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					   VOLUME XXXVII                                           A FLORIDA TECH STUDENT PUBLICATION                                                          APRIL 25, 2003
Florida Tech                          JAMSTAR Soars to                                                                                     N    EWS AND      EVENTS
                                                                                                                                              Dr. T. Dwayne McCay
Students                                                                                                                                  has been selected as Provost

Get “Leiad”                             New Heights                                                                                       and Chief Academic Officer.
                                                                                                                                          The post is second-in-com-
                                                                                                                                          mand and has responsibility
   Sarah Snyder                                                                                                                           for all academic, research and
   A&E Editor                                                                                                                             student matters. He will as-
                                                                                                                                          sume this newly created posi-
    Panther Days kicked off Fri-
                                                                                                                                          tion on July 1, 2003.
day, April 5 with the Beach Ex-
travaganza at Melbourne Beach.
                                                                                                                                              Dr. Ryan Stansifer, Flor-
The following night, the annual
                                                                                                                                          ida Tech Associate Professor
Pirate’s Bash was held at the An-
                                                                                                                                          of Computer Science, was
chorage. It was a week jam-
                                                                                                                                          honored recently with the
packed with activities for stu-
                                                                                                                                          Coach’s Award at the Associ-
dents, including the ever-popular
                                                                                                                                          ation for Computing Machin-
                                                                                                                                          ery’s International Collegiate
    On Tuesday, April 8, Rites of
                                                                                                                                          Programming Contest for
Spring was held in the Panther
                                                                                                                                          continuing successful coach-
Plaza (formerly the SUB Plaza).
                                                                                                                                          ing of student teams that ad-
Campus Food Services was serv-
                                                                                                                                          vance to the world finals.
ing dinner, as well as tons of
                                                                                                                                          Stansifer has taken a team to
snack foods including the ever-
                                                                                                                                          the world competition four
popular cotton candy. While
                                                                                                                                          times in eight years.
stuffing their faces, students
could enjoy the musical talents of
                                                                                                                                              Florida Tech to Graduate
three different musicians. Also
                                                                                                                                          420 at Spring Commence-
on hand to add to the fun was a
                                                                                                                                          ment ceremonies on May 3 at
professional juggler who taught
                                                                                                                                          10 a.m. in the Clemente Cen-
students some of his tricks.
                                                                                                                                          ter. Roy D. Bridges Jr., direc-
    In spite of the cold on Thurs-
                                                                                                                                          tor of NASA’s Kennedy Space
day, April 10, the Residence Life
                                                                                                                                          Center, will deliver the com-
sponsored luau still went on.
                                                                                                                                          mencement address. Graduat-
There were games like limbo and
                                                                                                                                          ing students will receive their
black light volley ball for every-
                                                                                                                                          bachelor’s, master’s or doctor-
one to participate in. Of course,
                                                                                                                                          al degrees at spring com-
no luau would be complete with-
                                                                                                                                          mencement. Florida Tech will
out funny hats and leias for ev-
                                                                                                                                          also confer about 180 master’s
eryone. The master chefs of the
                                                                                                  Photo by Andy Sokol                     degrees through its School of
evening prepared shish kebab.
                                                                                                                                          Extended Graduate Studies,
    One of the highlights of the       Andy Sokol                      been responsible for the only      components, which ended up      which has 10 locations
evening was the watermelon eat-        Crimson Space Specialist        student-built rocket to ever       as far as eight miles down-     throughout the U.S.
ing contest. Although it looked                                        reach such heights. The team       range of the Florida City
like one of last year’s major con-       At 2:35 a.m. on Easter        is currently in the process of     launch site. Southwest of          Gertrude E. Skelly Foun-
tenders, O’Neal Ellis, was going     morning (April 20), the Flor-     deconstructing their meteoro-      Miami, Florida City has a       dation of Boynton Beach,
to take first place this year, he    ida Tech JAMSTAR team un-         logical payload and rocketry       great deal of open farmland     Fla., has made a gift of
was disqualified with only thirty    leashed their attempt at the      electronics to acquire the nec-    and is thus ideal for a high-   $50,000 to Florida Tech’s De-
seconds to go when he threw up.      record books by launching         essary data for altitude verifi-   power rocket launch. The        partment of Marine and Envi-
This was a major disappointment      their 19-foot 4-inch boosted      cation. The eight students on      main recovery systems of the    ronmental Systems (DMES)
to all of his fans and Leandro       dart sounding rocket into the     the team are Andy Sokol            rocket, linked to the booster   for the Skelly Endowment.
Almeida, who was unfortunate         clear, starry sky. The solid      (Aerospace Engineering),           and the payload, contained      The F.W. Olin Foundation of
enough to be standing next to        rocket motor, fueled by am-       Kyra Boback (AE), Emanuel          bright xenon strobe lights,     will match the contribution on
him at the time. In the end, first   monium perchlorate and alu-       Brown (AE), Maddie Clark           which could be seen falling     April 30.
place went to Brian in a tie-        minum, provided a mighty          (AE), Patti Ferraro (Meteorol-     through the sky by the spec-
breaker round. Honorable men-        eight-second boost. At the        ogy), Corey Calvert (Met.),        tators at the launch site.         Florida Tech School of
tion goes to Nikhil, who finished    end of the boost phase, the       Joseph Pearce (Electrical En-      These strobes, donated to the   Management Center for
in a close second.                   dart (unpowered second            gineering), and Christopher        project by ACR Electronics,     Business Ethics announces
    Saturday morning, Recess         stage) separated by drag          Han (Computer Engineering).        are normally used for res-      the winners of the first
was held at Southgate Field.         alone and continued cruising      JAMSTAR is an acronym for          cues at sea. The timing of      Steven T. Freeman Ethics Es-
Tons of great games reminiscent      into the sky to reach its even-   Joint Aerospace & Meteorol-        the strobes’ appearance in      say Contest. First-place win-
of elementary school recess, such    tual apogee. The altitude         ogy STratosphere Analysis          the sky corresponded to the     ner is Arnold Diehl of Sebas-
as dodgeball and tug-of-war,         goal for the team was             Rocket.
gave students a chance to recon-     100,000 feet; if successful,          The darkness of night was      Continued on Page 2              Continued on Page 2
nect with their inner children.      the JAMSTAR team will have        key to recovery of the rocket

