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“Hello, hello!” Joe greeted his old friends when they reached his home for the first meeting
after the schooling for a yearlong. He got the same response from his friends. After bringing
a glass of water for each, he requested them to come to his room to talk. They all obeyed
him like a staff of schoolteachers following the words of their head- master.

“So, Joe what‟s up? Got any mystery for us to solve?” Richy asked folding his legs to make
him feel comfortable on Joe‟s bed.

“Nope, no mystery, but don‟t you worry about that it‟s only the first day of summer holidays
and, remember, friends, we have two solid months with us.” Joe replied firmly.

All then talked for about half an hour of their schools. Richy told about the fattest girl of his
class, Georgina told them about the boy of her class who got scolding by the teacher for
being absent for a month pretending to be sick! Everyone said at his turn. Then there was a
shout from downstairs “Joe, here‟s a call for you”. This was Mrs. Philip, mother of Joe.
Responding to that, Joe almost jumped from the bed and ran downstairs.

However, the children continued their talk until Joe came running upstairs half exhausted.
He banged the door with his leg which made all of them turn their neck round to see what
happened a second before.

“Friends, friends,” Joe said taking long pauses in between, his hand on his chest and with a
big smile on his face. “There- there was a call from Inspector R… Ryan. He wants us to
meet him as soon as possible.”

Hearing the word Inspector, they heard with full attention with their ear straight up in the
air like the trained dogs.

“Is there any crime which he wants us to solve? Any mystery,” Roge inquired from Joe who
became normal now.

“He didn‟t tell me all that. He only asked us to come to his police station.” He replied
drinking a glass of water with half falling down on his shirt.

There was silence for a minute in the room until Joe broke it and said

“Common, what are you all thinking? Let us move to the police station. This is a great
opportunity for us.”

The children were disappointed hearing from the inspector that he has no mystery for them
to be solve. Nevertheless, he wanted to tell them about the arrival of the Mayor, Mr.
Blueberry from the nearby town „Trotteville‟.
“But, sir, why are you telling us all that? The arrival of new mayor, Mr. …, what ever is his
name, does not seem to be interesting to me. Roge said using his hands.

Inspector gave him a dirty look and after a minute he replied, “Yeah, theirs nothing of your
interest. However, it may be. Who knows?”

“Inspector, I really don‟t understand those words. Can you please explain us about that?”
Georgina spoke trying to make an eye- contact with the inspector.

“Yeah, of course, Mayor is coming to our city for some security measures. Now you would
ask what are those security measures so let me tell you Mr. Blueberry told me that there is
danger to his life. Someone is after him trying to kill him. And, he thinks that we, in this
city, have good police force.” Ryan exclaimed.

Children were eager knowing when the mayor was coming. Ryan said that he would be
coming after two days from now. They also asked the address of his home and asked the
permission to visit it. Ryan agreed on one condition, that is, they would go during night
after eleven.

“Oh” said Roge and continued, “Will you please tell us about Mayor? Some….” and he
stopped, “You know”.

“Well, I don‟t know from where I should start. OK. Our new mayor, Mr. Blueberry is a tall-
heighted man with Roman features. He is around; let me guess, forty-five. He wears
spectacles. You should remember that you should never ever argue with that man. You
know if you argue with him that it will be not good for you then. Although he loves children,
especially teenagers like you.” He completed.

“Oh, thanks for that. Will you please enlighten us about his family? Like how many
members are their in his family?” Joe asked when Georgina whispered that into his ear.

“As far as I think, mayor has a family of four members His wife, two sons and himself. His
sons are much older than you are. In addition, Joe, please do not try to take them in your
detective group, “The five discoverers”.

“Yeah, I will not.” Joe said and smiled so did the Inspector. I would return those keys to you
by tomorrow‟s evening. Is there anything more would you like to share with us, inspector?”
Joe tried to inquire as much as he could.

“Yeah, of course, there are, actually, four main officers of him. They handle his every small
or big work. Let me start with Martin. Joseph Martin is the management officer of the
mayor. Before doing any work, Mayor asks him for his advice. And the most important, he
is the head of all the officers of him.”

Then Sinclair, David K. Sinclair. He is the chief security commandant. He is responsible for
the security of mayor. Though he is a rude man, he is there because he is a mastermind. He
is very clever and a good officer. Even I asked my boss to send Sinclair for the security of
mayor when I was asked.” He nibbled a toffee, which Georgina offered him. He said,

“Mr. Marley, he is performing all the clerical work of mayor and for her support mayor has
appointed Ms. Daisy.”

“Well, thanks for your valuable time which you spend with us and of course for those keys
once again.” Joe concluded and stood up from his chair and shook his hand with the

All of them hurried down to their home as it was the time for lunch. Joe asked them to
come at his home at four all of them shook their heads in response and turned their bicycle
towards their home.

“Joe, you know, there‟s something which Inspector was willing to say to us but he wasn‟t
able to say due to a reason.” Georgina said when they all were sitting in Joe‟s room
discussing, “Reason can be any like” she took a long pause to think and continued, “Like his
duty must have stopped him. It was easy to make out from his face that he was hiding
something from us.”

“Georgina, I think, there‟s a point in your words. Because why then he called us to his
police station just to tell about the new Mayor who is arriving in our city?” Richy jumped in
between the conversation of Joe and Georgina.

“Yeah, in my opinion, what Georgina and Richy said is correct. But if we get the same from
Inspector‟s mouth then it would be good.” Joe thought for a while and then told it to his

“But how are we going to do this? I think we should wait till the mayor arrives because if
we go and ask directly to Inspector than he would surely refuse us to tell.” Richy spoke.

“So, when are we meeting at night? Eleven „o clock, I suppose?” Roge said trying to change
the topic. “Yeah, at the same time, Roge, but please don‟t bring Max with you because if
any cat comes in our way than the nearby living people would wake up and would shout on
us badly, which I don‟t want.” Joe instructed Roge who was greatly willing to bring his dog
with him.

“OK. I will not. Do we have to bring anything with us like a torch?” Roge asked form Joe.
“Obviously” Joe replied. “And I would like that if Georgina doesn‟t come with us to Mayor‟s
new house.”

As soon as she heard her name, she gave attention to what Joe said and when she heard
the full sentence, her left eyebrow got up from its usual position. She only asked one
question, “But why? Have I done anything wrong?”
“No, no, Georgina you have not done anything wrong but I feel it as if we would be in any
danger than we would be able to run but I think….” Joe stopped in between and hoped that
she understood the rest. Georgina nodded her head. The situation was just like the party of
China where people have no other choice rather than voting the elected candidate!

“So, that‟s final, we are meeting at eleven. We will meet at my house‟s gate and then from
there, we shall start. OK.” Joe concluded after that each one of them went to their house.

All of them came before ten minutes of their usual time leaving Georgina who slept
peacefully at her house. On phone, Joe had asked Richy to bring a paper and a pencil with
him so that he could draw the map of the office and house of mayor. Joe thought that it
would help them afterwards as he thought there was any hidden mystery related to mayor
that would come after the arrival of the mayor.

“Joe, from where should we start? Office or house, House in my opinion,” Roge asked when
he saw Richy joining them. They all agreed to his words and moved towards the house of

The house was not as far as Joe thought. They reached within ten minutes. They went
almost whispering into each other‟s ear even the street dogs were not able to hear that! Joe
took out the keys from his pocket. He was having two keys, perhaps one for office and one
for house, he thought.

