Iran_ A Hot Potato for America by jlhd32


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									                        Iran: A Hot Potato for America

It seems like that, America and Iran are now very much in the boxing ring. America is
taking final measures to attack Iran, and now, seems really eager to start the war, and Iran
as well, is not willing to negotiate on her stance. The situation is in deed very critical for
America, as, while being severely resisted by Iraq’s Sunni Insurgency, it’s against her
interest to take the battle against Shiite Islam. That’s why, in the past, America has
always expected Iran to support the Iraq’s West-Backed Shiite government. In
Afghanistan as well, the Taliban’s resistance is on all time high, and American
administration are well aware of the fact that, during the Taliban rule, there were no
foreign relations between Iran and Taliban. So, it is obvious that, at the moment, Iran has
not much sympathy for these Iraqi and Taliban ‘insurgents’, which is in America’s
interest. Hence, in other words, an attack on Iran would be an attack on America’s
‘enemies of enemies’.

On the other hand, Iran vows no weakness over nuclear program, and realizes that it is
her right to pursue her peaceful nuclear work, as it is really crucial for her industrial
advancement in the near future. On the other hand, America can never tolerate that Iran
would become a threat to Israel, by becoming a nuclear power. Hence, Iran has now
become a hot potato for America, which is hard for her to swallow, as if she attacks Iran
then – to some extent – Israel will become safer, but then, the ‘Sunni Insurgents’ who got
massive support from Anti-American Jihadi Network, will become dominant beyond
control in the Middle East, and if it leaves Iran as it is, then she might be able to exploit
Saudi Arab like countries by making them realize the danger of Shiite emergence, but
then, it will put Israel in danger. It is also interesting to note that Pakistan’s case is also
not very different from Iran; the only difference is that Pakistan has already become a
nuclear power where Iran is still looking for it. It is obvious that Tel Aviv is easily in
Pakistan’s missile range, that’s why it is America’s first priority to defuse Pakistan’s
nuclear capability, but if it tries to do it by direct intervention then Pakistan will retaliate,
which will bring difficult circumstances for America, and also, in case if Pakistan fails to
exist, then that will bring an end to American-Indian Alliance, and India will throw
America out of the region with the help of other regional powers: China and Russia. The
only reason why India is not going against America at the moment is because she is
worried that this might result in an increase in America’s military support to Pakistan.
Nevertheless, recently an India-China-Russia Alliance has been developed, whose main
goal is to reduce the America’s hold in the region. This alliance is currently going at a
low pace, only because it is not in India’s interest at the moment to get America out of
the region.

Hence, no doubt, America’s next targets are now Iran and Pakistan, and only time will
tell how Iran and Pakistan will be able to defend themselves in this situation. In Iran, they
have Democracy, President is selected directly through the people’s vote, and hence the
people are behind their president. Regarding their foreign policy, they have showed their
moral character by visiting Saudi-Arabia, and hence, have proved to American
Administration that they are capable of defending against their propaganda of ethnic
divide against the Muslim world. Iranian president has not made the country’s previous
conflicts with the Saudi-Kingdom a matter of his self-pride, and hence thereby, Iran has
further strengthened her position in the Middle-East. Whereas, in Pakistan, unfortunately
president is an army dictator, and hence does not enjoy much people’s support. The
Nation’s political parties are also against him, and now their differences have reached
galactic proportions. Even in these critical times, personal ego has become a hurdle in
their relations. That’s why, despite being an atomic power, our leaders are frightened.
The reality is that, our leaders are in a state of disbelief and lack the much needed self-
confidence. If Musharraf had got the similar support as Ahmadinejad, the situation would
have been very different.

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