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					Shocking Facts
 Obesity can lead to 60 other Non-
     communicable diseases.
   Situation in MALTA
          • Many people in Malta are likely to
            be at risk of over-nutrition rather
            than of under nutrition.

  Cereals,       Fruit and    Milk and      Meat, fish     Fats, fatty
 bread and      vegetables      milk           and        and sugary
   pasta                      products     alternatives   foods and
Carbohydrate    Vitamins      Calcium,     Protein and       Fat and
 (starch) and      and       Protein and      iron        carbohydrate
     fibre      minerals        some                         (sugar)
Guidelines for Healthy Eating
• Healthy well-balanced diets for adults are
  high in carbohydrate in the form of starchy
  foods like cereals products including bread,
  rice, and pasta and also potatoes.
• Healthy diets are abundant in fruits
and vegetables.
• They also contain moderate amounts of
  meat or its alternatives such as beans
  and eggs.
• Milk and milk products together with small
  amounts of food high in fat and sugar are
  also present in a health diet.
          More Healthy Tips
                        TIPS! Try choosing
                          quick and easy
                          healthy meals

• It is important to eliminate the addition of
  salt onto a plate of food in order to avoid
  high blood pressure.

• Adults have to keep their alcohol intake
  under control. If taken at all alcohol
  consumption should be of 2-3 units a day
  for men and 1-2 units a day for women.
Convenience Foods
    • One has to keep in mind that
      some foods lose their nutritional
      value during processing.
    − For example canned tuna fish
      loses its omega-3 and omega-6
      fatty acids (fish oil) whilst being
    • In addition such processes also
      change the colour, flavour and
      texture, E.g. peas.
    • Nutrient loss in frozen foods is
How to Have The Best From Food?
      • Attention should be given to retain
        the nutrients when storing,
        preparing, cooking and serving
      • Vitamin C and the B- group vitamins
        are easily destroyed during cooking
        so fruit and vegetables should be
        cooked quickly in a little water
        (which can be used in
        gravies/sauces…) and not kept
        warm for a long period of time.
More About Convenience Foods

      • Convenience foods also contain
        salt, additives, colourings and
        preservatives, which some
        consumers may prefer to avoid for
        healthy issues.
      • Sugar is many times used as an
        ingredient in convenience foods, it
        is used in sauces as well as in
        savoury foods like tomato paste.
Making Meals Healthy
      •   Follow the Maltese guidelines:-
      −   Eat less fat      Please NO solid food
      −   Eat less sugar   before we are 4 months
                            of age. Our digestive
      −   Eat less salt        system is NOT
                             prepared for solids.
      −   Eat more fibre

