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									                             Friday August 27 th, 2010
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Charity Cricket                              Rotary’s “up the Tiber”
                                       The Maleny Rotary Club-backed             World Community Service to
    Match                              new musical comedy Up the Tiber
                                       Without a Toga, opening at the
                                                                                 support projects such as those
                                                                                 that fight the killer diseases polio
The Witta/ Maleny area has
                                       Caloundra Events Centre on Octo-          and malaria, help rebuild in the
salready seen a local play for
                                       ber 15th, is really attracting a lot of   aftermath of disasters and provide
Australia in test cricket - that be-
                                       interest.                                 scholarship opportunities that build
ing Otto Ernest Nothling. For
                                       At their sausage sizzle in Cooke          better understanding and peace in
those who don’t know, (a good
                                       Park last week-end, Rotarians             the world.
trivia question) Otto displaced Sir
Don Bradman in 1928 to play for        handed out flyers and even dressed         You can support this project by
Australia against England at that      for the occasion - with President         buying a ticket; Up The Tiber
year’s Sydney Test.                    Rick Vickers looking very comfort-        Without a Toga stars international
                                       able in his toga!                         tenor Chris (Les Miserables) Fen-
Some of his family descendents
                                       Don’t forget that Chris Brooker is        nessy with the Brisbane Chamber
still reside in the Maleny area.
                                       taking the bus down to each of the        Orchestra, and the 40-strong cast
More importantly though, on                                                      includes performers from Noosa to
                                       5 performances for only $5.00 a
September 18th we will see if                                                    Caloundra as well as singers and
                                       head for community groups - a fan-
there could be any other crick-                                                  three soloists from Maleny.
                                       tastic bargain. To book bus tick-
eting contenders who have the
                                       ets, contact
talents to play for Australia when
the Magnificent Maleny Maulers,         To book your theatre seats (and
an eccentric bunch of colourful        there are good group discounts and
locals v Andrew Powell’s Celeb-        also concession prices, call 5491
rity Eleven, a very shakey coali-      4240.
tion of state and local politicians.   If you’d like to view the sumptu-
This also will be a great oppor-       ous costumes designs by Jinty
tunity to let a few head-hunters       Stockings, catch the Tiber original
go at a few of our pollies (all        artwork display at Maple 3 Cafe
in the spirit of the game). This       until the end of August. The musi-
is bound to become a match of          cal is Maleny Rotary Club’s big-
“extreme sport”.                       gest ever fund-raising initiative and
                                       all proceeds will go to the Rotary
The match starts at 9.30a.m. at
                                       Foundation and Rotary Australia
the Orb Cork Oval in the Maleny
Show Grounds. There will be a
bar and food operating.                                          My dear Mum’s logical sayings
All funds raised go towards                                                 Logic: Foresight
the Pyjama Foundation and the                               Saying: ‘Make sure you wear
                                                            clean underwear, in case you
M.S.A.R.C. Inc.                                             hasve an accident’.

