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									           THE MOUNTAIN ECHO
                                                                                                         September 2010
                    Mount Baker Council, BSA
                Serving the families of Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish Counties,
                                             and east to Skykomish

                               Fall Membership
           Check List of Tasks to Strengthen Your Pack, Troop, Crew or Ship
Here are some things to keep in mind and be ready         Events
for Back to School:                                       Cub Scout packs are committed to hold at least 2
                                                          recruiting events before year’s end. Boy Scout troops
                                                          and Venturing crews are committed to hold at least 1
District membership committee conducts training on
                                                          recruiting event/open house before year’s end.
how to organize and run back to school nights and
open houses.                                              If you need help, contact your District Membership
                                                          Chair or Council Membership Chair, Charles Rincon
Unit commissioners help unit leaders set member-
ship goal to achieve quality unit award.                              Whatcom District - Terrie Wilder
The most important relationships you can build are                    Island District – Ashley Sellers
with school principals and superintendents, the peo-                
ple who determine how or whether you can reach                        Skagit District – Brad Quinton
prospective Scouts. It is also important to build a re-            
lationship with active school volunteers like the PTA/
                                                                            Tyee District – Josh Berelson
PTO officers.
                                                                           Klahaya District – Alyshia Main
District membership committee helps units with ideas
and resources to conduct successful back to school
events and open houses.                                                 Tillikum District – Michele Johnson
Unit leaders have to be committed to recruiting boys                  Puget Sound District - Larry Winton
and parents, and integrate them into the program.              
Each unit develops a plan to grow by connecting with
schools and the local community. Promote member-
                                                                                   Inside this Issue
ship incentives to your Scouts.                            Newest Eagle Scouts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           Page 2
Invitation                                                 Financial Pages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         Pages 3-7
A hand written invitation is a great way to invite po-     Key 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Page 8
tential new Scouts to join. Utilize local facilities to    District Details . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      Pages 9-12
                                                           Council Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .           Pages 13-14
combine fun activities swimming, sports and Scout
                                                           Training . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Pages 15-19
skills to recruit.                                         Outdoor Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           Page 20-21

        2010 Scouting Heritage Auction
           Saturday, October 23rd at the Tulalip Resort Hotel & Spa
                                       (see articles on pages 3 and 4)
                        Council Program                                                     2

                            Newest Eagle Scouts
                                  June, July and August
    Robert A.—Troop 43            Cameron F.—Troop 304               Tyler O.—Troop 4081
  Scoutmaster: Dennis Ives        Scoutmaster: Kevin Harris       Scoutmaster: Kenneth Oates
     John B.—Troop 86               Daniel G.—Crew 106              Michael P.—Troop 265
  Scoutmaster: Gary Overturf      Advisor: Shawn Magelsen         Scoutmaster: Donald Bishop
     Kyle B.—Troop 80              Albert G.—Troop 4020             Aaron P.—Troop 4070
 Scoutmaster: Paul McKinney     Scoutmaster: Kenneth Hamilton      Scoutmaster: Daniel Long
   Jesse B.—Troop 4027            Brandon G.—Troop 4058             Richard P.—Crew 138
 Scoutmaster: Larry Branham     Scoutmaster: Richard McCormick      Advisor: Nathan Boone
    Jacob B.—Troop 28                 Kip H.—Troop 14                Elias P.—Crew 4012
 Scoutmaster: Edward Moore         Scoutmaster: Eric Wilson        Advisor: Scott Cunningham
   Connor C.—Troop 4065            Andrew H.—Troop 288                Jake R.—Troop 137
Scoutmaster: Richard Widdison   Scoutmaster: Robert McCaughan      Scoutmaster: Kevin Buffum
   Joshua C.—Troop 367               Hans H.—Troop 356              Dylan R.—Troop 4031
 Scoutmaster: Clayton Carter      Scoutmaster: Lanny Nelson        Scoutmaster: Rodney Phy
     Kyle C.—Troop 91               Ethan H.—Troop 80               Brandon R.—Troop 89
 Scoutmaster: Dennis Walters     Scoutmaster: Paul McKinney       Scoutmaster: Brian Schafer
    David D.—Troop 189              Brandon H.—Team 9               Dallyn S.—Troop 4061
 Scoutmaster: Douglas Smart         Coach: Andrew White           Scoutmaster: Joseph Jensen
    Logan D.— Crew 138             Thomas H.—Team 4078              Cory S.—Troop 4026
    Advisor: Nathan Boone           Coach: Keith Schenk            Scoutmaster: Mike Toner
    Zachary E.—Troop 91              Bryce I.—Crew 138               David S.—Troop 53
 Scoutmaster: Dennis Walters        Advisor: Nathan Boone          Scoutmaster: Brian Franz
    Peter E.—Troop 4078           Charles K.—Troop 4031              David S.—Troop 4082
Scoutmaster: Andrew Hoenden       Scoutmaster: Rodney Phy        Scoutmaster: Christopher Johnson

  Michael E.—Troop 4056            Michael K.—Troop 221            Thomas S.—Troop 4100
 Scoutmaster: Robert Elhardt      Scoutmaster: Michael Kidd       Scoutmaster: Eric Chambers
    Corbin E.—Troop 117            Thomas M.—Troop 189               Dustin S.—Troop 49
Scoutmaster: Donald Waggoner     Scoutmaster: Douglas Smart         Scoutmaster: Brian Lamb
    Darrin E.—Troop 61              Cody M—Troop 81                  Levi U.—Troop 4028
 Scoutmaster: Wayne Tedrow       Scoutmaster: Egil Summers         Scoutmaster: Brian Urban
   Tanner F.—Troop 4001            Wesley M.—Troop 4001               Max V.—Troop 312
  Scoutmaster: Bryon Minor        Scoutmaster: Bryon Minor         Scoutmaster: Gary Sexton
   Jeffrey F.—Troop 4020           Tristin M.—Troop 4058            Justin V.—Troop 4020
Scoutmaster: Kenneth Hamilton   Scoutmaster: Richard McCormick   Scoutmaster: Kenneth Hamilton
    Joseph F.—Troop 114              Jason N.—Troop 57               Geoffrey W.—Crew 14
Scoutmaster: Stephen Dahlberg      Scoutmaster: Donald Neil           Advisor: Kathy Hahn
The Mount Baker Council is Supported By The
United Ways of Island & Skagit Counties
                                                             Finance                                                 3
                                              Friends of Scouting, Council Auction, Popcorn Sales, Memorials

                                                                THE 2010
                                                      SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23rd
                                                            Tulalip Resort Hotel & Spa

                                   Help us raise $100,000 as we celebrate
                                    100 Years of Character Development
The annual Mount Baker Council Auction is coming this Fall and you can be a part of it. Here are three ways to help
make the Auction successful:
    1. Help procure Live or Silent Auction items
      Auction Chair Gary Baker says that we are looking for donations of live and silent auction items. Live items tend to
      be valued at $500 to $5,000 while silent items are usually in the $50 to $400 range. Join us in seeking out great live
      and silent items from people in the community who want to support our Scouting programs.
To donate or to volunteer, contact Gary at
You may also contact Mike or Leslie at the Everett Scout Service Center at (425) 338-0380 or at auc- You may also fill out an eProcurement form at:
      2. Host a table, come as a couple or attend individually
      You and nine friends and/or associates can attend the auction and support the Mount Baker Council financially. You
      or your company or organization can sponsor a table of ten for $1,250 (Corporate Sponsorship) or $1,000 for a Ta-
      ble Patron sponsorship. Individuals may attend for $100 per person. Seating is limited to 300 people so individuals
      or couples will want to get their seating preferences to us early. Otherwise, we’ll need to seat individuals and cou-
      ples at tables with available space.
      3. Advertise in our auction program
      Color or black and white ads run $300 in our catalog for a full color page. Send us your camera ready copy or let us
      design your ad.


