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									 TABLE OF CONTENTS                                 006 FORD MOTOR COMPANY FUND CONTRIBUTIONS

 President’s Letter.......................3        Education and Innovation
                                                   (includes K-12 and higher education) ....................................................................$31,004,842
 Educating Tomorrow’s
 Innovators.................................4      Community Development
                                                   and American Legacy .....................................................................................................$25,033,406

 Building on America’s                             Auto-Related Safety .............................................................................................................$1,610,481

 Keeping Our Roads                                 Total Contributions .......................................................................................................... $57,648,729
 Safe and Secure.......................11

 One Company, One Goal,                                Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader             supports initiatives and institutions that foster innovative
 Many Hands.............................12             based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes            education, auto-related safety, and American heritage and
                                                       automobiles in 200 markets across six continents. With              legacy. National programs include Ford Partnership for
                                                       more than 280,000 employees and more than 100 plants                Advanced Studies, which provides high school students
 Helping Out at the                                    worldwide, the company’s core and affiliated automotive             with academically rigorous 21st century learning experi-
 Local Level...............................14          brands include Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln,                   ences, and Driving Skills for Life, a teen-focused auto safety
                                                       Mercury, Volvo and Mazda. The company provides                      initiative. The Ford Volunteer Corps, established in 2005,
                                                       financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.               continues Ford’s legacy of caring worldwide. Through the
 Worth Noting............................16            For more information regarding Ford’s products, please              Volunteer Corps, salaried employees, union members,
                                                       visit                                         retirees and their families participate in a wide range of
                                                                                                                           volunteer projects in their communities.
                                                       Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services is
 Contribution Guidelines............17                 committed to creating opportunities that promote corpo-             Note: Ford Motor Company Fund is not affiliated with the
                                                       rate citizenship, philanthropy, volunteerism and cultural           Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation is a separate entity
                                                       diversity for those who live in the communities where Ford          from Ford Motor Company. No member of the Ford family
                                                       does business. Established in 1949 and made possible by             or Ford Motor Company management is on the Ford Foun-
                                                       Ford Motor Company profits, Ford Motor Company Fund                 dation board of trustees.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                               FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                                       
PRESIDENT’S LETTER                    These are the voices of people who helped us                                           Going forward, Ford                     achieve our goals and the voices of people affected                                    Motor Company Fund
                                                               by our efforts.                                                                        will continue listening
                                                                                                                                                      to the voices like those                     You’ll read about them and others who are key
                                                                                                                                                      above as we examine                  players in the Ford Motor Company Fund story, a
                                                                                                                                                      new grant requests
                                                               narrative that I personally have been following since
as.well.—.through.first-person.accounts.of.                                                                                                           and determine the best
                                                               beginning my career at Ford in 1988. As chairman of
                                                                                                                                                      way to help. Because
those.who.have.been.touched:                                   Ford Motor Company Fund’s board of trustees and
                                                                                                                                                      as Executive Chair-
•	 “Because of Ford PAS, these kids are not only will-         through my active involvement in the creation of
                                                                                                                                                      man Bill Ford said last
  ingly coming to school on a Saturday, they’re wait-          Ford Volunteer Corps in 2005, I have seen for myself
                                                                                                                                                      year: “Being known as
  ing in line to get in.” — Gilbert Maldonado, director        that Ford and its employees are making a differ-
                                                                                                                                                      a company that cares
  of corporate and foundation relations for the University     ence — and you’ll see it too.
                                                                                                                                                      and makes a difference
  of Texas-Pan American, who helped establish Ford PAS         It will come as no surprise that Ford Motor Compa-                                     in the world helps us
  programs in 15 local high schools during 2006.               ny’s plan to reduce costs and bring the company back    differentiate ourselves in a challenging competitive
• “We are saving lives with this program.” — Heidi             to profitability affected the amount of money Ford      marketplace. It’s an important part of who we are,
  Koch, West Orange High School parent responsible for         Motor Company Fund was able to spend on grants          and a key to our future.”
  bringing Driving Skills for Life to 300 local students in    in 2006. But our commitment to playing an active
                                                                                                                       I am deeply committed to leveraging all that we do to
  March 2006.                                                  role in the community has not diminished in the
                                                                                                                       make the world a better place for all of us.
• “A group of caring people who want to make the               slightest. You’ll see that commitment as evidenced by
  world a better place is going to change one city at a        programs and initiatives we supported in 2006 focus-
  time.” — Jenna Affholter, an eighth-grader from Rochester,   ing on education, American heritage and safety.
  Michigan, who participated in the Ford-supported Future      You’ll also see that Ford Motor Company Fund
  City competition.                                            grants and Ford Motor Company volunteer efforts
• And this, from Suzanne Bingham, Ford Volunteer Corps         go hand in hand. Whenever possible, we coordinate       Jim Vella
  Volunteer of the Month for April 2006: “I am a true          financial contributions with physical support to        President
  believer that you reap what you sow.”                        maximize our impact.                                    Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                           FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                              
Ford Motor Company Fund helps educate and empower America’s youth by fostering strong, enduring relationships with the organizations that serve them.

