Jackson and Smith worship wit by yaosaigeng


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                                                                                       U N I ~ E K S I OTF YI N D I A N A P O L I S
                                                                    1400 E A \ TH            ~               I                    N
                                                                                                  NA N F ~ U EN D I A N A P O L I S ,4 6 2 2 7
                                                                                                     V N


Jackson and Smith worship wit
                                                                                                                                         for the Indiana team.                                 Jacksoil ;d.io uscd the example of pop
                                                                                                          Gretchen Rush                      “Mark is truly a man of God,” Strack       s ! x A ~ i l y i ; d i ’ ~ ,I ; i ~ i crashing. The plane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           p       c
                                                                                                          Editor-in-Chief                said. “Only now that I am older am I able      VV“;!~ ~:aiiyitig(00 t!iuch luggage, and the
                                                                                                                                         to look back and see what a powerful           pilot w i i s no1 qr!;ilifietl. “Who is your
                                                                             “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”                                         influence he was and still has on me.          pilot’!“ Jx:lcsoi! ;~.;kctl. rncssage then    His
                                                                             Those were the three words that New                         Once he was on our team [the Pacers], he       cxplaiiicd tli:lt I ~ I ; I I I V shepherds and pi-
                                                                         York Knicks guard Mark Jackson re-                              basically took me under his wing and he        lots ;iic ii~i::l~-:i!liiij~.d says God is “lhvi
                                                                         peated over and over again after 23 Uni-                        taught me, just by hanging out with him        i i i v ;heplic:i-(l- I i y s :ii,cchecked.” Jack-
                                                                         versity of Indianapolis students accepted                       on a daily basis, how to build a solid         wi wiil. . ~ C h:itc- (he greatest insur-
                                                                         his invitation to join in the Christian                         foundation for life.”                          wv~e       polic) !i.)?\i!ilf:              - -evct lasting life.”
                                                                         faith at Fellowship of Christian Athletes                           After Strack’s introduction, the U of I           F’o I IO \ V II I II ic I I ICSS L I ~ CJ,>icl<son      of-
                                                                         (FCA) on Thursday, Jan. 31.                                     audience warmly welcomed the profes            l c i c r l : H I i l i v i ( : r t icw for students to accept
                                                                             Indianapolis Colts punter, Hunter                           sional basketball player.                                                         iiir.r’hristians. ‘1’0 astand-
                                                                         Smith, joined Jackson as they led 400                               “This is awesome-this is absolutely                                            ‘1 strdeirts acccpted that
                                                                         pcople from the University of India-                            awesome” were Jackson’s first words to         call. ‘I’he( hi,, Accord leatlers talked to
                                                                         napolis and Mount Pleasant Christian                            the packed house in Christel DeHaan.           ctudciits uritil ririiliiight that evening, set-
                                                                         Church in song and worship in the                               He followed with words from the chorus         tiilg up Bit)li, (ritiics and explaining that

                                                                         Christcl DeHaan Fine Arts Center, Ruth                          of “Better is One Day.” “Better is one         ;iczcptati!.c~ tlic k i t step in Christian-
                                                                         Lilly Performance Hall.                                         day.. .thanthousands elsewhere,” he said.      i t j . ” A i 1 ~ o i i t\vlio i s interested in Bible
                                                                              Smith originally came to the univer-                       “I’m living that.”                             stiidies o n ‘xiiipilq; with U of 1 students
                                                                         sity last November 15 because thechurch                             Jackson’s main message, called             can call 31 7.881 072’7, ext. 245,” said
                                                                         and FCA leaders wanted to have a young                          “CheckYour Bags,” was based on Psalm           Sti-ack. *‘Vi,.              mcoiii :igcanyonc tojoinus
                                                                         adult worship together. U of I junior                           23. He talked about David’s words from
                                                                         Casey Harter invited Smith to return to                         that passage, “The Lord is my Shep-
                                                                         FCA because she knows him from Mount                            herd.” Jackson also used sports and pop            S t r x k i ! l w said that many pcople
                                                                         Pleasant.                                                       culture themes throughout the evening.         h:ivc asked h i i r , i f they could give Jack-
                                                                             Smith is the worship leader at Mount                        He even joked about the rivalry between        son peIsotii!l itcinu. Strack said that he
                                                                         Pleasant, and his best friend Clint                             New York and Indiana. “I understand            \\                        rake
                                                                                                                                                                                           oiilcl pt~rso~ially any cards or other
                                                                         McKinnis, the leader of One Accord, a                           this is Indiana,” Jackson said. “I under-      items I row I r i f 1 stridcrits to Jackson.
                                                                         college ministry group, spoke about sal-                        stand you love the Pacers, but this is             “The re;ison Mark is such a good
                                                                         vation that first evening.                                      bigger than that.”                             leader on, but inore irnportantly, off the
                                                                             “Both of these men have a tremen-                               He told U of I how at one time he did      court i \ bcc::irise hc is ;I man of sincerity
                                                                         dous heart for God and reaching out to                          not follow God but how so much of his          awl integrity.” Sfrack said. “He talks to
                                                                         others,” said Harter. “Fortunately, their                       life has changed since he accepted thc         m r ill privati, ;is Iic did to hundreds of
                                                                         occupations draw those into fellowship                          Lord. He mentioned that 30 minutes af-         kids last ‘ 1 11111 sda\ night. ‘This man talks
                                                                         who may normally not come. This gave                            ter the Knicks arrive in a city to play ii     the talk. h i I‘\ cii t11o1c        powerful. walks
                                                                         us the opportunity toreach thosepeople.”                        game, Jackson and some of his tean-            th!: walk..‘
                                                                             U of 1’s FCA leadership team joined                         mates have a Bible study and worship.              Altr.r~\vr) t l ;I Iialfhoiirs ofworship,
                                                                         the college ministry group from Mount                               Jackson said God is like the man in        ttiv c ~ o \ v I~, !t G..tlr;lir!g, hugging, crying
                                                                                                                                                                                                        c f

                                                                         Pleasant Christian Church for the largest                       the Verizon Wireless commercials who           iird   singiiig.
                                                                         FCA gathering on the university’s cam-                          repeats, “Can you hear me? Can you hear                 “I w a r i t ~ thost: who aren’t saved to
                                                                         pus. Smith opened with several songs                            me now?’ in remote parts of the world.         u1iderst;md who Jesus was and what He
                                                                         including “Open the Eyes of my Heart,”                          He said that many people don’t know            1 1 l f t v s.’ Suii!Ii sni!l. ‘.And ior thow who

                                                                         “I Love Your Presence,” and Smith’s                             God until something bad happens. “This         are saved t o rinticrstand that He offers a
                                                Phrltn h K n h Pchor*ri~ pr!v ~ * , tfawrite, “Better is One Day.”
                                                        :                            l                                                   isn’t a game,” Jackson said. “You treed        S! I I I ( ~ I ~ - ili,it r V c ’ i cliving vVt.ii under
                                                                                                                                                                                          il            ;in![
CHECK YOUR BAGS-Mark Jackson, a New York Knicks guard,                       Following worship, U of I senior                            to have a relationship with Him.”              m i I plivilcwk:. I tliink for this school
challenges students to examine their relationship with God.              Donnie Strack introduced Mark Jack-                                 Jackson’s “Check Your Bags” theme          especially, i ! ’ s iwt just Fellowship of
                                                                         son. Strack praised Jackson for his lead-                       played throughout his message. He said         Christian ,\fliletcs. It‘s fellowship of
 ICAMPUS EVENT                                                           ership and Christian influence. Strack                          that all people carry excess baggage, and      Christians.. . 1 thitrk it’s important be-
                                                                         has interacted with Jackson since he was                        they needs to check their bags with God        cause it clr;i\\s everyone together under
                                                                          14-years old and a ball boy for the Pac-                       and let Him handle situations beyond           thc urrihrell:~ f I-’(~~Iowship           of Christian
  U of I hosts Thespian Festival                                         ers. He is now a student athletic trainer                       their control.                                 Zttllctc~u.”

                                                 Each school group will also combine
             Jennifer Marks                      their efforts in order to put on one two-
               Stuff Writer                      act show for an audience. Contests are
                                                 to be conducted in the areas of acting as
    Acting is a vivid art form that brings       well as design. In the design contest,
 the written word to life before an audi-        students will present stage models to a
 ence. It can be performed in a variety          panel ofjudges.
 of settings and interpreted in countless            Auditions to aid in improving the
 ways. U of I will celebrate this style of       craft of these aspiring actors and ac-
 artistic expression by hosting the Thes-        tresses will be held as well. Ream ex-
 pian Festival over Spring Break. This           plained that every participant “will per-
 festival is set up to bring theatre into        form two contrasting pieces such as il
 the spotlight as the setting for perfor-        comedy and drama.” Participants are
 mances.                                         judged in these auditions much like
    FromMarch 15-17,high school stu-             students are judged in a speech debate.
 dents from all over the state of Indiana            William L. Heimann, a drama
 will attend workshops and competi-              teacher at Penn High School in
 tions in various areas of theatre studies       Mishawaka, Ind., is in charge of the
 at the U of I campus. According to              festival. Other high schooldramateach-
 Theatre Department Chair Jim Ream,              ers assist in coordinating activities. U
 this will be the third year for U of I to   I   of I drama students will be on hand to
 host the Thespian Festival. The uni-            help with operations.
 versity will continue to do so about                Even though college recruiters will
 every other year.                               be present to observe the talents of the
    During workshops, students in at-            students, Ream said that is not the ma-
 tendance will receive tips from some            jor reason U of I chooses to host the
 of the state’s greatest theatre profes-         Thespian Festival.
 sionals. Ream said that students are                “It is to sort of serve the theatre
 also encouraged to bring productions            community, he said. “It’s more of a
 of their own. Various school drama              service project than anything else. 1
 groups will combine their efforts to re-        know it sounds corny, but we love           IN HIS NAME-Hunter Smith and Chris Wilson, members of the praise band from One Accord, lead
 enact six to 10 small scenes fromplays          theatre. That’s what it really boils down   students in worship. FCA meets every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the chapel in Schwitzer Student Center.
 presented earlier in the school year.           to.”