                                          Goal: Raise $100,000 to celebrate 100 Years of Scouting 
The Mount Baker Council is Supported By The
United Ways of Island & Skagit Counties
                                                             Finance                                                               4
                                              Friends of Scouting, Council Auction, Popcorn Sales, Memorials

                         Procurement Ideas for the
                       2010 Scouting Heritage Auction
 Tours and Outdoor Adventures                                                 toys, Homemade foods (e.g. dessert a month for a year or
 Tickets to zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, musical or the-                  six months)
 atrical performances; tours of the Seattle Underground,
 Port of Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport, the Boeing Flight Center                   Sports & Exercise
 or Air Museum; Time on Boeing or Alaska Airlines simula-                     Golf rounds, hunting and/or fishing trips, skiing, sailing;
 tors; Frequent Flyer Miles; Airplane, helicopter tours, ride                 skydiving, ballooning, etc. adventures and /or lessons;
 with traffic pilots; Hand-on tour of studio such as glass                    exercise and sports equipment; gift certificates for health
 blowing, fine art/craft session, print making; tour of a tele-               clubs, bowling, golfing; suite, box seats or good tickets to
 vision or radio station, be a guest on a talk show; and so                   sporting events and sports memorabilia
                                                                              Parties and Meals
 Experiences, Vacations & Getaways                                            Progressive dinners, ethnic dinners, catered dinners with
 Week or weekend at a condominium, cabin, or in a motor                       business & community leaders; gift certificates to restau-
 home. Open scheduling is preferred! A week or weekend                        rants and hotels; murder mystery dinners; birthday parties,
 trips to ski lodges, Hawaii, Disneyland, Victoria; Bed &                     evening party packages with limousine service, secret rec-
 Breakfasts; Offer to baby-sit, take care of house or pets                    ipe tasting parties
 while they’re away; Cooking classes, root beer brewing
 and other hands-on skill development                        More Ideas
                                                             Televisions, stereos, computers & software, phones,
 Home and Garden                                             clocks, bicycles, jewelry, auto or boat accessories or
 Construction, repair, painting wallpapering, maintenance weekend rentals, trading cards and antiques
 skills to offer home owners; Gazebos, decks, hot tubs,
 playground equipment, landscaping; Tools for shop, lawn Theme Packages or baskets
 and garden; doghouses, kennels, fences; fine arts and Chocolate lovers Basket; Junk food garbage can; South of
 crafts                                                      the Border Food Basket; Family Fun Basket; Wheelbarrow
                                                             full of gardening items; Baby Basket; Mystery basket (with
 Anything Homemade                                           hints); Bathroom Basket; Pet’s Basket; Northwest Gour-
 Quilts, afghans, comforters, dolls, dollhouses, playhouses, met Basket; Teddy bear Basket; Kitchen Basket
 desks, shelves, rocking chairs, rocking horses, children’s

                                   Return to: Mount Baker Council, BSA 1715 - 100th Place SE, Suite B, Everett, WA 98208

                         2010 Scouting Heritage Auction Reservation
□ Yes, count us in for the annual Scouting Heritage Auction!

Name(s)__________________________________ Company___________________________ Phone_____________

Email address___________________________________________________________ Date____________________

            □ Corporate Table Host for a table of 10 at $1,250

            □ Patron Table Host at $1,000                 □ Individual(s) at $100 each

            □ We cannot attend this year but would like to donate to support Scouting!

            Amount enclosed $____________ or send me a statement ___ (check here)
The Mount Baker Council is Supported By
                                                             Finance                                                        5
The United Ways of Island & Skagit Counties   Friends of Scouting, Council Auction, Popcorn Sales, Memorials

                                                     THE 2010 SCOUT
                                                     POPCORN SALE              
                                    Make this Year’s Sale Magical with our first $1,000,000 Council Sale
District                District Kernel                           Phone                        Email address
Tillikum                Tracie Lenhart                            (425) 357-1274     
                        Melissa Lee (Assistant)                   (425) 737-7173     

Klahaya                 Will Rau                                  (360) 562-1382     

Tyee                    Clarita Heater                            (425) 931-3821     
                        Brian Rose (Assistant)                    (920) 722-7674     

Puget Sound             Robert Dockter (DE)                       (425) 275-7362     
                        Chris Nilsson (Show N Sell)               (206) 437-4864     

Island                  Sarah Boothe                              (360) 720-2780     

Skagit                  Mary Jo Brentari                          (360) 299-2753     
                        Lori Valgardson (Assistant)               (360) 848-5275     

Whatcom                 Debbie Waytashek                          (360) 384-0747     

Council                 Kim Moore                                 (425) 301-7658     

                        COMMISSIONS - HOW MUCH CAN MY UNIT EARN?
30%                     Base commission – an increase of 15% over 2009!
7%                      Bonus for selling an average $300 of popcorn products per registered Scout* based on your annual
                        charter renewal membership number. Because 2nd year Webelos soon transition on to a Troop, this will
                        not include 5th graders.
5%                      On-time Show & Sell Order, Take-Order orders and Sale Closeout.
3%                      Bonus for Popcorn Prize Cash Out option – available if the unit does not use the Trails End prize pro-
                        gram. We do recommend that all Packs use the Prize Program.
35%                     New units selling for the first time are guaranteed a minimum of 35% commission and may earn much
NEW – a $50 Bonus for Unit Kernels: Each Unit Kernel attending the Council Popcorn Kickoff in August gets a $50
gas card in recognition of their dedication in overseeing the Scout Popcorn Sale. The Unit must sign up to participate in
the sale by July 30th to qualify.
Sound hard?
Just keep in mind that Mount Baker Council Scouts who filled a take-order form in 2009 sold an average of $526. Also -
just one filled take-order form is worth anywhere from $350 to $1,250. This year’s forms have space for 30 popcorn cus-
No – it’s not too late. Just contact your District Popcorn Kernel to get started!
Dens or patrols may participate and earn their own sales commissions. Individuals may also participate. Contact your
District Popcorn Kernel or your Executive to sign up. You also need to attend the District Popcorn Sale Kick-off to get
your materials.
The Mount Baker Council is Supported By
                                                             Finance                                               6
The United Ways of Island & Skagit Counties   Friends of Scouting, Council Auction, Popcorn Sales, Memorials

Plan your program, establish a Unit budget and set a goal for the amount of money your Unit will need from
           the Popcorn Sale. Give each Scout a goal to shoot for.
Select your Unit Popcorn Kernel who will attend the District Kick-off to be trained and to receive all the sales materials
        he/she needs. The Popcorn Kernel should be organized and committed to success. He or she will need lots of
        support from other families in the unit to handle communication and distribution.
Conduct an effective Unit Kick-off where your Scouts and parents receive a clear goal, sales materials and are coached
       in safe and effective sales practices. Make sure each Scout has a personal sales goal. Set up special “Blitz
       Days” when Scouts sell in their neighborhood and then end the day with an ice cream or pizza party or other fun
       activity. Then you recognize the day’s top sellers.
Fax or email a copy of your Scout’s newest Take order forms every week to the Everett Scout Office to participate in the
        weekly Scout and Unit Kernel prize drawings! Make sure that Scout & Unit Kernel names, unit numbers and
        Districts are printed clearly on each form.
Pick up Popcorn products at your District’s distribution site on Friday or Saturday, November 19-20, depending on your
        district’s distribution plan. Distribute and track popcorn products distributed to families in your unit.
Turn in $1,500 Club and Scholarship forms, Disneyland coupons no later than the day of your Unit close-out. You may
        also email, or fax the order to the Council office.
Collect all monies, and deposit the cash into your unit account. Write a single check to the Mount Baker Council, BSA

                                      2010 Key Popcorn Sale Dates
September 3                         Take-order Sale Begins

September 7                         Final Show and Sell Orders due

September 22                        Show and Sell product delivered to district locations

