in the Gulf. The plaque will be displayed in the
showcase outside the Board room. Similar ceremonies for
the remaining 14 activated RTD servicemen will be held in
the coming weeks, according to orchestrator and Human
Relations Analyst Howard Chokan. Chokan, himself in the
Navy Reserves, said the ideas for the ceremony and special
gifts "just blossomed."

More Commendations
 . . . continued from page 24

                                                               1Ve have a pretty good crew," Philip Williams said of his
                                                               colleagues in the Running Repair Section. They must think
                                                               highly of him, too. In April, he was named CMF Employee
                                                               of the Month because, said his supervisor, "he is a well-
                                                               rounded mechanic and knowledgeable in all phases of bus
Layout Supervisor Susan Chapman captured the Employee          maintenance." Philip is a Mechanic A.
of the Quarter Award for her consistently excellent
performance. Under Susan's leadership, the Document
Production section is being converted from a "cut and paste"
operation to a personal-computer-based system. According to
her supervisor, Dick Dimon, "her ability to produce top-
quality work within tight deadlines has significantly
enhanced the standards of the wide range of graphic
materials produced by Susan and her staff" She also
oversees the layout of Headway. Susan, who is married,
lives in the San Gabriel Valley. She is pictured here
receiving congratulations from Director of Scheduling and
Operations Planning Steve Parry.

                                                               Albert Sampson, a Leadman in Equipment Maintenance
                                                               at the Machine Shop, accepted congratulations on being
                                                               named CMF Employee of the Month for April. He was
                                                               chosen because of his excellent working relationship with
                                                               co-workers which, according to his supervisors, enables him
                                                               to get maximum cooperation. On the Job 35 years, he said he
                                                               still "feels the joy of serving the public."

Carrying an excellent attendence and safety record as a
Mechanic A, Julio Perez was tapped CMF Employee of the
Month for April. His superiors in the Midlife Section said
he was chosen because he performs his mechanical
assignments in a superior manner. "I'm grateful to work
here," the seven year RTD man told Headway.

                                                                                       JULY 1991 HEADWAY 25
Public Commendations
     Dear Sir:                         Dear Sir:                  the situation. When it was     nent Line 462 driver, and
     The purpose of this              In today's society, it      time for their departure, he   that is the purpose of this
letter is to applaud Wayne        seem that the only time we      pointed out the direction      letter. Could you approve
Helton, one of your many          hear something is when          that they needed to go, and    our petition.
RTD drivers, who, each            things are bad, or not right    explained to them where to          Sincerely yours,
morning, drives the 401 bus       and we lose sight or take for   stand to catch the returning        Juan Jose Jauregui
from Pasadena into Los            granted the good things,        bus.                                 (The letter was signed
Angeles.                         When I have the time, I like          I have been riding the    by 14 others)
      I can't praise his         to commend someone for a         buses since September and
attitude enough. He is           job well done as was done by     have seen drivers who have
always polite and courte-        your operator Henry Scott,       difficulty with English             Dear Sir:
ous, calling out our names       badge #1689.                     speaking passengers and             The purpose of my
and wishing us a "good day"            Mr. Scott handles the      are not as courteous Hats      letter is to commend RTD
or "see you Monday!" It's a      434 line, in which I ride        off to Mr. Scott.              driver, Mr. C. Randolph,
real pleasure to ride with       daily. He is always courte-           Sincerely,                Badge #2619I Route 33, for
him.                             ous and conscientious, but            Pamela Miller             the information, kindness
     So many times, I am         this one particular day               Hotel/Reservations        and courtesy extended to
sure, you must get grumpy        notes merit.                          Director                  two confused out-of-state
letters complaining about             There were five German           Magic International       tourists.
this or that, but I can't help   tourists boarding on 4th and                                         Please inform him of
feeling that Wayne de-           Broadway this week and                                          my letter so he will know of
serves a pat on the back, a      wanted to tour Los Angeles           Dear Sir:                  our gratitude. By the way,
handshake, or even a pay         (downtown) and then return           We have had many           we spent ten days
raise from his boss.             to Malibu. Even though they      drivers on this Los Angeles-   sightseeing by bus and
     Congratulations for         didn't speak English very        Norwalk route. Mr. Steve       found all of your drivers
having the good sense to         well, Mr. Scott understood       Lugo is one of the best        extremely helpful, but Mr.
hire such people.                their needs and directed         drivers we have had. He is     Randolph even more so.
     Sincerely,                  them effortlessly. These         always on time, so we do            Thank you.
     Ginny Benson                people didn't even under-        not miss our connections.           Sincerely,
     Member Relations            stand the dollar value too       He is always very courteous         Isabel J. Mahoney
     Santa Monica Area           well, but he never lost          and professional. For these         Upper Darby, PA
     Chamber Area of             patience. In fact, he made       reasons we would like to
     Commerce                    them feel comfortable about      have Steve as our perma-

Rubin, RTD Win National Accounting Distinction
 A top national award for           The certificate of                                              RTD's comprehensive
financial disclosure in          achievement is the highest                                      annual financial report was
annual reports has been          form of recognition in the                                      judged by an impartial
won by the RTD and its           area of governmental                                            panel to meet the high
controller-treasurer, Tom        accounting and financial                                        standards of the finance
Rubin. The Government            reporting, and its attain-                                      officers association program
Finance Officers Associa-        ment represents a signifi-                                      including the demonstra-
tion of the United States        cant accomplishment by a                                        tion of a constructive "spirit
and Canada awarded its           government and its man-                                         of full disclosure," the
certificate of achievement       agement," the Chicago-                                          organization said.
for excellence in financial      based association said. lt is
reporting to the Southern        a distinction accorded to
California Rapid Transit         only three percent of
District.                        governmental agencies in
                                 the nation.                      Tom Rubin

Working on the Railroad
 S ometimes, when John                                                                           there are more problems
St. Cyr looks at the closed                                                                      with traffic signals.
circuit monitor which pans
the Blue Line stations, he
sees people disregarding                                                                                "He is living
the rules. Sometimes he'll
                                                                                                      testimony to the
see people drinking on the
platforms or walking on                                                                                 success of a
the tracks.
   But on one Saturday in                                                                              cross-training
April, the dispatcher
whose colleagues say is
"modest to a fault" saw a
chilling slice of life. Two                                                                          If he had to choose his
people had been shot, not                                                                        favorite station, he says
on rau l property, but on a                                                                      he'd pick Del Arno because
public sidewalk under-          "Sometimes," his colleagues say good-naturedly of John St.       it's the first one he ever saw
neath the Florence plat-       Cyr (above), "we have to pinch him to see if he's awake. We       and a "two-level Job." As for
form. He watched aghast        should be half as good as he."                                    his favorite RTD Job, St. Cyr
as a man wheeling a baby                                                                         says diplomatically, "I've
stroller passed the bleed-     Two years later, he             problems would be solved a        enjoyed every TOS Job I've
ing victim, looked at him,     changed to division dis-        lot quicker."                     ever had," and then quickly
and moved coolly on. Just      patching in the San                 In April of last year, the    adds, "This is the best group
as coolly, St. Cyr walked      Fernando Valley.                Blue Line whistled. ("lt was      of people I've ever worked
the twenty feet to the             "I like to see different    a beautiful sight to see the      with."
Sheriffs deputies and          aspects of the company and      yard filled with trains.")            "That figures," says
relayed what was being         how they interface with         First a yard controller, then     Ibarra when told of St. Cyr's
played out on the screen.      each other," the reserved       a line supervisor, St. Cyr is     comments. "I've never heard
   "He never flies off the     St. Cyr says. "As a division    presently working with the        John say an unkind thing
handle," says his boss, Dan    dispatcher, I learned the       highly sophisticated,             about anybody. There is
Ibarra. "That man works        different personalities of      computerized equipment in         simply no negativity coming
with such precision and        the operators."                 the radio room. "As a raul        from John."
such consistency that              Soon a transit opera-       dispatcher, I have to be              These days, he's not
you're used to forgetting      tions supervisor, the           even more careful because         home much because of his
he's there."                   Canyon Country resident         we're dealing with high           schedule, which requires
   But St. Cyr has been        was among six or seven          speeds." And the problems         him to work from 12:30 p.m.
here for 16 years. In that     people chosen to cross-train    in some cases are more            to 8:30 p.m and on week-
time, he is one of only two    in the radio room down-         complex to solve. "When I         ends.
who has worked almost          town. ("lt was most             was a bus dispatcher and              His wife, Rosemary, he
every transportation Job on    exciting, most rewarding.")     there was an accident in the      says, is getting used to it.
both the bus and rail side.    He was particularily            street, we'd use another          "Transportation is my life,"
He is, says Ibarra, "living    challenged during the rush      street. But an accident on        he says simply. Perhaps it's
testimony to the success of    hour. If a bus broke down,      the tracks is critical to train   in the blood. His oldest son,
a cross-training program."     he would have to adjust the     operations."                      a sheriffs deputy in Castaic,
   The man who restores        other buses on the line. "I         He says light rail            has a high seniority position
old cars for a hobby started   love solving those kinds of     accidents seem to happen          transporting prisoners to
as a bus operator working      problems, but sometimes         more often in the afternoon.      court. His middle son is a
out of Divisions 8 and 15.     you can only put a band-aid     And, as you'd expect, such        tow truck driver. And his
He worked the Extra            on them.                        mishaps happen more on            younger son, a college
Board so that he was not           "I found that if you were   street running territory,         student, enjoys watching his
"stuck on the same streets"    pleasant to the operators       like Washington and Long          dad restore the '55 Buick
every day.                     on the other end, the           Beach boulevards where            they have at home.