  v        @ d a

  Lil’ sibs come tp o U o f I
                                0 1

                                                 the sibs after breakfast and lunch in the   in Obcr Side Dining Hall after the bas-
              Julie Anderson                     dinning hall on Saturday. Teams of four     ketball games. The sibs were provided
               Feature Editor                    and five raced around the campus search-    with munchies and drinks.
   The University of Indianapolis hosted         ing for clues at each building. Winning        Overall, the weekend was deemed a
over 75 younger brothers and sisters of          teams were awarded gift certificates and    success by CLAC. After a disappointing
students February 8 through ‘10. Lil’            U of I T-shirts, while treats awaited ev-   turnout at the 2001 weekend, CLAC
Sibs Weekend, planned and hosted by              eryone at the conclusion of the hunt.       niem hers reorganized and modified their
Campus Life Advocacy Committee                      Siblings were admitted for free to       planning of to the weekend. Instead of
(CLAC), provided a fun atmosphere for            Pack the House Night for men and            mailing reminders to the students’ fami-
the students and their siblings.                 women’s basketball on Saturday night.       lies after Winter Break, the mailers were
   The CPB-sponsored Late Nite kicked            At halftime of each game, several previ-    sent out soon after final exams last se-
off the weekend. As siblings and their           ously-selected younger siblings partici-    mester. The additional time allowed al-
college counterparts wandered in for             pated in contests including frre-throw      most 50 more RSVPs than last year.
registration in the Schwitzer Student            competitions and “diuy bat,” in which           Senior Angie Buergler took care of
Center, each younger sib received a              competitors spin around a basehall bat      many of the details of the weekend. “I
goody bag filled with gift certificates, U       and attempt to land free throws whilc       iun vcry proud of how many sibs we got
of I memorabilia and a Lil’ Sibs Week-           stumbling around dizzily. Prizes were       to sign up this year.. ..We had 70 sibs
end T-shirt. Older sibs also received a T-       awarded to each participant.                sign up by our deadline. Last year our                                                                                         v Ktrthy Oshorne
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  l ’ h ~ h~ o
                                                    The weekend’s final activitv was the     sibs weekend consisted of onlv. I be-
                                                                                                                             , I
                                                                                                                                          Lil’ sibs-Senior Brian Tomlinson and his brother, Bohbv, shai e
   An outdoor scavenger hunt awaited             movie, “Chicken Run,” which wiij \hewn      Iieve. 28 sibs,” said Buergler.              brunch in the Schwitzer Student Center ca7fetm@ ‘Y! Suhday.
PAGE 2 THE REFLECTOR                                                                       OPINION                                                                                                        13,2002

Professor responds to Penrose’s letter
                                      Thinking CriticallyAs Academic’s Response to Robert Penrose’s Lettex
   Dear Editor:                             not become true because I call those        is, to misperceive the real world) is to   Jew ... owns, controls, or intensely                       Finally, there is a place for the role
                                            who disagree with me names. Mr.             override that person’s cognitive           influences” virtually 100%of the US                    of emotion and affect alongside that of
    The letter to the editor sent in by     Penrose’s letter is replete with ex-        defenses with emotional appeals.           media; that the Civil Rights legisla-                  reason and logic in evaluating argu-
Mr. Robert Penrose, published by the        amples. He refers to the target of his           This is precisely why academics in    tion of the 1960’s was authored or                     ments. This comes in the examination
Reflector in the Dec. 5 , 2001 issue,       argument, Jewish people, as “self           many fields, particularly the sciences,    sponsored by the Jewish community;                     of the normative (ethical or moral)
provoked a number of strong reactions       serving” and manipulative. He calls         insist on dispassionate analysis and       and that Jewish political contributions                statements and conclusions which an
and responses. Rather than debate the       those who would disagree with his           emotion-free reasoning - not because       represent 50% of the total contribu-                   argument makes. If an argument rests
merits of the Rejlector’s decision to       assertions “fools”. He refers to the        we believe that human thinlung can         tions to Democratic party legislators.                 on a moral or normative statement -
publish that letter, or the particular      people with which he is most con-           ever be free of emotion altogether, but    Without supporting prior evidence,                     that a certain thing should or should
claims of the letter itself, I would like   cerned as a “cancer” on American            because we recognize the damage that       we have only Mr. Penrose’s word that                   not be - then we have the obligation to
to suggest that however offensive and       society. Such attacks, while compel-        an overreliance on emotion can do to       these things are true - not a sufficient               compare that statement with our own
disagreeable Mr. Penrose’s arguments        ling in an emotional sense, do nothing      the quest for empirical truth.             prop for any public argument.                          normative values. If we disagree with
may be, they provide an excellent case      to establish the truth of the argument to       3)    Novel Facts and Verifiability        4)     Logical Implications and                    the statement, and if that statement is
study in how we should respond to           which they are attached.                        By “facts”, we generally mean          Prior Assumptions                                      an integral part of the argument, then
arguments made in the public space.             2)    Arguments by appeal to            those observations which are offered           Another way of examining an                        we are justified in rejecting that
    As an academic, I argue that the        emotion and the problem of bias             in support of an argument. The             argument is to bring out its unstated                  portion of the argument, not as
most important starting point in                The presence of ad hominem              general logic is, “if this fact is true,   assumptions and implications. We                       empirically untrue, but as normatively
evaluating any argument is its truth:       rhetoric raises another, larger issue:      then my conclusion must also be true”      can ask ourselves, “if what this                       wrong. In this case, Mr. Penrose’s
does the argument convincingly              argumentation by appeal to emotion.         - which raises the prior question, is      argument says is true, what else must                  moral implication that both Jews and
establish, or provide strong evidence       Just as calling one’s opponents names       this fact true? Here, in public argu-      be true?” and compare those assump-                    third world immigrants ought to be
for, the conclusions it is trying to        does not establish truth, neither does      mentation, we run into two kinds of        tions with other facts or available                    disliked, derided, or despised because
reach?                                      presenting the argument in more             facts: those which are commonly            evidence. For example, if Mr.                          of who they are as groups is likely to
    It is important both that we start      emotionally charged terms. I am no          known and agreed upon, and those           Penrose’s argument is true, the                        be rejected by many.
with this question, and that we             more right (or wrong) about a particu-      which are novel. The former are            following things would also have to                        Mr. Penrose’s article reminded us
understand the limitations on it. We        lar conclusion if I shout than if I         unproblematic; in supporting argu-         be true:                                               that there are arguments in the public
need to start with the question of          whisper. Here, Mr. Penrose’s article is     ments, an author can make reference              The Jewish community shares a                    sphere which we very much want to
truth, because whether an argument’s        replete with emotional examples. He         to a well-known fact (George Wash-         common set of political interests                      reject. Emotional responses to such
conclusions are true or not will inform     begins by referencing ‘‘evil, sadistic      ington was the first President of the      across all members and across                          arguments are easy to come by, but do
all further responses to it.                deeds”; bolsters the argument through-      United States; Martin Luther King Jr.      generations, including the interest in                 little to enlighten us; we do not gain
    But we need also to understand          out with words like “preposterous”,         was assassinated in 1968) without          damaging or destroying American                        knowledge, when people call us
that, in the public square, arguments       “overwhelming”, “extreme racial             being concerned with the prior             society.                                               names, by calling them names in
are made and supported, but never           turmoil”, “laughingly”, and “dupes”;        question of whether people will                  The Jewish community is                          return. It is only when we step back
“proved”; that is, we cannot apply a        and ends by a juxtaposition of “twisted     believe the initial assertion.             successful in hiding its aims and                      and take the time to think through an
standard that is too demanding. We          evil of terrorism” and “our great               Novel facts, on the other hand, are    interests from other societies,                        argument, focusing on the question not
do not look for arguments that are          civilization”. These are all terms that     those claims which are not widely          particularly the United States.                        of what we like but of what is true, that
proved absolutely, but only seek to         evoke emotional responses, but which        known, and which may in fact be                  There is a sufficiently organized                we learn something. In this case,
distinguish those that have substantial     do not, by themselves, mean anything        counter-intuitive or go against            and institutionalized framework of                     regardless of the negative emotions
support from those which have little        - certainly, nothing that Mr. Penrose       generally accepted wisdom or under-        leadership within the Jewish commu-                    Mr. Penrose’s letter evokes, we can
or none.                                    defines in measurable terms.                standing. Here, in order for an            nity to devise and execute complex                     learn not only that he is wrong, but
    There are any number of rules and           Arguments based on appeals to           argument to be taken seriously, the        plans over several decades and                         why, and be confident in our knowl-
reminders we use to evaluate the truth      emotion are particularly suspect, in the    novel fact must be bolstered by some       involving very large social forces.                    edge.
or falsehood of an argument. Mr.            absence of other support, because of        argumentation of its own - a verifi-       This leadership is capable of keeping
Penrose’s letter provides illustrations     the inherent dangers of this form of        able and available source, €or ex-         its existence and its influence                            Sincerely,
- albeit negative ones - of a number        discourse. Psychologists have long          ample. This is the logic behind            unknown to the vast majority of
of these rules:                             characterized human thinking as             academic requirements for footnotes        observers.
    1) Ad Hominem Arguments                 divided between reason and emotion          and other references.                          If the unstated assumptions or
    These are arguments that seek to        (or “cognition” and “affect”), and it           Mr. Penrose’s argument contains a      implications of an argument, once                          R. William Ayres
bolster their conclusion by attacking       has long been recognized that one of        number of examples of novel facts          drawn into the open, are not true, then                    Director, International Relations,
opponents, usually rhetorically. This       the best ways to get a person to believe    which are not supported. These             the argument itself must be rejected.                      Program, Assistant Professor,
is a logical fallacy; an argument does      something to be true which isn’t (that      include his claim that “the American           5 ) Normative Conclusions                              History, & Political Science

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b        FEBRUARY
               13,2002                                                                                    FEATURE                                                                         THE REFLECTOR PAGE


             The Reflector salutes Black History Month and U of I Centennial
    ~           ~~