   Sci/Tech                                          A&E                                      Sports                                      Op Ed
                                                                                             Graduating                                   Rubik’s
   JAMSTAR Pics                                     Alex Bach
                                                                                               Seniors                                     Cube
      Page 5                                         Page 7
                                                                                             Pages 8 - 11                                 Page 12
   2        April 25, 2003       Florida Tech’s Crimson
                                               Although the helicopter had the       nearly 10 hours after launch!            lemetry system and developed func-
     Continued from                        capabilities to land to retrieve the               Regardless of the verified      tional transmission hardware; against
                                           systems found in the Park, Mr. Buer-      altitude, which is still an ongoing
  “JAMSTAR” on Page 1                      mann felt the terrain was too risky to    process as this article is being writ-
                                                                                                                              all odds they recovered nearly every
                                                                                                                              major component of the rocket; and
                                           land, as it appeared uneven and           ten, the JAMSTAR project has been        finally through this tremendous learn-
    team’s simulated launch; the first     swampy. This meant the team had to
set appeared shortly after motor                                                     an enormous success. Starting with       ing experience, the JAMSTAR team
                                           go for the components the more dif-       a mere $250, the team was able to        acquired knowledge on the function-
burnout, indicating the booster had        ficult way, on the ground. En route
reached its apogee, and the second                                                   raise nearly $15,000 in financial,       ality of a large scale real-world type
                                           to meeting with Everglades Nation-        material, and industrial donations       project as an interdisciplinary team,
set appeared roughly 60 seconds lat-       al Park Ranger Mirta Maltes, Andy,
er. These visual clues point to a nom-                                               from over 35 sponsors, including a       and in doing so have formed and
                                           Kyra, and Davlyn passed an open           $2,500 donation from United Space        strengthened the relationships be-
inal flight.                               field and spotted some of the rocket
    Considering the vast area over                                                   Alliance. The students gained a          tween the departments and schools
                                           hardware laying in it! However un-        wealth of real-world business and        here on campus, as well as between
which the rocket pieces could land, a      likely it would seem, the booster,
visual reference from the launch site                                                rocketry knowledge from their advi-      major corporations and the universi-
                                           dart body, and nose cone all landed       sors, including Greg Peebles, Chris      ty.
was not enough to recover them.            in this field within 50 yards of each
Both booster and payload were trans-                                                 Holland, and Dr. Paavo Sepri. The            If it was in fact achieved, a student
                                           other. After notifying the rest of the    team oversaw the life cycle of a         rocketry altitude record will certainly
mitting a traceable signal; the boost-     team that some components had
er’s signal could only be traced to the                                              sounding rocket through its design,      be a nice touch to round out that list
                                           been found, the trio continued into       construction, and development and        of the JAMSTAR project’s accolades.
edge of Everglades National Park,          the Everglades.
while the payload stopped transmit-                                                  testing of its various systems, which        JAMSTAR’s website is http://
                                               When they arrived, Ranger Malt-       even included a half-scale wind tun-, and
ting during its descent (the team          es has already examined the coordi-
found later the transmission antenna                                                 nel model; they designed, built, and     contains many details about the
                                           nates in comparison to known pas-         tested two functional meteorological     project and its development over the
had snapped). The JAMSTAR team             sages through the park, and in her
was prepared, however, for this sce-                                                 payloads (prototype & flight-ready       past year. It also contains a number
                                           patrol car, led the ground team in        versions) for atmospheric data ac-       of videos of its Easter morning
nario.                                     Andy’s SUV on a wild off-road trek
    In the air outside of Florida City                                               quisition; they worked with a pre-       launch.
                                           through the park. After getting as        production experimental rocketry te-
at the time of launch was a Florida        close to the coordinates as possible
Tech aircraft, a Piper Cherokee flown      (by monitoring a hand-held GPS)
by two of our own pilots, Neils            and reviewing a description of the          In Other News:
Kuyper and Ben Carter, whose assis-        area given by the pilots, the team dis-
tance was arranged by FIT Aviation         covered they would have to cross a
and the School of Aeronautics. Also        20-foot swampy stream to get to the
in the air was helicopter owner and        equipment. With no other way
pilot Eric Buermann, accompanied           across other than wading, Andy
by Florida Tech student Davlyn Chin.       braved sinking in the muck and wa-
The two aircraft flew a coordinated        ter up to his chest and made it to the
search for the rescue strobes, pene-       other side. Eventually he found the
trating the dark night sky with Night      equipment, which turned out to be
Vision Goggles entrusted to the team       the parachute and strobe that was
by LTC Tom Tate and Florida Tech’s         originally attached to the booster; it
Army ROTC. As the pilots in the air-       had somehow become separated dur-
plane spotted the strobes from high        ing the descent. The second set of
altitude, they radioed the approxi-        coordinates pointed to the center of
mate GPS coordinates to the helicop-       an enormous open field, which dur-
ter, which then flew in at low altitude,   ing the most of the year is filled with
hovered over the location, and took        water. Fortunately, it was dry
more exact coordinates. The aircraft       enough to walk (while avoiding nu-
remained in contact with the team at       merous holes and ditches), and so
the launch site via transceiver radio.     Kyra and Andy took the journey and
Eventually both sets of strobes were                                                                                            Photo by Jeff Kelly
                                           found the fully intact payload. The
found, and were lying inside the bor-                                                  Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society inducts new freshmen members on
                                           last critical piece had been found,
ders of Everglades National Park.                                                      Saturday, April 13.