He tried the first key in the hole of the door. He turned it both sides and when he thought
that it was not the key of the house he pulled it and tried for the second one. He was
successful in it. They all pushed the gate to enter the living area. Every material in the
house was having a layer of dust on it that assured them that none has come to the house
for past fortnight.

Richy slowly took out his drawing book and a pencil box and he started drawing, sitting at
the corner of the house. Since there was no sofa or chair to sit, he sat on the floor for the
first time. He carefully drew the rooms and the living area with approximate figures of
each. Meanwhile, Roge and Joe went to the other room like the police officer going on his

The house was very big just double the house of Joe. He carefully examined each room and
the kitchen too. Richy, meanwhile, was busy drawing the map of the house. After around
half, an hour Joe came and saw the map like the teacher of a class seeing the tough
mathematical sums, which he gave to the student. He was very pleased with the map and
smiled at Richy to convey his feeling.

He than called Roge in his usual way as it was the time to go to Mayor‟s office and soon
they had to reach their house too. He carefully again locked the door and kept the keys in
his pocket. They again started talking about their school days, which they now missed. The
office of mayor was not far they reached within five to seven minutes.

At the entrance, he again took out the keys from his pocket that he did last time too. He
opened the door and than entered the office with Richy and Roge following him like the
commanders of an army following their head blindly where he would take them.

Joe saw their main five chambers in the office that he thought that one would be of mayor,
Mr. Blueberry, and the rest of his four trusty officers. Richy too did the same; he sat on the
corner and carefully took out his drawing book and a pencil with it.

Joe, than, left his friends to their house on the main entrance and asked them to come next
morning at nine at his house. On the way, he carefully watched the map of the house and
office of the mayor respectively.

He sluggishly pushed himself inside the bed and went into the world of dream.

It was one already.

“Joe, there‟s something which I would like you telling. Actually I was willing you tell this
yesterday but I wasn‟t able to.” Richy said in a sad tone on the next day when they met at
Joe‟s home. He resumed, “Well, I have a bad news for all. Our dad, Mr. Franklin got
transferred to the city from where your new mayor is coming.”

“What?” was the only question in everyone‟s mind leaving Georgina, as she knew it! She
then gathered courage like collecting the leaves falling from a tree into a box. She said and
continued her brother‟s conversation, “Yeah, its true, Joe, Roge, we are moving to our
neighboring city called something „Trot...Tor” and than she looked at Richy to help her
pronounce the name of the city. He uttered, “Its Trotteville”.

For a minute or two, Joe and Roge were both in great shock. This was something that they
had never expected on the second day of their holidays. Joe‟s eyes were as big as the size of
a tennis ball immersed in a liquid. It seemed his both eyes were trying to come out.

There was silence for a minute in the room.

Joe asked them that when they were to leave. Richy replied that they would be leaving
tomorrow. Joe saw that it was a pure coincidence, a great one indeed. On the date when
mayor was, coming Mr. Franklin was going to the same town from where the mayor is
coming. He thought it ten times.

They all decided to go to Richy‟s house and see the work of packing things going on. Joe saw
a huge truck in front of the house that obstructed the path of light to go to the house like an

All three of them ran upstairs, leaving Joe, who went to the table kept near-by. He saw the
transfer letter written to “Mr. Franklin” in clean and bold letters giving him orders of his
transfer to the city „Trotteville.‟

He opened the letter and looked at both side of it. He read it in his mind until he heard the
voice of footsteps coming. He hastily packed it again and kept it in the same position, on the
table, as before.

Georgina came from upstairs to bring Joe up. He went following her. Roge helped Georgina
keeping her dolls and all her toys in a big box. Although he did not like doing that, he did it.
Joe also helped Richy keeping his all mystery books by different authors. As their packing
was finish, Richy looked for the permission to go at Joe‟s home at evening from his mother.
She agreed at once and called Joe and Roge at dinner with the Franklin‟s tonight.

Richy, with his sister, Georgina went to Joe‟s home around five in evening. They saw Roge
in the way that came running to catch his friends. Although Roge was a little sad, this was
not express on his face. He was calm and he hugged Richy and Georgina on the road. He
said nothing but his eyes showed everything.

“Richy please show me the maps.” Joe ordered him in a loud military voice. He showed him
the maps beautifully drawn on two sheets of book separately when they reached his room.

“Joe, I thought by this time you should have returned those keys to inspector Ryan, haven‟t
you?” Georgina said looking at the wall-clock, puzzled.

“Yeah, I returned the keys. These are the duplicate keys, you know, helpful in future, may
be.” He replied, his voice now becoming normal.

“Oh, that‟s very clever of you Joe.” She uttered.

After discussing for one hour about the mayor, Joe dismissed the meeting like a judge of a
supreme court.

“See you, Joe, hope you are coming, right?” Georgina said while Joe came to close the door.


“Than see you at eight, do bring Roge with you, if you can.”

“Hello, Joe, welcome to our house.” Georgina said opening the door to let Joe come in.
Georgina‟s mother, Mrs. Franklin brought a tray in her hand consisting of many bowls full
of delicious food. Roge entered the house after a minute or two. They both occupied corner
seats. Mr. Franklin was busy preparing a document in his laptop.

“So, when are you leaving, uncle?”Joe asked. However, it was not the proper question to ask
at the starting but he said to make a conversation with the busy man.

“Tomorrow, any problem,” He replied his hands still busy writing and his face down
towards his laptop. Joe, than to pass his time started talking with Roge. Later than, Richy
came downstairs to have a glass of water but when he saw his friends sitting on the sofa he
ran towards them with a smile on his face.
“The dinner is just awesome, aunty.” Joe said as he started taking his dinner. After that,
there was perfect silence for fifteen minutes until Richy stood to wash his hands followed by
his father and the rest.

“Good night, Richy, Georgina, aunty, uncle. Thanks for the dinner, by the way.” Joe said as
politely as he could when the Franklin‟s came to leave both the boys.

“My pleasure, Joe,” Mrs. Franklin replied.

“Can we meet tomorrow? Sharp at….” Georgina interrupted her mother and than looked at
his father to say the time. He said, “At ten, we would leave at ten.”

Joe and Roge came running at nine thirty (half an hour before) when they were to leave.
Both of them meet Richy who was sitting peacefully and reading the newspaper.

“Georgina, you are late.” Mrs. Franklin screamed at Georgina who was still bathing. “We
have to leave by ten.” Her hands were shaking, as she had to do a lot of work. Most of the
things were pack already and send to the new house by the huge truck.

“Hello, friends,” Richy said as soon as he saw both of them and folded the newspaper
carefully and kept it at the table. He stood up to shake his hand with his friends.
Meanwhile, aunty kept shouting on Georgina and did her work. Uncle was seen nowhere,
perhaps, he was washing his car which he would be driving a few minute later.

“Mom, I am ready.” Georgina replied shouting back when she came out of her room. She
came down and met all three of them.

Aunty than called four of them to have breakfast, Joe and Roge refused as they had it at
their home. Within next ten minutes, the Franklin‟s were in their small car prepared to go.
Uncle started the car, Joe and Roge waved their hand and said good-bye to their “old

The car disappeared from the sight.