                                                    archivist and university historian,                                                          One ofthe obstacles Manly faced          soon escorted to his new home at
                      Anthony King                  Manly was born in Freetown, West                                                         was getting to New York on his own           Indiana Central College.
                       Sports Editor                Africa. After his mother died, he and                                                    and meeting up with his guide. He                Manly decided to declare his major
                                                    his siblings were sent to the United                                                     soon earned his way to New York by           in English. During his junior year, he
           In 1915, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Emery         Brethren Mission of Shenge, where he                                                     shoveling coal in a ship’s engine room       and a few faculty members decided to
        had just graduated from Indiana             changed his name from Ndapy (which                                                       and by working as a fireman. He did          create a school newspaper to inform
        Central College and decided to go to        means “a fight”) to David Jayn Manly.                                                    this for 22 days to earn his passage         the students about what was happening
        Africa to do some missionary work.              While at the mission in Africa, he                                                   plus $25.                                    on campus and in the community. On
        For three years they taught small           was educated in the English language.                                                        Manly finally arrived in New York        November 15, 1922, the first issue of
        African children how to read and            He excelled well above his classmates                                                    and was amazed at the differences            The Reflector was handed out, and
        write. During this time they hired a        and became a strong leader.                                                              between his homeland and the United          Manly was named its first editor-in-
        young man named David “Ndapy”                   His dream was to come to America         years.                                      States. His next step was to meet his        chief.
        Jayn Manly as their new assistant. The      to be educated as a teacher so that he           While teaching in Shenge, he began      guide from the society so that he could          Because David Jayn Manly pursued
        Emerys became very interested in            could teach his people. This dream           writing letters to universities in          get on a train. His guide did not come       his dream of coming to America and to
        Manly because of his intelligence.          would become a reality, but not              America. He met Mr. and Mrs. Emery,         for two days. When the guide finally         Indiana Central College, he eventually
        Soon after the Emerys came home,            without some hardships.                      and they began telling him about            arrived, he took Manly to the train          founded the university’s newspaper
        they got a scholarship for Manly, and a         After graduating from mission            Indiana Central College in Indianapo-       station and they traveled to Indianapo-      and paved the way for the next stream
        few years later David became the first      school, Manly became an apprentice           lis. He became very interested in           lis. According to a booklet in the           of young African-Americans to come
        international student at Indiana Central    tailor. He did this for about a year until   Indiana Central and decided to write a      University Archives, Manly described         to Indiana Central in the mid 1900s. In
        and also the first editor-in-chief of The   he was accepted by an academy run by         letter to them. About a year later, he      his trip on the train as “horrifying.”       the next issue, the centennial series
        Reflector.                                  missionaries. He graduated a few years       received a scholarship from the                 After his long trip he finally arrived   traces the rise of African-Americans in
           According to Dr. Frederick Hill,         later and was sent to a mission farm in      Christian Endeavor Society of White         in Indianapolis and he was met by the        the city and discusses how Indiana
        professor emeritus of history, assistant    Shenge, where he taught for several          River Branch to attend Indiana Central.     local chapter of the Red Cross and           Central was in the middle of it all.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo provided by Andreu Suizds
        W STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                                                       NATIVE WlLDLlFEJunior Andrea Sands visits Currumbin Wildlife
                                                                                                                                                Sancutary while studying in Australia last semester.
         Student participates in academic
         seminar at Washington Center
                                                    endeavors. The seminar was also              students made site visits. Some sites
                       Amy Haick                    useful in making important networking        included the Embassy of Saudi Arabia,
                       StuffWriter                  connections,” Hicks said.                    Cox News, the San Diego Union
                                                       During the seminar, Hicks met             Tribune, Washington Bureau and the
            Junior Katy Hicks spent two weeks       numerous people who had an impact            Center for Policy Alternatives. Hicks’
        at the beginning of this semester           on her feelings towards politics and the     favorite site visit was to the Center for
        attending Inside Washington, an             way the media industry works. One of         Policy Alternatives. The center is a
        academic seminar held by the Wash-          the most influential keynote speakers,       progressive nonprofit organization,
        ington Center. The political science        in her opinion, was Amy Weiss,               which interested Hicks.
        and communication double major was          deputy press secretary in the Clinton           She was required to keep a daily
        in Washington, D.C., from January 6         administration.                              journal in which she compared what
        to January 19. The seminar caused her          Weiss emphasized the importance           she heard through lectures and other
        to miss the first week of classes;          of making connections. While intern-         information with what was being
        however, she felt her experience was        ships are important, Weiss said,             printed in the daily newspapers. An
        worth it. Hicks stayed in an apartment      knowing the right people is crucial for      end-of-week paper was also required
        in Arlington, Va., with other students      a succesful political career in Wash-        in which Hicks wrote about social
        participating in the two-week seminar.      ington, D.C. Hicks thought that the          welfare. She also summed up her
        Dr. Stephen Graham, associate               information that Weiss gave about how        experiences and feelings in the paper.
        professor of political science$, who is     she got to where she is today was both       “My initial focus upon coming was to
        the U of I liaison to the Washington        “honest and informative.”                    align myself with networking to aid for
        Center, introduced her to the program.         Later, Hicks received Weiss’ e-mail       future successes....Instead I became
            The program IS offered to students      address and business card so that she,       inundated with my senses, my eyes,
        in all major$ but is especially benefi-     too, could begin making these essential      ears and even scents can tell my
        cial to those majoring in political         connections.                                 story.... Every morning became
        science or communication. A series of            A typical day at the seminar            enlightening and brought a newer
        keynote speakers lecturing on issues        started out with a metro ride into the       experience,” Hicks wrote.
        such as foreign and domestic policy         city, where the group met at the                For more information on the
        made up the greatest share of the           Washington Plaza hotel for an intro-         Washington Center and available
        seminar. Hicks chose to participate in      duction of the day’s events. A series of     internship opportunities contact Dr.
        the seminar because she thought it          lectures followed, pertaining to both        Graham at 3334 or the Washington
        would be “beneficial towards future         media and politics. In the afternoon,        Center online at www.twc.edu.

                                                                           Photo provided by Katy Hicks
    MAKING CONNECTIONS-Junior Katy Hicks (right) poses with Amy Weiss, the deputy press
    secretary in the Clinton administration, while attending the seminar Inside Washington.

                 4                                                         ~ _ . _ _ _ _ _ _    ___-SPORTS                                                                            FEBRUARY

Sophomore Cari Ciresi is preparing her horse for display at an
informational fair held at the beginning of the year as she and the
rest of the Equestrian Club prepare for another season.

     The Reflector accepts any
     photos of U of I sports and
       events for those who
              __                                                            ___- -

Women's basketball falls to GLVC leader
Northern Kentucky on Pack the House Night
                                           points and grabbed a carecr-high seven    1 .O per game. She landed five rejec-
             Gretchen Rush
                                           rebounds against the Flyers. She is       tions against Lewis and Wisconsin-
                                           ninth in scoring in the conference.       Pnrksitlc.
                                           averaging 14 points per game and 10th          As ;I tcam, the Greyhounds are at
                                           in the GLVC from behind the free          the top o f several conference catego-
                                           throw line, with an 80.8 percent          ries. 'T!icy lead the GLVC in defense,
   The University of Indianapolis          average.                                  holding their opponents to 57 points
women's basketball team fell 56-52 in          Frantz had a career game against      pcr gaiiic. They are also first in free
a close match with Great Lakes Valley      Lewis, scoring 11 points and pulling      throw percentage at 74.6 percent. The
Conference leader Northern Kentucky.       down eight rebounds. Off the bench        'Hounds are second in three-point
The Greyhounds led most of the way         she was 5 of 8 from the field.            percentage, averaging 34.4 percent
but fell short in the closing minutes to       Freshman Sarah Shackle tied her       hehind the arch. They rank third in
the Norse.                                 best eight points and had a career-high   both field goal percentage, averaging
   Freshman guard Amy Wisser was           three steals against the Flyers.          45.3 percent, and blocked shots,
the only 'Hound in double figures with         Sophomore Sara Strahm leads thc       averaging 2.86 per game.
15 points and going IO for 12 from the     tcam five assists v(-rsus 1,cais SIil.         .I. r ; t i ? t i : i q 28, the 'Hounds were
free throw line. Wisser is fifth in the    leads the team in the assist column       ranked nationally in field goal (1 1 th)
GLVC in free throw percentage,             with 48 total as of January 28.           and free throw percentage (18th).
averaging 82.6 percent from the                The 'Hounds also fell to Wisconsin-        Currently the 'Hounds are sixth of
charity stripe.                            Parkside 52-46 on February 2.              1 1 i n tlic GLVC and would play
   Junior Emily Hammes and senior              Freshman guard Amanda Davidson        numbcr three Quincy if the GLVC
Anne Frantz led in rebounding, pulling     led the 'Hounds with 11 points against    tourtianicnt started today. They play
down six and eight, respectively.          the Rangers, Teammate Wisser scored       their fin;il four regular season games
   Thursday, Feb. 7, the Greyhounds        eight points and grabbed four rebounds    the next two weeks, including two
destroyed conference opponent Lewis        against Wisconsin.                        tiornc yiiies February 21 and 23
74-35 in Nicoson Hall.                         Junior forward Kristen Lowry leads    Ocfore Ileading to Evansville for the
   Freshman Erin Moran scored 12           the GLVC in blocked shots, averaging      C; LV c' t ()urns I I icnt.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Photos by Kuthy Oshorne

                                                                                                                                         LOOKING TO DRIVE-(Above) Sophomore Erin Moran tries to get
                                                                                                                                         around her opponent as the 'Hounds steam roll over Wisconsin-
                                                                                                                                         Parkside. The Lady 'Hounds are currently 12-8 overall and 8-8 in the
                                                                                                                                         conference. They are preparing for the Great Lakes Valley
                                                                                                                                         Conference Tournament February 27 to March 2 at Roberts Stadium
                                                                                                                                         in Evansville, Ind.

                                                                                                                                         BLOCKING LEADER-(Far Left) Junior forward Kristen Lowry drives
                                                                                                                                         to the basket against a Wisconsin-Parkside defender. The Xavier
                                                                                                                                         transfer leads the GLVC in blocked shots, averaging 1.6 per game.