September 24-25                     Show and Sell product distribution days

October 25                          Take-Order Sale ends

October 29                          Unit Take-Order product orders must be entered on Popcorn website

November 17                         Popcorn Delivered to District Distribution Locations

November 19-20                      Popcorn Distribution

December 1-4                        Popcorn Monies Due - Sale Closeouts by District

The Mount Baker Council is Supported By
                                                             Finance                                           7
The United Ways of Island & Skagit Counties   Friends of Scouting, Council Auction, Popcorn Sales, Memorials

        New Incentive to Encourage Boeing, Microsoft and
        Other Employees to Report Volunteered Scouting
                 Service Hours Before Year-End
                Corporate Volunteer Matching Programs Raise Scouting Funds
              and Earn Mount Baker Camp Vouchers from July 1 – December 31*

Council Camping Chair Dave Edenfield and Council Development VP Pat Armitage announce a special set
of incentives and recognitions for employees who have reported or will report hours volunteered in Scouting
between July 1st and December 31st. They are as follows:
Boy Scout Camp
      One Scout Camp fee voucher for Camp Black Mountain or Fire Mountain Scout Camp will be awarded
      for each set of 50 hours reported for the Mount Baker Council on their company website. Employees
      not attached to a unit may gift/designate the voucher to a specific Scout or to any Mount Baker
      Council Troop or Team.
Cub Day Camp or Cub Resident Camp
      Two Mount Baker Cub Scout Day Camp fee vouchers or one Fire Mountain Cub Resident Camp fee
      voucher will be awarded for each set of 50 hours reported for the Mount Baker Council on the com-
      pany website. Employees who are not attached to a unit may gift/designate the voucher to a specific
      Cub Scout or to any Mount Baker Council Cub Scout Pack.
We get reports from these companies on specific matching hours and/or gifts and will notify the donor when
the donation is received. NOTE: Though greatly appreciated, in-kind company giving does not qualify for this
How do you report matching gifts and/or volunteered hours?
Each participating corporation has a process for recording the hours that an employee donates as a Scouting
volunteer. Contact your HR department for specifics. A number of other companies are starting to offer this
kind of matching opportunity to their employees. This incentive would apply to them as well.
* Program to be repeated in 2011.

    New Cub SCOUTING Delivery Method Now Underway!
                              Welcome to the most recent evolution of Cub Scouts!
The change for Cub Scouts is a piloted and successful method of delivering the existing
Cub Scout program that is handbook-based and focuses on den activities leading to:
a. Cub Scout advancement
b. Higher retention in the program
The Overview includes information on the pilot, its results, what changes and how the
changes benefit the Scouting community.
Preview the new Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide through this tutorial video. The
change is supported by a new leader resource, the Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide. This new resource
contains all the information a den leader or Cubmaster needs to deliver the planned program.
Check out for the New Delivery Method for the Cub
Scout Program. For more information, see the Resources and Frequently Asked Questions.
                                                          Key 3                                                            8
                                               Voice of the President
                   Scouting is the best youth development pro-        quarter-end from last year, you get cool stuff to help you
                   gram in the world today. Now having said           with your program in your Pack, Troop, or Crew. Many
                   that, I think we can all agree that having more    units have taken advantage of these incentives in the first
                   youth in the program is better than having         and second quarter of this year, but our most important
                   fewer.                                             two quarters for membership growth are now upon us.
            Through July 31st, the Mount Baker Council                Talk to your District Membership Chairman, or your District
J. Scott Suchan
            year-to-date has seen a net growth in youth of            Executive if you need more details on how your unit can
            97 Scouts. Our year-end goal is to have a net
                                                                      benefit from the Membership Incentive plan.
            growth in Scouts of 275. What it really comes             The fall recruiting season is incredibly
down to is the success of our fall recruiting season. If all          important in expanding the scope and
of us put a little extra effort in our recruiting events, or          influence of the Scouting program.
work a bit harder to get just one more Tiger Cub family               Please step up and make up real dif-
involved, we will easily make our year-end goal.                      ference in someone’s life.
Don’t forget the council’s Membership Incentive Plan… if
you have net membership growth compared to the same

                                               Commissioner’s Comments
              As I look back on my days as a Boy Scout, I            The Mount Baker Council is fortunate to have two out-
              recall the time spent camping most vividly.            standing camps, and to be located between a picturesque
              Whether it was a weekend with my troop                 inland sea and some of the most spectacular mountains in
              camped next to a creek, a week at Scout                the world, where Scouts can experience the best of the
              camp, or living with Scouts from other coun-           outdoors. We are also fortunate to have an excellent com-
  Vic Ericson tries at a World Jamboree, camping was the             missioner corps whose sole role is to assist our units in
    Council   essence of Scouting. I think camping is still          delivering a memorable Scouting experience for our youth.
              what sets Scouting apart from the many                 I hope you will take advantage of the knowledge and exper-
other activities that are available to young people today.
                                                                     tise your commissioner offers, and
Camping brings into focus all the lessons that Scouting              please don’t hesitate to utilize their
has to offer, from planning the trip, to learning the skills
                                                                     talents as you create an even more
needed to live comfortably in the outdoors, to being pre-
pared for the unexpected, to leading others toward com-              rewarding camping experience for your
mon goals. An active camping program in every unit is                unit. As commissioners, we all stand
one of the best ways to create an outstanding unit, and to           ready to deliver Scouting experiences
attract and retain membership.                                       that will last a lifetime.

                                                       In My Corner
                    Why is it often said that “Training is the key   training leaders to deliver high quality Scouting and Explor-
                    to effective Scouting”? You may have             ing programs.
                    heard some of the following:                     Are you trained for your Scouting position? If you are, talk
                     Every Scout deserves a trained leader.        to those leaders you know who are not yet trained and en-
                                                                     courage them to attend a scheduled training this fall.
 Duane Rhodes
                     Training leads directly to quality pro-
 Scout Executive    gram.                                            If you have not completed the appropriate training course,
                All adults should complete training for            don’t wait to be encouraged. You should want to go, to be
their position in order to serve with confidence.                    able to do the best possible job. Check the council web-
                                                                     site at for the up-
Top unit leaders must be trained by year-end in order for            coming opportunities to take care of this critical need.
them to register with their unit’s charter renewal.
                                                                     Summer has ended, it was great, but now everyone is
The list of reasons goes on and on, but the bottom line is           back and it’s time to get caught up on training.
that the Mount Baker Council has no higher priority than
                                                 District Details                                                                      9
                                                                        September 2010
                              Island                                  Cub Scout Round-up: All Units
                                                                      1 -District Committee Meeting 7PM
                                                                      2 -OA Meeting
               Orcas, Shaw, Fidalgo, Whidbey, San Juan Island
                           and San Juan                               9 -Roundtable 7PM
                                                                         Unit show and sell popcorn orders due
Chairman - Steve Glade, 206-947-0747,         11/12-Scouting for Food
Dist. Commissioner - David Lemme, 360-679-5546, 15-Eagle Boards
Training Chair - Judy Opheim, 360-675-6036,      22-Good Scout Breakfast
Membership Chair - Ashley Sellers, 360-682-5708, 24-Show & Sell Popcorn Kick-Off
Popcorn Kernel—Sarah Boothe, 360-720-2780, 25/26- Island District Webeloree (Optional Overnight)
Executive - Maria Greger, 360-320-4553, OR  28-Commissioner Meeting
                                                                         * Eagle Project Approvals are by appointment only.
  *Roundtable at St. Stephans Ch., 555 SE Regatta Dr. OH                      Contact Bob Taylor at (360)679-2023
             **District Meetings at Oak Harbor
Chamber of Commerce located at 32630 SR 20 Oak Harbor                   October 2010 – POPTOBER & Re-Charter Kick-Off!:
   ***Please visit our district website for more information***         6 -District Committee Meeting
                                                                        7 -OA Meeting
            Questions about Popcorn, Training or Membership?            14-Round Table 7PM
                             Please contact:                            14 -Youth Protection Training 6PM before Roundtable
               Training Chair: Judy Opheim, (360)675-6036
                                          14-Charter Renewal Kickoff
                                                                        20-Eagle Boards*
             Membership Chair: Ashley Sellers, (360)682-5708
                                                 * Eagle Project Approvals are by appointment only.
                                                                                    Contact Bob Taylor at (360)679-2023
               Popcorn Kernel: Sarah Boothe, (360)720-2780
                                       23-Island District Day of Training
              Scouting for Food: Diane Wagner, (360)279-1636

