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									                                            The Wisconsin Section of the Society of Women Engineers
                                                                                                      FY2007 National SWE Award

                                            The Gear                                                   Best Electronic Newsletter!

                                                                                                                      August 2008

Inside this issue:                                    Serving the 203 Members of the Wisconsin Section, and Its Supporters

Presidents’ Corner                      1
                                                      Presidents’ Corner – by Betty Leonhard
Upcoming Events At A Glance             2          Welcome to SWE fiscal year 2009. I had so much to tell you about that I had
                                                   to write several other articles for this newsletter. Check out the wrap up of
Milwaukee Meet & Greet                  3          FY08, the introduction to the new SWE Communities article, and the news
Briggs & Al’s Run/Walk                  4          from our FY09 strategic planning meeting. This is going to be another great
                                                   year and I am excited to have several new vo lunteers in various roles of our
Madison Meet & Greet                    5          section.
U.S. Armed Forces Show &
Tell                                    6          Let me first tell you about the Society’s goals for our section in FY09. These
                                                   feed into the goals that SWE as a whole is working on. First of all we are to
Fox Valley Meet & Greet                 7          “Increase the quality of professional development programs for all career
2008 SWE National                                  stages.” We spent time at our strategic planning meeting brainstorming and
Conference                              8          then selecting some of our best options to develop. Secondly we are to
                                                   “Increase the number of discussions with industry, government, and academic
Madison Meet & Greet                    9          influencers.” We want to find ways to help our local companies with female
G+M+S=O (Girls + Math + Science                    engineering recruiting and retention. And our past president, Dina will be
= Opportunities)                        10         serving on a committee to influence how a continuing education requirement
                                                   for PEs in WI is established. And lastly we are to “Increase the number of
The New SWE Communities                 11         potential leaders in the [SWE] pipeline.” We will continue building the pool
SWE-WI Topic Of The Month 13                       from within our section’s ranks.
SWE-WI Member News                      15         It is my own personal goal, as section president, to get this section running as
Membership News                                    smoothly as possible to make it easier for everyone who volunteers to be
                                                   successful and enjoy their experience. I again am asking each of my officers
SWE-WI Election &                                  and committee chairs to create a personal goal of their own as well.
Appointment Announcement                18

FY08 Year End Wrap Up                              You will be seeing meet and greet events and outreach opportunities similar to
                                                   last year’s schedule, plus more activity in our Madison area. There will be
COR Briefing                            22         professional luncheons, an interesting tour or two, a multicultural program,
                                                   some presentations on things you wish you’d have known years ago, and a
FY09 SWE-WI Officers                    23
                                                   couple more joint meetings with various groups. So far it looks like we’ve
Recent Meetings/Activities              26         gotten off to a good start in planning this year’s events, so watch for some
                                                   great things coming up this fall already. And remember, the events are even
SWE-WI Executive Council
                                                   better when you come to them!
And Committee Chairs                    35

                                                   I also want to anno unce the kickoff of our section’s very own Scholarship
                                                   Committee who will be working (with your help) to raise $25,000 to endow an
  Article deadline for “The Gear” is the
  fifteenth of the preceding month. Trial          annual $1000 scholarship for female SWE members in engineering programs
  subscriptions are available to persons           at our area universities with SWE sections. You will probably be hearing a lot
  interested in membership. Send articles
  to: Andrea Cole Fyhrlund, Editor, 126            about this during the next couple years, or however long it takes to reach our
  W. Chestnut St., Port Washington, WI,            target. .

                                                   Happy SWE New Year!
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                       Upcoming Events At A Glance

       DATE:                              EVENT:                          LOCATION:            SEE
 September 9, 2008      Milwaukee Area Meet & Greet at Trinity Three        Milwaukee, WI       3
 Tuesday                Irish Pubs
 September 20, 2008     Briggs & Al’s Run/Walk for Children’s Hospital      Milwaukee, WI       4
 September 23, 2008     Madison Area Meet & Greet at The Great Dane          Madison, WI        5
 Tuesday                Pub at Hilldale Mall
 September 2008         U.S. Armed Forces Show & Tell Event                 Appleton, WI        6

 October 2, 2008        Madison Luncheon Meeting at Mead & Hunt              Madison, WI        *
 October 9, 2008        Fox Valley Wine Tasting Event Meet & Greet at       Appleton, WI        7
 Thursday               McKnight & Carlson
 November 6-8, 2008     SWE National Conference                             Baltimore, MD       8
 Thursday - Saturday
 November 11, 2008      Madison Area Meet & Greet at Granite City            Madison, WI        9
 November 15, 2008      GMSO (Girls + Math + Science = Opportunities)      Fond du Lac, WI      10

* Refer to our website at as details become available.
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SWE- WI Milwaukee Area “Meet and Greet”
            Social Event
    What:      SWE-WI, Milwaukee Area Meet and Greet

    Where:     Trinity Three Irish Pubs
               125 East Juneau
               Milwaukee, WI 53202
               (Located in downtown Milwaukee)

    Date:      Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Time:      5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Misc.:     Plan on sitting out on the patio (weather permitting)… casual Meet &
               Greet. We can order drinks and dinner as we please!

    RSVP:      No RSVP necessary. Any questions please call or e-mail Sarah Sincock
               at 920-562-0306
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  SWE-Wisconsin Event Notice
  What: SWE-WI, Milwaukee and SWE Marquette Al’s Run Team

  Where: Race starts at 12th and Wisconsin Ave. on the Marquette Campus
         Team meeting spot is between Alumni Memorial Union and Schroeder Hall

  Date:        Saturday, September 20, 2008

  Time:        Meet at 9:15 am
               Run/walk begins at 10:15 am
  Misc.:       Please follow the directions below to register for the event:
                  v   Go to:
                  v   Click the REGISTER NOW circle
                  v   Press the blue "Click here" under “1. Register online”
                  v   Click "Register on a Team"
                  v   Enter the team name: SWE
                  v   Click the circle and press "Next"
                  v   Enter password: swewimu
                  v   Fill in your personal information and pay the registration fee ($20.00 for the walk $25.00 for
                      the run (an extra $5 for timing fee)

                  v NOTE: all registration fees must be paid online! Let Sarah know if anyone has a problem
                    with this.

                  v Make a pledge if you wish. (Great to get pledges from family members!)

                  v Please feel free to register as either a runner or walker. We will have enough people doing

  RSVP:        Please Register by Friday, August 8th (we need a team of at least 10 by then to get a
               back of t-shirt design printed) you will be able to register after then but please try
               your best to register by August 8th !