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The Hinterlandgrapevine                               More news from Ebenezer
The Hinterlandgrapevine is a weekly      You may have noticed a number of    who want tax receipts.
email newsletter published each Fri-
day and is sent to our local database    stories about “The Friends of Eb-   R.A.W.C.S. completes the admin-
of local residents and via the website   enezer” who are sending money to    istration and issue the relevant       help orphans in Livingstone. You    tax receipts which we forward to
Published by                             might ask why! In Maleny there      donors.
                                         is a very dedicated group whose
  Maleny Paint Supplies Pty. Ltd
                                         members raise funds to help these   R.A.W.C.S. then send the money
  trading as Paint Place, Maleny.
                                         innocent children who should have   to a special account in Livingstone
         6/14 Lawyer Street,
                                         no hope and no future, but with     jointly administered by Mrs Ranji
         Maleny. Qld. 4552
                                         support they do have hope and a     Chara the Director of the Enenezer
        Phone: 07 5494 2002
                                         future.                             Home in Livingstone and the local
         Fax: 07 5494 2046
                                                                             Rotary clubs in Livingstone.
Email:   It all started when I was ap-
                                    proached to help publicise a dance       In Livingstone the School has a
For advertising contact:
                                    at North Maleny that was raising         Trust Account, a Building Account
         Les on 0400707883
                                    funds to go towards the project. I       and the joint Ebenezer/Rotary Ac-
        For rates see web site
                                    started to read about the work car-      count from which the various parts
          (Web site pricing)
                                    ried out by these volunteers and         of the project receives the relevant
                                           was impressed by their dedi-      funding.
 Two of the babies in the care of the
                                           cation.                           Ebenezer now has a new babies
 Ebenezer home. This is part of the
                                                                             home almost ready to be able to
 work that your donated money sup- The group tries to send money
                                           to the Ebenezer Childcare         take in 20 babies. So a Matron,
                                           Trust in Livingstone monthly      a nurse and other staff will have
                                          (if they have it). They send       to be found and money for local
                                          money in US$1,500.00 lots in       wages found for them. There is
                                          an effort to reduce the fees on    never enough money, but many
                                          the transfer of funds.             babies for whom to care.

                                             They also have to keep enough   The $3500.00 raised from the
                                             money in their ANZ Bank         last dance will be send to Ranji,
                                             account in Maleny so they can   the home matron for her to use it
                                             send money every 3 months to    where it is most needed.
                                             Rotary Australia World Com-     There are presently over 300 in
                                             munity Service for the people   Ebenezer’s own Primary school
                                                                             and they have to be provided with
        Apple iMac                                                           everything as they come to the
                                                                             school with absolutely NOTH-
          Slim, all-in-one design                                            ING!!!!!!
Setting the highest standards for el-                                        Ebenezer is also supporting 44
egance and simplicity, the all-in-one iMac                                   kids at Secondary School (can you
packs all its components — from                                              imagine what that costs - uniforms,
processor to video camera — into an                                          shoes, books, fees etc) along with
astoundingly thin, anodized aluminum                       From              taking care of 16 elderly grand
frame.                                                                       parents (single all of them I think)
 Click here and follow the prompts                      $1599                who are endeavouring to rear their
                                                  (delivered to your door)   orphaned grand children.
            to buy NOW                                                                  Keep up the good work!

    This weeks notices brought to you by Maleny Paint Place
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                    Our Green Hint                                            The “NUT” Award
           Some green tips for around the home!                             It matters little what the mon-
                                                                            etary penalty is or how much
   * Fix slow drains. Pour half a cup of baking soda down the drain
                                                                            education is given there are
  and follow it with half a cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for twenty
  minutes to a half hour, then pour a litre of boiling water down the       some drivers who just will not
  drain.                                                                    take notice of the road rules.
   * Save old, tattered towels and T-shirts for cleaning. Cut them into     They are not only a danger to
  squares and they become useful rags that can replace store-bought rags    themselves but they are a danger
  and paper towels.                                                         to other road users who have no
   * Make your own household cleaners. This is a safer alternative          control over the prevailing situ-
  to relying on harsh, toxic commercial products. Effective cleaning        ation, not through their actions
  products can be made with borax, washing soda, distilled white vinegar,   but the actions of the inconsider-
  baking soda, salt, club soda, cooking oil and lemons. On their own or     ate drivers.
  combined together, you can make scouring powder, furniture polish, an
                                                                            Each week we will bring you
  all-purpose cleaner and more!
                                                                            the contender for the weekly
   * Buy a shower curtain that will far outlast cheap plastic ones; A       “NUT” award - that is the
  shower curtain made of hemp will naturally resist mildew and is ma-       weakest part of the car’s safety
  chine washable.
                                                                            - “The Nut behind the wheel”...
   * Turn your soap-bar scraps
                                                                            Let us see if we can do our
  into usable shavings. Using
  a cheese grater, grate several                                            little bit to improve road safety
  scraps into shavings and put                                              around our town.
  them in a decorative bowl next to                                         If you know the person men-
  the sink. Just take a pinch from                                          tioned please have a quiet word
  the bowl with a dry hand, add                                             to them.
  water and work into a lather.

