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									Debbi Bifulco Guerilla Marketing 101
An interactive workshop focusing Guerilla Marketing strategies for small to mid-sized businesses. Learn
the six-step process to develop a laser-focused marketing plan for your clients, as well as your own
business. You’ll leave the workshop with ideas you can implement immediately at no or little cost!

Paul Fraser XBRL What is it? Why should I care? What's in it for me?
XBRL or "Extensible Business Reporting Language" is one of the most significant advances in business
reporting and accounting since the introduction of Double Entry Accounting.

As a business adviser, you owe it to yourself and your clients to know what is going on in this exciting
area. You should be checking it out "NOW." Governments, accounting bodies and businesses
throughout the world are adopting XBRL as their preferred business reporting technology.

Paul Fraser, an IIB associate from Australia, is developing XBRL based accounting software aimed at the
SME market, and during his presentation he will provide you with an introduction to the methods and
techniques you will need to know.

Karl M. Gibbons Franchising – The Way Forward?
The opportunities for business owners to develop and expand their business model in both the national
and international market place is now huge and the franchising format is leading the way. According to
Arthur Andersen LLP - ‘The growth potential for franchising worldwide is exponential.’

Join Karl M. Gibbons, President of Third Eye Management to explore the world of franchising including;
the size and scope of the international franchise market, the basic formula for evaluating if a business
can be franchised, what it takes to franchise a business and the pros and cons of international
franchising. Discover if franchising is the way forward for you and/or your clients.

Richard Haasnoot Merwyn Sales Technology
Using a more persuasive sales and marketing message does increase sales. Now your clients (and you)
can be guaranteed a dramatically more persuasive sales/marketing message when they use the highly
validated and proven Merwyn Technology: The Science of Persuasion. Learn the persuasion principles
that prove Merwyn Technology is “practical advice that works” and you will be immediately more

Ted C. Hill Got a BSP? Now what?
This session will show you exactly how to start with your client’s symptoms of internal organizational
problems and determine the true cause. You will get a list of the most common internal problems and
the order in which problems should be investigated. Your clients will be impressed by your ability to
solve problems that have baffled them and you will increase your credibility as a trusted business
advisor. These techniques are based solely on Ted’s over 35 years of solving organizational problems.
This presentation was very popular at the IIB Las Vegas Convention and the content is unique to Ted’s
organization, Focused Management, Inc.
Ted C. Hill Exit Strategy BSP
60 million “Baby Boomers” will retire in the next 15 years and that means a lot of small business will
change hands! In order to cash in on this huge market you will need to understand how to help clients
sell their businesses. But more importantly you need to know how to differentiate yourself from all the
others who are going to rush in to this market.

It is easy to sell a highly profitable business so what does such an owner need with us? Actually we can
offer a lot. But the real trick is knowing how to sell a marginal business. There are going to be a lot of
business owners who will pay to learn how to get out of these marginal businesses. The secret is how to
successfully identify, evaluate, select, and train a person to buy the business. The beauty of this unique
methodology is that you end up with two BSPs. The first BSP is with the existing owner teaching the
individual how to sell the business and the second BSP is training the new owner how to be a successful
business person. This session will show you how to add a valuable new service to your business advisory

Jule Jellema Finance & Investments – making investments and obtaining loans
Mr. Jellema will discuss how to organize terms for clients of Associates or for the financial purposes of
the Associates themselves as this is an important and most unique way of financing important for all our
clients and or associates. Attend this workshop to learn how this works and do your clients a favor.
Associate commissions are also available.

Eric Leaman Business Philanthropy
Business Philanthropy has been gaining momentum in recent years and is recognized as a both virtue,
and a good business strategy, by many public corporations.

Quite apart from the feelings about how virtuous or not it might be for companies (or their executives)
to contribute from their profits to the social community, there is growing evidence that corporate social
responsibility actually improves a company's competitive advantage. That is, business philanthropy can
actually be good for business. It is evident that the nations (and the worlds) communities notice and
approve of what businesses are doing philanthropically which leads to a win-win situation: Companies
are realizing that their social investments can pay off financially, and their business success can translate
into social good so more and more businesses are giving directly to the social community.