Ford Partnership for                                            The Ford PAS program began to take
                                                                shape in South Texas when thousands of
Advanced Studies (Ford PAS)                                     high school students and their parents
                                                                participated in Hispanic Engineering,
“As you look at South Texas and see the alarming rate           Science & Technology (HESTEC) on the
that Hispanic students fall through the cracks — the            UTPA campus in 2005. Sponsored in part
number of kids who won’t make it through high                   by Ford Motor Company Fund, the week-
school, let alone college — you know we needed a                long program was designed to spark an
new approach,” says Gilbert Maldonado, director of              interest in science, math, engineering and
corporate and foundation relations for the University           technology — and perhaps even the desire
of Texas-Pan American (UTPA). “Ford PAS is now                  to pursue a career in one of these areas.
helping our students see the big picture.”                      “The collaborative relationship between
Maldonado is part of the team that helped bring                 the South Texas Ford PAS program
Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies to South                  and HESTEC has played a huge role in
Texas in 2006.                                                  shaping science-related attitudes and in
                                                                moving students and parents to achieve                      Ford PAS students charge forth during HESTEC.
By combining the resources of high schools, commu-              and pursue higher education,” says Dr.
nity-based organizations, higher education institu-             Roland S. Arriola, chair of the National                      of Education in Ohio. “Educators and industry leaders
tions, government entities and businesses, Ford PAS             HESTEC Steering Committee.                                    agree that working together enhances the necessary
is a curriculum that teaches academics through a                                                                              rigor and relevance in our classrooms.”
real-world context.                                             Fifteen schools ranging in size from 200 to 2,500
                                                                students began implementing the Ford PAS program              Former Ford employee Mary Elmquist now serves
“I like that we do hands-on activities because I don’t          in 2006 with a focus on better training bilingual             as a liaison between Ford PAS and the Lima, Ohio,
like just sitting in class listening; I like to be active,”     and bicultural members of society. Says Maldonado,            Chamber of Commerce, which supports the Ford PAS
                                                  says Pharr,   “We’re helping prepare the next business leaders of           program at the town’s Bath High School.
                                                  Texas,        South Texas.”
                                                  sopho-                                                                      “Bath is truly a model Ford PAS school,” says
                                                  more Juan     Texas is one of 21 states implementing Ford PAS               Elmquist. “They have all the elements of the program
                                                  Antonio       across a total of 133 sites. Ohio is another, and in fact     and are just months away from graduating the first
                                                  Garza.        is the first Ford PAS state affiliate in the nation.          class to complete all 21/2 years of the curriculum.”
                                                  “That’s       In 2006, Ford PAS partnered with the Ohio Depart-             Elmquist says Ford PAS clearly makes sense to these
                                                  why I love    ment of Education to implement the Ford PAS pro-              students. “The exercises give them real-world experi-
                                                  the Ford      gram across the state. “Ford is a model for the positive      ences in the classroom, and then the field trips help
                                                  program —     impact that business/industry can have on educa-              them see actual examples in action,” she says. “Ford
                                                  because       tion — a partnership that is needed for our nation to         PAS goes well beyond the rote memorization of facts
                                                  you’re        remain competitive in the 21st century,” says Stan            and figures. It helps kids learn how to think critically
  A hallmark of the Ford PAS program is           always on     Heffner, associate superintendent for the Department          and communicate effectively.”
          hands-on participation.                 the go.”

