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Multipower’s aim is to work with you to achieve your goals, whatever your
sport or discipline. We believe you can go further than you realise with a
‘can do’ attitude and the right support. Multipower is partner to many elite
athletes who demonstrate time and time again that training and diet go
hand in hand to reach peak performance. Multipower has created a range
of sportsfoods for real people, helping you achieve real results.

Team Milram
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We have been developing sportsfoods for more than 30 years and have
won awards for innovative and pioneering products. You can trust
Multipower to provide cutting edge nutrition which more than meets
the high expectations of today’s athletes.

                                                       Multipower is the official partner of the Olympic Centre
                                                       Rhein-Rhur, Germany.
                                                       Nutritional experts have recognised that Olympic athletes’
                                                       success depends not only on training intensity but also on
                                                       recovery phases and nutrition.
                                                       Multipower has been chosen to support individual training
                                                       targets and requirements at the Olympic Centre that
                                                       focuses on training, medical and diagnostic areas, training-
                                                       specific nutrition, psychology as well as career planning.

All Multipower products are manufactured in compliance with the DIN ISO 9001:2000 certificate and the HACCP
system. All raw materials are sourced from reputable suppliers who adhere to the same high standards. As the
processing of pro-hormones or doping substances is illegal for German manufacturers who work in such a
controlled environment contamination is impossible. Regular analyses of our products are carried out and
documented by the Sports University of Cologne.
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Our sportsfoods are of the highest possible quality and endorsed by world class athletes.
We are second to none in providing optimum, tried and tested products. All products are
made under the strictest food regulations and they do not contain any illegal substances
or ingredients detrimental to your health. We pride ourselves on safe and transparent
manufacturing practices.

 Wolves           RC Toulon
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Top performance is the result of a well balanced lifestyle and diet.
Whatever your goal, if your training programme and nutrition are

not matched, any success you do achieve will be short lived.

                    Besides a training programme tailored to your precise needs, nutrition more than
                    anything else plays a crucial role in determining your levels of success. Different levels
                    of physical exertion make different demands on your diet and Multipower can help
                    match those needs.
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Supplements aid performance by supporting your body’s needs when access to regular food

is limited or the content is undeterminable. When you need increased amounts of protein for
building muscle for example, it can be difficult to take in the correct levels required.

When you need to recover quickly your body will benefit from rich sources of amino acids,
vitamins and minerals. Some key nutrients are depleted rapidly by the body, such as glycogen
and need replacing as soon as possible. Multipower has developed nutrients for every phase
of training to assist the body; before, during and after.

Mark Cueto - Sale Sharks and England rugby player
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There are three categories of sportsfoods geared to meet different types of training;
Muscle, Active and Body.

                                               Muscle products are geared for those training to achieve

                                               maximum muscle mass and to define muscle. The range
                                               consists of great tasting products packed with high quality
                                               protein to boost muscle building and aid recovery.

                                               Active products are a new innovative range devised
                                               specially for endurance athletes and those who want to
                                               train to get fitter and build stamina. It is optimised for every
                                               phase; before, during and after exercise.

                                               Body products are designed for those training to tone up
                                               and lose fat. The range is formulated to provide the right
                                               balance of high quality proteins and carbohydrates in a
                                               convenient controllable format.
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The Muscle range has been developed to cover
the increased protein and energy needs required
when training to increase muscle size, strength
and endurance. There are a number of convenient
food formats to ensure you are never far from a
high quality nutritional boost.
• maximise workout intensity         • fast recharge of energy levels
• focus the mind                     Protein and Energy Bar
                                     If hunger sets in try this protein and energy bar, a good source
X-Plode                              of high quality protein. It’s also useful in supporting the recovery
Designed to provide both             process after exercise.
protein and carbohydrates,

16. muscle
X-Plode is a great second meal       Take as a morning or afternoon snack.
mid-morning or mid-evening
to restore energy levels.
Take a 70g (7 heaped tablespoons)
serving immediately after training
or as an additional meal.
Red Kick
This caffeine based drink will
help to focus your mind.
Take immediately
before exercise.
                                                                                            Knowing your
• maximise protein intake
• fast recharge of energy levels
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                                                                                            During the muscle build up
Whey Protein Iso Complex                                                                    phase it is vital to maintain
During exercise the body is most concerned with producing energy and compensates for
this by being most receptive to protein post workout. A fast acting protein works best,     a good protein intake and