             Remember that we
           grow very fast and we
            are also very active!
           Some of us are forever
Aesthetically Pleasing Meals
      − Colourful. Avoid having several
        foods of the same colour, such as
        fish in cheese sauce, potatoes and
        cauliflower. Use fruits and
        vegetables to add lots of colour to
      − Taste good. People‟s taste differ
        and so you need to find out about
        the likes and dislikes of the people
        you are catering for.
Examples of Suitable Meals
   Breakfast           Lunch/dinner              Dessert         Evening snack
Wholegrain cereal Minced white meat in a       Fresh fruit     Sandwich with
with milk.          savoury sauce with fresh   salad.          vegetables and ricotta.
Wholegrain toast    salad or vegetables.                       Freshly squeezed
lightly spread with                                            orange juice.
low fat spread.
Scrambles,         Steamed white fish in    Stewed fruit.      Jacket potato with
poached or boiled sauce with fresh salad or                    baked beans. A glass of
egg with toast and vegetables.                                 milk.
Cereals with       Casserole or grilled        Fruit and       Tuna bun. Freshly
yoghurt.           chicken with fresh salad    yoghurt flan.   squeezed orange juice.
                   or vegetables.
Fruity pancakes.   Cheese and mushroom       Jelly made        Rice or pasta salad.
                   omelette with fresh salad with milk and     Water.
                   or vegetables.            fresh fruit.
Goldilocks’        Meat soup with pulses.      Milk pudding.   Green salad with ricotta.
porridge.                                                      Freshly squeezed
                                                               orange juice.
Myths Versus Facts
      • Any type of oil including olive oil
        have the same amount of calories.
      • Light oil can be light in taste and
        not in calories, so read labels well.
      • Vegetarian cheddar contains as
        much calories as cheddar cheese.
      • Brown bread can have added
        colour. Always choose wholemeal
      • Banana and bread are not
        fattening, they are healthy foods.
Slimming Diets
• When doing a slimming diet you shouldn‟t
  cut down on food, instead choose
  healthy food to eat.
• It is also important to use healthy methods
  of cooking, such as: steaming, baking,
  roasting, grilling and poaching.
• Avoid frying and use microwave cooking
• Make sure that you do 30 minutes of
  exercise on a daily basis.
• A combination of exercise and a healthy
  diet, is the best way to weight
Food Supplements
         • Food supplements include
           vitamins, minerals, protein and
           herbal products.
         • Possible risk factors could
           emerge if supplements are
           combined with medication or if
           a person suffers from a
           particular condition.
         • People should get the
           recommended nutrients
           (vitamins and minerals) from
           eating a well balanced diet.
Bad Eating Habits
       • One should not reward him/herself
         with sweets and unhealthy food,
         since this can eventually lead to
         bad eating habits which are very
         difficult to change.
       • So one should think twice when
         giving food particularly sweets to
         young children when they are
       • In Malta “80% of overweight and
         obese children are likely to
         become overweight and obese
         adults”.                   (Norum, 2005)
Some Bad Eating Habits
       • Starving yourself and skipping
       • Binging/ over consumption.
       • Not knowing what you eat.
       • Lack of exercise.
       • Eating too much sugar and
       „empty calories‟.
       • Not drinking enough water.

         1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8
How to Overcome Bad Eating Habits?
     • Eat small but frequent healthy meals
       and snack.
     • Shop healthy and wisely.
     • Take your time while eating.
     • Don‟t let your emotions influence your
       eating patterns.
     • You don‟t have to finish all the plate
       before you stop eating.
     • Enjoy food to the full for it‟s wonderful
       varieties of flavour, colour, texture and
       nutritional qualities.
Weight Management

     • The key to tackle weight
       management is to take a long
       term approach and to except that,
       overtime losses of 1Kg a week
       can lead to significant weight
     • Drinking plenty of water and
       doing exercise is also very
Are You in The Ideal Weight Range
    • Use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to
      check whether you are in a healthy
      weight range.
    • BMI= (weight in Kg)
         (height in meters)2
    • If the answer is less than 20:
    • An answer between 20 - 24.9: healthy
    • An answer between 25-29.9:
    • If the answer is over 30: obese
Stress and Exercise
       • There is no need to be an athlete
         in order to enjoy the benefits of
         simple exercise and relaxation.
       • Try to do 30 minutes of exercise
         preferably daily.
       • Expensive gyms and equipment
         are not essential.
       • Try to take activities as a whole
         family and choose activities that
         relaxes you e.g. walking/ cycling
         not that stresses you more.
Why is exercise sooo important?
      • Anybody, young or old can have
        fun, improve their looks and
        become healthier by doing simple
      • By adequate exercise and
        relaxation the entire body will
        benefit – breathing, blood
        circulation, muscles, posture etc.
      • When you‟re healthy not only will
        you feel good, you will also look
        good with a nice skin and a
        glowing complexion.
Ideas for Healthy Living
         • Eat a variety of nutrient rich foods
           by following the Food Guide
         • Enjoy plenty of whole grains,
           fruits and vegetables, always
           choose fresh and local varieties.
         • Eat moderate portions and
           regular meals.
… Ideas for Healthy Living
       • Reduce, don‟t eliminate certain
       • Balance your food choices
         overtime and make changes
       • Remember, foods are not good
         or bad, select food based on
         your total eating patterns.
    The best six doctors anywhere
        And no one can deny it
   Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
            Exercise and diet.
    These six will gladly you attend
         If only you are willing
         Your mind they'll ease
         Your will they'll mend
     And charge you not a shilling.
~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields,
      What the River Knows, 1990

          THE END

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