GENERAL MEETING 17th February 2010

Chairperson: Nikki Lawson, President
Minute Taker: Olivia Phoon, Secretary
Treasurer’s Report: Cecile Phan, Treasurer

1. Welcome – Nikki Lawson welcomed everyone
   Attendance: Nikki Lawson, Robyn Emira, Rodney Yates, Veronica Aspee, Olivia Phoon,
Vanitha Wijayashankar, Mary Lee, Jennie Hyde, Alex Jenkins, Carolyn Lain, Scott Kalms,
Luke Duc Lam, Azziza Aksil, Gobinath Krish, Jin Li, Julie Irving, Jane De Carli, Jane Huang,
James Cleland, Michael Foster, Tina Bean, Fred Bibani, Ai Keng Ong, Robert Maclay,
Vinotha Lingam, Tracey Russell, Ranu Sinho, Archana Dashputre, Milan Dashputre, Sue Lee,
Charlie Zhang
  Apologies: Cecile Phan, Therese Duggan
2. Minutes of the meeting held 18 Novmber 2009 – The minutes were accepted as true
and correct record.
   Moved: Carolyn Lain, Seconded: Mary Lee
                2.1 2009 Auditors Reports – To be reviewed next meeting.

3. Business Arising:
               3.1 2009 Fundraising – No Christmas Raffle.
               3.2 Flashing lights – installation complete.
               3.3 Security fence – installation complete.
               3.4 The Go Active to School Program may come later this year.

4. Principal’s Report:
                 4.1 – 4.2 see attached Principal’s Report
                 4.3 The school will open the security gates from 6:30am to 5:30pm
        commencing 18 February.
                 4.5 P&C approve of the $5,000 subsidy for Mrs Lesic’s program.
                    Moved: Robyn Emira, Seconded: Tina Bean
                 4.6 – 4.8 see attached Principal’s Report
                 4.9 Mrs Llyod Jones is heading the Literacy team, value adding to the Best
        Start program. Year 1 teachers have seen a difference between previous years.
        Benchmarks have been set for literacy that teachers need to achieve.
                 4.10 Temporary classrooms may be set up in breezeways with some
        partitioning. The senior toilets are to be upgraded as well. Power may need to be
                 4.11 Growth statistics are not reported in the MySchool website. West Ryde
        Public school has done well in this area. The school also does not discriminate as
        children are not left out of the test.
                 Other Easter Parade hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. A stall will be
        run at the parade. The school will participate in the sculptures competition.

5. General Business:
       Written suggestions are preferred. Nikki’s details will be added to the bottom of future
                5.1 Telstra Grant – The school applied and was awarded the grant in 2007.
       Olivia to follow up. Next opening date is in September/October this year.
                5.2 Working Bee planned for Term 2 week 2. The gardens will be a focus.
       Beforehand Scott will help prune overgrown plant. Natives may be planted along the
       sides for colour. Kindergarten have a garden that has been good for the children.
                5.3 Marg Sommerville is donating money for a garden setting area for
                5.4 Optus as part of the Australian Business Network is offering to help the
       school for a day activity.
                5.5 The regional focus is to get results in the top bands. The region sends out
       information to the school to target children for specific workshops. E.g. Maths days or
       writing competitions.
                5.6 Parents are still dropping kids off on the school crossing on Bennett
       Street. As Bennett Street is a hazard on school mornings, Robyn will contact the
       council to request parking to be restricted in the mornings and afternoons on the
       school side.
                5.7 Outdoor electricity - Alex will follow up and get quotes from electricians.

6. Reports
   6.1 Treasurer’s Report: see attached November 2009 – January 2010 Reports.
       Moved: Olivia Phoon, Seconded: Carolyn Lain
   6.2 Uniform Shop Report: to be reviewed next meeting.
        Approximately $2,600 income was generated during the first week of school, mainly
due to the new Kindergarten students. Size 4 and 6 uniforms are now out of stock.
        Winter uniform orders are to be placed by 26 February. These will be ordered by the
end of term.
        Still overstocked with second hand uniforms. There will be a $1 a bag sale. Second
hand clothes will also be dropped from $5-$20 to $2-$10.
        Suggestions were made such as – opening the uniform shop after school, put a table
out under the COLA to sell second hand stock, accept email orders, sending out more notes
so parents are aware of opening times and sales. More volunteers are still needed to make
this happen.

  6.3 Fundraising:
                        6.3.1 Fundraising funds will be used to repair or replace the
               playground equipment including a new shade shelter (burnt twice in the past
               but less chance now with the security fence) and rubber soft fall.
                        6.3.1 Term 1 – Easter Egg Raffle. Donated chocolate eggs will be
               made into hampers to be raffled. Tickets sold at the school and at the Easter
                        6.3.2 Term 1 - Easter Parade – a cake stall will be set up. Parents to
               donate home made cakes and biscuits. Cooked food such as spring rolls may
               also be sold.
                        6.3.3 Term 1 - Hot Cross Bun orders from Bakers Delight. $6.50 per
                        6.3.4 Future Fundraising ideas:
                       Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Half or full day
                        event. Entrance fee is $3 per child. Each child will need to raise $10
                        minimum in sponsorship. Prizes awarded to children who raise the
                        most money. Ask community businesses to donate prizes.
                       Mothers Day Stall
                       Fathers Day Stall
                       Giant raffle
                       Games or movie night
                       Korean Day 10 June. Sell food.
                       Foodworks bbq
                       Cake and Surprise. Once a month 2 classes will sell
               cakes and other food from 2:45pm to 3:30pm run by parents on Fridays.
               Friday morning the food will be put in the canteen fridge. For warm food
               parents are to bring it warm at 2:45pm. Ingredients will be listed. Term 1 –
               information and advertising to be sent out. To be run from Term 2.

   6.4 Maintenance: Nil

7. Correspondence: See attached Correspondence list.

8. Other Business:
                      8.1 Harmony Day – a multicultural lunch will be held. Parents will
              bring a plate of food to share for their child’s class. Not a fundraising event.
9. Next Meeting: Wednesday 17 March 2010 7:00pm
School Library. Childcare available.

Meeting closed: 8:50 pm

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