                                                                                                                              muscle 17.
so take a Whey Protein Iso complex shake immediately after training.                        to provide energy to train.
Take one serving for breakfast or mid morning and one serving post training.                Consume 1.5g to 2.5g of protein per kilo
                                                                                            of bodyweight daily, spread over four
Super Amino Liquid Shots                                                                    to six small meals. It is also vital to cover
If you are really serious about your protein a                                              your calorie needs for both exercise and
Super Amino shot is full of pre digested protein                                            body maintenance.
for super fast absorption.
                                                                                            Combined with the correct balance
Take one bottle daily preferably after exercise.                                            of nutrients taken at the right time,
On non-training days take one bottle per day                                                progressive weight training will help
either first thing in the morning or before sleep.                                          shape your muscles and body fat ratio.
Creatine                                                                                    It is also important to rest muscle groups
Take 2g per day to maximize your workout intensity.                                         to aid recovery and any personal trainer
                                                                                            can advise you on a workout plan to suit
Fit Protein                                                                                 your available time.
This small protein and carbohydrate
shake can also serve as a second meal
Take shortly before your daily workout.
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The Active range is designed to meet the energy
demands of regular exercise. It also provides key
nutrients to help the recovery phase or to support
general well being. The range has been developed
with the collaboration of athletes and the Olympic
Centre Rhein-Ruhr in Germany.
• fuel your workout                                        • hydrate your body
• energy to kick start your exercise                       • top up your energy levels
Magnesium liquid. Magnesium citrate plays a role in the    Iso drink
production of energy. It also helps to prevent cramps.     Thirst quenching isotonic drink with carbohydrates
                                                           plus vitamins and minerals.

20. active
Multi Carbo + drink mix
Top up your energy levels.                                 Great tasting drink to put into your sports drink bottle.
Convenient drink mix to put in your sports drink bottle.   Sip before and during exercise.
Take up to 30 minutes                                      Multi Carbo gel with peptopro
before exercise.                                           Rapidly supplies energy to keep you going.
                                                           Guarana helps focus your mind when tiring.
                                                           Peptopro kick starts the muscle recovery
                                                           required post exertion.
                                                           Take when your energy levels
                                                           start dropping.
                                                           Multi Carbo bar –
                                                           quick energy with caffeine
                                                           or creatine
                                                           Enhances alertness or creatine
                                                           to support exertion.
                                                           Eat a bar to boost energy levels
                                                           during exercise.
                                                           ACCELERATED REGENERATION
                                                           WITH PEPTOPRO®
• rapid recovery
• allows you to train or compete again

                                                           TRAINING CYCLE
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                                                           With the new MULTIPOWER® active
                 Re-Charge drink                           products featuring PeptoPro®, any
                 With a carbohydrate matrix for fast and   endurance athlete can speed up the
                 medium acting energy. Peptopro rapidly

                                                                                                                                   active 21.
                                                           regeneration process following
                 replenishes the body with protein for     strenuous exercise.
                 muscle recovery.
                                                           Irrespective of the type of sport involved, during training and when
                 Drink one immediately post exercise.      competing all endurance athletes need an increased amount of energy
                                                           and amino acids. PeptoPro® makes this available to the body in a readily
                                                           absorbable form. It thus delays the onset of muscle fatigue recharging
                                                           the batteries more rapidly than is otherwise the case with conventional
                                                           recovery products. Tests verify that the average performance of an
                                                           athlete taking PeptoPro® is significantly better than that of an athlete
                                                           who does not.*
                 Recovery bar
                 Delicious bar with protein and
                 carbohydrates.                                                                                      IO
                                                                                                                  AT on

                                                                                                                                PR pre
                                                           Pre-exertion:                                        ERxerti

                                                                                                                                  EP - e

                                                                                                                                    AR xer
                 Contains protein for muscle recovery      MULTI CARBO BOOST+, MULTI CARBO+ DRINK          GE st-e

                                                                                                                                       AT tion
                                                                                                         RE po

                 and carbohydrates for energy

                                                           During exertion:
                 replenishment.                            MULTI CARBO BAR, ISO DRINK, MULTI CARBO GEL

                 Eat a bar post workout when a meal        Post-exertion:
                 is not practical                          RECOVERY BAR, RE-CHARGE DRINK                             EXERTION

                                                           Take Daily:
                                                           MULTI VITA+, BCAA TABLETS,
                                                           MAGNESIUM LIQUID SHOT

                                                           * see page 41
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Our Body range has been created to assist those
exercising regularly to create a toned firm body
and to improve core fitness levels.

The range consists of lower calorie products
designed to fit the gaps in your normal diet when
access to regular foods may not be practical.
• fuel your workout                                                       • maintain body hydration
• energy to kick start your exercise                                      Carnitine drink
Carnitine bar                                                             A great tasting way to maintain
Only 112kcals per bar (chocolate flavour) to provide energy               body fluid levels, only 13 calories
and carnitine.                                                            per bottle (Cranberry flavour)

24. body
                                                                          and 1000mg of L-Carnitine.
                                                                          Drink one whilst working out.

During periods of restricted food intake the bar provides carbohydrates
and L-Carnitine to prevent the body burning lean tissue for energy.
Eat one pre workout or as a lower calorie snack.
                                    Knowing your objectives
• replenish protein
• tone and repair your muscles
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                                    During any period of a fat reducing exercise plan it is vital
                                    to track calorie intake and expenditure. It is not easy when
                                    reducing food intake to guarantee the quality of the foods
Fitness Shake
A carbohydrate reduced shake with
                                    you are eating.
25g of protein and only 165kcals.   Sportsfoods are rich in the ingredients that can help you reach your