                        Mum’s favourite Recipes
                                Devilled Chicken
                                         - One of my favourites!

                            Ingredients                                     This week’s award goes to:-
 *   2 1/2 1b chicken pieces * 2 tablespoons oil * 1 large onion            the driver of the dark coloured
 *   1 teaspoon oil extra * 2 tablespoons lemon juice                       Faslcon stn sedan travelling up
 *   1 tablespoon grated lemon rind * 1 cup tomato sauce                    the Landsborough Range about
 *   1 tablespoon brown sugar * 1 teaspoon mustard                          5.45p.m. on Saturday last.
 *   1 teaspoon curry * 2 tablespoons vinegar * 1 teaspoon soy sauce
                                                                            He overtook a line of traffic
                               Method                                       over double lines when a vehicle
                                                                            came around the curve forcing
Saute chicken in hot oil then remove and arrange drained in a casserole     this vehicle severely to the left
dish. Saute onion and crushed garlic in little extra oil until onion is     causing a dangerous situation
clear.                                                                      for the drivers of following cars.
Add lemon juice and rind and other ingredients, cover and bring to boil,    Falcon Driver - You’re a Bloody
then pour over chicken pieces. Bake in moderate oven for 1 1/2 hours        Idiot” you had no hope of seeing
approximately.                                                              oncoming vehicles.

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Jones Tells...                          I feel another                  Maleny
he heard                               federal election
                                          coming up                   Bowls Club
about his mate,
Paddy Paddy was at the
                                      Well, the people of Australia
                                      have spoken. It appears
Maleny Hotel the other night when
a Texan paid a visit to Maleny. He
enters the pub and raises his voice
                                      that it is only at election
                                      time that politicians listen.   Happy Hour
to the crowd of drinkers.             We are all finding that life

                                                                       Each Friday
He shouts, ‘I hear you Irish are a    is an economic struggle at
bunch of drinkin’ fools. I’ll give    the moment with the pres-

$500 American dollars to anybody      ent economic situation.
in here who can drink 10 pints of     With the count so close nei-
Guinness back to back.’               ther side of government has
The room is quiet and no one          a clear mandate from the           From 5p.m. - 6p.m.

takes of the Texan’s offer.           people. Does this mean
Paddy Murphy gets up and leaves       that all election promises

                                                                         Social Hour
the bar. Thirty minutes later, he     made by both side have to
shows back up and taps the Texan      be implemented or none of
on the shoulder. Is your bet still    them?
good?’ asks Paddy.
                                      It will be a trying time in
                                                                      Pots Beer - $2.50
The Texan answers, ‘Yes, ‘and he      parliament, but one thing
orders the barman to line up 10
                                      that could make history
                                                                        Wine - $2.00
pints of Guinness.
                                      is that we would have an
Immediately, Paddy downs all 10       independent Speaker of

                                                                      Stubbies - $2.50
pints of beer, drinking them all      Parliament and this could
back to back.
                                      make some of the Speaker’s
The other pub patrons cheer and       rulings more impartial and       Be there for the members lucky
the Texan sits down in amaze-         not aligned to the politicsal      draw - Btn 5p.m & 6p.m.!
ment.                                 party in power - this could
The Texan gives the Irishman the      be a good thing.