                                                                                         JULY 1991 H EADWAY 27
The District Cashes In, and So Do Its Employees
Watch any old movie or TV                                                                    towed using chains and
rerun set in the workplace                                                                   boards; as a result, the
and you are likely to run                                                                    front bumpers often
across a familiar old joke --                                                                suffered damage. After
the employee suggestion                                                                      considering the problem
box, which is often made                                                                     and spending just half a
out of a shoe box, and is                                                                    day in the weld shop, Ward
emptied into the waste-                                                                      had fabricated a new three-
paper basket at the end of                                                                   foot by four-foot unit which
each week.                                                                                   adapts to the standard
    Human Resources                                                                          towing fixture and goes
analyst Denice Findlay                                                                       underneath the coach,
wants you to know that                                                                       causing no damage to the
things work a little differ-                                                                 front end. The District has
ently at the District.                                                                       awarded $200 to Ward for
Findlay is charged with                                                                      his safety-enhancing and
administration of the RTD       Inventors at Heart.                                          cost-saving ideas.
Employee Suggestion                                                                             Equipment Maintenance
Program, which bears no                                                                      Supervisor Roger Flynn
resemblance to the shoe box     He in turn was awarded        injury resulting from failed   thought radiators would
of old.                         $50 for his cost-cutting      hydraulic jacks during         withstand structural shock
    The District knows that     suggestion.                   GFC engine changes,            better if they were mounted
its employees, rather than         Robert Puente is also a    designed a steel beam to       on polyurethane pads
high-priced outside consult-    Sheet Metal Worker, and he    supplement the jacks and       instead of the laminated
ants, are the people who        also had an idea for the      prevent serious accidents.     canvas composite material
best understand daily           electronic fareboxes. He      They also split a $100         they previously used. The
operation of an immense         designed a transfer ticket    award.                         suggestion was tried out,
public transit agency. lt is    holder which now results in                                  and now results in an
to the employees, then, that    an annual cost savings of                                    annual cost saving of
the District turns for cost-    $2654. The District happily      Since its inception,        $2461.50. Flynn's idea
cutting and service-enhanc-     spent ten percent of that                                    proved rewarding for
                                                                    the Employee
ing improvements. The           savings thanking Puente for                                  himself, as well; the
Suggestion Program              his valuable idea, by                Suggestion              District gratefully pre-
assures that every idea is      presenting him with a $265                                   sented him with a check for
acknowledged, evaluated         award.                          Program has saved            $246.
and -- if put into effect --       No one understands the                                       Since its inception, the
                                                                  RTD about $1.2
rewarded.                       need for safety better than                                  Employee Suggestion
    If you still don't think    good mechanics, and four of            million.              Program has saved the
the District is serious about   the District's best were                                     District about $1.2 million.
wanting employees' sugges-      rewarded for suggestions
tions, just ask any of the      that promote safety during       Safety was also a
eight employees whose
suggestions were rewarded
                                maintenance and repair.
                                Tim Pohlman and Terry
                                                              concern for Gary Ward, a
                                                              welder with the District for
last May. Robert Kang, for      Diedrichs, both with the      18 years. He designed a
example, realized that          District for almost ten       stand that will safely hold    Wanted: Cash offers for
dollar bills often got stuck    years, split a $100 award     axle housings for repairs,     Safety Awards and Cap
in the electronic fareboxes.    when they suggested           storing and shipping,          Badges from Los Angeles
Kang, a Sheet Metal             installing a 100 series       making the Equipment           Transit Lines, Metropolitan
Worker who has been with        shipping stand on an 870      Maintenance area even          Transit Authority, and
RTD for 17 1/2 years,           dolly, making removal of      safer.                         Pacific Electric Railway.
developed a die that allows     power plant assemblies           Ward also designed a        Please call or write: Roy
the bills to be smoothly        safer and easier. Victor      tow bar for our Flexible       Fizer, 1254 West 36th
inserted, and ended up          Yacobucci and Julio Perez,    Metro buses. Formerly, the     Street, Los Angeles CA
saving the District $500.       concerned about possible      buses had to be lifted and     90007. (213) 735-9145.

Waning Industry Should be Harnessed For
Building Transit Systems, Patsaouras Says
Thousands of jobs could be                                                                    Federation of Labor (AFL-
created in Southern                                                                           CIO), said that government
 California over the next                                                                     contract cancellations and
three decades by redirecting                                                                  cutbacks, combined with an
 aerospace and defense                                                                        extended slump in private
 employees into local                                                                         orders at major aerospace
manufacturing of buses,                                                                       facilities here, had
light rau, commuter raul                                                                      "sounded an apparent
 and subway cars and parts                                                                    doomsday message" in the
 instead of purchasing                                                                        industry.
 equipment from abroad,                                                                           Bruce Lee, director of
 RTD Board President Nick                                                                     Region 6, United Auto
 Patsaouras and civic                                                                         Workers, said Patsaouras's
leaders announced at a                                                                        program was "the only
press conference in late                                                                      viable plan on the table
May.                                                                                          that promises to save the
    Government and private                                                                    talent and experience of
                               Flanked by union leaders and LACTC Executive Director
 industry need to work in a    Neil Peterson, RTD Board President Nick Patsaouras urged       tens of thousands of skilled
joint effort to re-allocate    cities and developers to donate land as sites for              workers from vanishing
 available engineers,          manufacturing plants to produce buses, rau l cars and other    forever while giving the
technicians, skilled labor     equipment, thus creating jobs and boosting the local           Southern California
 and manufacturing capacity    economy.                                                       economy a massive boost
in the moribund aerospace                                                                     for years to come.
 and defense industries into                                                                      "The foresight of Nick
the building of transit        bus per work day for the       result of the defense and       Patsaouras in developing
systems in Southern            next 30 years," Patsaouras     aerospace closures."            the `Jobs Creation Initia-
California. Patsaouras         added, noting that the            Peterson pointed out         tive' deserves the tribute of
made his remarks at a          Crown Coach plant in           that although the Metro         the entire state."
news conference in Downey      Chino in neighboring San       Blue Line vehicles were
near Rockwell                  Bernardino county is being     manufactured and as-
International's Space
Systems Division.
                               dismantled and auctioned
                                                              sembled in Japan, 40
                                                              percent of the parts were
                                                                                              For Sale
     Over the next 30 years,        "lt also means the        manufactured in the United       For Sale: '90 Chinook
Patsaouras noted, the Los      production of 300 rail cars    States.                         Concourse Motor Home.
Angeles County Transports-     and related equipment, as         "It's feasible to assemble   Due to Illness, it has never
tion Commission, in concert    well as the development of     the cars here, as is done       been driven. $55,000 or
with the 88 cities in the      new technology for fare        with New York's Japanese        $10,000 and T.O.P.
county, CalTrans, the RTD,     collection, street signal      and Canadian built subway       Phone: (714) 593-2351.
and nine of the municipal      controls in smart corridors,   trains and Seattle's Italian-
transit operators, will        telecommunications and         built buses," Peterson said.    For Sale: 1981 Mobile
spend nearly $160 billion      information dissemination."    "We urge the manufactur-        Home, 12' x 50'. 1 B/R, 1
improving bus services,            Added LACTC Executive      ing industries to look into     BA, appliances, washer/
building rail lines, adding    Director Neil Peterson, `We    creating opportunities          dryer, roll-down security
to freeway capacity, and       need to initiate the momen-    locally."                       shutters, shed. Space rent
developing new technology      tum to keep local tax             Southern California          $400.
to help ease congestion and    dollars here in Southern       labor leaders also praised      Located opposite Div. 3.
clean up the air.              California and provide         the plan. Bill Robertson,       $16,500. Call (213) 223-
    "lt means the production   much-needed jobs to those      executive secretary-            2693.
of nearly 6,000 buses -- one   who have been left out as a    treasurer of the Los Angeles

