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									Become an Agent
What is the Agent Program?

Our Agent Program is free. You can earn immediate income for every new customer you sign
up. With just one sale, you can generate unlimited income month after month.

By selling FollowTel® products and services you can make on average $20-25 per sale over a
one year residual contract. Let's say you commit to becoming a FollowTel® agent full-time, if you
successfully sell one plan per hour your total sales will translate to earnings of up to

Sales/Day          Avg. Comm./Sale       Your Income/Mon
4                  $20.00                $2,480
6                  $20.00                $3,720
                                                                     If you work full time and make
8                  $20.00                $4,960
                                                                     ONLY one sale every hour (total
10                 $20.00                $6,200
15                 $20.00                $9,300                      8 hours a day), your earn
20                 $20.00                $12,400                     $4,960.00 per month or
25                 $20.00                $15,500                     $59,520.00 per year

The choice to sell long distance has allowed FollowTel® agents, steady income and very flexible
employment. It eliminates many of the objections you may have had of other employment

Selling our products and services is so easy that you do not need any sales or industry
experience. FollowTel® will give you the necessary knowledge by providing you with training
on how to become a profitable FollowTel® agent free of charge. We have put into place a
package that includes a simple competitive pricing structure and all the marketing tools an agent
needs to successfully sell our high quality products. For example, we will provide you with an
online agent account in which you can login from any location, anytime during the day to track
your earnings, order PINs, set up a customer list and referral links, and manage your FollowTel®

Whose products would you be selling?

FollowTel® is a well-established telecommunication company servicing lots of customers
nationwide in Canada and the United States. Through its agent programs, FollowTel® has helped
people all over the world to earn a stable and steady income simply from selling its services and
product lines to others.
Are you eligible to join the FollowTel® Agent Program?

Yes you are! In fact, everyone of any legal age, sex, race, origin, or education interested in
distributing our services and is a FollowTel® customer may apply. Our Agent Program was
conceived for those that are ambitious but want the flexibility to work around their own schedule
and environment.

Our Agent Program allows you to work your own hours anywhere and anytime. There are no
hassles of payroll withholdings and worker's compensation headaches typically associated with
other types of businesses.

Why Join our Agent Team?

      Zero Investment
      Zero Inventory
      Zero Overhead
      Zero Purchase
      Zero Employee
      Zero Delivery
      Zero Accounting
      Zero Quota
      Zero Stress
      Zero Bad Debt
      Zero Risk
      UNLIMITED Growth!!!!

Imagine adding all those Zeros to your paycheck!

Consider your Options

      Earn Immediate Income
      Build Long-Term Residual Income
      Unlimited Income Potential

An agent representative is waiting for your call!

Simply call 1-647-476-4243 to learn more on the program or to apply to become a FollowTel®
agent. You can also contact us at

To receive the first paycheck, sign up of first 20 customers is needed.

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