                                                                                                     body 25.
                                    training goals whilst being lower in calories and fat than some foods
Drink one post training or to
                                    normally eaten as snacks.
replace a snack when required.
                                    Exercise burns calories and helps tone and shape your figure.
                                    While you are exercising the body needs energy. If energy levels
                                    are reduced because of dieting, the body will find the energy it
                                    needs by burning up your toned muscle - not fat, as many might
                                    think. This weight loss must not be confused with fat loss. This is to
                                    be avoided at all costs, so it is important to provide energy pre workout
                                    and to eat more proteins after working out and at meal times. Protein
                                    breaks down in the body slower than carbohydrates and thus keeps
                                    you fuller for longer.
                                    ...helps the energy production in the cell by transporting fatty acids
                                    to places where they are used and metabolised thereby contributing
                                    to the fat burning process during exercise. It also helps improve
                                    muscle recovery after exercise. It may also help to maintain healthy
                                    blood cholesterol and plasma lipid levels in the elderly therefore
                                    helping to maintain a healthy heart.
               our ambassadors
             The following few pages highlight some Michael Page
                  of the sportspeople Multipower has World and European Kickboxing Champion
             hand-picked to work with, helping them Ten times World Champion Michael Page was born

26. our ambassadors
                                                        into Martial Arts. His father is a Kung Fu Master and his
                        to excel in their chosen sport. brothers are also Kickboxing World Champions. At 24,
                                                                          he is currently ranked UK No1, and has an impressive
                                                                          array of international titles including both the US and
                                                                          British Open belts, as well as being the Italian, and Irish
                                                                          Open Champion. He has recently won the prestigious
                                                                          open weight title at the WKA World Championships in
                                                                          Huelva, Spain.
                                   Michael uses: Red Kick pre training    Mature beyond his years, Michael has been appointed
                                                                          the WKA (World Karate Association) Head Coach.
                                          Fit Protein as a second meal
                                                      and post training   When he’s not jetting off round the world to compete,
                                       X-Plode to regenerate muscles      Michael’s day job, is an Academy Manager for the Great
                                        and energy levels twice a day     Britain Martial Arts Academy. This allows him to pass
                                                                          on his skills and experience to budding kickboxers,
                                                                          some as young as five years old. In 2010, Michael has
                                                                          one aim – to work tirelessly as an ambassador for his
                                                                          sport, lobbying the IOC to allow Freestyle Kickboxing
                                                                          in to the 2016 Olympics.
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“Training and nutrition
go hand in hand, and in
Multipower I have found
a great partner. Products
are not only great tasting,

                    our ambassadors 27.
but more than meet my
requirements for every
training phase.”
28. our ambassadors
                                                      Will Clarke
                                                      Olympic Triathlete

                      Will uses: Multi Carbo boost    Will Clarke is reigning double British National Triathlon
                                        pre workout   Champion, former World U23 Champion and London
                          Iso drink during exercise   2012 hopeful. Will, from Cambridge, was first noticed
                                                      aged 15 after attending a triathlon talent spotting
                       Multi Carbo gels as required   day at Loughborough, when he was accepted onto
                      Re-Charge drink post training   the Triathlon World Class Development programme.
                                                      Will progressed well, finishing his junior year as Junior
                           Recovery bars as snacks
                                                      European runner up and Junior World bronze medallist.
                          X-Plode as a second meal
                                                      During his time at Loughborough University, he secured
                                    when required
                                                      Gold at the 2006 World and European U23 Triathlon
                                                      Championships, followed by back-to-back British
                                                      Triathlon Championships titles in 2008 and 2009.
                                                      Qualification for the 2008 Beijing Olympics was earned
                                                      with 5th place at 2007 World Championships in Hamburg
                                                      and 6th place at Madrid ITU World Cup in 2008.
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                    our ambassadors 29.
        “I am committed to my
        training regime and part
        of this commitment is
        my diet. Multipower has
        developed a range of
        products which suit my
        daily needs. The practical
        one serve sachets and
        bars mean I can carry
        them with me so I am
        never far away from a
        quality nutritional boost.”
“Due to the great success I had at
the finals earlier this year using
Multipower products, I am using
them now specifically to gain weight,
improve muscle development and

30. our ambassadors
to aid quick repair.”
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                                                       Julian Jordan
                                                       Bodybuilder and School Teacher

                                                       In his first body building competition in May 2009, Julian finished in the top ten in the

                                                                                                                            our ambassadors 31.
                                                       Nabba British finals, class one. After a month of rest and recuperation Julian decided
                                                       to set himself the challenge of breaking into the top six of class one.
                                                       “To do that I need to increase my muscle mass and continue to stay in shape so the
                                                       dieting isn't so hard come next competition preparation. So it’s back to the clean food,
                                                       increase meals per day and take lots of Multipower protein shakes, namely X-Plode,
                                                       D-Fine and Whey Protein Iso Complex. Due to the great success I had at the finals earlier
                                                       this year using Multipower products, I am using them now specifically to gain weight,
                                                       improve muscle development and to aid quick repair.
                  Julian uses: Red Kick pre workout    Training wise it’s back to the training sessions at the gym, working on a rotation of
         Energy Charge or Powerpack energy bars        muscle groups daily, using heavier weights and longer reps. I have started to do Thai
                                during workouts        boxing to keep the CV work up and keep me in shape. I do one session a week and find
                                                       it is great as a variation to the gym and keeps me motivated. To relax and help the body
Super Amino shots directly before and after training   repair itself I try to get a sauna in once a week, it just helps ease the muscle tension and
    Whey Protein Iso Complex after training and as     helps me wind down after a long week. Lots of hard work – and the challenge will be
          second meals mid morning and evening         won!” said Julian.
           Creatine during intensive training phases
                             Fit Protein to ensure a
                small protein meal is always at hand
                                                           Tony Daley
                                                           Ex- England Footballer and Wolves Fitness Coach