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                                  FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                               
Ford Motor Company Fund helps educate and empower America’s youth by fostering strong, enduring relationships with the organizations that serve them.

Ford Career Academy                                         And now the group is getting help from Ford.
                                                                                                                        College for Creative Studies
Innovation Community                                        In 2006, Ford Motor Company Fund announced the
                                                            formation of a new education initiative that recognizes
                                                                                                                        Summer Exploratory Camp
                                                            and rewards best practices among career academies
California’s Coachella Valley is home to some of the        such as the one in Coachella Valley. The Ford Career        For the past five years,
nation’s wealthiest people — and some of its most im-       Academy Innovation Community (Ford CAIC) is the             Detroit’s College for Creative
poverished. The golf courses and gated communities of       latest component of Ford Motor Company Fund’s               Studies (CCS) has offered its
Palm Springs stand in stark contrast to the below-pov-      innovative education strategy. Career academies are         Summer Exploratory Camp for
erty living conditions that exist in the city’s shadows.    one of our country’s most successful high school            high school students interest-
                                                            redesign strategies. These small learning communities       ed in finding out more about
                                                            draw on career themes to bring real-world relevance to      careers in artistic areas such as
                                                            academic instruction.                                       interior design, crafts and auto
                                                                                                                        design. In 2006, Ford Motor
                                                            In partnership with education policy specialist Social      Company Fund awarded 10
                                                            Marketing Services, Ford Motor Company Fund                 students a “Women in Trans-
                                                            designed a 12-point action plan to serve as a guide for     portation Design” scholarship
                                                            career academies across the country. Communities            to attend the camp, a move        Ford Scholar Jill Hakala
                                                            committed to following the action plan have the             that increased interest in the      presents her design
                                                            opportunity to receive a start-up grant and will receive    auto design track and doubled concept to fellow campers.
                                                            technical assistance to help implement the action plan.     applications for the program.
                                                            They also have the opportunity to implement the Ford        This Ford Scholar program took a historically all-male
                                                            PAS curriculum and program (see related story on page       area of the camp and transformed it to a 50-50 mix.
   When Ford CAIC students took a field trip to the         4). The designated strategies include active involvement
 University of Southern California, it was the first time   from local business and higher education leaders.           In addition, several Ford employees signed on as
   most of them had experienced a college campus.                                                                       instructors, creating an industry connection that CCS
                                                            Coachella Valley’s career initiative had been humming       Continuing Education Director Carla R. Gonzalez says
To help improve the odds of the area’s disadvantaged        along for 18 months, “but we were struggling with           is vital to the program.
children, the Career Pathways Initiative was formed.        how to scale up and sustain the infrastructure,” says
“We conducted a labor market survey and identified          McNulty. “We were looking for tools to take us to the       “This gives students the opportunity to experience in
three industry clusters to focus on,” says Kim McNulty,     next level.”                                                person what it might be like to be an auto designer,”
program manager for Coachella Valley Economic                                                                           Gonzalez says. “Seeing the commitment our auto indus-
Partnership’s Career Pathways Initiative. “Then we be-      Enter Ford CAIC, which has helped boost the program         try has to the school shows students the pipeline — the
gan the process of training our students in the areas of    to the next level and then some. “Ford’s technical assis-   connection they’ll be able to make from college to career.”
health care, multimedia and advanced technologies.”         tance and professional development support are help-
                                                            ing us transform the way we educate,” McNulty says.         Gonzalez says that the 10 Ford scholarship students
The Career Pathways Initiative’s goal was to expand         “They brought in a new perspective and have given us        might not have otherwise had the means to attend the
and enhance career opportunities for low-income youth       the sustainability necessary to give our students the       camp. “These were the kids whose eyes glittered the
and retain, expand and attract higher-paying jobs to the    21st century skills employers have told us they’ll need.”   whole time,” she says. “We heard from them that they
Coachella Valley by providing a highly skilled workforce.                                                               were very proud to be a part of the program.”

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                             FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                               
Ford Motor Company Fund helps educate and empower America’s youth by fostering strong, enduring relationships with the organizations that serve them.