Roge almost started crying, he wiped his tears with his hands, which had reached his
cheeks. Joe noticed that but did not react. He uttered, “Let‟s go and see whether mayor has
arrived or not? I think he has.”

Suddenly the mood of Roge changed, he looked at him and said, “Yeah, I think, we should
go to my house because we can see the car coming from my roof.”
Both of them, for the next ten to fifteen minutes, instructed Max about the car. Max ran to
the roof and placed its hands on the wall to make it see the car. After some time Max
started barking, “Bow- bow-wow” its voice becoming shriller every time.

Both of them saw it as an indication by the dog. They ran towards that side where Max was
standing and looked for any car. They saw and Ambassador Car which left as much as
carbon- mono-oxide equal to any industry.

Joe and Roge looked each other for a second and than ran towards the car. They saw it
moving towards the house and they went to the same street. They were very disappointed
seeing a huge crowd in front of the house. Media, soldiers, cops with fully loaded Ak-47‟s
and the common people were only visible.

They than decided to go to his office, the office was a few steps from it. The office was not at
all crowded even though the mayor had come to his office directly. The ambassador, which
went to his house, contained his family.

“He is such a responsible man.” Joe said to Roge. They hunted for the permission of the
guard who was a very old man sitting at his chair after the office in his perfect dress.

They had to wait for ten minutes as the security guard went inside to do something. “Yes,
you may go.” He said after coming back. They got a big smile on their faces. Although he
wasted there, valuable minutes but he allowed them to move.

As they moved inside, the office became as silent as a mobile phone kept on silent mode.
The problem took depth when they met Sinclair. He saw them and came towards them to
say. He spoke, “May I do anything for you, master. . . . .” he stopped and both the children
introduced themselves followed by the introduction of Sinclair. They remembered that
Inspector had told them that he was a rude man so Joe tried to speak as politely as he
could. “Can we, both, meet Mr. Blueberry we . . .?”

He interrupted Joe, “What do you think Mr. Blueberry is? Is he any gardener or something
that you want to ask his grant for picking a flower from the garden? He is very busy.” He
said pressurizing on his last word.

For the first time in his life someone has shouted like that on Joe, not even his parents did
that. He gathered courage, cleared his throat and said, “We are just his fans. Can we take
his autograph?” He lied.

“Oh, you want to take his autograph. See, you little child, he is not a celebrity. He is a
worker, a social worker.” He replied.

“There‟s no way we can go inside. Leave him; we‟ll come after sometime, after this bastard
is gone.” Roge whispered into Joe‟s ear. By that time, Sinclair had left. Roge was lucky
because if Sinclair had heard someone calling him a “bastard” he would have kicked him
out of the office.
They turned back to go, they heard some voice from nearby and they looked around. A
woman, five or six year older than Joe, called them near her office. She said, “Come, you
can talk to me.”

They ran towards her without thinking for a second even.

“Hello, I am Daisy. Secretary of mayor, I heard your conversation with Sinclair sir, you
know, he is a very rude man, and you talk to me. I heard that you want to take autograph
of mayor. Is it true? No one comes here to take his autograph.” She said rather looking a bit
puzzled after her last sentence.

Both the boys introduced themselves. Joe thought that she was a decent girl to talk with
Sinclair was not. He again started hoping she wouldn‟t shout back on him, he said, “Yeah,
we didn‟t came here to have just autograph of Mayor, actually, miss, we came because we
had to ask something to mayor. But, he, Sinclair, refused us to go in so I lied.” He spoke
truth this time.

“Oh, but, what you want to ask him? Go on,”

“Can you tell us the reason behind the coming of mayor to our city from the city
„Trotteville‟? Inspector Ryan told that there is danger to his life. Someone is trying to kill
him. Is that true?” He said.

“Yeah, that‟s true. We have a good police force, as you can see.” She replied while showing
many cops with guns fully loaded. She than stood up and switched on the air- conditioner.
“Did you saw Sinclair was hurt as he was almost crawling?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“One day, in Trotteville, mayor got a letter, actually a threatening letter in which it written
that there would be an attempt to shot mayor. Moreover, when mayor cam out of the office
to go to home during lunch than one blue colored van, which‟s door opened in front of our
office and a man fired a bullet. Mayor was lucky enough because Sinclair came between the
bullet and mayor. That is the reason of sir‟s problem in walking. The bullet was shot at his
leg.” She said and folded her hands to get a response from Joe and his friend.

“Oh, hey, can you give us the letter which came? I mean, can we see it?”

“Yeah” she stood up and went near the cupboard. She brought a small letter and gave it to

He opened the letter carefully. Roge tried to peep in it. The letter contained small letter and
the handwriting was very terrible. The letter said,
Dear mayor,

Hope you are fine. Nevertheless, you will not be soon. Let me come to the point directly, one
of our man would come and will shot you within twenty-four hours from now. It‟s not joke,
which I think you are supposing now. It is a challenge, an open challenge. Get the toughest
security you can but we are clever enough. Wish you a good health.

Yours well- wisher,


Joe looked surprised when the letter ended, Roge too.

“The reason was enough for mayor to change the city.”

“But, why do they want to kill him.” Joe said.

She stood up from her chair and than drew the curtain and closed the door so that no one
could enter it. She said, “For that I need to take you a month ago.”

“Now listen what I say, carefully, right.” She said. Her voice becoming sharp and she
cleared her throat. She took the remote of the air-conditioner and changed the room
temperature from 18 degree Celsius to 16.

“It was around seven when scientist Robe came out of his small laboratory overjoyed. He
got a big smile on his face after four years. He was working on preparing a solution that
would make man immortal and he succeeded on that day.

He kissed the bottle in which the solution was present. He, than, counted the papers of his
theory, one, two . . . . . . They were total eight pages in total, which includes diagram;
content of the solution many chemical equations and still much more.

As I told you, he was working on this theory for the past four years. He went to many great
scientists of the world to tell his theory on which he was working and they just said one
thing to him, that is, “Are you crazy? Man cannot become immortal.” Nevertheless, he never
lost hope and worked hard on his theory.

Robe carefully locked the room and kept the keys in his pocket. He ran downstairs to call
his friends and his relatives. He even rang, sir, Mr. Blueberry. Everyone congratulated him
on his success and he told them that he has thrown a party tomorrow evening.” She said
and looked at Joe for his response.

“Hmmm . . . . Interesting, the theory was just awesome. Can you tell me where that
solution is, With Robe, I suppose?” He replied.

“Wait, you should hear the full incident for that.”

“Robe, than, played an album song to delight himself. He went to his cupboard and took out
his cloths and his towel for a bath. He than went to his bathroom, started the tap and came

He heard some voices from his laboratory, he ran to check. When he reached his laboratory,
he slowed his steps and sluggishly took out the laboratory key from his pocket. Robe, like a
C.I.D inspector opened the door so that the person near-by can also not hear the voice.
Robe was astonished to see a man dressed in black cloths, with his face covered with a
mask was inside the room. Robe‟s heart began to pump more than the rate at which a
leopard can run. The thief was also shocked seeing Robe. Thief just attempted his hand on
the papers and he ran from the window he came. Robe lost his temper and ran behind him
to catch but he was not successful. The thief ran from the window to the roof jumping like a
circus- man.

Robe only stood abusing the thief.