                                                           Tony Daley is a former England player and is now Sport and Conditioning Coach for
                                                           Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.
           Tony’s players use: Multi Carbo+ pre training   Wolves is one of many top flight football clubs that spend hundreds of thousands of
                                                           pounds on developing fitness performance and sports science. The clubs recognise

32. our ambassadors
                Recovery bars half time and post match
                                                           this is a vital area to maximise fitness and strength as well as attempting to prevent
                          Re-Charge drink post training    injuries and aid recovery.
                X-Plode as a second meal during the day    Former international and now head of first team fitness and conditioning at Wolves,
                                                           Tony Daley, recognises the importance of investing in fitness performance. Tony
                                                           works with around 35 players, doing everything from individual weight programmes,
                                                           dietary requirements, group fitness sessions, to game day warm ups and cool downs.
                                                           Each player has their own personal programmes to make sure they are in great shape.
                                                           Tony made the vast majority of his appearances for Aston Villa from the age
                                                           of 17. He played mainly as an out-and-out winger, known for his pace. He played
                                                           seven times for England between 1991 and 1992 under former club manager
                                                           Graham Taylor.
for more info go to

“Players are performing much
better since they have been
taking Multipower’s X-Plode and
Whey Protein Iso Complex as well
as protein shakes, Platinum bars
and Weight Gainer. X-Plode is

                    our ambassadors 33.
extremely effective in helping
recovery and players have seen
tremendous results.

This is vitally important because
games are coming thick and fast
and players must be able to recover
quickly. At Wolves we are very
serious about strength and
conditioning training and since
the players have been taking
Whey Protein Iso Complex we have
noticed great gains in strength and
muscle development. The lads are
very pleased with the products,
not least because they taste great.”
                                                            Emma Silversides
                                                            Professional Cyclist

                                                            Emma is a Professional World Cup cyclist who rides for Belgium based Lotto Belisol

34. our ambassadors
                                                            team, competing on the Women’s European Circuit.
                                                            Emma began competitive cycling in 2005 aged 27, after three years of top level
                                                            triathlon. During her first year, she made excellent progress on the domestic racing
                                                            scene and in 2006 began to race with Team FBUK in Belgium, gaining experience
                                                            in UCI (International Cycling Union) races and Belgian elite races.
              Emma uses: Multi Carbo gels as required       In 2007, the former maths teacher decided to take up the sport full-time. Riding with
                                      during training       Global Racing Team in her first year as a professional, Emma played a key role in
    X-Plode to recover post training or as a second meal    securing some excellent results for the team in numerous UCI races. At the end of
                                                            2007, Emma was approached by Belgium team Lotto-Belisol and signed a contract
                 Multi Carbo bars as snacks as required     for 2008.
                      Iso drink to sip during cycle rides   In 2009, still racing for Lotto-Belisol, Emma suffered two major injuries to her ribs
                                                            and collarbone, forcing absences from competitive riding and ruling her out of the
                                                            World Cup in Montreal in May 2009. Towards the end of the season, Emma returned
                                                            to competition, achieving four top-five finishes (Oostmalle-4th, Maarkedaal-4th,
                                                            Limoges-3rd, De Klinge 4th). However, after a car accident in September 2009,
                                                            Emma decided to end her season.
                                                            Emma is currently preparing for her 2010 season and will shortly announce an exciting
                                                            new racing team.
    for more info go to

“Multipower products are
definitely the best on the market
for racing and endurance training.

                        our ambassadors 35.
I am particularly pleased with
Multi Carbo bars which taste
great and rest easy on the
stomach. All too often energy
bars alter their consistency in
different temperatures and can
take some getting through if
they are cereal based. Multipower
products don’t do this, they
provide quality nutrition on
the move.”
Toulon Rugby Team                                                         “We are delighted to have the
                                                                          support of Multipower, as we
Multipower has agreed an exciting new partnership with French Top 14      look to move the club forward
side, RC Toulon. The initial one-year deal will see Multipower become     and start challenging for top
the team’s sole sports food supplier, providing the squad with products
from its extensive Active and Muscle ranges, as RC Toulon continues its   honours. Multipower has a
bid to become a leading force in European Club rugby.                     rich heritage in the industry
After narrowly avoiding relegation from the Top 14 last year, RC Toulon
                                                                          and will provide a wide range
                                                                          of products to help benefit

