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                                                  Hoover 6th
                                                 include-L-R; Asst.
Coach Scott Mandirola, Garritt Barido, Matthew Darnell, Matthew
Hopkins, Skyler Kerns, Coach Tim Hopkins, Stratton Mandirola,
Brandon Shafer, Steven Watkins.
The Kanawha Youth Basketball League 6th grade All-Stars from Her-
bert Hoover are shooting their way to the top. The All-Stars have a
record of 4-2 with the team made up from players from the Clendenin
and Elkview area. HH Record is; HH-47-St. Albans-45, Winfield-55-
                                                                        Capitol Resource Agency of Clendenin has relocated its office From the Rt.
HH-52, HH-40-Sissonville-21, Ripley-41-HH-33, HH-70-
                                                                        119 location to 13 Main Street in Clendenin. They are now located in the
Chapmanville-14, HH-49-Poca-16. Good Luck Herbert Hoover All-
                                                                        “Old Flea Market” building on Main Street, beside of Liberty Tax Service.
Stars and we hope you go all the way to the top!
                                                                        Capital Resource Agency (CRA) was planning to move out of the Clendenin
                                                                        area if they could not find an affordable building and when business owner
                                       Justice Has                      Tim Hopkins heard they could be leaving, which would be a major blow to
                                                                        the residents in the Clendenin area he offered one of his buildings at an af-

                                       Been Served                      fordable price for CRA to keep them in this area. The Country Times will
                                                                        do a more in depth story of the services CRA offers in the next issue (#181).

                                      In the September 17th issue of
                                      the Country Times we re-
                                      ported on a story about an eld-
                                      erly couple (Bob & Eleanor
                                                                         In my last issue I had put in the “Rumor has it” column about the Clen-
                                      Evans) being allegedly as-
                                                                         denin Police car getting “nailed”. As many people knew someone tried
saulted by the tenants who lived in a rental property owned by the
                                                                         to vandalize the police car by throwing nails underneath it to flatten the
Evans’. Mr. Evans was allegedly “tazered” and Mrs. Evans was al-
                                                                         tires. I found out about it how you found out anything you want in Clen-
legedly hit in the forehead with a rock when serving an eviction no-
                                                                         denin, by walking down the streets, going to the P.O., or anywhere for
tice. The Clendenin Police Dept. (Chief David Brinckman) investi-
                                                                         that matter in the Town. Clendenin is a small town and if one person
gated the complaint. The Evans made several attempts to get some
                                                                         sneezes the entire town is offering them a tissue. Officer Chandler made
help from the Clendenin Police Dept. but to no avail. But to the Ev-
                                                                         a visit to my house to inform me he wanted to read me my Miranda
ans surprise they received a summons that Chief David Brinckman
                                                                         rights and have me to sign a paper saying he read them. Cont. on page 3
had filed charges against them for assault! Cont. on page 3

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                                                               Cont. from page 1...Has the Clendenin Police Gone Too Far?
                                                               I told him I wasn’t signing the paper and he never read me my Miranda. He informed
                                                               me that the questions was about a “Domestic Terrorism Act” which I knew what he
                                                               meant since he was going around telling everyone that they was going to prosecute
                                                               whoever “nailed” the police car as a Terrorist! The Clendenin Police has made a lot of
                                                               people “mad” over their “nit-picking” of traffic violations and they are so naïve as not
                                                               to realize that this was just a random incident. Because they went around telling a lot
                                                               of people about the incident (that’s how I found out about it) they assumed I knew
                                                               who was responsible for the “nailing” since it appeared in my paper! I informed Offi-
                                                               cer Chandler that I was 2 hours away at a ballgame for my daughter who plays basket-
                                                               ball for a college and the team she was playing against was the college my other
                                                               daughter is a admission counselor at, so we went up hours early and had dinner and
                                                               spent the evening with family! If they would put as much energy into rounding up the
                                                               drugs in our town as they are catching the “nail bandit” then maybe they wouldn’t be
                                                               made fun of by other law enforcement and citizens as much! But get real…A Domes-
                                                               tic Terrorism Act…no just vandals who really didn’t even accomplished that since no
                                                               tires was flatten!
               Sunshine to…
               ...HH Youth Basketball winning streak

               ...Tim Hopkins coming to CRA rescue
                                                               Cont. from page 1...Justice Has Been Served
...Justice been served for an elderly couple                   Even though Mrs. Evans, that is in her 70’s was bleeding and had to be taken to the
                                                               hospital and Mr. Evans, who also is in his 70’s, had been “tazered” no charges was
...a different meaning for “Hawaii 50”                         filed against the tenants. The Evans then turned to the Country Times for help.
                                                               Shortly after the story appeared in the Country Times, calls from friends and relatives
...One day reprieve of a 60 degree day                         to Chief David Brinckman he decided to finally file charges against Carol Sue John-
                                                               son for assault against Bob & Eleanor Evans. On Jan. 11, 2011 the case against Carol
...less than two months before Spring                          Sue Johnson went to court and Ms. Johnson plead guilty and received a 30 day sus-
                                                               pended sentence, 1 year unsupervised probation and paid $160.80 in fines and court
                    Clouds…                                    costs. The charges against Bob Evans were dismissed (like they should have been). I
                    ...Drama cops in Clendenin                 am not a lawyer but common since tells me that the Clendenin Police Dept. did not do
                                                               a very good job handling this case. Thank God that there are Judges and Lawyers that
...not been able to see everyone in the world smile every-     do know what they are doing. The Country Times believes that in this case justice
day at least once                                              was served and we are glad that we could help by sharing their story with readers who
                                                               help make a difference.
Page 4                                              2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                                                                                            West Virginia House
                                                                                               of Delegates
                                                                                                       Ron Walters
                                                                                          Ron Walters, WV House of Delegates
                                                                                          Last November, the West Virginia Citi-
                                                                     zen Action Group and other parties filed a petition with the
                                                                     West Virginia Supreme Court to order an election for governor before
                                                                     2012. The lawsuit stated that the constitution requires a prompt election to
                                                                     replace former Gov. Joe Manchin. The lawsuit also stated that, then, Sen-
                                                                     ate President and acting Governor Tomblin’s dual role as an executive
                                                                     and legislator violates the constitution’s separation of powers.
                                                                        On Tuesday, January 11, the Supreme Court heard arguments from
                                                                     both sides and one week later the court ordered acting Gov. Tomblin to
         4802 Chimney Drive, Big Chimney, WV 25302                   hold a special election by November 15.
   (304) 965-6222, (119N..turn R..Just past Elk Valley Library))        Other than the much anticipated Supreme Court ruling, my fellow dele-
          Country, Folk Art, Primitives and Victorian                gates and I have been focusing our attention on bills introduced over the
                                                                     past two weeks. Specifically, I am sponsoring House Bill 2106, which
     Open Mon.-Fri.-10:00-6:00, Sat. 10:00-4:00                      would allow a tax reduction for all prepaid tuition contracts or college
              Affordable Prices!!!                                   savings plans.
                                                                        If you are interested in learning more about the bills I am sponsoring
                                                                     check out the bill status page on the Legislature’s Web site at
                 Super Bowl Snack                                    www.legis.state.wv.us.

