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									                                                                                July 2009 Edition

What’s Inside:           BUSINESS AFTER HOURS
A Message From               Thursday, July 16th ~ 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Your President (pg. 2)
Welcome New                  Join us for “Pizza Pie & Hops” at
Chamber Members
(pg. 3)                              Sunset Stoves
Website May Stats
                                   233 NW 3rd Street
(pg. 3)
                          Stop in and enjoy great pizza from Papa Murphy’s, cold beer,  
Crook County Fair                    fun door prizes, and friendly networking.   
Scarecrow Contest                                          

(pg. 4)                        You won’t want to miss checking out all of the great  
                             new home décor items that Sunset Stoves is featuring! 
Crook County Labor
Trends (pg. 6)
                                            More info: Call the Chamber at
New Chamber                              447-6304 or info@visitprineville.com
Event: Network AM
(pg. 6)
Crooked River
Roundup Parade
Results (pg. 7)
                                RIBBON CUTTING
2nd Annual Western
Spirit Contest
Winner’s(pg. 7)
                           Wednesday, July 29th - 9:00 am
A New Area Code is
Headed Our Way                     THE PHOTO STOP
( pg. 8)
Community Event                          160 NE 7th Street
Calendar (pg. 9)
Chamber Member           We invite you to welcome one of the newest businesses to our
Classifieds (pg. 10)     community. The Photo Stop is a photo studio with specialty
                          products and supplies. They also have a crafters gift shop
                              provided by local crafters, party supplies and rentals.
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A Message From Your President
                     Summer is in full swing!          What can you do as a business      you fish when there is only one
                                                       to prepare for tomorrow today?     fish in the river or thousands?
                     It amazes me to see all the       Ask yourself if you are
                     activities that happen here in    maximizing your sales              What do I mean? Have a
                     Prineville during the summer.     opportunities during the           sidewalk sale or start your
                     Summer takes forever to get       summer to help with cash flow      summer clearance event earlier.
                     here and when it hits, it goes    throughout the winter. There       “Back to school” sales should
                     way too fast. During the          are literally thousands of         start near the end of July rather
                     summer, it is easy to forget      tourists coming through town       than in August. Have a happy
                     about the worries that we face    these days. What are you doing     hour on Fridays or Saturdays,
                     as a community. Not to put a      to get them into your store?       not just on your slow days. The
                     damper on the warm weather,                                          ideas are endless, but the key is
                     but there are still many issues   I hear many times from people      to get the business in the door
    2009 President   going on in our little            that I need to advertise in the    today and not wait for
                     community. We are still           fall when I am slower and not      tomorrow.
    Bryan Iverson    hovering around twenty            during the summer when I am
    Iverson Media    percent unemployment and          busy. This is not the right way    Let the chamber know about
                     many people are barely hanging    to look at it in my opinion. If    your sale or event, so we can
                     onto their jobs. Don’t let up     you are a fisherman and you        tell everyone else!
                     and don’t let the summer slow     know that the fish bite during a
                     you from preparing for the fall   certain time of year, isn’t that   Bryan Iverson
                     and winter.                       when you go fishing? Would
Chamber Observer                                                                                                                                          Page 3

