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									2009-2010 Season
    Sponsors                                                               2009 | 2010 Season

                            Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 8 pm
                            Ted Mann Concert Hall, Minneapolis
                            Pre-Concert Conversation with Classical Minnesota Public Radio’s John Birge
                            and special guest James Sewell at 7 pm

                            Jon Cranney, stage director
                            Eastview High School Concert Choir
                                    Judy Sagen and Greg Douma, Directors
                            James Sewell Ballet
                                    James Sewell, Artistic Director
                            Adriana Zabala, mezzo soprano
                            VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers with orchestra
                            Philip Brunelle, conductor

                            Program Order
                                The Second Hurricane
                                In the Beginning
                                Life’s Simple Gifts: A Song & Dance Cycle
                                    Performed with selections from Old American Songs
                                The Promise of Living
                                    From The Tender Land

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   William Bolcom                 Donald Mitchell
   Aaron Copland*                 Helmuth Rilling
   Håkan Hagegård                 John Rutter
   Eskil Hemberg*                 Peter Schickele
   Betty Hulings*                 Eric Whitacre

                                                *In remembrance

Artistic Staff                                                                                              Friday, April 30 at 8 pm
   Philip Brunelle, Artistic Director and Founder                                                           Cathedral of Saint Paul
   Sigrid Johnson, Associate Conductor
   Charles Kemper, Accompanist

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                                                                          Stephen Paulus—and an appearance by the world-
    Elissa Weller, Chorus and Volunteer Manager                           famous Marimba Nandayapa of Mexico.
    Julie Worden, Education Program Manager
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                                                                                        Special Thanks

                                                                                        Aaron Copland Fund for Music
                                                                                             James Kendrick
                                                                                             Vivian Perlis
                                                                                        Ann Barkelew
                                                                                        Jerry Belt, Deco Catering
                                                                                        John Birge, Minnesota Public Radio
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                                                                                             Judy Sagen
                                                                                             Parents of choir members
                                                                                        Rachel Hurst
                                                                                        Mary Ann Feldman
                                                                                        James Sewell Ballet
                                                                                             Penelope Freeh
Introduction                                                                                 Mary Jo Peloquin
                                                                                             James Sewell
My first meeting with Aaron Copland was in                                                   George Sutton
1968. I was studying at the Metropolitan Opera                                          Kimberly Johnson
on a Rockefeller grant and attended a morning                                           Jennifer Maxwell, Shepherd of the Valley
dress rehearsal of the New York Philharmonic. I                                                    Lutheran Church
was holding the score of a work that was being                                          Graydon Royce
premiered and just before the rehearsal began, I                                        Ted Mann Concert Hall
heard a gentle voice behind me ask if he could                                               Sari Baker
share the score with me. I turned around to see                                              Brad Momsen
who it was and replied, “Of course, Mr. Copland!”                                            Valerie Stedman
                                                                                        University of Minnesota School of Music
                                                                                             Fernando Meza
The next year while planning the opening season of VocalEssence (then the Plymouth
                                                                                             David Myers
Music Series) I decided to call Aaron Copland and invite him to come to Minneapolis
and conduct his choral music. When I reached him he accepted instantly, saying
he had never been asked to conduct it (only his orchestra music), that he loved his
choral music, and he would cancel whatever he was originally scheduled to do for that
February 1970 date.

Aaron Copland arrived in wintry Minneapolis and I took him to the home of Ann &
David Buran — perfect hosts for his wonderful week here. The week included a dress
rehearsal with dinner at the home of Edgar & Lillian Zelle and an exuberant post-
concert supper with Grieg & Frances Aspnes and many friends.

Over the years we kept in touch and he returned in 1978 for another Copland concert
(and another stay with the Burans) followed by conversations about his opera The
Tender Land. A dozen years later we performed the opera in a semi-staged version
(directed by Vern Sutton) and a recording session for Virgin Classics at the Ordway
Center. Since that time the wonderful choruses from his opera (“Stomp Your Foot”
and “The Promise of Living”) have become favorites of VocalEssence audiences.

It was a wonderful privilege to have his friendship for more than two decades and to
know what a great influence on American music this kind and gentle man had. Thank
you, Aaron! —Philip Brunelle

Photos: Above: Philip Brunelle and Aaron Copland; Below: Aaron Copland conducts.
Plymouth Congregational Church, February, 1970. Photographer unknown.

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The Second Hurricane                                                      The Program
By Jon Cranney, Stage Director
                                                                          The Second Hurricane                                            (1936)
The Second Hurricane is a story of youth. It is a story of young
                                                                          Performed by arrangement with The Aaron Copland Fund for Music,
people, but it is also a product of a youthful Aaron Copland.
                                                                          copyright owners; and Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., sole publisher and licensor.
Though Copland was already 36 when he composed the piece
described as a “play opera,” the works of his maturity lay ahead of
                                                                                          Eastview High School Concert Choir
him. The social upheaval of the Great Depression energized artists
                                                                                            VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
of many disciplines and fostered interaction among artists of the
theatre and visual arts as well as music. Copland and others were                               Narrator: James McKeel
inspired by the German idea of Gebrauchsmusik (“music for use”)                                   Queenie: Julia Pagh
which held that music should serve a utilitarian as well as an artistic                            Butch: Sam Fouts
purpose. Its main tenets were to create music that would have broad                               Fat: Mike Myslinski
appeal and to compose music that young people and students could                                   Gyp: Liz Hawkins
learn and perform.                                                                              Lowrie: Michael Selchow
                                                                                                Gwen: Kelsey Anderson
One such effort was a project for the Henry Street Settlement in                                   Jeff: Jackson Hurst
the lower East Side of Manhattan. Leading figures of the American
avant-guard — Edwin Denby (libretto) and a 20-year-old Orson                                   Conductor: Philip Brunelle
Wells (producer and director) — came together with Copland to                                 Stage Director: Jon Cranney
create a work that could be performed by children from the ages of                          Stage Manager: Donna Bachman
eight to nineteen with the help of an adult chorus.
The Second Hurricane is a parable set in the years after the Great
Depression in southern America. Recruited to help with the rescue
effort after a hurricane hits, a group of high school students become     In the Beginning                                                 (1947)
stranded themselves. Marooned on Two-Willow Hill, as the flood            Text from Genesis I: 1 – II:7
waters rise around them, they are at first reluctant to act together as
a team. During the course of the opera, they gradually learn to work                          Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano
together, not only for survival but for true freedom.                                         VocalEssence Ensemble Singers

Though seldom performed, The Second Hurricane represents a key                   Cory Goei, Chris Hannon, Nic Lincoln, Sally Rousse,
milestone in the development of Aaron Copland as an artist and                        Eve Schulte, and Stephanie Wolf, dancers
thus deserves an introduction to young people of our era. Though                            Penelope Freeh, choreographer
the story is of a time that now seems antiquated, the theme of self-
discovery remains universal and thought-provoking.
                                                                          Life’s Simple Gifts: A Song & Dance Cycle
                                                                          Performed with selections Aaron Copland’s Old American Songs
In the Beginning
By Penelope Freeh, Choreographer                                                        James Sewell and Penelope Freeh, dancers
                                                                                              James Sewell, choreographer
The six dancers of In the Beginning breathe life into this story that
is both earthbound and ephemeral. They interpret the sublime                   At the River                                                (1952)
score through gesture and movements that literally and figuratively
interpret the words taken from the poetic King James translation of                 Shall we gather by the river,
the Bible. A meditation, the dance visually interprets the vocal score              Where bright angel’s feet have trod,
while honoring the aural role of the soloist.                                       With its crystal tide forever
                                                                                    Flowing by the throne of God.
Life’s Simple Gifts: A Song & Dance Cycle                                           Yes we’ll gather by the river,
Performed with selections from Old American Songs
                                                                                    The beautiful, beautiful river.
In the 1950s, Aaron Copland composed two sets of Old American                       Gather with the saints by the river
Songs, popular arrangements of traditional American folksongs. For                  That flows by the throne of God.
this VocalEssence performance, choregrapher James Sewell created
                                                                                    Soon we’ll reach the shining river,
a theme that ties five of the songs together, following a couple as
                                                                                    Soon our pilgrimage will cease,
they meet, fall in love, and finally grow old together.
                                                                                    Soon our happy hearts will quiver
                                                                                    With the melody of peace. Chorus