                                                                       Find out who is
$500 and asks, ‘If ya don’t mind
me askin’, where did you go for       Maybe this term politicians
                                      masy work a little harder
                                                                      “Mug of the Week”
that 30 minutes you were gone?’
                                      to represent their constitu-
Paddy Murphy replies, ‘Oh. I had
                                      ents and not take them for
to go out to the Irish Bar at Tran-
quel Partk to see if I could do it    granted and that could only
first.’                                be good.                          ...get a free drink at the
Morale: It is always best to          Somehow I feel another          club each day of the week.
                                      federal election coming up
                                                                      Must be there Friday
have some training before tak-
ing on any strenuous exercise.        sooner than we would nor-
                                      mally expect.                   afternoon to win for the
                                                                      next week.
        Click here                       Click here to go
       to go to our                    to our “Gig Guide”
                                                                      Why not join as a social
      “Events Guide”                                                   member and enjoy all
                                        (Must be connected to
       (Must be connected to
                                       the internet at the time)
                                                                      the benefits of the club?
      the internet at the time)

     This weeks notices brought to you by Maleny Paint Place
        Hinterlandgrapevine Online
                                                              Another paint hint
                                                            from   Maleny Paint Place
                                            Some painting tips fromMaleny
                                                     Paint Place
To read a copy of the                  Before commencing your painting          dow or door or better yet after an
Club’s latest newsletter               take a little extra time to use mask-    entire wall.
simply click on this logo              ing tape and newspaper to protect                       Hint
when connected to the                  switch plates, light fittings etc and     Roll-On - Painting hallways can
internet. You will be                  drop cloths to protect furniture and     involve many architraves and skirt-
taken to the index page                surfaces that could be accidentally      ings. Its a good time to think about
of the Club’s web page.                damaged or splattered by the paint.      trying out a paint pad. These little
Pick the relevant date.                When painting an entire room al-         foam pads with wheels can really
                                       ways work on the ceiling first. The       speed up the job, taking the fuss out
       Cheers Pres Dave                advantage of this is that any paint      of edges.
                                       that splatters on the walls can be              Weather to Paint
                                       cleaned up easily or painted over.       If it looks like rain, remember the
    Got a paint job                    Make sure you are using clean roll-      painter’s rule; if you wouldn’t
                                       ers, trays and brushes. Tip some         hang the washing out or wash the
     to be done?                       paint into the tray. Do not put too      car, don’t paint! Nothing is more
 Got no time for that paint job        much as it makes loading the roller      disappointing than seeing you work
     that you need done.               difficult and spillage easy.              ruined!
 Large jobs or small jobs quoted on.
                                       Paint the edge of the ceilings first.                 First Stop
 Qualified tradesmen licensed           Using a 60mm brush to paint a            Paint exterior doors and windows
   by Queensland Builders              border between the ceiling and wall      early in the day, prop them open to
    Registration Authority.            slowly and accurately.                   dry and they will be ready to close
       Lic No 1113664.                                                                 by nightfall.
                                       Once the roller cover is
                                                                                                 Little Things
Fully insured - Local painters.        firmly fitted onto the roller
                                                                                       An artists brush, instead of a
                                       frame, take the roller and
Every job treated as a master-piece.                                                   house painting brush will help
                                       put it into the paint and let it
                                                                                       you pick out small details
 Arandall Painting                     saturate all the fabric. Roll
                                                                                       in extra colours quickly and
                                       the roller over the ribbed
Phone 0429 878 295.                    area of the paint tray to squeeze out
                                                                                              Time Travel
                                       the excess paint.
                                                                                Gently scraping the paint work can
  This weeks                           Apply the paint in a zig zag pat-
                                       tern so you form a large M or
                                                                                reveal your home’s colourful history
                                                                                and give you some original colour
                                       W. Smooth out the paint without
    Special                            reloading the roller.
                                       Having used masking tape to
                                                                                                Cool Tip
 New Look water based                                                           If you are using water based paints,
                                       protect the edges of wood work or        on a hot day, spraying walls with
    DECKING OIL                        glass, use a brush to paint around       water before you paint will cool
                                       the edges of doors, windows and
6lts - $70.00                          baseboards.
                                                                                them down and make the job faster
                                                                                and easier - you can even paint them
(Must mention this add to                                                       wet.
    get special price                  Fill in the open area with the roller.
                                       Never stop painting mid wall. If         Everything you need to for that
   - Normally $77.00)
                                       you stop the paint mark will show        important painting job is available
   Let us quote on that                when the job is finished. If you          at Maleny Paint Place, 6/14 Lawyer
     paint job now -                   need to take a break stop at a win-      Street, Maleny