               No RSVP necessary, just register for the event online. Any questions please call or e- mail
               Sarah Sincock at 920-562-0306

 Briggs & Al's Run & Walk for Children's Hospital is the oldest run & walk in the state of Wisconsin
 and one of the largest combined 8K events in the United States. Since its beginning, Briggs & Al's Run
 & Walk has raised more than $9.4 million for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, with 100 percent of the
 gifts and pledges going directly to help children. We are grateful to our generous sponsors, team
 captains, walkers, runners, volunteers and pledge-raisers who make a tremendous difference in the lives
 of children year after year.
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Madison Area “Meet and Greet” Social Event
Who:           All SWE members are welcome. In addition, this would be a great opportunity
               to bring along a friend who may not (yet) be a member of SWE!

What:          An informal networking opportunity.

When:          Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2008 from 6 – 8pm

Where:         The Great Dane Pub at Hilldale Mall
               357 Price Place
               Madison, WI 53705

Directions: Hilldale Mall is located on the Near West side of Madison at the intersection
            of University Avenue and Midvale Blvd. From the Beltline (Hwy 12/18), take
            the Midvale Blvd/Verona Road exit north (towards the center of town). Drive
            2.3 miles, then turn left at Heather Crest into the Hilldale Mall complex. There
            is free parking in the mall parking garage (on your right). The Great Dane Pub
            is across the street from the parking garage (on your left). The website below
            contains a map link.


   Please check at the Hostess Station for the correct table (ask for the SWE table)

Contact Tracy Melin at (608)273-5040 or if you have any
questions or just want to let us know you plan to attend so we can look for you!
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U.S. Armed Forces Show & Tell Event
  -Stay tuned for upcoming details-
What:          Presentation of tools, equipment, and a tour of the Reserve

When:          September, 2008 (exact date TBD)

Where:         395th U.S. Army Reserve Center
               1824 N. Ballard Rd.
               Appleton, WI

Items which we will learn about:
PLS (designed/built by Oshkosh Corporation (formerly Oshkosh Truck))

Trak Variable Reach Fork Lift - 6K and 10K

HEMMT Wrecker (designed/built by Oshkosh Corporation (formerly
Oshkosh Truck))
SINCARS radio system.

Night Vision

Weapon Systems - Squad Automatic Weapon (“SAW”), 50 Caliber
Machine Gun, M16 rifle, 9MM Beretta

Bring something to contribute to a care package that we will be sending to
a SWE member who is currently on deployment! Ideas are: Personal care
items, books, magazines, etc.
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 SWE - Wisconsin Event Notice

 What:         Wine Tasting

 Where:        McKnight & Carlson [view map]


 When:         Thursday, October 9, 2008
               6:30 PM until 8:30

 Who:          SWE members and prospective members

 Cost:         $13 / person (payable to establishment)

 RSVP:         RESERVTIONS ARE REQUIRED. Contact Betty Leonhard at
               betty.leonhard@swe.orgor call 920-344-2344 by October 1st

 Directions:   Take 41 to College Ave. and head east towards downtown
               Appleton for ~2 miles. McKnight & Carlson is on the right
               side of the street between Outagamie & Mason streets.
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     2008 SWE National Conference – Baltimore, MD
                 November 6-8, 2008

   Conference registration is now open...consider booking hotels, etc.
   early, they fill up fast! Go to for more info.

                       Be inspired while having fun!
                SWE 2008 networking and recognition events bring
                   savvy technical women together in a variety of
               environments. Only the SWE conference lets you hear
                 the motivational words of our keynote speaker or
               award recipients, learn about career opportunities from
                   top employers, and network with other women
               engineers and technologists all in one three day event.

                    2008 SWE National Conference
                 in Baltimore, MD November 6-8, 2008
  Join us at the Conference, more details at For anyone attending this
year’s Conference please contact Rita Murino at or
414-380-1875. Let Rita know your contact info and we can all try to get together. See
                                  you in Baltimore!

A "WHITEBOARD" has been started on our SWE-WI community to collect
   names of our WI section members who are attending the national
conference. Please log in and a dd your name to the list so that we might
  meet for dinner & have a photo taken on Thursday of the conference.
    ***You can also denote if you want a roommate to save costs***

Refer to page 10 of The Gear for information about logging on to the SWE
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                 MADISON AREA MEET & GREET
                                 Tuesday November 11th
                                      6PM - 8PM

                               Granite City Food & Brewery
                                  72 West Towne Mall
                                   Madison, WI 53719
                                  Phone: 608.829.0700
           for info about Granite City see rview.cfm
            Granite City is located at the West Towne Mall in front of Sears

If you've ever been to a SWE event or conference before, you know that there is never
enough time to catch up with fellow members. If you haven’t yet been to a SWE event,
here's the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know some great new people who have
much in common with yourself. So come, stop in after work to unwind and do a little
networking and socializing. And if you get hungry, their food is great too.

This is a very informal event, the start time is approximate. Bring a friend or coworker
with you. We'll meet in the bar area and likely catch a table for dinner or appetizers as

Please check at the Hostess Station for the correct table (ask for the SWE table).

Contact Tracy Melin at (608)273-5040 or tracy.melin@thermofisher.comif you have any
questions or just want to let us know you plan to attend so we can look for you!
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        Girls+Math+Science=Opportunities (G+M+S=O)
        – by Michelle Lepak

G+M+S=O (Girls+Math+Science=Opportunities) is a special event in the Fox
Valley area for middle school aged girls. SWE-WI will be presenting three 60
minute hands-on sessions! Please consider volunteering for this fun and
rewarding event. The GMSO effort was developed by the UW Fond du Lac
Continuing Education Department along with several community supporters.

                               Mission Mars!
Design and build a Mars space vehicle launch framework. NASA needs you as
part of an engineering design team to develop a bid for a structure to launch a
Mars space vehicle. The winning bid will be the lightest weight but strongest
design while costing the least to produce. R U up 4 the challenge?

What:        Girls + Math + Science = Opportunities
When:        Tuesday, November 15, 2008
Where:       UW-Fond du Lac
Who:         YOU!

The day's events start at 8:45 a.m. and will be wrapped up by 3:15 p.m. You can
volunteer to help facilitate one, two, or all three of the following time slots:

                              9:40-10:40 a.m. Session #1
                              10:50-11:50 a.m. Session #2
                               1:20-2:20 p.m. Session #3

Please contact Michelle Lepak at or 920-766-9971
to volunteer or if you have questions. Further details, such as directions &
exact location of the event, will be provided when you volunteer.