                   Bacon Cheese Treats                                         Something To Think About This
                                                                      Imagine that you had won the following prize in a contest: Each morning your
                         Ingredients                                  bank would deposit $86,400.00 in your private account for your use. However,
                 1 (8 ounce) package cream                            this prize has rules, just as any game has certain rules. The first set of rules
                       cheese, softened                               would be: Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken
                                                                      away from you. You may not simply transfer money into some other ac-
                 1 (12 ounce) jar bacon bits                          count. You may only spend it. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens
           1 pinch ground black pepper, or to taste                   your account with another $86,400.00 for that day. The second set of rules: The
                     1/4 cup diced onion                              bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say, it’s over, the
                                                                      game is over! It can close the account and you will not receive a new one. What
    2 (8 ounce) packages refrigerated crescent roll dough             would you personally do? You would buy anything and everything you
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In a mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese, bacon bits, pep-          bank. We just can't seem to see it.
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cent rolls lengthwise and form into a long rectangle. Thinly          Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life, and when
spread the cream cheese mixture on the dough. Starting with           we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is NOT credited to us. What we
                                                                      haven't lived up to that day is forever lost. Yesterday is forever gone. Each
the long edge of the rectangle, roll the dough into a long, thin      morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any
roll. Slice the roll into 1/4 inch thick pieces. Place rolls on a     time...WITHOUT WARNING. SO, what will YOU do with your 86,400 sec-
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    of cleaner included 304-546-9088                            Clendenin Had Its Own NFL Player Among Them
                                                                All of us who are football fans know what the first week of February
                                                                means, SUPER BOWL. We all will be planning a party with our friends
                                                                and family and eating a lot of food that is not good for us. But whether
                                                                our team wins or not we will all have a good time. Just for the people
                                                                who are not football fanatics a pro-football player lived in Clendenin for
                                                                years. Bill Karr a long time resident and business owner played for the
                                                                Chicago Bears from 1933 until 1938.Bill started his football career at
                                                                West Virginia University where he played as an end. Bill's first year
                                                                with the Chicago Bears (1933) they won the NFL Championship game.
                                                                Bill was a star player for the Bears and went on to have six great sea-
                                                                sons with Chicago. Bill passed away on October 29, 1979 at the age of
                                                                67. The NFL and Clendenin lost a great man on that day.

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                                     Part 2 of Part 5
                                     Headache home
                                     #2: Exercise
                                     Remember, everything
                                     doesn’t work for every-
                                     one…Different remedies
                                     for different people
                                     We all know that regular
                                     exercise helps us cope with
                                     pain. It's especially effec-
                                     tive for people with mi-
                                     graine. Some even find that
                                     mild exercise during a mi-
                                     graine helps alleviate the
                                     pain. Remember, though –
                                     ease into it! Sudden
                                     changes can make your mi-
                                     graine worse, and that isn't
                                     what we're going for here!
Page 10                                                 2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                            New Hours:

   Board Certified, Family Practice, Osteopathic
         Manipulation Physical Medicine,
                 and Rehabilitation
   Specializing in Lower back and Neck Problems
    Now Accepting New Patients of ALL Ages
  We participate with most insurance plans includ-
       ing Medicare, PEIA, BC/BS, United,
    Cigna, Aetna, Carelink, Brickstreet, Unisys
               and Carelink Medicaid
      We treat more than just your symptoms

