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									     61st ANNUAL

   April 1-3, 2011

   Wichita Marriott
                       A Story Guide for Advisors

You will remember that the “Wizard of Oz” is a story about
transformations: the lion finds courage, the tin woodsman, a heart, the
scarecrow a brain. The convention is a transformation event!
The 2011 Kansas District Convention has workshops with transforming ideas.
Ideas that members can take home to revive their clubs, projects that will help
volunteers to change their communities, workshops that can begin the process of
self-improvement. The needs of members, incoming officers, advisors, sponsors
and parents have all been considered in planning this event.

The general sessions, mixers, workshops, speakers, contests, dance and
elections create a weekend that is fun, educational, motivational, informative,
helpful and, well, transformative. The two general sessions on Fiday and
Saturday are supplemented with three workshop sessions offering a variety of
different topics. All aspects of the convention have been planned by Key Club
members for Key Club members, their advisors, sponsors and parents.

The convention delegates will elect the 2011-2012 District Board during the
weekend. Members may run for District Governor, District Secretary, District
Bulletin Editor or Lt. Governor for their division. Any Key Club member in good
standing who will not graduate before May of 2012 is eligible to run.

Awards are given for club achievements and individual contests are held during
the Saturday evening banquet. Clubs can enter the Scrapbook, Single Service
and Achievement Contests .The top three clubs in each category win trophies.
The talent show, impromptu essay and oratory contests honor individual
achievements, as do the awards for Key Clubber of the Year and Faculty Advisor
of the Year. Details for entries are included in this packet.

The $85 registration fee includes three meals, a T-shirt, all convention activities
and materials! With four people to a room, the cost is about $135 per person for
the weekend. All Key Club members who have paid their dues are invited, along
with faculty advisors, Kiwanis sponsors and parents. The convention is a good
value in terms of energizing your club and as a personal experience.

Of course, this is the annual meeting of Kansas Key Clubs. Most clubs elect their
2010-2011 officers prior to the convention and encourage those students to
attend for training, but anyone who is interested in improving their club projects
and service to their school and community will find new ideas and inspiration.

For more information, contact Chuck Sack at 620-421-0228 evenings or by email,

rate is $89.00 plus 13.3% tax per room per night for one to four occupants. This
rate is guaranteed through March 18. Call the Wichita Marriott (316-651-0333).
If your club needs rooms and can’t get the convention rate, contact Chuck Sack.
Rooms can be secured with a credit card. If you pay with a school check and
bring a copy of the school’s tax ID, you will not have to pay the sales tax.

registered Key Clubbers may enter the talent and oratory contests, but they will
need to prepare. There is also an impromptu essay contest that doesn’t require
preparation. Freshman, sophomore or junior members are eligible to run for
District Office. For information on the political process, contact your Lt.
Governor or one of the other district officers listed in this packet. Clubs can also
submit nominations for Key Clubber and Faculty Advisor of the Year.

that the club pay a third, the Kiwanis Club pay a third and the individual pay a
third. But practices vary club to club. Most Kiwanis Clubs will help pay a portion
of their Key Club’s registration fees, including for the advisor. The Lt. Governors
contacted most sponsoring Kiwanis Club presidents and/or secretaries this past
week and encouraged them to consider offering assistance to attending clubs.

different rules. However, every Key Club does have liability insurance as part of
the Kiwanis program. The driver of the vehicle has primary coverage, but the
Key Club policy is in effect from departure until the members return home.

PARTICIPATE IN THE CONVENTION. Nervous anticipation makes students
receptive to constructive planning. This is a good time to discuss the advantages
of attending different workshops instead of clumping all of your members into
the same one. Students may also want to discuss your opinions on running for
district office and you may suggest they select two delegates.

The Key Clubbers proceed to the convention check in table to register, get their
name badges and convention packets. They can get your registration mateials
and bring them to you while you’re checking in at the hotel for your rooms.