This is a fun opportunity to encourage middle school girls to
get interested in engineering. Please consider volunteering!
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     The New SWE Communities – by Betty Leonhard

 Did you know that SWE has a new website? And with the Society’s new site we now
 have access to an interactive, powerful, fun, and useful platform called “SWE
 Communities”. This is where all the business items of SWE are now kept for all the
 various levels of the organization including all the national committees and sections.
 There certainly is something for everyone. I found 10 communities to join that I was
 interested in. It is also a place for discussions, blogs, and other forms of sharing
 information. Everyone has their own “My SWE” community once you log in (with
 your regular SWE ID & Password), where you can do things like create your own

 Our WI section now has          To get to the new communities, go to scroll down
 one of these new                and click on the [My SWE Communitites] button.
 communities. It is still
 in its forming stages, but
 I encourage all of our
 section members to join
 it and participate in
 discussions, so you can
 retrieve useful reference
 information if needed.
                                 our section’s community is at:

One of the ways our section will be using it is to facilitate discussions around a
“Topic of the Month” where all our community members can share their knowledge,
questions, tips… etc. with others who have similar experiences and concerns. Since
we’re just getting started, the first topic will probably last 2 months to give more of
you a chance to join and participate.

The system is fairly intuitive, but if you are like me, you will play with it for a while
and still want to get some training on how exactly to best utilize this new tool. I just
attended a webinar on it which will be available for replay, and I recommend you
download it sometime soon.
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      The New SWE Communities – continued
To find the webinar training to replay go to and (1) click on Advocacy-
Resources, (2) then click on Webinars, (3) then find the “MySWE Communities”
webinar in the (4) Past Web Seminar sections and click on it to get a replay.

 In the SWE Main Community, there are also several help documents and podcasts
 that will explain how to use the features whenever you need to reference them.
 Every SWE member is automatically a member of the SWE Main Community,
 which is where the tips and instructions for getting started are. You can also click
 on any of the help buttons on each page.

 Once you log in you will need to look at the various communities and join the ones
 that interest you. Of course you will want to join our SWE-WI section community.
 If you are a section leader you will also want to join the Region and Section
 Resources community.
 If you want to stay informed on what the BOD or COR is doing, you can join their
 communities. If you think there should be a community about something relevant to
 SWE and don’t see one, you can suggest it be created.
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    SWE-WI’s all new
                TOPIC OF THE MONTH
                       Member discussion forum
                         At our section’s online community at

 Each month we will be posting a topic of somewhat general interest to our members on our SWE
 community. When you see one that is of interest to you please log in often and share your thoughts,
 questions, comments, ideas, tips, warnings, successes with the rest of our section. Topics will remain
 available as a resource for future readers as new topics are added. Compilations of some topics may
 become articles for our newsletter or may be used to provide insight to area companies or to SWE in
 general. (Any comments utilized for external purposes will be subject to your approval.)

 Look for the T.O.M. in the Discussion section of our Community (as shown below.) If you have ideas
 for a new T.O.M. email them to or utilize the internal email messaging system on the
 communities send the idea to “BettyLeonhard.”

The first T.O.M. is about “New Motherhood & Work”.
We plan to leave this one open for two months in order to give all our members time to join
the community and get acclimated to the new system.
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     Coming Soon….
     Interview with a Member
     For those who replied to our section’s e-survey, you
     already know that we plan to start an interview a
     member column in our newsletter. We will plan to
     ask you a wide range of questions from fun to deep,
     with your help on the interview questions to use (if
     you gave ideas in the survey.) We’ll ask everyone to
     answer them and if you’re one of the lucky few to be
     chosen we’ll print your responses in an upcoming
     newsletter. Watch your inbox for the interview
     survey coming in August and feel free to participate
     in answering any or all of the questions.

     We are looking forward to getting to know each
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                      SWE-WI Member News
  Welcome to the following new SWE-WI members:
                                   Melissa Irish         Sarah Sincock
                                   April Wadlington      Sanghamitra Roy
                                   Brittany Barry        Nancy Ramirez
                                   Anna Keely            Abigail Oswald
                                   Loren Pietsch         Michele McGaver
                                   Karianne Zache        Laura Hogard
                                   Larissa Wille         Rebecca Hager
                                   Jamie Tabaka          Connie Ridgway
                                   Stephanie Buchanan    Sara Kapfhamer
                                   Neka Allen            Katharine Collier
                                   Halien Besaw          Nicole Lasiuk
                                   Kathleen Pacheco      Ann Thompson
                                   Connie Beske          Andrea Wulz
                                                         Joann Milhaupt

                Best wishes to Jamie Tabaka on her SWE section
                  transfer to the Rocky Mountain Section I001.

                Best wishes to Rebecca Hager on her SWE section
                  transfer to the Pacific Northwest Section J003.

The SWE fiscal year 2009 has now begun, and that means your
membership dues were due to SWE HQ on July 1st, 2008. As of
that date 100 of you are in good standing as members and 94 of
you were past due. Don't miss out on any of the SWE benefits;
go to to take care of that today. Help keep
our section, our society, and your career growing.
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                          SWE-WI MEMBERSHIP NEWS
                                       By Susan Thomas Schlett

Thank you to those who have paid their dues for FY09. If you are interested in information regarding Life
Membership in SWE, please contact me at Currently we are well into the FY09 SWE
fiscal year (July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009) and about half of our membership has not renewed their
SWE membership (i.e. paid their SWE dues). If you are not sure if you have paid your dues, contact me.
If you need some information on why you should remain a SWE member, contact me. I’d be happy to chat
with you. Your membership is important to us.

Here are some SWE-WI Membership Highlights for FY’08:

197 Total Members at end of June (203 as of 7/30/08!)

76 New Members (Welcomed by newsletter, phone, and with new member packets)

Transition Members (previously Upgrades)
     19 Sponsored by SWE-WI in FY08
     (FY05 12 + FY06 18 + FY07* 15 + FY08 19 = 64 sponsored by SWE-WI)
     *first year region H sponsored transition members

Our informal “Meet & Greets” began!
     Four were held in Milwaukee, three were held in both Madison & Fox Valley for a total of ten.
     These were a great success when the weather cooperated.

2007 SWE National Conference, Nashville, TN
     28 SWE-WI members attended, 50 area collegiates attended
     SWE-WI receives national Upgrade and Recruitment Award

Individual Award Nominations Submitted
     New Faces of Engineering
     ESM Young Engineer of the Year (received by Julie McMullin, PE)
     Region H Distinguished Service Award

Section Award Nominations Submitted to HQ
     Membership Recruitment, Retention and Transition Reports

On a personal note, my husband has accepted a job opportunity in North Carolina beginning this month.
Our three kids and I will join him once our home is sold (could be a while in this market!). If you are
interested in being on the membership committee or learning about some of the tasks that a membership
chair completes, contact myself at or Betty Leonard for more details. This is an
extremely rewarding position to hold in our SWE section. I will remain membership chair until a smooth
transition of responsibilities can be made. An advance thank you to all for your patience as our family
experiences this challenging time!

