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the bathing ladder


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									 ...the easiest way to enjoy
                     the sea.

the bathing ladder
                                ...a solution down to the smallest detail.

Variant 1                                               Variant 2                                                 Variant 3
Rigid bathing ladder                                    Bathing ladder, foldable in the middle                    Bathing ladder, three times foldable
This bathing ladder can be conveniently mounted to      This bathing ladder can be easily mounted, dismount-      This bathing ladder can be folded three times and can
and dismounted from the deck or any platform with a     ed and folded together quickly and simply for stowing     thus be stowed in the smallest space.
flick of the wrist.                                     away.

                      3 variants to suit any demand
                                                      The multiplex bathing ladder system is based              With their fully developed supporting modules,
                                                      on the multiplex-typical carbon fibre compound            our folding systems perfectly adapt to different
                                                      construction system, as these light weight sys-           environments. The foldable bathing ladders can
                                                      tems are easy to assemble and disassemble by              additionally be perfectly stowed away in the
                                                      anybody. The use of carbon fibre and stainless            smallest space.
                                                      steel ensures 100% corrosion resistance.                  Depending on design and width they weigh
                                                      multiplex bathing ladders are additionally char-          about 4.5 kg per meter.
                                                      acterized by their optimal ergonomical features.          All three variants can be individually chosen in
                                                                                                                length, width and number of steps and can
                                                                                                                thus be perfectly matched to the individual
                                                                                                                characteristic of the boat.
bathing-ladder handling

                   Quick mounting
                   Hand rails and bathing ladder can be quickly and easily
                   mounted and dismounted. Each bathing ladder can be
                   fitted with a hand rail.
                                                                                                             ...stable and secure.

Fixation                                                     Fittings                                                      Unloseable system
The approved Multifix bolts, which are unloseable by de-     Fittings are generally delivered in V4A. Corrosion proof      The connecting bolts are fastened to the side rails by
sign, are used for fixation.                                 carbon fibre hinges ensure optimal stability.                 steel ropes.

                                                                        Easy handling
                                                                                 low weight
                                                           Three types of bathing ladders offer the best                the Multifix systems. This is a screw bolt system,
                                                           solutions for any demand. Each bathing lad-                  which is characterized by its captive features,
                                                           der can be easily mounted to the deck or a                   both during assembly and disassembly (unlose-
                                                           platform. So nothing will spoil a refreshment                able system).
                                                           in the water.
                                                           The well thought-out system convinces with its
                                                           simple way of installation, which is based on

Supports                                                     Support brackets                                              Locking slide
They keep the bathing ladder away from the boat and          The individually adjustable support bracket ensures sta-      The locking slide fastens the support bracket in place and
provide stability.                                           ble positioning of the bathing ladder off the boat.           locks the folding mechanism during use.
bathing-ladder extras

                   Visual impression
                   The visual impression of the bating ladders can be indi-
                   vidually design in any way: From the paint finish, via teak
                   coverings for the steps, to the hand rails.

                      Completely folded bathing ladder.
                                                                           ...Individuality and aesthetic.

Side rails and handles                                     Hand rails                                                    Options
These are multiplex standard, whereby length, width        These can be freely chosen in shape, colour and mate-         multiplex obviously would also be glad to offer custom-
and design can be chosen as desired. They are made         rial, both for the access are and on the ladder itself.       ized options.
of high-strength and absolutely corrosion proof carbon
fibre material.

                   colour and surfaces of choice
                                                         Each bathing ladder is custom-built. This ena-                face made of skid-proof coating or teak, down
                                                         bles us to offer all individual designs in a vast             to the ennoblement with graphic elements
                                                         variety of combinations. The bathing ladder                   and individual inscription.
                                                         can therefore be perfectly matched to both the
                                                         design of the boat and your personal taste
                                                         This applies for all surfaces, such as colour and
                                                         structure of the flap basement, the walking sur-