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Simple Gifts                                              (1950)       Long Time Ago                                                   (1950)
    ’Tis the gift to be simple,                                             On the lake where drooped the willow
    ’Tis the gift to be free,                                               Long time ago,
    ’Tis the gift to come down where you ought to be,                       Where the rock threw back the billow
    And when we find ourselves in the place just right,                     Brighter than snow.
    ’Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
                                                                            Dwelt a maid beloved and cherished
    When true simplicity is gained,                                         By high and low,
    To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed.                                But with autumn leaf she perished
    To turn, turn will be our delight,                                      Long time ago.
    ’Till by turning, turning we come round right.
                                                                            Rock and tree and flowing water
                                                                            Long time ago,
                                                                            Bird and bee and blossom taught her
Ching-a-Ring Chaw                                         (1952)
                                                                            Love’s spell to know.
    Brothers gather round,
                                                                            While to my fond words she listened
    Listen to this story,
                                                                            Murmuring low,
    ’Bout the promised land,
                                                                            Tenderly her blue eyes glistened
    An’ the promised glory.
                                                                            Long time ago.
    You don’t need to fear,
    If you have no money,
    You don’t need none there,                                     The Promise of Living                                               (1954)
    To buy you milk and honey.                                     from The Tender Land
    There you’ll ride in style,                                                    Anders Eckman and Mari Scott, soloists
    Coach with four white horses,
    There the evenin’ meal,                                            The promise of living with hope and thanksgiving
    Has one, two, three, four courses.                                 Is born of our loving our friends and our labor.
                                                                       The promise of growing with faith and with knowing
    Nights we all will dance                                           Is born of our sharing our love with our neighbor.
    To the harp and fiddle,                                            The promise of living, the promise of growing
    Waltz and jig and prance,                                          Is born of our singing in joy and thanksgiving!
    “And Cast off down the middle!”
                                                                       For many a year we’ve known these fields
    When the mornin’ come,                                             And known all the work that makes them yield.
    All in grand and splendor,                                         Are you ready to lend a hand?
    Stand out in the sun,                                              We’re ready to work, we’re ready to lend a hand.
    And hear the holy thunder!                                         By working together we’ll bring in the blessings of harvest.
    Brothers hear me out,                                              We plant each row with seeds of grain
    The promised land’s a-comin’,                                      And Providence sends us the sun and the rain.
    Dance and sing and shout,                                          By lending a hand, by lending an arm,
    I hear them harps a strummin’.                                     Bring in from the land, bring out from the farm,
                                                                       Bring out the blessings of harvest.
                                                                       Give thanks there was sunshine, give thanks there was rain,
Little Horses                                             (1952)       Give thanks we have hands to deliver the grain.
                                                                       O let us be joyful, O let us be grateful to the Lord for his blessing.
    Hush you bye, don’t you cry,
    Go to sleepy little baby.                                          The promise of ending in right understanding
    When you wake, you shall have,                                     Is peace in our own hearts, and peace with our neighbor.
    All the pretty little horses.                                      O let us sing our song, and let our song be heard.
    Blacks and bays, dapples and grays,                                Let’s sing our song, with our hearts and find a promise in that song.
    Coach and six-a little horses.                                     The promise of living, the promise of growing,
                                                                       The promise of ending is labor, and sharing, and loving!
    Hush you bye, don’t you cry,                                            —Horace Everett
    Go to sleepy little baby.
    When you wake, you’ll have sweet cake and
    All the pretty little horses.

                                                                                                     2009 | 2010 Season               page 5
Aaron Copland

                                  Aaron Copland’s name is,               for young adults. Copland wrote that he “wished to be simple to the
                                  for many, synonymous with              point of ordinariness. In the more colloquial passages of the libretto
                                  American music. It was his             the music approaches musical operetta, but in the more dramatic
                                  pioneering achievement to              moments, it was rather difficult to make the distinction between
                                  break free from Europe and             grand opera and high school opera.”
                                  create a concert music that is
                                  recognizably and characteristically    As America entered first the Great Depression, and then World
                                  American. At the same time,            War II, Copland began to share many of his fellow artists’
                                  he was able to stamp his music         commitment to capturing a wider audience and speaking to the
                                  with a compositional personality       concerns of the average citizen in those times of trouble. His
                                  so vivid as to transcend stylistic     intentions were fulfilled as works from Billy the Kid to Lincoln
                                  boundaries, making every work          Portrait to the Pulitzer Prize-winning Appalachian Spring found
                                  — from the easily-grasped to the       both popular success and critical acclaim. His decision to “say it in
                                  demanding — identifiable as his        the simplest possible terms” alienated some of his peers, who saw in
                                  alone.                                 it a repudiation of musical progress — theirs and his own. But many
                                                                         who had been drawn to Copland’s music through his use of familiar
From his early studies in piano he proceeded, at age 17, to study        melodies were in turn perplexed by his use, beginning in the mid-
harmony, counterpoint, and sonata form with Rubin Goldmark,              1950’s, of an individualized 12-tone compositional technique. His
whose staunchly conservative outlook inspired Copland to                 orchestral works Connotations (1962) and Inscape (1967) stand as
rebellious investigation of the music of Debussy, Ravel, Mussorgsky,     perhaps the definitive statements of his mature, “difficult” style.
and Scriabin. In 1920, he set out for Paris, modernism’s home in
the years between the wars. Among the many vital legacies of his         Copland never ceased to be an emissary and advocate of new
stay in Paris were his association with his teacher and mentor Nadia     music. In 1951, he became the first American composer to hold
Boulanger; a growing interest in popular idioms; and the insight         the position of Norton Professor of Poetics at Harvard University;
that there was as yet no American counterpart to the national styles     his lectures there were published as Music and Imagination. For
being created by composers from France, Russia, and Spain. He            25 years he was a leading member of the faculty at the Berkshire
became determined to create, in his words, “a naturally American         Music Center (Tanglewood). Throughout his career, he nurtured the
strain of so-called serious music.”                                      careers of others, including Leonard Bernstein, Carlos Chavez, Toru
                                                                         Takemitsu, and David Del Tredici. He took up conducting while
Upon his return to America in 1924, his career was launched when         in his fifties, becoming a persuasive interpreter of his own music;
Serge Koussevitzky, whom he had met in Paris, agreed to conduct          he continued to conduct in concerts, on the radio, and on television
the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Copland’s Organ Symphony,               until he was 83.
with Boulanger as soloist. When performed in New York under
Walter Damrosch, the dissonant, angular work created a sensation.        The first season of VocalEssence (then the Plymouth Music Series)
But Copland saw a broader role for himself than mere iconoclast.         featured Aaron Copland conducting his choral music. He returned
He sought to further the cause of new music as a vital cultural force.   to conduct again in 1978 and became the first Honorary Board
He accomplished this not only by composing, but also by lecturing        member of VocalEssence. Near the end of his life he welcomed
and writing on new music, and by organizing the Copland-Sessions         Janis Hardy and Philip Brunelle to his home in Peekskill, New
concerts in New York, which brought many works of the European           York for a coaching session on his Old American Songs, prior to
avant-garde to U.S. audiences for the first time.                        their being recorded. It was a dream long wished for by Copland
                                                                         that his opera, The Tender Land, be recorded prior to his death — a
Copland spent the summer of 1934 at the holiday bungalow of              recording made by VocalEssence for Virgin Classics in 1989.
his cousin Leo Harris on the edge of Lake Bemidji where he
completed the score of a ballet for Ruth Page, Hear Ye! Hear Ye!.        Aaron Copland was one of the most honored cultural figures in
It was Copland’s good fortune to find himself with key people at         United States history. The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the
important junctures in his career — Boulanger when he went to            Kennedy Center Award, and the National Academy of Motion
study abroad, Koussevitzky when he returned to the United States,        Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar,” were only a few of the honors
and then choreographers such as Ruth Page and Martha Graham.             and awards he received. In addition, he was president of the
                                                                         American Academy of Arts and Letters; a fellow of the Royal
Towards the end of 1935, Copland was asked to compose a                  Academy of Music and the Royal Society of Arts in England; and
stage work for high school students for the Music School of the          helped found the American Composers Alliance. He was an early
Henry Street Settlement in New York City. Most of the score              and prominent member of the American Society of Composers,
was completed during the summer of 1936 and the opera was                Authors, and Publishers. In 1982, The Aaron Copland School of
first performed in April 1937. The Second Hurricane was the first        Music was established in his honor at Queens College of the City
important work by an American composer to be written specially           University of New York.

page 6        2009 | 2010 Season                                         Photo: Aaron Copland, ca. 1961. Margery Smith,
                                                                         Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress
James Sewell Ballet

James Sewell, Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Dancer             Penelope Freeh
Penelope Freeh, Choreographer and Dancer                               Originally from Ohio, choreographer and dancer Penelope Freeh
Dancers:                                                               relocated to the Twin Cities from New York City to join JSB. In
    Cory Goei                                                          1998 she received a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship and
    Chris Hannon                                                       a McKnight Fellowship for Dancers. Her choreography has been
    Nic Lincoln                                                        commissioned by JSB, Minnesota Orchestra, 3-Legged Race,
    Sally Rousse                                                       Walker Art Center/Southern Theater’s Momentum, Weisman Art
    Eve Schulte                                                        Museum and Minnesota Ballet. She was twice presented by NYC’s
    Stephanie Wolf                                                     Ballet Builders. She joined the dance department faculty at the
                                                                       University of Minnesota for the Fall 2009 semester. In June 2010
James Sewell Ballet ( JSB) was founded in New York City by             she will remount and perform her work We’ll Survive if We Don’t
James Sewell and Sally Rousse and brought to Minnesota in 1992.        Protect Ourselves at the Southern Theater.
Combining their expertise, vision and chutzpah they envisioned
a close-knit company of dance artists willing to both challenge
their physical limits and expand their notions about ballet. Nearly
two decades later, critically acclaimed JSB performances move
and delight audiences across the country. The embodiment of
the original vision is a professional company of eight dancers
performing innovative work that explore the technical boundaries
of ballet.