Thank you to all who helped with SWE-WI membership efforts in FY08! Special thanks to Tracy Melin
and Naomi Chesler for being on the membership committee. Tracy put together and mailed out 76 new
member packets in FY08!
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                          SWE-WI MEMBERSHIP NEWS (continued)
Shown here are some membership demographics
from the end of FY08 that may be of interest to
                                                                                   Location of FY08 SWE-WI Members (197)
you. To the right is a geographic breakdown of
where    our    members      reside.   SWE-WI                    100
membership grew in all three geographical areas.                  80
Next is a depiction of the variety of educational                 40
backgrounds our members have. The other BS                        30
degree category increased by quite a bit in FY08.                 10
The universities our members received their                            Milwaukee          Madison         Fox Valley           Other
bachelor’s degrees from has remained fairly                                                                                                       No.

proportionate in recent years.

    FY08 SWE-WI Member Undergrad Degrees                                FY08 SWE-WI Members Undergrad Schools
                                           Mechanical                                                                  U of WI - Madison
                                                                                             19%                       Marquette University
                           15%             Civil
                                           Chemical                                                                    U of WI - Milwaukee
   2%                                                                  38%
                                           Electrical                                                                  MSOE
  3%                              13%
                                           Computer                                                  11%
        4%                                                                                                             U of WI - Platteville
                                 12%                                                                                   Michigan Tech
                                           Environmental                                            10%
                                           Material                                                                    University of Notre Dame
                  11%    11%                                                 6%
                                           Architectural                                    7%
                                                                       2%            7%                                Other Schools
                                           Other BS Degrees

                                                                   Employers with most SWE-WI Members
We estimate the experience and age of                                                         # of Employee-
our members by looking at their                                        Place of                  Members
graduation dates. We appear to be                                   Employment            FY08      FY07 FY04
collectively getting younger.                                   Rockwell Automation        19        22        9
                                                                Kimberly-Clark Corp.       19        12        *
                        No. of Graduates                        Academia                   16         9        *
Year of BS
                        FY08     FY04                           GE Healthcare              11        13        6
1950s                   1        2                              Mead & Hunt                 7         5        *
1960s                   2        2                              Johnson Controls            6         3        *
1970s                   5        3                              Cummins Filtration          4         *        *
1980s                   23       16                             Epic Systems                3         4        *
1990s                   31       31                             Dedicated Computing         *         3        *
2000s                   114      38                             John Deere                  *         3        *
                                                                Oshkosh Truck               *         3        *
                                                                Crispell-Snyder             *         *        4
The breakdown of where most of our members
                                                                Looking for a job           9         5        *
work is shown to the right. We have had some
                                                                Retired                     4         5        *
stability at our main employers but a lot of
variation amongst our many other companies                      Other Employers            76        67       46
through the years.                                             * denotes less than three members, so history not
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                SWE-WI Election & Appointment Announcement

Congrats to the new FY09 Officers for SWE-WI                         Secretary                Donna Gallardo*
on their election. The following chart lists them
as well as all of our committee chairs,                              Publicity Chair          Rita Murino
coordinators, and other leaders that have
volunteered & been confirmed in their roles.                         Website
                                                                                              Sarah Stepanski*
Several others have already volunteered as                           Administrator
committee members but are not listed here, for                       E-Mail Coordinator       Ann Krieger (Yates)
sake of space. More volunteers are always
needed/wanted. Contact any of the listed                             Newsletter Editor        Andrea Cole Fyhrlund
member- leaders listed at the end of our
newsletter to learn more or to contribute ideas.                     Historian                need
                                                                                              Julia Spankowski
         President             Betty Leonhard*                       Section
                                                                                              Katie May
         Audit Chair           need
                                                                     1st Section Rep
         Nominating                                                                           Betty Leonhard*
                               need                                  Alternate
         Chair                                                       2nd Section Rep
         Awards                                                                               want
                               Donna Gallardo *                      Alternate
                                                                     Outreach Chair           Jill Nondorf*
         VP                    Julie McMullin*
                                                                     Project Lead The Way Robin Schmidt
         Development           Kellie Rausch                         Girls+Math+Science
                                                                                              Michelle Lepak
         Chair                                                       =Opportunities
         WI PE CEU                                                   Badger State
                               Dina Bertolini
         forum                                                       Science &                Melissa Hockersmith
         Rockwell                                                    Engineering Fair
         Automation            Sarah Stepanski                       Engineers Week           TBD
         Corp. Liaison
         GE Healthcare                                               Girl Scout               TBD
                               Gina Dundun
         Corp. Liaison
         Kimberly-Clark                                              Survivor Camp            Julie McMullin*
         Corp. Liaison                                               WI Girls
         Treasurer             Gina Janke                            Collaborative            Jill Nondorf*/TBD
         Scholarship           Amanda
         Chair                 Normand                               Membership Chair         Susan Thomas Schlett
         Advertising                                                 New Member
                               Sarah Struble                                                  Laura Matter
         Coordinator                                                 Packet
         Job Bank                                                    Transition
                               want                                                           Brittany Barry
         Coordinator                                                 Coordinator

                                                    * = Serving in another role on the list besides this one
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                          SWE-WI FY08
           Year End Wrap Up, Thank Yous, Internal Awards
                                   By: Betty Leonhard, FY08 Section President

The following were anno unced at the Brewers Game Tailgate on June 21st & at the FY09 strategic planning
meeting for our section, but I wanted to share this information with the entire section. As an engineer, I enjoy
seeing the numbers and I thought you would too.

Thank You Section Leaders & Volunteers
Nearly 50 member-volunteer-leaders have contributed to our success in FY08: officers, chairs, coordinators,
committee members, and single event coordinators. An extra special thanks goes to my active executive council
   • Gina Janke, Barb Grlica, Julia Spankowski, Katie May, Laura Matter, Susan T. Schlett

Section Activities By The Numbers:
40 events in FY08
  • 11 different outreach activities (not including multiple s for BSSEF mentoring events)
  • over 1100 students (PreK-12) reached in some manner.
  • 9 really committed mentors for BSSEF student participants. Special thanks to Melissa Hockersmith &
       Maggie Teliska. This was a big deal for our section this year since we won a grant to further the
       involvement and success of the science fair program in WI.
          o Laura Matter, Mary Mayka, Amanda Tijerina, Susan Paulus, Frankie Bott, Sarah Sincock, Kylie
   •   10 Meet and Greets: on monthly rotation through Milwaukee, Fox Valley & Madison
   •   11 Professional development events including speakers, luncheons, tours
         o Technical Luncheons in Madison get started. To date the luncheons have been held at ORBITEC,
            Affiliated Engineers Inc., and BIT7.
   •   over 150 participants
           o   97 of them SWE-WI members,
                 § 28 professional members attended National Conference in Nashville
                 § 10 professional members attended Region Conference in Peoria
         o Many of the rest are members of SAE, ASCE, SHPE, Collegiate SWE Sections, etc.
         o Some are hopefully future members.
   •   21 true-blue Wisconsinites, attending events despite blizzard conditions:
         o Rita Murino, Gina Dundun, Heather Johnston, Kristen Anderson, Fran Scholl, Tracy Melin,
              Susan Schlett, Ashley Bartlein, Jenny Binzley, Magda Hoffman, Millicent Coil, Joan Hoopes,
              Michelle Graffin, Christie Verdico, Dawn Struley, Stefany Rehr, Amy Roth, Kelly Greuel, Mia
              Steuerwald, Marty Gustafson, Anna Kiyanova.
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         Continued… Year End Wrap Up, Thank Yous, Internal Awards
 Section Membership:

