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					                                           POTATO GROWERS OF ALBERTA

                          POTATO MINUTE
                                                                                          JANUARY 30TH, 2010

   F ro m t h e E x e c u t i v e d i r e c to r ’ s D e s k

I hope that all the Alberta       We’re getting into negotiat-        Typically cut-backs are
Growers and Industry Asso-        ing season again and every-         spread across all regions               Inside this issue:
ciates that are reading this      one is anxiously waiting to         although in recent years
                                                                                                      Stewardship Plans                2
are planning to attend the        hear what is happening              there have been exceptions.
United Potato Partners            with price and volume.                                              Seed News                        3
                                                                      The cost of production is
Seminar in Lethbridge on          These two items seem to                                             MythBusters                      3
                                                                      under scrutiny as we pre-
February 4th.     Last year’s     always be talked about
                                                                      pare for the 2010 crop.
event was well received by        together but in reality they
                                                                      Fertilizer and Fuel prices
the large crowd in atten-         are rarely related. There is
                                                                      have been rising steadily
dance and this year we plan       the belief that the price of
                                                                      and interest rates have been
to repeat with a line-up of       contracts is always tied to
                                                                      promised to go up by mid-
speakers presenting on            volume or the volume is tied
                                                                      year. Anyone that had a
current conditions in the         to price. In reality if the mar-                                                  EVENTS
                                                                      volume reduction last year
Potato Industry and what          ket demand is up or down
                                                                      now has higher overhead
we can expect for 2010.           the volumes will get                                                     Feb. 3rd Board Meeting
                                                                      costs on a per acre basis.
                                  adjusted regardless of the                                                PGA Office Taber
 We also have a speaker                                               Anyone coming off a multi-
talking about growing for                                             year seed contract will now             Feb 4th United Partners
today’s Fresh Market and          What we do know is that             be paying the increased
                                                                                                              Meeting, Coast Plaza
how it differs from growing       there are lots of extra pota-       seed prices set last season.
                                                                                                              Hotel Lethbridge,
for the processing sector.        toes available to the South         While it looked like the 2010
                                                                                                              9am - 3:30pm Lunch will
The presenter is a successful     of us. If Processors decide to      crop might be less expensive
Grower currently growing          purchase any part of these it       to produce than the 2009                be served.
for the Fresh, Processing,        will be at the expense of           crop, that no longer appears         Feb 15th REMINDER
and Seed markets and is           next year’s volume. In Can-         to be the case. Give your             First Installment - Seed
very experienced and knowl-       ada supplies for processing         negotiating committee                 Levies DUE.
edgeable in all areas.            seem to be balanced and in          member a show of support
                                  Alberta we know that we             next time you see them –             March 2-5   CHC
If you’ve ever thought
                                  have fewer then contracted.         they work for free!                   Quebec City
about growing for the Fresh
                                  Will Alberta be spared any
Market you need to hear this                                          See you in Lethbridge,               March 3-5 AG-EXPO
                                  cut-backs due to our current
gentleman.                                                                                                  Volunteers needed for
                                  short situation?                    Edzo
                                                                                                            Booth, please call if you
                                                                                                            are able to put in two
                           United Potato Growers of Canada                                                  hours.
                      Partners Meeting February 4, 2010 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
                 Coast Plaza Hotel 526 – Mayor Magrath Dr. South, Lethbridge, AB
              If you’re coming please register by calling the PGA office (403-223-2262)
                             so we know how many we’ll have for lunch.
                  January 30th, 2010                                                                                      PAGE 2

                                Stewardship Plans
Stewardship Plans is a Growing Forward initiative to help manage your natural resources and strengthen your competitive posi-
tion by demonstrating environmental responsibility.
Program Description
Stewardship Plans are designed to help producers demonstrate their environmental practices and plan for operational improve-
ments that will reduce their environmental impact. There are three Stewardship Plan programs: Integrated Crop Management,
Grazing & Winter Feeding Management, and Manure Management. Producers develop a work plan that identifies mitigating ac-
tions that will address their highest environmental risks and will reduce or minimize their impact on the environment. Producers
can apply for grant funding for projects that will help them achieve actions identified in their work plan.