Based in the Twin Cities, James Sewell Ballet studios are located at
Hennepin Center for the Arts in Downtown Minneapolis. Annual
spring and fall JSB performances are currently presented at The
O’Shaughnessy on the campus of Saint Catherine’s University in St.
Paul. JSB’s annual cutting edge “Ballet Works” program featuring
new works is presented in collaboration with the Southern Theater
in Minneapolis.

                    James Sewell
                    Minneapolis native James Sewell is the co-
                    founder and artistic director of James Sewell
                    Ballet. James studied at the School of American
                    Ballet in New York, was a lead dancer with Feld
                    Ballets/NY and has performed as a guest artist
                    with the New York City Ballet, Zvi Gottheiner
                    and Dancers, and Denishawn. James has
choreographed more than 60 ballets, including ten for which he
composed the music; more than a dozen companies in the United
States and Taiwan have performed his works. His commissions
include The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra,
Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, and he has worked on special
projects for the New York City Ballet, Guthrie Theater, and many
James is the recipient of a Bush Foundation Artist Fellowship, a
Choo-San Goh Award for Choreography from the Choo-San
Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation, and a McKnight Artist
Fellowship for Choreography. He is a former trustee of Dance/USA
and a former director of the American Composers Forum.
                                                                                             Above: James Sewell
James most recently joined VocalEssence in September 2008 to                                 Right: Penelope Freeh
celebrate its 40th Birthday in concert with Garrison Keillor at                              Photographer: Erik Saulitis
Orchestra Hall.

                                                                                                   2009 | 2010 Season           page 7
                   Jon Cranney                  version of William Bolcom’s celebrated                             Adriana Zabala
                                                oratorio, Songs of Innocence and of
                   Jon Cranney (stage           Experience.                                                          Mezzo soprano
                   director, The Second                                                                              Adriana Zabala recently
                   Hurricane) has had a
                                                James McKeel                                                         joined the Minnesota
                   long and varied career in                                                                         Opera in the title
                   the theatre as a director,                                                                        role of the American
                                                                     A professor of voice
                   producer and actor. He                                                                            premiere of Jonathan
                                                                     and music theater at St.
began his professional career as a member                                                       Dove’s The Adventures of Pinocchio. An avid
                                                                     Olaf College, narrator
of the company at the Guthrie Theater,                                                          recitalist, Adriana has appeared at Carnegie
                                                                     James McKeel has sung
where he performed in many productions                                                          Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Barns
                                                                     over 70 roles with opera
and served as director, stage manager and                                                       at Wolf Trap, among other venues. She
                                                                     companies and festivals
administrator over a period of 15 years.                                                        was the alto soloist with the Mormon
                                                                     throughout the United
From 1984 to 1997, he served as the                                                             Tabernacle Choir for Bryn Terfel’s
                                                States including Minnesota Opera, Santa
Artistic Director of The Children’s Theatre                                                     performance of Elijah and recently made
                                                Fe Opera, Baltimore Opera, Opera Theatre
Company. His directing credits span the                                                         her European debut under Lorin Maazel in
                                                of St. Louis, Guthrie Theatre, Kennedy
globe and include Tom Sawyer at The                                                             Valencia, Spain, in a production of Carmen
                                                Center, New Works Ensemble, Minnesota
Central Children’s Theatre in Moscow and                                                        in the role of Mercedes, a part she will
                                                Orchestra, and Saint Paul Chamber
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins at The                                                      reprise under Zubin Mehta in Valencia in
                                                Orchestra. As a professional voiceover
Children’s Art Theatre of Shanghai as well                                                      2010. Other engagements include the role
                                                actor, he has created voices for commercials
as countless productions at the Guthrie                                                         of Hansel with the Austin Lyric Opera and
                                                and video games. He was featured with
Theater, Chanhassen Dinner Theatre,                                                             an appearance with the Oratorio Society
                                                VocalEssence (then the Plymouth Music
Mixed Blood Theatre, Actors’ Theater of St.                                                     of Minnesota. Ms. Zabala studied Lieder
                                                Series) as a soloist at England’s Aldeburgh
Paul, The Arizona Theatre Company, and                                                          as a Fulbright Scholar at the Mozarteum,
                                                Festival and the subsequent Gramophone
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. He is                                                          and served for five years as the Artistic
                                                award-winning recording of Benjamin
currently directing Tina Howe’s Painting                                                        Director of the Southeastern Festival
                                                Britten’s Paul Bunyan. He also performed
Churches at Park Square Theater in Saint                                                        of Song. She is an alumna of Louisiana
                                                with VocalEssence in Kurt Weill’s Lady
Paul.                                                                                           State University and of the University of
                                                in the Dark, Dominick Argento’s The
For VocalEssence he has created many            Shoemakers’ Holiday, Virgil Thomson’s The       Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music,
staged works including Libby Larsen’s           Mother of Us All, and Francis Poulenc’s         and recently joined the voice faculty of the
opera Barnum’s Bird and a multi-media           Les Mamelles de Tiresias (The Breasts of        University of Minnesota.

page 8         2009 | 2010 Season
Eastview High School Concert Choir
Based in Apple Valley, Minnesota, the Eastview High School
Concert Choir is a 70-voice choir that meets daily for 55 minutes.
Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble comprised of students in
grades 11 and 12. Their repertoire is diverse, incorporating music
of many time periods, languages, cultures, and styles. Each fall,
Concert Choir joins its sister schools in ISD 196 for the Dakota
Valley Choral Festival. The Festival features the mass choir of
over 260 singers, a professional orchestra and a district children’s
choir in the performance of a major choral-orchestral work. The
Concert Choir has appeared three times at the Minnesota Music
Educators Mid-Winter Clinic (2001, 2006, 2009). In 2006, the
choir performed with world-renowned Chanticleer. It has been a
featured choir at Luther College’s Dorian Choral Invitational and
in 2003 the choir performed Mozart’s Solemn Vespers in Lincoln
Center’s Alice Tully Hall in New York City. The choir has traveled
to Europe, the Czech Republic, and the British Isles. In 2001,
Concert Choir was one of five high school ensembles chosen to join
the Minnesota Orchestra in Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms under the                          Judy Sagen
baton of Eiji Oue.
                                                                                             Now in her 35th year of music education, Judy
The Eastview High School Choral Program involves nearly 400                                  Sagen has spent her entire career in the Apple
students in grades 9-12. All students are auditioned and placed                              Valley-Eagan-Rosemount School District 196.
into a performing ensemble that best fits their individual musical                           Currently at Eastview High School, her Concert
skills and needs. Curricular offerings include six choirs: Lightning                         Choir and Women’s Choir have been featured
Men’s Choir, Freshmen Choraliers, Cantabile, Men’s Chorale,                                  performers at both ACDA and MMEA State
Women’s Chorale, and Concert Choir. Each choir participates in                               Conventions. She has held the position of
five performances per year. In addition to the curricular offerings at   Choral Vice-President for MMEA, and is currently Past-President
Eastview, there are five co-curricular choirs that meet outside of the   of the American Choral Director’s Association of Minnesota. In
school day: Freshmen Select Ensemble, Camerata, VoiceMale, Girls’        2003, she received the “Minnesota Choral Director of the Year”
Night Out, and Chamber Singers. Other co-curricular offerings            Award presented by the American Choral Directors Association
include an annual musical theater production and Bravo!, a musical       of Minnesota, and was named Minnesota’s 2009 “Music Educator
extravaganza. Eastview High School opened in 1997 and currently          of the Year” by the Minnesota Music Educators Association. Judy
serves nearly 2200 students in grades 9-12.                              received her undergraduate degrees in Music Education and Piano
Soprano                    Kayla Gregg                Rob Luebbert       Performance from Drake University and her Masters Degree from
   Kelsey Anderson         Averi Haugesag             Michael Selchow    the University of Minnesota.
   Tylen Bultema           Liz Hawkins                Erik Senst
   Sarah Cartwright        Katie Hiedeman             Alex Vasseei
   Courtney Dockter        Maddy Kofoed
   Madison Groves          Bridget Moran           Bass                                     Gregory Douma
   Jennifer Handke         Taylor Nelson              Hunter Abramson
   Taylor Misiak           Chau Nguyen                Brad Carstens                           Greg Douma is in his 12th year as a music
   Carly Odegard           Kati Pendino               Sam Christian                           educator. At Eastview High School for the
   Julia Pagh              Kelley Polum               Erik Doucette                           past eight years, he co-directs the Concert
   Kailyn Pederson         Caitlin Scott              Jack Jacobson                           Choir and directs two men’s choirs and two
   Ilona Petruk            Emily Stucky               Tim Jurney                              chamber ensembles: VoiceMale and Camerata.
   Molly Placeway          Amanda Taylor              Matt Larson                             In 2006, Greg and his wife, Kari, founded the
   Victoria Richmond       Stephanie Wessel           Mike Myslinski
                                                                                              Allegro Choral Academy, a non-profit music
   Kelsey Roybal                                      Ryan Osgar
                                                                         education organization which has grown to include three choirs,
   Kelly Schueler       Tenor                         Jack Overby
                                                                         featuring nearly 100 singers in grades 2-8. Allegro gives a portion
   Emily Shea              Max Apple                  Keaton Palo
   Taylor Vossen           Brady Beckman              Joe Poblocki       of its proceeds from each performance to charity. Greg is an
   Jenna Werneke           Garrett Biddiscombe        Marty Reichert     active singer and a tenured member of the Oregon Bach Festival
   Taylor Wewel            Scott Boehm                Derek Shonka       Chorus. In 2005, he was recognized as Outstanding Young Choral
   Tesa Bertell            Alec Deslauriers-Knop      Zak Stehlin        Director of the Year by the American Choral Directors Association
                           Garrett Dykstra            Ben Stofferahn     of Minnesota. Greg earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Luther
Alto                       Sam Fouts                                     College and a Master of Arts degree at the University of Iowa.
   Brittany Conroy         Sam Higgins
   Brittany Eng            Nick Lane