                                 SWE-WI FY08 Membership




                                                                      Paid Members

     •   June 2007: 178 members
     •   November 2007: 160 members (note 43 members didn’t renew memberships in time)
     •   19 free transition memberships given to graduating area collegiate members
     •   As of 6-30-08: 198 section members,
            o 72 new members this year from:
                        §   43 different employers
                        §   21 different disciplines
                        §   42 different universities
            o        14 members moved away (probably didn’t like all the snow)

 Section Still Needs… for FY09:
     §   Alternate Section Representative
     §   Membership Committee Members {Meet and Greets…}
     §   Professional Development Committee Members {Speakers, Tours…}
     §   Publicity Committee Members {Website, News Columns, Press…}
     §   Scholarship Committee Members {Fundraising and concept development}
     §   Audit Committee Members {audit section finances}
     §   Historian
     §   Job Bank Coordinator
     §   Attendees at professional and networking events and Volunteers for outreach events
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             Continued… Year End Wrap Up, Thank Yous, Internal Awards

Attendance Awards:                                               General Member Attendance
                                                                 (EC members ineligible)
Overall (Including EC conference calls)                             1st Place    7       Melissa Hockersmith
  Rank        Events           name                                 1st Place    7         Julie McMullin
 1 Place        30         Susan Schlett                            2nd Place    6           Tracy Melin
 2nd Place      27        Betty Leonhard                            2nd Place    6          Kellie Rausch
 3rd Place      21          Katie May                               2nd Place    6         Maggie Teliska
                                                                    3rd Place    5           Rita Murino

Local Company Recognition:
    Company with most SWE members:                  Kimberly-Clark Corp. &           both have 19 members
                                                    Rockwell Automation
    Company with greatest financial support:        Rockwell Automation              See The Gear September 2007 issue
                                                                                     for more about RA’s support.
    Special thanks for sponsoring our exec          Mead & Hunt &                    Each sponsored half of calls in FY08
    council conference calls:                       GE Healthcare
    Special thanks for sponsoring and hosting       ORBITEC, Affiliated Engineering, BIT7, Jacobs Engineering,
    an event:                                       Rockwell Automation, Harley-Davidson

    These universities hosted professional,         Marquette University, UW Fond du Lac, UW Stout, UW
    outreach, or joint events that involved our     Milwaukee, UW Madison, UW Platteville

President’s Choice Awards:
  Award                       For                                                                    Recipient
  Couldn't have done it
                              Keeping me and the section going while I was becoming a new mom Susan Schlett
  without you
                              Kicking off the Meet and Greet concept. Over 50 attendees              Outreach/ Melissa
  Thinking Outside the Box
                              throughout the year.                                                   Hockersmith
  Most Ambitious New          COR + FIG + Region H Committees + WI section Committees &
                                                                                                     Katie May
  Leader                      event planning + sponsoring EC calls
  Above and Beyond the        Planning two PD events: Bio Diesel Speaker/WSD Fundraiser/Joint
                                                                                                     Barb Grlica
  call of duty                SAE event & Green Technologies Workshop
                              Compiled two extra Newsletters this year: a special conference issue
  Working Overtime                                                                                   Andrea Fyhrlund
                              & E-week issue
  SWE-WI Seasoned             Going on her 10th year as newsletter editor                            Andrea Fyhrlund
  Veterans                    Going on her 9th year as our treasurer                                 Gina Janke
                              Start up initiative for Madison Luncheons and hosting a 2nd one this
  Company Involvement                                                                                ORBITEC
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                   Council of Representatives (COR) Briefing
                                  by Katherine May & Julia Spankowski

"COR Restructure" Motion

This motion asks the Council to endorse the recommendation of the Governance FIG to create a smaller
Council and tasks the Governance FIG to prepare and present bylaws amendments and procedure changes
for their consideration at the November 8, 2008 meeting. These bylaws amendments and procedure
changes are based upon the following:

   -   The COR would be renamed to the Council of Delegates to distinguish COR members from those
       who make up the region councils.
   -   The council would be restructured to 40 voting members, elected from the regions and from the
       society as a whole.
   -   The Council would include the Board of Directors as non-voting members.
   -   There would be no change in the region councils.

Please note that this motion does not approve a smaller Council, but rather, gives the Governance FIG the
feedback to consider as they prepare bylaws change motions and continue work on process details to
support the smaller Council.

Open Council Leadership Positions

Committees and task forces reporting to the COR Speaker are additional opportunities for any Society
member, not just COR representatives, to be involved in discussions relating to the Council. The following
positions are currently open for FY09. Full details on the positions are available in the COR Procedures.
Communications Committee
The communications committee ensures that key information is posted on the website and COR
Community. Members also assist with ensuring a successful COR meeting. The communications
committee is looking for members as well as a chair-elect. If you are interested in joining the
Communications Committee, please contact, Chair, Communications Committee.

Governance FIG
The Governance FIG is continuing to look for members to participate. If you are interested in joining the
Governance FIG, please contact, Chair, Governance FIG.

COR Mega Issues Task Force
At the annual strategic planning review session in March, three mega issues topics were identified for the
Council to discuss. The topics have been prioritized and are listed below.

The Council is in need of a chair and members for the mega issues task force so work on these key issues
can begin. If you are interested in chairing or being on the task force to research and generate the
background paper in preparation for knowledge based discussions with the Council members, please
consider joining this group and contact

First Priority
MI 00104 - How do we match the skills, interests, and capacities of our volunteers with the needs of SWE
to create a satisfying partnership that will last throughout their lifecycle?
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                        Council of Representatives (COR) Briefing - continued
      Second Priority
      MI 00105 - How can women engineers be successful in the engineering workforce of 2020? What will be
      the impact of the changing demographics of the engineering workforce?

      Third Priority
      MI 00106 - How can we empower women engineers to be successful on their own terms?

