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					Get Active Orlando                                                                              th
                                                                           State of Florida: 37 of 50
Orlando, FL                                                           Congressional District 8: ranking 238

                                                                                      of 436
                                                                                              th                Orlando MSA 116 of 188
                                                                        2010 Well-Being Report Florida

The Community

According to the 2008 Health Council of East Central Florida Health
Profile - Orange County, FL has a population of 1,043,500. The                                  th
population is 63% White, 20% Black. Orlando is served by the 8th           State of Florida: 37 of 50
                                                                      Congressional District 8: ranking 203
Congressional District.                                                               of 435
                                                                            Orlando MSA 80 of 185
                                                                        2009 Well-Being Report Florida
Project Overview

Developed in the fall of 2003, Get Active Orlando brings together a multi-disciplinary team to
build a community focused on active living. The collaboration includes public health agencies,
hospitals, bicycle clubs and shops, neighborhood associations, community organizations, a
university, and City government. The initiative creates and promotes environments that make
it safe and convenient for people to be more physically active. The goal is to bring about and
sustain changes in design, transportation, and policies to cultivate and support a way of live
that integrates physical activity into daily lives.

The Collaboration

Get Active Orlando includes: Orange County Health Department, Florida Hospital, Orlando
Health, Metropolitan Orlando, Florida Bicycle Association, Orlando Neighborhood Improvement
Corporation, University of Central Florida, Families, Parks & Recreation, Florida Nurses
Association, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Orlando Police, Fritz Communications
and many more.

The Initiative

Get Active Orlando is a visionary partnership serving the community by inspiring the public to
make active and healthy lifestyle changes. The community offers resources, influences policies,
shapes the environment, and creates programs to benefit individuals and the community.
Below are some examples of actions by Get Active Orlando:

   •   Take the Stairs Campaign - is designed to encourage people to use the stairs in lieu of
       an elevator to add more exercise to their day. Get Active Orlando is taking the lead by
       posting signs in government buildings, but businesses are also invited to join the
            •    Community Gardens - promotes healthy communities and provides food security for
                 many low income persons. In an urban setting, community gardens are part of the open
                 space network. The gardens and those who participate in community gardening
                 contribute to the preservation of open space, provide access to it, and create
                 sustainable uses of the space. Community gardens strengthen community bonds,
                 provide food, and create recreational and therapeutic opportunities for a community.
                 They can also promote environmental awareness and provide community education.

            •    Create Conditions -Get Active Orlando values physical activity and works to create the
                 conditions necessary for people to make physical activity part of their daily lives. They
                 ensure all aspects of the community, including policies and practices, programs,
                 infrastructure, design, facilities, schools, organizations, workplaces, and neighborhoods
                 do their part to increase physical activity opportunities for all people.

        Funding sources

        The initial investment in Get Active Orlando was through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
        Active Living by Design Initiative. Other funding came from The Blue Foundation – Embrace
        Healthy Florida, Orange County Health Department, and the Track Shack Foundation.

        Contact for more information:

        Get Active Orlando
        c/o City of Orlando
        Planning Department
        400 S. Orange Avenue
        Orlando, FL 32802
         Phone: (407) 245-7313
        Fax: (407) 245-7313, extension 8

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