                                                                                                     2009 | 2010 Season             page 9
Called “one of the irreplaceable
music ensembles of our time” by
Dana Gioia, past chairman of
the National Endowment for the
Arts, VocalEssence is now in its
41st season under the direction
of Founder and Artistic Director
Philip Brunelle. Recognized
internationally for its innovative
exploration of music for voices
and instruments, the organization
presents an engaging collection of
concerts featuring the 130-voice
VocalEssence Chorus, the 32-voice
Ensemble Singers (well known
for their appearances on the
internationally-distributed radio
show A Prairie Home Companion
hosted by Garrison Keillor), guest
soloists, and instrumentalists.

In addition to championing lesser-known works of the past,             VocalEssence Chorus
VocalEssence has an unwavering commitment to today’s
                                                                       The VocalEssence Chorus is an exceptional group of talented,
composers, resulting in over 130 world premieres. Recognized
                                                                       committed singers from many walks of life: doctors, lawyers, nurses,
for innovative programming, the organization has received the
                                                                       educators, homemakers, business people, and others. Most have
ASCAP/Chorus America Award for adventurous programming of
                                                                       college level or higher training in classical music and voice. Chorus
contemporary music an unprecedented five times. VocalEssence has
                                                                       auditions are held every spring, and returning members of the
been honored with more Chorus America awards than any other
                                                                       Chorus re-audition every two years.
ensemble nationwide, including the once-in-an-organizational-
lifetime Margaret Hillis Achievement Award for Choral
Excellence.                                                            VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
Described by Gramophone as a “beautifully recorded, exuberant,         The Oxford Times (UK) declares “VocalEssence have a blend
witty and touching performance,” the VocalEssence recording            that could — and should — be the envy of every choir in the
of Britten’s Paul Bunyan was awarded the prestigious British           business.” Founded in 1991, the 32-voice professional VocalEssence
Gramophone Award for Best Opera Recording in 1988.                     Ensemble Singers are recognized internationally for their extensive
VocalEssence has released a total of thirteen commercial recordings,   European tours, broadcasts via the European Broadcasting
including four WITNESS CDs of music by African American                Union and two invitation-only appearances at the World Choral
composers and artists all available on the Clarion label.              Symposium (1999 and 2002), the world’s most prestigious global
                                                                       gathering of choral music. The Ensemble Singers serve as the
VocalEssence was founded in 1969 as the Plymouth Music Series,         professional core of the larger 130-voice VocalEssence Chorus.
an arts outreach program of Plymouth Congregational Church
in Minneapolis. In the very first season, Aaron Copland came to        With their “superbly blended sound” (Birmingham Post, UK) and
conduct a program of his own choral music—the first time he had        “exemplary technique” (Minneapolis Star Tribune), the VocalEssence
ever been asked to do so.                                              Ensemble Singers possess the flexibility to interpret a wide choral
                                                                       vocabulary including numerous world premieres written expressly
In May of 2002, the organization changed its name to                   for their voices by Dominick Argento, Sir Richard Rodney
VocalEssence, recognizing its status as one of the nation’s most       Bennett, Aaron Jay Kernis, Libby Larsen, Stephen Paulus, and
innovative ensembles and capturing the essence of its mission to       Alvin Singleton. In the 2010-2011 Season they will be featured
explore music for the human voice, from the spoken word to choral      with The Lyra Baroque Orchestra in a performance of Bach’s Mass
singing. The organization has enjoyed tremendous success with          in B Minor.
world, United States, and Midwest premieres; famous guest artists;
commissions of new works; and a reputation for surprise.               The Ensemble Singers are featured on two CDs with Garrison
                                                                       Keillor: Over the River & Through the Woods and Hymn to Potatoes
                                                                       (and other choral masterpieces from A Prairie Home Companion).

page 10        2009 | 2010 Season
                    Philip Brunelle              and in December 2007 he was invested as     Sigrid is a member of the voice and choral
                                                 a Commander of the Royal Norwegian          faculty of St. Olaf College in Northfield,
                     Philip Brunelle, artistic   Order of Merit for his promotion of         Minnesota, and the conductor of the
                     director and founder        Norwegian music in the United States. In    Manitou Singers, St. Olaf ’s 100-voice
                     of VocalEssence, is         January, Philip was honored with a “Local   first-year women’s chorus. Sigrid
                     an internationally          Legend” award at the 20th annual Dr.        Johnson maintains an active schedule as
                     renowned conductor,         Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Breakfast    a guest conductor and clinician at choral
                     choral scholar and          by General Mills and United Negro           festivals, workshops and all-state music
performer. Believing that listeners and          College Fund.                               festivals across the country. She is known
musicians alike must experience music of                                                     internationally for her work with musicians
many genres and styles, he has worked                                                        at all levels, having conducted workshops
enthusiastically—and tirelessly—to expand                                                    in Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden
audiences for rarely heard works of the past                        Sigrid Johnson           and Finland. In August 2008, she was one
and worthwhile new music. His conducting                                                     of the featured lecturers for the Eighth
engagements have taken him across the                               As the associate         World Symposium on Choral Music in
United States, South America and Europe.                            conductor of             Copenhagen.
Recently he has conducted the Boston                                VocalEssence, Sigrid
Symphony, Oregon Bach Festival, and the                             Johnson provides         Sigrid is a member of the American
Berkshire Choral Festival.                                          invaluable input on      Choral Director’s Association, the Music
                                                                    repertoire decisions,    Educator’s National Conference, the
For the past ten years Philip has been very      choral blend and balance, and in the        International Federation for Choral Music,
involved with the International Federation       audition process. Her unique ways of        and Chorus America.
of Choral Music: serving as president of         working to achieve excellence in choral
the Sixth World Symposium on Choral              blend and intonation have garnered her
Music held in Minneapolis in 2002, on            great praise.
the Artistic Committees planning the
Eighth Symposium in Denmark (2008)
and the Ninth Symposium in 2011 in
Argentina. Last summer he was elected
Vice President/Treasurer of the IFCM
Board. In 2006, he served as artistic
director for the NEA initiative, American
Masterpieces: Choral Music. He serves on the
boards of Chorus America and Musica, and
previously served on the St. Olaf College
Board of Regents. He is also in his 41st
year as Organist-Choirmaster at Plymouth
Congregational Church.