      Liaison to Audit Committee
      Society bylaws require that the audit committee have at least one member that also serves on the Council.
      This liaison position provides quarterly updates to the Council on the business of the audit committee. If
      you are a representative with a taste or interest for audits, please consider serving in this position and

      Liaisons to Finance Committee
      Society bylaws require that the finance committee have at least two members that also serve on the
      Council. These liaison positions provide quarterly updates to the Council on the business of the Finance
      Committee. If you are a representative with a finance background or interest, please consider serving in
      this role and contact

        Introducing your SWE-WI Officers for FY09 – 1                                                 st
                                                                                                           of a series

                                         Betty Leonhard                                  President
                                                  City of Residence:    Hortonville
                                      Engineering Discipline / Major:   Industrial Engineering

                                                 College(s) attended:   UW-Platteville
                                             Current Job / Company:     Domestic Engineer / home
                                                     First SWE role:    VP of the East Central IA section in 2001

My favorite/ must have engineering   I love Microsoft VISIO- but I can do it with excel.
tool (gadget, software, class…)
The best thing about being an        The feeling I get when I fix a big problem and make someone’s life
engineer is…
My most memorable event from the     When my baby first started to crawl (at 6.5 months)
summer of ’08…
My favorite restaurant is….          Red Lobster; I love seafood.
If I won the lottery…                I would air commercials to explain ignored driving rules to people.
                                     (like parking lights are for parking)
    Page 24 of 36                                 Society of Women Engineers - The Gear – August 2008

  Introducing your SWE-WI Officers for FY09 – 1                                                         st
                                                                                                             of a series

                                             Julia Spankowski                          COR Representative
                                                        City of Residence:    Port Washington
                                            Engineering Discipline / Major:   Industrial Engineering
                                                       College(s) attended:   UW-Madison
                                                                Company:      Brady Corporation
                                                           First SWE role:    Region H Conference Co- Chair
My favorite/ must have engineering       Microsoft Excel- I like being organized
tool (gadget, software, class…)
The best thing about being an            Figuring out a problem to help others
engineer is…
My most memorable event from the         July 3rd picnic at the lakefront
summer of ’08…
My favorite restaurant is….              Cheesecake Factory
If I won the lottery…                    I would open my own business, travel, and volunteer

                                               Gina Janke                                 Treasurer
                                               City of Residence:    Racine, WI
                                                     Engineering     Mechanical Engineering
                                               Discipline / Major:
                                              College(s) attended:   Harvey Mudd College, (small private college near Los
                                                       Company:      Modine Manufacturing Company
                                                               Job Bank Coordinator for the Sacramento
                                                  First SWE role:
                                                               Valley (California) Section (pre-computer
My favorite/ must have engineering tool      Convert-it for English to Metric, True position calculators
(gadget, software, class…)
                                             (doing some QE work lately & I had to brush up on my
                                             Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing)
The best thing about being an engineer       Having the technical background to understand the
                                             manufacturing processes & machinery. I like the challenge of
                                             working through the best methods to move these processes to
                                             sometimes dissimilar facilities.
My most memorable event from the             A visit with my dad, his wife and my family to the copper mines
summer of ’08…
                                             in Houghton, MI.
My favorite restaurant is….                  Panera’s, I love their soup and salads
If I won the lottery…                        Get a bigger sailboat and spend more time on it, going to cool
                                             places with my family.
Page 25 of 36                           Society of Women Engineers - The Gear – August 2008

Introducing your SWE-WI Officers for FY09 – 1                                                   st
                                                                                                     of a series

                                         Donna Gallardo                            Secretary &
                                                                               Awards Coordinator
                                                    City of Residence:    Milwaukee,WI
                                        Engineering Discipline / Major:   Electrical Engineering
                                                   College(s) attended:   UW-Milwaukee
                                                            Company:      Astronautics Corp.
                                                       First SWE role:    Awards Coordinator
My favorite/ must have engineering   Visio! By far one of the best software packages to have
tool (gadget, software, class…)
The best thing about being an        Being a problem solver and achieving the unexpected
engineer is…
My most memorable event from the     Being at the Brewer game
summer of ’08…
My favorite restaurant is….          Café Hollander
If I won the lottery…                I would invest in stocks and buy a house

                                            Jill Nondorf                           Outreach Chair
                                                    City of Residence:    Neenah
                                        Engineering Discipline / Major:   Materials Science & Engineering
                                                   College(s) attended:   UW-Madison
                                                            Company:      Oshkosh Corporation
                                                       First SWE role:    WI CGP

My favorite/ must have engineering   Scanning Electron Microscope shows everything!
tool (gadget, software, class…)
The best thing about being an        Helping others solve their problems and that no two days are
engineer is…
                                     the same.
My most memorable event from the     Finishing my first full marathon!
summer of ’08…
My favorite restaurant is….          Cy’s Asian Bistro
If I won the lottery…                Pay off my student loans and buy a house
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                           Recent Meetings/Activities –
            “Girl Power” Group Tours Modine – by Laura Matter

   As the Outreach Chair for the Society of Women Engineers - Wisconsin Section, I was
   contacted by Cheryl Kothe, the School to Career Coordinator at Wilmot Union High
   School, about her newly formed group Girl Power. Female students were invited to be a
   part of this group by achieving high test scores in math and science. Ms. Kothe received
   the grant to find ways to get these students interested in careers in math and science. I
   invited the group to come for a tour of Modine and meet a few of the great female
   engineers we have here. One of SWE's main objective s is to: "Inform young women,
   their parents, counselors, and the general public, of the qualifications and achievements
   of women engineers and the opportunities open to them." This tour was an excellent
   opportunity for Wilmot Union HS, Modine, and SWE.

   The group of 6 students and 2 chaperones from Wilmot Union High School arrived at
   Modine on May 12th. Tour guides Kimberly Billmyer, Andrea Gorsline, Allison
   Kirkin, Kylie Levake, Laura Matter, and Stephanie Ray demonstrated their
   responsibilities at Modine. Laura started with a tour of Fuel Cell Pilot Plant, followed
   by Kimberly's explanation of the Warranty and Repair area. On the way to the Tech
   Center, we walked past the early stages of the float build, to show the girls that we get to
   have fun at work too! Andrea, Stephanie, Allison, and Kimberly presented information
   on their various areas of expertise in the Tech Center, and Kylie explained the test she
   was running in the wind tunnel. We ended with lunch in the Modine cafeteria, where
   Frankie Bott and Shannon Cobb were also able to join us. As we ate lunch, we shared
   some insight on our careers and how we became interested in engineering.
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                           Recent Meetings/Activities –
                     Girl Scout Survivor Camp – by Laura Matter
The week of July 20-25, SWE-WI members led engineering activities at the Girl Scout Survivor Camp at Camp
Alice Chester in East Troy. Julie McMullin and Laura Matter met with camp leaders HoOpS and Velma earlier
this spring to develop a schedule of activities. Similar to the TV show “Survivor,” campers are split into 4 tribes
and compete daily in reward challenges and immunity challenges. The engineering challenges led by SWE-WI
are for a reward. At the end of the day in Tribal Council, the girls are rewarded based on their performance. For
example, one of the days, the first place team got Doritos, second place got plain chips, third place got plain
popcorn, and fourth place got saltine crackers!