                                                                         September 2010
                              Klahaya                                    2 -District Commissioner Staff Meeting: 6:00 pm, Alfy’s Snohomish;
                                                                            includes dinner
                Serving Cathcart, Clearview, Echo Lake, Gold Bar,        7 -Committee Meeting: 7:00 PM
                Index, Lake Stevens, Maltby, Monroe, Seattle Hill,       9 -District Roundtable: 7:00 PM
                Skykomish, Snohomish, Sultan & the Snohomish                Cub Scout Roundtable- Responsibility
                            LDS Stake                                       Boy Scout, Varsity Scout- to be announced
  Quality District 1997 1998 2000 2001 2002 2003 2005 2006 2007             Venturing Scout Roundtable- to be announced
Chairman - Dennis McNamara, 360-223-1279,                9 -Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting: 7:30 PM
Commissioner-Arv Aurdal, 360-568-5664,              10/12-Scouting for Food
Vice-Chair-Geoffrey Thomas, 425-268-0746,        15-District Eagle Board of Review- Scouts will be notified of location
Vice-Chair-Dan Savage, 425-308-1776,               24/26-Camp-O-Rama: Camp Brinkley
Membership Chair-Alyshia Main, 360-668-1060,    29-District Commissioner Staff Meeting: 7:00 PM location tba
Executive-James Monroe, 425-338-0380x110,
     NOTE: District Committee Meeting location is at Canyon Creek        October 2010
                   Cabinet, 16726 Tye St SE, Monroe                       5-Committee Meeting: 7:00 PM
              NOTE: Roundtable and Order of the Arrow                    14-District Roundtable: 7:00 PM
      Meetings at Snohomish LDS, 8522 131st Av SE, Snohomish                Cub Scout Roundtable- Citizenship
     NOTE: Commissioner Staff Meetings location to be announced             Boy Scout, Varsity Scout Roundtable- to be announced
                  except as noted for September 1st.
                                                                            Venturing Scout Roundtable- to be announced
                                                                         14-Order of the Arrow Chapter Meeting: 7:30 PM
                                                                         20-District Eagle Board of Review- Scouts will be notified of location
             For more information see the                                27-District Commissioner Staff Meeting: 7:00 PM location tba
                   district newsletter
                     The Drumbeat
              or visit the district website
                                          District Details                                                                               10

                                                                      September 2010
                     Puget Sound                                      2-District Committee Meeting 7:00PM
                                                                      3 -Take-Order Sale begins
      Bothell, Brier, Canyon Park, Edmonds, Lynnwood,
                                                                      6 -Final Show and Sell Orders Due
     Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Mill Creek & Woodway
                                                                      9-District Commissioners Meeting 6:00PM
Chairman - Shannon Roeder, 425-248-5455,          9-Roundtable 7:30PM-Popcorn Show and Sell Meeting!
Program Chair - open                                                  10/12-Scouting for Food
Commissioner - Rob Jezek, 425-742-0989,            16-Eag;e Boards pf Review
Asst. Com.- David Briggs 425-776-7536               17/19-Adventure Base 100 at the Puyallup Fair Grounds
Executive - Robert Dockter, 425-275-7362
                                                                      24/26-Webelos Ree at Camp Fire Mountain
       All District Meetings: Committee Meetings,
                 Commissioner Meetings,                               October 2010
Order of the Arrow Chapter Meetings, and Roundtables at:              7 –District Committee Meeting 7:00PM
                  Mountlake Terrace LDS                               9 –Cub Scout Stampede at Fire Mountain
                    22015 48th Ave. W.
              Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043                             8/9-OA Ordeal at Fire Mountain                       14-District Commissioners Meeting 6:00PM
                                                                      14-Roundtable 7:30PM—Troops and Webelos Scouts
 Have you seen This site is going to be a great
                                                                         Open House
  tool for us moving forward when it comes to recruitment of
 new boys from the community. This is an online google map            16-Cub Scout Stampede at Fire Mountain
  which visually locates each unit and displays contact infor-        21-Eagle Boards of Review
 mation. Then the individual has the opportunity to leave con-
   tact information so that units and the district membership           Fall recruiting is here. Try to get into your schools back to school events
 team can make sure they find a unit to call their own. Please          and set up a table. The district can provide resources for your recruiting
  go and check it out. If there are any errors, your unit leader        events if we are given advance notice. Let’s be the first district to crush
           can make changes through                                                  our 5% growth goal!

                                                                      September 2010
                           Skagit                                     2 –Membership Kickoff 7:00PM MV LDS Church
                 Serving Families of Skagit County                    2 –OA Chapter Meeting 7:00PM MV LDS Church
                Quality District 2006 2007 2008                       2 –Roundtable 7:00PM MV LDS Church
                                                                      3 -Take-Order Sale begins
Chairman - John Kamb, 360-445-6151,
                                                                      6 -Final Show and Sell Orders Due
Commissioner - Janie Palmer, 360-724-3176,
                                         7 –Eagle Boards of Review 7:00PM Janicki Logging
Executive - Jim Summers, 360-421-1610,                                7 –Key 3 5:00PM Haggen’s
                                  17/18-Operation Night Watch MV LDS Church
                                                                      23-District Committee Meeting 7:00PM Washington Federal
                 All District Committee Meetings at                   24/25-Show and Sell Product Distribution
                    Washington Federal Savings,                       October 2010
                300 East Fairhaven Ave., Burlington                   7 –Commissioner Staff Meeting 6:30PM MV LDS Church
        District Roundtable at Mount Vernon LDS Church,               7—OA Chapter Meeting 7:00PM MV LDS Church
                1700 East Hazel St., Mount Vernon
                                                                      7 –Roundtable 7:00PM MV LDS Church
                                                                      12-Eagle Boards of Review 7:00 PM Janicki Logging
            Don’t Forget the Power of One!                            12-Key 3 5:00PM Haggen’s
                                                                      13-Chartered Organization Representative Training 6:30PM
      Every “one” in Skagit County deserves the                          MV LDS Church
  opportunity to belong to a great Scout unit! Keep
  trained and keep recruiting! We cannot stop until
       we have changed the at risk statistics in
                   Skagit County!
            One more kid could be the “ONE”!
                     MORE IS BETTER!
                                                District Details                                                                                11

                                                                              September 2010
                           Tillikum                                           2-Roundtable/Eagle Board/OA Chapter Mtg. 7:00PM
                                                                              3 -Take-Order Sale begins
                    Mukilteo, Mill Creek, and Everett                         6 -Final Show and Sell Orders Due
                                                                              6 -Labor Day-Office Closed
Chairman - Michele Suchan, 425-760-4812,
                                                                              9 –District Commissioner Meeting 7:00PM
Commissioner - Richard Shurtz, 425-670-6551,
Executive - Brian Lenhart 425-338-0380
                                                                              24/25-Show and Sell Product Distribution
                                                                              23-District Committee Meeting 7:00PM
 For the latest news and information, please visit the district’s web site.
                 **If NOT noted, ALL meetings are held @                      October 2010
                      LDS Ward 110-50th St. SW, Everett                       7 –Roundtable/Eagle Board/OA Chapter Mtg. 7:00PM
                                                                              14-District Commissioner Meeting 7:00PM
Do you enjoy helping others? You can join a special                           28-District Committee Meeting 7:00PM
group of adults, unit commissioners. For more in-
formation, please contact Doug Smart 425-349-                                 Tillikum District has a great Roundtable Program for Cub Scout, Boy Scout,
1881                                                   Varsity, and Venturing Leaders. We invite you to attend Roundtable on the
                                                                              first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the LDS Church located at 110 –
                                                                              50th Street SW in Everett.
Fall recruiting. Make plans now for your back to                              September:
school night, sign up night and parent orientation                            Cub Scout Topics: Managing Boy Behavior; Webelos-to-Scout Transition;
night. Get your membership packet from Michele                                Pack Meeting Room Arrangement; and Supporting Pack Meetings.
Johnson                                            October:
                                                                              Cub Scout Topics: Den Dues and Expenses; Webelos Scouts with Special
                                                                              Needs; Den Involvement at Pack Meetings; and Your Pack and Chartered