           Phone:                           4914-A Elk River
                                           Road, Elkview, WV
                           In Loving Memory
                    Helen Brown
                    Helen Brown, 85, of Charleston, went
                    home to be with the Lord, January 28,
                    2011, surrounded by her family and lov-
                    ing husband. Helen was a former bookkeeper at Rose
                    City Press. She was a member of Emmanuel Baptist
                    Church for 49 years, where she served as a deaconess,
                    was a member of the Chancel Choir, and the Betty
                    Killian Circle. In 1995, she was honored as mother of
                    the year at the church. She enjoyed bowling and was
an avid West Virginia Mountaineer fan. She was preceded in death by
her first husband, and father of her children, Frank Sayre; parents, Pete
and Irene Burford; sister, Reba Carpenter; and brother, Bob Burford.
Surviving are her husband of 35 years, Howard Brown; children, Sharon
Holliday of Leesburg, Fla., John Sayre and wife Patty of Las Vegas,
Nev., Ken Sayre and wife Sheri of Cross Lanes, and Debra Carnes and
husband Dan of Orlando, Fla.; stepson, Howard Brown of Summers-
ville; sister, Lois McClanahan and husband Roscoe of Hurricane; grand-
children, Bob Holliday of Helena, Mont., Teresa Holliday of Leesburg,
Fla., Lori Davis and Michael Sayre, both of Dallas, Texas, Jeremy Sayre
and Nathan Sayre, both of Poca, Mandi Sayre of Cross Lanes, Joe
Kamm of Hillside, N.J., Lori Kamm of Tampa, Fla., and Matt Brown of
Clendenin; great-grandchildren, Michael Sampson, Jackson Sayre,
Garrett Wilson, Payton Davis, Gavin Richardson, Avery Mahood, Maya
Ali, and Liam Kamm; and great-great-grandson, Reese Sampson. Fu-
neral service was held at Monday, January 31, 2011, at Emmanuel Bap-
tist Church with the Rev. Ronald L. Stoner officiating. Burial was in
Tyler Mountain Memory Gardens, Cross Lanes.In lieu of flowers,
please make donations in Helen's memory to Hospice Care, 1606 Ka-
nawha Boulevard, W., Charleston, WV 25312-2536. Online condo-
lences can be sent to the family at cpjfuneralhome.com. Cunningham-
Parker-Johnson Funeral Home is serving the Brown family.
                                                        2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180                                             Page 11

                                                                                 We Carry: Outside Weath-
                                                                                 erproof Fabric, Large As-
                                                                                 sort. Of Quilting Fabrics,
                                                                                 Name brands-PMB, Nathan
                                                                                 & Co. etc..., Large Assort.
                                                                                 Of Upholstery, 54” Curtain
                                                                                 Drapery...etc. We Now
                                                                                 Have Yarn
                                                                                 Family Owned & Operated

                                                                                  Eleanor Evans
                                                                                                         The Fabric Hut
                                                                                     Owner         Brand Name       5108 Elk River
                                                                                  Sybil Cutlip      Sheets and      Road, Elkview,
                                                                                  Manager &       Bedspreads by       WV 25071
                                                                                     Quilter        the pound     (304)965-0280

         Hummingbirds & Thistledown                                                               Rumor Has It…
                    (By Quindora Dobbins)                                        ...there is a bad case of “Drama ” in our Police Dept.?

A young woman was running for her life she had                                        ...Common sense has went out the door when
unintentionally witnessed a drug deal gone bad. She                                           the Police car got “nailed”!
heard names and saw several people killed. She was
then discovered because the noise she made. She ran
and several men chased after her. Later she had                                 ...the boundaries in Clendenin could be getting smaller!
made her way from the city to the country where
she was hurrying up a rock path on mountain's edge                                     ...background checks have been overlooked.
where suddenly a closed door appeared in front of her. Having no choice
she stopped with bewilderment and stood in disbelief. If she went back
they would surely catch her, so she stood there contemplating as to what     ...people could be left in the cold if their house is condemned
she should do. Her mind took her back to her youth and how her grand-                by the town of Clendenin’s councilman Shelton.
mother took her to Sunday School and church three times a week and
how she truly believed in God. At that time in her life she cast her every
care on Him for she knew He cared for her. Later she had become an
atheist, no longer believing in God. Suddenly she felt her cold heart melt
as she recalled her close walk with her Lord. She recalled the scripture
in Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man
hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup
with him, and he with me. She heard a knock at the door and heard
someone call her name from the other side. Quickly she felt true sorrow
for her sins, fell to her knees and ask God to come into her heart. She
said I open the door of my heart to you God in Jesus' name. As she                                                             304-341-0889
spoke these words she saw the door open and arose and passed through
and it closed behind her. The men came and they saw only a stone wall
blocking the way and her purse lying on the path. They returned to the
city assuming she had fallen to her death. God held her in His hand all
the days of her life.
Page 12        2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180



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                                                    DINE IN OR
                                                    CARRY OUT

          Pizza Special-Every Tues.
          1-topping pizza For $6.00
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       ►Major & Minor Mechanic Work ►Oil Changes ►Brake
      Jobs ►All Body Work►Computer Diagnostic ►FREE Esti-
          mates ►All Work Guaranteed ►Insurance Claims
Page 14                                       2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                          December 2010
 4 - Pt Pleasant (away) 7:30
 7 - Sissonville (away) 7:00
 9 - Chapmanville (Home) 7:30
 14 - Scott (away) 7:30
 18 - Wayne (home) 1:00
 21-23 - Sherman Tourney (away) TBD
 27-28 - Meadowbridge Tourney (away) TBD
                           January 2011
 4 - Pt Pleasant (home) 7:30
 6 - Poca (away) 7;30
 10 - Chapmanville (away) 7:30
 14 - Buffalo (away) 7:30
 18 - Scott (home) 7:30
 25 - Sherman (home) 7:00
 26 -Tolsia (home) 7:00
 29 - Greenbrier W (home) 1:00
          February 2011
 3 - Sissonville (home) 7:00
 5 - Wayne (away) 1:00
 10 - Tolsia (away) 7:00
 14 - Poca (home) 7:30