For a minute, he was not able to understand what happened a minute earlier. He than
checked his papers, now there were six, two papers missing. He kicked the near- by table in
anger. One could see that, he started shaking due to robbery; his mind stopped working
saying that, “I worked day and night to make that theory possible and that, that thief took
my four- years hard- work in not more than four seconds!”

It started raining after that. Robe cursed the thief every minute. He took those six papers
in his hand, safely kept them in his file to save them from getting wet, locked the main-
entrance door and walked towards house of mayor.

The rain became heavy that night but he faced every obstacle bravely. After some time he
reached mayor‟s house, fully wet, and he started sneezing many times. Robe rang the bell,
mayor‟s house cleaner opened the gate, and he asked her to tell mayor that someone has
come to meet him.

“Robe,” Mayor, said as soon as he say saw him getting wet in the rain‟s water. “Get in, fast.”
Mr. Blueberry ordered a cup of coffee for two, which his servant brought in the living area,
the servant offered the cup to scientist. Mayor saw his hands shaking a lot and he asked,
“What happened, Robe, Any problem?”

“I saw a thief in my laboratory. He was there to rob my theories paper, the papers that
contained the experiment that I conducted.” He nodded.


“Yeah, that‟s true. When I returned from my lab to tell this news to you, sir, I heard some
voice. I ran towards it and, and I saw a thief taking away my papers. It is my entire
mistake. I should have taken those papers with me down and must have kept them in the
cupboard.” He said and started crying in front of mayor. Mayor stood from his chair and
went near his chair to console him.

“Oh, well, I think, Robe, you should go to our home. It‟s pretty late and we‟ll talk on that
tomorrow.” Mayor asked his driver to leave him at his home. While going, Robe gave those
remaining six papers to Mayor and asked him to keep them safely.

Next day the news came that the famous scientist of the city has died. Mayor was surprised
hearing that. Police officers including inspector Ryan were not able to find the thief who
stole the papers from Mayor‟s lab. They also suspected that he might have killed the

She said and drank a glass of water. Joe and Roge were silent and looking at Daisy. She
opened the door. Both of them had meanwhile stood from their seats and still were not able
say anything. Joe asked Daisy for taking the letter with him. She allowed him to take but
reminded him to return it by tomorrow.

He nodded and both of them returned from the office to their home and Daisy got busy
doing her work.

“What are you thinking, Joe, tell me also, perhaps I could add something to it?” Roge said to
Joe who sat beside him thinking hard.

“Yeah, I was thinking how to solve the mystery, you know, the mystery in which we have to
find the thief who stole the papers and the person who killed scientist. However, I think,
one thing is common, the man who sneaked the papers and who killed the scientist are
same. No different people.” He replied.


“And one more thing, we only have a clue, that is, the letter which mayor got in Trotteville.
This is the clue that will tell us about the thief. Perhaps, the thief had written it and left it
at the office. But, the point is, how are we going to search for him?” Joe added and took out
the letter from his bag and Roge came close to him to see it.

“Joe, did you noticed that when Ms. Daisy was telling us the incident she also said that
when scientist Robe came from his room he might have told the news to his officers could
have gone and kill the scientist and brought the papers with him.” Roge said and stood up
from his chair, his voice became shriller. He said, “Because, how did the thief know that
scientist would complete his theory and that day and at that time. Someone must have
informed him. And, this cannot be a coincidence, the scientist was trying to make the
solution for the past four years and when he might have told mayor, Mr. Blueberry could
have told his officer‟s and one of them might have gone to Robe‟s home trying to steal the

“OK. Yeah, I think you are correct, Roge. This means that one of the officers of the mayor
could be the thief. Our first clue is that letter and I think we should go to mayor‟s office and
check the handwriting of his officer‟s.” Joe said in a pleasing tone. “Well done Roge, you
have done a good job.” He said in his mind.

“But, we should leave Ms. Daisy as she wouldn‟t be the thief since the thief is a man and if
she were the thief she wouldn‟t have told us about the incident.” Roge said.
“Fine, we would leave Ms. Daisy. Therefore, our suspects are Mr. Martin, Mr. Sinclair and
Marley. We are going tonight at mayor‟s office at eleven. Any more doubt?” Joe asked him.

“Yeah, one, But, the security would be very tight and than how could we go inside, they
would consider us to be the thieves,” Roge said.

“No, the security is not at all tight at night. They only have three guards at night and with
no cop, we can easily go in.” Joe spoke.

“Well, I wish, we could have a clue more so that we can investigate.” Roge said.

“Wait a minute, I think we can get some more clues, Roge, do you remember Ms. Daisy said
that Inspector Ryan prepared a report on that, perhaps, the report can help us in any way.”
Joe exclaimed.

“Yeah, you are correct, Joe, we can go now. Surely, we can get some more clues from the
report.” Roge added.

Than they, both did not even waste a minute and went to the police station.

“Hello, inspector, can we just take your five minutes.” Joe greeted inspector Ryan who was
busy completing a file.

“Yeah, sure, please have a seat, Joe, Roge.” He looked up and said.

“Can we both see the reports which you and your staff prepared after the death of the
scientist, Robe? We just want to have a look that.” Roge enounced.

“Ok, I‟ll show you the report.” He said and again stood from his chair. He stopped for a
while and turned behind, he continued, “But, who told you about that, I haven‟t, I suppose?”
He again turned and waited for the children to answer. He brought the report and gave it to

“Err_ _, well, can you tell us about something about the scientist, scientist Robe?” Roge said
trying to change the situation. He was successful enough; the inspector forgot it as if he had
never ever heard that question in his life.

Inspector said, “See the report, you‟ll understand it yourself.”

“Ok,” they both said in a chorus and looked down.

The report was in a file, a big file indeed. It almost contained fifteen to twenty papers. Joe
carefully turned it pages. In the starting there, was a profile about the scientist containing
all the things like his date of birth, date of death, inventions he made during his life?
Joe carefully turned the page. The second page contained many pictures, which showed
Robe dead. Blood came out from his chest probably the thief shot him there. The thief was
not able to get the theory perhaps he shot him. There was one interesting thing that caught
Joe‟s attention. In the report, it had written that there were six foot- prints. “There were
three thieves,” Joe whispered in Roge‟s ear.

Yeah,” he agreed.

“Inspector, may I take the report with me for a day. I‟ll return you that by tomorrow.” Joe
said. Inspector was busy doing his work. As soon as Joe said to him, he looked up and said,
“OK, but by tomorrow. I have some work with it.”

“OK.” They both said collectively.

“That report really helped us.”Joe said while cycling. Roge looked at him and spoke, “Yeah,
by the way, give me the file, I‟ll get a copy of that and would return it to inspector
tomorrow.” Joe nodded his head and they both drove their bicycle to a corner. Joe gave the
report to Roge. They again began to pedal their cycles.

“So, we are meeting at eleven at your home, right? Joe asked Roge.

He nodded to accede.

“Bring a torch for me too if you can, will you? And, of course leave Max at home.” Joe almost
screamed so that he could hear easily.


“Than, see you at eleven,” Joe spoke and turned towards his home.

“Bye,” he replied and went to his home.

They both met at the gate of Roge‟s house at eleven, Robe was a bit late but Joe was not
disappointed with that. They both started to walk towards office of mayor. Many questions
came in mind of Joe but he washed off them. Robe gave a torch to his partner when he saw
the mayor‟s officer.