                                                                                                                                         CALLING THE SHOTS-(Left) Head Coach Teri Moren leads her team
                                                                                                                                         against Northern Kentucky. In her second year as head coach of the
                                                                                                                                         Lady 'Hounds she has put together a 26-22 record.

                                                                                                                          Look for the next
                                                                                                                       issue of The Reflector
                                                                                                                            Februaty 27.
      13,2002                                                                                      §PORTS                                                                THE REFLECTOR PAGE


‘Hound swimmers set records at ,ewis,
gearing up for GLIAC championships
                                              Indianapolis opened the meet with a        Pheney also assisted in the
             Joanne Grizzle               victory in the 200-meter medley relay.      ‘Hounds’ victory with a first place in
               Stuff Writer                                                           the 100- butterfly. Ferber and Monkul
                                          The team consisted of senior Lacy
                                          Spurgeon, junior Amy Haick , sopho-         won the 100-meter backstroke and the
   The men’s swimming meetrecord          more Nicole Slack and freshman              200-meter IM, respectively. Ferber
fell to 23-1 1 as the ‘Hounds finished    Amber Drudge. Spurgeon also won the         swam the 100-meter backstroke with a
124-114 against Great Lakcs Intercol-     200-meter backstroke.                       time of 54.82 seconds.
legiate Athletics opponent Grand              Sophomore Megan Grunert was a               The relay team of Ferber, Monkul,
Valley State University (GVSU) on         double winner in the 400-meter IM and       Pheney and Lowrance won the 200-
Saturday at the Ruth Lilly Fitness        the 200-meter breaststroke.                 meter niedly in a time of 1:41.79.
Center Pool.                                  Freshman Kenzi Miller joined                Leading the women’s swimming
   Freshman Bruno Fonseca won both        Grunert as a double winner by placing       team to its 120-80 victory was Miller,
the 100- and the 200-meter freestyle      first in the 50- and 100-meter freestyle.   who set pool records in the 50- and
events against GVSU.                          Fellow freshman Amy Broxterman          100-meter freestyles with a time of
    Fellow freshman Deniz Monkul          won the 1000-meter freestyle to finish      24.64 sccouds and 53.07 seconds,
also swept two events, the 400-meter      off the team’s scoring.                     respectively.
individual medley (IM) and the 200-           U of 1’s men’s and women’s                  Grunert set pool records in the 100-
meter butterfly.                          swimming teams dominated Lewis in           butterfly, l:O!).Sl and the 200 IM,
    Junior Ore1 Oral was the ‘Hounds’     an away meet on January 26.                 2: 10.66. Broxterman won the 500-
third double winner with first-place          The men defeated Lewis 130-44,          meter freestyle, and senior Lacy
efforts in the 200-meter backstroke and   bringing their record to 23-10 for the      Spurgeon won the 1 OO-meter back-
the 200-meter breaststroke.               season.                                     stroke in 1:02.68.
    Sophomore Justin Lowrance                 Fonseca paced the Greyhounds,               The 200-meter medley relay of
prevailed in the 50-meter free IM.        finishing first in the 50- and 100-meter    Spurgeon, Miller, Haick and Slack
Lowrance also combined with Monkul,       freestyle. With a time of 48.33             placed first in 1:53.53.                                                                           Photo by Kathy Osborne
junior Nate Pheney and freshman Guy       seconds, he set a new pool record in            From February 20-23, the Univer-
Ferber to win the 200-meter free relay    the 100-meter freestyle.                    sity of Indianapolis will host the         GOING THE DISTANCE- Sophomore Shannon Mingo competes in the
in 1:29.28.                                   Oral won the 200-meter freestyle        GLIAC Mcn’s and Women’s Swim-              400 IM against Wayne State. The men and women’s swimmers will be
    The women’s swim team brought         and the 100-meter breaststroke.             ming Championships for the first time      in action at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
their record to 29-3 with a 122-119           Senior captain Josh Durlich won the     ever at thc Ruth Lilly Fitness Center      tournament on February 20-23. This is their first year for U of I to host
dual meet win over league opponent        500-meter freestyle and the 1000-           Pool.                                      the GLIAC tournament.
Grand Valley State on February 2.         meter freestyle.

                                                                                                              WR ESTLlNG

1 Blank and Nisbet earn All-American status
           Kathryn Hicks
                                   past four years.                        Nisbet tied the school
                                                                                                           u of1 grapplers throwing
           Opinion Editor
                                      “Neal was as dominant as
                                   anv defensive Dlaver that we
                                                 1   ,

                                   have had in our program,” said
                                                                       record with 64 points in
                                                                       200 1. He led the GLIAC in
                                                                       field goal accuracy and
                                                                                                            around Division T competition
                                   Head Coach Joe Polizzi. “He         finished second in field goals
      Senior defensive tackle      won the respect of every team       per game.                                     Julie Anderson            the finals.                        3-0 before a loss to top seed
   Neal Blank and senior kicker    in our conference with his              “Dennis was a great                                                    Craft was not the only team     Matt Cobb of Missouri Valley.
                                                                                                                      Feature Editor
   Dennis Nisbet have been         tough, physical play.               competitor, as well as a                                                member who performed well at       Both Love and Johnson lead the
   named to the 2001 Football         “Neal worked extremely           clutch performer and the type           Sophomore Wiley Craft           the invitational. Fourth-seeded    team with 32 wins this season.
   Gazette All-American Team.      hard in the weight room to          of athlete who consistently          improved his season record to      sophomore Evan Love went 5- 1         Along with the impressive
      Blank earned second team     develop himself into an All-        overachieves in adverse              24-12 as he won in the 125-        and finished third in his weight   performances of Love and
   All-American honors. He         American level player. He is a      conditions,” said Polizzi. “He       pound weight class by going 4-     class. Love, a heavyweight,        Johnson, junior Earl Wilson,
   had 42 tackles and five sacks   great model for our younger         had a hand in every victory          0 on the weekend at the            defeated Joe Scanion of            wrestling at 133 pounds, and
   in 11 games this season.        players.”                           we’ve had here in the past           Wheaton [IL] Pete Wilson           Wabarh, Deke Staned of             sophomore Josh Holden,
      Blank also was named to         Nisbet was an honorable          four seasons.                        Invitational. The ‘Hounds          Wisconsin-Lacrosse and Roger       wrestling at 14 1 pounds, both
   the AFCA All-American           mention pick to the Football            “Along with the many big         placed fifth of 24 teams,          Miller from Lindenwood in the      placed sixth in the tournament.
   First Team and the Associ-      Gazette All-American team.          games he won with the last           improving their record to 47-20.   consolation rounds.                Wilson is 19-11 on the year and
   ated Press Little , 1 -
                     41               He was 13 for 16 on field        second kick or a record punt            He was the fifth-place seed.       Junior Aaron Johnson, also      Holden is 26-9.
   American Second Team after      goal attempts with an 81.3          at U of I, many of his               He defeated Tony Nord of           fourth-seeded, finished the           The ‘Hounds are preparing
   earning GLIAC Defensive         percent average for the season.     contributions did not show up        Wheaton in the quarterfinals.      tournament 5-1 with an overall     for the NCAA I1 Midwest
   Lineman of the Year.               He also was selected to the      in stat sheets but directly Icd      Craft also had a 7-2 victory       season record of 32-6. Johnson     Regional Tournament in
      Blank became the             2001 Daktronics NCAA I1 All-        them to team victory. I wish         over Richard Grant of Embry-       placed third in the 174-pound      February. On February 24, the
   University of Indianapolis’s    Northeast Region team in a poll     we had another just like             Riddle in the semifinals. He       tournament, defeating Joe          team will travel to Aberdeen,
   third All-American in the       of sports information directors.    him.”                                upset third seed Fidel Gon7dc7     Hirtndo of EmhryRiddle.            South Dakota for the NCAA 11
                                                                                          ~          ~            _           _
                                                                                                            of Wisconsin-Parkside 7-4 in       Johnson stood undefeated at        Midwest Regional.
                 6                                                                   SPORTS                                                                               FEBRUARY

                                                                       a MEN’S TENNIS
                                                                                                                                                             U of I men’s
                                                                                                                                                             tennis falls to
                                                                                                                                                             Division I

                                                                                                                                                                          Kathy Osborne
                                                                                                                                                                           Photo Editor
                                                                                                                                                                 The U of I men’s tennis team lost to
                                                                                                                                                             NCAA Division I Western Kentucky
                                                                                                                                                             6-3 on February 9 at the Southside
                                                                                                                                                             Tennis Club.
                                                                                                                                                                  The doubles duo of senior Ryan
                                                                                                                                                             VanDonselaar and sophomore Mounir
                                                                                                                                                             Salhi came out on top with an 8-3
                                                                                                                                                             victory. VanDonselaar and Salhi also
                                                                                                                                                             won their third and fourth singles
                                                                                                                                                                 Senior Justin Brown played in his
                                                                                                                                                             first match since having surgery on his
                                                                                                                                                             elbow back in November. Still trying
                                                                                                                                                             to recover, Brown and his partner
                                                                                                                                                             junior Brandon Cook lost their doubles
                                                                                                                                                             match 8-3.
                                                                                                                                                                 “This was actually the first time
                                                                                                                                  Photo by Kathy Osborne     Justin and I had played as a team
                                                                                                                                                             competitively, so we were a little rusty
                                                                       SERVING UP A POINT- Senior Justin Brown prepares to hit a                             out there,” said Cook. “That’ll go
                                                                       forehand shot back at his Western Kentucky opponent on February 9                     away with time.”
                                                                       at the Southside Tennis Club. His doubles partner in this match was                       The Greyhounds’ next match is
                                                                       junior Brandon Cook. This was Brown’s first match back after                          February 15 at the University of
                                                                       undergoing surgery on his elbow back in November.                                     Dayton .