  12/10/10 07:30PM        H                TOLSIA
  12/14/10 07:30PM        A                CHAPMANVILLE
  12/17/10 07:30PM        H                SISSONVILLE
                                           WEBSTER                                     HHHS WRESTLING 2010-2011
  12/23/10 07:30PM        A
  12/30/10 07:30PM        H                CLAY COUNTY                                     December 2010
                                                                 Saturday 4                     Hurricane Pools Dual
  01/04/11 07:30PM        A                WAYNE
                                                                 Friday 10th & Saturday 11th    St. Albans Duals
  01/06/11 07:30PM        H                SHERMAN               Friday 17th                    North Marion Quad JV Tourney
  01/07/11 07:30PM        H                RAVENSWOOD            Wednesday 22nd                 Quad @ St Mary’s 5:00 weigh-in
                                                                 Thursday 30th                  Quad @ HHHS
  01/15/11 07:30PM        H                POINT PLEASANT
  01/18/11 07:30PM        A                SCOTT
                                                                                             January 2011
  01/21/11 07:30PM        A                SHERMAN               Wednesday 5th                  DBL Tri HS & MS
  01/28/11 07:30PM        H                POCA                  Friday 7th & Saturday 8th      Nitro Invitational’s
  02/01/11 07:30PM        A                CLAY COUNTY           Wednesday 12th                 Quad @HHHS
                                                                 Friday 14th & Saturday 15th    Braxton Invitational
  02/04/11 07:30PM        A                SISSONVILLE           Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd    Nichols County
  02/08/11 07:30PM        H                SCOTT                 Thursday 27th                  Quad @HHHS
  02/11/11 07:30PM        H                WAYNE                                            February 2011
  02/12/11 07:30PM        A                POINT PLEASANT        Wednesday 2                    Cardinal Conf @HHHS (
                                                                 Saturday 19th                  Regional @ Calhoun
  02/15/11 07:30PM        H                CHAPMANVILLE
  02/16/11 07:30PM        A                RAVENSWOOD                            Thursday 24th Friday 25th & Saturday 26th
  02/18/11 07:30PM        A                POCA                                               STATE Tourney
  02/22/11 07:30PM        H
  02/25/11 07:30PM        A                TOLSIA
        2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180                                                 Page 15

                           The above picture is all that is left of Trey Corwell’s home
                           A fire destroyed a local family’s home, leaving a family of four not only
                           without their home, but without keepsake belongings, clothes, children
                           toys, and much more. Trey Corwell who is employed with Chase Bank
                           in Clendenin his wife Sabrina and two small children ages 2 and 4 lost
                           all their belongings in a Friday evening fire on Jan. 21st. A trust has
●                          been set up at Chase Bank in Clendenin to help the family in their time
                           of need. If you would like to donate to the fund just stop by the bank
    ●                      and let an employee know who want to help. Trey is a respected figure

●                          at the bank and wishes to thank everyone that has been so kind to him
                           and his family in their time of need. The cause of fire is unknown and
                           all the family escaped without harm.
Page 16                                                 2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                                       I Am Here
               I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got off work and the drive
home was taking forever. I hadn’t slept very well the night before so keeping my
eyes open was getting harder and harder. The last thing I remembered was lights
coming at me then a jarring crash. I awoke with everyone around my bed with
sad faces and talking in low voices that I couldn’t hear. I figured it must be bad
since all my family was there including my brother from another state. I couldn’t            Angela’s located @ #12 Virginia Ave.,
move and I tried to talk but the tube in my mouth was preventing me from saying              Clendenin, second street after crossing
anything and I was so tired I figured I would talk to them after I slept awhile. I             the Clendenin Bridge on the right
awaken to voices and saw the Doctor talking to my family and they all had wor-
ried looks on their faces. I wanted to ask what was the Doctor saying but the tube
wouldn’t allow me to talk and when I tried to raise my arm it had tubes every-
where and I was afraid of pulling them out, anyway I was so tired I wanted to
sleep, I figured they was giving me medicines for the pain that was causing me to
be so tired. The next time I woke up my husband and my mom was sitting there
and it looked like he hadn’t slept for days. I was wondering why his beard was so
shaggy since he had just shaved that morning, but it looked like he hadn’t shaved
for days. I tried to raise my hand but they must have restrained my hands to keep
me from pulling out my tubes so I just stared at him. He was looking right at me
and came over and I was so glad he knew I wanted him close. He bushed my hair
back and kissed me on the cheek, sat in the chair by my bedside and held my
hand with tears in his eyes. I was starting to get scared and I managed with the
tube in my throat to asked him why he was so sad, but he just stared at me with
the saddest eyes, laid his head on the side of the bed and that is when I couldn’t
concentrate and fell back to sleep. I woke again and my husband was still there,
but he just was so sad it was breaking my heart I managed to asked how long I
had been there, but he must not have heard me and walked over to the window
and was stretching, at that moment I knew I was tired of just lying there and not
able to console my husband and I was determined to get that tube out so I was
determined not to fall back to sleep again. Of course that was the last I remem-
bered until I woke up with voices and there was a room full of my family mem-
bers and my husband was holding my hand. It was like a fog and at that moment I
was starting to get really upset not able to console my husband who at that mo-
ment looked sadder than I had ever seen him in my life. At that very moment all I
wanted to do was to hold my husband and tell him it was okay, and I was deter-
mined to do just that. The pain was excruciating all at once and I thought I would
pass out with it and when the scream came out of my mouth I swore it was com-
ing from someone else. The looks on everyone’s face was pure shock. The Doc-
tor came in and the nurses rushed all the people out of the room. The Doctor re-
moved the tube from my throat and my voice was so raspy and sore it was hard to
talk and I couldn’t figure out why it hurt so badly, because when I talked to my
husband earlier it didn’t. My husband started crying and said thank God you are
back. I was confused and told him I had been there the entire time. My family all
came back in and was hugging me and crying and that is when my husband had
said I had been totally unconscious for a week in a deep coma and they were
starting to think there was no hope for my recovery. The Doctors had told them it
didn’t look good just minutes before I regained consciousness. I asked my hus-
band why he never answered me when I had spoken to him earlier and he told me
I was completely comatose and my eyes never opened and I had never spoke a
word the entire week. I had been somewhere in between life and death and was                     242 So. Pinch Rd., Pinch
watching over the situation and when my husband was so sad and the bond was
so close between us I wasn’t ready to leave the love of my life and I came back to
be with him. The Doctors are amazed and said they have no scientific reason for                  304-965-7238
my recovery, but my husband and I both know it was the power of love. If you
are in my situation never give up hope, love is one of the greatest healers in this
                                                                                          Official Inspection Station
life.                                                                                   • 3 Mechanics on Duty • Oil