National Engineers Week Future City Competition                                                        NAACP Career Day &
                                                                                                       Youth Summit
One group of kids wanted to rebuild New
Orleans so that it would be able to withstand
                                                                                                       “So you’re graduating. Now what?” This was one of the
future hurricanes. Another group aimed to
                                                                                                       questions attendees of the 2006 NAACP Career Day &
eliminate the blight of urban Detroit. All suc-
                                                                                                       Youth Summit were asked — and experts were on hand
ceeded through the 2006 National Engineers
                                                                                                       to help these students find an answer.
Week Future City Competition.
                                                                                                       Ford Motor Company Fund has partnered with the
Now in its 14th year, Future City asks middle-
                                                                                                       Detroit Branch NAACP since 2000 to reach thou-
schoolers to create new-and-improved com-
                                                                                                       sands of young people from Detroit-area high schools,
munities, first using donated computer-aided
                                                                                                       colleges, youth organizations and churches. Parents,
design software and then in large tabletop
                                                                                                       teachers and mentors are invited to participate in a day
models. Working in teams and with a teacher
                                                                                                       filled with workshops, presentations, and the chance to
and volunteer engineer mentor, students must
                                                                                                       meet representatives from colleges and corporations.
solve an important social need — to redevelop
an abandoned strip mall in 2006 — and discuss                                                          In April 2006, the event helped students prepare for
their choices in an essay. Some 30,000 students                                                        their future by focusing on financial management,
from more than 1,000 schools participated in                                                           professional presentation, entrepreneurship and health
the 2006 competition.                                                                                  awareness, and included a keynote address by social
                                                                                                       activist and TV personality Jeff Johnson.
Judie Vihonski, a teacher from Valley Middle
School in Oakland, New Jersey, whose students
developed a restoration plan for Chernobyl,
was impressed by her students’ attitudes.
“They figure technology will win out,” she
says. “They’re optimistic, and they’re willing to
tackle anything.”
A student from Rochester, Michigan, whose           Students from Abington, Pennsylvania, win second
team took third place in the national competi-          place with their Future City “Decodelphia.”
tion with a plan to develop Detroit, proves the
teacher’s point. “A group of caring people who
want to make the world a better place is going
to change one city at a time,” says eighth-grader
Jenna Affholter. “And that can make a whole lot                                                        Keynote speaker Jeff Johnson (second from left) is greeted by
of difference.”                                                                                         NAACP and Ford Motor Company Fund representatives.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                             FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                                 6
Ford Motor Company Fund helps educate and empower America’s youth by fostering strong, enduring relationships with the organizations that serve them.

Society of Manufacturing                              Newspapers in Education
Engineers Education Foundation                        Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali and Rita Hayworth are
                                                      just a few of the Hispanic role models chosen by
Reinforcing its 25-year commitment to the educa-      students in 23 communities across the country who
tion of the automotive industry’s future workforce,   participated in the 2006 Hispanic Heritage Program
Ford Motor Company Fund continued its support         art and essay contest. Through this Newspapers in
of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)       Education initiative, students were asked to research
Education Foundation in 2006.                         a person of Hispanic descent who has made a signifi-
One grant supported the foundation’s Science Tech-    cant contribution to the community, and then create
nology & Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS)           a portrait of and write a composition about their
program at the University of Detroit Mercy. STEPS     subject. Winners received U.S. savings bonds to use
is a weeklong summer camp that gives middle-          toward their education.
school students early exposure to engineering         Also in partnership with Newspapers in Education,
through hands-on activities.                          Ford Motor Company Fund honored the achieve-
Another grant funded the SME Ford PAS                 ments of African Americans, Asian Americans and
Scholarship, which is awarded to graduating           Native Americans. All of these programs — Historical
students of the Ford Partnership for Advanced         Healers; Asia Today: Many Places, Many Faces; and Meet
Studies program (see page 4) whose goal is to major   America’s Original Nations — enriched students in
in technology or engineering in college.              Detroit, and Meet America’s Original Nations was also
                                                      available to students in Atlanta and Cleveland.
Says Sherril K. West, president of the SME Edu-
cation Foundation, “Ford’s ongoing support of                                                                    Winners of the national Newspapers in Education art
the SME Education Foundation’s programs gives
                                                                                                               competition stop by the Tigers’ Comerica Park on their way
young people positive, hands-on manufacturing
experiences and exposes them to exciting careers in
                                                                                                                            to the Detroit Institute of Arts.
math, science and technology.”