                                                                       H MEN’S BASKETBALL

                                                                       Greyhounds fall against Norse,
                                                                       still clinch GLVC tournament birth
                                                                                     Brian Robbins                     The ‘Hounds defeated GLVC             the ‘Hounds have been able to shut
                                                                                    Managing Editor                 opponent Wisconsin-Parkside 67-54        down their opponents. They allow only
                                                                                                                    on February 2.                           70.9 points per game, good enough for
                                                                                                                       Freshman guard David Logan had a      third in the conference and 21st in
                                                                                                                    breakout game against the Rangers,       NCAA Division 11.
                                                                           The University of Indianapolis           scoring 18 second-half points. He            The ‘Hounds also know how to take
                                           Photo h j Krrthy Oshot-ne   men’s basketball team fell to Great          broke the game open by punishing         care of business at the free-throw line.
                                                                       Lakes Valley Conference foe Northern         Wisconsin-Parkside for 11 points over    They are 15th in NCAA Division I1
BRINGIN’ IT HOME- Freshman Cory Bennett puts the exclamation           Kentucky 80-61 on Saturday.                  a 1:45 span.                                 If the season ended today, the
mark on a breakaway with a slam dunk.                                      After trailing 46-29 at the end of the      Sophomore center Derrick Miller       Greyhounds would play against Lewis
                                                                       first period, the Greyhounds played          grabbed 11 boards against the Rangers.   in the first round of the GLVC
                                                                       even with the Norse in the second but        This was the fourth time in nine         tournament. The Flyers triumphed both
                                                                       could not make up the deficit.               contests he has had 11 rebounds.         times they met U of I this season.
                                                                           Senior guard Cedric Moodie paced            Sophomore center Doug Dybzinski          U of I is now 9-7 in the conference
                                                                       the ‘Hounds with 15 points and seven         came off the bench for nine points,      and 13-9 overall. Their next game is
                                                                       rebounds. He passed the 1000 point           four rebounds and a blocked shot.        tomorrow at Kentucky Wesleyan.
                                                                       mark for hi\ college career in the              The ‘Homd\ gavc onr up at home
                                                                       contest. However, he was a poor 5-17         on January 30, falling 74 69 against
                                                                       on field goal attempts.                      GLVC rival Lewis.
                                                                           Junior forward Brad Borgman had             U of I led the Flyers 37-32 at
                                                                       13 points.                                   halftime but could not maintain the
                                                                           U of I shot 19-62 from the field in      lead in the second half.
                                                                       the contest and only connected on 7 of          Logan once again led the Grey-
                                                                       25 shots from behind the three-point         hound scoring attack with 18 points.
                                                                       arc. This continues a trend for the          Moodie followed him with 14 points
                                                                       Greyhounds. They are ninth in the high       and also picked up ten rebounds
                                                                       octane GLVC in scoring, with only            against Lewis.
                                                                       72.6 points per game. This is 21.4              Sophomore forward Mickey McGill
                                                                       points off conference leader Kentucky        added ten points off the bench. He was
                                                                       Wesleyan’s output. They are also             3-6 from three-point range.
                                                                       second-to-last in field goal percentage         Although they have had their
                                                                       at 43.6 percent.                             problems putting points on the board,

                                                                       SHARPSHOOTER LOOKS
                                                                       UPCOURT- Sophomore forward
                                                                       Mickey McGill looks for the open
                                                                       man as he dribbles the ball up
                                                                       the court. McGill is tied for the
                                                                       team lead in three-point
                                                                       accuracy. He is averaging 42.3
                                                                       percent behind the three-point
                                                                       arc for the season, tying him with
                                                                       freshman guard Cory Bennett.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~       ~ ~ ~ ~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                 7                                                                                         NEWS                                                                                       FEBRUARY


Carillon bells heard on U of I
campus after prolonged absence
                                              [Ken] Piepenbrink [director for thephysi-         The women residents of Cravens Hall
              Gretchen Rush
              Editor-in-Chief                 cal plant] sent us hourly ‘updates’ so that   and a few men and women from Warren
                                              none would m i s s the historic event.        Hall complained that the tower woke
                                                  “Kind of corny I suppose, but it was      them up in the morning and kept them
    After eight months of silence, the        touching to those of us who have been         awake at night. Cravens Hall Residence
University of Indianapolis electronic         around for a while. It marked a symbolic      Director Sarah Spate said that it was only
carillon bell tower began ringing once        change.”                                      the girls whose windows faced the tower
again on Tuesday, Jan. 15. Although               According to Ken Hottle, vice presi-      who complained.
most university faculty, staff and stu-       dent for the office of business and fi-           Spate said she had about 15 com-
dents were pleased with the return of         nance and the person in charge of hiring      plaints. and the residents also started a
the music, some residents of Cravens          help to repair the tower, the music the       petition. Most of the 67 students who
and Warren halls, as well as some uni-        carillon plays depends on the tape the        signed the petition live in Cravens; 119
versity faculty, were initially more an-      university selects. The university has a      women live there this year. The petition
noyed than overjoyed with the repair of       list of tapes it owns. For example, Hottle    was not asking for the bell ringing to
that piece of university history.             said that seasonal tunes are played at        cease, but rather for the hours to be
    The brown bell tower, which stands        Christmas time. New tapes are also pur-       changed from 6 5 5 a.m.- 11 p.m. to either
south of the Schwitzer Student Center         chased from time to time for various          8 a m - 8 p.m. or 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
and east of Ransburg Auditorium, rings        reasons. “We’ve had some for a while,             Spate went to Hottle with the prob-
between 6 5 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. At five        and they do get eaten up by the ma-           lem, but because the repair company in
minutes before each hour, the electronic      chine,” Hottle said.                          Pennsylvania installed and repaired the
carillon plays a song and the bells ring          The music was not heard for the last      clock, he thought no resolution would
on the hour.                                  eight months because a vital part of the      come anytime soon. The company also
    The ringing times have remained the       tower malfunctioned, said Hottle. Since       charges $95 per hour plus travel ex-
same since the university purchased the       the parts were over 25 years old, and the     penses. Spate took the problem to the
bell tower. However the times are             company that could repair the tower is        Office of Residence Life, and to
slightly different than in the past.          located in Pennsylvania, it took eight        everyone’s surprise, there was an easy
    “We agreed with the UMC [United           months for the repair crew to find the        solution.
Methodist Church] across the street to        parts and fit the University of Indianapo-        On Thursday, Jan. 24, Wantz and
stagger our playing times so as not to be     lis into their schedule. The Pennsylvania     members of the physical plant staff went
discordant [with their bells],” said Dr.      company installed the clock in the 70s.       to the bell tower to see if they could fix
David Wantz, vice president for student           Hottle said that men from the bell        the problem. To their amazement, they
affairs. “So, we have tried to consider       tower repair company, Cony Schulmerich        found a volume control and turned the
the neighbors as we got our carillon          from Cellersville, Pa., traveled to India-    sound from full to half.
back in order.”                               napolis to replace the bad part. “We have         “Now you can hear it, but it doesn’t
    The tower has been part of the Uni-       an outdated model,” said Hottle. “We          wake you up,” Spate said.
versity of Indianapolis since the 1970s,      couldn’t get the part any faster.”                Like the Cravens Hall residents,
when President Gene Sease led the uni-            Hottle explained that the tower mal-      Wantz is thankful that the volume has
versity. Originally the tower stood in        function was no different from any other      been reduced. “I have an office adjacent
the area where Smith Mall is today.           problem on campus, it just took longer to     to the tower and am pleased that it is
Wantz said the tower was moved in             fix than usual repairs. He received com-      softer now.”
1996 during the Smith Mall renovation.        pliments and e-mails from faculty con-            Despite the initial concerns, the piece                                                                Photo by Kathy Osborne
    “It was a nostalgic time seeing that      gratulating him on the repair. Yet stu-       of university history was repaired and
tower moved and quite the campus              dents in the nearby residence halls were      adjusted for all to enjoy. “It is a long       RINGING AGAIN-The University of Indianapolis bell tower has rung
event. Folks stopped work and watched         not pleased with the reintroduction of        tradition: the playing of the bells,” Wantz    since the 1970s. After eight months of silence, parts were found to
it being taken down and reinstalled. Mr.      hourly songs.                                 said.                                          replace the aging piece of U of I history.

  English department offers new online course
                c/                                    I

          Online courses are a growing trend among universities, including U of I. They allow students to
                            work on their own time and away from the campus setting.
              Jessica Roberts                 port, training and resources to faculty       tended workshops. Morris discovered            discussion. e-mail. phonecall orhychat-       dence.
                News Editor                   who want to develop alternative learning      the advantages and disadvantages of            ting.”                                            Other universities have had suc-
                                              systems. She also assists faculty mem-        online courses. She decided the best way           Over the past few years, online           cess with the adoption of online
     At the beginning of this semester,       bers in placing course material online.       to instruct hcr course was to keep it as       courses have gained popularity among          courses. In 1989, the University of
  several University of Indianapolis En-         Bohley has been working with online        interactive as possible and to meet as a       colleges and universities. According to       Phoenix began an entire online pro-
  glish students found themselves among       courses for over four years. She trains       class twice during the semester. The           Kiggins, about 72 percent of the U of I       gram, in which students can receive
  the many college students who are           students and participates in training ses-    course met once at the beginning of the        full-time faculty use Blackboard to en-       complete degree-granting programs
  taking courses taught over the Internet.    sions and brown bag luncheons. She also       semester for orientation and will meet         hance the courses they instruct. Both         over the Internet. The online degree
     For years, Dr. Toni Morris, associ-      has taught several training and brown         once near the end of the semester for a        Bohley and Kiggins teach online courses       programs that are offered include
  ate professor of English, had been          bag luncheons through CIT.                    finalexam. During the semester, themain        at U of i. Bohley teaches several courses     business, management, technology
  teaching ENGL 3 11, Short Story, as a          One misconception about online             method of instruction is for students to       that are instructed half of the time online   management, information systems,
  traditional classroom course. Then she      courses is that they decrease the             read assigned short stories on their own       and half in the classroom. For three          education, and nursing.
  realized the course’s adaptability to       instructor’s workload. Not only do in-        time and then access Blackboard 5 to           years, Kiggins has taught an online sec-          Even though U of I is unable to
  online delivery. So she took steps to       structors have to apply for grants for        take quizzes and participate in discus-        tion of Introduction to Information Sys-      offer complete degree programs over
  make the online version of the course       money to support technology and plan          sions.                                         tems. She also teaches an online version      the Internet, “U of I is probably one of
  a reality.                                  the courses, but they must also learn the         Flexibility is the primary advantage       of Microcomputer Applications. Other          the leading private Indiana colleges
     Morris said that teaching online is      features and problematic areas of the         of online courses. According to Bohley,        online courses offered at U of I include      in its offering of online courses,”
  not appropriate for every type of           technology so they are prepared if prob-      students can learn at their own rate and       Abnormal Psychology and Human Re-             Kiggins said.
  course, but because Short Story con-        lems occur.                                   are able to focus on topics that interest      sources.                                          Kiggins said that she is in con-
  sisted mostly of reading and writing,          In preparation to teach Short Story        them. She feels that some students work            The number of adults returning to         tinual contact with faculty at other
  she felt that it could be executed effec-   online, Morris first applied for grants to    harder and enjoy learning more than in a       college is one factor that has helped the     local universities such as Franklin
  tively online.                              get the course started andreceivedmoney       classroom setting.                             online courses thrive. Because adult stu-     College, Manchester College and
     “I recommend that professors use         from the Indiana Higher Education Tele-           Morris feels that the flexibility of       dents often have to balance work, school,     DePauw University. Faculty from
  online courses as long as it is appropri-   communication System (IHETS) and              online courses helps the university reach      and family, online courses provide them       these schools exchange ideas for pro-
  ate subject matter-something that           CIT. Along with additional funding from       out to adult students and those who live       the opportunity to experience higher edu-     grams, training and workshops.
  does not require hands-on work or           the university, the grants from CIT and       far from the school of their choice. Many      cation.                                           U of 1’s newest online course has
  aural listening, such as acting,” she       IHETS have helped make the course as          full-time students who live in the area            “I think use of online courses will       not created much of a stir on campus,

