Pre Admission Program at Tamagawa University

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					Student Involvement in
Pre-Admission Programs
at Tamagawa University

 Atsuo Aoki, Associate Professor, College of Business Administration
         Shigeo Sato, Professor, College of Business Administration
                                        Tamagawa University, Japan
                                                         July 2007
           20th International Conference on The First-Year Experience
Pre-Admission Program at Tamagawa

  Program for high school students not
  yet officially admitted into the College
  of Business Administration
  Prospective students are
  recommended by high school faculty
  and administrators
  Held during the „spring break‟ prior to
  the start of the Japanese school year
  in April
Pre-admission Program Objectives

To raise student awareness, prior to
admission, regarding university life
To help students prepare for academic
studies at the university level
To help prevent student dropouts in the
first semester
Pre-Admission Programs 2005 & 2006 ①

  Program Format:

   Students receive and submit
   reading and writing assignments
   via the Blackboard@Tamagawa
   (online classroom management
   Two-month framework
Pre-Admission Programs 2005 & 2006 ②
Program Content: Two Assignments

  Students wrote a reaction paper after
  reading one of two newspaper articles
  about entrepreneurs/business leaders
  Students wrote an English essay on one
  of three topics: My High School Days,
  My Family, My Future Dream
Pre-Admission Programs 2005 & 2006 ③

   75% of @120 participants each year able
   to complete both assignments
   @30 participants each year made no
   response, due in part to having trouble
   with/no PC or Internet access
   Decrease in dropout rates from previous
   Two-month framework imposed heavy
   workload on teachers
 Pre-Admission Program 2007 ①
Changes in the 2007 program:
 No Blackboard online assignments
 New features - more emphasis on
 face-to-face communication
 One-day framework
 Pre-Admission Program 2007 ②
(1) New feature:
Practice Lectures/Classes

 Students grouped into six 70-minute
 practice lectures/classes
 “Experienced” university
 lectures/classes: Marketing, Accounting,
 English Communication, Human
 Resources, etc.
 67% of 141 students participated in one-
 day event
  Pre-Admission Program 2007 ③
(2) New feature:
Orientation Session and Student Mentors

 Session leaders explained how studying
 in college is different from high school
 and what preparations students should
 make before first day of school
 Four 2nd-year students served as mentors
 to prospective students
 Pre-Admission Program 2007 ④

(3) New feature:
Parental Participation

 Parents invited to attend practice
 lectures/classes and orientation
 Parents of more than 30 students
 participated in the one-day event
   Pre-Admission Program 2007 ⑤
Finding 1:
  Drop in participation rate
     75% in 2005 & 2006 programs
     67% in 2007 program
  Commuting and financial costs
  incurred by students living in areas
  far from Tokyo campus
  Pre-Admission Program 2007 ⑥
Finding 2:
Questionnaire results:
  Parents appreciated the
  opportunity to see what their
  sons/daughters would be going
  through in college
  Parents satisfied with facilities and
  academic standards
   Pre-Admission Program 2007 ⑦
Finding 3:
Questionnaire results:
  High overall student satisfaction
  with the program
  Students felt relieved, were less
  anxious about college after
  meeting peers and talking with
  mentors and professors
 Pre-Admission Program 2007 ⑧
Finding 4:
Questionnaire results:
  Students showed understanding of
  what college education is about and
  what efforts they need to make
  Students showed understanding of
  rough roads ahead and what
  preparation they need to make
  Pre-Admission Program 2007 ⑨
Finding 5:
Questionnaire results:

 Participation by 2nd-year students as
 mentors effective in the orientation
Pre-Admission Program - Conclusions

  New features in 2007 program partially

  New approaches needed to improve
  participation rate

  New approaches needed to help
  reach academic objectives
Atsuo Aoki, Associate Professor,
 College of Business Administration,
 Tamagawa University

Shigeo Sato, Professor,
 College of Business Administration,
 Tamagawa University

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