Among his many awards are honorary
doctorates from St. Olaf College, Gustavus
Adolphus College, St. John’s University
and United Theological Seminary. Chorus
America has honored Philip with its
most prestigious award, the Michael
Korn Founder’s Award for Development
of the Choral Art, and he has also been
recognized with the F. Melius Christiansen
Lifetime Achievement Award by the
Minnesota chapter of the American Choral
Directors Association, its highest honor.
In December 2005, Philip was invested
as an Honorary Member of the Order of
the British Empire in recognition for his
service as an “ambassador for the United
Kingdom within the music world.” The
American Composers Forum named Philip
Brunelle “2007 Champion of New Music”

                                                                                                 2009 | 2010 Season            page 11
Donor Spotlight:                                VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers
The Aaron Copland Fund                          Soprano                       Siri Carlson                 Brock Metzger*
                                                   AnnaLisa Anderson          Diane Fernald*               Joseph B. Okell*
for Music                                          Barbara Anderson           Elizabeth M. Foss            William Pederson*
                                                   Mary Baremore              Angelique D. Hackett*        Rick Saumer
                                                   Sarah L. Bassett           Whitney Hanson               R. Craig Shulstad
Aaron Copland created                              Hannah B. Bolt             Kristen Heider               Randy Snyder
The Aaron Copland                                  Emily Bruce                Dee Hein                     Daniel V. Sola
Fund for Music, Inc.,                              Brenda Bush                Robin J. Helgen*             Andrew Stoneking
in keeping with his                                Johanna Cohn               Anna Hendricksen             Tor Tuseth
lifelong devotion                                  Kate Dale                  Rachel Knutzen               Aaron Williamson*
to contemporary                                    Judy Drobeck               Alanna Bach Kucera           Daniel Zillmann
American music.                                    Karen Esbjornson           Marita Link*
Copland bequeathed                                 Jennifer French*           Kirkja Janson Lofgren     Bass
                                                   Kristina M. Guiffre        Anna George Meek*            Charles R. Alden
the majority of his
                                                   Amy Johnson*               Rebecca Modert               Steven Blank
estate, including the royalties from his
                                                   Jan Kilton                 Kristi Mueller               Trevor Brown
music, to support the Fund’s mission.                                                                      Steve Burger*
                                                   Stacey Kilton              Laura J. Nelson
                                                   Kaia Klockeman             Jamie Ohrt                   Deric W. Craig*
Since 1992, The Aaron Copland Fund                                                                         Benjamin Fink
for Music has consistently supported               Kartra Kohl                Krista J. Palmquist*
                                                   Lori R. Lewis*             Jean Parish*                 Ryan French*
VocalEssence. We are grateful for their                                                                    Reid Henderson
                                                   Annika Lister Stroope      Emily Paulson
generosity!                                                                                                Steve Hogan
                                                   Carolyn J. Mitchell*       Anne Pionkowski
                                                   Merilu Narum               Brandee Polson               Jerry Johnson*
Copland always loved choral music. Vivian          Sarah Jane Nichols         Karen Powers                 Michael Knoll
Perlis, acclaimed Copland scholar, Senior          Christina Pederson         Coral Sampson                Benjamin Kucera
Vice President of the Copland Fund,                Margaret Sabin*            Diane Schroeder              Philip Lowry
and a close friend of the late composer,           Ann L. Schrooten*          Elizabeth Vogel              David Olson
remembers: “When asked about composing             Mari M. Scott*             Karen Wilkerson*             Matthew Perkins
choral music, Copland would remark                 Ruth Spiegel*              Cynthia L. Youtz             Jonathan Pinkerton
jokingly, ‘Don’t forget, I sang in the chorus      LeAnn Stein                                             James Ramlet*
at Boys’ High!’ ”                                  Jean Thompson           Tenor                           Brian D. Ruhl
                                                   Karen Toebe                Steve Aggergaard             Jorge L. Salvatierra
                                                   Jennifer Vickerman         Kevin L. Bailey*             William B. Smale
Vivian Perlis adds, “Although [his] two
                                                   Jennifer E. Wallis         Scott Berger                 Robert C. Smith*
operas were conceived on an intimate
                                                   Sharon Williams            Rick Cedergren               Josiah Telschow*
scale for small operatic groups, he viewed                                    Lloyd Clausen                Michael Winikoff
the chorus as essential to their dramatic       Alto                          Anders Eckman*
effectiveness.”                                    Akosua Addo                Gustav Gedatus               *Ensemble Singers
                                                   Jo Michelle Beld           Tim Griffin
Jim Kendrick, Executive Vice President             Shannon Berns              Kevin Hansen
and Secretary of The Aaron Copland                 Anne-Marie Black           Brian Link*
Fund, states, “The Copland Fund supports           Patty Campbell             Nicholas Mattsson*
VocalEssence because their excellent
work helps to fulfill the Fund’s mission: to
encourage and improve public knowledge
and appreciation of contemporary                Orchestra
American music. VocalEssence is                 Violin 1                   Bass                          Trumpet
unique in its consistent championing of            James Riccardo,            Greg Hippen                   Martin Hodel
contemporary American choral music.                    Concertmaster       Flute                            Jeff Nordquist
This commitment coupled with their very            Orieta Dado                Jane Garvin (& piccolo)    Trombone
high level of performance quality and the       Violin 2                   Oboe                             Larry Zimmerman
leadership of Philip Brunelle, one of the          Mark Bjork                 Brian Greene               Percussion
best choral conductors now performing,             Leah Mohlning           Clarinet                         David Schmalenberger
makes them an unparalleled asset to the         Viola                         Rena Kraut                 Piano
field.”                                            Lynda Bradley Vacco        Michelle Campbell             Mary Jo Gothmann
                                                   Jennifer Kalika         Alto Sax                      Orchestra Contractor
                                                Cello                         Bill Olson                    Steve Lund
                                                   Dale Newton             Bassoon
                                                   Kirsten Whitson            Ivy Tulchinsky