  From the News Editor
     I still can’t believe that I, the new freshman, find myself in the position
 that I’m in today. With no prior experience and a hesitant beginning, I was                                            Crimson
 thrown into being an editor half way through my first semester. I have
 learned much since then, which has hopefully shown as improvements to                                    Florida Tech’s Official Student Newspaper
 this section.                                                                                                    150 West University Blvd.
     It has been a pleasure and an honor being your News Editor. I regret to                                      Melbourne, Florida 32901
 inform you all that I will be stepping down at the end of this semester.
                                                                                                                 Located behind Grissom Hall
     The good news is that I will be taking over the position of Editor-in-
                                                                                                     Crimson Staff
 Chief. As your new Editor, I hope to continue to improve the newspaper
 and make it the best Crimson Florida Tech has seen in a while.                                      Editor in Chief:               Mikhail Dembicki
     But I can’t do this alone. I need your help! Anybody wishing to become
 a section editor, a staff writer, or an occasional writer is more than wel-                         Copy Editor:                   Victoria Astley
 come to join our community. We need representatives from the whole spec-
 trum of this campus to make this paper great.                                                       Business Manager:              Adam Linsenbardt
     Looking forward to a great year to come!
                                                           Laura Seward                              News Editor:                   Laura Seward
                                                                                                     Sci Tech Editor:               Mike Giordano
                                               Dr. Marc Baarmand, Florida
 Continued from “News                      Tech Associate Professor of Physics                       A&E Editor:                    Sarah Snyder
                                           and Space Sciences, was elected as
 and Events” on Page 1                     a representative to the Compact                           Web/Graphics Editor:           Nic Fletcher
                                           Muon Solenoid (CMS) Management
                                                                                                     Sports Editor:                 Nick Fera
tian, who won for his essay, “Getting      Board, which is overseeing construc-
Personal about Enron.” Second-place        tion of CMS detectors. The CMS ex-                        G&O Editor:                    Could Be You!
winner is Manish Thareja of Mel-           periment is a large, general-purpose
bourne, who won for his essay, “Eth-       particle detector under construction                      Photo Editor:                  Jeff Kelly
ical Lessons To Be Learned from            at the Large Hadron Collider acceler-
Events Surrounding the Enron Col-          ator at the European Center for Parti-
lapse.”                                    cle Physics (CERN) in Geneva Swit-
News                                                                                                         Florida Tech’s Crimson          April 25, 2003         3
Forty Years of Failed Success
                                            share the tasks of the Concorde devel-      Soviet pilot’s error, both countries      coupled with bad luck, caused the
   Jonathan Lesieur
                                            opment, they did not choose the most        tacitly agreed to conceal what had oc-    plane to go down. Five minutes be-
   Guest Writer
                                            efficient solution; although the re-        curred. The Soviet program was            fore, a Continental DC-10 lost a strip
     On April 10, 2003, Air France and      search was equally distributed among        abandoned in 1978, after 102 com-         of metal while taking off, which fell
British Airways, its two unique oper-       both countries, France and England          mercial flights and a second crash.       on the side of the runway. The next
ators, announced they would take            both had final assembly lines, thus             Concorde’s commercial success         aircraft to take off was a B747, which
Concorde out of service by October at       doubling the costs and making this          was also off to a bad start. In late      blew that strip of metal back into the
the latest. With soaring maintenance        project an expensive one.                   1972, there were 59 firm orders. Un-      center of the runway. Next up was the
costs, lack of passenger interest due           Concorde 001 first flew in March        expectedly, American airlines lost in-    Concorde, which rolled on the strip of
to the unaffordable prices, and the         of 1969, broke the sound barrier in         terest and decided to pass on their       metal at a very high speed. When the
current airline industry crisis, the cost   October of the same year, and flew          options. By 1973, of the nine Ameri-      Concorde took off that day, it was
of operating the Concorde was no            Mach 2 in November of 1970. Except          can airlines that were initially inter-   loaded to its maximum weight, thus
longer deemed worthwhile by Air             for the latter, Concorde was not the        ested, only two of them remained.         it needed the full runway. Had the air-
France and British Airways.                 first transport aircraft to achieve these   That same year, the Federal Aviation      craft not been so loaded, it would not
     Concorde will be remembered in         feats. It came only second to the So-       Administration banned supersonic          have required the full length of the
history as one of the first and only        viets’ Tupolev 144, whose first flight      aircraft from flying in US airspace,      runway, and would have rolled over
supersonic transport aircraft. The          came three months before Con-               rightfully claiming that it was too       the strip of metal at low speed, not
program began as a cooperation be-          corde’s and reached Mach 1 four             loud. The Concorde will be granted a      causing any damage. The tire burst as
tween France’s Sud-Aviation, later          months before Concorde. It was re-          few derogations for the purpose of        a result, sending chunks of rubber
Aerospatiale, France’s share in Eu-         ferred to as the Concordski in the          test-flights and “entertainment”. For     into the wing, rupturing a fuel tank,
rope’s Airbus Industrie, and the Brit-      West because of its very similar fea-       instance, two Concorde that had left      and causing fuel to leak and flames to
ish Aircraft Corporation. In 1959,          tures. It is a known fact that the KGB      Paris and London at the same time         break out. The aircraft lost thrust, al-
both the British and the French             was able to get a hand on much of the       landed simultaneously on Washing-         titude and directional control as the
showed interest in developing a su-         research the French and the British         ton Dulles parallel runways in 1976;      two engines under the left wing shut
personic transport aircraft. The con-       had undertaken. During the fiercest         a Concorde performed the trip Bos-        down. The Concorde crashed a cou-
cept was totally new at the time, as        years of the Cold War, nothing less         ton-Paris-Boston faster than a Boeing     ple minutes later on a hotel, killing
the De Havilland Comet, the first jet       could be expected. One anecdote has         747 did the Paris to Boston leg. But it   four people inside.
airliner ever, took off for its first       it that the KGB managed to get its          will take two years after Concorde’s          Air France and British Airways
flight in 1952. At first a competition      hands on the entire set of blueprints       first commercial flight (January of       then spent over a year to modify the
between France and Great Britain,           of the Concorde prototype, this fact        1976) for the Port Authority of New       remaining Concorde, concentrating
the development of a supersonic air-        only being discovered in 1968. Even         York-New Jersey to accept the Con-        on strengthening the landing gear and
craft was impossible for one country        though this was not decisive, it en-        corde on a regular basis.                 reinforcing the fuel tanks. But Sep-
alone as the research involved was          abled the Soviets to catch up with the          The refusal of the United States to   tember 11th occurred and air travel
massive, only to be exceeded by the         Franco-British venture, and forego          let the Concorde fly in its airspace      took a giant tumble: if consumers
costs. In 1962, both countries,             much of the research and develop-           was to a great extent linked to the       weren’t willing to take regular flights,
through their respective govern-            ment that was needed.                       commercial and technological war          they sure would not be willing to fly
ments, agreed to pool their resources           But the Soviets’ quest to be the        the Europeans and Americans were          the Concorde. The profitability of the
together and to share the costs, fail-      first ones to fly a supersonic transport    fighting. But the harm was done and       Concorde dropped, as maintenance
ures, and successes.                        aircraft proved fatal. In June of 1973,     in 1979, the 16th and final Concorde      costs soared: both airlines were los-
     After five years of research in the    the Tupolev 144 crashed during the          came out of the Filton assembly lines.    ing up to $15 million every year. The
fields of aerodynamics and propul-          Paris Air Show, killing 14 people.          The technological marvel was a com-       Concorde never was profitable, or
sion, quarrels over the spelling of         Very conveniently, the black box was        mercial flop. Only Air France and         only barely. But the enhanced corpo-
Concorde and the use of the metric          destroyed and neither the French nor        British Airways had purchased the         rate image it provided the two air car-
system versus the Anglo-Saxon mea-          the Soviet authorities ever released a      aircraft and the last five unsold Con-    riers was worth taking a slight loss
sures, threats to pull out of the project   full report. Several explanations were      corde were given for free to those two    every year: Air France and British
because of the gigantic costs of the        brought forward: one of the most se-        airlines.                                 Airways will always be the only two
program, and American-Russian               rious leads is that the Tupolev tried to        The Concorde enjoyed 24 years of      carriers to successfully integrate into
competition, the roll-out of the first      avoid a French spy plane that had tak-      commercial flights, most of them be-      their fleet a supersonic aircraft. Thus
Concorde occurred in December of            en off a little earlier, to photograph      tween New York, Paris and London.         their refusal to sell the Concorde fleet
1967, at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport       and monitor the Tupolev’s flight. In        But on July 25 th, 2000, one of the       to Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin
in France, now home of Airbus. The          an attempt to avoid the French Mi-          Concorde crashed on take-off, just        Atlantic, who claimed he had the re-
second Concorde came out of the Fil-        rage jet, the Soviet pilot caused the       outside of Paris, killing all 100 pas-    sources to operate them. There are
ton assembly lines in Great Britain a       aircraft’s structural failure. To cover     sengers, all nine crewmembers and         things money can not buy….
little under a year later. When France      up the Mirage’s responsibility in the       four people on the ground. As often,
and Great Britain agreed to equally         death of eight French citizens and the      a succession of unfortunate incidents,

 Congratulations to the Winners of
 the Student Leadership Awards
   Outstanding ROTC Student Leader                                 Greek Philanthropy Award                             Student Organization Advisor of the Year
   Ben Bennett and Chris Baldwin                                   Fraternity – Pi Kappa Alpha                          Dr. Maria Pozo de Fernadez
                                                                   Sorority – Gamma Phi Beta
   Outstanding Program or Event                                                                                         Rising Star Student Organization
   AIChE Southern Regional Conference                              Greek Man of the Year                                Florida Institute of Technology Society for
                                                                   Andrew Stanton of Theta Xi Fraternity                Science Fiction and Fantasy
   Outstanding Contribution by a Staff Member
   Dee Bonilla                                                     Greek Woman of the Year                              Rising Star Student Leader
                                                                   Christina Pelzer of Alpha Phi                        Daniel “Vest Dan” Rezendes
   Student Activities Tribute to a Graduating Senior
   Russell Lala                                                    Living the Ritual Award                              Student Organization of the Year
                                                                   Becky Farmer of Alpha Phi                            Panhellenic Council
   Greek Academic Award
   Fraternity – Tau Kappa Epsilon                                  Chapter of the Year                                  Student Leader of the Year
   Sorority – Delta Psi Sigma                                      Fraternity – Pi Kappa Alpha                          Liz Mazzone
                                                                   Sorority – Gamma Phi Beta
   4         April 25, 2003        Florida Tech’s Crimson                       Science & Technology
More NASA Delays
    Laura Seward
    News Editor