  said.                                       effective as possible.                        are also enrolled in the new online ver-       continue to increase,” Kiggins said.          but 17 students are enrolled in Short
     Beth Kiggins, director for U of 1’s         After applying for grants, Morris          sion of her course.                            “People have busy lives. Traditional-         Story-a number that is unusual for
  Center for Instructional Technologies       learned the many features of Blackboard           The main disadvantage is the loss of       aged students are no longer ‘traditional’     an upper-level English course. Mor-
  (CIT), and Kathy Bohley, assistant          5, which is the system that assists with      direct contact between the instructor and      in the true meaning of the word. Today’s      ris hopes more students will enroll in
  professor in U of 1’s business depart-      delivery of online courses. Some fea-         the students. To unite the students, Mor-      traditional students (ages 18-24) have        online courses.
  ment, who teaches several online            tures include easy-access e-mail, discus-     ris attempts to make the course as inter-      jobs, families and other responsibilities         Anyone can enroll in Short Story,
  courses, both agree.                        sion boards, virtual drop boxes and other     active as possible.                            that make the flexibility offeredby online    or any of the other online courses,
     Kiggins received an Information          organizational tools. Morris spent time           Kiggins said that the best remedy for      courses attractive.”                          after being accepted to the university
  Technology degree through Purdue at         studying books and attending workshops        this disadvantage is a good course design          Indiana State University has adopted      and after completing the proper pre-
  IUPUI, an MBA from U of I, and has          and conferences to understand the sys-        that includes discussion and interaction.      undergraduate and graduate courses and        requisites.
  been working with online courses for        tem. She also learned how a student feels     “Building rapport between the student          degrees that can also be completed alter-         “[Instructing an online course] is a
  five years. The CIT was created when        in an online course by actually enrolling     and other students, and the students and       natively. The ISU Web sitc says dis-          lot of extra work,” Morris said. “But
  U of I received a grant from the Lilly      in a computer course that was taught          the instructor, is critical,” she said. “The   tance learning courses are offered by the     it will be worth it to expand the num-
  Endowment. According to Kiggins,            over the Internet.                            faculty member must stay in contact with       Internet or live television, as well as by    ber of students who can participate in
  the CIT was created to provide sup-            Once she had studied books and at-         the students, whether it is via an online      videotapes and print-based correspon-         higher education.”

                                                                                                CAMPUS CRIME

                                                                                            Universitv Dolice release camnus crime renort
                                                                                                                       . / I                                                    I                                     I
                                                                                                                                           such as theft or vandalism make up the        ting crimes such as theft of university
                                                                                                          Julie Anderson                   majority of crime reports filed at U of I.    property.”
                                                                                                           Feature Editor                     Crime is not on the rise at U of I.           Once a crime has been reported, the
                                                                                               The campu\ police of the University         Because every crime is reported, it may       university police launch an investiga-
                                                                                        1   of Indianapolis take measures to ensure        seem like crime is more prevalent than it     tion. An investigator is assigned to the
                                                                                            the safety of the campus. From provid-         actually is.                                  case so that suspects can be identified
                                                                                            ing escort services to and from buildings          “Crime Alerts” were posted in the         and, if applicable, crimes can be pieced
                                                                                            at night to raising awareness of crimes        students’ daily e-mail Announce Di-           together.
                                                                                            committed on campus, the seven offic-          gests from time to time. According to            “Where we have the resources and
                                                                                            ers and four cadets that make up Univer-       Keith Smith, director of university po-       the ability to investigate a crime, we
                                                                                            sity Police work hard to maintain U of         lice, these alerts describe the nature of     will do that,” said Smith.
                                                                                            1’srecord as arelatively safe campus.Part      the crimes and are a means of keeping            With crimes such as vehicle theft, the
                                                                                            of this feeling of safety comes from the       the community updated on the safety of        university police defer the investigation
                                                                                            low incidence of crime at U of I.              the campus. One of Smith’s recent alerts      process to the Indianapolis Police De-
                                                                                                The most recent official statistics re-    involved an individual who was reported       partment. University Police, in conjunc-
                                                                                            leased by University Police tell of only       to be exposing himself in the University      tion with Student Affairs, generally
                                                                                            one forcible sexual assault reported in        Apartments area. “That’c a crime that         handles property crimes and some crimes
                                                                                            2000, one case of aggravated assault,          we think might repeat itself,” said Smith.    against person, such as battery.
                                                                                            one incidence of vehicle theft and two         “So we’re notifying everyone to be on            Smith also reminds students to be
                                                                                            arsons. (These were the statistics as of       the lookout for that individual.”             alert and cautious so that they can pro-
                                                                                            October 2001 .) According to these                Not all crimes committed on univer-        tect themselves from crime.The mem-
                                                                                            records, the most common crime com-            sity property are committed by students.      bers of the campus community are im-
                                                                                            mitted on campus is burglary. In 2000,         “Students are.. .usually the victims of       portant in keeping the campus safe.
                                                                                            there were 13 reDorted cases of bur-           the crimes rather than the perpetrators,”                                       . .
                                                                                                                                                                                         “We’ve had a great record of Deople
                                                                                            glary, eight of wkch occurred in the           said Smith. “[However,] in some par-          reporting suspicFousactivity and crime,”
                                                                                            residence halls. More recently, crimes         ticularcases, there are students commit-      Smith said.
      13,2001                                                                             CAMPUS EVENTS                                        ~   -
                                                                                                                                                                r  r  w
                                                                                                                                                                 ______   REFLECTOR      PAGE    s
                                                        Student Writers Series                  Sertoma to teach basic
                                                            Open Reading                            sign language

                                         An open student reading will take                 On Wednesday, Feb. 13, and
                                      place on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 8 p.m.            Tuesday, Feb. 19, join Sertoma as they
                                      in Room 012 in the Schwitzer Student              help students learn the basics of sign
                                      Center.                                           language. Both programs will take
                                         Any student who would like to read             place at 9 p.m. in Lilly Science Hall.
                                      should sign up on the list posted on the
                                      Creative Writing Board by Esch 21 1.
                                      L/P credit is available for those who                 Kellogg Writer Series presents
                                      read or attend.                                               Molly Giles
                                         For more information, contact Dr.
                                      Elizabeth Weber at eweber@uindy.edu                  On Monday, Feb. 18, Molly Giles, a
                                      or Ethan Koron at                                 fiction writer nominated for a Pulitzer
                                      koronwe@uindy.edu.                                Prize and winner of various other
                                                                                        awards, will come to U of I for the
                                                Undergraduate poetry contest            Kellogg Writer Series. Her newest
                                                                                        book. Creek Walk and Other Stories, is
                                          This year, U of I is holding its 191h         a collection of 14 stories about
                                      annual undergraduate poetry contest.              different types of women, from sassy
                                      Anyone interested in submitting poetry            to belligerently imperfect.
                                      should contact Dr. Elizabeth Weber at                 The program will begin at 8 p.m. in
                                      eweber@uindy.edufor the complete                  the Schwitzer Student Center, Room
                                      list of guidelines and a submission               010. For more information, contact
                                      form.                                             Bruce Gentry at bgentry@uindy.eduor
                                          All undergraduate students are                788-3496.
                                      eligible, except those who have
                                      preiriously won first prize in the Lucy                 The International Division to
                                      Munro Brooker contest. Each student                       sponsor tax workshop
                                      may submit up to three poems.
                                          The deadline for submission is                   Anyone who needs help completing
                                      Friday, March 1. Winners will be                  federal tax returns has the chance to
                                      announced at an award ceremony on                 sign up for the International Division's
                                      April 3. Cash prizes are available for            upcoming tax workshop. On February
                                      the top three winners.                            2 1, representatives from the Internal
                                                                                        Revenue Service will be on hand to
                                              The Student Alumni Association            assist students who are required to file
                                                     needs pictures                     a tax return.
                                                                                            If interested in attending this
                                          Are you a senior with great pictures          workshop, sign up in the International
                                       of you and your friends? Then mem-               Division office (Schwitzer Center 21 1)
                                       bers of the Student Alumni Association           no later than Friday, Feb. 15. Seating
                                       need your help!                                  is limited.
                                          They need the pictures to create a                If you have any questions or                                                     Photo by Kuthy Osborne
                                       slide show that will be shown at this            concerns, contact Geri Watson at 788-
                                       X I P Q ~ ' P
                                                       Coninr Calt~tp
                                                 L1 " V l l l V l   U Y I Y I I .
                                                                                        1292 or gwatson@uindv.edu.
                                                                                        _ _ - .~                                   HOMECOMING KING AND QUEEN-Seniors Brandon Sobotka
                                          If you are interested in submitting,                                                     and Angelita Rodriguez stand tall as this year's homecoming
                                       &OD   off the or send them to the                        Ash Wednesday services             couple.
                                       Alumni House. You can also contact
                                       Bridgette Westfall at 781-5151 or                    Services to mark the beginning of
                                       Lynsey Hourigan at 78 1-5150.                     the Holy Season of Lent, which is
                                          The deadline for submissions is
                                       Monday, March 4. If you want your
                                                                                         observed from Ash Wedneday until
                                                                                         Easter, will be held on Wednesday,
                                                                                                                                            A FREE SPRING BREAK!
                                       pictures returned, please include a self-
                                       addressed stamped envelope.
                                                                                         Feb. 13, in the chapel in Schwitzer
                                                                                         Center at 12:15 p.m. and at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                           Hottest Destinatio ns/P a rties !
                                                                                                                                            Lowest Prices Guaranteed!
                                                                                                                                                Best Ai rline/HoteIs !
                                                                                                                                                 Free Drinks/Food!
                                                                                                                                             2 Free Trips on 15 Sales!
                                                                                                                                           Earn Cash! Group Discounts!
                                                                                                                                       Book online. www.sunsplashtours.com