                                                          Award winner Monica Garcia with her portrait
                                                                       of Frida Kahlo.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                   FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                               
From preserving America’s heritage to improving the quality of life within this country’s communities,
Ford Motor Company Fund engages in partnerships that make a difference.

Ford Orientation Center                                   Ford Freedom Award                                              Ford Made in America
at Mount Vernon                                           Three giants in American theater were honored on one night      Orchestras from sea to shin-
                                                          in May 2006 when the Ford Freedom Award celebrated              ing sea performed an original
“Ford Motor Company’s support of Mount Vernon             “The Groundbreaker and The Captivator” at the Charles H.        score by one of this country’s
started with Henry Ford,” says James C. Rees, execu-      Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.           leading classical composers in
tive director of George Washington’s Mount Vernon                                                                         2006 through the Ford Made in
Estate & Gardens in Virginia, referring to Ford’s         The late Ossie Davis was named the 2006 Ford Freedom            America initiative.
donation of a fire engine in 1923. “It continues with     Award Honoree for his dedication to improving the African
the Ford Orientation Center, a vital resource that        American community and the world in general. A brass plate      Under the guidance of the Ameri-
will be the gateway for generations of young Ameri-       bearing Davis’s name was added to the Ring of Genealogy, the    can Symphony Orchestra League
cans to learn about George Washington.”                   centerpiece of the museum’s Ford Freedom Rotunda lobby.         and Meet The Composer, a new
                                                                                                                          work by Joan Tower was com-
                                     The grand open-      Esteemed actor Morgan Freeman, the 2006 Ford Freedom                                                  World premiere
                                                                                                                          missioned by a consortium of
                                     ing of the Ford      Award Scholar, delivered the scholar’s lecture to 2,000 stu-                                           in Glen Falls,
                                                                                                                          65 small-budget orchestras —
                                     Orientation          dents — including winners of the Ford Freedom Award essay                                                New York.
                                                                                                                          including at least one group from
                                     Center took place    contest hosted by Detroit Newspapers in Education. The          each of the 50 states. The resulting network meant
                                     with great fanfare   Scholar award is bestowed upon a living individual who has      that the tiniest of ensembles had access to resources
                                     on October 27,       demonstrated excellence in the field of the Honoree.            typically afforded only by much larger groups.
                                     2006, in con-
                                     junction with        In addition, Woodie King Jr. was given a special 2006 Ford      Tower’s work, titled Made in America, uses the
                                     the unveiling of     Freedom Pioneer Award for blazing a path to success in the      familiar “America the Beautiful” anthem as a start-
   Mount Vernon in miniature.        the Donald W.        performing arts for many talented African Americans. King       ing point and takes it to new heights.
                                     Reynolds             is the founder and producing director of New Federal The-
Museum and Education Center. Featuring remarks            atre and National Black Touring Circuit in New York City.     Throughout 2006, this piece was interpreted anew
by Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough                                                                       by each orchestra that performed it, as they ap-
                                                          “We salute Ford Motor Company for its ongoing support of      plied their own unique artistic style. The composer
and veteran broadcaster Roger Mudd, the event in-         the Ford Freedom Award,” says the museum’s Tyrone Daven-
cluded lively 18th century military re-enactors, music                                                                  frequently traveled with the tour, conducting and
                                                          port. “Over the years,                                                        hosting residencies in a number
by a fife and drum corps, and confetti cannons with       Ossie Davis and Morgan
pyrotechnics — all free to the public.                                                                                                  of cities. In November, Tower
                                                          Freeman have served as                                                        was present at the Santa Barbara
With state-of-the-art theaters screening short films      role models for people of                                                     Symphony’s performance, where
produced by The History Channel, a miniature model        all ages and backgrounds                                                      representatives from Ford Motor
of the estate, and bronze sculptures of the Washing-      in the entertainment in-                                                      Company Fund received a signed
ton family, the Ford Orientation Center gives visitors    dustry, and we are proud                                                      copy of the Made in America score
from all across America an overview of the Mount          to add Ossie Davis’s name                                                     in appreciation for the company’s
                                                                                      Ford Freedom Award and essay contest winners
Vernon experience prior to touring the estate.            to the Ring of Genealogy.”                                                    national support of this endeavor.
                                                                                          with company and museum executives.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                             FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                           
From preserving America’s heritage to improving the quality of life within this country’s communities,
Ford Motor Company Fund engages in partnerships that make a difference.