    The Space Infrared Telescope Facil-
ity (SIRTF), NASA’s last Great Obser-
vatory, has been delayed from its April
27 launch date. The telescope will be
launched on a Delta 2 Heavy rocket in
mid-August at the earliest from Cape
Canaveral Air Force Station. The delay            A skilled NASA employee
was caused by a problem with the solid            performs work on the
fuel booster on the rocket. The time
                                                  telescope that was recently
needed to replace the booster and assem-
ble another rocket on the same pad                delayed due to solid rocket
would have conflicted with the new pro-           booster problems.
jected launch date for the last of the twin
Mars Exploration Rovers.
    Two Mars rovers were also delayed
after NASA discovered that they were
vulnerable to short circuits. The rovers
will both need to be partially disassem-
bled to fix the problem, delaying the
launch of the first by eight days to no
earlier than June 6. The second rover is
expected to be launched on schedule be-
tween June 25 and July 15.
    NASA has been plagued with trou-
bles since February’s Columbia tragedy.
    An electrical cable connects the
Mars robots to the spacecraft’s main
computer. This cable is designed to be
severed during the approach to Mars.
Recent testing showed that severing de-
vice could produce a short circuit inside
the rover, causing the rover to lose the
radar data that is needed to determine its
position and velocity as it descends to the
surface of Mars. The rovers are to at-
tempt a Martian landing in January
    The rovers must be launched soon
because of the way Earth and Mars are
lined up. NASA has ordered an indepen-
dent review of the rovers’ design pro-
cesses to make sure that no other such
problems will endanger the mission.
This new problem is not expected to af-
fect the launch date of the second rover,
which will occur between June 25 and
                                                                                                  Artist’s rendition of
July 15. However, there must be a ten                                                             the telescope in orbit
day gap between the launch of the first
rover and the launch of the second.
    The Mars rovers will search the land-
ing sites for evidence of past liquid wa-
ter and life.
    The problem with SIRTF’s rocket is
not yet understood by NASA engineers.
A nozzle on one of the rocket’s nine de-
tachable boosters broke apart as the ad-
hesive bonds between the layers broke
down. This may cause a problem if the
rocket were to launch. The entire rocket
will be taken apart and the defective
booster will be sent back to Alliant Tech-
systems, the booster’s manufacturer.          The Mars rovers and the
    SIRTF’s mission is to study infrared
light being emitted from the coldest,         Space Infrared Telescope
dustiest, oldest and youngest regions of      Facility will be launched
space. It is the fourth and final telescope   sometime this year.
in NASA’s Great Observatory mission,
which began in the 1970s with the
launch of the Hubble Space Telescope,
followed by the Compton Gamma Ray
Observatory and the Chandra X-ray
    Funding and design changes have
delayed SIRFT several times in the past.
    Once SIRTF is in space and sending
back images, it is expected to be as in-
fluential to the space sciences as the
Hubble Telescope was.                                                               All Photos Courtesy of NASA
Science & Technology                                                                                   Florida Tech’s Crimson    April 25, 2003          5
Eta Kappa Nu                                                                     Student Design
Initiates Young                                                                  Trade Show
Engineers                                                                           You are invited to attend the      and the faculty staff. In addition,
                                         partment head Dr. J.C. Wheeler,
   Francis Chukwuemeka Agu               the society’s patron Dr. Seybold,       most exciting event involving         this event will be open to the pub-
   Guest Writer                          faculty advisors, members of the        student design teams from many        lic. Since this event is during the
                                         faculty and other invited guests.       different majors offered on this      day, we expect significant atten-
   The Electrical Engineering                The president of the Chapter,       campus. Be there to see how our       dance from the student body who
honor society, Eta Kappa Nu,             Ebad Zahir, gave opening re-            school teams perform and what         are willing to see some of their
which comprises the top students         marks and invited Dr. Wheeler to        junior/senior design has in store     peers and friends at work.
in the Electrical and Computer           deliver a short motivational            for you when you get to your jun-         We welcome you to a day of
Engineering Department, held its         speech. Certificates and pins were      ior and senior years.                 display of Florida Tech Engineer-
initiation ceremony last weekend,        handed out to the various new ini-         This event will take place on      ing skills acquired by your peers.
Saturday, April 19th. It was a           tiates of the society, and lunch        Friday, April 25th at the Clemente    You attendance will support the
grand occasion for the current Eta       was served shortly afterwards. It       Center located right across from      whole effort in making this event
Kappa Nu members as well as the          was indeed a grand occasion and         the Olin Engineering Building.        a success for some of our gradu-
new initiates.                           gave opportunity for interaction           It is expected to attract about    ating seniors.
   The ceremony was held at the          between the members of the soci-        100 to 150 registered participants
Coral Bay restaurant with its pic-       ety and the faculty. The new ini-       from academia, and representa-
turesque view of the Indian Riv-         tiates, mostly juniors, were appre-     tives from some of the companies
er. Various distinguished mem-           ciative of the opportunity to inter-    within this area, not to mention
bers of the ECE Department were          act with their faculty outside the      the board of directors from FIT
in attendance, including the de-         walls of Florida Tech.


                                                                                                                          JAMSTAR waits to be launched
                                                                                                                          in the night sky of Florida City
  Kyra Boback hugs the rocket that
  she has been working on for the last

                                          JAMSTAR team members along with Dr. Kalaijin, Dr. Sepri, and a
                                          representative from USA pose with the fruit of their labors.

                                                          All photos courtesy Andy Sokol

                                                         True dedication (.eft): Team leader Andy Sokol braves
                                                         gators and other sorts of nasty things as he mucks
                                                         through the Everglades while recovering the various
                                                         stages of the rocket. (right) Andy emerges from the
                                                         muck, showing off his ruined clothes. According to him
                                                         though, its all worth it.
   6        April 25, 2003      Florida Tech’s Crimson                                           Arts & Entertainment
Looking For Some Good Music?
   Damian Lythcott                                                                       L’il Kim - “La Bella Mafia”
                                                      CD Review                          The self-professed Queen B****
   Staff Writer                                Genre: Hip Hop
                                               Artist: Common                        is back with her third studio album.
                                               Electric Circus                       Led by the catchy Tim-Baland-pro-
    Common - “Electric Circus”
                                                                                     duced single “The Jump Off,” this
    Get it now! Get it now! Get it
                                                                                     Bed-Sty NY native is packing an ar-
now! Common’s fourth solo album is
                                                                                     ray of innovative musical ammuni-
absolutely insane! The brilliant ideas,
                                                                                     tion (re: Swiss Beats) to blow holes in
beats, and lyrics that have been
                                                                                     the quickly clichéd hip-hop world of
poured into this album are well worth
your money! His latest effort, “Like
                                                                                         Although still professing absolute
Water for Chocolate,” had me panting
                                                                                     pain, seven years after the murder of
for more with its catchy hooks and
                                                                                     her late lover and mentor, B.I.G, Kim
thought-provoking vibes. But don’t
                                                                                     has greatly changed up her style,
be mistaken, “Electric Circus” is by
                                                                                     flow, and image. Sure, she still ap-
no means just a continuation from a
                                                                                     pears latently materialistic and al-                    CD Review
preset formula but is instead a musi-                                                                                                 Genre: Hip Hop
                                                                                     most every other word from her                   Artist: Lil Kim
cal representation of anti-formulaic
                                                                                     mouth seems either smutty or                    La Bella Mafia
brilliance! I mean it. Don’t even think
                                                                                     strangely familiar (I still think Biggie
twice! Get it now! Some huge high-
                                                                                     wrote for her), but they are some
lights are “Between Me & You,”
                                                                                     (very few) moments where the edgy,
“Electric Wire Hustle Flower,” and “I
                                                                                     powerful Kim from Hardcore rears
am Music” (with Jill Scott).
                                                                                     her B**** attitude!!

                                              The Roots - “Phrenology”
                                              Hip Hop’s governors of funk have                   CD Review                           Heather Headley - “This is Who I
                                                                                          Genre: R&B                             Am”
                                          done it again! With their new album             Artist: Heather Headley                      Heather Headley is a star! This
                                          “Phrenology,” Philly’s originators of           This Is Who I Am                       is undeniable. Her voice and image
                                          originality have struck a minor chord                                                  carry the impression of someone with
                                          in the minds of hip hop and R&B                                                        immense talent and drive, and it def-
                                          heads alike. Not restricted by the                                                     initely shows in her work. Not only
                                          newly convenient label of “neo soul”                                                   has this Trinidadian native managed
                                          or the fickle convenience of main-                                                     to release her debut solo album, she
                                          stream commercialism, this band of                                                     has also, in a very short career, won a
                                          six brilliant musicians and vocalists                                                  Tony award on Broadway for her role
                                          has served up a hot, steaming dish of                                                  in “The Lion King” She also starred
                                          fresh, innovative, thought-provoking                                                   in “Aida.”
                                          sound! Take a moment to listen to the                                                      To get a real feel of what she
            CD Review                     album from top to bottom and you                                                       brings to the R&B table refer to
     Genre: Hip Hop                       will find that not only have they kept
     Artist: The Roots                                                                                                           tracks like “He Is” and “I wish I
                                          up with the professionalism that gar-                                                  Wasn’t” (her first and second singles,
     Phrenology                           nered them critical acclaim and re-                                                    respectively). Headley is destined for
                                          spect, but they’ve surpassed even in-                                                  even more greatness; the only thing I
                                          vention itself. (Give “Complexity”                                                     could find to complain about was
                                          with Jill Scott a listen!)                                                             maybe that she sounded too good!