Stewardship Plan programs include:
  Grazing and Winter Feeding Management
  Integrated Crop Management
  Manure Management

Application Process
Applicants must be registered with Growing Forward and have completed an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP). Applicants then
complete a Work Plan for the Program of interest and an accompanying Program Application. Work Plans and Program Applica-
tions are submitted together to ARD for review and approval.

Steps to apply:
   Complete and submit a Growing Forward Registration form
   Complete an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) for their farming operation if one has not been completed in the past
   Develop a Work Plan that identifies mitigating actions that will address their highest environmental risks
   Complete Program Application form
   Submit Work Plan and Program Application for approval

Program Eligibility
Stewardship Plans are targeted at Alberta taxpayers with $10,000 gross farm income or new producers with a projected 3-year
average gross farm income of $10,000.

Available Funding
Assistance will be funded on a 50/50 cost share basis. Maximum funding amounts per program area are as follows:
Grazing and Winter Feeding Management $15,000
Integrated Crop Management $20,000
Manure Management $50,000

To access a Funding List for the:
Grazing and Winter Feeding Management Program, please click here.
Integrated Crop Management Program, please click here.
Manure Management Program, please click here.
                                                                     Potatoes Are our Business
                                                           The PGA assumes no responsibility for any errors in the information provided, nor as-
                                                           sumes any liability for any damages incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of
                                                           the use and application of any of the contents of The Potato Minute. Unless otherwise
                                                           noted on an individual document, the PGA grants users permission to reproduce and
6008 46 Avenue                                             distribute information in the Potato Minute as long as the contents remain unaltered
Taber, AB                                                  and as long as it is noted that the contents have been made available by the PGA.
                                                           Potato Growers of Alberta 6008 46 Ave., Taber, Alberta T1G 2B1 (403) 223-2262 Fax
Phone: 403-223-2262
                                                           (403) 223-2268 www.albertapotatoes.ca
Fax: 403-223-2268
E-mail: pga@albertapotatoes.ca

Just a friendly reminder that the first instalment of your levy payment is due February 15, 2010. These invoices can be paid in full or
by post-dated cheque in three equal instalments (Feb. 15th, April 15th & June 15th).
Payment by Credit Card is available but subject to a 3.5% service fee.

Post Harvest Test Results
I returned from the plot on January 16th and have sent the preliminary results to all growers who sent samples. If you have not
received your information, or have questions, please contact me by calling my office, 780-415-2305.

Import Requirements for Idaho
To be eligible for recertification in Idaho, imported seed potato lots must have either been grown out and ELISA tested for mosaic,
or have had sprouted tubers ELISA tested for mosaic.
Leaf roll readings can either be based on ELISA testing or visual field inspection. In all cases, the Maximum virus allowed to be
eligible for recertification is: Potato Leaf roll Virus: 0.8% and Mosaic (PVY + PVA): 2.0%
Deb Hart, Seed Co-ordinator

                   The MythBusters, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci are coming to town!
                             So myths beware - you are about to be busted.

Saturday, February 6, 2010, 7:00pm | 1st Choice Savings Centre | University of Lethbridge

Sunday, February 7, 2010, 9:30am | W.R. Myers High School | Taber

                                     Who are the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters
      It's a tough job separating truth from urban legend, but the MythBusters are here to serve. Each week the
   MythBusters take on three myths and use modern-day science to show you what's real and what's fiction. That's
  right, they do more than explain how something may or may not be scientifically possible. Through trial and error
                                              they actually demonstrate it.
                                                  - Discovery Channel
About the Show
The two-hour show isn't like a typical "MythBusters" episode. On-stage screens will show footage from "Mythbusters"
while Grant and Tory talk about what happened behind the scenes to prove or disprove the myth. The second half
of the show allows audience members to ask questions.
Limited quantity, don't delay, get yours at the 1st Choice Savings Centre, University of Lethbridge or any 1st Choice
Savings branch
The Science Happens Here Alberta Foundation is bringing this event to Lethbridge and Taber and as a participating
sponsor the PGA will be having a booth display at each event. Hope to see you there!

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