The purpose of all of the engineering activities is to educate young women about engineering (different types
and careers), attract the interest of females to engineering, provide examples of local women engineers, and to
promote teamwork.

On Monday, girls participated in the Balloon Pop. Girls created an object that rolled down hill and land in a box
full of balloons, popping as many as possible.

On Tuesday, the Survivors made a water pipe tree using PVC pipe that would transport marbles and miniature
cars from one end to another, up, over and around obstacles to simulate how water flows in our piping systems.

On Wednesday, SWE-WI member Laura Matter joined the girls for an activity involving building a bridge out of
popsicle sticks that could support a cup of water and also allow a cup to fit underneath it. The girls did a great
job building bridges and also asked some excellent questions about engineering and Laura’s job.

On Thursday, SWE-WI president Betty Leonhard brought the EggMobile Competition to the Survivors.
Although there were a few “lawsuits” for broken passenger Mr. Egg, the girls had a fabulous time creating their
EggMobiles and cheering on their fellow tribes. The girls also had an opportunity to ask Betty questions about
her career and engineering.

The Girl Scout Survivor Camp is just as much fun for the volunteers as it is for the participants! Thanks to Julie,
Laura, and Betty for helping out this year!

                     Recent Meetings/Activities –
            Milwaukee Meet & Greet at Applebee’s – by Melissa Irish
 I just became a member of SWE in late May. I had the opportunity to attend my first SWE event at a “Meet
 & Greet” on June 18th at the local Applebee’s. I really enjoyed my first experience and found it to be very
 rewarding. Each of us had the ability to introduce ourselves and learn about other members that attended. I
 personally found great interest in the different companies that members were employed at and what
 positions they held. I had the ability to share with everyone my background as an engineering recruiter
 with Aerotek and my desire to gain a new network for my career as well. I felt very comfortable speaking
 with everyone and appreciated the warm welcome. I have even met a couple of members for lunch since
 the Meet & Greet to le arn more about their specific roles in engineering! I look forward to future events
 and meeting many new people in the engineering field.
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              Recent Meetings/Activities –
Kohler Design Center and American Club Tour – by Kellie Rausch
On May 3rd, a group of us (professionals and students) ventured to Kohler to learn, explore and shop. The day
started with a walk through the Kohler Design Center. The lower level was full of history about the Kohler
Company. The upper levels showcased Kohler’s state-of-the-art products. Many of us found a replica of our
dream bathroom or kitchen. Next, we were off to tour the American Club, which in the past, provided housing
for immigrant employees who worked for the Kohler Company. Today, it serves as a luxurious hotel (the only
AAA Five Diamond resort hotel in the Midwest). It was a great tour full of history and sights of beautiful
gardens and architecture. The day ended with lunch at Cucina, a quaint Italian restaurant, and shopping at The
Shops at Woodlake. It was a fun, interesting day exploring the charming town of Kohler.

Susan Schlett had this to say about the event “The Kohler Design Center, the American Club, Lunch &
Shopping were all fantastic! In my more than 20 years in SWE I can honestly say this was one of THE best
SWE events I have ever attended.”

Special thanks to Kohler engineer Tom Spankowski for his presentation at the Kohler Design Center and SWE
member Julia Spankowski for organizing a great day!"
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               Recent Meetings/Activities –
   Kohler Design Center and American Club Tour - continued
 Page 30 of 36                         Society of Women Engineers - The Gear – August 2008

               Recent Meetings/Activities –
     SWE Webinar Replay at Jacobs Engineering – by Susan Schlett

On May 20th of this year we gathered in Appleton at Jacobs Engineering to view the webinar "Emerging
Strategies for Leveraging a Global Workforce". The Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of
Caterpillar, Tana Utley, described how companies can recruit people who understand and respond to
challenges across borders and cultures. She discussed how to motivate and retin employees located in
different regions of the world, bringing them together as one team; sharing common values and driving
toward the same strategic goal. Strategies that were discussed were employed to leverage the skills and
perspectives of a global workforce to deliver product development excellence. We shared dinner and
discussion regarding the webinar along with the subject of recruiting female engineers.

Congratulations again to Jacobs Engineering for becoming a SWE Corporate Sponsor and special thanks
to Karen Ng for organizing this event!

 front row: Colleen Colford, Yolanda                            Susan Thomas Schlett &
 Ruzicka, & Loni Skubal; back row: Peter                        Yolanda Ruzicka
 VandenHeuvel, Tom Stark, Karen Ng, and
 Betty Leonhard

              Recent Meetings/Activities –
Fox Valley Meet & Greet at Brewed Awakenings – by Megan Millard
     On July 16, six SWE members and prospects decided to beat the heat by sampling some of
     the fantastic gelato at Brewed Awakenings in downtown Appleton. The ladies were able to
     interact and get to know each other through various speed networking prompts. While the
     group was small and the atmosphere was quaint, the discussion of SWE and its activities was
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                                           Recent Meetings/Activities –
                                           Luncheon at Bit7 – by Tracy Melin
  On May 8, product development company Bit7, Inc. hosted a luncheon at their
  facilities and gave an overview of their firm’s capabilities as well as organized two
  separate tours of current projects. We got to try out the pressure tests they had set
  up for pre-design data collection. Jodi Fisher and Sue Miller from Bit7 organized and
  hosted the event, which drew about 18 attendees.

Back row: John Miller, Jodi Fisher, Stephanie Lewellen, Susan Miller,
Millicent Coil, Betty Leonhard, John Goetzka, and Dan Sackash; Front
row: Barbara Gosenheimer, Tracy Melin, Joan Hoopes, Jenny Binzley,
and Susan Thomas Schlett

                              Recent Meetings/Activities –
                            Luncheon at ORBITEC – by Tracy Melin
       On July 10, we enjoyed a delightful outdoor luncheon with great weather on the deck of
       ORBITEC’s facility. Delicious grilled brats, hamburgers, veggies, and dessert were
       provided while we networked and caught up with area colleagues. (Did you know there is
       such a thing as Watermelon Pie?) Joan Hoopes of ORBITEC presented a brief overview
       of her rocket fuel work. We enjoyed the company of colleagues from Mead & Hunt,
       Cummins Filtration, Affiliated Engineers Inc. (AEI) , Thermo Fisher Scientific, Aerotek, and,
       of course, ORBITEC.
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                    Recent Meetings/Activities
            Brewers Game & Tailgating – by Andrea Cole Fyhrlund
What a great day for tailgating and a ball game! On
Saturday, June 21, 2008, SWE-WI held their annual
gathering of friends & family at Miller Park. We cooked
out, played games, and our President, Betty Leonhard,
handed out FY08 SWE-WI awards. Then we got to
watch the Brewers beat the Orioles, 3 to 2.