                                                               See for yourself!
                                                         Because of the large number of possible bath-                 prices of the modular system included. Please
                                                         ing ladder design variants, we incorporated                   visit our website and design your individual
                                                         a product configurator on our website in the                  bathing ladder.
                                                         This tool will show you any design possibility
                                                         for our bathing ladder system, weights and

                                                         Walking surfaces
                                                         The non-skid standard surface in bathing ladder basic
                                                         colour is safe to walk on in any kind of weather. As an op-
                                                         tional highlight, the bathing ladder can also be delivered
                                                         with a high-quality 4 mm teak covering.
bathing-ladder extras

         The robust stowage bag is closed by means of a hard-
         wearing zip.
             and transport.

   Craftsmanship                                                   Colours
   Highest quality craftsmanship, even when it comes to the        As with the colour selection for the bathing ladder itself,
   individual bags, rounds off the high quality demand of          there are no limits when it comes to choosing the colour
   the multiplex products, also here down to the last detail.      for the stowage bag. Special colour wishes can be real-
                                                                   ised to match the bag to e.g. the existing canvas systems
                                                                   on your boat.

With the bathing ladder you have made a deci-                   ours for each bathing ladder. This bag protects
sion in favour of a high-quality individual prod-               the bathing ladder as well as the interior of the
uct, which is completely made of carbon fibre.                  boat against damage and provides sufficient
We are of the opinion that this value should be                 space for all accessories. The bathing ladder
maintained for a long time and thus protected                   can therefore be folded up compact for easy
in the best possible way. To accommodate this                   transportation.
we offer tailored stowing bags in individual col-
bathing-ladder Individuality
We find the solution for your requirement
   Each bathing ladder is an original. We manu-      steps, also with respect to paint finish and coat-
   facture each bathing ladder according to the      ing of walking surfaces.
   individual requirements of the customer. Freely   The customer decides and together we find
   selectable in length, width and number of         the optimal solution.

                                                                                  The multiplex bathing ladder can also be per-
                                                                                  fectly fastened to the multiplex multistair.

Worldwide 24 h service
     If you decide in favour of a product from mul-     are just visiting a harbour in the Caribbean, or
     tiplex, our service does not end with the deliv-   are cruising through arctic waters. You can rely
     ery. Should you require a spare part, multiplex    on multiplex.
     guarantees that it will be sent to you within 24
     hours, anywhere in the world. Whether you
multistair                                                                         patended
...the noblest lightweight in its class.                                           sun-awning-system
The multistair is applicable from horizontal                                       ...the most professional way of
position (0°) to vertical position (90°). For
these movements the steps including the
                                                                                      providing shade.
lower platform and the handrail are                                                The sun awning system is made of high-
self aligning.                                                                     quality components. This means reliability
                                                                                   for the upscale convenience on the yacht
                                                                                   as well as on terraces and boarding plat-
                                                                                   forms on the shore.

multiflap                                                                          telegangway
...the most optimal way of                                                         ...the most modern way to walk ashore.
   entering a yacht.                                                               This lightweight telescopic gangway is
The new generation multiplex folding                                               built completely in carbon fibre. It consists
Carbon Fibre boarding system, is a high                                            of a telescopic plank, a main plank, a car-
tech laminated gangplank bridging the                                              rier and an open rail system.
transom and pier for easy land access if
moored stern-to.

                                                Explore our full range
                                                   Visit us at and ex-               quick look of its Key features. We are looking
                                                   plore our other great products made of carbon           forward to get in contact with you, so we can
                                                   fibre. You have also the opportunity to config-         find out your own individual solution for your
                                                   ure your product online, so you can get a first         requirements.

                                                   Multiplex GmbH
                                                   Zur Westpier 3
                                                   D- 28755 Bremen
                                                   Phone: +49 (0) 421- 67 88 67
                                                   Fax: +49 (0) 421- 67 88 68

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