page 12         2009 | 2010 Season
The Endowment                                  David & Mim Hanson
                                               Ann G. Harding
                                                                                         The Honor Roll                           COnduCTOR
                                                                                                                                  Gifts of $5,000–$9,999
                                                                                                                                                                           Susan J. & Richard Crockett
                                                                                                                                                                           Kathy & Charles Cunningham
Honor Roll                                     Louise Heffelfinger
                                                                                         The Honor Roll acknowledges              Athwin Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                           Dave Durenberger & Susan Foote
                                               Jack & Linda Hoeschler                                                                                                      Milt & Jana Edgren
                                                                                         contributions received from July 1,      Judy Blaseg & John Engelen
VocalEssence salutes the individuals           HRK Trust                                                                                                                   Kent & Katherine Eklund
                                                                                         2008 to February 23, 2010.               Jerome & Linda Carlson
and corporate and private foundations          A.D. (Bill)* & Betty* Hulings                                                                                               Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen
                                                                                                                                  Rick & Jan Cohen
whose generosity and leadership                Douglas & Mary Jones                                                                                                             Foundation
                                               William & Suzanne Joyce                   FOundER                                  Matthew Entenza & Lois Quam
                                                                                                                                                                           John Geelan
sparked the creation of the Endowment                                                    Gifts of $25,000 & above                    matched by General Mills
Fund. This permanent fund was                  Arthur & Martha Kaemmer                                                                                                        matched by Piper Jaffray
                                                                                                                                  ExxonMobil Foundation±
established in 1987 and is now valued at       Garrison Keillor                          The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.                                            Emily Bourne Grigsby
                                                                                                                                  David & Margene Fox
$1.6 million. Its interest income provides     James & Jane Riley-Koll                   Best Buy Children’s Foundation                                                    David & Mim Hanson
                                                                                                                                  Robert & Katherine Goodale
ongoing support to VocalEssence.               Daniel & Constance Kunin                  Bush Foundation                                                                   Gordon & Wini Hed
                                                                                                                                  Jack & Linda Hoeschler Fund of The
We welcome new contributions to                Helmer* & Christine Larson                Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation±                                              David O. & Kristine Henderson
                                                                                                                                       Saint Paul Foundation
the Endowment Fund and extend our              Mary Sukrise Lindsay*                     General Mills Foundation±                                                         Joe & Nancy Holmberg
                                                                                                                                  Hubbard Broadcasting
deepest appreciation to the following          Jean & Kenneth Linwick                    Jane Dayton Hall                                                                  Charles & Karen Humphrey
                                                                                                                                  Jerry Johnson
for their generous gifts.                      Patricia Lund*                            Louise Heffelfinger                         matched by Curtis L. Carlson
                                                                                                                                                                           Daniel & Constance Kunin
                                               Herb & Corrine Lundberg                   MAHADH Fund of HRK Foundation               Family Foundation                     Don & Joann Leavenworth
                                               Thomas* & Patti* Maetzold                 Jerome Foundation                        Jan McDaniel & Tom Cummings              Philip & Madeleine Lowry
Mrs. Fred C. Andersen*                         The MAHADH Foundation                     Katherine B. Andersen Fund of            Robert Muschewske & Leaetta Hough        Tom & Margie Lundberg
Athwin Foundation                              Marbrook Foundation                            The Saint Paul Foundation           Mrs. John H. Myers                       The Mauriel Family Foundation
Carol A. Barnett                               Mancel & Harriet* Mitchell                Keene State College                      Peter & Karla Myers                      Robert & Polly McCrea
Alice Baver*                                   William & Julie Moyer                     Patricia Lund*                           Paul & Abigail Pribbenow                 Joyce & Richard McFarland Fund of The
Ronald & Joyce Beauchane                       Elizabeth Musser*                         The McKnight Foundation                  Mary Ann Pulk                                 Minneapolis Foundation
Warren & Donna Beck                            Nash Foundation                           The Minneapolis Foundation               Alan & Dorene Wernke                     Medtronic Time-n-Talent Fund±
Judson Bemis Fund of                           National Endowment for the Arts           Minnesota Monthly+                       Charles & Julie Zelle                    Sara Gross Methner & David Methner
     The Minneapolis Foundation                Marilyn & Glen Nelson                     Minnesota State Arts Board                                                        Joseph & Jane Micallef
Judy Blaseg & John Engelen                     Alice Park Newman                         National Endowment for the Arts                                                   Judy & Peter Mitchelson
Charlie Boone & Carol Heen                     Jeanne & Richard Patterson                Sit Investment Associates Foundation                                              David & Linda Mona
William & Margee Bracken                       Donald* & Helen* Pellowe                  Target Foundation                                                                 David & Judy Myers
                                                                                                                                  Gifts of $2,500–$4,999
David Brink                                    The Pine Wood Trust                       Travelers Foundation                                                              Susan Nicol
Lucile Brink                                   Harry Piper Foundation                                                             Anonymous                                Terry G. & Kristen H. O’Brien
Wayne & Marilyn Brock                          Jill & Richard Ragatz                                                              Baker Associates+                        Nancy Jessen Otis
Elise Brunelle & Jeremy Greeff                 Burt Ross*                                                                         John & Sheila Bjorklund                  Paul & Virginia Pfeiffer
Philip & Carolyn Brunelle                      Shelly Ross*                                                                       Consulado de México en Saint Paul+       Douglas & Mary Platt
                                                                                         Gifts of $10,000–$24,999
Ann & David Buran                              Thomas & Lois Sando                                                                Steve Fox & Connie Fladeland             Karen & Donald Powers
Norman R. Carpenter                                                                      3M Foundation                            Peter & Patricia Frechette               RBC Foundation
                                               Michael & Shirley Santoro
Cole Sewell Corporation                                                                  The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia              Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation            John & Kirsten Rice
                                               Sandra & Ivan* Schloff
Claire Colliander & Greg Steenson                                                             Foundation                          Ruth Hanold                              Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts
                                               Richard & Kit Schmoker
Colwell Industries                                                                       Carol A. Barnett                            matched by General Mills                   Council
                                               Ellen* & George J. Schulte
Community Credit Company                                                                 Warren & Donna Beck                      The Hognander Foundation                 The Foley Companies & The Ringer
                                               John & Marion Etzwiler Shepherd
Thomas Davies*                                                                           Philip & Carolyn Brunelle                    & Joe Hognander                           Family
                                               Star Tribune/Cowles Media Company
Target Stores, Dayton’s and Mervyn’s by                                                  Cargill, Inc.                            Thomas Hunt & John Wheelihan             John & Lois Rogers
                                               Richard & Vivian Stuck
     the Dayton Hudson Foundation                                                        Denny Fund of The Minneapolis            Image Spigot+                            Raymond & Leola Schreurs
                                               Bill & Bryce TenBroek
Ernest & Mary Dorn                                                                            Foundation                          Ronald & Nicolai Lewis                   Securian Foundation
                                               Richard & Rosemary Thorsen
Dan Dressen                                                                              Ecolab Foundation                        Glen & Marilyn Carlson Nelson            Craig & Mariana Shulstad
                                               Lynn & Carol Truesdell                                                                matched by ExxonMobil
Katherine & Kent Eklund                                                                  Gayle Fuguitt & Thomas Veitch                                                     Smaby Family Foundation
                                               Jim Ulland                                                                         Paul Olson & Mark Baumgartner
Exxon Corporation                                                                        Hellervik Fund of The Saint Paul                                                  LeAnn Stein & Jack Stamp
                                               Ruth & David Waterbury                                                             Lawrence M. & Elizabeth Ann
Jack & Cathy Farrell                                                                          Foundation                                                                   Debra Teske
                                               Doris A. Welty-Bury*                                                                   O’Shaughnessy Charitable
Robert B. Fering                                                                         Lucy R. Jones                                                                     Lynn & Carol Truesdell
                                               Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Trust                                                             Income Trust
Gloria Freeman                                                                           N. Judge & Reatha Clark King                                                      Unisys+
                                               Frederick T. Weyerhaeuser Trust                                                    Leland T. Lynch & Terry Saario Fund of
Robert & Katherine Goodale                                                                    Family Fund of The Minneapolis                                               Dobson & Jane West
                                               John Wheelihan                                                                         The Minneapolis Foundation
Marion Goward                                                                                 Foundation+                                                                  Angus & Margaret Wurtele
                                               E.M.* & Patricia* Whitacre                                                         Peter Spink
Shelley Greenwood                                                                        Knox Foundation                                                                   Wilson & Gayle Graham Yates
                                               Mrs. W. A. Wilson                                                                  Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota
Jane D. & James L.* Hall                                                                 The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation                                                Zelle, Hofmann, Voelbel & Mason LLP
                                               Bruce & JoAnn* Winslow
Terrance* & Ruth Hanold                                                                  Janice Marturano & Peter Thompson
                                               Karen & John Wolff
                                                                                               matched by General Mills
                                                                                         Kay & Mike McCarthy                      VIRTuOSO                                 MuSiCiAn
                                                                                         Walt McCarthy & Clara Ueland             Gifts of $1,000–$2,499
                                                                                                                                                                           Gifts of $500–$999
                                                                                         Medtronic Foundation
                                                                                                                                  Albrecht Family Foundation
                                                                                         Peravid Foundation                                                                Steve Aggergaard & Lana Rosario
                                                                                                                                  Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching
                                                                                         Philip & Katherine Nason Fund of The                                              Ron & Joyce Beauchane
                                                                                              Saint Paul Foundation                                                        Bruce W. & Paula M. Becker
                                                                                                                                  Annette Atkins & Thomas R. Joyce Jr.
                                                                                         Piper Family Fund of The Minneapolis                                              Jo Beld
                                                                                                                                  Goeta Goetz Bird
                                                                                              Foundation                                                                   Paul & Jane Brunelle
                                                                                                                                  William Bolcom & Joan Morris
                                                                                         Piper Jaffray±                                                                    Tim Brunelle & Jennifer Iwanicki
                                                                                                                                  Will & Margee Bracken
                                                                                         R C Lilly Foundation                                                              David & Ann Buran
                                                                                                                                  Thomas & Nicky Carpenter
                                                                                         Debra Sit & Peter Berge                                                           Uri & Melissa Camarena
                                                                                                                                  John & Joan Colwell
                                                                                         Vern Sutton                                                                       Casa Travel, Inc.+
                                                                                                                                  Katryn Conlin
                                                                                         Wenger Foundation                                                                 Jack & Ann Cole
                                                                                                                                  Deric Craig & Margaret deJonge
                                                                                         Xcel Energy                                                                               Continued on next page

