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									  Single Source Isolation Technologies

    Square Tray
Dryer-Filter Isolator
Square Tray Dryer-FIlTer ISolaTor

The Walker Barrier Systems Square             Design Advantages:                          Options:
Tray Dryer-Filter Isolator is designed to
                                              ■   Fully welded 7 gauge 316L               ■   PLC based control systems with
give total operator and environmental
                                                  stainless steel construction, with          automated valves.
protection during potent API slurry
                                                  5/8 inch corner radiuses, and           ■   Full validation services available
filtration, drying and product
                                                  laminated safety glass.                     including IQ/OQ protocols.
transfer between the dryer and the
                                              ■   Operating in negative pressure          ■   Integration of a Mill (various
receiving container.
                                                  mode with HEPA filtered                     types available).
                                                  turbulent airflow.                      ■   Wash liquid collection tank.
Process Description:                          ■   The HEPA filters are “push-push”        ■   Multiple size Tray Dryers available.
                                                  type with safe change ability.          ■   Discharge into vessels via
From the API slurry created within the
                                              ■   PLC with password protection to             SBV technology.
remote reactor, the unit is designed
                                                  automatically maintain the constant
to filter crystals from the API liquid                                                    Our Sales and Engineering staff
                                                  pressure in the Isolator within high
into wet-cake form. The cake is then                                                      will work closely with you to design
                                                  and low set points, with audible
placed on trays and dried in the                                                          the optimum system to meet your
                                                  and visual alarm back up, and full
integrated Tray Dryer. Once dried,                                                        needs. Walker Barrier Systems offers
                                                  CIP control.
the powder is then weighed on the                                                         complete in-house design, mock-ups,
                                              ■   Nitrogen purge system for internal
appropriate integrated balance and                                                        engineering, fabrication, installation
                                                  explosion-proof classification,
placed into bags. The bags of dried                                                       and onsite start up services.
                                                  Class 1, Div 1, Group C & D.
API are removed from the isolator
                                              ■   External explosion-proof , Class
under high containment by placing
                                                  1, Div 1, Group C & D.
them into the RTP Beta containers.
                                              ■   C-22 Hastelloy Pressure Filter
This fully packaged system is provided            mounted in the Isolator base.
with solvent recovery and mother              ■   C-22 Hastelloy Vacuum Square
liquor tanks for the filtration process as        Tray Dryer mounted in the
well as an integrated vacuum system.              back wall of the Isolator for
The tray dryer has heated shelving                better viewing & operator
allowing consistent drying as well as a           ergonomics.
packaged temperature controlled unit          ■   C-22 Hastelloy “Mother Liquor”
for total system control and flexibility.         tank mounted beneath the
                                              ■   Automatic CIP system and
                                                  nitrogen purge system.
                                              ■   316L stainless steel solvent
                                                  recovery tank.
                                              ■   Square Tray Dryer with twice the
                                                  capacity of round tray dryers.

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