MATERIAL SPECIFICATION
                                STATIC CONTROL WRIST STRAP
Material Expertise Co.,Ltd.                  SINGLE WRIST STRAP               DUAL WRIST STRAP
                                              METAL         BAND          ELASTIC BAND

  WRIST BAND:         Elastic Fabric highly durable with conductive fiber.
                     Adjustable : Flip Lock , Lock Slab , Blue Buckle , Velcro for Single wrist strap
                                 and, Lock Slab for dual wrist strap only.
                     Length : Standard size or Other length available upon request.
                     Conductivity : < 0.01 meg per cm.
                     Dimension : Band width : 18 + / - 1.5 mm.
                     Back Plate : Stainless Steel.
                     Snap Size : Stud 4mm , 7mm , 10mm , No snap type for Single wrist strap and,
                                 Stud 4mm , 7mm , No Snap type for dual wrist strap only.
                     Color : Light Blue , Blue.

jacket part : is the special plastic with highly durable, highly flexible and has very good,
               “compression set”, a property mostly desirable for flexible coil cord.
               The jacket is static safe in it self. It is static dissipative in nature.
               Composite micro twisted copper wires are used inside to support durability of the cord.
               The copper will not get broken that easy during use, resulting in long life time due
further to
               fiber Kevlar or else that the copper wires are curled around .
Dimensions :
                OD    : 1.50+/-0.15mm or 2.0+/-0.2mm (for dual-conductor coil cord).
                        2.6+/-0.15 mm ( for single-conductor coil cord )
                Length : 10ft, 15ft, 20ft (dual conductor) 6 ft, 9 ft, 12 ft , 15ft , 16ft , 17ft, 20ft,
                         for single conductor are typical other length available upon request.
Resistor : 1 Megohm ¼ watt + / - 1%

       Terminal : Banana Plug I Plug or L-Plug type with sleeve 9 prongs for                    Spec for 3. 0mm type.
       single wrist strap.
                   Mono plug 3.0mm , 3.5mm OD for dual wrist strap.
       Alligator Clip : OD 4.40mm for single wrist strap only.

                                                                                                             1.20 +/-0.05
                                                                                      3.0+/-0.05               2.5+/- 0.05

                                                                                                Spec for 3.5mm type.

  PLUG PROTRUSION (for MR type only)                                               14.2+/-0.3
  @ Plug protrusion of MR WRIST STRAP must be controlled as
  per this picture .                                                                                       1.38 +/-0.05
                                                                                                             2.7+/- 0.05
          SPEC : 14.20 +/- .3 mm Long and 3.0 mm , 3.5 mm OD.                       3.45+/-0.05

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