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Date: Monday 20th August 2007 11:01 BST
Music: Prodigy

I an not a fanboy of Microsoft nor Apple. I use both without problems but I am
not happy with the new attitude of these companies. They seem to be more
interested in making money than high quality products. Apple have moved over to
Intel for what I have been lead to believe was for bulk discounts on orders and
increased performance. IBM however have argued that Apple's benchmark between
PowerPC and Intel X86_64 was unfair as the software did not take advantage of
the PowerPC architecture. When IBM compiled the same benchmark from the source
with their PowerPC optimised compiler they got a 187% improvement over apples
score on the same system. ( This makes me
think that Apple could have done a better job with PowerPC and that there was no
real need to drop IBM for Intel especially since the POWER6 processor seems to
be what Apple wanted.

What I think MS and Apple should do is make one OS for computers / workstations
and another for servers but instead Apple have put back their OS in favour of
the iPhone, it's shinny but not worth it in my option. MS on the other had have
made about 7 different versions just for computers, they haven't even released
the ones for the servers yet. To try and stop people from illegally downloading
their OS they made a starter version for them which is heavily handicapped. The
best way to encourage them to by the OS is to make a really shit one that they
can afford, cos that will work.

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