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									                                         THE BRAND
Murdock London is a luxury grooming brand that combines men’s barbering services with a
retail offering rooted in high-end male grooming, made in England. Internationally renowned
for exquisite workmanship, dedication and commitment to quality, Murdock products are used
by gentleman the world over.

When we opened the first Murdock London a few years ago, our desire was simple: to update
the great traditions of British barbering and grooming and make those time-honoured practices
relevant to the contemporary man.

Our collection of shaving tools are made in England and incorporate a variety of classic and
contemporary high quality wet shaving accessories.

We also offer a range of apparel and accessories, including cufflinks, ties and scarves.

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                                     MADE IN ENGLAND
                               THE COLOGNE COLLECTION
Murdock London colognes encapsulate the great British tradition of luxury grooming for men.
Whether worn at home or travelling abroad, the office or in the club, our colognes speak to the
many facets our character. These fragrances are modern, with a pleasing whiff of history about

Each Murdock cologne is distinct with its own suggestive personality but they all share common
convictions. Quality, confidence, style and individuality. These words have defined a certain
kind of masculine, British luxury for generations and they have been our guiding principles.

In reinventing classic men’s scents and making them relevant to the present day, Murdock has
paid great attention to detail. The oils in our colognes are 100% natural (no harsh chemical
substitutes for us, thanks) and are sourced from the highest quality plants across the globe.
Lavender from the Isle of Wight, lemon from Calabria, cedar from the Atlas Mountains, clove
from Madagascar, vetiver from the Seychelles, to name only a few. We have worked closely
with some of the world’s leading perfumers to develop the finest possible colognes that are
both reassuringly complex and eminently wearable.

These six Murdock colognes – Avalon, Vetiver, Black Tea, Patchouli, Bright Leaf and Fougère–
are only the beginning.

Murdock London will continue to extend the range of men’s colognes and from time to time,
we will develop specialty scents in limited-edition batches, to mark a particular occasion,
season or mood. We promise to keep evolving.

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                                   MADE IN ENGLAND
                                                             COLOGNE COLLECTION CONTINUED…


Avalon is a classic, elegant citrus-based scent,
excellent for all the year round. It is clean and
modern, complex and suggestive, with just a
touch of the English dandy about it. Murdock’s
signature eau de cologne began with a single
image in mind – a sharply tailored-man leaning
on a palm-shaded terrace at the Hôtel du Cap,
drinking a sloe gin cocktail, listening to the jazz
classic ‘Avalon’, circa 1925. Those were heady
days on the French Riviera and we’ve captured
that playful sophistication with top notes of
Sicilian Bergamot and Calabrian Lemon, middle
notes including Neroli, Rosemary and Lavender
from Haute Provence, and a base of musk. We
became so keen on the Mediterranean
freshness of Avalon that we’ve used it in our
shaving cream as well.


Grassy and grounded, solid and warm, Vetiver
draws inspiration from the strong, silent and
sometimes rugged masculinity of great British

Vetiver-based colognes are among the most
popular for men and we always knew that we
wanted to showcase this wonderfully subtle
scent. We searched long and hard for the
perfect Vetiver oil and finally found it in the
Seychelles. We have combined this earthy
sexiness with Citrus top notes and Woody, Tree
Moss base notes, making Murdock’s Vetiver
relaxing and reassuringly masculine, with a
slightly zesty edge. It is the sort of cologne that
hints at Himalayan peaks or Saharan dunes, but
is equally happy finding adventures in the
streets of the global metropolis.
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                                        MADE IN ENGLAND
                                                            COLOGNE COLLECTION CONTINUED…


A subtle, masculine blend of spices and leather,
Black Tea takes its cue from the exotic spice and
tea routes of the British global traveller. With top
notes of Clove from Madagascar, Nutmeg from
Ceylon, Basil from Egypt and Pepper from
Paraguay, Black Tea is truly a world of spices
brought together in one smooth and deeply
satisfying brew. With middle notes including
Leather and base notes of Musty Woods, Musk
and Birchtar, Black Tea is a complex scent that
manages to be sensuous and evocative without
ever overpowering the nose.


Patchouli is a spicy, sensuous and mysterious scent
inspired by the timeless, free-thinking style of the
great British bohemian tradition.