What does all this mean to the entrepreneurial (small) business owner and those that serve them? Can
they too realize the positive personal and competitive impact from Business Philanthropy? The answers
to these questions, and many others, will be probed and discussed during Business Philanthropy and
Philanthropy to Businesses and you will leave with a clear understanding, and probably a plan, of how to
use Business Philanthropy and Philanthropy to Businesses to build your business.
Michael Malloy Business Beyond Borders
To be globally competitive in today’s global, internet economy it's not about "Going Global." It's about
being "Globally Competitive" - strengthening your supply chain and expanding sales, regionally,
nationally, and internationally.

Learn how to take your business beyond borders and overcome the obstacles of technology, geography,
and scarce information on new markets.
It is a simple fact that every company operates and competes in a global, and an internet, marketplace.
The answer is not to "Go Global". The answer is to "Be Globally Competitive".

Mike Lichtenberger Enterprise Learning & Leadership
Associates will be inspired by their own growth and development in Leadership. As you examine your
own inner strengths you will explore the Learning path to your personal goals…Ask yourself, as we do
our BSP clients “what are the behaviors and leadership qualities behind our success?”

In this highly interactive session, Mike will explore Leadership Stewardship with participants as they
learn how to use tools such as The Leadership Scorecard and Leadership Mapping. Join Mike, executive
director of Chaisson Leadership Centre, as he presents a novel Leadership Stewardship process to help
those seeking a customer care strategy that generates superior results for BSP’s, their customers and
their employees.

Leadership Excellence is Executive Education – and Stewardship is about strengthening your workforce
at all levels as a keystone to maximizing peak performance as a Breakthrough organization, and lead
compelling change in a SME world of Customer Focus, Operation Excellence and Success through

Kevin Lovewell How To Write A Business Plan That Actually Adds Value To Your Business!
Want to make money from business plan writing workshops? Or, do you want a business plan that’s
easy to write and easy to use for yourself? And when you know how to write your business plan, do you
want to confidently share your knowledge and experience with SME’s. Kevin has developed an adult
learning toolbox all associates can benefit from.

Everybody knows the importance of a business plan, yet very few people are capable of producing a
business plan that actually adds value to their business. Facilitating groups of business owners with Do-
It-Yourself business planning is a way of distilling practical knowledge that will last a lifetime. Kevin is
going to share his process with associates. How he is making money by presenting business plan writing
workshops. He will even share with associates how Bankers, Accountants, entrepreneurs and well
established businesses ask for his help and willingly pay for his knowledge and experience after the plan
has been written.
Mickey Moore Doodlebug – Value Driven Planning™ for Small Business
This presentation will explore Value Driven Planning™, a strategic decision support methodology based
on disciplined “Voice of the Customer” scientific techniques. It will also introduce Doodlebug, an
Internet-based software and training program designed to extend an IIB Associate’s ability to acquire
and retain BSP engagements by assisting small businesses with strategic planning.

Kenneth D. Morris, Esq. How and When to Hire a Lawyer
This presentation will focus on (i) when you should know you need a lawyer, (ii) how do you go about
finding one, and (iii) how do you evaluate whether the relationship is working. Included in the remarks
will be a discussion about the sorts of matters and events which should tell you to retain a lawyer, as
well as how to locate and evaluate the right one in the U.S. At the end of the presentation, you should
be able to tell if you have a win-win relationship.

Thom Stimpel Zero-Base Budgeting … a powerful strategic tool
Zero-Based Budgeting is an all-encompassing strategic tool that provides your client with a
comprehensive understanding of their business (perhaps for the first time), and a new level of
confidence, control and motivation to succeed.

This presentation will outline the process, and all the critical elements that go into constructing one
document that can successfully propel an entire enterprise. It will illustrate why ZBB may be the single
most important process that a business owner could ever employ!

Whether your client is a novice or an experienced executive, the results of ZBB will provide financial
acuity and prioritized business objectives that renew the vision of the entrepreneur. It also provides
Associates with an excellent tool for expanding the breadth and duration of their engagements.

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