36. our ambassadors
recruited heavily over the summer, including English stars, Jonny
Wilkinson and Tom May, who joined from the Newcastle Falcons              the squad, enabling them to
and Wales’ Jamie Robinson, from Cardiff Blues. The club now has           maintain peak conditioning
big ambitions for the future, including a push for European Cup           and improve performance
qualification this season. They have already demonstrated their
potential in the league, beating Toulouse 18-13 in September and          this season.”
tying with Stade Francais 22-22 in their season opening match.            Steve Walsh, RC Toulon Strength
                                                                          and Conditioning Coach
Commenting on the new partnership, Strength & Conditioning coach
for RC Toulon, Steve Walsh said, “We are delighted to have the support
of Multipower, as we look to move the club forward and start              Toulon use:
challenging for the top honours. Multipower has a rich heritage in the
industry and will provide a wide range of products to help benefit the    Multi Carbo gels as required
squad, helping them to maintain peak conditioning and improve             during training
performance this season.”                                                 Protein & Energy bars
Currently top of pool three in the European Challenge Cup, and mid        as snacks when required
table in the Top 14 league, RC Toulon have made an impressive start       Whey Protein Iso Complex after
to the season, the highlight being a 31-23 home win against Saracens      training and as second meals
mid October with England International, Jonny Wilkinson contributing      mid morning and evening
16 points. Having also won their first European Challenge Cup game
                                                                          X-Plode as a second meal
33-16 away against Castres Olympique, qualification for the quarter-
                                                                          during the day
finals stage of the competition now looks likely for the club.
                                                                                        our ambassadors 37.
                          Mark Cueto
           Mark uses:     Thirty year-old Mark Cueto, from Cumbria, launched his England career
             Red Kick     with a double try scoring debut against Canada in 2003, reaching his 34th
          pre workout     cap in 2009, having started the past ten matches in a row for his country.

         Whey Protein     Playing for Sale Sharks his form in the Premiership has been exceptional
          Iso Complex     with 67 tries in 138 matches, including tries in a record equaling eight
  after training and as   consecutive Premiership matches – an impressive return from his 8 and
    second meals mid      half seasons of top division rugby.
 morning and evening      Commenting on the new partnership, Cueto said; "It is great to have the
         Platinum Bar     support of Multipower, as I work towards a big 2010 season in the build up
     between meals to     to next years World Cup in New Zealand. Multipower has played a key role
maintain protein intake   as a training partner, helping prepare me for an intense year of international
                          and domestic rugby. Sportsfood is essential for an athlete in order to put you
        Recovery bars
                          in peak condition for the big matches".
             as snacks
Multipower has been at the cutting edge of sportsfoods
for over 30 years and our knowledge and cooperation
with elite athletes has helped us create ranges that suit
not only the top end of sports but the everyday person
who is equally as passionate about their goal.
                                                                                                                  for more info go to


                                                                                                                                             knowing the facts 39.
This natural substance is essential in energy           Women have more fat deposits than men, slower           Elite performers have an increased requirement
metabolism. It is needed to turn fatty acids into       metabolism and more difficulty in losing weight.        in order to strengthen the immune system and
energy and because energy is available from fat,        Growing scientific evidence indicates that              stimulate regeneration. Studies have shown that
glucose reserves in the body are spared and the         supplementation with L-Carnitine helps to promote       1g of L-Carnitine taken daily for two to three weeks
potential breakdown of protein for energy               a healthier body weight and maintain toned muscle.      before high impact exercise could significantly
production is decreased.                                L-Carnitine is produced by the body and found           lessen damage to the muscles.
Athletes and body builders will benefit from more       in foods such as meat, fish and dairy products.         In summary L-Carnitine supports the body’s ability
than the fat burning benefits of L-Carnitine because    Low calorie and vegetarian diets can cause a            to recover from exercise, supports the ability to
it aids cell regeneration, making athletes better       decrease in L-Carnitine supplies. Athletically active   deal with high level physical and psychological
equipped to perform sporting activity for longer        vegetarians are well advised to supplement their        performance. L–Carnitine also supports weight
periods. Development of toned muscle mass is            diet with an amount in the upper range of the           management.
promoted and muscle injuries and soreness is reduced.   normal daily dietary intake which is 200-300mg,         For more information on L-Carnitine please visit the
For people trying to lose weight L-Carnitine supports   up to 1000mg maximum. The body naturally only           Lonza group’s website at
optimal fat oxidation and consequently body weight      synthesizes about 20 mg, representing approximately
reduction. When taken as a supplement to a well         10% of the daily need. The rest must be found from
balanced diet and fitness programme it can help         the daily diet.
weight control.

40. knowing the facts
The ability to maintain your training intensity can be    An additional benefit to drinking fast-acting
severely hampered if glucose availability is hindered.    carbohydrates during your workout is the favourable
During the initial stages of exercise, the major source   effect that doing so has on your central nervous system,
of energy used to reload the immediate energy             which could result in improved workout performance.
systems is muscle glycogen.                               Drinking carbohydrates during your workout also
As your workout progresses muscle glycogen                blunts the exercise-induced increase in cortisol
stores are gradually depleted. When this occurs,          that occurs largely as a result of increased insulin
a greater fuel emphasis is placed on blood glucose.       concentrations. You could also add a small amount
The ingestion of fast-acting carbohydrates during         (10 to 20 grams) of quick-digesting protein to your
your workout will increase glucose availability and       drink. During exercise, branched chain amino acids
keep blood glucose levels high during exercise.           from muscle tissue may contribute to your muscle’s
Once the carbohydrates from your drink enter              energy requirements. The addition of protein to your
circulation, the glucose is taken up by your working      drink will instead promote the metabolism of the
muscles and used for energy. Because of this              ingested protein, sparing muscle protein.
increased glucose availability, stored glycogen will      After working out it's best to consume foods that
not be used as much, resulting in reduced fatigue         are high in protein and carbohydrates but low in fat.
and quicker recovery.                                     Protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair
                                                          whilst carbohydrates are necessary to replenish the
                                                          glycogen levels that were used to fuel your workout.
Minerals and vitamins
                                                                                                                    for more info go to