The Silk Road Project                                       Alameda National Center                        Saluting Martin Luther King Jr.
As a global corporation, Ford Motor Company has a
                                                            for Latino Arts and Culture                    Thousands gathered on the
vested interest in promoting cultural exchange. In 2006,                                                   National Mall on November 13,
the Silk Road Project headed by Yo-Yo Ma continued to       The bright pink museum in San Antonio’s        2006, for the groundbreaking of
that end, forging new pathways of understanding across      historic Market Square was bustling with       the Martin Luther King Jr. Me-
the country.                                                construction activity during 2006. Alameda’s   morial in Washington, D.C.
                                                            Museo Americano — part of the Alameda
One outstanding example is Silk Road Chicago, a year-       National Center for Latino Arts and Cul-       With Ford Motor Company
long collaboration that began in June 2006. More than       ture — is scheduled to open in 2007 to tell    providing a major contribution,
2,500 visitors were on hand for the opening hours of a      the story of the Latino experience in Amer-    company representatives were on
Silk Road-related celebration in September at the Art In-   ica through visual arts exhibitions, educa-    hand to help turn the first few
stitute of Chicago — all of them enjoying free admission    tion initiatives, performances and public      shovels of dirt.
                                                                                                                                                Martin Luther King Jr.
thanks to Ford Motor Company Fund. Festivities includ-      programming.                                   Also in attendance were dignitar-
ed performances by Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, the
                                                            Through funding from Ford Motor Compa-         ies such as President George W. Bush and former Presi-
Chicago Children’s Choir, and the Natya Dance Theatre,
                                                            ny Fund and in partnership with the Smith-     dent Bill Clinton, who said, “The monument — how-
a Chicago Indian dance troupe.
                                                            sonian Institution, inaugural programming      ever beautiful it turns out to be — will be but a physical
Chicago patrons enjoyed the artistic legacy of the Silk     for the museum includes the exhibits The       manifestation of the monument already constructed in
Road Project in 2006, including special programming         Smithsonian in San Antonio, objects from the   the lives and hearts of millions of Americans who are
during regularly scheduled Ford Free Evenings.              collections of 10 museums of the Smith-        more just, more decent, more successful, more perfect
                                                            sonian Institution; Conjunto, photographs      because he lived.”
                                                            of musicians by John Dyer; and Cantos del      The King Memorial — the first on the Mall to honor an
                                                            Pueblo: Tejano Musical Landscapes, paintings   individual African American — will be situated between
                                                            focusing on the role of music in inspiring     the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial,
                                                            Tejano painters.                               where King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech
                                                                                                           in 1963.
                                                            Work also continued during 2006 on the
                                                            Alameda Theater, which will debut as a full-   Earlier in the year, Dearborn’s Henry Ford Museum
                                                            time Latino performing arts center within      commemorated King’s birthday on January 16 by
                                                            the next few years.                            debuting a permanent exhibit exploring American free-
                                                                                                           dom. With Liberty and Justice for All takes a close look at
                                                                                                           the progression of civil liberties from the Revolutionary
                                                                                                           War to the impact of the Civil Rights Movement, and is
                                                                                                           sponsored in part by Ford Motor Company Fund.
        Thousands attend the opening celebration
                 of Silk Road Chicago.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                                
From preserving America’s heritage to improving the quality of life within this country’s communities,
Ford Motor Company Fund engages in partnerships that make a difference.