Welcome The Newest Chamber Members!
RC CORRAL                                EVERGREEN                                  RIATA REALTY LLC                          MORGAN &
Robin Gannon                             PRESCHOOL                                  Cheryl Seely                              ASSOCIATES REALTY
11777 NE Ochoco Hwy                      Kristin & Justin Homan                     707 NE 3rd Street                         Cheryl Morgan
Prineville, OR 97754                     490 SE 4th Street                          Prineville, OR 97754                      445 NW 3rd Street
Phone: 447-1266                          Prineville, OR 97754                       Phone: 416-0595                           Prineville, OR 97754
delsia@aol.com                           Phone: 548-7675                            Cheryl@riatarealty.com                    Phone: 447-1330
                                         homan@evergreenacad.com                    www.riatrealty.com                        morganrealestate@ach.com
RC Corral is a convenience and           Www.evergreenacad.com                                                                www.morganandassociatesreale
sporting good store across from                                                     Whether you are a first time buyer or     state.com
Ochoco Reservoir. They have fishing      Evergreen Academy is bringing a            an experienced investor looking for
supplies, worms, pop, beer, ice and      brand new preschool and childcare          your next home, farm, ranch, or           We sell mostly Residential Real
snacks. They will start carrying         center to Prineville, OR. The center       building lot, investment, commercial      Estate. We have a very strong
hunting supplies in August! RC           is state certified with a professionally   or industrial property, we have           presence within Bank-owned listings
Corral serves biscuits and gravy from    educated staff to serve children's         Brokers that know today’s current         and sales. Our service to our clients is
7 am to 10:30 am Friday, Saturday        cognitive, motor and social needs.         market conditions and have a vast         of upmost important and we pride
and Sunday. Lunch specials from 11       Evergreen Academy is excited to offer      knowledge of the various properties       ourselves on excellence.
am to 4 pm Friday, Saturday &            quality child care and in becoming a       that are available in the Central
Sunday. Stop in soon!                    community partner in Prineville.           Oregon area, call us today!

URBAN HILLBILLY                          PRINEVILLE CHURCH                          TONI’S BAR B QUE                          THE PHOTO STOP
SALON                                    OF THE NAZARENE                            Toni Endicott                             Lori Henderson
Ashley Kimler &                          Matt Huff                                  2751 NE 3rd Street                        160 NE 7th Street
Kristina Sweeney                         780 E 1st Street                           Prineville, OR 97754                      Prineville, OR 97754
335 NE Court Street                      Prineville, OR 97754                       Phone: 447-1063                           Phone: 728-6982
Prineville, OR 97754                     Phone: 447-5710                            bbqboss@crestviewcable.com                thephotostop@yahoo.com
Phone: 233-2036                          pctn@crestviewcable.com
urbanhillbilly@live.com                  www.prinevillenazarene.com                 Toni’s BBQ is a family owner and          Photo Studio with specialty photo
                                                                                    operated business. We pride               products and supplies. Crafters gift
Urban Hillbilly Salon is dedicated to    We exist to share the good news of
                                                                                    ourselves not only with the best BBQ      shop provided by local crafters. Party
bringing Prineville a new, fun, upbeat   Jesus through compassion in our
                                                                                    this side of everywhere, but with fast,   supplies and rentals.
experience. All ages, colors, shapes,    community and around the world.
                                                                                    friendly service.
and flavors are invited to enjoy our     There are activities for people of all
hair and nail services. We can           ages, so all are welcome. We are also
guarantee you’ll feel welcomed.          host to Boy Scoot Troop #28.

                                                     June 1 - June 30, 2009
               2,285 unique visitors from 22 different countries.
               2,882 visits accessing 12,668 individual pages.
               1,108 visits to the Event Calendar, 903 visits to the Vacation section, 524 visits to the Business
                       Directory, and 309 visits to the Relocation section.
               Visitors spent on average 2:55 minutes on our site and looked at 4.4 pages per visit.
               72.69% of visitors were new visitors, while 27.31% were returning.
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                          "Open Spaces, Happy Faces"
                    2009 Crook County Fair Scarecrow Contest
      Come to the Fair and bring your best "Scarecrow" for the 2009 Scarecrow contest!
    Scarecrow contest is open to everyone - Individuals, Families, Business or Organizations.

Promote your business or your organization with an eye-catching Scarecrow. The sky is the limit. Your
Scarecrow can be traditional, whimsical or just downright fun. Do a Scarecrow challenge - business to
business or organization to organization, who can make the most unique, outstanding, fun scarecrow????

   Children: Open to children 12 years or younger, group or individual.
   Traditional: Resemble Scarecrows found in fields or gardens for generations.
   Whimsical: Whimsical character(s) made of any material.
   Crook County Business: Open to for profit businesses residing in Crook County
   Organizations: Open to any organization operating in Crook County.

Contest Rules
   All entries must be entered Monday, August 3, 2009, 9 AM to 7 PM
   Multiple Scarecrows may be displayed. You could create one for each member of your family.
   One entry per category, person, family, business or organization.
   Entries in multiple categories are permitted.