± Includes Matching Gift Contributions       + Includes In-Kind Donations   * In Remembrance                                                            2009 | 2010 Season                        page 13
MuSiCiAn                              VOCALIST                              Gary & Pam Reierson                           Ken & Suanne Hallberg                      Susan T. Schuster
Continued from previous page          Gifts of $250–$499                    Arnold & Lois Rholl                           Tor & Sunny Hansen                         Leon O. Shaw
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Kip & Kathy Colwell                                                         Ann Sather & Jeff Stone                       Dee & Wilfried Hein
                                      Meredith B. Alden                                                                                                              Larry Siegel
Jon Cranney & Katherine Ferrand                                             Paul & Camille Schroeder                      H. Thomas & Mary Heller
                                      Peter & Mary Ellen Alden                                                                                                       Jim & Carol Simonson
Tom & Ellie Crosby Jr.                                                      Mari & Michael Scott                          John & Constance Henderson
                                      Quentin & Mary Anderson                                                                                                        Gaius* & Ann Slosser
William Dircks                                                              Jean Thomson & John Sandbo                    John & Sarah Henrich
                                      Anton E. Armstrong, D.M.A.                                                                                                     William & Marcelyn Smale
Dan Dressen & Beth Comeaux                                                  Clifton & Bettye Ware                         Richard P. Hoffman
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Davitt & Jeanne Felder                                                      John Westrom                                  Gordon & Nita Howell
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   matched by U.S. Bancorp                                                  Greg & Cynthia Youtz                          Intersource Interpretation &
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                                                                                  America                                 David & Mary Beth Koehler
   matched by Ameriprise Financial    Catherine Davies                                                                                                               Patrick, Mariah & Eleanore Tarry
                                                                            Richard & Jane Allen                          Paul & Barbara Laederach
Anne & Rich Hovland                   John & Joy Davis
                                                                                                                          Stephen & Marilyn Lawrence                 Josiah Telschow
Thelma Hunter                         Ernest & Mary Dorn                    Joyce L. Anderson
                                                                                                                          Diana J. Leland                            Joe & Jean Thompson
John & Ruth Huss                      Harriet Dressen*                      Lorrayne Anderson
                                                                                                                          Calvin & Christine Litsey                  Thrivent Financial for Lutherans±
Michael & Bonnie Jorgensen            Marion Etzwiler & John Shepherd       Richard O. Anderson, MD
                                                                                                                          John & Caroline MacWherter                 Parker & Albert Trostel
Michael Knoll                         Steve Euller & Nancy Roehr            Rolan & Muriel Anderson
                                                                                                                          Thomas & Marilyn Madison                   Ben and Deb Vander Kooi
Kartra & Glenn Kohl                   Caron & Floyd Farmer                  Carole Arwidson
                                                                                                                          Abdulla & Tahera Mamdani                   Katrina Vander Kooi
Chuck & Jill Koosmann                 Jerry & Cathie Fischer                Darlene Arwidson
                                                                                                                          Bill Marshall & Margaret Shreves           Jennifer Vickerman
Charlie & Anne Leck                   Gerald Foley                          Kay & Ronald Bach                                                                           matched by Thrivent Financial
                                                                            Carol Barnett & John Tartaglia                Maureen Mashek
Edward & Patricia Lindell             Barbara Forster                                                                                                                Philip* & Joanne Von Blon
                                                                            Carol & Jeff Belz                             Harry McNeely
Steve Lund                            Gloria Freeman                                                                                                                 Mary S. Vujovich
                                                                            John & Barbara Benson                         Brock Metzger
Dennis & Gail Mathisen                Ray & Marcia Giske                                                                                                             Elaine B. Walker
                                                                            Vera Benzel                                   Russ & Jan Michaletz
Hubert & Midge McCloy                 Robert & Leslie Goodale                                                                                                        Lorin Walter
                                                                            Jill & Jason Bisping                          Joseph & Joy Michel
Minnesota Wire & Cable Co.            Susan & Barry Graceman                                                                                                         David & Ruth Waterbury
                                                                            Steven & Pam Bjoraker                         Paul & Barbara Mikelson
Jonathan & Martha Morgan              James & LaVonne Herbert                                                                                                        West Community Partnership
                                                                            Steve Blank                                   Elaine Mitchell
Myers Communications Group+           Pat & Bob Hoyt                                                                                                                      Program±
                                                                            Karen Bohn & Gary Surdel                      Craig & Judy Moen
John Nuechterlein                     Bill Hueg & Hella Mears                                                                                                        Ted & Nancy Weyerhaeuser
                                                                            Lucile Adams Brink                            David E. & Mary Jo Monson
Dr. & Mrs. Ahmad Orandi               Robert & Sigrid Johnson                                                                                                        Carolyn White
                                                                            Ellis & Jane Bullock                          Earl & Lois Mosiman
Doug & Jean Parish                    Ted & Amy Johnson                                                                                                              Gary & Karen Wilkerson
                                         matched by Ameriprise Financial    Dorothea Burns                                Elizabeth Murray
Joan Parsons                                                                                                                                                         W. Maurine Wilson
                                      Vivian & Mary Jones                   Russ Bursch & Lee Mauk                        Jane & James Mylrea
Richard & Jeanne Patterson                                                                                                                                           Michael Winikoff
                                      Karen Lovgren Kennedy                 Joan Campbell                                 Jim & Merilu Narum
Joan Dunbar-Plauda & Owen Plauda                                                                                                                                     John & Sylvia Winkelman
                                         matched by Thomson West            Richard & Mari Carlson                        Judy Nelson
James & Susan Ramlet                                                                                                                                                 RADM & Mrs. Ray C. Witter
                                      Jan & Tom Kilton                      Norman R. & Janet Carpenter                   Laura J. Nelson
Estelle Quinn Sell                                                                                                                                                   Mike & Donna Wolsted
                                      Libby Larsen & James Reece            Camille Carteng                               Alice Park Newman
Fred & Gloria Sewell                                                                                                                                                 Ann H. Zelle
                                      Iris M. Larson                        Elizabeth Childs & Todd Larson                Donald & Gerda Nightingale
Gale Sharpe                                                                                                                                                          Louise Ziegler
                                      Mark & Susan Larson                   Judith A. Christensen                         Dorothy & Bob Ollmann
Sue Shepard & Don Helgeson
                                      Michael & Deborah Laub                Richard W. & Jean Illsley Clarke              David Olson
Ruth Spiegel & Brad McNaught
                                      Robert Lee & Mary Schaffner           Rusty & Burt Cohen                            Thomas Osborn
Charles Stanhope
                                      Ken & Jean Linwick                                                                  Emily Paulson                              PERFORMER
Alice Strobel                                                               Jim & Sarah Colville
                                      Jan & Charlie Lloyd                                                                 Stephen & Patty Paulus                     Gifts up to $99
Evelyn T. Struthers                                                         David Colwell
                                      J. Thomas & Helen Lockhart            Susan G. Crawford                             Kyle & Katie Pederson                      Anonymous
Frank Stubbs & Tom Lee
                                      Paul Lohman                           Ted & Carol Cushmore                          William Pederson                           Akosua Addo
Richard & Vivian Stuck
                                      Anne E. Lowe                          Bill & Ruth Davini                            William & Carolyn Penny                    William & Suzanne Ammerman
Bill & Bryce TenBroek
                                      Sarah Lutman                          Steve & Judy Drobeck                          Daniel & Nancy Peterson                    AnnaLisa Anderson
Alice A. Tuseth
                                      Ben Manning                              matched by Medtronic                       Richard K. Power                           Christian & Barbara Anderson
Gedney & Emily Anne Tuttle
                                      Ray & Elsie Martin                    Margaret E. Durham                            Virginia Puzak                             Margaret Anderson
U.S. Bancorp Matching Gift Program±
                                      Jan Mattox                            Mike & Patty Feeney                           Lois Rand                                  Kathryn Hagen & Tom Anderson
Paul & Elissa Weller
                                      Mary Bigelow McMillan                 Gerald T. Flom                                Lisa Reed                                  Anne Attea
Carl & Barbara White
                                      Kimberly Meisten                      John & Priscilla Folin                        Brian D. & Barbara Ruhl                    BAE Systems±
Dr. Preston & Sharon Williams
                                      Michael & Rosanne Monten              Brendan Foote                                 Dan Rutman                                 Kevin Bailey
Zabin Charitable Fund at the Boston
                                      Alfred Moore                             matched by Ameriprise Financial            Margaret & Matthew Sabin                   Sarah Bassett
                                      Nick Nash & Karen Lundholm            Ryan & Jenny French                           Thomas Sando                               William & Frances Belford
                                      Lowell & Sonja Noteboom               James Gertmenian & Susan King                 Earl S. & Barbara Flanagan Sanford         Sharon Sayles Belton & Steve Belton
                                      David O’Fallon                        Pat & Lynn Galbraith                               Fund of The Minneapolis               Jeanne Bengston
                                      Alan Onberg                           Lauretta & Jere Graetz                             Foundation                            Lois Berens
                                      Nicholas Peter                        Katharine Grant & Keith Rodli                 Paul & Diane Schroeder                     Shannon Berns
                                      Curtis & Shirley Ramlet               Roger Hale & Nor Hall                         Ann Schrooten & Dawn Wieczorek             Anne-Marie & Bryan Black