And as if that wasn’t enough, to keep our engineering
minds even more fascinated we got to watch the roof at
Miller Park open and close during the game!
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                 Recent Meetings/Activities
            SWE-WI FY09 Strategic Planning Meeting
                              – by Betty Leonhard, Section President

Several of the volunteer- leaders in our section met on Saturday the 26th of July in Wauwatosa, WI to
learn about each other, review SWE’s goals on a higher level, do some brainstorming for our section,
and create a plan for this new SWE year (FY09) and a little beyond. I am proud to say we made it
through our entire agenda and have some great ideas for this coming year. A special thanks to Abby
Peele for organizing the food and logistics of the meeting for me.

After some icebreakers and introductions I gave a presentation about diversity and inclusiveness. We
explored the various elements of diversity, talked about perspectives and stereotypes, and participated in
some true and absolutely active listening activities. We learned how different and alike we all are.

Then we reviewed our FY08 goals, activities, and accomplishments. We took a look at our section’s
demographics and the section survey results we received so far to find out what we need to maintain or
change in order to meet your needs. One thing was clear from several of the areas of the survey, and
that is that our Meet and Greets are much needed events. We looked at the strategic plan for the Society
as a whole which will guide us over the next few years and so we know where we need to work as a
section to enable SWE to achieve its long term goal “To be key to the success of women in engineering
and technology. ”
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                      Recent Meetings/Activities
                FY09 Strategic Planning Meeting                               - continued

During lunch we held a brief EC meeting to make some decisions about the new scholarship we are
trying to get started and to demonstrate how our monthly conference calls are run.

After lunch we did some creative brain stretching and then jumped into event brainstorming. We came
up with lots of ideas to fill these categories:
   • Outreach- activities preK-12, Girl Scout s,
   • Networking- social fun activities,
        locations, Meet & Greets
   • Tours, behind the scenes, how do they do
   • Speakers/Topics – professional, technical,
        self- improvement, other interests
   • Fundraising (for scholarship or events)
   • Multicultural
   • Philanthropic
   • Other Organizations / Joint Meetings /
        Joint events with Collegiate sections
   • Ways to help WI companies improve (re:
        women in engineering)

Then it was finally time to get ourselves
organized for the year. We went through our
section’s own strategic planning analysis, much
like SWE does as an entire organization. Some of
the goals we want to achieve in the coming years
    • Sustaining our membership of at least 200
        members in our section
    • Win several consecutive “best of sections” awards from the Society
    • Build stronger & mutually beneficial relations with companies and schools in our area, including
        reaching those where we don’t currently have members.
    • Develop a support structure within our section with mentoring and resources needed to run like a
        well-oiled machine.
    • Fill our leadership pipeline, resulting in contested elections for our section.

We also decided on which topics and approximate schedule of events we will aim to fulfill in providing
you, our members, a chance to attend enriching and worthwhile events that will help you grow as
engineers, leaders, women, and humanitarians.
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             SWE-WI FY08 Executive Council and Committee Chairs

            Section President:                      Section Secretary:                          Publicity Chair:
              Betty Leonhard                         Donna Gallardo                                Rita Murino
            920-344-2344 (Cell)                       414-841-4182                             414-380-1875 (Cell)       

          Section Vice President:                  Section Treasurer:                         E-Mail Coordinator:
              Julie McMullin                           Gina Janke                                 Ann Krieger
             414-571-6483 (H)                       262-636-1315 (W)                             414-617-8657                        

          Section Representative:                 Membership Chair:                            Newsletter Editor:
                 Katie May                        Susan Thomas Schlett                        Andrea Cole Fyhrlund
               515-491-9694                         920-533-5135 (H)                           262-268-1092 (H)                         

          Section Representative:                  Scholarship Chair:                       Website Administrator:
             Julia Spankowski                       Amanda Normand                             Sarah Stepanski
               414-218-0344                          715-723-0177                               262-785-1163                
    Section Representative Alternate:       Professional Development Chair:                  Awards Coordinator:
             Betty Leonhard                           Kellie Rausch                            Donna Gallardo
           920-344-2344 (Cell)                      920-527-7387 (W)                            414-841-4182                     

         Advertising Coordinator:                     Outreach Chair:                 Outreach-E-WEEK Coordinator:
               Sarah Struble                             Jill Nondorf                             TBD
               775-287-2644                        920-235-9151 x26445                          Job Bank Coordinator:
  Collegiate Member Transition Coord.:         Outreach- BSSEF Coord.:
                Brittany Barry                     Melissa Hosckermith                             Historian:
                847-977-8274                        414 467-2878 (H)                                Needed

Section Website:        
Check out the website for lots of useful SWE information! Do you have other ideas?
Let us know! We’d love to add even more material to the site! Send e-mail to

Advertising Information
Newsletter ads, per issue: 1/2 page ad = $25. Full page ad = $50. For more information,
Contact Gina Janke (

Webpage ads, per 1 month period: $15 for text & simple graphic link. Graphic should be in one of the following
software formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TGA, RAS, EPS, PCX, PNG, and PCD
For more information, contact Sarah Stepanski (
    Upcoming Events!
    Sept. 9, 2008………………..       Milwaukee Area Meet and Greet Event, Milwaukee, WI
    Sept. 20, 2008…....…………     Briggs & Al’s Run/Walk For Children’s Hospital , Milwaukee, WI
    Sept. 23, 2008…....…………     Madison Area Meet & Greet, Madison, WI
    Sept. 2008………..…………         U.S . Armed Forces Show and Tell Event, Appleton, WI
    Oct. 2, 2008…………………         Madison Luncheon Meeting at Mead & Hunt, Madison, WI
    Oct. 9, 2008…………………         Fox Valley Area Meet & Greet, Appleton, WI
    Nov. 6-8, 2008……………...      SWE National Conference, Baltimore, MD
    Nov. 11, 2008………………         Madison Area Meet & Greet, Madison, WI
    Nov. 15, 2008………………         G+M+S=O (Girls + Math + Science = Opportunities), Fond du Lac, WI

  About The Society of Women Engineers…
  The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is a not-for-profit educational and service organization. SWE is
  the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. SWE empowers women to
  succeed and advance in those aspirations and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as
  engineers and leaders. For more information about the Society please call (312)596-5223.

    Address changes to:
    Wisconsin Section, Society of Women Engineers
    W9356 Country Cove Lane
    Hortonville, WI 54944

Generous support to SWE-WI provided by:
Rockwell Automation ( )
Mead & Hunt (
GE Healthcare (

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