                                                                              September 2010
                                 Tyee                                         3 -Take-Order Sale begins
                                                                              6 -Final Show and Sell Orders Due
       Arlington, Marysville, Camano Island, Granite Falls,                   7 -District Committee 7:00PM Stillaguamish Center
             Lakewood, Stanwood and Darrington
                                                                              14-District Commissioners meeting 6:00PM—all unit com
Chairman - Vacant                                                                missioners required to attend—uniformed event
Vice Chairman-Program - Tonya Reynolds, 360-629-3167,                         14-District Roundtable 7:30PM with breakouts after flags and
                                                  announcements for:
                                                                                     Order of the Arrow
Commissioner - Ken Young, 360-659-2401,
                                                                                     District Venturer Officers Association—for youth and leaders
                                                      Scout leaders/Varsity leaders
Executive - Hilary Black-Ward, 425-931-3655,                                         Cub Scout leaders
                                        17/19-District Camporee-Darrington Blue Grass Grounds...see District
                                                                                 Website for details
                                                                              24/25-Show and Sell Product Distribution
   *District Committee meetings at Stillaguamish Senior
        Center, Smokey Point Boulevard, Arlington
                                                                              October 2010
 **Roundtable meetings at Weston High School, Arlington
                                                                              No district dates submitted
                                                                          District Details                                                 12

                         WHATCOM DISTRICT 
                                 Putting Mount Baker in the  
                                     Mount Baker Council 
                                                                Whatcom              September 2010
                                                                                     3 -Take-Order Sale begins
                                                                                     6 -Final Show and Sell Orders Due
                                                Serving Families of Whatcom County   9 –District Commissioner Meeting 7:15PM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     9 –District Committee Meeting 5:30PM LDS James St. Church
            Chairman - Brian Lydiard, 360-354-1121                                   9 –OA Chapter Meeting 7:15PM LDS James St. Church
                                                       9 –Roundtable 7:00PM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     18-Webelos-ree 8:00AM Camp Black Mountain
            Commissioner - Pam Meyer, 360-647-0925
                                                                                     24-District Camporee 5:00PM Camp Black Mountain
                                                      24/25-Show and Sell Product Distribution
            Director - Peter Self, 360-224-7722
                                                    October 2010
                                                                                     14-Charter Pick Up & Training 7:15PM LDS James St. Church
              Roundtable is held the 2nd Thursday of each month at the               14-District Commissioner Meeting 7:15PM LDS James Church
                 LDS church located at 2925 James St., Bellingham                    14-District Committee Meeting 5:30PM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     14-OA Chapter Meeting 7:15PM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     14-Roundtable 7:00PM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     23-Boy Scout Leader Specific 9:30AM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     23-Chartered Org. Representative 9:30AM LDS James Church
                                                                                     23-Cub Scout Leader Specific 9:30AM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     23-This is Scouting 8:00AM LDS James St. Church
                                                                                     23-Varsity Scout Leader Specific 9:30AM LDS James Church
                                                                                     23-Venturing Leader Specific 9:30AM LDS James St. Church

                                                                  Many Chances to Get Trained
                                                                    in the Month Of October
               This is Scouting is the second stage of the Boy Scouts of America’s basic training program after the recommended
               online Fast Start training and is designed for all new adult leaders. This is required training for all direct-contact BSA
               volunteers. You only need to complete this training once in your Scouting career.
               FEE: No cost.
               Cub Scout Leader Specific training is a comprehensive overview of the training you need to be a Cub Scout Leader.
               This is required training for all Cubmasters, Asst. Cubmasters, all Den Leaders and Assts: Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos,
               Pack Committee Chairs and Committee Members. To be considered TRAINED as a Cub Scout Leader you must com-
               plete “This is Scouting” and “Cub Scout Leader Specific” for the program level in which you are currently registered.
               FEE: $5.00
               Boy Scout Leader Specific training is a comprehensive overview of the training you need to be a Boy Scout Leader.
               This is required training for all Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. To be considered TRAINED you must
               complete “This is Scouting”, “Boy Scout Leader Specific” and “Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills”.
               FEE: $5.00
               Varsity Scout Leader Specific training is a comprehensive overview of the training you need to be a Varsity Scout
               Leader. This is required training for all Varsity Coaches and Assistant Coaches. To be considered TRAINED you
               must complete “This is Scouting”, “Varsity Scout Leader Specific” and “Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills”.
               FEE: $5.00
               Venturing Leader Specific training is a comprehensive overview of the training you need to be a Venturing Leader.
               This is required training for all Venturing Advisors, Assistant Advisors, Crew Committee Chairs and Crew Committee
               Members. To be considered TRAINED you must complete “This is Scouting”, “Venturing Leader Specific” and
               “Venturing Youth Protection”. (This course includes “Venturing Youth Protection”.)
               FEE: $5.00
               Pick the one that works for you! You’ll find a registration flyer on page 17 of the Mountain Echo.
                                Council Program                                                                     13

                                     Tuesday, September 21, 2010
                                         Free Dinner beginning at 6:30 pm
                                                Meeting at 7:30 pm
                                 Weston High School on 172nd in Smokey Point
Who Is Invited?                   Each District Key Three, District Operating Committee Chairs, Key District Leaders,
                                  District Finance Committee Members, the Council Key Three, Council Vice Presidents
                                  and Council Committee Chairs.
What Is The Purpose?              Council and District leaders will meet together to review key objectives, adjust our ac-
                                  tion plans and continue to work for successful Scouting programs in 2010 - 2011.
Directions                        Take the 172nd / Smokey Point exit #206 off I-5 and go east about 1 mile on 172nd.
                                  You will pass the brick LDS church on the left and just before the Stillaguamish Ath-
                                  letic Club, turn left into the access road. The school is set back from the road.
Meeting Plan                      We’ll begin with a 15-20 minute opening session to set the stage for the committee
                                  breakout meetings that follow. The Council and District Committee breakout groups
                                  will include:
                                  District Chairs                           Camping
                                  District Commissioners                    Advancement
                                  Training                                  Activities
                                  Membership                                Finance