                                                                                      JULY 1991 HEADWAY 29
               ANGES                                        Craney, Deborah L., from
                                                            Assistant Administrative
                                                            Analyst to Administrative
                                                                                          Giovannetti, Michael D.,
                                                                                          from Mechanic "C" to
                                                                                          Mechanic "B."
                                                                                          Gonzalez, Oscar R., from
                                                            Cranston, George A.,          Mechanic "C" to Mechanic
Abella, Radgino G., from      Camagay, Alfredo M.,          Transit Police Officer
Bus Operator (Part-Time) to   from Stock Clerk to           (Trainee) to Transit Police
Bus Operator (Full- Time).    Storekeeper.                  Officer.                      Goss, Jackie A., from
                                                                                          Transit Police Officer to
Acker, William E., from       Carrillo, Albert, from Bus    Cruz, Paul A., from           Transit Police Investigator
Bus Operator (Part-Time) to   Operator (Full-Time) to Bus   Mechanic "C" to Mechanic
Bus Operator (Full- Time).    Operator/Extra Schedule                                     Guerrero, Charles
                              Checker.                                                    Arnold, from Bus Operator
Aguilar, Walter A., from                                    De La Rosa, Ernie, from       (Part-Time) to Bus Opera-
Bus Operator (Part-Time) to   Carroll, Allie Lea, from      Stock Clerk to Storekeeper.   tor (Full-Time).
Bus Operator (Full- Time).    Bus Operator (Part-Time)
                              to Bus Operator (Full-        Doyle, Darnell "D", from      Haywood, Teresa L., from
Bakir, Majd Sidki, from       Time).                        Janitor to Mopper Waxer.      Bus Operator (Part-Time)
Bus Operator (Part-Time) to                                                               to Bus Operator (Full-
Bus Operator (Full- Time).    Castillo, Gustavo, from       Duong, Lelan T., from         Time).
                              Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Clerk to General Clerk II.
Barrera, Pablo, from Bus      to Bus Operator (Full-                                      Hernandez, Jose L., from
Operator (Part-Time) to Bus   Time).                        Erazo, Kathryn L., from       Bus Operator (Part-Time)
Operator (Full- Time)                                       Bus Operator (Part-Time)      to Bus Operator (Full-
                              Castle, Alvin D., from        to Bus Operator (Full-        Time).
Benat, Daniel, from Bus       Mechanic "C" to Mechanic      Time).
Operator (Part-Time) to Bus                                                               Johnson, Leroy, from Bus
Operator (Full- Time).                                      Esquivel, Irma E., from       Operator (Part-Time) to
                              Castro, Rogelio U., from      Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Bus Operator (Full- Time).
Bonifay, Leroy A., from       Bus Operator/Extra            to Bus Operator (Full-
Rail Traction Power Inspec-   Schedule Checker to           Time).                        Judilla, Renato
tor to Rail Traction Power    Schedule Checker.                                           Gonzalez, from Bus
Supervisor.                                                 Farley, David A., from        Operator (Part-Time) to
                              Chaney, Jerry, from           Rail Traction Power           Bus Operator (Full-Time).
Bozonier, Anthony R.,         Transit Police Officer        Inspector to Rail Traction
from Bus Operator (Full-      (Trainee) to Transit Police   Power Supervisor.             Kalaw, Joseph E., from
Time) to Schedule Checker.    Officer.                                                    Bus Operator (Part-Time)
                                                            Gallardo, Albert R., from     to Bus Operator (Full-
Brady, Juanita, from Bus      Clark, Michael G., from       Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Time).
Operator (Full-Time) to Bus   Mechanic "C" to Mechanic      to Bus Operator (Full-
Operator/Extra Schedule                                     Time).                        Kangarloo, Afshin, from
Checker.                                                                                  Programmer to Program-
                              Coats, Matthew L., from       Garcia, Victor A., from       mer Analyst.
Burroughs, Andre              Digital Technician to         Bus Operator/Extra
Lamar, from Bus Operator      Digital Systems Technician.   Schedule Checker to           Kawahara, Dean E., from
(Part-Time) to Bus Operator                                 Schedule Checker.             Mechanic "B" to Mechanic
(Full-Time).                  Coronel, Jose Martin,
                              from Bus Operator             Gatdula, Salvador L.,
Busch, Lawrence S., from      (Part-Time) to Bus            from Engineering Associate    Keliher, Joseph T., from
Mechanic "C" to Mechanic      Operator (Full-Time).         to Engineer.                  Mechanic "C" to Mechanic