                                                                                                                                             knowing the facts 41.
It is vital to take supplements to replenish the        Multi vitamin capsules will provide a daily supply
vitamins and minerals leached from the body as a        of vitamins. B-vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) are vital in
result of perspiring. General recommendations are       supporting energy and protein metabolism. Vitamins
geared to the lower requirements of non sports          C and E acting an anti-oxidants protect the cells
people, but athletes and people working out may         against stress. This is important because it is precisely
need more. BCAA supplements are important as they       intense exertion that can cause muscle damage and
contain vital branched chain amino acids, including     even the slightest damage can trigger inflammation
the essential amino acids leucin, isoleucin and valin   processes in the body which vitamins can help buffer.
in an optimal 2:1:1 ratio. Heading straight for the
muscles, they predominantly support the energy
process taking place. They also enter as muscle-
building agents and make up approx 30% of human
muscle protein. They are indispensible for both                                                                                                     Page 17 - Peptopro
muscle regeneration and performance.
                                                                                                                                     * Saunders MJ, Luden ND, Pratt CA,
Magnesium is an important supplement to fight fatigue                                                                             Moore RW, Carbohydrate and protein
and muscle cramps. In active muscles magnesium                                                                                     hydrolysate beverage improves late-
plays a part in supplying energy and ensures the                                                                                race cycling performance and prevents
optimum interplay between muscles and nerves.                                                                                             post-exercise muscle damage,
Non-specific muscular pains and muscle cramps                                                                                         Department of Kinesiology, James
                                                                                                                                  Madison University, Harrisonberg, VA,
can be prevented by taking magnesium liquid.                                                                                   USA Journal of the International Society
                                                                                                                                  of Sports Nutrition. 3 (1)S1-S29, 2006.

42. knowing the facts
Protein cannot be stored by the body so the system      rate helps reduce hunger pangs making it a great         High protein diets have been the focus of attention
is continually synthesising protein from the pool of    meal replacement shake.                                  since the Atkins diet became popular. Researchers have
amino acids within cells then breaking it down again.   Milk protein is a high quality protein source and is a   been looking more closely at how weight loss on a high
When training and dieting, if insufficient energy is    more economical option than whey protein for most.       protein diet seems to be associated with reduced
available, the body will resort to its own protein                                                               hunger cravings and therefore a decreased food intake.
                                                        Whey protein is a fast acting protein (digested
substance, the muscles, to cover the energy deficit.                                                             On a typical calorie restricted diet hunger pangs
                                                        quicker than milk protein) and is great for serious
This means that sporting performance and fitness                                                                 soon give way to binge eating with the excess
                                                        bodybuilders eating up to six protein rich meals
can be affected if there is an inadequate supply of                                                              calories being ultimately stored as fat.
                                                        per day. Whey protein isolate mixes easily with water
energy and protein.
                                                        and is also low in fat and lactose. The benefit of       The Atkins diet is unusual as it allows dieters to eat
Not all proteins are the same. The Multipower range     whey protein for the bodybuilder is its faster rate of   as much food as they want without exercising and
consists of protein products tailored to specific       digestion that keeps the body’s amino acid pool high     involves replacing carbohydrates with high protein
training needs. There are three types of protein        particularly straight after training when the body is    and high fat foods.
shakes containing protein from milk and egg,            most receptive to protein.                               The key factor that appears central to the effectiveness
Whey protein Isolate and Triple Protein Complex
                                                        A combination of milk and whey proteins should           of diets with increased protein content is that people
made from three protein sources.
                                                        be used by serious bodybuilders wishing to support       following such regimes feel less hungry and therefore
Protein from milk and egg is digested slowly over       the body’s need for protein throughout the day,          consume fewer calories.
a number of hours (time release). It still has a high   particularly when the facility to obtain protein rich    There is evidence suggesting that increased dietary
biological value of 100 meaning that most of the        foods is not practical. This protein combination can     protein intake can help weight loss by improving
protein is available to build and repair muscle after   be used to provide a constant supply of amino acids      glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity.
training. This protein source will also suit women      throughout the day making it ideal to support any
who are dieting as this high quality protein keeps      training program or diet.
you feeling fuller for longer and its slow digestion
Creatine                                                                                                             Caffeine
                                                                                                                     CAFFEINE IS A CENTRAL NERVOUS
                                                                                                                     SYSTEM STIMULANT THAT EFFECTS
                                                                                                                     SKELETAL MUSCLE AND FAT CELLS
CREATINE SUPPLEMENTATION INCREASES THE AVAILABILITY OF                                                               (ADIPOCYTES). IT IS BELIEVED TO
ENERGY TO MUSCLES ENABLING BODYBUILDERS AND ATHLETES                                                                 INCREASE FATTY ACID UTILISATION
TO SUSTAIN TRAINING FOR LONGER AND RECOVER FASTER.                                                                   DURING PROLONGED EXERCISE.