    North Cascades National Park Rainbow Bridge Fire Update
North Cascades National Park has reopened the Rainbow          organization. The North Cascades National Park Wildland
Lake Trail for its entire length and the Rainbow Creek Trail   Fire Crew will continue to carefully monitor the fire activity
from McAlester Pass to Bench Creek Camp. Bench Creek,          and perimeter and perform mop up operations if necessary.
Bowan and Rainbow Meadows Camps have also re-                  Some fire activity may continue within the fire perimeter
opened. These areas were not directly affected by the          until the end of the fire season and significant rain falls.
Rainbow Bridge Fire and the threat of fire impacting these     All activities and services to and from Stehekin are open
trails has significantly decreased.                            and on schedule.
The Rainbow Loop Trail, Boulder Creek Trail and Rainbow        Trail closures include: Boulder Creek Trail, Rainbow Loop
Creek Trail from the junction with the Rainbow Loop Trail      Trail, Rainbow Creek Trail: from the junction with the Rain-
to Bench Creek Camp remain closed. These trails are            bow Loop Trail to Bench Creek Camp. The Lakeshore
closed due to trail impacts, hazardous trees or remaining      Trail is trail impassable to stock from Hazard Creek to Four
potential for fire activity.                                   Mile Creek due to debris flows, but is passable for hikers.
The reopening of these trails allows hikers to complete the    Camps located within the trail closures are also closed,
McAlester Lake-Rainbow Lake loop beginning from the            including Reynolds, Rennie Creek, Hooter, Rainbow
Bridge Creek Trailhead on Highway 20. These trails still       Bridge, and Rainbow Ford.
cannot be accessed from Stehekin.
                                                               Kerry Olson
Fire activity on the Rainbow Bridge Fire has remained low      Stehekin Dist, of the North Cascades National Park Service
over the past ten days with little measurable growth and is    (360) 854-7365, ext 13
being managed by a Type 5 local National Park Service
                                   Council Program                                                                   14

                                                  2010 Scouting for Food Drive
                                                                  September 10, 11 & 12
This BSA’s annual food drive returns to Mount Baker              store.)
Council this year. By vote of the District Activity Commit-       Third - Go to the store (taking our Collection Code of
tee representatives, our council’s official storefront collec-   Conduct with you as a talking point) and talk to the store
tion was moved from March to the weekend of the second           manager to see about availability of the store on the days
Saturday in September - this year the 11th. On that week-        your unit wants to collect non-perishable food. (Other
end, Scout units throughout the Council will be in front of      groups also want to approach the public and may have re-
grocery stores making the plight of the food banks this          served the store previously.)
time of year known to the public by collecting food and
emphasizing the need. This project is part of our National
                                                                  Fourth - Appoint a chair for the effort and sign up your
                                                                 unit’s Scouts for the time slots you have laid out.
Good Turn for America effort and can be a high visibility
service project.                                                  Fifth - Contact the food bank the store manager identi-
                                                                 fied as the one with which the store cooperates.
If your unit has already planned on a March 2011 collec-
tion, please go through with it. The food banks are in dire
                                                                  Sixth - Collect the food and help the less fortunate in
need at this time of year when holiday donations have            your neighborhood.
been exhausted. Do you already have something planned             Seventh – Report your service hours at
that September weekend? Chose any other date, maybe     Using this site requires a
September 17 – 19, and then join in on the official council      unique unit BSA code. It’s the same as your internet ad-
weekend drive in 2011.                                           vancement code but if unknown, contact Council Registrar
                                                                 Susan McCaughan at
How does your unit participate?                          or at 425-338-0380.
 First - Identify a store in your unit’s service area. Thank you for giving of your time and talents to help our
 Second - Contact your District Activities Chairman to neighbors in need!
get clearance to approach the store. (It’s embarrassing
and/or annoying to have multiple units approach the same

                    Fall Membership Growth Incentives
Cub Scouting                                                     non-Scouting friend that registers in the month of October,
Any Cub Scout who asks another boy to join                       will receive a free BSA 100th Anniversary Knife. In addition
Scouting, and that boy registers in the month of                 to each Scout receiving a knife, the unit membership co-
October, will receive a free Cub Scout wallet.                   ordinator (adult in the troop, team or crew) will
                                                                 also receive a free BSA 100th Anniversary Knife
Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouting or Venturing                        when the unit registers 5 new youth. (While sup-
Any Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or Venturer who recruits a         plies last)

  Passing of Former Chief Scout Executive Ben H. Love
                                         Chief Scout Executive Robert J. Mazzuca
                 It is with deep sadness that I announce the positions, Ben H. Love was named Chief Scout Executive
                 passing of the eighth Chief Scout Execu-        in January of 1985 and served in that role until his retire-
                 tive of the Boy Scouts of America, Ben H.       ment in 1993. Among his countless contributions as the
                 Love. He led the organization from 1985         BSA’s leader was initiating the Five Unacceptables, a cam-
                 until 1993.                                     paign against hunger, illicit drugs, child abuse, youth unem-
                                                                 ployment, and illiteracy. Under his leadership, the BSA also
                Ben H. Love was born on September 26,
                                                                 developed coeducational Career Awareness Exploring. His
                1930. As a youth, he joined Troop 147 in
                                                                 administration initiated the translation of Cub Scout litera-
Trenton, Tennessee. He achieved the rank of Life Scout,
                                                                 ture into Spanish, introduced the Troop Operations Plan,
and later volunteered as a Scoutmaster and neighborhood
                                                                 and launched a national corporate effort to organize and
                                                                 expand Explorer posts.
After a long and successful Scouting career in a variety of
                                         Training                                                       15

          (For Youth Leaders ≥ 14 years of age and all Adult Leaders)
              All Day on Saturday January 22, 2011
                            Haller Middle School in Arlington, WA

                                      Don’t miss out!
           Be Prepared—Stay Tuned @

                                 Examples of new & revised courses……………

                Wildlife, taught by a Scouter who is a certified Wildlife Biologist, Character Connections for
                Cubs, Primitive Fire Building, Urban Adventures, Day Outings for Troops, Boys will be Boys
                (what makes ‘em do what they do?), Backpacking in the (wet) PNW, Technology for the Next
                Generation of Scout Leaders, Put the Outing Back in Scout-                            ing, New
                Parent: What do I do?, Cub Chair: the Secret’s Out!,

                                      Examples of old favorites….

Pack Pizzazzz, Chemistry in the Kitchen, Leave no Trace, GPS & Geocaching, Have a Blast with Derbies, Dutch
Ovens, Rev Up Your Membership, Wilderness First Aid, Gourmet Dining in the Bush, Duty to God, Women in the
Wilderness, Commissioner classes, Cub                                  Grub

                                           Hope to see you there!
                                                        Training                                                             16

                         Many Chances to Get Trained in the Month of October
This is Scouting - Free
                                                            Everett LDS Church
                             8:30 am to 9:30 am Sat.                                            Tillikum District
  October 9, 2010                                          110 50th Street SW, Everett
                             Richard Shurtz                 425/670-6551              
                                                            Bellingham LDS Church
                             8:00 am to 9:00 am Sat.                                            Whatcom District
  October 23, 2010                                         2925 James Street, Bellingham
                             Sandi Howard                   920/254-8188              

Cub Scout Leader Specific- $5.00
                                                            Everett LDS Church
                             10:00 am to 5:00 pm Sat.                                           Tillikum District
 October 9, 2010                                           110 50th Street SW, Everett
                             Richard Shurtz                 425/670-6551              
                                                            Bellingham LDS Church
                             9:30 am to 4:30 pm Sat.                                            Whatcom District
 October 23, 2010                                          2925 James Street, Bellingham
                             Sandi Howard                   920/254-8188              

    October 21, 2010 &                                      Snohomish LDS Church
                             7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Thurs.                                         Klahaya District
 November 4, 2010                                          8522 131st Ave. SE, Snohomish
    (2 sessions)             Geoffrey Thomas                425/268-0746              
                                                            Oak Harbor Lutheran
                             8:10 am to 3:00 pm Sat.                                            Island District
 October 23, 2010                                          1253 NW 2nd Ave., Oak Harbor
                             Judy Opheim                    360/675-6036              

Boy Scout Leader Specific -$5.00

                                                                Snohomish LDS Church
                               6:30 pm to 10:30 pm Thurs.                                          Klahaya District
  October 7, 2010                                              8522 131st Ave. SE, Snohomish
                               Geoffrey Thomas                  425/268-0746             
                                                                Everett LDS Church
                               10:00 am to 3:00 pm Sat.                                            Tillikum District
  October 9, 2010                                              110 50th Street SW, Everett
                               Richard Shurtz                   425/670-6551             
                                                                Bellingham LDS Church
                               9:30 am to 2:30 pm Sat.                                             Whatcom District
  October 23, 2010                                             2925 James Street, Bellingham
                               Sandi Howard                     920/254-8188             
                                                                Oak Harbor Lutheran
                               8:15 am to 1:00 pm Sat.                                             Island District
  October 23, 2010                                             1253 NW 2nd Ave., Oak Harbor
                               Judy Opheim                      360/675-6036             