Kimbrough, Carol A.,          Megliorino, Rodolfo, from     Pearson, Reginald M.,         Sanchez, Elens, from Bus
from Stock Clerk to Truck     Bus Operator (Full-Time) to   from Bus Operator (Part-      Operator (Part-Time) to
Driver/Clerk.                 Bus Operator/Extra            Time) to Bus Operator         Bus Operator (Full- Time).
                              Schedule Checker.             (Full-Time).
Labayna, Edgardo Y.,                                                                      Sanchez, Victoria Lynn,
from Transit Police Officer   Melgar, Rafael Antonio,       Pilola, Juan C., from Bus     from Bus Operator (Part-
(Trainee) to Transit Police   from Bus Operator (Part-      Operator (Part-Time) to       Time) to Bus Operator
Officer.                      Time) to Bus Operator         Bus Operator (Full- Time).    (Full-Time).
Lee, Han Joo, from Bus                                      Pulido, Jaime C., from        Santos, James D., from
Operator (Part-Time) to       Miranda, Edward, from         Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Bus Operator/Extra
Bus Operator (Full-Time).     Bus Operator (Part-Time)      to Bus Operator (Full-        Schedule Checker to
                              to Bus Operator (Full-        Time).                        Schedule Checker.
Lindsay, James B., from       Time).
Mechanic "C" to Mechanic                                    Ramirez, Elias, from Bus      Saw, Kyin H., from
                              Morales, Manuel J., from      Operator (Part-Time) to       Mechanic "C" to Mechanic
                              Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Bus Operator (Full- Time).
Livio, Joseph, from           to Bus Operator (Full-
Mechanic "B" to Mechanic      Time).                        Ramirez-Chavez, Jose          Schwibs, Michael W.,
    A.1 3
                                                            A., from Bus Operator         from Bus Operator (Part-
                              Moreno, Miguel, from Bus      (Part-Time) to Bus Opera-     Time) to Bus Operator
Lomeli, Edith B., from        Operator (Part-Time) to       tor (Full-Time).              (Full-Time).
Truck Driver/Clerk to Stock   Bus Operator (Full- Time).
Clerk.                                                      Ray, James A., from           Shen, Gloria Siu Yin,
                              Munoz, Jose Gilberto,         Mechanic "B" to Mechanic      from Programmer to
Lopez, Esmeralda M.,          from Bus Operator (Part-                                    Programmer Analyst.
from Bus Operator (Part-      Time) to Bus Operator
Time) to Bus Operator         (Full-Time).                  Risin, Demetria Mich-         Smith, Myron M., from
(Full-Time).                                                elle, from Bus Operator       Transit Police Officer
                              Myers, Philip H., from        (Part-Time) to Bus Opera-     (Trainee) to Transit Police
Macabagdal, Fernand()         Bus Operator (Part-Time)      tor (Full-Time).              Officer.
B., from Mechanic "C" to      to Bus Operator (Full-
Mechanic "B."                 Time).                        Rivera, Angel C., from        Solano, Cesar E., from
                                                            Transit Police Officer        Mechanic "B" to Mechanic
Madrigal, Dina M., from       Navarrette, Gloria Jean,      (Trainee) to Transit Police
Bus Operator (Part-Time)      from Bus Operator (Part-      Officer.
to Bus Operator (Full-        Time) to Bus Operator                                       Soto, Connie, from Bus
Time).                        (Full-Time).                  Rodriguez, Joseph P.,         Operator (Part-Time) to
                                                            from Bus Operator (Part-      Bus Operator (Full-Time).
Maldonado, Ephraim            Nguyen, Dan L., from Bus      Time) to Bus Operator
NMN, from Bus Operator        Operator (Full-Time) to       (Full-Time).                  Subillaga, Rensto P.,
(Part-Time) to Bus Opera-     Schedule Maker I                                            from Mechanic "C" to
tor (Full-Time).                                            Rodriguez, Hilton T.,         Mechanic "B."
                              Nix, Cecelia Ann, from        from Bus Operator (Part-
Matejovsky, George E.,        Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Time) to Bus Operator         Sun, Hsiao-Man, from
from Rail Signal Supervisor   to Bus Operator (Full-        (Full-Time).                  Mechanic "C" to Mechanic
to Facilities Maintenance     Time).                                                      413    )5

Manager.                                                    Salcido, Anthony, from
                              Page, Richard S., from        Bus Operator (Part-Time)      Tadena, Manuel B., from
McNeese, Rayetta P.,          Planner to Senior Planner.    to Bus Operator (Full-        Mechanic "C" to Mechanic
                                                            Time).                        ‘73   .21
from Mopper Waxer to
Equipment Records Special-
ist.                                                                                      continued on page 33   . . .

                                                                                     JULY 1991 HEADWAY 31
War Garnes                                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
by Frank Harper,
Local Government and
Community Affairs Representative
                                                                      On a hillside at the     enlightening. "I was most
                                                                camp, a camouflaged            impressed by how hard
                                                                grandstand was erected. lt     these young men and
                                                                formed a natural amphithe-     women train," she said,
                                Packing it in. Leilia           ater to view simulated         "and by their level of
                                Bailey tries on a soldier's     battles and skirmishes. The    commitment. I came to
                                backpack. Fully loaded,         soldiers demonstrated their    understand that service is a
                                the gear weighs over 100        equipment and battlefield      sacrifice on their part. lt
                                pounds.                         tactics. Bailey and Morrow     isn't a `get-away-from work'
                                                                got to ride in all-terrain     event, it's an extension of
                                                                armor personnel carriers.      work."
                                                                For lunch, the visitors             The conversion to an
                                                                sampled the latest in          all-volunteer military force
                                                                military field cuisine pre-    and the end of the draft has
                                                                packaged MREs or "Meals        increased the importance of
                                                                Ready to Eat." The tour        the Guard and Reserves in
                                                                also featured a helicopter     our nation's defense.
                                                                demonstration and an           Together, they make up
                                                                earthshaking round of          one-third of our armed
"Arrive at 0630 at Norton       her staff of operators and      mortar and heavy artillery     forces. The Guard and
AFB on 16 May for process-      supervisors for military        fire.                          Reserve played a significant
ing and briefing                leave. "You have to allow             Bailey found the day     role in Operation Desert
prior to boarding the           them the leave time," she       at Camp Roberts to be very     Storm.
aircraft..."                    says, "but my workforce is
read the letter sent on         diminshed by complying
military stationery to          with the request for time
                                                                                               continued on page 33 . . .
District Transportation         off."
Director Leilia Bailey and            Bailey and Morrow
Division Five Operator          ascended into the belly of a
Mary Morrow. Bailey and         huge C-130 military
Morrow had not been             transport plane for the
deployed. They were headed      hour flight to Paso Robles,
off for a day's visit to Camp   the nearest town to Camp
Roberts as participants of      Roberts. The aircraft, a
the "Guard Lift" program of     1960s era model, with only
the California National         makeshift nylon webbing
Guard.                          for seating, offered a taste
     The program's purpose      of military life. The flight
is to gather support for the    crew readily handed out
National Guard by provid-       ear plugs to all the passen-
ing employers and legisla-      gers.
tors with a first-hand look           At Paso Robles airport,
at the activities of reserv-    three Chinook helicopters--
ists and guard members          their rotors whirling for a
during their annual two         "hot takeoff," stood waiting
weeks of training. As           to take the visitors on a       A wing and a prayer. Director of Transportation Leilia
Director of Transportation,     brief, memorable flight to      Bailey aboard the Air National Guard's C-130 transport
Bailey reviews requests by      Camp Roberts.                   plane.

War Garnes
 . . . continued from page 32                                                                  Schedule
      Employers, such as                                                                       Changes
RTD, are required to
release employees for
                                                                                               . . . continued from page 31
military training. Bailey
estimates that 25 operators
and supervisors partici-                                                                       Vasquez, Ernie A., from
pated in Operation Desert                                                                      Bus Operator (Part-Time)
Storm and Desert Shield                                                                        to Bus Operator (Full-
and that some personnel                                                                        Time).
are still serving.
     In California, Guard                                                                      Vasquez, Gabriel F., from
activities also include                                                                        Bus Operator (Part-Time)
disaster and emergency                                                                         to Bus Operator (Full-
relief, and drug interdic-                                                                     Time).
     "The National Guard is     Guard as an example.           Morrow re-traced their          Vergara, Andrew J., from
the nation's best kept          Pilots generally come from     journey home by helicopter      Bus Operator (Part-Time)
military secret," says RTD      the ranks of commercial         and plane.                     to Bus Operator (Full-
Public Affairs Representa-      aviation. Cowden is                 "I gained an apprecia-     Time).
tive Daniel Cowden.             planning to reenlist in the    tion overall for the National
Cowden, a former Green          Guard. "In terms of costs,"     Guard and the employees        White, Reyna Consuelo,
Beret in Vietnam and            notes Cowden, "the Na-         who serve," says Bailey.        from Bus Operator (Part-
reservist says that Na-         tional Guard is bargain."      "From now on when I sign        Time) to Bus Operator
tional Guard personnel are      To staff, train, and equip a   off on a leave request," she    (Full-Time).
often more experienced and      Guard unit is one-fourth       says, "it will be with a
better trained and better       the cost of an active unit.    sense of pride instead of       Wilkes, Vineent D., from
qualified than their active          After an exhausting       feeling in a quandary about     Bus Operator (Part-Time)
counterparts. Cowden,           and event-filled day with      having to fill that slot."      to Bus Operator (Full-
cites the Air National          the troops, Bailey and                                         Time).