    This weeks notices brought to you by Maleny Paint Place
  Relay for Life—Cancer Fundraiser

            Maleny Showgrounds Pavilion

     Saturday 11th September 2010 for 2.30pm

      $10.00 per person
  (Tables of 6 or 8 persons)

“ Set your Own Table (If you choose) for a great reward”

               Wear your favourite “Tea” Outfit & Hat

              Prizes for Best Dressed Lady and the Best

      Tickets available at Bower Bird Maleny.

   Guest Speaker Kerryn Swan “Doctor of Fashion”

          Fashion Parade* Interesting Stalls
          PLUS much more to interest every woman

        Welcome Spring with a great time for a
       good cause—Cancer Council Queensland.

             Contact: Lovice on 54942444
               Or Lynda on 54942445
         Hinterlandgrapevine Online
                             This week with Peter Slipper M.P.
     Election victory                  back a very important person next        December, 2003. The Day raises
                                       year. His Holiness the Dalai             money for and awareness about
I’m humbled and honoured that          Lama has accepted an invitation to       child safety.
Fisher residents have chosen me to     return to the Sunshine Coast.
be their Federal Member for anoth-                                              You can get more information at
er term. It was a challenging and      The Tibetan leader will visit the and
gruelling election campaign but the    Chenrezig Institute at Eudlo on
hard work is definitely worth it.       June 16. He is expected to con-
                                       fer the official opening of its new
I look forward to honouring the        Gompa, bless the memorial gar-
four key pledges I made in the         dens and stupa, and give a short
lead-up to Saturday’s poll. I will     teaching. The Institute will
keep vigorously pushing the Feder-     announce more details as they are
al and State Governments for more      finalised.
infrastructure to cope with the Sun-
shine Coast’s growing population.      I extended the invitation, on behalf
I will continue my determined fight     of the Institute, when I met with
to improve our health services. I      the Dalai Lama in India last year.
will support and foster employment     I was part of the first-ever Austra-       We can supply the
opportunities here. I will promote     lian Parliamentary delegation to          names and phone
projects that keep the Sunshine        visit His Holiness at his home in
                                                                                  numbers of the
Coast a great place to live.           Dharamsala.
Beside’s being a strong voice in          Wear Red for Daniel                       “RELIABLE”
Canberra, I am also committed to       I will soon contact all of Australia’s
being immersed in the local com-                                                    tradespeople.
                                       new Federal Members and it’s all
munity. I lend my support to as        for a good cause.                          aLandscapers
many not-for-profit and charity
events as possible. They are valu-     I will ask them to show their sup-         aHouse Painters
able opportunities to meet constitu-   port for this year’s Day for Daniel
                                       by wearing red in Parliament on
ents and learn about local issues.
                                       October 29. Before the Federal             aPlumbers
Residents can also contact my          Election, several parliamentarians
electorate office if they need help     had agreed to be a part of the event.
                                                                                  aColour Consultants
or advice on issues such as immi-      I’m now determined to get the rest        More will be added to
gration, child support and pensions.   involved.                                  our list as time goes
This one-on-one support is an espe-                                               on and we are satis-
cially rewarding part of my job.       The Daniel Morcombe Foundation
                                                                                  fied that we can rec-
                                       holds the annual Day for Daniel
   Dalai Lama returns                  in tribute to the Sunshine Coast
                                                                                 ommend their servic-
                                                                                   es with confidence.
The Sunshine Coast will welcome        teenager who’s been missing since

                                                                                  Click here
   Support your local Businesses                                                  when connected to
                                                                                  the internet to go to
  Local Businesses offer support and services to you                               a new website for
  and your business. They also provide local employ-                             Maleny Tradespeople.
   ment. Why not support them.

     This weeks notices brought to you by Maleny Paint Place

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