Varsity Scout Leader Specific - $5.00
      Oct. 7, 2010 &                                          Snohomish LDS Church
                               7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Thurs.                                            Klahaya District
   Oct. 14, 2010                                             8522 131st Ave. SE, Snohomish
      (2 sessions)             Geoffrey Thomas                425/268-0746                
                                                              Everett LDS Church
                               10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sat.                                             Tillikum District
   October 9, 2010                                           110 50th Street SW, Everett
                               Richard Shurtz                 425/670-6551                
                                                              Bellingham LDS Church
                               9:30 am to 3:30 pm Sat.                                              Whatcom District
   October 23, 2010                                          2925 James Street, Bellingham
                               Sandi Howard                   920/254-8188                
                                                      Training                                                               17
Venturing Leader Specific - $5.00
                                                       Everett LDS Church
                           10:00 am to 4:00 pm Sat.                                                Tillikum District
 October 9, 2010                                      110 50th Street SW, Everett
                           Richard Shurtz              425/670-6551                      
                                                       Bellingham LDS Church
                           9:30 am to 3:30 pm Sat.                                                 Whatcom District
 October 23, 2010                                     2925 James Street, Bellingham
                           Sandi Howard                920/254-8188                      
                                                       Snohomish LDS Church
 October 21, 2010 &       7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Thurs.
                                                       8522 131st Ave. SE, Snohomish
                                                                                                   Klahaya District
  November 4, 2010
 (2 sessions)             Geoffrey Thomas             425/268-0746                      

                     Registration deadline is one week prior to start of training session.

    Mount Baker Council Adult Leader Days of Training Registration Form
                               Classes held at multiple locations throughout the council.
                           For more information contact the appropriate course director listed.
                         * Please—no coffee in an LDS building.             **Please bring a sack lunch.

Name:___________________________________________Unit:___________ Position: _______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

City:_____________________________ Zip:____________ Email address: _________________________________

Home Phone: ______________________ Work/Cell Phone: ____________________ FEE PAID: ________________

Training Course: ______________________________ Date: ______________ Location: _____________________

  C Cub Scout volunteers please indicate training session you wish to attend:
              Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos Leader                Cubmaster or Pack Committee Member

            Please mail, fax, scan and email or drop off this form, or simply call the information in to:

             Everett Service Center                                          Bellingham Service Center
           (425) 338-0380 FAX (425) 338-3477                                   (360) 734-3940 FAX (360) 734-1587

              1715 100th Place SE; Suite B                                                  3313 Meridian
                   Everett, WA 98208                                                   Bellingham, WA 98225
                     (425) 338-0380                                                        (360) 734-3940
                                              Training                                                                18

                      Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
                                  September 2010- December 2010
                                         Required to complete basic training for
                                         Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters
This training will give you the hands on practical outdoor skills needed to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. You will learn
how to teach Scouts the skills they must learn from Tenderfoot through First Class and includes such areas as woods,
tools, map and compass, ropes, cooking, plant identification, campfires, first aid, camping and hiking.

This is required training for Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and assistant Varsity Coaches.
However, Venturing Advisors, assistant Venturing Advisors, Webelos den leaders and assistant Webelos den leaders
are welcome (but not required), too!

                              Cost: $20.00 registration, meals included in fee
    Registration: Pre-registration is required 1 week prior to start of course at a council service center
                                          Duration: 2-day course
                        For more information: Contact appropriate course director
          → Check council training web pages for required equipment list at ←

          Course size limitations vary according to location. Register early to reserve your spot!
                            7 pm Fri. – 9 pm Sat.       Camp Fire Mountain                        Puget Sound District
  Sept. 24-25, 2010        Pat Bush                    206/579-3058
                            Chris Nilsson               206/437-4864
                            8 am Sat. – noon Sun.       Camp Fire Mountain                        Puget Sound District
  Sept. 25-26, 2010        Pat Bush                    206/579-3058
                            Chris Nilsson               206/437-4864
     Oct. 9, 2010 &         8 am Sat. – 5 pm Sun.       7907 156th Street, S.E., Snohomish        Klahaya & Tyee Districts
  Oct. 23, 2010
     (2 sessions)           Geoffrey Thomas             425/268-0746                    

                            7 pm Fri. – 9 pm Sat.       Camp Fire Mountain                        Tillikum District
  October 29-30, 2010
                            Richard Shurtz              425/670-6551                    

                            5 pm Fri. – 7 pm Sat.       Camp Fire Mountain                        Skagit & Island Districts
  December 3-4, 2010                                                                             jsum-
                            Jim Summers                 360/421-1610

                           Check box above to indicate course selection. Please print clearly.
Name: ____________________________________________ Unit: _______________ Position: _________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________ District: ___________________________

City: ______________________________ Zip: ___________ Email Address: ________________________________________

Home Phone: _________________________ Work/Cell Phone: _________________________ FEES PAID: _______________

Please return this form with payment (check payable to BSA with “IOLS” in the memo section) to:

Mount Baker Council, BSA            or         Mount Baker Council, BSA                      Or fax & phone payment to Everett:
1715 100th Pl SE, # B                          3313 Meridian                                               Fax: (425) 338-3477
Everett, WA 98208                              Bellingham, WA 98225                                      Phone: (425) 338-0380
ATTN: IOLS                                     ATTN: IOLS
                                            Training                                                           19

BALOO Training Registration
(Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)
Who:            Any Cub Scout parent who wants a Pack Outdoor Program.
When and      Saturday, October 30, 2010, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Check-in begins at 8:30 am) AT
Where: Fire Mountain Scout Camp (26027 Walker Valley Road, Mount Vernon)
                Saturday, November 6, 2010, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Check-in begins at 8:30 am) AT
                Fire Mountain Scout Camp (26027 Walker Valley Road, Mount Vernon)

Why:            Learn how to use the Pack Outdoor Program (and go camping)
                   Skills needed to go Pack camping
                   Resources available for your program
                   Safety rules that protect everyone (national standards and guidelines)
                   How the outdoor program reinforces good citizenship and character
                   Learn about our natural resources
                   Help develop and teach self-reliance
                   How to use it to supplement advancement
Cost:           $10.00 - if paid and registered on or before September 15, 2010
                $15.00 - if paid and registered after September 15, 2010
                     (Includes continental breakfast, lunch, snacks, and materials.)
Childcare:      Childcare is not available
                              September 15, 2010 for the October 30, 2010 course OR
                               September 15, 2010 for the November 6, 2010 course
                            You can also mail registration to the Everett Service Center at:
                                              Mount Baker Council
                                              1715 - 100th Place SE #B
                                              Everett, WA 98208
                                              ATTN: BALOO
Questions?      Contact BALOO Coordinator: Jim Langston, 360.668-3042 or


Check one:     Saturday, October 30, 2010 (Fire Mountain Scout Camp) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM             OR
               Saturday, November 6, 2010 (Fire Mountain Scout Camp) from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Name of Trainee ________________________________________ Pack # _______ District _________________
Street Address _______________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________ State: Washington             Zip Code ____________________
Phone (_____)_____________________          E-mail (write clearly) ________________________________________

I would like to spend Friday night, before training, at Camp? ______ Yes ______ No
   (No additional fee will be charged for camping on Friday night but you will need to bring your own gear and food.)

Make checks payable to, “Mount Baker Council BSA” and write” BALOO 2010” in memo section.