                                                                                                                                                   knowing the facts 43.
Creatine is a natural compound of skeletal muscle.         muscular disorders arise. Creatine is currently being     By increasing the release of free fatty acids from
It was identified in 1832 when French chemist Michel       tested in clinical trials for many human diseases         adipocytes into the circulation, more fat is oxidized
Eugine Chevreul discovered it was a component of           involving the body’s nervous and muscular systems.        for energy.
skeletal muscle which he later named creatine after the    Sources of creatine include meat and fish but when it     Many athletes use caffeine to kick start their workouts.
Greek word for flesh, kreas. This led to a commercially    is difficult to measure creatine intake more and more     Multipower’s Red Kick sports drink is a unique pre-
available extract from meat with claims that creatine      people are using supplements readily available in         training drink with caffeine and guarana. The caffeine
would help the body perform extra work.                    high grade form.                                          gives a quick boost prior to training and increases
Now it is widely known that creatine supplements           Creatine improves exercise performance by acting          metabolic rate whilst the gentler more sustained
increase maximum power output. Nearly all of the           at several physiological levels, starting at individual   effect of guarana acts over a longer period of time.
body’s total creatine reserve is stored within skeletal    cellular energy metabolism and extending to a             Guarana is a form of natural caffeine that is kinder to
muscle where it contributes to the cellular mechanisms     broad anabolic (growth) response. It has been             the body than the caffeine found for example in coffee.
that generate force. During the past decade many           shown that the effect of creatine supplementation         It comes from the seeds of the guarana plant and has
scientific studies have shown that an athlete’s capacity   on physical performance is most obvious during            an invigorating and stimulating effect before training.
to perform physical work is increased with creatine.       strenuous exercise.
                                                                                                                     Drinking plenty of fluids during exercise, even if it is
Creatine also plays an important role in the nervous       Creatine indirectly promotes muscle growth by             a short session, prevents dehydration and delays the
system where it provides the energy that keeps us          extending exercise output. Muscles compensate             onset of fatigue. Thirst is not a good guide for fluid
thinking as well as to overcome brain damage               for the increased load you place on them with the         replacement as the minute you are thirsty, you are
because of trauma or disease. It is needed for the         production of new muscle proteins. The newly added        already dehydrated.
proper functioning of the body. It has been shown          proteins then allow muscles to generate greater
that in inherited conditions where cellular creatine                                                                 Caffeine is also available in Multipower’s multi-carbo
                                                           amounts of force as well as to become more efficient
levels are severely depressed, neurodegenerative and                                                                 bar together with vitamins to boost your workout.
                                                           at producing and utilizing energy.
The next few pages illustrate a selection of our products
at the time of going to press. However, keep a look out
on our website for new products as we are always
looking to add to and improve our ranges.
Amino Drink                                     Fit Protein                                     Red Kick Still
• High quality whey protein drink.              • Convenient high quality protein drink         • Non carbonated caffeine & guarana drink
• Water based with refreshing fruit flavours.     with carbohydrates for energy.                  to boost your workout or fight fatigue.
• Faster acting than regular milk protein.      • 53g of protein per bottle.                    • 1000mg guarana per bottle.
                                                • Use as a second meal when required            • Total caffeine content of 160mg per bottle.
                                                  or as a post exercise drink.

55g Protein Shake                               Red Kick Carbonated                             Green Kick
• 55g of total milk protein per bottle.         • Carbonated caffeine-guarana drink             • Caffeine & guarana to kick start
• Contains milk protein hydrolysate               designed to fight fatigue.                      the workout.
  & peptides.                                   • 660mg guarana per bottle.                     • Contains 1000mg of taurine,
• Fast muscle recovery post workout.            • Total caffeine content of 105mg per bottle.     a well known amino acid.
  X-Plode                                      Whey Protein Iso Complex                       Formula 80 Evolution
  • Contains 48% Vitargo carbs.                • 80% whey protein isolate 20%                 • Blend of 4 proteins for fast medium
  • 39.6g of whey protein per serving.           whey concentrate.                              and slow release of protein.
  • 46.7g of carbs per serving.                • 25% BCAA’s plus Glutamine.                   • Ideal for those dieting.
                                               • Only 4.5g of carbs and less than             • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer.
                                                 1g fat per serving.

  D-Fine                                       Super Amino Liquid Shots                       Protein and Energy bar
  • Whey protein isolate for faster            • Protein shot with amino acids.               • 11g of high quality protein per bar.
    muscle recovery.                           • 3000mg arginine, 2175mg ornithine            • Eat one between meals to maintain
  • 24g of whey protein isolate per serving.     and 300mg lysine.                              protein intake.
  • Only 2g of carbs per serving.              • Added vitamin B6 to aid protein digestion.   • Plain chocolate coated.
Double 30% Protein Bar                        Platinum Bar                                  Multi Carbo Plus
• Double layer bar with milk                  • 50% of high quality whey protein per bar.   • Energy drink during & post training.
  chocolate coating.                          • Eat one between meals to maintain           • Mix of carbs, minerals and vitamins.
• 18g protein, 28g carbs and only 5.7g fat.     protein intake.                             • High glycaemic index carbs for fast
• 231kcal per bar (Chocolate-Coconut          • Low G.I - less sugar impact on the blood.     glycogen replenishment.