page 14                2009 | 2010 Season                                                                          ± Includes Matching Gift Contributions   + Includes In-Kind Donations   * In Remembrance
Kelly & Shennon Black               Karen Esbjornson                    William Kempe                      Milo Oien-Rochat                   Nancy Simmons
Hannah Bolt & Levi Comstock         Geneva Eschweiler                   Charles & Kristin Kemper           Joe Okell                          John & Dee Slawson
Laura Broadhead                     Elizabeth Foss                      Stacey Kilton                      Glad & Baiba Olinger               Douglas & Sally Snyder
Emily Bruce                         Andrew Gaylord                      Bill & Jan Kimes                   Garnet Olson                       Randy & Joan Snyder
Dorene Bruns                        Ruth Gaylord                        Sandra Klapperich                  Gail Onan                          Curt & Louise Speller
Richard Buchholz & Brad Momsen      Jim & Susan Goes                    Rachel Knutzen                     Marri Oskam                        Evelyn Swanson & Marjorie Ramgren
Terry Burford                       Laurence & Elna Goodspeed           Natalia Kojanova & Igor Kozhanov   Ross & Joann Paden                 Wayne & Judith Swisher
Russell Burris                      Kathleen Grammer                    Arnie & Donna Kolstad              Katherine Panciera                 Sonja Tengblad
Brenda Bush                         Charles Gray                        Leonard Lampert & Trudy Hanus      John Paulson & Coreen Nordling     Johnson & Judith Anderson Thistle
Patty Campbell                      Daniel Greco                        Theodore & Kathryn Lee             Jane Pedelty                       Thomas Tedford & Rebecca Thoman
Maria Campo                         Robert & Amy Griffin                   matched by BAE Systems          Eric & Christina Pederson          Walfred & Priscilla Thoreen
Bonnie Carlsen                      Russell & Enid Griffin              Lori Lewis                         Mrs. George Peer                   Anita Tillemans
Siri Carlson                        Tim & Joanne Griffin                Virginia Lindow                    Matthew Perkins                    Karen Toebe
Marjorie Carr                       Andrew & Angel Hackett              Marita & Brian Link                David Peterson                     Ruth Tuseth
Richard & Marcia Carthaus           Janet Hanafin                       Kirkja Janson Lofgren              Anne Pionkowski                    Tor Tuseth
Rick & Sarah Cedergren              Kevin Hansen                        Charles & Hertha Lutz              Rebecca Porter                     Ellen & James Van Iwaarden
Bill & Sally Centner                James C. Hardman                    Betty & Boyd Mast                  Sandra Potter                      Gene & Sally Vanden Heuvel
David & Jean Ciminski               Dob & Janis Hardy                   Josh Mathews                       Roger Prestwich                    Greg & Emily Venell
Charles Cline                       Dennis Hauck                        Nicholas Mattsson                  Wayne & Deanna Qualley             The Voices of Vienna
Johanna Cohn                        John & Robin Helgen                 Anna George Meek & Matt Gladue     James & Bettyann Redeske           Erika Wachholz
Marion Colliander                   David Henry                         Glen & Orlando Meyer               Dave & Sigrid Redpath              Judith Wachholz
Nancy Conboy                        Emma Hovel                          Karla Miller                       Kathleen Richards                  Jennifer Wallis
Christina Connelly                  David Hoyt                          Marion Dwyer Miller                John & Barbara Risken              Kathleen Watson
Luis Contreras Ruiz                   matched by Ameriprise Financial   Carolyn J. Mitchell                Mort & Rosemarie Ryweck            David & Karin Wendt
Mark & Geralyn Conty                Jerome Jallo                        Rebecca & Keith Modert             Jorge L. Salvatierra               Gervaise Westerman
Alfredo Zarate & Kristiana Corona   Ross Janke                          Tom Nazziola                       Coral Sampson & David Spiegel      Robert Wetzler
Denise Nordling Cronin              Dean Jensen                         Dan & Jean Netko                   Jeff Sartain & Mark Sedio          Alex & Marguerite Wilson
Joe & Roxanne Cruz                  Marjorie Jerpbak                    Ryan & Kelly Newell                Roy & Shirley Sather               Jean Wylie
Kate Dale                           Ann Johnson                         Dick & Hazel Newman                Luke Schleder                      Max & Suzanne Zarling
Kari E. Davis                       Ben & Kasey Johnson                 Jeremy & Sarah Nichols             Dr. Milan & Rev. Carolyn Schmidt   Linda Zelig & Jim Bohn
Harriett Dayton                     Daniel Johnson                      Nancy Noonan                       Harry & Neonila Searles            Daniel Zillmann
Mark Dickinson                      James P. Johnson                    Sally Nyhus                        Mary Alice Sell
Judith Diffley                      Phyllis Johnson                     Steve Odland                       Philip & Theresa Sievers
Anders Eckman                       Holly Kellar                        Brian & Shelley Ohnsorg            Kalley Sikich

                                                                it’s alive
           PUBLIC RADIO

     Classical music explodes in sonic
     blooms: a tremor of timpani, a sea of
     strings, a burst of brass. Your pulse
     quickens. Your spirits soar.
     It’s classical music. It’s alive.
     stream online at

                                                                                                                                2009 | 2010 Season                  page 15
Special Tributes
VocalEssence is honored by the many gifts received in remembrance, appreciation and celebration of friends and family. The following tributes
were made from July 1, 2008 to February 23, 2010. If you wish to make a gift in tribute, please call 612-547-1473.

In honor of their 50th Anniversary                     In remembrance of F. Dixon Conlin, M.D.                 In honor of Kristen Hoeschler O’Brien             In remembrance of Belva M. Stevenson
    Don & Joann Leavenworth                                Katryn Conlin                                           Dan Rutman                                        Robert & Sigrid Johnson
                                                           Richard & Vivian Stuck
In remembrance of Clyde W. Asbell                                                                              In honor of Paul D. Olson                         In honor of Maren Sather Stone
    Cynthia Youtz & Alma Asbell                        In honor of Larry & Audrey Crooks                           Mark L. Baumgartner                               Ann Sather & Jeff Stone
                                                           Diane Crooks Fernald
In honor of Mark L. Baumgartner                                                                                In remembrance of Jack Parsons                    In honor of Vianne Stroope-West
    Paul D. Olson                                      In remembrance of Harriet Dressen                           Dorene Bruns                                      Annika Lister Stroope & Jeremy West
                                                           Philip & Carolyn Brunelle                               David & Ann Buran
In honor of Becky & Jerry Brooks                           The Dressen Family                                      John & Joan Colwell                           For the honor of singing with VocalEssence
    Kartra & Glenn Kohl                                                                                            Bill & Ruth Davini                                Steve & Karen Burger
                                                       In remembrance of Elsie H. Goetz                            Laurence & Elna Goodspeed
In remembrance of Swede & Betty Bruchert                   Goeta Goetz Bird                                                                                      In remembrance of Anna Mae Wernke
                                                                                                                   Jerome Jallo
    LeAnn Stein                                                                                                                                                      Alan & Dorene Wernke
                                                                                                                   Phyllis Johnson
                                                       In honor of Sam Johnson
In honor of Philip Brunelle                                                                                        Sandra Klapperich                             In honor of John T. Westrom
                                                           Peter Spink
    Rick & Jan Cohen                                                                                               Arnie & Donna Kolstad                             Emily Bourne Grigsby
    Judy & Peter Mitchelson                            In honor of Tom Lee, from your team                         Leonard Lampert & Trudy Hanus
                                                       at Blue Cross                                               Glen & Orlando Meyer                          In remembrance of Bill Wren
In honor of Philip Brunelle’s birthday                     Susan T. Schuster                                       Dick & Hazel Newman                               Douglass D. Addison
    John & Joan Colwell                                                                                            Nancy Noonan                                      Airports Council International North America
                                                       In honor of Nicolai Lewis                                   Garnet Olson                                      Philip & Carolyn Brunelle
In honor of Philip Brunelle and the                        Ellen & James Van Iwaarden                              Ross & Joann Paden                                Bonnie Carlsen
40th Birthday of VocalEssence                                                                                      Joan Parsons                                      Kathryn Hagen & Tom Anderson
    Rick & Jan Cohen                                   In honor of Janice Marturano                                Alice A. Tuseth                                   Roger Prestwich
                                                           General Mills Foundation                                Gene & Sally Vanden Heuvel                        James & Bettyann Redeske
In honor of Philip Brunelle’s 40th Anniversary
                                                                                                                   Gervaise Westerman
with Plymouth & VocalEssence                           In remembrance of Mae McWeeny
    Philip & Katherine Nason Fund of The Saint             Philip & Madeleine Lowry                            In remembrance of Ronald Kevin Rommereim
        Paul Foundation                                                                                            Robert & Sigrid Johnson
                                                       In honor of the marriage of Bob Muschewske &
In honor of the marriage of Ginny Buran                Leaetta Hough                                           In celebration of the marriage of LeAnn Stein &
to Dwayne Cody                                             Pat & Lynn Galbraith                                Jack Stamp
    Maria Jette                                                                                                    Robert & Sigrid Johnson
    Morton & Rosemarie Ryweck

              Saturday, April 24, 2010
              The Historic Milwaukee Depot, Minneapolis

              For more information or to make your reservations,
              visit or call Laura at 612.547.1473.

              All proceeds benefit VocalEssence education programs.

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