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									BIBF in Collaboration with IntegrityFX Presents:

Online Forex Trading

A 3-Day Course
The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to basic,
intermediate, and high level Forex trading methods. New traders will
appreciate the comprehensive instruction, while veteran traders will enjoy
learning about the nuance in the currency markets so that they can fine
tune their trading for greater profits.

Who should attend this seminar?
This course is intended for anyone that is interested in learning more about

No prior knowledge or experience is required to attend this seminar.

    Introduction to Forex - In this seminar segment, student traders are
     provided with a strong trader knowledge base. They will learn about:
     market history, basic Forex principles, how a Forex trade works,
     leverage, margin, basic terminology, trading psychology, and are
     introduced to the MetaTrader4 trading platform.

    Technical Analysis - This seminar segment on Technical Analysis
     examines chart types and chart patterns as a method for
     understating price history in order to anticipate future price action.
     Other course topics include: support and resistance, common
     indicators, candlesticks, and trend lines. There is extensive use of the
     MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

    Fundamental Analysis - In this seminar segment, students learn how
     to properly read and understand the value of economic and geo-
     political news by properly performing intermarket analysis. They will
     also learn to recognize how market sentiment is affected by multiple
     fundamental factors and trade the nuance of the sentiment rather
     than the fundamental factors.
    Risk Management - This seminar segment investigates various
     aspects of risk management. The topics include: risk perspective,
     risk/reward, developing risk management rules, and the math behind
     the method.

    Strategy Development - This seminar segment delves into the steps
     involved in developing trading strategies for different types of
     market conditions. The topics include: types of strategy testing,
     methods of strategy testing, biases, and analyzing results.

    Creating a Professional Trading Model - Explore the possibilities of
     expanding the strategies you use in trading. This seminar segment
     will cover short, medium, and long-term trading strategies and how
     to apply them to your portfolio. Take advantage of years of trading
     experience from the IFX ETC instructors and learn how to build your
     ultimate Forex trading model.

3 - Days

Dates and Times
November 8-10, 2009 / 8am- 2:30pm

Fees / Per Participant
BD 300 per person including study material and refreshment / lunch

Seminar Hall, BIBF, Bahrain

Course Code
Mr. Luke Coleman, CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor)
Mr. Luke Coleman is currently the Executive Director of Strategy and Analysis at
Integrity Ltd. Mr. Coleman will be presenting on Technical Analysis.

Mr. Joshua Habben
Mr. Joshua Habben is currently the Research & Risk Analyst at Integrity Ltd. Mr.
Habben will be presenting on Risk Management and Strategy Development.

Dr. Patrick Patterson
Dr. Patrick Patterson is currently the Chief Strategist & Administrator of
Education at Integrity Ltd. Dr. Patterson will be presenting on Introduction to
Forex and Forex Fundamentals.

Mr. John Rowa
Mr. John Rowa is currently the Currency Strategist & Web Coordinator at
Integrity Ltd. Mr. Rowa will be presenting on Creating a Professional Trade
About IntegrityFX
The IntegrityFX Education & Training Center offers comprehensive and
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Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) market. Our end-to-end solution for
Forex training empowers traders to take control of their investments and
learn to trade like professionals directly under the guidance of our
professional Forex education team. Provided with interactive trading,
extensive curriculum and manuals, trading tools, live trade signals, and
membership to exclusive alumni benefits, the IntegrityFX Education &
Training Center supplies an intensive educational solution for those looking
to build their career in Forex.

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BIBF is a leading professional training Institute in Bahrain and the Gulf
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recognized training and development organization. The Institute provides
education and training in Banking, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Risk
Management and Compliance, Treasury, Insurance, Islamic Finance,
Leadership and Management, Accounting and IT. BIBF enjoys strategic
relationships with international professional bodies like ifs School of
Finance, De Paul University, Bentley College, University of Wales, CFA,

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