His heart started beating very fast, but he did not say anything, he had to prove himself to

“Switch on your torch,” Joe spoke and they both switched on their torches. Joe whispered
something into Roge‟s ear. He said, “You go that side and I will hit the tree that side, wait
for a minute or two, try to hide yourself in the tree and I‟ll run inside and will open the
gate. If you can, try to waste security men‟s time so that I have enough time to open the
gate and run inside. When I‟ll reach Martin‟s room, that side, I‟ll whistle slowly so that you
can come up through the window, understood.” Joe explained him his idea using his fingers.

“Yeah, I understood.” He nodded.

“Best of luck and wait for me to whistle,” Joe said and took his position and a big stone in
his hand.

They executed their plan well. Joe whistled and Roge understood at once that it was for him
to climb the pipe and reach Martin‟s room. Joe, inside, waited for his friend to come and
helped him to come inside. For a minute or two, they giggled and than again went to their
respective work.

Joe went near a drawer and rolled his hands over the things inside. There were many
things, which his hand felt like papers, files. Files where the main things for which he
came. He bends down and he allowed a ray of light to go inside and carefully took out a file
to search for Martin‟s handwriting.

He turned the pages of the file. First two to three pages were computer printed one so he
left them and continued his work. “No, the handwriting doesn‟t matches.” He whispered
after matching the writing more then ten times.

He kept the file inside and again rolled his hands over other file. He got a tiny file, perhaps
Martin‟s personnel diary (which Joe supposed) but it was not.

“I think these are any company‟s share paper.” Roge said as slowly as possible.


The file gained interest of both the kids. Roge now peeped to read its letter. It stated that
Martin suffered a huge loss in a companies share. He sold the shares just at the half rate,
moreover, the shares where in large number.

He kept the file inside and did like the previous time. Now he got personnel diary of Martin.
It was brown in color and rich –looking. Joe turned its pages with Roge standing near him
and observing what Joe does.

At its eighth or ninth page it was clearly written in Martin‟s language that,

“I cannot forget this date. Today, I had to suffer a huge loss in share – market just due to
my stupid boss, Mr. Blueberry. He advised me to sell the shares because he saw in a
channel that our country was going to suffer recession soon so it was good that if I sell all
my share, because if I did the same tomorrow, perhaps, I have to endure the effect with
double force. So, without thinking even for once I sold all my shares and took the great
“But, when I next day saw news channel, it was surprising for me that the shares which
were supposed to get down are just double. Oh my god, what has happened with me! I
should have used my wits. I am just willing to kill my boss.”

For a minute or two, there was perfect silence in the room. Joe and Roge were astonished
especially with the last line.

Next, it was the room of Sinclair followed by Marley and Daisy. Both of them did not find
any interesting thing on which they could investigate more. The last line of Martin‟s diary
came in mind of Joe after every minute. Joe was disappointed because the handwriting of
any of mayor‟s officer did not match with the letter.

“Joe, I think we can get something from Martin, I mean, he can help us in some way.” Roge

“Yeah, I agree with you. However, how can we do that? You know, he is an officer that too
in mayor‟s office we cannot just go and ask him questions that we want to.”


“So, in my opinion we should follow him for the next two days and than watch how many
people he meets. Perhaps he meets those three thieves, which killed scientist and took
away the pages. Surely, he would open the way for us.” Joe proclaimed.

According to their plan, their first aim was to go to Martin‟s house and follow him from
there, listen to his calls, how many people he meets during the day etc. Therefore, they
gathered in front of Roge‟s home and cycled to Martin‟s house from their.

It was a bright morning, sun at its prime, kids paddled to Martin‟s residence and reached
their within fifteen minutes. They kept their bicycles near a big tree and waited for him to
come out. There was an ambassador car perhaps waiting for him to come and drop him to
the mayor‟s office.

Ten minutes from then, Martin came out of his house ready to go to the office. Joe saw his
watch, it was correct ten, and Joe congratulated him on his nature of punctuality. Martin
was dressed like an army officer fully ready to go to the office. He carried a big black
briefcase in his hand and walked to the car. The car drove in a minute from then.

Joe and Roge did not waste a second, picked up their bicycle, and tried to follow the car.
They were lucky enough as the car was not in a great speed otherwise they would also had
to increase their paddling speed.

The discoverers left their bicycles near bushes and ran to the office when they saw the
guard standing and opening the gate for the car to enter. Martin was the first person to
come to the office.

Joe went to the back of Martin‟s room and located a comfortable place for both of them and
from there they were easily able to hear all the call that he receives. The area was too out of
the office so there was no guard troubling them to leave the place.

“Yes, yes, I am in the office.” Martin said to someone on the phone and continued, “We need
ten to fifteen more cops for the security of mayor. Ryan, actually I want to see the report of
the murder of the scientist. OK. I‟ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Hearing the word Ryan
children at once understood that it was Inspector Ryan and Martin was going to see the
report of scientist Robe.

They took their bicycle and followed the car.
 Ryan was reading the newspaper when Martin entered. Inspector stood at once and
saluted his boss. They talked for half and hour until he stood up and brought the report
from the cupboard and showed it to Martin.

“I felt so pity for this man.” Martin uttered watching the file.

“See, how cunning is he. First he killed the honorable scientist and now he is having
sympathy for him.” Roge whispered to Joe.

“Wait; let us hear what he says.” Joe replied.

“Sir, you want to take these with you,” Inspector said to the busy man.

“Yeah, I need to examine these. Well, by the way, Ryan, I asked you for ten cops. You know,
we need to increase Mayor‟s security.” He said firmly.

“Sure sir. They‟ll be in the office within this hour.” Ryan said.

Both the kids sculled back to the office. There were many person including Sinclair, Marley,
Daisy and the Mayor, Mr. Blueberry. They again went to their position where they had
been sitting and listening to the talks of Martin.

Subsequently, a man entered into the room and asked him for his signature in a file. He
asked the man to go, read the file carefully, signed it and called in the man and gave it to

Soon it was lunchtime, all the staff of the Mayor went for the break of two hours, and the
children too went to a café to discuss their next plan.

“Joe, I am sure that he has killed the scientist. You know, he might have taken the report
to burn it into fumes so that the police can‟t investigate the case.” Roge said after ordering
sandwiches for both of them.

“No, this is not an efficient proof. Perhaps he really wanted to investigate on the case.” He

“Let us suppose that Martin has killed the scientist and now some of the pages are with
him and he knows that the rest of the pages are with the mayor, therefore, he want the
mayor to be thrown out of his way. If this were his planning then he would be having two
profits; first, that he would be immortal with the solution and the second that he would be
our new mayor. No body would ever suspect him that he might have done that for power
and being immortal.” Roge said wiping away the cheese from his mouth.
After thinking for a while Joe said, “Hmmm... I think you are correct. Nevertheless, we do
not have any proof against him and he himself went to Ryan and asked for security guards
for Mayor. No one has asked him to do that.”

“Perhaps he wanted to show- off.”

“In my opinion, we should go to Martin‟s house and find something. Probably, this could
show us the way.” Joe spoke.