5:00 P.M.   Registration (Convention Center Lobby)

7:00        Candidate Orientation Session

8:00        Opening Session – Introduction of Board, Speaker, Candidates

9:30        Caucuses

11:00       District Mixer


8:00 A.M.   Registration (Convention Center Lobby)

9:00        General Session

10:15       Workshop Session I (Choice of 4)

11:10       Workshop Session II (Choice of 4); Impromptu Essay

NOON        Kansas District Luncheon


6:00        Kansas District Awards Banquet/Talent Show

8:30        Caucuses

10:00       District Dance
            Advisors/Sponsors Meeting


7:00 A.M    House of Delegates

8:15        2011-2012 District Board Training

9:30        Workshop Session III (Choice of 3)

10:30       Governor’s Farewell Brunch
                             ADVISORS’ FAQS

What can I expect at the Kansas District Key Club Convention?
The Kansas clubs meet to celebrate their accomplishments and generate
enthusiasm for the next year. Training sessions are offered for next year’s club
officers. The election of the 2011 -2012 District Board is held. There are club
awards presented and individual talent contests. These are the “official”
purposes of the convention. But the agenda includes advisors sharing ideas.

Who should attend?
All members in good standing, as well as prospective members of potential new
clubs, are invited. Officers-elect for next year can attend training sessions. Some
clubs have over half of their members in attendance. Anyone who is interested
in improving their club projects and service to their school and community will
find new ideas and inspiration. Over half of the attendees will be coming for the
first time! The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is welcome.

Who can run for District Office?
The elected offices in the Kansas District are: District Governor, District
Secretary and District Bulletin Editor, plus Lt. Governors for each of the eleven
divisions. Any member in good standing who will not graduate before May 2012
may be nominated as a candidate for any of these offices. Members may
declare by filling out the candidacy form in this packet, or by being nominated at
the convention. Your Lt. Governor can explain about caucuses in more detail.
Contact Chuck Sack for a description of officer responsibilities.

What is the dress code?
Generally, students wear business casual (slacks, collared shirts) to general
sessions, workshops and caucuses, and business professional (suits, sportcoats)
for the Saturday evening and Sunday morning meals. The T-shirt is the “ticket”
for the dance on Saturday, but otherwise the dance, mixer and other events are
“casual”. However, no one is ever excluded on the basis of clothing.

Are there workshops for advisors?
All the workshops in each session are open to advisors. In addition, there is a
district meeting for faculty advisors and Kiwanis sponsors Saturday evening at
10:00 p.m. during the dance. There will be a presentation on the Kansas District
Key Club Five Year Plan, plus time for general questions on any topic of
interest/concern to advisors and sponsors. There are numerous opportunities to
confer with other advisors throughout the convention.

How can I find out more?
Contact your Lt. Governor, Governor Hera or Chuck Sack. Email addresses and
phone numbers are provided in the convention packet.
                  STATEMENT OF CANDIDACY

I, __________________, do hereby declare myself willing to assume the duties
and responsibilities of the office of __________________ for the Kansas District
of Key Club International. I am a member in good standing of the Key Club of
_______________ H.S., ________________ (City), Kansas. I fully realize that if
I am elected, I must:

1. Strive at all times to strengthen and build Key Club in my District;

2. Study the Key Club materials to increase my knowledge and understanding of
the organization and its functions at the International, District, Division and Local

3. Maintain the quality of my school work and keep it current, so that permission
may possibly be secured from my parents and school administrators for
occasional absences to conduct Key Club business;

4. Be prepared to make appearances and give informative Key Club speeches;

5. Attend the 2011 Kansas District Tour to the International Convention in
Phoenix, AZ June 29 – July 3.

6. Attend the 2012 Kansas District Convention at the end of my term;

7. Attend all Kansas District Board Meetings during my term;

8. Uphold the ideals of Key Club at all times, setting an example for others.

I feel that I can perform my duties and responsibilities as a Kansas District
Officer, while meeting my other commitments.


_________________________________                __________________________
Candidate’s Signature                            Parent/Guardian Signature

_________________________________                ___________________________
Advisor or Kiwanis Sponsor Signature             Name of Sponsoring Kiwanis Club

This award has been established to recognize the contributions of the general
membership of the Kansas District. It is recommended that all nominees be
members of the 2010-2011 senior class. The candidate should not have been a
club or district officer during the 2010-2011 administrative year.