Prized by both Napoleon and Queen Victorian for
its unique pungency, the Patchouli plant has a
noble history. Luxurious and curious velvet-clad
and a little decadent. With top notes of
Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Petitgrain,
middles notes including Jasmine, Rose, Geranium
and Ylang Ylang, and base notes of Indonesian
Patchouli, Olibanum and Suede, Patchouli brings
together long nights at the Café de Paris in the
1890s with the rowdy mayhem of Fitzrovia in the

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                                       MADE IN ENGLAND

Sweet and sensual, unique and lingering, Bright Leaf
honours the great bars of the world. It’s the sort of scent
that Gary Cooper might have worn at Havana’s Bar Floridita
in the 1950s. At the heart of Bright Leaf is a really
interesting, even curious combination of Tobacco Leaves
and Cedar Woods from both Virginia and the Atlas
Mountains of Morocco.

A captivating scent hinting at the dusty sweetness of
antique cigar boxes, Bright Leaf creeps up on you and sticks
around, louche and languorous. It brings together the
glamour of Old Hollywood with the always stylish colour and
energy of Old Havana.


Green, herbal and woody, our Fougère is a
quintessentially English scent. Both stylish and
individual, we think of it as the Dirk Bogarde of the
Murdock colognes. ‘Fougère’ (French for ‘fern-like’)
is a term for one of the great families of men’s
scents, first developed in the late 19th century.

Some version of it should be a staple in any man’s
grooming cabinet of curiosities. In developing our
Fougère, we stuck close to home, taking inspiration
from fresh, English herbaceous borders and wet
woodlands – a little bit New Forest, a little bit Black
Mountains. Our top note is Lavender sourced from
the Isle of Wight, the middle notes include Ferns
and Spices, and the base is a deeply grounding Oak
Moss. This is one of those knowing scents sure to
become a modern classic.

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                                          MADE IN ENGLAND
                                     The Shave Range
When we opened the first Murdock London a few years ago, our desire was simple: to update
the great traditions of British barbering and grooming and make those time-honoured practices
relevant to the contemporary man. The stylish haircut and the relaxing wet shave are the

foundations of what we do at Murdock London, and we continue to preach the virtues of both.

Further to our goal of ensuring a well-groomed public, we have developed the Murdock Shave
Range including a Pre-Shave Oil, Shave Cream and Aftershave Balm.

With these three products and a couple of basic tools – a high quality, sharp razor and a Badger
shaving brush – you can ensure a close shave whenever you wish.

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                                    MADE IN ENGLAND

Our launch rage is infused with Avalon scent; a refreshing fragrance with a strong citrus base and
cleansing properties. New scents for 2011 include Vetiver and Sandalwood Rose

 Murdock’s Pre-Shave Oil should be applied before
 shaving, to soften the whiskers and prepare the skin for
 the razor’s edge. A range of ingredients helps moisturize
 the skin during shaving, including the oils of Sweet
 Almond, Wheat Germ, Bergamot and Orange. Just a
 couple of drops of oil per shave will do.


 Murdock’s Shave Cream is rich and luxurious, and can be
 applied by hand or, preferably, used with a Badger
 shaving brush. It contains the oils of Evening Primrose,
 Borage, Sunflower, Green Tea and Marshmallow, to
 ensure a moisturizing shave, and it is scented lightly with
 the clean, fresh citrus-based oils that we use in our
 classic Avalon cologne.

 Wonderfully uplifting for use each morning.


 Murdock’s Post-Shave Balm soothes and moisturizes the
 skin and seals your pores after shaving. It is essential that
 you do this each time you shave to renew your skin.
 Extracts of Chamomile and Calendula help keep the skin
 supple and menthol helps to refresh and take away any
 lingering sting.

 Scented with Murdock’s citrus-based Avalon, the Post-
 Shave Balm is a refreshing product for everyday use.

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                                          MADE IN ENGLAND
For Wholesale enquiries and a price list for all territories contact:-

                           Brendan Murdock
                              Murdock Ltd
                      18 Monmouth Street, London,
                       United Kingdom WC2H 9HB


Our range during 2011 will broaden and develop to include new
skincare, hair care, fragrance, scented candles and apparel lines, while
further expanding the shave range with scents of Vetiver and
Sandalwood Rose.

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                             MADE IN ENGLAND

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