After the lunch, Joe rang Roge and from his house, they started for Martin‟s residence.
They arrived at his house and Joe rang the door- bell. An old man, perhaps seventy- eighty
opened the door. He was short heighted and wore torn cloths. He coughed now and then,
which irritated the boys.

“Hello, I am Joe Philip. We are looking for the house of our friend. His name is Tim; can you
please help us out?” Joe alleged.

“No, no. We do not want any of the salesperson. Please go from here.” He replied.

Joe at once understood that he hears loud. Therefore, understanding the situation he again
repeated his words but in a louder voice than previous times.

“Oh, you are looking for Tim. Well, I do not know any Tim. You may go to the neighboring
house and confirm from them.” He said.

“Can you please call any of the kid; perhaps they know Tim and can help us in telling his
address.” Roge jumped in the conversation of the old man and Joe.

“Mr. Martin doesn‟t have any kid.” He said and there was a big round of cough of the old
man. Both the children gave him a bad look but he was busy coughing. “Now will you please
go from here?” He said as soon as his coughing was over. He did not even permit them to
think for a while and shut the door with his full force.

“The house only contains an old- man. We can go easily in with the window.” Roge said as
they again started towards their bicycle.

“We are not thieves. Moreover, we don‟t have any need to go in.” Joe replied.

The hectic day ended into a peaceful night. Both of them were very tired and went to their
beds early. Previously, they talked on the phone on how to spend their next day following
Martin, who was their first suspect. Nevertheless, never knows what happens next!
Next they morning they again gathered and discussed their next plan. It was to again go to
Mayor‟s office and listen to Martin‟s call further they would plan next move after dedicating
the day in following him.

As soon as the breakfast was over at Roge‟s family, both of them began their ride for
Mayor‟s office. This time they directly went to the office rather than following Martin from
his house. They took their position near the window and paid heel to the calls inside.

There was nothing mysterious that morning, only signing at the files, some of the person
coming in to meet him, some wrong calls and all such trash.

Going back home empty handed, both of them were very disappointed as their morning was
just wasted. Nothing strange they found which could lead them to the right path. However,
they were sure that the murder of the scientist was bound to the office, related to the
officers of Mayor.

Joe and Roge quickened there step, as it was teatime and in no doubt there parents would
be waiting for them.

Suddenly, while passing someone‟s room, Roge heard some voice from inside, he at once told
this to his partner, Joe. They went near the windows with their ears straight up like dogs,
there were perfect silence outside but were not inside.

“OK. I am coming there. Yeah, the papers are with me.” Voice came from inside. ON
further investing, they found that it was the room of Marley. What were the papers about
which he was referring? Was he saying of the papers of the theory of scientist Robe? What it
could be?

“He is going to give some papers to someone. We have to find that whether those papers are
of the theory or something else. We have to follow him for that.” Joe said to Roge.

“Yeah,” was the reply from Roge and both the boys went near the tree and looked at the
gate for Marley. After a minute or two, he came out of the office with a briefcase perhaps
containing the file. He walked along the road and looked at his watch for time. There was
one car waiting for him in which he sat and ordered the driver to take him to that hotel.

Both of them followed the car in such a way that the driver was not able to guess that some
children were following the car. The car went outside the town, which worried Joe. Both of
them tried to remember the way on which they were going. They pedaled the cycle to keep
pace with the car.

At last, they reached the hotel. The car stopped and Marley moved towards the hotel. He
asked the driver to park the car and went inside. The children waited for him and after
sometime, they too went inside the hotel. Marley went to the second floor and so did the

There was a person sitting and waiting for Marley to come. As soon as he saw him, he stood
up from his place and gave a warm smile to him. After that, both of them shook hands with
each other.

Roge and Joe took a place after three to four small compartments from where they were
easily able to keep an eye on them. To pass the time, Joe ordered some burgers and coffee
that the waiter brought in about ten minutes.

On the other side, Marley showed the file to the person. The man was beautifully dressed
leaving his brown shoes that were torn from left side. For the next couple of minutes they
enjoyed their coffee, which the waiter brought. As soon as it over, they again went back to
their work and again started saying their business language.

Joe and Roge were trying to make out their words but it was not possible to hear even a
single word. Abruptly, the man stood up from his chair and walked towards the toilet. Joe
soon recognized it as a chance to have a look of the papers that Marley brought.
He too stood up from his chair and went near Marley. Roge was not able to say that what
would happen next. Joe took a glass of water and from the table and walked towards
Marley. He took out his cell – phone and showed that he was talking. When he was in front
Marley, he poured the water on his shirt.

“OH, I am so sorry sir. I was just having a call which made my mind else where.” He said
keeping the phone in his pocket as its work was over.

Marley was not expecting this from the boy. He screamed at him, “You, mad boy, can‟t you
walk from the other side? See, what you have done.”

“I am really sorry sir.”

Marley stood up from his chair and walked towards the washroom. Joe called Roge who was
half way down. They both saw the papers. TO their amaze, it was not the papers of the
theory of the scientist. IT was papers saying that some one was going to buy scientist‟s

It was Sinclair.

“But, why he wants to buy the house of the dead scientist.” Roge said.

“We‟ll discuss that later. See, both of them are coming. We need to leave as fast as we can.”

After the conversation was over, both of them left the hotel, picked their cycle and went
back to their respective houses with many doubts in their minds.

“But, why he wants to buy the house of the scientist, Robe?” Roge again inquired the same
question from Joe. “Why,”

“Hmm….” Joe said and exhaled some carbon dioxide from his nose. “I am thinking the

“I think he was eager to explore the scientist‟s house so that he can solve the mystery.”

“But, why did he need to buy the house for that. He can just go to the house and can explore
it and this is not his work. He is the security commandant of the Mayor not a detective who
is in charge of all this stuff.” Joe said.

However, Joe, you know, our next clue is that file only. The file would now lead us to the
path of solving the mystery. And, for that, in my opinion, we should keep an eye on
Sinclair.” Roge uttered.


Roge added, “Do we have to follow him for that.”
“Obviously, Roge, Don‟t talk like stupid‟s.” Joe said. “So, we are meeting tomorrow at
Mayor‟s office at ten for that. OK?”

“Yes,” Roge replied and suddenly stood up from his chair.

“Did you hear that voice of police‟s vehicle?” Joe said looking puzzled.

“Yeah, they are going at Mayor‟s home I suppose. Joe, see, there are many cops and they
are in hurry. I think some thing wrong has happen around there. Nevertheless, what made
them in so much hurry?”

“We should go to Mayor‟s house for that.” Joe said and both of them ran downstairs and
went to Mayor‟s house.

As Roge described there were many cops, people from media and many more, moreover
something wrong has happen. The problem was that the thieves who murdered scientist
Robe had stolen the papers of the theory that were with the mayor for the town‟s security.

Mayor was very angry on Sinclair as he was the security officer and he threatened him to
find the papers as soon as possible if he wanted to continue his job in Mayor‟s office.

Mayor was puzzled that how the thieves entered the building as many cops were standing
out for security that too in daytime.

By the time, the other officers of Mayor, Mr. Blueberry had called the detectives who were
searching for the clue of thieves near the window. The papers were in a separate room
whose keys were with Mayor. In spite of that, it shocked Mayor that how the thieves
entered his house and took the papers with them.

“I want the papers at any cost. Did you get that Mr. Sinclair?” Mayor shouted at him.