***The Scary Stories series can be; Scary, Inspirational, Spiritual, “The un-                Changes • We sell Tires,
                                                                                               Batteries & More
known”, and many different subjects. They mainly deal with the uncertainty of
how and why things happen that you can’t explain. Some of the are true, but
some are fictional. You decide which are which!***                                        ••Car Trouble? We Can Help!••
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Page 18                                                            2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

Katherine Marie Frye Young, 89, of New Albany, formerly of Clendenin, WV, went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at New Albany Gardens and Care Cen-
ter in New Albany, OH following a long illness. Kitty, as she was known, helped her husband, Rev. Frank Young , serve many churches in the region, such as; Reynolds Memorial
UMC in Marmet, WV, St. Peters UMC in St. Albans, WV and Aldersgate UMC in Wheeling, WV. She was president of the WV Methodist Ministers Wives Association for many
years and was a member for over 40 years. Kitty was also a member of the United Methodist Women’s Society, the Clendenin United Methodist Church and the New Albany, OH
United Methodist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Young; parents, Jess Russell and Iva Lou (Cobb) Frye; brothers, Holly Arnold Frye, Sr., Ray Thomas
Frye and grandchild, Lee Michael Summerfield. Kitty is survived by her daughters, Pamela Karen Young Thomas, Francine Ann Young Mastin; sisters, Addie Marguerite Summers;
grandchildren, Michele Kriss, Heidi Henry, Hali Winesdorfer; and 4 great grandsons. Kitty’s funeral service was January 23, 2011 at the Clendenin United Methodist Church, 121
Koontz Ave. Clendenin, WV 25045 with Rev. Scott Ferguson officiating. She was buried at Koontz Cemetery in Clendenin.

Virginia Gandee Young, 89, of Clendenin, our loving mother, grandmother and friend passed away Monday, January 17, 2011 at home after a long illness. Virginia was born No-
vember 27, 1921 in Clendenin the daughter of the late Christy H. and Flora C. Bird. She will be greeted in heaven by her husbands, John D. Gandee and Scott Young; daughter,
Deanna Kay Skeens; and brother, James H. Bird. Virginia is survived by her son, Dr. James D. Gandee; son-in-law, Dorman Skeens; grandchildren, Jeffrey Skeens and wife Lisa,
Deanna “Dee” Gandee and partner Lori Ferguson, and Jennifer Gandee; great grandchildren, Andrew Skeens, Emma Skeens, and Kate Skeens; and many nieces, nephews cousins
and friends. Virginia attended Morris Harvey College in Charleston and was as member of Clendenin United Methodist Church, United Methodist Women’s Society, Clendenin
Women’s Club, and Eastern Star. She was also on the Board of Directors for the Elk National Bank. Virginia was a loyal, passionate, dedicated lady that blessed the lives of all who
surrounded her. She will be greatly missed by all, including her faithful dogs, Hopey, Molly, and Daizey Doolittle. Her funeral service was January 22, 2011 at the Clendenin United
Methodist Church with Rev. Scott Ferguson officiating. Virginia was buried at Elk Hills Memorial Park in Big Chimney.

Dolores Yvette (Craft) Hayes, 63, of Elkview, passed away at home following a long illness. She entered her heavenly home surrounded by family and friends that deeply loved her.
She was a 1965 graduate of Herbert Hoover High School and a veteran of the Army. Dolores was active in her church, Falling Rock Gospel Tabernacle, where she loved and cared
very much for her brothers and sisters in the Lord. She was well known and always complimented for her cooking, crafting and crocheting abilities. She will be sadly missed by all.
Dolores was preceded in death by her father, Raymond W. Craft; mother and step-father, Fay and Phil Nunley; brother, Clayton Craft; and sister, Julia Powers. She is survived by her
husband, James Edward Hayes; daughters, Ramona and husband Richard Postelwait of Elkview, Karna Hayes of Dunbar; brother, Raymond “Bub” Craft of St. Albans; sister, Rosita
Evans of Winchester, VA; grandchildren, Mikey and Ashley Buffington and Dakota Postelwait. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations to Hubbard Hospice House or the
American Cancer Society. Dolores’ funeral service was January 26, 2011 at Matics Funeral Home in Clendenin with Pastor Keith Monday officiating. Interment was at Tyler Moun-
tain Memory Gardens in Cross Lanes www.maticsfuneralhome.com.

Jerry Marshall Samples, 69, of Sissonville, died Sunday, January 23, 2011 at CAMC General in Charleston from complications of pneumonia and renal disease. He was a devout
Christian who lived his life helping others. Jerry enjoyed gardening and caring for his many flowering plants. He was a graduate of Clay County High School where he proudly
served as Class President during both his Junior and Senior years and later attended Marshall University. After 14 years at Cyclops Industries, Jerry became self employed. He was
preceded in death by his parents, Warner & Wavie (Smith) Samples; and brother, James Samples, of Bomont, WV. Jerry is survived by his wife of 34 years, Nancy; daughters, Loria
Samples of Chester, VA, Melissa Samples of Proctorville, OH; sons, Larry Samples of Nampa, Idaho and Randall Samples of Marsing, ID; sister, Kathy Walker of Elkview; broth-
ers, Michael & Thomas Samples of Bomont, Douglas Samples of Charleston, and Phillip Samples of Liberty, WV; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. The family
would like to sincerely thank the many doctors and nurses at CAMC General for their kind and compassionate care, especially Dr. Julian Espiritu. In lieu of flowers, donations may
be sent to Kathy Walker, 102 Fernwood Lane, Elkview, WV 25071 to help with the many expenses incurred during an extended illness. Jerry’s funeral service was January 27, 2011
at Matics Funeral Home with Pastor Mike Todorovich officiating. Interment will followed at the Smith Family Cemetery in Bomont, WV.