Alex Bach Comes to Florida Tech
                                          also did her own songs.                    friends for support, you can do any-        Actually, everyone in the band is. It’s
   Sarah Snyder                               Her music covers a variety of          thing. My manager Cary, too. He’s a         fun. I was used to writing on my
   Arts & Entertainment Editor            styles and topics. Each of the songs       great person. He really helped me.          own, but with four people, it’s a lot
                                          on her CD, “Miles to Go,” is differ-       He even bought me my first micro-           more fun and a lot easier. You get
    Recently, I had the privilege of      ent, but all of them are very well writ-   phone.                                      four times the ideas. Thor, the God
meeting a very talented young artist,     ten.                                                                                   of Thunder, is from Venezuela. He’s
Alex Bach. For those of you who                                                          Crimson: So have you always             lived here for five years now. He’s
were at Rites of Spring on April 8,          The following is a transcript from      played with the same band members?          really hard working and a great bass
you may have caught her perfor-           a phone telephone interview from               Alex: I toured this entire last year    player to boot.
mance.                                    April 8, 2003 with Alex Bach.              as a solo artist on a college circuit. It
    After the show, I got a chance to                                                was only recently that I started work-         Crimson: What are your current
sit and talk with Alex and to interview      Crimson: How long have you              ing with my current band members.           projects?
her later that night. The thing that      been performing?                           I’m really glad I did. They’re talent-         Alex: We’re getting ready for a
struck me most while watching her            Alex: Professionally, for five          ed, sober, responsible – an unstoppa-       tour in the Middle East to play for the
performance, and even more so dur-        years. Sometimes it feels like ten         ble combination.                            armed forces. We’re about to go into
ing the interview, was the immense        years, sometimes it feels like I just                                                  the studio to record a song we wrote
amount of passion she has for her         started, like today, when it’s full of         Crimson: How did you find your          together. We’ve got a lot coming up
music.                                    promise and excitement. When you           band members?                               and we’re very excited about this new
    During her live performance at the    have a good show, you forget all the           Alex: Partly on the internet, it’s a    stuff.
school, she interacted very well with     bad ones.                                  good resource. Word of mouth is still
the audience and Pete the Panther                                                    the greatest resource. I also put up a         Crimson: Do you have any big
who jumped up onto the stage at one           Crimson: What got you started in       flier at a local music store. That’s        goals for the future?
point during the show. Offstage, she      music?                                     how I found my guitarist. He knew
was a very friendly and personable            Alex: My friends propelled me          the bass player and had heard of the
woman. Unlike some performers             into my musical career. They saw po-       drummer. When we got together, we             Continued in:
I’ve talked to, she was very down to      tential in me that I didn’t. They en-      just clicked. Usually, talent is propor-
    For those of you who didn’t hear
                                          couraged me to choose a nontradi-
                                          tional path, leave college, and pursue
                                                                                     tional to ego, but this is not the case
                                                                                     with Scott. He’s very talented, but
                                                                                                                                   “Alex Bach”
her, her voice is amazing. While she
performed several cover pieces, she
                                          a career in music. They really liked
                                          my songwriting. With the right
                                                                                     very down to Earth. Hector Rios is
                                                                                     the guitarist. He’s also a songwriter.
                                                                                                                                      Page 7
Arts & Entertainment            7                                                                                          Florida Tech’s Crimson                April 25, 2003

Alex Bach (Continued from Page 6)
    Alex: To continue to march to the            rewrote the lyrics from the prospec-              shows coming up in our area?                     doing it again.
beat of our own drummer. Connect-                tive of a person leaving their family                Alex: April 26 at the Melbourne                   I would like to thank Alex Bach
ing with people through our music is             with that and what they would say.                Art Festival at 3:00 pm is your last             for taking the time to talk to me. Her
not only exciting, it’s an honor.                It’s a much more poignant song in                 chance to catch me in the area before            performance was stellar (she also has
We’re looking forward to doing that              that respect. It was played at a lot of           you have to head south to the West               amazing abilities to pack a car). For
as long as we can.                               funerals post September 11 because                Palm Beach Sunfest on May 4. All of              those of you who missed her at Flor-
                                                 of the comfort it offers.                         shows are listed on the website for              ida Tech, I highly recommend stop-
    Crimson: What inspired you to do                                                               anyone interested.                               ping by the Melbourne Arts Festival.
the tour for the armed forces?                       Crimson: Which of your songs is                                                                    Look for this rising performer in
    Alex: In high school, I did some             your favorite?                                        Crimson: Is there anything else              the not-so-distant future.
ROTC. I wanted to go into the armed                  Alex: It’s hard to say because all            you’d like to say to our readers before
forces, but a mentor talked me out of            of my songs are like my children. I               I let you go?
it and convinced me that I could con-            put a piece of myself in them and then                Alex: I had a lot of fun play for
tribute more to society as a songwrit-           they grow on their own. Each musi-                Florida Tech. I’m looking forward to
er. This is a good way to get involved           cian adds something and people who
and cheer up the troops in the process.          listen to them add their own interpre-
We’ll get to connect to the troops
through music. I feel very privileged
                                                 tation and meaning which I may not
                                                 have intended. You can’t really say
                                                                                                    Be sure to check
and grateful to have that experience.            you love one of your children more,
                                                 you just love them for different rea-
                                                                                                    out her website:
   Crimson: What brought you to
Florida Tech today?
   Alex: My brother. He’s involved                   Crimson: What has been your
with CAB.                                        biggest challenge getting to where
                                                 you are now?
    Crimson: Has your brother al-                    Alex: Believing in myself – that
ways been a big part of your music?              was a journey. I had to learn what my
    Alex: He has been a big part of              potential was and then learn how to
my life. He’s actually always been               fulfill it.
detached from my music. The melo-                                                                                                                           Photos courtesy of
dy for “Miles to Go” was inspired by                 Crimson: Do you currently have                                                               
him. I wrote the lyrics when he left             a record deal?
for college, dealing with the grief of               Alex: Not yet. I’m waiting for the
a sibling leaving. I was scheduled to            right one to come along.
record it on September 12, 2002.
After the events of September 11, I                  Crimson: Do you have any more