“Yes, sir,” Sinclair replied with his head down.

Next day, as it was planned Roge and Joe met at Mayor‟s office for solving the mystery,
which had become so important for them now. They also took Max, the dog of Roge with

Seriously, they got nothing until the lunchtime when the office was about to close and they
too decided to head back to their respective houses.

Suddenly they heard some voice outside Mayor‟s house. Mr. Blueberry was talking to
perhaps Sinclair.

“Sir, I need to talk to you for a minute. May I?” Sinclair said politely when he sat on the
“Yes, but I hope the topic isn‟t about rubbish things leaving the matter of the thieves?”
Mayor said.

“Sir, actually the topic is regarding my mother. In the morning, she rang me and asked me
to come to her. She also said that she is in her last stage of life.” Sinclair said and started
crying loud.

“Don‟t… Do not cry, Sinclair, I understand your feelings. But, you know, we have to find the
thieves as soon as possible.” Mayor uttered with his hand on the shoulder of his officer.

“Yeah, I know, sir, that we have to catch them as soon as possible but my mother is as
precious as a gem to me. I have to be with her in her last stage. Please, sir,” He added.


“And by the way, I am going to Trotteville. You may call me when you think that you
require my work. I‟ll be their in no time.” He said.

“OK. You may go. When are you going and coming back, Sinclair.” Mayor spoke.

“Oh, thanks a lot, sir, well, I will be going in evening and would back tomorrow morning.”
Sinclair said and stood up from his chair and left the room.

Within a minute or two, the officers and the staff went for lunch to their respective houses.

At home, Joe and Roge were both confused that why did Sinclair asked for Mayor‟s
permission to go the town. Perhaps, he really wanted to meet his mother who was seriously
ill. Whether, there was any other work that he had to complete urgently?

As both of them were following Sinclair, so they also decided to go to Trotteville. Joe told his
friends, Richy and Georgina, that they were coming to their home for staying with them for
a week. Nevertheless, Joe told them nothing about the mystery that they were solving right

There parents also agreed to send their children to there former friends who were living in
a different town. However, the parents of Roge were having a problem. They did not allow
Roge to take Max with him also; they refused to keep it with them. They thought that Max
would create a lot of trouble for them.

Miss. Daisy readily accepted to keep Max with her. She also said to Roge that Max would be
very happy with her. It would be a happy weak for it with her.

As there problem was solved, both of them talked to their friends and told them that they
were coming to meet them. There was no limit of joy for all of them. Until the evening,
there bags were packed. They greeted there parents and started on their bicycle. Both of
them first went to Sinclair‟s house and then followed him until Trotteville.

Soon they entered the new town, the house of Sinclair came, they tried to remember the
street and the house and than went to their friends home which was on the other street.

Georgina opened the gate and was surprised to see her friends. Meanwhile, Richy also came
and they hugged both of them. Roge and Joe went and saw their new home.

“Richy, Georgina, I think, I need to tell you all this.” Joe said while settling himself on the
bed. Suddenly, all of the three looked at him to hear what Joe was going to say.

For the next thirty to thirty five minutes, Joe said and all of the three listened. In between
Roge too helped Joe.

“Ok.” Richy said.

“So, what is our next aim?” Georgina said.

“Here in Trotteville we have two aims. Firstly, we need to follow Sinclair and secondly, we
have to go to scientist‟s house where the murder took place.” Joe said and added, “And for
all that stuff we only have a week with us.”
Further, all of them went to Sinclair‟s home. Joe rang the doorbell. A young boy opened the
door. Joe told him that they were collecting fund for blind people. Joe also asked him to give
some money, if he could. The boy ran inside, perhaps for getting the money. Nevertheless,
after sometime they heard the voice of Sinclair coming. Within a minute, Roge and Joe got
disappeared from the sight. Richy was not able to make that what has happened to them.

“Yes, what do you want?” He said in a loud voice.

“Sir, may I know your name please.‟ He said.


“Actually, we are collecting fund for blind people. If you are willing to pay, anything, you
may do the charity.” He uttered politely.

Sinclair went inside and than shouted, “John shut the door. No charity from this house,
Shut the door, John.

John understood that Sinclair was not willing to pay anything so he gave ten shillings.
Richy, just to prove he right, took out a page and asked some questions from John. “Are you
his son, John?”

“No, he is my uncle.”

“How many members are there in your family?” Richy asked.

“Only, two, He and I,” Now, go otherwise he‟ll kill me.” John said and shut the door.

Joe was happy that Richy had asked John that how many members were there in their
family. John said that there were only two members proving that there was no mother of
Sinclair and he was lying too.

“But, why did he tell lie to Mayor? I mean, what was his purpose of coming to Trotteville?”
Georgina said to three of them while having coffee in their room.

“Yeah, I was too thinking of the same, Georgina. Perhaps, only Sinclair would be able to tell
us about all that.” Joe uttered.

“And, we can‟t go to him to ask all this questions. We need to investigate a bit more.” Richy

“So, Joe what are we going to do next.” Roge spoke.

After thinking for a while, Joe opened his mouth to say something, he said, “Well, I think,
we should follow him and find out where he goes, with whom he meets, perhaps, this would
lead us to something. You know, there is some reason for which Sinclair has come to
“And, Joe, as you told that he is going tomorrow morning back to your town therefore he
would surely be going to do that in the night.” Roge continued.

“Yeah, you are right, Roge. We are going to Sinclair‟s house in the night and would follow
him.” Joe spoke in a cheering voice.

As it was planned, to go to Sinclair‟s home in the night, four of them prepared for all the
required items which would be needed by them during there investigation. Georgina
brought some biscuits packets for them, Richy checked everyone torch, Roge brought some
batteries for the torches, while Joe was planning there strategy.

At night, around ten, four of them left for Sinclair‟s house from the main window of Richy‟s
room. All of them switched on there torches and started moving briskly to Sinclair‟s

Within ten minutes they reached there, they were having only two bicycles, Joe rode one
and Richy the other while Roge and Georgina sat at the back.

They kept the bicycles near the bushes; Georgina and Roge were having the duty to sit near
the bicycles while Joe and Richy went inside the house

Luckily, on window was open, which gave both of them a chance to peep in. They saw John
sleeping peace fully, while Sinclair was seen nowhere.

Joe than understood that where he might have gone, He took three of them to the scientist‟s
home, on their bicycles, within some time they reached scientist‟s residence.

He asked his three friends to be as quite as possible. At the front of the garden there was on
motor- bike of someone. Joe, at once, understood that this was of Sinclair.

After some time, Sinclair came from the house and said something to him, “Time, to go back
from the service of mayor.” He said very slowly but, anyhow, Richy heard it and that told it
to Joe.

They than thought that perhaps he was going back to tell his nephew, John, that he was
going back. Nevertheless, his reason of coming to Trotteville was still a mystery for the

However, leaving all that thoughts outside the house they went inside. It was locked from
the main door. Than they thought of trying there luck to get inside from the back door.
Through the garden, they reached the back door. It was pretty cold during the night in
Trotteville. Moreover, it was a dark night.

All of them walked slowly to make no noise. They were lucky enough that they found the
back door open. Through it, they entered the drawing room of the “Mysterious House”.
All of them took their path after that. Joe went to the bedroom of the scientist, Roge to the
first floor with Georgina and Richy went to the library of the scientist. After observing the
house for about ten minutes, Joe called all of them down in scientist‟s bedroom. He wanted
to show something to them.