                                                   Total Fees Paid    $__________
                                    Outdoor Program                                                        20

                                                                Philmont 2011

                                                                       Join one of our crews

                                                               HIKING, HISTORY AND FUN AT SCOUTING’S
                                                                   PARADISEJUNE 28-JULY 11, 2011

                                                             PHILMONT@MOUNTBAKERBSA.ORG | (360) 647-1527

                                                                 Cub Scout Day Camps
                                                              Served 1,600 Boys in the Five
                                                                   Counties We Serve
                                                            A record number of Cub Scouts and their leaders at-
                                                            tended the 16 Mount Baker Council Cub Scout Day
                                                            Camps this summer, exploring the theme of All Ameri-
                                                            can Sports.
                                                            We send a big thank you to Tonya Reynolds, Council
                                                            Cub Day Camp Committee Chair and Dan Branch,
                                                            Council Day Camp Quartermaster. A huge thanks also
                                                            goes to all of the adult and young adult staff members
                                                            and volunteers who served in each of our 16 Cub Day
        Black Mountain and                                  Camps. Without their conscientious service, this year’s
     Fire Mountain attended by                              successes would not have been achieved.
     1,345 Scouts This Summer
Fire Mountain Scout Camp saw 954 Boy Scouts this
summer and Camp Black Mountain hosted 391. Reports
from camp are very positive. Below is a response from a
Tyee District Troop Leader:
“Our troop has been to Fire Mountain every year for a
long time and it was my son's 3rd trip this year. The
troop parents had spoken prior to camp about desiring to
give the Scouts a different camp experience next year, as
some have been to Fire Mountain for 4 or more
years. After this year’s camp experience, the boys
elected to return to Fire Mountain again next year. I
asked my son why he voted to return to Fire Mountain
again and he said, '...because it is cool!!’ Enough
said. We shall be at Fire Mountain again next year.”
                                                  Outdoor Program                                                                    21

 Council Camps Wish List
 Do you have any of these items in
  good condition that you could
         donate to camps?
    Please contact Jim Hovis at
  (206) 235-4322 if you can help
      with any of these items.

    Cordless mic system
    Small utility trailer         Summer 2011
                                                             Total Site
                                                                              Week 1         Week 2-         Week 3      Week 4      Week 5
    Compasses for Pathfinders                              Capacity
    Baling twine, natural fiber   Fire Mountain                           July 11-17      July 18-24      July 25-31   Aug. 1-7   Aug. 8-14
    All-weather duct tape                                                     Unit            Unit          Unit         Unit         Unit
    Large magnet (push broom
      size)                         Salish**                      24
    Surveyors tape (any color)    Chief Joseph                  18
    GPS units                     Cultus**                      18                                           367
    Drill press                   Skykomish                     44
                                    Duckett                       12
                                    Enumclaw**                    32          209/206

                                    Skagit                        18

                                    Mt. Rainier                   18
                                    Haida**                       32
                                    Nooksack                      32                             86            360
                                    Sealth**                      18
                                    Suak**                        20

     Camp Work                      Makah**                       16
                                    Pilchuck**                    32
     Party Corner                   Mt. Baker                     26
       Black Mountain
       (first Saturday)             Lumi                          18
        September 4                 War Eagle                     44             18
           October 2
     Contact to reserve lunch:
        Jeremy Casados              Summer 2011                               Week 1        Week 2           Week 3      Week 4
                                                             Total Site
                                                                                                                                      Sign Up for 2011 Now!

          360-599-2854              Black                    Capacity                      July 18-24
                                                                            July 11-17                      July 25-31   Aug. 1-7
                                    Mountain                                                 LDS Week
        Fire Mountain
      (second Saturday)                                                         Unit            Unit          Unit         Unit
        September 11                Big Rock                      28
          October 9                 Blue Water                    22
                                                                                           LDS Stakes
                                                                                           Mount Vernon
                                                                                           Bellingham and

     Contact to reserve lunch:      Cedar Cove                    38
         Ted Carpenter
                                    Circling Eagles               14
          Dennis Ross               Eagle's Nest                  24
                                    High Ridge                    20
     For overnight camping          Maple Point**                 60
      reservations, please
            contact                 Osprey Heights                10
     the Everett Office at          Totem Village**               40                                                       546
                                    * indicates Out of Council Units      ** Adirondacks
                                                                                 Mount Baker
      Council Calendar
September 2010                                                                     Council
           Work Party at Camp Black Mountain
           Popcorn Show & Sell Orders Due
                                                                                Scout Service
           Labor Day—Council Service Centers Closed
           Scouting For Food                                                       Centers
11         OA Annual Planning 10AM Mount Vernon
11         Work Party At Camp Fire Mountain                      Your local Scout Shop is a great place to pick up uniform
16         Day Camp Committee Meeting                            parts, Scouting supplies, or order items from the National
16         Executive Board Meeting 6:00PM Fire Mountain          Catalog. If you have a need for a large quantity of a par-
16         OA Lodge Executive Committee 7:30PM
                                                                 ticular item, it is always a good idea to order a few weeks
17/19      BSA Adventure Base at Puyallup Fair
21         Commissioner Cabinet 7:30PM Weston High School
                                                                 ahead of time to ensure that there is sufficient stock on
21         Council Coordinated Meeting 7:30PM Weston High        hand to fill your need.
24/25      Show & Sell Product Distribution                                    Our Council Scout Shops are
26/29      Executive Board Retreat at Philmont                           located in the Everett Scout Office and the
October 2010                                                                      Bellingham Scout Office.
1          Charter Renewal Packets Distributed
2          Work Party at Camp Black Mountain                              Everett Office & Trading Post hours:
8/9        OA Ordeal                                                         Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:30pm
9          Work Party at Camp Fire Mountain                                    Saturday 9:00am-12:30pm
9          Cub Scout Stampede 9:00 AM                                              (Trading Post only)
16         Cub Scout Stampede 9:00AM                                       (425) 338-0380 FAX (425) 338-3477
19         Council Camping Committee 7:00PM Marysville Haggen
19         Commissioner Council 7:30PM Weston High School                     1715 100th Place SE; Suite B
19         Council Training Committee 7:30PM                                       Everett, WA 98208
21         Day Camp Committee Meeting
21         Executive Committee Meeting 7:30AM
                                                                                     (425) 338-0380
21         OA Lodge Executive Committee 7:30PM
23         Scouting Heritage Auction Tulalip Hotel & Spa               Bellingham Office & Trading Post hours:
25         Popcorn Take Order Sales Ends                                    Monday - Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm
29         Unit Take Order Products Entered on Popcorn Website            (360) 734-3940 FAX (360) 734-1587
November 2010
6          Work Party at Camp Black Mountain                                          3313 Meridian
11         Veteran’s Day— Council Service Centers Closed                         Bellingham, WA 98225
13         Work Party at Camp Fire Mountain                                          (360) 734-3940
16         Council Finance Summit
16         Council Camping Committee 7:00PM
16         Commissioners Cabinet 7:30PM                                 Council Communications
18         Day Camp Committee Meeting                                   
18         Executive Board Meeting 7:30AM                             
18         OA LEC 7:00PM                                            
19/20      Popcorn Distribution                                        National BSA Website:
20         Day Camp Leader Training 9:30AM
25/26      Thanksgiving - Council Service Centers Closed
30         Council Coordinated Meeting 7:30PM

             Volume XVIII, Issue VIII, September 2010
         Official publication of the Mount Baker Council, BSA
            serving Snohomish, Whatcom, San Juan, Island,
                    Skagit Counties and Skykomish.
           The Mountain Echo is published 11 times a year.
             Mount Baker Council, Boy Scouts of America
                       President: J. Scott Suchan
                 Council Commissioner: Vic Ericson
                    Scout Executive: Duane Rhodes
             Council Website:
                 Mountain Echo Editor: Roxy Kohler
        Mountain Echo Editor and Staff Adviser: Michael Hawks
           Article Submissions to
                      due the 10th of each month

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