Roberta Lucy Day, 71, of South Charleston, went home to be with the Lord on Sunday, January 23, 2011 at Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston. Roberta, a good mom,
wife and homemaker, was preceded in death by her husband, George Kenneth Day; parents, Louis Filkosky and Cora Evelyn (Larch) Filkosky; and brother, Larry Lowry. Survivors
include her sons, Bret Day of Clendenin, Dennis Day of Nitro, Bobby Day of Charleston; daughters, Georgina Shuemake of Benton Harbor, MI, Darlena Cottrell, and Jennifer Ken-
nedy, both of South Charleston; sisters, Coralie Woodford of St. Albans, Bonnie McVey of Princeton; grandchildren, Ashley, D.J., Myra, Sara, Ty, Dylan, Mia, Samantha, Kenny,
Lauren, Lisa, Kristen, Jacob, Josh; and great grandchild, Mason. Her funeral service was January 29, 2011 at Matics Funeral in Clendenin with Rev. David Craft officiating. Burial
was at Elk Hills Memorial Park in Big Chimney.

Freeda Hope Snyder-Randolph, of Spring Hill, WV passed away January 28, 2011. Freeda, a long time resi-
dent of Spring Hill, WV, died at Dunbar Care & Rehabilitation; she was 102. As witnessed by her longev-
ity, Freeda was an advocate of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise long before it was fashionable. Freeda
was a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church of South Charleston. She was a homemaker, a won-
derful seamstress and her apple cobbler was a favorite of many family gatherings. During her life Freeda
enjoyed many activities, including vegetable gardening or spending time with family laughing and telling
stories with her brothers. She was also known to break into dance, especially the Macarena, at any time.
Freeda was born in 1909 in Clendenin, WV, to Walter & Estle Snyder. Freeda was blessed with over 50
years of marriage to Floris. C. Randolph of Harrison County, WV. Her parents, husband and siblings,
Maxel, Ruby, James and Charles Snyder preceded her in death. Although Freeda had no children of her
own, she is survived by three nieces, one nephew and their spouses: Renee & Ben Lepley of Clendenin,
Randee Jo & Don Beyer of Charleston, Jan & Craig Phillips of Lewisburg, and Scott & Janice Snyder of
Poca, all who loved her dearly. A gift to friends and family, she will be remembered as a brilliant lady well
ahead of her time. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Hospice Care 1606 Kanawha Blvd.
W., Charleston, WV 25387-2530. Her funeral service was January 30, 2011 at Matics Funeral Home, 124
1st Avenue in Clendenin with Rev. Gary Walker officiating. Burial followed the service at the Snyder

Judith Slash Byrd, 64, of Huntington WV, died on Monday, January 31, 2011. She was a devout Christian
who spent her life showing unconditional love for others. She was a member of Christ Temple Church in
Huntington WV. She was preceded in death by her parents, Clyde and Mary Harris of Clendenin WV;
brother Robert Harris of Ft. Worth TX, brother Jim Harris of Craigsville WV, grandson Joshua Trae Slash
of Huntington WV. Judy is survived by daughters Loria Samples of Chester VA, Melissa Samples of Proc-
torville OH, Shalon Castine of Chester VA and Amiee Slash of Huntington WV; sons Larry Samples of
Nampa ID and Randall Samples of Marsing ID; sister Barbara Williams of Crosby TX; brothers Tim Harris
                                                                                                                  Licensed Funeral Director And Em-
of Crosby TX and Danny Harris of Jonesbourgh TN; 19 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. In lieu of                         balmer
flowers, donations may be sent to Loria Samples, 15812 Maritime Ct, Chester VA 23831, to help the family
with many expenses incurred during an extended illness. Her services will be held Friday, February 4, 2011                     P.O. 549
at Matics Funeral Home in Clendenin WV at 12 p.m. The family will receive friends one hour prior to the                    124 First Avenue
funeral service. Interment will follow at Falling Rock Cemetery, Clendenin. After the funeral, a
“Celebration of Life” service will be held at 4:00 p.m. at Christ Temple Church in Huntington, WV. Pastor               Clendenin, WV, 25045
Chuck Lawrence is officiating both services. Online condolences may be expressed at
                                                                       2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180                                                                   Page 19

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as    Donevia Myers Akers, 86, of Boomer, died January 9, 2011, in Montgomery Elderly Care
 ia   after an extended illness. Born on December 23, 1924, in Reamer, WV, she was the
h-    daughter of the late Frank Roy Myers and Gertrude Roush Myers. In addition to her par-
ly    ents, she was also preceded in death by her husband, Albert Akers; brothers, Delbert,
ay    Corwin, James, Guy and William Myers; sisters, Jeanette Lucas and Mildred Harrah, and
11    daughter-in-law, Vickie Akers. She was a member of the Bell Creek Missionary Baptist
      Church in Dixie, a retired employee of Sears Roebuck and Company Catalog Store of
      Montgomery, and a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, having served in World
m,    War II. Survivors include her daughter Carol (Danny) Davis of Belle; son, Wiley L. Akers
rs    of Charlton Heights; grandchildren, Ami (Derek) Palmer of Clendenin, Travis (Apple)
n-    Davis of Martinsburg, Chynna Akers of Charlton Heights, Lesley (Shawne) Monk of
y,    Pinch; great-grandchildren, Delaney and Amaira Palmer and Chloe and Camryn Monk;
al    brother, Lester (Naomi) Myers of Oak Hill; sisters, Betty (Frank) Henson of Fayetteville,
      Gloria Jean Jordan (L.T.) of Fayetteville, Flavia Cole of Jefferson, OH; special niece,
      Debbie Akers of Seattle, WA, and a host of nieces and nephews.. A graveside service was
      January 14, 2011, at Kanawha Valley Memorial Gardens, Glasgow. Graveside Military
      rites was conducted by the Ansted VFW Post 7695. The family would like to extend a
      special thanks to the staff of Montgomery Elderly Care for their care and compassion. On-
      line condolences may be sent to the family at www.carlwilsonfuneralhome.com. Penning-
      ton Funeral Home, Gauley Bridge, is honored to be serving the Akers family.