   Scarecrow(s) for display may reflect a "special" theme and/or promote a company or organization.
   Scarecrows must be in good taste and constructed to withstand the weather.
   Scarecrows must be self-supporting (free standing).
   Scarecrows reflecting controversial, social, religious or political opinions or statements will not be accepted.
      Fair officials reserve the right to remove any Scarecrow it deems inappropriate.

   Scarecrow entries/designs must be NEW each year and weather proof.
   Review the rules for each category before submitting the entry form.
      (The Fair Board and Fair Management reserve the right to place in
      category that meets the criteria of Scarecrow.)

   Signs may be placed at your display to announce your scarecrow's name.
   Business and Organization names are allowed. Please use weather proof signage.

     Check-in and Set-up: Monday, August 3, 2009, 9 AM to 7 PM.
                    Pick up: Sunday, August 9, 2009
            Join in on all the Fun at the Crook County Fair!!!

    The Chamber is encouraging all members to take part in this fun contest.
        And while attending the annual Crook County Fair, look for the
                       Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow!
Chamber Observer                                                            Page 5

   The Prineville-Crook
    County Chamber of
  Commerce would like to                           Wendel’s would like to
  thank the Best Western                                 THANK
       Prineville Inn                                TASTEE TREET
                                                      for using a local
 for providing meeting space for                    contractor for their
     the Chamber’s monthly                          parking lot striping.
  Board of Directors meetings.

               Best Western Prineville Inn
               1475 NE 3rd Street
               Prineville, OR 97754
               P: 541-447-8080 / F: 541-447-1011
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Crook County                       substantial gains in May were             Economic Indicators - Unemployment Rates
The county’s seasonally            wood product manufacturing
adjusted unemployment rate         (+60) and leisure and
was 20.9 percent in May – an       hospitality (+40). Other
increase of 1.4 percentage         services was the only industry                                           May 2009         April 2009
points from the revised April      to lose jobs in May (-10).
estimate of 19.5 percent. One                                           United States                               9.1%             8.6%
year ago the rate was 9.2          The county recorded 820 fewer
percent, for a year-over-year      jobs this May than in May 2008          Seasonally Adjusted                      9.4%             8.4%
increase of 11.7 percentage        a decline of 11.7 percent. The
points. The unemployment rate      county has experienced year-         Oregon                                     12.1%            11.9%
in Crook County has been           over-year employment declines
increasing for almost two years.   for nearly two years.                   Seasonally Adjusted                    11.8%             11.9%

The county added 150 jobs in       Industries showing the largest       Crook                                      18.4%            19.3%
May. The county typically sees     year-over-year declines were
an increase of approximately       wholesale trade (-47.7%) and            Seasonally Adjusted                    20.9%             19.5%
120 jobs this time of year. This   manufacturing (-19.4%). Three
                                                                        Deschutes                                  15.2%            15.3%
may be an indication that some     industries reported year-over-
seasonal hiring is occurring       year gains: information                 Seasonally Adjusted                    16.7%             15.6%
later this year than in previous   (+33.3%), federal government
years.                             (+9.7%), and education and           Jefferson                                  14.8%            16.3%
                                   health services (+2.7%).
The two private-sector                                                     Seasonally Adjusted                    16.4%             16.1%
industries that posted the most

Don’t Miss The Newest Networking Event!
Just think how your business       How does it work? Each
could grow if 15 people each       attendee will be seated at a table     WHAT: Network AM is a fast-paced, interactive networking session
month were referring you to a      with other Chamber                           where you will meet and get to know fellow Chamber
friend or one of their             members. Going around the                    members.
customers? That is exactly         table, each person will have 3
what Network AM, will do for       minutes to talk about their            WHEN: Friday, July 10th
you!                               business, services, products, or             7:30-7:45 am          Mingling & Breakfast
                                   themselves. This repeats 2                   7:45-7:55 am          Host Business Presentation
Network AM is a high-energy        more times at different tables,              7:55-8:00 am          Rules & ‘How it Works’
morning event which features a     until you have gotten to know                8:00-9:00 am          Networking!
structured and interactive         up to 15 Chamber members!
networking activity. The event                                            WHERE: Soroptimist Senior Center - 180 Belknap Street
will take place at the             Attendees are highly
Prineville Senior Center and       encouraged to bring business
gives you the opportunity to do    cards, flyers, or brochures with
business networking with           them so that other attendees
fellow Chamber members.            can make notes about you and
                                   your business to follow-up after
                                   the event.
Chamber Observer                                                                                                      Page 7