                                                                                               Yates, Robert J., from
                                                                                               Planning Assistant to
   Angela Ridgway, Daughter of                                                                 Planner.

   Division 5's Beverly, Honored                                                               Zapata, Irma, from Bus
                                                                                               Operator (Part-Time) to
                                                                                               Bus Operator (Full-Time).
 Angela Ridgway, daughter       elementary schools in the
of Division 5 bus operator      Los Angeles area. Angela                                       Zimmerman, Richard B.,
Beverly Ridgway, has been       also was chosen to partici-                                    from Transit Police Officer
chosen to act as a role         pate in the Black Scholar-                                     to Transit Police Investiga-
                                ship program. Proud                                            tor.
model in the D.A.R.E.
Program. The 13 year old,       mother Beverly writes
who is a ninth grader at        Headway that she and her                                       Zuniga, Estella Virgin,
Paul Revere Junior High         husband are very honored                                       from Bus Operator (Part-
                                and hope she continues to                                      Time) to Bus Operator
School, will speak about
                                achieve and strive for the                                     (Full-Time).
drugs and alcohol abuse to
young students at several       best.                          Angela Ridgway

                                                                                        JULY 1991 H EADWAY 33
RTD Receives Major Award for Pioneer Work
Toward Clean Air
                                                                    Based near downtown         Angeles the emporium of
                                                                at Sixth Street and Central     the nation for clean-air bus
                                                                Avenue, the methanol fleet      technology for public
                                                                operates on routes in East      transportation. RTD is
                                                                and West Los Angeles and        proud to be recognized a
                                                                on West Third Street. The       leader in clean-air technol-
                                                                fleet reached its first         ogy.
                                                                million miles of passenger         The AQMD award was
                                                                service last January.           presented to RTD at a
                                                                    Methanol engines            ceremony at the California
                                                                virtually eliminate particu-    Museum of Science and
                                                                late emissions and cut by       Technology.
                                                                half the amount of nitrogen
                                                                oxides (NOX) emissions
                                                                which contribute to ozone
                                                                and smog formation.
                                                                    In another experiment,
                                                                                                Victoria Woods
                                                                the RTD operates 10 buses       Receives Her
                                                                powered with compressed
                                                                natural gas. The CNG            A.A. Degree
                                                                buses, based in Sun Valley
                                                                in the San Fernando
                                                                         make daily runs
                                                                into downtown Los Ange-
                                                                    Additionally, the RTD
The clean air lecuier of the pack, L. Rich Davis.
                                                                operates six buses using
Davis, director of the Central Maintenance Facility, recently
                                                                Avocet, a fuel additive that
was honored with yet anot her award at an APTA conference
                                                                allows diesel engines to
in Orlando, Fla.
                                                                burn methanol, with a
                                                                minimum of prior engine
by Anthony Greno,                   "We are pleased with            Another experiment
Press Relations Rep.            the recognition received        involves revenue opera-
                                publicly from the Air           tions of Clean Air Diesel
                                Quality Management              buses which are fitted with
 The RTD has received a                                         particulate traps, devices      Victoria Woods intends to
                                District for our efforts
major award from the                                            that trap and filter particu-   pursue a career in public
                                toward cleaner air," said
South Coast Air Quality                                         late matter from diese]         relations.
                                RTD Board President Nick
Management District for         Patsaouras. "Instead of         exhaust.
the transit agency's pio-       being part of the problem of       "Our technicians,            Victoria Woods, an RTD
neering experiments with        air pollution, we are now       mechanics, and operators        cash accounting clerk,
clean air buses.                very decidedly part of the      are to be praised for their     received her Associate in
   For conducting the           solution."                      performance in the two          Arts (A.A.) degree from
world's largest experiment          For two years the RTD       intense years we have           Southwest College in June.
in alternative-fueled mass      has operated 30 buses with      dedicated to clean-air          The journalism major plans
transit, the RTD was            engines specially build for     experiments in revenue          on transfering to Cal State
named a winner in the air       methanol fuel. lt is the        service," said Alen Pegg,       Dominguez Hills in Febru-
pollution technology            largest revenue fleet of        RTD general manager.            ary. Woods, who has been
category of the AQMD's          buses running on methanol       "Their efforts, along with      with the District one year,
third annual Clean Air          fuel in the nation and the      the patience of our patrons,    aspires to a career in public
Awards.                         world.                          have combined to make Los       relations.

Transit Police Participate in Baker to Las Vegas
Challenge Cup Relay
On April 20, 1991, Chief       most of the major law
Sharon Papa lead a contin-     enforcement agencies in
gent of 36 transit police      the western United States.
officers and their support-         Although the vast
ers to Baker, Calif. to           ajority of our officers
participate in the annual      lacked any prior running
law enforcement Baker-to-      experience they began a
Vegas relay race. The          conditioning program to
purpose of this foot race      prepare for this event in
across the desert is to        February. Their early goal
promote camaraderie,           was to complete the race in
pride, physical fitness and    a respectable fashion, and
teamwork among a broad         to gain a foundation of
spectrum of peace officers     experience for future years.
from throughout the United     lt appears that they
States and Canada. The         certainly accomplished this       Transit police give chase.
grueling, non-stop competi-    objective.
tion demonstrates to those                                      way all of the team mem-          the team placing 113th.
involved the need for a high                                    bers distinguished them-          According to Chuck Foote,
level of fitness and team-          Investigator Ed             selves, one way or the            the race director, this was a
work.                                                           other, with their physical        surprisingly good effort
     lt also presents a                                         condition, effort and             when one considers that
                                   Lumlang ran the
different and more positive                                     commitment. Particularly          most of the teams are from
view of law enforcement to                                      noteworthy, however, was          much larger organizations
the general public.                 hardest portion             the effort of Officer Richard     and have trained for and
     The race course is 120                                     Estrada, who not only ran         have prepared for this race
miles in length and is                                          one of the toughest legs,         for well over a year.
                                     of the course.
divided into 20 stages, each                                    but also passed a dozen                The FBI's team fin-
approximately six miles                                         teams. Investigator Ed            ished first and they were
long. lt starts just outside        The race started at         Lumlang ran by far the            closely followed by teams
of Baker and follows           12:30 p.m., during the           hardest portion of the            from LAPD and the Los
Highway 127 toward Death       hottest hour of the day,         course. lt was six miles up       Angeles Sheriffs Depart-
Valley. At the town of         with Jaime Rodriguez, one        a steep mountain. Angel           ment. Virtually all of the
Shoshone it turns toward       of the Department's newest       Rivera proved to be the           transit police officers that
Nevada and continues           officers, running the first      most photogenic as a news         watched or participated in
through the city of            leg. The succeeding officers     team from prime time              this year's event have
Pahrump and eventually         battled the heat, wind,          television documented             indicated that they have
into Las Vegas. The finish     terrain and, eventually, the     virtually all of her effort for   learned a great deal about
line is in front of the        cold of the desert night. At     their program.                    running such distances and
Hacienda Hotel.                leg 12, transit police Officer        Unfortunate injuries to      they have expressed a lot of
     This was the first year   Leroy Crawford, 59 years of      two of the team's runners         enthusiasm for next year's
that our Transit Police        age and 28-year District         slowed their progress and         race. Race officials who
Department entered a team      employee took the baton          since midcourse substitu-         monitored the race made
in this event. This entry      and continued the race into      tions were not allowed they       many comments about the
was also the first for any     the night. The team's            had to finish their legs          potential of the RTD team.
transit related police         efforts concluded 17 hours       with much slower than             The consensus was that
agency. Included among         and 51 minutes after the         hoped-for times. While            with hard and diligent
this year's 135 entrants       start when an exhausted          this took the team out of         training, this team could be
were teams from the FBI,       officer Larry Barr crossed       trophy contention the             a contender for the champi-
secret service, Canada, and    the finish line. Along the       overall effort resulted with      onship in the future.