Go Postal with Postman Syndrome
                                                      Following it is “Hedgehog’s Dilem-           trials of life, with an interesting twist when        This is a strong album for Postman
    Mike Giordano
                                                 ma,” which is split into two parts. Remem-        the older man realizes that he is speaking       Syndrome. With the exception of maybe
    Sci Tech Editor
                                                 ber that nice contrast I was mentioning           with his childhood self and becomes              “Schizorabbit,” every song on the CD is
                                                 between the vocal styles? “Hedgehog”              frightened.                                      excellent. The CD readily flows from one
     Every now and then, a CD is released        displays that perfectly. The first part starts         “Unfamiliar Ceiling” starts off with a      song to the next. The album claims to be a
that breaks the boundaries of several            off with a soft, speaking style accentuated       sweet, acoustic guitar rhythm and a soft,        story in twelve parts. I honestly can’t say
genres and proves to be a stroke of bril-        by primal screams in the background. The          almost lullaby-like opening before de-           how many of the songs relate with each
liance and shows a sign of greatness to          second part is another rhythmic roller            scending into a chaotic thrash song. Un-         other, or continue a story, but many of the
come. A New Jersey based band called             coaster with a definite radio feel to it. In-     like “Schizorabbit,” this song (despite be-      individual songs are quite good at telling
Postman Syndrome has released that CD            deed, the lyrics almost seem to poke fun          ing longer) has enough originality in it to      a tale. Either way, “Terraforming” is a sol-
in the form of “Terraforming,” and in the        at people who just like catchy songs with         keep it fresh through its eight plus minutes.    id album worthy of anyone’s CD collec-
process, has released one of the most            no substance: “And it only goes to show                “Lonely in Your Arms” continues             tion. You can take a listen to four songs (in-
unique CDs in recent memory.                     you how many ways you don’t know you/             where “Unfamiliar Ceiling” left off and          cluding both “Hedgehog” parts, and “Ro-
     Postman Syndrome is a quintet featur-       And so not as to disappoint you all, here’s       proves itself another solid tune. Again, the     tating Crib Toy,” along with two others) at
ing three guitarists along with their bassist    a silly song for you to sing along to /I’d        combination of vocal styles really accen-        their            website,             http://
and drummer. Three of them sing in vary-         never want to disappoint you.” Though             tuates the song and the contrast gives a or on
ing different styles, two in various clean       both parts could easily stand alone, the two      somewhat schizophrenic feel.           
tones while the third provides the heavy,        songs are much stronger when together.                 “Interpretive Decorating” is
screaming-type vocals. While this may                 “Schizorabbit and the Face Parade”           the odd song on the disc. It starts
sound odd, Postman manages to blend all          starts off as a showcase for the heavier-         off much softer than the other
three different vocalists (as well as styles)    style vocals, and the dark, distorted guitars,    songs, but even when the heavy
very well. Never do they conflict in an un-      then segues to a clean, technical piece with      vocals come in, they seem odd-
welcome manner and more often than not,          Maynard James Keenan-style vocals.                ly soothing when mixed in with
the clash of styles adds to the emotional        Sadly, this song tends to drag on a bit for       the music. The flute arrange-
impact of the song.                              my tastes.                                        ment and the guitars at around
     Not to be outdone by the vocals, each            Things pick up again with “Rotating          3:30 through the song are abso-
member of the band knows how to use              Crib Toy.” I believe this is their first single   lutely amazing.
their instruments to the their fullest, and it   for the CD, and they picked a good choice              Upon its conclusion, we are
really shows. Each member can go from            for it. This song shows off the musician-         presented with the last song en-
the heavy thrashing type playing to a clean      ship of the band and has some of the best         titled “Volume Fact,” which is
technical approach at a moment’s notice.         lyrics of the whole CD, and not just be-          also broken up into two parts.
     The lyrics of the band sometimes tend       cause they aren’t as cryptic as some of           The first part is short, jazzy gui-
to be on the cryptic side, which isn’t a band    their other works. It tells the story of an       tar work. The second part is the
thing. Rather than short lines of prose like     older man warning a younger child of the          real meat of the song, however.
many bands, Postman tends to use full                                                              Here, the heavy vocals are giv-
sentences that rarely ever rhyme, which                                                            en the spotlight and they fit well
gives off a very stream of conciousness                         CD Review                          with the odd rhythm of the song.
feel to the album.                                      Genre: Rock                                The clean vocals then take over
     The CD starts off with “Amputees                   Artist: Postman Syndrome                   and give a nice climactic end to
Make Bad Swimmers,” which is an excel-                 Downward Spiral                             the vocal portion of the album,
lent opener. Starting off as a soft rhythmic                                                       but the music remains for a few
selection, it moves in waves till it reaches                                                       more minutes before the drums
its climax.                                                                                        slowly make their way out.
8         April 25, 2003        Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                         Sports
Good Luck To the Seniors
                                     Stacy Toler
                                     Senior                                                                            Chris
                                     Outside Hitter                                                                    Hyvonen
                                     Height: 5-11                                                                      Senior
                                     Satellite Beach,                                                                   Midfielder
                                     Florida                                                                           5-11, 185
Florida Tech
She is in her 1st and last season with the volleyball team this season. Toler is   Florida Tech: Hoping to conclude a somewhat injury-
a two-sport athlete, who was a member of the Women’s Basketball team for           plagued career at Florida Tech, Hyvonen is a skillful player
the last four years. She provides a physical element at left side that the
Panthers have never had before. She will be looked on to provide                   who brings experience and leadership to the Panthers’
leadership. She should start on the outside. Toler helped lead the Women’s         midfield, when he is healthy. Hyvonen is the type of player
Basketball Team to the Elite Eight this past season. They were SSC                 who can lift the team to another level when he is playing well.
champions as well as NCAA II South Regional Champions. She graduated
with honors and a 3.72 GPA and is currently working on her Masters in              He has a very solid game and is a powerful shot when he gets
Business Administration. She was named School of Management Junior                 forward into the attack.
and Senior Student of the Year. She received a Grad-Assistantship at Tech          High School: He graduated from Melbourne Central
from the School of Business Administration.
High School
                                                                                   Catholic High School, where he earned four varsity letters in
Toler was captain of her basketball, volleyball and golf teams and lettered        soccer and one in cross country. Hyvonen played in 110
in those sports at Satellite High. Toler also made the Cape Coast First-Team       games, scored 69 goals and chipped in 24 assists for 162
in golf and Second-Team in volleyball. She was an All-Star in volleyball and
basketball. She set school records in points in a game (36), free throws in a
                                                                                   points during his high school career. He was on the 1998
game (24); free throws attempted (36) and defensive rebounds in a game.            FACA Class 3A All-State team, the ODP state team in 1995,
                                                                                   1996 and 1997, and helped lead his team to a state
Daughter of Dave and Fran Crispin of Satellite Beach and Ron Toler of
Bradenton. Born on April 10, 1980 in Silver Springs, Maryland. She chose           Personal: Born January 8, 1981, in Denver, Colo., he is the
Florida Tech because of Coach Reynolds’ reputation as a basketball coach           son of Seppo and Pauline Hyvonen. He is a mechanical
and the school’s reputation. When not playing volleyball, Toler can be             engineering major at Florida Tech. Hyvonen chose the school
found playing golf.
                                                                                   because of its excellent engineering program. He enjoys
                                                                                   sleeping in his spare time.

                                            Tim Jace
                                            Guard/                                                           Greg Barnes
                                            Forward                                                          Guard
                                            6-3, 175                                                         6-2, 185
                                            Brooklyn,                                                        Muncie,
                                            New York                                                         Indiana
                                                               FLORIDA TECH: Greg, one of the team’s tri-captains,
FLORIDA TECH:Tim makes big plays happen on the court           finished first on the team in scoring and fourth in the
and has the ability to change the momentum of the game         conference with 389 points last season. He is a top defensive
entirely by himself. He is a very talented guard who can shoot player who controls the momentum of the team. If he is on a
from outside as well as score going to the basket.             roll so is the team. He is strictly a point-guard, who leads the
HIGH SCHOOL: Jace was a three-year varsity player at           team by example. His freshman year, Greg was named to the
Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida. He also played in the     Sunshine State Conference All Freshmen Team. He was the
Brevard Big Brother Senior All-Star Game. Jace was a strong third leading scorer with 220 points and led the team in
student, making the Assistant Principal’s List in his senior   assists with 77.
year.                                                          HIGH SCHOOL: Graduated from Muncie Central High
PERSONAL: Born on July 7, 1979 in Brooklyn, he is the son      School in Muncie. Earned three varsity letters in basketball.
of Maureen Jace and Herbert Brown of Brooklyn. Majoring Averaged 14.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 3.0 steals
in Electrical Engineering. “Dewey” hopes to play for the       per game. All-State Honorable Mention, 3rd Team All-State,
NBA’s New York Knicks after his college career and will        McDonald’s All-America Nominee, Coca-Cola All-Star game
become an electrical engineer after his NBA career. He chose participant.
to attend Florida Tech based on the reputation of the school’s PERSONAL: Born May 11, 1980 in Muncie, Indiana. Son of
basketball program. When not playing basketball Jace likes     Shonda and Kenny Allen of Muncie. Majoring in
to hang out with “Barnes” and play video games.
Sports                                                                                                  Florida Tech’s Crimson          April 25, 2003         9
                                                                                                                      Jon Brown
                                     Shaun Guske                                                                      Forward
                                     Senior                                                                           6-7, 220
                                     Defender                                                                         LeGrange Park,
                                     5-11, 175                                                                        Illinois
                                     Titusville, Florida
                                                                                   FLORIDA TECH: New to Florida Tech last season, Jon Brown, added strength
    Florida Tech:Guske came back this fall in excellent shape and deter-           to the inside and made an immediate impact to our defense. Jon has the
mined to have a successful final year at Florida Tech. He was voted captain        ability to run the floor and block the shots in the zone.
by the players after the spring camp, and is a relentless defender who has         HIGH SCHOOL: Graduated from St. Joseph High School in LaGrange Park,
the ability to win the ball in the air. He is a strong, physical player who very   Illinois. Lettered in basketball and played on the ESCC and City Suburban
rarely makes a mistake.                                                            All-Star teams. He was named all-region and helped lead his team to a state
    High School: Guske graduated from Astronaut High School in Titus-              championship.
ville, where he was captain of the War Eagles his junior and senior years,
and selected MVP during his senior season.                                         COLLEGE: Transferred from Olney Central College in Illinois. Played a year
    Personal: Born October 12, 1980, in Ypsilanti, Mich., he is the son of         of basketball while attending college.
Jacques and Debi Guske of Jacksonville, Fla. He is a transfer student from         PERSONAL: Son of Sylvia Williams, Illinois he was born on February 16,
Siena Heights University and Brevard Community College, majoring in                1981 in Chicago, Illinois. Majoring in Business Marketing at Florida Tech, he
business management.                                                               chose to be a Panther because of its high academic standards. He plans to one
                                                                                   day own a business. Enjoys playing basketball and video games in his spare