      Vinca P. Jones, 85, of Charleston, formerly of Clay, entered into rest Saturday, January
      22, 2011, at Dunbar Care and Rehabilitation Center. Born May 26, 1925 on Beechy
      Ridge. She was the daughter of the late J.W. and Minnie (Reedy) Cline. In addition to her
      parents she was also preceded in death by her grandson, Robert Dwight Jones, 6 brothers
      and 1 sister. Vinca is survived by her son, Rodney Dwight Jones and wife, Patricia Ann of
      Charleston, granddaughter, Kimberly Ann Pucci of Strasburg, Colorado, grandson, Timo-
      thy Wayne Jones of Cross lanes, great-grandchildren Brittney Nicole Pucci, Robert
      Dwight Dixon, great-great grandchildren Kayden Dixon, Auderyana Dixon, and sister,
      Velva Morrison of Michigan. Graveside service was January 24, 2011 at Reedy - Cline
      Cemetery, Bickmore, with Basil Smith Jr. officiating. On-line condolences may be sent to
      the family at www.carlwilsonfuneralhome.com Wilson-Shamblin-Smith funeral is hon-
      ored to be serving the Jones family.
                                                                                                                        4931-4 Elk River Rd. So.,
                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 740, Elkview, WV 25071
      Gladys Virgie King, 101, of Noblesville,IN., formerly of Clay, entered into rest Monday,
      January 31, 2011. Born August 16,1909 in Porters Creek, Clay. She was the daughter of                             ♦Gravel ♦Sand ♦Mortar ♦Building Stone
      the late Burton and Lula Cook. In addition to her parent she was preceded in death by her
      husband Charles King, sons, Bobbie King, Rondal King, daughter, Jo Ann Legg. Gladys                                ♦Masonry Tools ♦Mulch ♦and More…
      is survived by her children, Steven King of Liberty, Carolyn Lucas of Noblesville, IN.,
      Ruth Kilner of Kendleton, IN., Gwen Mullins of Toledo, OH., 10 grandchildren, 9 great-
                                                                                                                                     Phone: 965-0080
      grandchildren, 5 great-great-grandchildren and sister, Darlene Burroughs of Clay. Funeral                                       /Fax: 965-0909
      service was February 3, 2011 On-line condolences may be sent to
      www.carlwislonfuneralhome.com Wilson-Shamblin-Smith Funeral Home, Clay, is hon-                                    Toll Free: 1-866-302-8898
      ored to be serving the King family.
                                                                                                                            E-Mail: Meansstone@verizon.net
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                                        Burke Memorial Methodist Church                Cooper's Creek Advent
                                         Located across Camp Creek Bridge              Christian Church
                                         Sunday Morning Preaching-9:AM                 Approx 2.5 miles down
                                         Sunday School-10:AM,                          Cooper's Creek from
                                         Wednesday Night Bible Study-7:PM              Big Chimney Exit off I79
                                        Pastor: Allen Jones                            Sunday School 10 AM
                                        ***************************                    Message @ 11:15 AM
                                        Young’s Memorial Church, Queen Shoals          **************************
                                        Pastor Allen Jones                             Reamer Hill Community Church
                                        Sunday School 10:00am,                         Leatherwood Road, Clendenin
                                        Sunday Preaching 11:00am                       Sunday School 10:00 am
                                        Tuesday Bible Study 6:30pm                     Wednesday 7:00 pm
                                        **************************                     Sunday 7:00 pm
                                        Faith Missionary Baptist Church                Pastor Tim Hobbs
                                        Bomont, Cross Queen Shoals bridge.             ***************************
                                        Services are: Sunday 10 am                     Christian Church
                                         Sunday 6 pm, Thursday 7 pm                    Spencer Rd. (Above Cottontree)
                                        Pastor Nick Bird, 304-548-6665                 Sat. Night 7:00pm
                                        *******************************                Pastor Rudy Casto
                                        Faith Missionary Baptist Church                More info; 304-548-6646
                                        Dutch Ridge Road/Laurel Road                   **************************
                                        Sunday Eve.-6:00pm, Tuesday-6:00pm             Three Mile Wesleyan Church
                                        Pastor-Jim Myers,                              Sunday School - 10AM
                                        Associate Pastor-LeeRoy Anderson               Sunday Morning Worship - 11AM
                                        **********************************             Sunday Evening - 6PM
                                        Word & Faith Baptist Church, Falling Rock      Wednesday Evening - 7PM
                                        Sunday Morning: 10 A.M,                        Classes for all ages at all services!
                                        Sunday Night: 6 P.M., Wednesday Night:         Pastor Billy Burdette
                                        7:30 P.M., Pastor: Calvin Ray Jr, Asst. Pas-   For More Information please call 304-
                                        tor: Jimmy W. Seabolt                          935-4800
                                        **********************************             ***************************
                                        Lifesong (a Southern Baptist Church)           Indian Creek Mission Church
                                        2152 Greenbrier St., Charleston WV,25311       1854 Quick Rd, Elkview WV
                                        (Located across the road from the Meadow-      Pastor: Marshall Crowder
                                        brook Nursing home)                            Sun. School 10am Worship Serv. 11am
                                        Pastor Danny Cunningham, 10:45 am Sunday,      A Bible Believing Church
                                        7:00pm Wed., lifesongbaptist.org