                                                                                           JULY 1991 HEADWAY 35
Spotlight on the Lump Sum
Retirement Option
by Ed Paull, Pension and        expert prior to the selection    your life. If you have not        how safe the Pension Fund
Benefits Manager                of the lump sum option.          managed to save $100,000          is. By law, each year the
                                Some recipients of a lump        or more in your lifetime as       Pension Plan conducts an
Some interesting trends         sum have made tragic             of your retirement date,          Actuarial Evaluation of the
have developed in the last      errors by not knowing the        what now gives you the            Plan to determine its
few years regarding the         tax laws. In a worst case        expertise to manage these         financial soundness. The
selection of a retirement       scenario, the true benefi-       funds in your retirement?         Plan retains the services of
option. More and more           ciary of YOUR lump sum is        Remember, the Pension             a federally registered and
retirees are now selecting      the IRS and the Franchise        Plan spends thousands and         fully qualified actuary for
the "lump sum" option. In       Tax Board, in which almost       thousands of dollars yearly       this evaluation. The latest
fact, most retirees now         HALF of your pension is          for expert advice on money        Evaluation was prepared as
seem to take the lump sum       paid in taxes. The maxi-         management. Can you do as         of Dec. 31, 1990, and was
Option over any of the other    mum tax rates are 28             well?                             adopted by the Pension
options available.                                                   There is a story about a      Plan Administrative
      Is it a "good" thing to                                    retiree who picked up his         Committee. As of Dec. 31,
take the lump sum?                                               lump sum check, went to           1990, the Plan assets at
                                     There is a story
      Are many retirees                                          Las Vegas, and left most of       market value was
making a major "mistake"             about a retiree             his pension in the casinos of     $420,595,517; the Actuarial
by taking the lump sum?                                          Las Vegas. To add insult to       accrued liability was
    The answer is yes to              who picked up              injury, the IRS went after        $403,818,131, which means
both of the above questions.                                     the retiree for unpaid taxes.     the Plan has an Actuarial
                                      his lump sum
The true question to ask                                         I cannot verify if this is true   SURPLUS of about $17
yourself: is the lump sum             check and left             or not, but I have heard this     million.
right for you? If the lump                                       hard luck story more than             There are some conclu-
sum is right, TAKE IT; but              most of his              once. DON'T LET THIS BE           sions we can draw from
it is also my personal                                           YOU!                              these asset values and from
                                     pension in Las
opinion that there are                                               3. You Will Forego            the Actuarial report. In the
many employees that take                  Vegas.                 future increases in               event the District shuts
the lump sum who are                                             Pension Benefits.                 down (not a likely occur-
making a tragic error. They                                          Every so often pension        rence, as there will always
are taking the lump sum         percent for federal taxes, 10    payments to retirees are          be a need for public trans-
simply because a friend or      percent Federal tax penalty      increased. This is done to        portation in Los Angeles,)
acquaintance chose to do        for early withdrawal of          help offset the effects of        the Plan has spelled out
so.                             pension and nine percent         inflation, which can have a       some rules on just who get
    The following is some       California tax, for a total of   significant impact on the         paid FIRST should the Plan
factual information about       47 percent.                      value of your retirement.         be terminated. All except
the pros and cons of the           There are ways to defer       Individuals who never take        one of the categories
lump sum option. As with        almost all taxes, but this       a lump sum are no longer          described below will be paid
all retirement options, you     requires the use of an IRA,      members of the plan, and          at 100 percent.
are not required to make a      and receipt of EXPERT            will NEVER get a future           A. The plan will pay out all
selection until just prior to   advice, which is NOT free.       increase in benefits.             employee contributions
your retirement.                   2. Are you an "Expert             4. "I am taking a             first. The plan has suffi-
    1. One of the most          Money Manager?"                  lump sum because I do             cient assets to pay this.
important areas to                 Management of a large         not trust the Pension             B. All currently retired
consider as to whether or       sum of money is not an easy      Plan to pay the promised          individuals will receive
not to take a lump sum is       task, If you make a "mis-        benefits for my lifetime."        their earned pension
taxes.                          take," it will cost you              Another way to respond        benefits. The Plan has
    We strongly recommend       dearly. You could become         to this important statement       sufficient assets to pay this.
that you consult a tax          destitute for the rest of        is to describe to you just
                                                                                                   continued on page 37 . , .

Lump Sum
. . . continued from page 36

C. All currently employed           If you do not have a
individuals eligible to retire   current booklet and would
but have not yet retired will    like to get one, call Rudy
receive their pensions. The      Chairez, pension clerk, at
plan has sufficient assets to    (213) 972-7173 and he will
pay this.                        send you a booklet right          Born to CMF Stock Clerk
D. All currently employed        away.                            Jose Sanchez and his wife,
individuals who are vested,         And if you would like a       Anna, a daughter, Francine
but are not yet eligible to      customized estimate of           Sanchez on April 1, 1991 in
retire. The Plan has             your retirement benefits,        West Covina at 7:43 a.m.
sufficient assets to pay this.   including all retirement         Francine weighed in at 6
E. All currently employed        options, please call my          lbs., 10 oz. and was 18 1/2
individuals that are NOT         secretary, Carole, at (213)      inches long. The little one is
vested and NOT eligible to       972-7182 and we will send        the Sanchez' third daugh-
retire have accrued retire-      you the estimate in one to       ter. Her parents write in
ment benefits. There is          two weeks.                       that Francine was "no April
probably enough money to                                          Fool's joke." She was due on
pay for MOST of this                                              April 3.
    Compared to many
Pension Plans in both the         Letter to the Editor
public or private sector,
your District plans are          Dear Editor:                     with its profound cultural       ground level has a more
extremely well funded.               lt has been said that Los    diversity, urgently requires     profound cultural effect
                                 Angeles County has become        the forces which bring           than that of individuals
  If you would like addi-        the melting pot of many          together. In the absence of      moving through neighbor-
tional information on your       cultures. I would say it is      this influence, urban life       hoods by car, or groups
pension plan, please consult     truly a pot of many cul-         would become an endless          moving above neighbor-
the pension plan booklet         tures, however, there is still   maze of walls.                   hoods through the air.
which has previously been        uncertainty about the                The cultural influence of       A motorist driving
given to you. The current        melting.                         the RTD is overlooked.           through a neighborhood
Plan booklets have the               Of the many cultural,        Going quietly about its          may be completely insu-
following dates on the front     ethnic, and economic             business each day, the           lated from the unknown in
cover:                           influences in the area, two      RTD brings about connec-         his air conditioned car with
                                 broad classes may be             tions. Every point on every      his attention on trottle and
UTU Booklet -- Jurte 30, 1988    agreed on. There are those       bus schedule puts another        the radio. This is no mel-
ATU Booklet -- June 30, 1988     that act to separate and         point of agreement into the      ting pot. Likewise, there is
TCU Booklet June 1, 1989         those that bring together.       community. Every call to         no immediate melting pot-
Non Contract, including          Points of agreement bring        transit information              effect in a jet plane flying
Transit Police -- Old Plan       together, Disagreements          increases knowing. Every         overhead. Though of
May 1, 1990                      separate. Knowing brings         bus on the street brings a       undeniable cultural impor-
Non Contract, including          us together, while the           familiarity to the scene.        tance, the effects of air
Transit police -- New Plan       unknown separates us.            The inexorable task of           travel are complex and
March 1, 1990                    Mountains separate, while        breaking down barriers of        more difficult to concep-
Teamsters February 1, 1985       valleys bring us together.       fear and mistrust between        tualize.
                                 Walls separate, but open         different groups is helped          But riding a bus through
 Included in the booklets        doors bring us together.         by the continuous process        a series of neighborhoods in
are complete descriptions of     Neighborhoods tend to            of transporting ever-            local service has a direct
other retirement options         separate us. Public places       changing groups of people        impact on the rider. Unlike
besides the lump sum. I          or institutions bring us         in a public transportation       our television pop-culture,
would encourage each of          together.                        environment.                     which creates a nation of
you to become familiar with          To make society work,           Moving groups of people
all of the options.              our burgeoning population,       through neighborhoods at         continued on page 38 . . .