Crooked River Roundup Parade Results
Commercial I - 1-20 employees                                     Civic
1st - Papa Murphy’s                                               1st - Crook County Parks & Recreation District
2nd - South Valley Bank & Trust                                   2nd - Prineville-Crook County Chamber of Commerce

Commercial II - over 20 employees                                 Horse Drawn
1st - Bi-Mart                                                     1st - Dachshunds by Diggity
2nd - Pioneer Memorial Hospital                                   2nd - Church of Christ

Youth                                                             Mounted Courts
1st - Girl Scout Troop 797                                        1st - Fort Dalles Rodeo
2nd - CC 4-H Meat & Cheese Goat Club                              2nd - St. Paul Rodeo Court

Special                                                           Mounted Groups
1st - High Desert Dance Arts                                      1st - Cowgirls of the West
2nd - Prineville Missionary Baptist Church                        2nd - Lone Pine Rangers

Musical                                                             CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS!
1st - Prineville Disposal’s Trash Can Band                        If you were not at Western Daze to pick up your ribbon, you
2nd - Bunkhouse Orchestra                                         can do so at the Chamber of Commerce office until July 17th.

       2009 Western Spirit
                   Best Dressed Employees
                   1st place - House of Beauty
                   2nd place - Robberson Ford

               Best Dressed Cowboy or Cowgirl
                1st place - Bank of the Cascades
               2nd place - Community First Bank

                     Best Outdoor Display
                   1st place - House of Beauty
                 2nd place - Michael Mohan CPA

                       Best Indoor Display
                1st place - Evergreen Home Loans
              2nd place - South Valley Bank & Trust

                    Best Window Display
                 1st place - Main Street Saloon
                2nd place - Bank of the Cascades

       Thank you to all of the businesses who participated!
   Prineville lived up to being the ‘Cowboy Capital of Oregon’.
Page 8                                                     ol amb 1 I bser er
                                                          VC hu m e e r, Os s u e v1 8

                      Thank you to all of our
                 4th of July Celebration Sponsors
         Ascent Christian Church
         Bill Fisher Horseshoeing
         Central Oregonian
         Coldwell Banker
         Community First Bank
         Contact Industries
         COUNTRY Financial - Susan McDermott
         Dana Signs
         Erikson’s Office Supply
         Evergreen Home Loans - Wendy Pangle & Sheryl Rhoden
         High Desert Music
         Incredible Events
         Les Schwab Tire Center
         Kiwanis Club of Prineville
         Mark Haden Landscaping
         Mid Oregon Personnel
         Pack Ship & More
         Papa Murphy’s Pizza
         Parr Lumber
         Pioneer Memorial Hospital
         Prineville Disposal
         Prineville Insurance
         Prineville Territory Magazine
         Septic Pros
         Soroptimist International
         South Valley Bank & Trust
         Territory Review
Chamber Observer                                                                                                                  Page 9