                                             Gary Halbert                                                                    Shaun Guske
                                             Senior                                                                          Senior
                                             Defender                                                                        Defender
                                             6-5, 200                                                                        5-11, 175
                                             Sarasota,                                                                       Titusville,
                                             Florida                                                                         Florida
    Florida Tech: Halbert was one of the top scorers for Florida Tech last
season. After helping the team last season as a target forward, he moves
back to his more natural role in the defense. His size is an incredible asset          Florida Tech: Guske came back this fall in excellent shape and deter-
in the air.                                                                        mined to have a successful final year at Florida Tech. He was voted cap-
    High School: Graduated from Sarasota High School in Sarasota, Flor-            tain by the players after the spring camp, and is a relentless defender who
ida. Earned four varsity letters as a member of the soccer team. Scored 16         has the ability to win the ball in the air. He is a strong, physical player who
or more goals in each of his four seasons. Earned Offensive and Defensive          very rarely makes a mistake.
Player of the Year Awards. Member of the All-Area All-Star team. Mem-                  High School: Guske graduated from Astronaut High School in Titus-
ber West State All-Star team.                                                      ville, where he was captain of the War Eagles his junior and senior years,
    Personal: Born December 28, 1980 in Orlando, Florida. Son of Randy             and selected MVP during his senior season.
and Wendy Halbert of Sarasota. Majoring in Computer Science at Florida                  Personal: Born October 12, 1980, in Ypsilanti, Mich., he is the son of
Tech. Chose the school because it had his major, and his friend (Richard           Jacques and Debi Guske of Jacksonville, Fla. He is a transfer student from
Hynes) was already on the team.                                                    Siena Heights University and Brevard Community College, majoring in
                                                                                   business management.

                                                                                                                        Neil Bhola
                                     Paul Badaracco                                                                     Senior
                                     Senior                                                                             Defender
                                     Goalkeeper                                                                         5-10, 165
                                     5-10,155                                                                           Siparia, Trinidad
                                     Rome, Italy                                                                        and Tobago

    Florida Tech: Paul Badaracco has looked sharp throughout pre-sea-                  Florida Tech: Bhola is looking forward to improving on his accom-
son and should earn some playing time during his senior campaign. He               plishments from last year, and will battle for a starting job in the midfield
played 211 minutes in his sophomore year and his return will add depth             this season.
to the Panther’s experienced group of goaltenders.                                     High School: He graduated from Fyzabad Secondary School in Sipar-
    High School: Graduated from J.F. Kennedy High School in Rome,                  ia, where he was the captain of the soccer team, scoring three goals and
Italy. Since there was no school soccer team, he played for an amateur             leading his team to two consecutive South Secondary League semifinals.
soccer team in Rome, called Dop Cotral. His team won the under-20                  He also played for the under-16 South Trinidad Regional team.
Rome Championship in 1997 and 1998.                                                    Personal: Born December 21, 1979, in Trinidad, he is the son of Em-
    Persona: Born October 14, 1979, in Chicago, Ill., he is the son of             manuel and Tyne Bhola of Siparia. Majoring in molecular biology at Flor-
Fausto Badaracco and Alla Shegelman of Rome. An aviation manage-                   ida Tech, he chose the school because of the high standard of academics,
ment major at Florida Tech, he made the dean’s list in the School of               the warm weather and the school’s small size. In his spare time he enjoys
Aeronautics for the third straight semester last spring. He chose the              reading, exercise and ‘chilling’ with friends.
school because of the excellent aeronautical program and because it is                 Nickname: Ebola Virus
in Florida. In his spare time he enjoys video games, fishing and sing-
  10        April 25, 2003      Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                                                   Sports
               Tasha Swaby                                                                                     Derek McElwee
               5-11                                                                                            Senior
               Senior                                                                                          Goalkeeper
               Forward                                                                                         6-2, 175
               Palm Bay, Florida
FLORIDA TECH: She was recruited by Head Coach John Reynolds back                                               Melbourne, FL
in 1998 and chose to go Division I, but came back to play at Tech for her
final season. She is a 3 or 4 forward. She can make a basket facing the
glass or with her back to the glass. She is a potential starter, but will need          Florida Tech: McElwee is looking to be the Panthers’ starting goal-
to get back into basketball rhythm after taking off a few years.                    keeper this season. He started in 11 games last year, and played in
COLLEGE: Graduated from the University of Richmond with her Bache-                  seven and started in four in 2000.
lors’ Degree and played basketball for three years. She had her career                  College: McElwee gained a year of playing experience at Webber
high against Albany with 21 points and 10 rebounds.                                 College in Babson Park, Fla., where he earned the honor of top goal-
HIGH SCHOOL: She graduated high school and attended Sebastian                       keeper in the Florida Sun Conference (NAIA).
High School and Satellite High School. She lettered in basketball for four          High School: Graduated from Palm Bay High School in Palm Bay.
years, volleyball two years and track three years. She was the team MVP             This hometown player was named to the Cape Coast Conference First
her senior year. Her key stats in high school were senior year 15 PPG               Team and played in the Senior All-Star Game his last year at Palm
and 13 RPG, junior year 32 PPG and 15 RPG and sophomore year 20                     Bay High. Lettered three years in soccer with the Pirates.
PPG and 15 RPG. She played in the Florida North-South Senior All-Star                   Personal: The son of Steve and Nancy McElwee of Palm Bay, he
Game and led her team to State 5A State final four.                                 was born March 25, 1981. He is continuing with communication as
PERSONAL: Tasha was born on August 9, 1979 in New York. She is the                  his major at Florida Tech. Chose to transfer to the school because of
daughter of Valerie Swaby of Palm Bay, Florida. She is going for her sec-
                                                                                    the soccer program and to be closer to home. Hobbies include surf-
ond degree in Psychology to ABA certificate. She hopes to become an
                                                                                    ing, playing guitar and writing.
Applied Behavior Analyst. She chose to play her final year of eligibility at
Florida tech because of Coach Reynolds. In her free time she enjoys
spending time with her friends and cooking.

Delicia Phillips
6-2, Senior, Center
Titusville, Florida
FLORIDA TECH: She is one of this seasons’ co-captains. She was part of the elite eight team last season, helping her team win the SSC regular sea-
son title, the SSC tournament title and the NCAA II South Regional Championships. Last season Delicia was named SSC Player of the Week, SSC All-
Tournament Team and NCAA Regional All-Tournament Team. She was third in the conference for rebounding (10.2 RPG) and blocked shots with
64(2.0 bag) and first on the team. She did however have the highest number of rebounds in the SSC with 326 for the 2001-2002 season. Delicia was
also 15th in the SSC for scoring with 12.0 PPG and 10th for field goal percentage with a .438. Her junior year she was first in the conference in re-
bounding at 286 and 9.9 per game and third in blocked shots with 54. She has done a great job in the off-season on increasing her strength. She is an
excellent shooter and a strong rebounder. Phillips is capable of dominating all post players in the league. It is not uncommon for De to shoot the three
as well as anyone else on the team. She will be relied upon to carry the team in “crunch times”. Delicia was third highest in points scored with 342 her
sophomore year and second in rebounds with 270. She won the honor of Freshman of the Year in 2000 from the Sunshine State Conference. She is
an excellent rebounder, can run the floor and can score facing the basket or turning away. A left-handed shooter. Will once again be the starting center
this season.
HIGH SCHOOL: Phillips was a very versatile athlete at Titusville High School. She lettered in basketball, track and field, and was a member of the
school’s cross-country team. Phillips was part of her 4x 800-relay team that set the Titusville High School record in that event. She also set a school
record for most points scored (37) in a women’s basketball game. Phillips was captain for the school’s basketball, and track and field teams. She was
voted Most Valuable Player in track and field, and basketball. Phillips was also a member of the AAU team and was an All-Star.
PERSONAL: Born on October 17, 1980 in Hinesville, Georgia she is the daughter of David and LeKanjala Phillips. “De” wants to become a teacher
after she graduates. Phillips also hopes to play in the WNBA and overseas after college. She chose to attend Florida Tech because of the school’s aca-
demic reputation, basketball program, and its location. She is a psychology major at Tech.In her spare time, Phillips likes to praise dance, sing, listen to
music, play basketball, and attend church.
NICKNAME: De a.k.a Big “D”