                                                                                            JULY 1991 HEADWAY 37
Letter to the Editor
. . . continued from page 37

spectators, riding the bus is   establishes an element of
a true cultural experience.     trust. By bringing one into
lt is hard to remain a          dose proximity with those
spectator when a stranger       who live in the neighbor-
comes and sits down right       hoods between where one
next to you, or when you        boards and alights, the
take the seat next to a         RTD helps to break down
stranger. Or try standing       barriers between individu-
on a crowded bus without        als of widely differing
being personally involved.      backgrounds.
And don't forget waiting on        While the recent
the street at a bus stop by     confrontation in Kuwait
night.                          did a great deal to bring
    RTD local service is        the nation together in
truly a melting pot of          spirit, and put aside our
cultures.                       differences, the day to day
    The hard work of the        testing of democracy is a
American dream involves         relentless process of
the forging together of the     bringing strangers to-
many disparate elements         gether and building trust
into a whole. Basic to this     between them                  Fact: Since the Blue Line opened last July, RTD has
process is learning to trust       The contribution of the    conducted 7,800 daily inspections, used 486 gallons of
each other. Establishing        RTD to this process is hard   oil, recycled 2,700 seats for cleaning, gone through 970
trust between people is         to match.                     pairs of brake shoes, changed out 376 windows etched
begun by being together in           Sincerely,               with graffiti and used 3,936 gallons of soap for wash-
proximity. Becoming                  Tom Buchanan             ing the trains.
comfortable in the presence          Passenger
of strangers from different          Services Technician      Fact: To date, the Sheriffs Department has issued
cultures is no small                                          3,100 citations to motorists making illegal left-hancl
achievement. This alone                                       turns into the path of the trains. Many of the motorists
                                                              cited went around downed crossing gates.

Tammie Hall, Daughter of Divison 5's Patricia,
Accepted at Cal State Long Beach

 Tammie Hall, daughter of       100 meter and relays.
Division 5 bus operator         Tammie has been accepted
Patricia Hall and Robert        to Cal State Long Beach for                                 Tammie L. Hall, daughter
Crawford, graduated in          the Fall, 1991 semester.                                   of Division 5 bus operator
June from Narbonne High         She plans on majoring in                                   Beverly Hall, intends to be a
School in Harbor City.          business and dreams of one                                 Certified Public Accountant
During high school, the 17-     day owning her own                                         one day.
year old played left and        Certified Public Accounting
center field on the softball    firm which would be run by
team and earned her letter      Christian women.
in track by running the 200/

Division 3 Steals Thunder
• . . continued from page 15
determined by division         service reliability for
wide performance compari-      March 1991 vs. March
sons for both departments.     1990; occupational injuries
Indicators for the Trans-      per 100,000 of exposure for
portation Department           March 1991; improvement
included: total days of        in coach cleanliness for
absenteeism for March          March 1991 vs. March
1991 as compared to March      1990; absenteeism reduc-
1990; traffic accident         tion for March 1991 vs.
frequency rate per 100,000     March 1990; number of
hub miles for March 1991;      maintenance related
occupational injuries per      complaints for March 1991
100,000 hours of exposure      vs. March 1990; number of
for March 1991; number of      maintenance related lates
cancelled transportation       and cancellations for
and late transportation        March 1991 vs. March
                                                               General Manager Alan Pegg (on the far right) toasted early
assignments for March          1990.
                                                               rising mechanics.
1991; number of bus-               During the pre-dawn
related customer com-          ceremony, Alan Pegg, RTD        awards of excellence to         maintenance management
plaints registered for         general manager, con-           Equipment Service Super-        and personnel at Division 3
March 1991 as compared to      gratulated division employ-     visor John Rodriguez and        have successfully met the
March 1990.                    ees for delivering excellent    Acting Manager P.G.             daily operating challenges
   For the Equipment           service and then joined         Smith, who accepted them        of running a mid-sized
Maintenance Department,        Patsaouras in unfurling         on behalf of Golden and         division with over 25 bus
performance criteria           the Outstanding Division        Starks. The latter were         lines and are delivering
included: improvement of       Flag. The flag will fly for a   unable to attend.               timely, reliable, and quality
miles between road calls       month on the division's flag        Summed up Leilia            service to patrons."
for March 1991 as com-         pole below the flag of          Bailey, director of transpor-      Division 3 is home to
pared to March 1990;           California. In addition, the    tation, "Both the transpor-     more than 390 operators
improvement of accessible      two RTD chiefs presented        tation and equipment            and 120 mechanics.

IN MEMORIAM                                                                                    For the
                                                               Park, Merwin C., began
Harden, Everett B., began
with the District as an
                               Hoffman, Ardell C.,
                               began with the District as
                                                               with the District as a
                                                               Conductor on September          Record
Operator on October 28,        a Motorman on April 22,         27, 1933, passed away on
1961, passed away on April     1946, passed away on May        May 4, 1991.
18, 1991.                      18, 1991.                                                       Thomas Armendariz,
                                                               Phelps, James A., began         reported in the June
Harrington, Frederick          Martin, Robert A., began        with the District as a          Headway as having passed
W., began with the District    with the District as an         Motorman on May 10,             away, is very much alive
as a Sheet Metal Worker on     Operator on September 19,       1944, passed away on April      and living in the Los
January 28, 1953, passed       1957, passed away April 7,      14, 1991.                       Angeles area. Armendariz,
away on March 16, 1991.        1991.                                                           began with the District, as
                                                               Rozelle, Hollace 0.,            a Utility "A" on April 29,
Harrington, Howard R.,         Muscoreil, Lawrence,            began with the District as      1969 and retired on March
began with the District on     began with the District as      a Motorman on June 4,           3, 1980.
August 16, 1940, passed        a Trainman on June 16,          1946, passed away on
away on May 3, 1991.           1947, passed away on April      March 3, 1991.
                               16, 1991.

                                                                                        JULY 1991 HEADWAY 39
                                         EAGLE MORTGAGF, BANKERS
                                           420 W. Baseline Rd., Suite B • Glendora, CA 91740
                                     Office Hours:

                                 Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 - 8:30
                                 Sat. 10:00 - 3:00 P.M.

                                       lst & 2nd Real Estate Loans
                                'Bill Consolidation / Home Improvement

                                              FOR 15 YEARS AT:
                                                     FIXED G.P.M.

                                                IeliliNiti_11119).!91-1 1 1 (01,13.,n22IMigI ,Cee\

                                                                                                     mimrann	            ii

                                                                                                     1-00068252A 6

                                          6   F00068252 A
    j 00108010 A                                                                                     WAsium3rON.11 C•         11,
                                                                                                     • n •n • nn er	 •
   10	    e•—/—