               I                                                                    I

 Feb. 18-Oct. 18.                            Feb. 19-24
 A Look Through the Layers                   Veggie Tales at the Murat Centre
 President Benjamin Harrison Home            For more information call:
 For more information call: 317-631-1888     317-239-5151
 Feb. 20                                   Feb. 20
 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young              Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
 Conseco Fieldhouse                           Chamber Ensemble
 For more information call:                For more information call:
 317-239-5151                              3 17-254-8915
                                  Feb. 21-23
               Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Classical Series
                             Hilbert Circle Theatre
                    For more information call: 317-262-1 100
FEBRUARY                                                                                                                 ENTERTAINMENT                                                                          THE REFLECTOR PAGE


    ‘Lover’s Ledge’ premieres at U of I
                                                includes only four cast members.                                      mistakes, which heightens the sus-
                 Cara Silletto                      Freshmen Sam Fain and Bradley                                     pense of the show. In fact, Barnes took
                  Staff Writer
                                                Smith play David and Theo. Juniors                                    the cart to a ledge with a railing, at the
   “Lover’s Ledge” is not your                  Chandra DeNap and Shanelle Shrader                                    Bank One building for a rehearsal, in
average romantic comedy. It takes               play Aimee and Carol. Barnes chose                                    order for them to feel the actual
place on the 20th story ledge of a              all student designers for the produc-                                 suspense of being that high off the
building where David, a young lawyer,           tion, including for set, lighting,                                    ground.
works. One morning when he comes to             costume and sound.                                                       “Lover’s Ledge” runs February 22-
work, he finds Aimee, a beautiful                   “Basically it’s a romantic comedy,                                24 and March 1-2. All shows begin at
young woman, sitting on the ledge               and I think we could all use some fun                                 8 p.m. after a 6:45 dinner. Tickets cost
outside his office. He and his law              and romance in our lives,” said Barnes.                               $10 for students with ID cards and $6
partner, Theo, along with their                     He believes “Lover’s Ledge” brings                                for students on a meal plan. General
secretary, Carol, attempt to coax               U of I students an evening of food and                                admission tickets cost $17. All tickets
Aimee back inside the building, for             entertainment.                                                        include dinner and the performance
fear that she may jump. By the second               The play will be produced in the                                  and are available at the Ransburg
act, David is on the ledge in a tuxedo,         Schwitzer Studemt Center dining hall.                                 Auditorium lobby box office. Student
and soon, Aimee enters wearing a                The theatre department created a ledge                                rush tickets will be availablefor free in                                                                         Photo Provided
wedding dress.                                  that is six feet high, three feet deep,                               Schwitzer Center 15 minutes before
   Jeffrey Barnes, theatre department           and spans the entire length of the                                    each show, but do not include dinner         THEATER- U of I presents “Lover’s Ledge.” From left to right:
production manager and technical                cafeteria. This leaves the actors with                                and are only available if seating is still   Bradley G. Smith (Theo), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Aimee),

director, directs the show, which

                                                only a few feet on which to make                                      available.
                                                                                                                                                                   Shanelle Lea Shrader (Carol), and Samuel-T. Fain (David).


.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .
                Jessica Roberts                                                                                                                                                                                    Now choose a desert:                   .
                  News Editor                                                                                                                                                                                                                             0


        Has the semester left you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     California Cheese Dip with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Fresh Fruits
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4 ounces cream cheese                  .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2 tablespoons cream or milk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3 teaspoons honey
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   314 teaspoon vanilla
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1/ I 6 teaspoon nutmeg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1/16 teaspoon cinnamon
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

     Cooking can even be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .
     group of friends-just

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Blend together all ingredients
     Listed below are easy recipes
     from www.lovingyou.com, which
                                                                                                                                                                                                                except the almonds. Chill. When
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ready to serve, place the dip in a
     is a Website that focuses on                                                                                                                                                                               small bowl. Top with almonds.
     bringing romance to relation-
     ships. If you can’t find a recipe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Place the bowl on a plate and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                surround it with assorted fruits,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                such as banana slices, melon

     you like here, simply use a
:    search engine to search on
     “recipes.” If you still can’t find a
     recipe that makes your mouth                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .

     water, try experimenting with
     your favorite traditional recipe.
     Bon appetit!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Quick Hot Fudge Sauce

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   8 ounces finely grated semi
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sweet chocolate                        .
                                                                                                                                                                                      r frozen tomatoes

                                                                                                                                                                               . It will warm you up for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4 ounces evaporated milk
                                                      Note: Beef kabobs m

.                                                  Serving suggestion: Serve with                                                                                                                               warm with fruits, pretzels, or            .
                                                 hot, cooked long-grain and wild                                                                                                                                marshmallows. Makes 4 serv-
~                         ~                             ~                                      ~                                      ~                  ~                      ~                        ~                         ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .   ~


     Staff writer visits local resturants for Valentine’s Day
                                           fashioned, half-circle booth made of                                         date an injustice by skipping the          Southport Rd., next to O’Charley’s and        around the comer from the General
                .Lucas Klipsch             flashy red leather. Fifteen minutes and                                      appetizer. Every appetizer is good,        the Super Target. Pizzeria Uno is filled      Cinemas.
                  Star Writer                                                                                           especially the spinach and artichoke       with eye-catching decorations. Unlike             Now for my all-time favorite,
                                           a couple of baskets of bread later, our
                                           server arrived with a pushcart of entrCe                                     crab dip. Palomino’s is by no means        Morton’s and Palomino’s, patrons              inexpensive romantic restaurant: The
    Romance is in the air. In addition to  selections. I cannot describe my                                             cheap, but after the tip, I spent $80,     don’t pay extra for the ambiance. It’s        Old Spaghetti Factory. Located on the
slipping your sweetheart those uplift-     surprise at this moment. Every cut of                                        which still qualifies as expensive if      not that romantic. It is romantic             comer of Georgia and Meridian, this
ing heart-shaped candies that taste like   steak the restaurant offered sat on that                                     you ask me.                                enough for the price; and if you look         establishment offers almost as much
chalk, or exchanging fancy, expensive      cart, not to mention other entrees,                                             The first of my not-so-expensive        hard, the menu is filled with a variety       romance as Morton’s and Palomino’s
gifts (for you serious lovebirds)- there   including a live lobster. To make a                                          restaurants is for those with eclectic     of great dishes.                              at a fourth of the cost. However, there
is one very important Valentine’s Day      long story short, I selected the 12-                                         tastes. laria’s Italian Restaurant is          Although Uno is known for its             is a catch. The Old Spaghetti Factory
ritual that must be addressed- the date.   ounce sirloin. It was the best steak I                                       located on 317 S. College Ave., in a       pizza, their best dish is the rattlesnake     does not take reservations.
For you chivalrous guys and liberated      have ever eaten. Morton’s location is                                        neighborhood that I would not call         pasta. It is a spicy Alfredo pasta with           Here’s how it’s done, for you
ladies who, like me, require a romantic    key to the romance there. It is within                                       romantic. There is limited parking on a    jalapenos and runs about $12. Appetiz-        gentlemen out there. First, you leave
ambiance in which to dine, to add that     walking distance of Circle Centre                                            busy weekend, and the lighting outside     ers, entrees and deserts for two run          your name with the host or hostess and
extra special spark to your date, I have   Mall, and very close to Conseco                                              the restaurant makes the neighborhood      $30-35, depending on the meal.                request “the caboose.” This is a mood-
compiled a list of some possible eating    Fieldhouse.                                                                  seem much worse than it actually is.       Unfortunately, Uno is not within              lighted seating area is built to look like
options. Now I know many of us are             The downside of Morton’s                                                    If you’re not totally turned off by     walking distance of anything but the          a caboose.
students and cannot afford much, so I      Steakhouse is most certainly the price.                                      this description yet, Iaria’s is con-      Super Target (which could be a date               To get seats in this section it may
have arranged the following establish-     Two people eating in style there can                                         nected to an old bowling alley which       idea if you run out of cash). Still the       take longer, but believe me, it’s worth
ments in three price categories:           easily spend over $150.                                                      can be seen from the dining room. All      food is great, and the restaurant is right    it. Second, you take your date across
expensive, not-so-expensive, and flat-         Palomino’s is located on W.                                              bad first impressions aside, I have to     off 1-65, five minutes from Green-            the street to window shop at
out inexpensive. I’ve been to six          Maryland St. across the street from the                                      say I had a pretty good meal there. The    wood.                                         Nordstrom’s. Nothing is more roman-
restaurants in the past month, and         United Artist Movie Theatre in Circle                                        rigatoni with tomato sauce was as good         Speaking of Greenwood, the first of       tic that two tiny lovebirds leering at
though I do not claim to be a master o f , Centre Mall. In my opinion, Palomino                                         as anything at Olive Garden, and the       my just plain inexpensive restaurants is      products they can’t afford. Hey don’t
romance, I have been on several dates      is the best restaurant in town. The                                          appetizer was a surprisingly good           located in the Greenwood Park Mall           ask me, my girlfriend loves this. Third,
with my girlfriend.                        lighting is great, and every time I go                                       garlic and cheese bread that I expected     parking lot. It is Logan’s Roadhouse. I      you go inside Nordstrom’s and have a
    I’ll start with the expensive restau-  there, I feel like I am alone with my                                        to taste like stadium food. This            don’t like to endorse these peanut-          cappuccino at the coffee shop. Then
rants. In the heart of downtown            date. Many of the tables are located in                                      restaurant is not, by any conventional      themed steakhouses, since they all           you leisurely stroll back to the restau-
Indianapolis, on the corner of Wash-       secluded areas of the restaurant.                                            use of the word, romantic. It’s not         seem the same, but I had not eaten at        rant to enjoy your meal.
ington St. and Pennsylvania, sits              Although Palomino’s is not an                                            within walking distance of anything         Logan’s until recently.1 can’t say that          Always get garlic cheese bread, and
Morton’s, one of the most expensive        Italian restaurant, I have had some                                          entertaining (unless you like bowling).     Logan’s is all that romantic, but it will    whatever you do, get something with
 steakhouses in the city.                  very good pasta dishes there. The last                                       Although it was not an ideal                work. It’s pretty quiet, as steakhouses      mizithra cheese on it. This cheese is
    When I first arrived at Morton’s, I    time I went, I had a baked ziti dish                                         Valentine’s Day date, it was a fun,         go, and more importantly, it’s reason-       outstanding.
 walked down a flight of stairs into a     with Italian sausage, and my girlfriend                                      cheap date at approximately $30 and         ably priced and in a good location. My           You will spend about $22 at The
 dining room that reminded me of a         had a wood-smoked salmon dish                                                could be an option for the adventurous      roast beef and mashed potatoes cost          Old Spaghetti Factory. Every meal
 place A1 Capone might have dined at        served with Alfredo sauce and Penne                                         types.                                      $7.50 and was very filling. After the        comes with a small dish of free
 in Chicago. I later learned that the      pasta, which put my dish to shame.                                               The other not-so-expensive restau-      desert, which was some sort of                spumoni ice cream.
 restaurant is based in Chicago.            Despite my rave reviews of their                                            rant I visited is Pizzeria Uno Chicago      chocolate fudge brownie, I think I               Nothing is more romantic than two
    My date and I sat in a large, old-      entrees, you will do yourself and your                                       Bar and Grill, located on 4740             spent a total of $18. Logan’s is right       people having a good time, anywhere.
      13,2001                                                                                     BACKPAGE                                                                                  10
                                                                                                                                                                           THE REFLECTOR PAGE