A New Area Code is Headed Our Way
Salem, Ore. - Oregonians who       Commission. With the change              long distance.                 numbers in the 541 area code
live in the 541 area code won’t    Oregon will have four area               There is no additional cost.   by 2011.
be in danger of running out of     codes. They are 503/971 and              Dialing for 911 emergency
telephone numbers. That’s          541/458. The new area code               calls will not change.         The Commission approved an
because the Oregon Public          was assigned by the North                                               “All Services Overlay” after
Utility Commission, after a        American Numbering Plan              “There are a number of factors     broad public input, which
thorough investigation, has        Administration (NANPA),              driving the demand for phone       included 18 Open House events
approved a new area code relief    which is a neutral third-party       numbers such as businesses         earlier this year, an
plan that will ensure there are    administrator that oversees the      expanding to the continued         interactive link on the PUC
enough telephone numbers           assignment of area codes.            popularity of cell phones,” the    website and comments from
available for 24 more years.                                            Chairman Beyer added.              the industry.
                                   “After weighing the options, we
The new 458 area code will         believe this solution is the least   The Commission selected the        The PUC approved Oregon’s
serve the same geographic area     disruptive option and will meet      overlay solution instead of a      second area code in 1995, when
as the current 541 area code,      the demand for new telephone         geographic split to address the    it created the 541 area code for
which includes southern and        numbers more than 20 years           number shortage. Although the      southern and eastern Oregon,
eastern portions of the state.     into the future,” Commission         geographic split would have        and retained the 503 area code
 The Commission will work          Chairman Lee Beyer said. “I’m        kept seven-digit-dialing for       for the northwest part of the
with industry representatives in   confident customers will have        local calls within the same area   state. In 2000 the Commission
producing media releases,          enough time to make any pro-         code, it would have required       added a 971 concentrated
customer education materials       gramming changes before the          approximately half of the          overlay to the 503 region and
such as bill inserts, and public   new area code takes effect.”         current customers to change        the northwest coast became
forums to inform the public                                             their telephone number.            part of the overlay in early
before the new area code takes     All existing numbers will retain                                        2008.
effect in 2010.                    the 541 area code, but new           The Commission acted based
                                   telephone customers for local        on a projection that Oregon        For more information, visit
Customers will be able to call     phone service, cellular and          will run out of telephone          www.puc.state.or.us
from within the 541 area with      paging services, and alarms, for
either 10 digits or just the       example, assigned in the same
seven-digit telephone number       area may receive the new area
for a six-month grace period       code after the 2010
before ten-digit dialing           implementation date.
becomes mandatory. This will
give customers a chance to get     Some other key facts:
used to the change. After 10-         Customers will not have to
digit dialing becomes                 change their telephone
mandatory callers who dial            numbers.
seven digits will receive a           Local calls in the 541 area
recorded message instructing          code will require dialing 10
them to dial ten digits.              digits.
                                      If a call is currently local it
The area code is the second           will remain local and if it is
overlay approved for the state        long distance it will still be
by the Oregon Public Utility

                      Let the Chamber staff know about your event so we can encourage attendance
                                             and publish it in the Chamber Observer.
              Both Chamber & non-Chamber member events will be listed in the online calendar.
Page 10                                                                                             ol amb 1 I bser er
                                                                                                   VC hu m e e r, Os s u e v1 8