                          Mt. Pleasant
                         Baptist Church                                       Sunday School-
                   5110 Elk River Road North                                  10:00am/ for all ages
                  Elkview, West Virginia 25071                               Morning Services-
                     Phone: (304) 965-7062                                          10:50am
                                                                             Evening Service-
                      Fax: (304) 965-9262
                        Email Addresses:                                     Wednesday Night
                      mpbc@hotmail.com                                         Service-7:00pm
Pastor Lee Swor
                                                                             Nursery Provided
Page 22   2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                                         Dave’s Auto Repair
                                                      60 Reamer Road
                                Licensed              Clendenin, WV
                                  and           304-548-8300                   Certified
                                                       ●State Inspections
                                        ●Oil Changes ●Computer Diagnostics ●Tires
                                       ●Minor Collision Repair ●New & Used Parts
                                  ●Windshields Installed ●Church Group Discounts ●Motor
                                  & Transmission Replacement (new & used)●Brake Service
                                                    “Jesus Saves”
                                           Hours: Mon.– Sat.-9:00am-6:00pm
                                      Quality Repairs That You Can Afford

                                                             We Now Accept Visa,
                                                            MasterCard and Discover
                                                   2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180                                      Page 23

               Under Construction
Blackwell Construction’s new office building located at the mouth
of Cottontree is nearing completion and hopes to be ready to con-
duct business from by the end of October. The Blackwell Construc-
tion Company has built the building from the ground up. Watch
The Country Times for the Grand Opening of their new site!

                                                        We build houses, decks, driveways, garages, remodel, and so
                                                        much more...No job is too small or too large! A family owned
                                                        and operated business with competitive prices. Call us now and
                                                        let us do the work for you.

                                                                                        81 Idleman Drive Pinch,
                                                                                             Elkview , WV
                                                                                          (The old Buddy’s Double
    Federal with WV return starting at $90                                                Bubble Laundromat)
    Business returns: Corp, S Corp, Partnership
                                                                                                        Mon.-Sat. -9:00-6:00
    Free electronic filing – fast refunds                             304-965-7772                Closed Sun. & Major Holidays
                                                                       Walk-Ins Welcome
 • Free tax advice for our clients, year round
                                                                        Great for sore
                                                                       muscles, Arthri-
                                                                          tis, Stress,
                                                                       Headaches, Mi-
                                                                         graines and
                                                                        much more…
                                                                        Deep Tissue,
                                                                         Therapy and
Page 24                                                            2/4/11-The Country Times-Issue#180

                                                            floor rancher, new con-
                                                            struction, one level
                                                            living, open floor plan,
                                                            2–full baths, 3-split
                                                            bedrooms featuring
                                                            total hardwood and
                                                            ceramic        floors,
                                                            stainless appliances, 2-
                                                                                              Clendenin-Beautiful 4 BR, 4BA Home.                    Clendenin-Spacious Home that sits high
                                                            car heated garage.                                                                       with great views. 3 BR, 2 BA with many
                                                                                              Lot extends to river. This is not a drive by!
                                                            $209,000.         Call            Must See! 129,900 Call Cassandra 304-                  updates just completed. Just Beautiful!
                                                            Christy 304-389-6345              776-0272 ML 131518                                     119,500.Call Ralph-304-965-3338 or
                                                            or Ralph-304-965-                                                                        Christy 304-389-6345 ML 131481

   Pinch-Very Nice Raised Rancher, All          Left Hand-50 plus acreage with 2 car          Clendenin-This home is located in town,
   Brick, Great Location, Large Covered                                                       walking distance to all conveniences and               Clendenin-Nice starter home or great
                                                garage, partial basement, new hardwood
   Patio, 2 Car Garage. Third Bedroom Is                                                      church, has a beautiful back yard facing               investment, possible 4th bedroom, a sun
                                                flooring, 3BR, 2BA, out building, Fire-
   Over Garage W/Private Bath. $159,000-                                                      Koontz Ave. $64,500. Call Ralph 304-550                room, nice views, sold as is. $62,999. Call
                                                place insert. $189,900. Call Shelly -304-
   Call Calvin-304-389-3876 ML#132503                                                         -3864 or Christy 304-389-6345                          Ralph 304-550-3864 or Christy 304-389-
                                                382-9916       ML131713
                                                                                              ML#131804                                              6345 ML# 131761

                                               Clendenin-Handsome solid brick house           Clendenin-Great Investment Property or live in
   Elkview-3-bedrooms, 2-baths double-                                                        one & rent the other for income. Basement              Elkview-Older mobile home on 3.5 acres,
   wide home, over 1acre. Close to 1-79.       W/2BR, 2BA at a great price! Has an
                                                                                              equipped W/ 8’X14’ garage door, w/ a walk out          beautiful land, close to I-79, minutes to
   priced to sell. $79,000. Call Calvin 304-   “Almost finished” lower level for additional
                                                                                              entrance, full bath & separate utilities, could have   Charleston. $55,000., Call Calvin 304-389
   389-3876 ML#131571                          rooms. Flood Ins. May be required. 119,500.    3rd rental unit. $115,000. Call Ralph 304-550-         -3876 ML#131616
                                               Call Ralph-304-965-3338 or Christy 304-        3864 or Christy 304-389-6345 ML#132707
                                               389-6345 ML#131569

                                                                                              Elkview-Excellent development prop-                    Clendenin- Great Investment Property,
   Clendenin-4.5 acres, 3BR, 2BA, Black        Elkview-One Bay Car Wash located               erty. Barn with 199 Acres with at least 14             Could Be A Barber Shop, Small Farmers
   Top Drive, Nice out building, 4 miles to    downtown Pinch with established Detail         house sites and 8 optional sites possible.             Market, Etc. No Limits, No Restrictions,
   interstate. $105,000 Call Calvin-304-389    Shop. $69,900. Call Christy 304-389-           City water accessibility. Was $299,000                 Located On A Busy Highway. $19,500.
   -3876      ML 131727                        6345 or Ralph -304-965-3338                    Now $289,00 CallCalvin-304-389-3876                    Call Christy 304-389-3864 Or Ralph
                                               ML131874                                       ML131809                                               304-550-3864. Mls#132466

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