History -professor refutes John Walker Lindh’s Taliban interaction
                                            have to be accused of an “overt act” of      visit relatives and decided to stay.       years ago, but if convicted on all         Middle East on his own. His commit-
  Dear Editor,
                                            treason (in his case, most likely killing,   Because he was fluent in English,          counts of the ten-count indictment         ment to a militant brand of Islam
                                            wounding, or at least firing a weapon        during the Second World War, the           brought against him, his punishment        ultimately led him to Afghanistan, and
                                            at U.S. troops, at a particular time and     Japanese army pressed him into             would amount to more than three life       into his current predicament. As any
   Is John Walker Lindh a traitor? A        place), and two witnesses would have         service as an interpreter and put him to   terms in prison, dooming him-at the        college student knows, twenty years
majority of the American public may         to be willing to testify that the act,       work interrogating American prisoners      age of twenty-to spend the rest of his     old is old enough to be held account-
think so, but the U.S. Justice Depart-      indeed, occurred. Even if Walker             of war. Along with Japanese army           years behind bars. Walker Lindh is         able for one’s actions. Walker Lindh is
ment has not charged him with treason       Lindh had confessed to a specific            prison guards, he participated in          charged with aiding the a1 Qaeda terror    no child, and he must face the conse-
and apparently has no plans to do so.       treasonous act during his interrogation      physical brutality against American        network while serving in the armed         quences of his actions, harsh though
Why? Because treason-the only               in the field by FBI agents (and              POWs, which the Supreme Court later        forces of the Taliban regime of            they may be. Conservative commenta-
crime specifically defined in the U.S.      apparently he did not), he could not be      concluded went “beyond any conceiv-        Afghanistan. While his defenders may       tors have tried to characterize him as a
Constitution-is extraordinarily             convicted of treason unless he subse-        able duty of an interpreter.” After the    argue that he did not seek to make war     product of contemporary liberal
difficult to prove.                         quently repeated the same confession         war, Kawakita returned to the U.S. and     against the United States (rather, the     American culture, brought up by
   According to Article 111 of the          in a court of law.                           resumed his life in California. By pure    United States initiated an undeclared      remarkably permissive parents, with
Constitution, “Treason against the              By making treason so difficult to        chance, a surviving POW recognized         war against a foreign regime he            too many freedoms, too little moral
United States shall consist only in         prove, the U.S. Constitution provides        him on the street one day, setting in      happened to be serving), clearly he        guidance, and no sense of patriotism
levying war against [the United             American citizens with a remarkable          motion the chain of events which led       continued in the armed service of the      for his country. I believe that Attorney
States], or in adhering to [its] enemies,   degree of freedom to oppose their own        to his trial, conviction, and death        Taliban after the events of September      General John Ashcroft, perhaps the
giving them aid and comfort.” Because       country’s international policies. Over       sentence for treason. After the Su-        11 and after the present U.S. military     most conservative member of Presi-
“aid and comfort” may be defined in         the past 226 years less, than thirty         preme Court upheld Kawakita’s              operation against the Taliban and a1       dent Bush’s cabinet, would welcome
many different ways, a wide variety of      treason trials have been held, and no        conviction, President Dwight D.            Qaeda began on October 7, and thus         the chance to indict Walker Lindh for
actions sympathetic to an enemy of the      American citizen has been convicted          Eisenhower intervened to commute his       bore arms against his own country.         treason if he had the evidence to do so.
United States could be defined as           of treason in the past fifty years. The      sentence to life imprisonment.                John Walker Lindh grew up in            We must conclude that such evidence
treasonous. But the same article of the     last such conviction, upheld by the             Even though he has not been             comfortable circumstances, yet at a        does not exist.
Constitution specifies that “no person      U.S. Supreme Court in 1952, con-             charged with treason, John Walker          relatively early age he rejected those
shall be convicted of treason unless on     cerned a Japanese-American from              Lindh may also end up spending the         comforts for the sake of a cause. He          Sincerely,
the testimony of two witnesses to the       California named Tomoya Kawakita.            rest of his life in prison. The evidence   converted to Islam in his early high
same overt act, or on confession in         Two years before the attack on Pearl         against him may not be as strong as the    school years and, at the age of sixteen,      Lawrence Sondhaus
open court.” John Walker Lindh would        Harbor, Kawakita went to Japan to            case against Tomoya Kawakita fifty         left the United States to wander the          Associate Professor of History

                                                                                         H MOVIE REVIEW

                                                                                         ‘A Walk to Remember’
                                                                                         captures essence of love
                                                                                                                                    deep trouble at school, the principal      asking her father permission to take
                                                                                                      Jennifer Marks                decides to teach him a lesson by           her on a date. At first, her father
                                                                                                        Staff Writer                sentencing him to responsibilities that    proclaims an adamant “NO!”
                                                                                                                                    he would rather not take on. These             Landon responds by saying, “I’m
                                                                                                                                    include after-school janitorial duties,    just asking you for what you teach us
                                                                                             What is the ultimate universal         tutoring underprivileged children on       every day in church. I’m just asking
                                                                                         notion? What is the one thing everyone     Saturdays, and taking part in the spring   for a little faith.”
                                                                                         can relate to? Love, or the idea of love   play.                                          That statement changes the
                                                                                         is a concept, that many movies have           Since Jamie is involved in tutoring     minister’s mind, and he grants Landon
                                                                                         been based.                                and the play, Landon is forced to          permission to date his daughter.
                                                                                             On Valentine’s Day, why not see a      spend much more time with her than             This is just the beginning of an
                                                                                         movie that completely revolves around      he cares to. Throughout the course of      incredibly real, beautiful, inspirational
                                                                                         love? No movie in 21 years has             rehearsals for the spring play, he has a   journey of faith and love for both of
                                                                                         touched me as profoundly as “A Walk        hard time remembering his lines as the     them. The deep love of “Romeo and
                                                                                         to Remember.”                              leading male role. So he asks Jamie for    Juliet” pales in comparison to that of
                                                                                             SingedActress Mandy Moore              help, because she is the only person       Landon and Jamie.
                                                                                         makes her debut in the film which is       from the cast he actually knows.               Landon turns his back on all of his
                                                                                         based on the best-selling novel by            Landon becomes so accustomed to         former “friends,” who still play cruel
                                                                                         Nicholas Sparks. Moore portrays 18-        spending time with Jamie that when         pranks on his girlfriend. He also makes
                                                                                         year old Jamie Sullivan, a small-town      the play ends, he finds himself            every dream of hers come true.
                                                                                         minister’s daughter who doesn’t            distracted by the desire to spend more         There is a very emotional twist
                                                                                         exactly fit in with the “in crowd.”’Her    time with her. Landon must convince        toward the end of the movie. For me to
                                                                                         peers constantly make fun of her.          Jamie they should spend time together      reveal that, however, would steal its
                                                                                             Shane West portrays Landon Carter.     because she is not sure that she can       thunder. So bring along a box of
                                                                                         He is the ring-leader in the pack of       trust his feelings yet.                    tissues and shoulder to cry on: and
                                                                                         popular, somewhat troublemaking,              He proves he is up to the challenges    don’t forget to see “A Walk to Re-
                                                                                         students. When Landon gets into some       of a relationship outside of school by     member” this Valentine’s Day.

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