   Nicole Smith
   Palm Bay, Florida

FLORIDA TECH: Nicci is one of this seasons’ co-captains. She was part of the elite eight team last season, helping her team win the SSC regular sea-
son title, the SSC tournament title and the NCAA II South Regional Championships. She was 2nd on the team in steals with 63 last season. And third on
the team for rebounding with 158 rebounds and 4.9 RPG. Smith was 9th in the SSC for Offensive rebounds with 86. Nicci worked hard to recover for her
junior year due to an injury and then surgery during her sophomore season. She is the teams’ strongest defender and demands a lot of effort from her
teammates. She was first on the team in steals and sixth in the conference with 62 steals and 2.21 steals per game her sophomore year. Nikki is an ex-
tremely physical player and is “feared” defensively among opponent players. Will likely guard the opponent’s point guard in key situations. Needs to fo-
cus on her role and lead the team by example. A shooter who can play either the one through the four position. Played in all 27 games as a freshman
with 24 starts. Averaged 4.3 rebounds and 1.4 assists. She is a great defender and an intense player on the court.
HIGH SCHOOL: At Satellite High School Smith lettered in basketball and demonstrated her ferociousness on the defensive end averaging four rebounds
per game during her senior year and six steals during her junior season. Smith also received numerous scholar athlete awards during her high school
years. She received the Scholar Athlete/Academic Excellence Award her senior year as she completed her dual enrollment program at Brevard Commu-
nity College.
PERSONAL: Born on September 9, 1980 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she is the daughter of Shirley Ann and John Ray Smith. Currently majoring in
Psychology. She chose to attend Florida Tech because of the school’s academic and athletic reputations. Smith’s career goal is to receive her Ph D. in
Psychology. If she had spare time “Nikki” would enjoy reading, sleeping and playing basketball, however she feels her coach has too much for her to do
to have spare time.
Budget                                                       Florida Tech’s Crimson   April 25, 2003   11

               Primary Funding
               Budget Results
ORGANIZATION                        AMOUNT ($)   ORGANIZATION                          AMOUNT ($)
Alpha Eta Rho                         1,000      ISSO                                    2,100
Alpha Phi                             850        Lambda Chi Alpha                        5,200
Alpha Phi Omega                       1,125      Martial Arts Association                490
American Chemical Society             950        MTS/SNAME                               930
AIAA                                  1,050      Newman Club                             1,850
AIChE                                 950        National Society of Black Engineers     600
American Meteorological Society       200        Organizations of Florida Tech Families 200
ASCE                                  5,250      Panhellenic Council                     1,150
ASME                                  800        Panther Pep Band                        200
Anime Club                            1,200      Phi Eta Sigma                           200
Aquaculture Society                   200        Pi Kappa Alpha                          200
Assoc of Women in Computing           200        Pi Tau Sigma                            450
Belletrist                            900        Psi Chi                                 450
Biology Graduate Student Assoc        650        Ranger Club                             450
Caribbean Student Assoc               600        Residence Hall Assoc                    3,950
Chi Epsilon                           450        Robotics Club                           250
Chinese Student Assoc                 600        Sanskriti (OIS)                         700
Chinese Students & Scholars           600        SAM - Soc for the Advancemt of Mgmt     1050
Class Council                         500        Society of Physics Students             200
College Players                       9,450      Society for SciFi & Fiction             525
College Run Radio – WCRR              1,900      Society of Women Engineers              525
Delta Mu Delta                        200        Squamish                                450
Delta Psi Sigma                       200        Student Ambassadors                     200
Falcons Flight Team                   4,400      Students for Environmental Awareness 1,400
Florida Future Educators of America   450        Stu for Exp &Dev of Space               200
Florida Tech Archers                  300        Tau Kappa Epsilon                       325
FIT Astronomy Society                 220        Theta Xi                                200
Florida Tech Bowling Club             4,200      Triathlon Club                          350
Florida Tech Dance Association        1,600      Tri Beta                                700
Florida Tech Film Society             2,100      Ultimate Frisbee Club                   350
Florida Tech Habitat for Humanity     200        Undergraduate Psychology Assoc          450
Forensic Psychology Student Assoc     200        Writer’s Guild                          200
Gamma Phi Beta                        250        EWEEK                                   2,600
G.L.A.S.S.                            200        Copier Maintenance                      1,000
IEEE                                  1,250      Homecoming                              6,000
InterFraternity Council               650
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship     650        PRIMARY FUNDING TOTAL                        82,877
International Cricket Organization    612
                                                 BALANCE FOR SECONDARY                        17,123
 12         April 25, 2003      Florida Tech’s Crimson                                                     Opinion/Editorial
The Cube Will                                                                      or two and a possible date and I prob-
                                                                                   ably would do things differently if I
                                                                                   had the chance.
                                                                                       So if you are interested in cubing,
AssimilateYou…                                                                     stay tuned next semester for our awe-
                                                                                   some organization. Also, a warning to
                                                                                   the present cubers at Florida Tech, I
   Nathan Christie                        dents (and teachers…sorry!) have no-
                                          ticed, the cube is making a comeback     have nothing to do this summer but
   Guest writer                                                                    work, and I expect a challenge in the
                                          on this campus. Since the addiction
    The Rubik’s Cube ® was invented       was passed on to me, I have kept         fall…
by a Hungarian mathematician              track of the infection rate from me          One last note, next time you see
named Erno Rubik in 1974 and was          alone and am pleased to say it is al-    somebody solve the cube and you are
introduced to the world in 1977. The      most 20 people. My roommate got hit      thinking of speaking afterwards, trust
“cube craze” went on into the mid         particularly hard with the craze         us, we already know you used to pull
1980’s. There was actually a world        though. I believe he is actually the     the stickers off!
championship for the cube held in         only person on campus who can solve
Budapest in 1982. A Vietnamese            the 5x5x5 version of the cube. Don’t
American named Minh Thai still            worry Joe, because I haven’t even
holds the official record of 22.95 sec-   tried it yet!
onds for a solution. Today the top            In response to the Florida Tech
cubists in the world can solve it con-    cube craze, myself and another indi-
sistently in 17 seconds.                  vidual will be attempting to start an
    A few months ago, I noticed a few     official campus organization: The
of my computer science peers playing      Florida Tech Puzzle Club. This group
with a Rubik’s Cube® in a class (tisk     will not be limited to the Rubik’s
tisk) and my attention was drawn to       Cube®, but all twisty puzzles and any
these individuals as they solved it,      others people bring to the table. We
then mixed it up, and solved it again,    will also teach anybody who wished
all in a matter of minutes. Like many     to learn how to solve the cube a sim-
people do, I asked to “see” it and be-    ple and effective solution.
gan mindlessly twisting. It is amazing        The key to solving the cube is ac-
how easily it draws people’s attention    cepting the fact that one has to learn
and even more amazing when it             a method and some memorization is
comes together completely solved.         involved. It is possible to memorize
There is always one in the bunch who      five algorithms and solve the cube in
says something like, “You had it set-     less than two minutes with a little
up a special way, let me mess it up.”     practice. My personal best is 35 sec-
This time, a real laugh surfaces and I    onds and I average 54 seconds for a
hand them the cube and instruct them      solution. Beware that getting to                                                     Photo by Laura
to do their worst.                        where I am now has come with some                                   To a unique math teacher,
     As many of the Florida Tech stu-     compromises, including a letter grade                                   Mike Gonsalves,
                                                                                                                You will be missed.

“INDEED”                                                              by Kyle Flynn & Chad Pennell

Nuts & Dolts                                                                                by Chris Sonnenberg

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