Get Involved - Event Calendar
CLASSES/EDUCATION                  SPECIAL EVENTS             Wednesday, July 15              Saturday, July 25
                                                              PICNIC IN THE PARK -            PRINEVILLE FARMERS
Monday, July 20                 Wed.-Sat., July 8-11          ALLAN BYER BAND                 MARKET
IDENTITY THEFT:                 CROOKED RIVER                 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm               8:30 am to 12:30 pm
WHO’S GOT YOUR                  ROUNDUP PARI-                 Pioneer Park                    City Center Plaza
NUMBER                          MUTUEL HORSE RACES            More info: 771-0667             More info: Kara - 280-4097
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm               Gates open at 6:00 pm, post   Cost: free
Mid Oregon Credit Union’s       time is 7:15 pm                                               Saturday, July 25
East Bend Branch - 1386 NE      CC Fairgrounds                Thursday, July 16               RELAY FOR LIFE -
Cushing Drive                   More info: 800-428-5517       BUSINESS AFTER                  CROOK COUNTY
More info: 382-1795             Cost: $5 per person           HOURS                           Ward Rhoden Stadium
Cost: Free                                                    5:30 pm - 7:00 pm               More info: 541-484-2212
                                Friday, July 10               Sunset Stoves & Papa Murphy’s   Cost: $50 per team
Tuesday, July 21                NETWORK AM                    233 NW 3rd Street
FINANCIAL FITNESS               7:30 am - 9:00 am             More info: 447-6304             Wednesday, July 29
CLASS                           Soroptimist Senior Center     Cost: free for Chamber          PICNIC IN THE PARK -
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm               180 Belknap Street            members & guests                DOUG ZINN BAND
Child Resource Building         More info: 447-6304                                           6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
205 NE 4th Street               Cost is free for Chamber      Saturday, July 18               Pioneer Park
More info: 475-0422             Members & Guests              PRINEVILLE FARMERS              More info: 771-0667
Cost: free                                                    MARKET                          Cost: free
                                Saturday, July 11             8:30 am to 12:30 pm
       MEETINGS                 PRINEVILLE FARMERS            City Center Plaza               Saturday, August 1
                                MARKET                        More info: Kara - 280-4097      PRINEVILLE FARMERS
Wednesday, July 22              8:30 am to 12:30 pm                                           MARKET
CHAMBER MONTHLY                 City Center Plaza             Wednesday, July 22              8:30 am to 12:30 pm
MEMBERSHIP MEETING              More info: Kara - 280-4097    PICNIC IN THE PARK -            City Center Plaza
Noon - 1:00 pm                                                NASHVILLE                       More info: Kara - 280-4097
Brothers’ Diner Banquet Room    Saturday, July 11             SINGER/SONGWRITER
More info: Chamber - 447-6304   LIONS CLUB MOBILE             MELODY GUY                      Wed.-Sat., August 5-8
Open to all Chamber members     SCREENING UNIT                6:00 pm - 8:00 pm               CROOK COUNTY FAIR
& guests.                       9:00 am - 3:00 pm             Pioneer Park                    CC Fairgrounds
                                Chase Bank parking lot        More info: 771-0667             More info: 447-6575
Tuesday, August 4               Cost: free                    Cost: free                      Cost: free
8:00 am - 9:00 am               Saturday, July 11             July 23-25
South Valley Bank & Trust       CHRISTMAS IN JULY             CROOK COUNTY 4-H
More info: Kathy - 447-0490     FOOD DRIVE                    HORSE FAIR
Cost: free                      10:00 am - 2:00 pm            9:00 am - ?
                                Chase Bank parking lot        CC Fairgrounds
Thursday, August 6                                            More info: 447-6228
BOARD MEETING                   July 15-August 26             Cost: free
7:00 am - 9:00 am               ART IN THE HALL
Best Western Meeting Room       Prineville City Hall
More info: 447-6304             More info: 447-5282
Cost: free                      Cost: free

                More details about these and other events can be found by visiting:
Chamber Observer                                                                                                                 Page 11