If you intend to submit a nomination, please notify by
March 27. Your final nomination letter must then be supplied to the registration
desk by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 2. The page should be titled “Outstanding
Key Clubber Nomination” and signed and dated by the Key Club Advisor and
either the Key Club President or Secretary.

The nominating club must have two delegates at the convention and the
nominee must be present to receive the award. The nomination pages should
1. The name and address of the nominee.
2. The name of the nominating Key Club
3. An explanation of the reasons why the nominee deserves the award. Include
a listing of the projects on which the nominee has worked, and how he/she has
inspired other members.
4. A brief listing of the nominee’s other activities, interests and accomplishments.


Any Kansas District Key Club wishing to make a nomination for the 2011 award
should submit a formal notice to by March 27. The
actual application should be titled “Outstanding Advisor Nomination” and should
be submitted to the registration table before 9:00 a.m. Saturday, April 2. The
application should include:

1. Name and address of the nominee and the name of the nominating Key Club;
2. An explanation of the basis for the nomination – the advisor’s history,
contributions to the development of the club and its members, dedication to
students, etc.
3. A brief biographical sketch of the nominee, stating his/her position in the
school or community and a detailed list of other activities and accomplishments.

NOTE: For both awards, the nominating club must have at least two delegates
at the convention and the nominee must be present to receive the plaque.

There are three contests for individual Key Club members at the Kansas District
Convention: 1) Oratorical; 2) Impromptu Essay; 3) Talent. Clubs should
encourage their members with abilities in these areas to enter the competition.

Each competitor must be a member in good standing with Key Club
International, the Kansas District and his or her local club. The decisions of the
judges are final. No changes, alterations or reconsiderations will take place after
the results have been certified and announced by the judges.

                        ORATORICAL CONTEST RULES

1.    The subject for all orations will be: “Does age play a role in your servant
      leadership – in either a positive or a negative way?” The subject
      matter of the oration and the presentation must be original and
      personally developed by the orator.

2.    Each oratory contestant will be allowed a maximum of five (5) minutes for
      their presentation. Exceeding the time will result in a penalty.

3.    Judging will be based on the following criteria: A. THE SPEECH - clarity of
      message; projection of idea; originality; depth; reference; grammar/word
      selection. B. THE DELIVERY - posture; composure and gesture; tone of
      voice; effectiveness/pronunciation; audience interest.

4.    Orators will perform at the banquet Saturday evening. The outstanding
      orators will receive medals.

5.    The winning orator from the Kansas District will be eligible to enter the
      International Oratorical Contest in Phoenix this summer. In case the first
      place winner is unable to attend the International Convention, the second
      place winner will be the alternate. The International Oratorical Contest
      Rules are printed on page 39 of "Guidebook 2010-2011," which is
      available on the website at (in the “Lead” Section, in a
      downloadable file under “Guidance”).


The Impromptu Essay Contest will be held on Saturday. Clubs may have multiple
entrants. The topic will be announced in the contest room. Participants will have
a specified time limit for preparing an original essay on the topic.
All entrants are expected to provide their own writing instruments. Paper will be
provided in the contest room.
                          TALENT CONTEST RULES

   1. Key Clubs may have multiple acts entered in the Talent Contest, but no
      more than one in each classification. Classifications are: vocal solos;
      group singing; instrumental solos or groups; skits and variety acts;
      readings or recitations; miscellaneous (tumblers, magicians, comics, etc.).

   2. It is suggested that clubs enter only those acts which have superior talent,
      are entertaining and in good taste. Performers in group acts must all be
      from the same Key Club.

   3. The time limit on each performance must not exceed six (6) minutes. Acts
      not concluded within this time will be disqualified.

   4. Any materials (props, instruments, etc.) needed for an entry must be
      supplied by the participating contestants. The sole exception is a piano,
      which will be provided, if requested by March 25th.