Power Pack                                    Multipower Shaker                             Re-charge Drink
• 28% of high quality protein per bar.        • Mixing sieve included.                      • Carb matrix for rapid glycogen replacement.
• Eat one between meals to maintain           • 700ml capacity.                               Peptopro protein for fast muscle recovery.
  protein intake.                                                                           • Optimum BCAA ratio.
• Milk chocolate coated.
48. due to the re-sealable pack.
  Iso Drink Mix 1750g                       ISO Drink Mix 875g                         Magnesium Liquid Drink
  • Isotonic drink for optimum hydration.   • Isotonic drink for optimum hydration.    • Each shot has 250mg of magnesium
  • Special carb matrix to supply energy.   • Special carb matrix to supply energy.      citrate for fast absorption.
  • L-Carnitine and BCAA’s to help          • L-Carnitine and BCAA’s to help           • 1 week supply.
    energy production.                        energy production.                       • Helps prevent muscle cramps and non
                                                                                         specific muscle pain.

  Multi Carbo Boost                         Multi Carbo Gel                            Recovery Bar
  • Concentrated energy gel drink with      • Energy kick with Peptopro and Guarana.   • Recovery post training with 17.1g
    high carbs and BCAA’s.                  • Rapid energy supply.                       of carbs and 14g of protein.
  • Caffeine to heighten alertness.         • Easy to use sachet.                      • Vitamin enriched.
  • Can be used throughout the activity                                                • Natural anti oxidants to help reduce
                                                                                         training stress and aid recovery.
                                                                                            Looking for a
                                                                                            new challenge?
                                                                                            In 2010 set your sights on some of
                                                                                            the UK’s most exhilarating outdoor
                                                                                            endurance events.
                                                                                            From mountain biking, to trail running,
                                                                                            to urban orienteering, there’s no better
Multi Carbo Bar - Caffeine                   Multi Carbo Bar - Creatine                     way of losing weight, upping your fitness
• Energy bar with 60% carbs.                 • Energy bar with 60% carbs.                   and boosting your energy than taking
• Delivers an instant and long term          • Delivers an instant and long term            on one or more of these challenges.
  energy boost.                                energy boost.
                                                                                            Go to our website and simply choose the
• Caffeine added to fight the feelings       • Creatine added to help buffer the
  of fatigue.                                  production of lactic acid.                   events that get your appetite sufficiently
                                                                                            whetted and download a free training
                                                                                            PDF so you can tackle each one with
                                                                                            absolute confidence, whatever your
                                                                                            current fitness level. Combine that with
                                                                                            Multipower’s range of sports nutrition to
                                                                                            fuel your training, and come 2011 you’ll
                                                                                            be fighting fit and ready to fill another
                                                                                            year’s diary with
                                                                                            memories to be
                                                                                            proud of.
BCAA Tablets                                 Multi Vita Plus
• Support energy production in the muscle.   • Intense training requires vitamin support.
• Helps protect the muscles during           • Formulated to meet the needs of athletes.
  intense exertion.                          • 100 day supply.
• Makes up 30% of human muscle protein.
  Energy Charge Carb Drink                Multipower Flapjacks                      L-Carnitine
  • Short and medium chain carbs for      • Minimum 45% of energy giving oats.      • Low – calorie non carbonated drink.
    quick energy release.                 • Box of mixed flavours.                  • 1000mg L-Carnitine per drink.
  • Maintain optimal blood sugar levels   • Great tasting snack when on the move.   • L-Carnitine can help in converting
    during exertion.                                                                  fat into energy.
  • Sportscap bottle for easy use.

  Crunch Bar                              Active Sports Bottle                      L-Carnitine Liquid Shots
  • Light crispy cereal bar.              • Multipower drink bottle – 1 litre.      • One serve shots with 1500mg
  • Only 151kcal per bar.                                                             L-Carnitine per serving.
  • 20g of carbs for energy.                                                        • Only 12 calories per shot.
                                                                                    • L-Carnitine supports the production
                                                                                      of energy from fat.
                                                The new Multipower website is a collection of articles and
                                                video created to help real people reach their sporting goals.
                                                Packed with information and useful tips plus links to events
                                                to help you set your own personal goal.

Fitness Shake
• Low fat protein shake.
• Carb reduced – only 13g per serving.
• 25g protein per serving.

L-Carnitine Bar
• Delicious snack bar with 200mg L-Carnitine.
• Only 112Kcal per bar (Chocolate).                     While every effort has been made to ensure that all
                                                                                         details are correct at the time of going to press,
                                                                                      Atlantic Multipower UK Limited cannot accept any
• Ideal small snack.                                                                      responsibility for any errors or omissions to the
                                                                                            product descriptions, specifications or prices.
                                                                                    Product design, specification and prices are subject to
                                                                                                  change or modification without notice.
Atlantic Multipower UK Limited . Robert Denholm House . Nutfield . Surrey RH1 4HW
                                   Telephone: 01737 821840 Fax: 01737 822293


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