Chamber Member Classifieds
   ANNOUNCEMENTS                    The Prineville Lions Club will      hospitals awarded PMH with         Steele Associates Architects
                                    have a free Mobile Health           the distinction. PMH was one       to design their new Oregon
              Slater Chiropractic   Screening Unit at Chase Bank        of three other rural health        Open Campus Building. The
              would like to         on Saturday, July 11th from 9:00    facilities nominated.              intent of the facility is to
              welcome Dr. Mi-       am–3:00 pm. Free health                                                provide higher educational
              chael A. Crampton     screenings for: visual acuity,      Housing Works is pleased to        services such as credit courses,
              to our staff. Dr.     Glaucoma, hearing, and blood        announce the re-election of        degree programs, work force
              Crampton grew up      pressure. Diabetes screenings       Laura Craska Cooper, the           training and life-long learning
              in Pinetop,           available for free as well but      managing partner of the Bend       to the residents of Crook
Arizona. With an interest in        only with a 3-hour fast.            office of Ball Janik LLP, as the   County. The building which
the philosophy of chiropractic                                          2009 Chair of the Board of         will be located on the Crook
care and alternative healthcare     “Christmas in July Food             Commissioners. Chuck               County fairgrounds will
approaches, becoming a              Drive” will wrap up on              McGraw, land use consultant,       essentially create an educational
Chiropractor seemed the             Saturday, July 25th at Prineville   will continue with the duties of   campus from which the
perfect fit. After graduating       Relay for Life at Ward Rhoden       the Vice Chair of the regional     Oregon Open Campus will be
from WSCC in June 2008, he          Stadium. Relay will begin at        housing authority, and Michael     centered.
practiced in Piura, Peru. We        10:00 am Saturday, July 25th        Hinton, with Cornerstone
look forward to having Dr.          and wrap up at 9:00 am Sunday,      Mortgage Group, will fill the        SALES/PROMOTIONS
Crampton as a part of our           July 26th. Come walk in honor       Second Vice Chair office.
team, and encourage you to          or memory of someone, bid on                                           It is sale time at last in the
stop and welcome him.               raffle items, have a burger at      Brooks Resources                   Hidden Falls Garden
                                    Lions concessions or just hang      Corporation is celebrating 40      greenhouses! ALL annuals are
             Janel Smith            out. Bring along a can of food      years in Central Oregon, and       clearanced!! Petunias, Snaps,
             Marchi has joined      for the less fortunate!             they are asking you to submit      Coleus, Impatients, Lantana,
             the sales staff of                                         ideas for items to be included     Marigolds, Lobelia, Osteos,
             Central Oregon         Travel Oregon is pleased to         in a time capsule! The time        Heliotrope & More! Come see
             Cable Advertising      offer a FREE online customer        capsule will be buried this year   what is left and shop til you
             with responsibility    service training program            in celebration of the company’s    drop from heat! The sale will
             for regional,          available for the Oregon            40th anniversary. You can          start July 1st and the hours are
national, and political             Tourism and Hospitality             submit items via suggestion        9-5. Sale will last until all
advertising clients. Marchi         Industry, called Q Care.            boxes located at Brooks Re-        annuals are sold. Only 2 miles
brings more than 30 years           This Q Care certification           sources Realty at 446 NW           out Hwy 26 towards Ochoco
experience in marketing,            course will help your employees     Third St in Prineville or          Reservoir.
advertising and sales. She is a     to learn how to better serve        www.brooks-resources.com/
former president of the             Oregon visitors by:                 timecapsule.php.                   Bella Boutique’s Last Friday
Advertising Federation of           maintaining a positive service                                         Sale will be July 31st and
Sacramento and currently            attitude, using tools to help       The Crooked River Roundup          futures great sales, including
serves on the board of the          determine different visitors'       Pari-Mutuel Horse Races still      $15 items!
Advertising Federation of Cen-      needs, and treating visitors with   has a few openings available for
tral Oregon.                        respect and efficiency.             betting window volunteers.         This month at The Pine
                                    For more information about          Training is available nightly.     Theater:
Recognizing that people are         this program from Travel            One of the most fun volunteer      Starting 7/10 - The Proposal
hungry and in need of help all      Oregon, log on to:                  opportunities in town. Call        7/17 - Transformers: Revenge
year long, Prineville Lions         www.oregonqcare.com                 Brandi at 420-3354 to sign up      of the Fallen
Club and CCHS NJROTC                                                    today.                             7/24 - Ice Age: Dawn of the
will launch a “Christmas in July    Pioneer Memorial Hospital                                              Dinosaurs
Food Drive.” All food and cash      was recently honored with the       The Chamber of Commerce            7/31 - Harry Potter
donations will be given to the      Outstanding Community               would like to thank everyone
Crook County St Vincent de          Partner award from the Oregon       who participated in the West-      The Crook County Rodders
Paul Food Pantry. Bring food        Association of Hospitals and        ern Spirit Contest, in Chamber     is encouraging businesses to
on Saturday, July 11th, 10:00 am    Health Systems for the              Night at the Rodeo, and in the     provide promotional material
-2:00 pm at Chase Bank.             hospital’s Community Health         Western Daze event in the Pio-     for their 200 welcome bags
NJROTC Cadets will door             Improvement Partnership             neer Park.                         used at the Cruise to the Center
knock through town or you can       projects. Participants at the                                          of Oregon Car Show. If you
bring items to the drop site.       OAHHS summit for rural                       BUSINESS                  are interested in participating,
                                                                                                           contact the Chamber of
                                                                        Crook County has selected          Commerce at 447-6304.

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