   5. Entrants in all categories compete for the same awards. A medal will be
      presented to the outstanding acts. The contest will be held at the
      Saturday evening banquet.


There are three club competitions at the Kansas District Convention: 1) Club
Scrapbook Contest; 2) Single Service Project Contest; 3) Club Achievement
Contest. All clubs are encouraged to enter all three contests. Trophies are
awarded to the top three clubs in each category.

The rules and scoring for all three contests are in accordance with the rules
established by Key Club International for the International Convention. (All
Kansas Clubs compete in the same category, regardless of club size.) These
rules are included in pages 40-47 of "The Guidebook 2010-2011" sent to all clubs
in the spring 2010 mailing. The forms are available online at in
the “Downloads” section or via a link in the first paragraph on the “Contests and
Awards” page. The decisions of the judges are final.

In addition, clubs will be recognized for their contributions to Trick or
Treat for UNICEF and for involvement with the Major Emphasis
Program. To be recognized for participating in the Major Emphasis Program,
submit the forms from the website (or the faculty advisor mailing), along with
the appropriate documentation. Participating clubs will be announced during the
convention. Key Club International will confirm donations to UNICEF and the list
will be read at a general session. Forms are available at the above sources.
         Kansas District Board Contact Information

Name/Office              Phone                    Email

Brice Patterson          (H) 316-680-667

Jessica Holdt            (H) 620-896-2487

Dylan Hodson             (C) 316-371-7822
Bulletin Editor

Catie Hanser             (C) 785-608-7418
Technology Chair

Nicole Yau               (C) (785) 410-7769
Lt. Gov. Div 2, 6 & 12

Hannah Messner           (C) 913-671-9906
Lt. Gov. Div. 3

Cara Hillstock           (C) 785-477-2709
Lt. Gov. Div. 4

Trevor Swanson           620-794-3443 
Lt. Gov. Div. 5

Mariah Miller            (C) 620-840-1069
Lt. Gov. Div 7

Estefania Lopez          (C) 620-200-7146
Lt. Gov. Div. 8

Harry Schwartz           (C) 913-424-4508
Lt. Gov. Div 9

Ricardo Patino           (C) 620-391-5887
Lt. Gov. Div 10

Sarah Christensen        (C) 785-286-2011
Lt. Gov. Div 11
                 61st Annual Kansas District Key Club Convention
             Wichita Marriott                          April 1 - 3, 2011
                              REGISTRATION INFORMATION
Please Type or Print Clearly
LAST NAME __________________________ FIRST NAME___________________________
KEY CLUB ______________________ SPONSORING KIWANIS CLUB __________________
ADDRESS _________________________________________T-SHIRT SIZE ______________
CITY__________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP ________________
TELEPHONE (____)________________ E-MAIL ____________________________________
                                                      (confirmation will be sent to email address)
Registrant Status (check one)
( ) Male Key Club Member                                        REGISTRATION FEE $85.00
( ) Female Key Club Member
( ) Faculty Advisor/School Sponsor                              Fee includes convention packet,
( ) Kiwanian                                                    materials, speaker and workshop
( ) Parent ( ) Other guest                                      fees, plus three meals.
Wichita Marriott
9100 E. Corporate Hills Drive
Wichita, KS

ROOM CHARGES: $89.00 per night
1 to 4 occupants
All room charges subject to 13.3% tax

       * Full payment of registration fee must accompany this document. This fee does NOT
       include your hotel payment. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS MUST BE MADE SEPARATELY.

       * Only one individual may register on a form, although a club may send a single check
       with all of the members’ registration forms.

       * The registration deadline is March 26. Registrations received after this date, including
       on-site registrants, must add a $5.00 late fee.

       * Cancellation requests must be submitted IN WRITING to the Kansas District Key Club
       Administrator and postmarked by April 5. Refunds will be made minus $25.00
       convention costs.

       * Make checks payable to Kansas District Key Club. Check and registration form should
       be mailed to Chuck Sack, Key Club Administrator, 3007 Chess, Parsons, KS 67357.

       Make copies of this form as needed.

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