After the three of them came to the bedroom, Joe started what he wanted to say, he said,
“Well, I am amazed to see a packet of chips in this room. See, Inspector Ryan told us that
this house was locked for more than a month than how could there was a freshly opened
packet of chips remained. Isn‟t that strange?” He said and raised the packet so as they
could see it clearly.

“Yeah, you are right, Joe. But, what can we do to it?” Richy said.

Suddenly, they heard voice of someone coming to the house. Joe ran to the window and was
amazed to see three men coming back to the house. Joe told it to his friends.

To his amazement, after hearing Joe, Georgina shouted as loud as she could and the men
too heard it. They ran inside from the back door and Joe ran to lock the door of the

“We aren‟t having Max with us; it would have surely saved us.” Georgina said and started
crying. All the three boys opened their minds to find a solution to save themselves.

They had only to option, firstly to fight with the three men, which was nearly impossible,
secondly, to run away from the place. Nevertheless, how will they protect themselves from
the three muscles cum thieves?

Their heart was pumping very fast, indeed, very fast; in addition, their hands started
shaking due to fear. On the door, the thieves were shouting and beating badly to open the

All of them thought to save themselves from the thieves. Suddenly, Georgina felt on the
ground by two small rods, which were fixed on the ground. Joe ran to make her stand and
than he looked at the rods. He tried to pull it and it was pulled! He opened it and it seemed
that it was a gate. There was complete darkness inside but they all four jumped inside
without thinking much.

Firstly, Richy ran inside, he, after settling himself shouted, “Common, jump, its safe here.”
Hearing those words Roge and Georgina also jumped at once followed by Joe. Meanwhile,
the thieves had broken the gate. They were shouting like anything and than they saw the
children going inside the tunnel.

“Everyone, be together and switch on your lights.” Joe said to the discoverers. They saw the
lights of the men coming behind them. Still, they were running were fast and Joe was
worried for Georgina. Richy and Roge were running ahead and Joe was running with
Georgina at the back. The distance between the thieves and her decreased at a great speed.

Joe than asked Georgina to come on his shoulder and than Joe ran as fast as he could,
within a minute or two, he left Roge and Richy much behind, Joe than thought that he was
very tired and his team was too very tired. Therefore, he told the boys his plan.

His plan was to switch off their lights and take the next first left turn so that the thieves
would go further in search of them and they would be together. They all obeyed Joe and
took the next first turn. They heard the voice of three men passing by them, which gave
them much required satisfaction.

They sat on the ground fully exhausted. The shoulders of Joe were paining very hard. Joe
asked all three of them to switch off their lights until they were sitting at that place. They
all sat in complete darkness and stood, after five minutes to move forward again. Joe was
thinking that the path would lead them to the solution of mystery that was still unknown.

They all were prepared to walk. Abruptly, they saw the light of a torch in front of them. To
their amazement, it was on of the three men that went by their side when they were sitting
in the tunnel.

The man started laughing loudly and said, “I am Tom. Tom who killed your scientist who
was preparing the solution, you kids were trying to be smart. My dear, this tunnel has been
dug by us for our safety and of course to stole the papers from the Mayor‟s house.” He said
and again started laughing.

“You mean, this way would lead us to Mayor‟s house!” Roge said in amazement.

“Yes, kids, this would. Nevertheless, I will not let you go their. Your dead bodies would be
lying in this tunnel and sir would be the king of this world.” He said and took out his pistol
from his pocket.

“OK. OK. Please do not kill us. We will not tell anything to anyone. I promise.” Georgina
started crying and begging for her life.

“BY the way, who is your sir?” Joe asked him.

“Mr. Sinclair. He is our boss and the person who wanted to kill your mayor and be the
mayor of the town.” He said.

“We can fight with one but we can‟t fight with three.” Joe said slowly to Roge‟s ear.

“Hey, no talking among you, now, tells me who want to die first. Common.” The thief said.

Seeing the correct time, Roge kicked at the stomach of the thief and his head went down.
Than this was the turn of Joe. He punched him hard on his head. Now the man was lying
on the ground with a lot of pain. Joe took his pistol and three of them switched on their
lights again.

They had known that Sinclair was the culprit but the Mayor did not know that. He thought
him to be his faithful officer who was searching for the thieves who killed the scientist and
took the papers.

“Now, I understood, everything” Joe said and started running with his three discoverers.
“We need to find the way to Mayor‟s house and tell him everything about his officer,

All four of them were prepared to fight with the two other men who might be on the exit of
this tunnel, but this time they were having a pistol with them.

“Tom, where are you. Our torch is going dim.” The voice came from the front. Joe thought
this to be a good opportunity for himself. They waited for their torches to get switched off
and within a minute it got. Than Joe said, “Sit on your knees or else I‟ll fire you.” he than
fired a shot in air to prove himself.

The boys ran and tied the hands of thieves who were sitting on the ground. Furthermore,
they saw some light form upwards and a ladder too. With the help of ladder, Joe went up
and opened the gate of the tunnel. He was amazed to see the gate ended in the room of the
mayor. He helped Roge and Georgina to come up followed by the thieves and than came
Richy at the last. Joe threw his pistol inside the tunnel and than closed the gate of it.
They were happy that they had caught the men and now he knew who the head of them,
Sinclair was.

Joe ran to call Mr. Blueberry and his staff while Roge and Richy kept an eye on the thieves.
Within a minute, Joe came back. In addition, he told everything to him starting from death
of scientist and ending until the tunnel‟s gate. Mayor was shocked that how these kids were
able to catch these kids.

After that, Sinclair came to the room. Until now, he did not know that the kids had ruined
his game. Seeing him, Mayor said, “Catch him, he should not run.”

Now after the saying of Mayor, Sinclair realized that something has gone wrong against
him. He suddenly took his pistol, which was fully loaded, and showed it to Mayor.

“I‟ll, kill you, Blueberry.” For the first time, Sinclair has removed “Sir from mayor‟s name,
which shocked him. He continued, “I worked day and night sincerely for you but in return
what you did, nothing. All the time, you favored Marley, not me.”

“But, you should have told me.” Mayor said.

“You are not a kid that you need to be told everything. Nevertheless, now I will not leave
you, Blueberry. I‟ll kill you,” He said.

Unexpectedly, Miss. Daisy was hearing all that. After sometime, Max came from the behind
and jumped on Sinclair‟s back. To his amazement, Sinclair left the pistol and Mr. Blueberry
took it from the ground.

After that, he called inspector Ryan and asked him to throw Sinclair behind the bars. The
police officers went inside the tunnel and brought Tom who was still crying in pain. Than,
Mayor and all kids went to Trotteville at scientist‟s home and searched for the papers. The
thieves had hid the paper behind the mattresses of the bed.

Mayor said to Joe, “Well, you and your team had done a lot of thing for me. Give me a
chance to prove myself the same.”

After thinking for a while Joe said, “Sir, I don‟t require anything from you except the
transfer letter of my friend‟s father from Trotteville to our town.” He said.

“Done, “Mayor said and left.

Within a week, everyone of their town started calling them, “The five discoverers,” and the
discoverers lived happily and waited for another mystery to come.

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