Cut the Fat
by Mary Conforti,                saturated because they are     your life:                     To control fat intake
Contributing Editor              stuffed full of hydrogen            1. Know your              without a structured food
                                 atoms. Sometimes a             numbers. Begin by              plan, consume no more
      The evidence is in!        process called hydrogena-      figuring out what 30% fat      than six to eight teaspoons
Cutting down on fat is           tion is used to add hydrogen   means for you. For             of fat a day (two to three
clearly the way to go for        atoms to oils that are         example, if you normally       for calorie controlled diets).
those concerned about their      normally liquid. Many          consume 1,200 calories a       If one meal or snack
health, their weight and         margarines, for example,       day, 360 calories can come     includes foods prepared
the quality of what they         contain partially hydroge-     from fat. Since fat has        outside your own kitchen,
eat. Restaurants generally       nated oils. Naturally          nine calories per gram,        figure that half of your fat
will accommodate orders          saturated fats and those       that is 40 grams of fat a      allowance is already
to serve our health needs,       that have been completely      day. The majority of           accounted for.
and markets have many            hydrogenated raise choles-     products in the store have            4. Learn to balance.
varieties of calorie and fat-    terol levels and build up      labels that state how many     Remember that the 30% fat
controlled foods available.      plaque (blood-blocking         grams of fat, protein and      recommendation refers to
      Research has               deposits), which can lead to   carbohydrates are in each      the entire diet, not to each
reconfirmed what many            heart attacks or strokes.      serving. As you become         serving of food or meal. Try
experts have already                  Believe it or not, fats   more aware of this you will    to average 30% of your
advised: a diet lower in         do have many functions.        become a better judge for      calories from fat over the
fat and higher in complex                                       foods that you are unsure      course of the day or the
carbohydrates can reduce                                        of when eating out.            week. If you want a bacon-
the risk of a wide range of                                           2. Count servings.       cheese burger then skip the
chronic diseases such as                                        After you understand           fries and shake, and have a
cancer, diabetes, obesity            No more than 30            which foods are higher in      salad with low calorie
and cardiovascular                                              fat than others, you may       dressing and diet drink.
disorders. Nutritionists                                        want to base your eating       Most restaurants, fast food
                                       percent of our
agree that no more than                                         patterns on servings per       or others have low calorie/
30 percent of our calories                                      day of various food catego-    fat choices, usually with
should come from fat. Each            calories should           ries. For 1,200 calories a     food contents available.
gram of fat contains nine                                       day, the recommended           Become more educated in
calories, compared to four                                      servings in each category      your choices.
                                       come from fat.
each for carbohydrates                                          are: 5 oz. cooked fish,              5. Follow the one-in-
and protein. One level                                          chicken, lean red meat or      three rule. Some foods are
tablespoon of solid fat or oil                                  other low-fat protein          naturally high in fat, while
contains more calories than                                     source, (this portion is       others are lower, but are
one-third to one-half cup of          Dietary fat slows down    about the size of two decks    prepared using high-fat
a complex carbohydrate,          the stomach's emptying to      of cards); 2 servings low-     methods of cooking or
such as rice or potatoes;        keep you feeling fuller,       fat dairy products, (e.g.,     served with fatty sauces.
two cups of strawberries;        longer. Fats also help to      skim milk, buttermilk or       For each meal, be sure that
or a whole head of celery.       transport and absorb fat-      yogurt); 3 servings fruit; 3   the food you eat falls into
Each scoop (half-cup) of         soluble vitamins and keep      or more servings veg-          no more than one of these
store-bought potato, pasta       cell membranes healthy, as     etables; 3 servings of         three categories.
or tuna salad, includes          well as regulating blood       breads, cereals, pasta and           What makes some
two tablespoons of mayon-        pressure, heart rate and       starchy vegetables; and 3      people burn fat and others
naise, which contribute 200      body development.              teaspoons oil or marga-        store it? That research is
"fat" calories.                       Lastly, fat is the        rine. At 1500 calories a       still being done, but it's
      Fats that are normally     body's primary source of       day, increase the bread        clear that just by watching
solid at room tempera-           stored energy, using protein   group to 5 servings, fruits    your fat intake you are
ture.-.-butter, lard, animal     for growth and repair of       and vegetables to 4 each,      able to lose weight, increase
fat, cocoa butter, and           vital tissues.                 and margarine and oil to 4     your health status and feel
coconut, palm and palm                 Here are five strate-    teaspoons.                     better. The main point is
kernel oils—are considered       gies for cutting fat out of          3. 'Frack added fat.     fat is just too fattening.

                                                                                       JULY 1991 H E A DWAY 41
                                                              - Good any day tickets available for: Universal
   July                                                    Studios for $18.50 Adults and $14.50 Child

   20 Ringling Bros. Circus Long Beach Arena                  - Sea World at $16.25 Adults and $12.25 Child
            11:30 a.m. $11.00                                 - Magic Mountain $17.45 General $13.00 under
   23 Dodgers vs Philadelphia - Cap Night $7.50                    4' taul
   23 Joe Crocker - Pacific Amphitheatre $26.35
26-27 Diana Ross - Universal Amphitheatre $33.00
   27 Circus - L.A. Sports Arena 11:30 am. $11.00
   28 Dodgers vs Montreal - Camera Day $7.50                  -	   Tickets for movie theatres are as follows:
   31 Dodgers vs New York $7.50                            Edwards $4.25; AVCO General Cinema $4.50, AMC
                                                           $4.00, Pacific Walk-In or Pacific Drive-In $4.50.
                                                           United Artist $4.00 and Cineplex Odeon $4.75.

   1 Greek's 60th Anniversary Special featuring
           Frank Sinatra $60.50                               The Employee Activities office is open from 10:00
   3 Temptations & 4 Tops - Greek $26.50                   A.M. until 3:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Second
   6 "Yes" - Pacific Amphitheatre $28.00                   floor of the Headquarters building, telephone 972-4740.
   6 Joe Jackson - Universary $21.50
   7 Chicago - Greek $26.50
  10 5th Dimension (The original group) Greek                            Mobile Unit Schedule
  10 Circus - Anaheim Convention Center 11:30 am.          The mobile center will operate Monday through Friday
           $11.50                                          from 9:30 A.M. until 2:00 P.M.
  13 Dodgers vs Cincinnati $7.50
  15 Dodgers vs Houston - Ball Night $7.50
  16 Bugs Bunny on Broadway - Greek $29.50                     July        Location       August       Loc.
  17 Stevie Nicks - Greek $26.50
  18 Dodgers vs Houston - Trading Card Day                       16           11              1          6
           $7.50                                                 17            1             2          18
  23 Natalie Cole - Universal $20.00                             18           10             5           4
  24 Aretha Franklin - Greek $28.50                              19            3             6          12
  24 Anay Grant - Pacific Amphitheatre $28.00                    22          CMF              7          2
  25 Jazz Explosion - Universal $20.50                           23           9              8          11
                                                                 24           16             9           1
                                                                 25            8             12         10
Summer Water Parks now open                                      26          15              13         3
                                                                 29           7              14       CMF
Wild Rivers $9.50.General (reg. $15.95) $7.50 Juniors            30         Maint.           15        9
(3-11)                                                           31           5
(reg. $11.95)

Raging Waters $10.00 Adults (reg. $15.95), $8.00 Juniors

    Fact: Eighty-six RTD
    employees are Blue Line
    operators. Of those,
    three are women.

    Fact: "This is so neat,"
    says Lt. Gary Schoeller
    of the Sheriff's Depart-
    ment. "You're working
    with the same group of
    people everyday -- the
    RTD maintenance staff,
    operators, and dispatch-
    ers, so everyone works
    toget her. One time, a
    lacly on the train had
    fallen asleep and when
    she woke up, someone
    had stolen three to four
    hundred dollars from
    her purse. All of us went
    to work immediately,
    and sure enough, we
    found the suspects a
    couple of giggling little
Rubes®                      By Leigh Rubin

                                             E S Cleaners
                                             Professional Dry Cleaning
                                                & Laundry Service

                                                  20% Discount to
                                             All RTD Employees and Families

                                                 2239 East Garvey Ave. North
                                                         West Covina
                                               (Next to.Cc(RClothiers & Furnishings 2000)
                                                    Tel: (818) 915-6554
                                                Pick Up and Delivery Avallobte

                                                           IVe'l 10

             "Don't blame me! It's not my
             fault we never go anywhere!"
                                                                      JULY 1991 HEADWAY 43
                       Southern California
                       Rapid Transit District         BULK RATE
                       425 So. Main St., 2nd Floor   U.S. POSTAGE
                       Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                                     Los Angeles, Ca.
                                                     Permit No. 32705


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