Robots: The Interactive                                  ACCESS                                                            Our Journeys/Our Stories:
Exhibition and Ford Free Days                            In its first full year of operation, the Arab American National
                                                                                                                           Portraits of Latino
Throughout 2006, kids and kids-at-heart enjoyed an
                                                         Museum preserved history and enlightened visitors during          Achievement
                                                         2006. Through an ongoing relationship with the Arab Com-
in-depth look at robots, from practical examples to      munity Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS),
futuristic fantasies.                                                                                                      In 1990, Antonia Novello became the first
                                                         Ford Motor Company Fund supported the museum’s weekly             woman and the first Hispanic to serve as a U.S.
                                        With its         multicultural arts series.                                        Surgeon General. In 1993, Ellen Ochoa soared
                                        sponsor-         Comerica Ford Global Thursdays brought the best in world          into space, becoming the first Hispanic female
                                        ship of          music and performance art to metro Detroit each week —            astronaut. In 2002, Derek Parra set the world
                                        Robots: The      from a 14-piece Swahili Arab-influenced orchestra to a            record in the 1,500-meter speed skating compe-
                                        Interactive      Grammy-award winning Native American singer-songwriter.           tition, making him the first Mexican American
                                        Exhibition                                                                         to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. In
                                        in Chicago,                                                                        2006, museum patrons heard these stories and
                                        Arizona,                                                                           more through Our Journeys/Our Stories: Portraits
                                        Detroit and      National Council of Negro Women                                   of Latino Achievement.
                                        Kansas City,
                                        Ford Motor                                                                         The Smithsonian exhibition, which traveled to
                                                         Helping women live their lives to the fullest was the goal of
  The robot exhibit provides hands-on   Company                                                                            Indiana, Puerto Rico and Texas in 2006, features
                                                         a partnership between Ford Motor Company Fund and the
                                        Fund con-                                                                          24 individuals and one extended family sharing
         learning – and fun.                             National Council of Negro Women in 2006. The “Tomor-
                                        tinued its                                                                         their Latino experiences, values and ideals, and
                                                         row Begins Today” campaign presented a national forum on
longstanding dedication to innovative educational                                                                          highlights Hispanic American contributions to
                                                         wellness, mental health, finance and fulfillment.
programming.                                                                                                               this country. The exhibit, its national tour and
                                                         During the Michigan event in October, 600 women packed            related education materials are made possible
On three Sundays during the summer, families had         the Ford Conference & Event Center in Dearborn to hear a          by Ford Motor Company Fund.
the opportunity to visit the Robots exhibit at The New   panel of experts discuss health issues such as heart disease,
Detroit Science Center free of charge through the        cancer and diabetes. Michigan Surgeon General Kimberly
Ford FREE FunDays program. Ford Motor Com-               Dawn Wisdom talked about how arming oneself with a fam-
pany Fund sponsored similar programs at the Fine         ily health history is crucial.
Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Art Institute of
Chicago, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Minneapolis       The tour inspired a book called Tomorrow Begins Today: Afri-
Institute of Arts, and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of       can American Women as We Age, which peels back the layers of
Art in Kansas City, Missouri, during 2006.               perceptions, attitudes and concerns about growing older.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                             FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                        10
With a vested interest in automotive safety, Ford Motor Company Fund invests time and money in education and prevention efforts.

Driving Skills for Life                                Prior to that event, between July and December 2005, five
                                                       West Orange High School students were killed in car acci-
                                                                                                                          Corazón de mi Vida
                                                       dents. Outraged and overwhelmed and looking for answers,
“Our mission was to have the kind of impact that       Koch turned to the Web and found Ford. Specifically, she           Child safety seats re-
might one day save a life,” says Heidi Koch, who, as   found Driving Skills for Life.                                     duce the risk of fatal
president of the Parent Teacher Student Associa-                                                                          injury by 71% when
tion of West Orange High School, arranged for a        Developed in 2003 by Ford Motor Company Fund, the                  used correctly, ac-
Driving Skills for Life ride-and-drive event near      Governors Highway Safety Association and a panel of safety         cording to a 2006 re-
Orlando, Florida, in March 2006. “I heard from         experts, Driving Skills for Life is a free comprehensive train-    port by the New York
more than a few participating students and parents     ing program intended to augment what students learn in a           Governor’s Traffic
that we accomplished that goal — and then some.”       standard driver education class. The program focuses on the        Safety Committee.
                                                       four key areas that are critical factors in more than 60 per-      Unfortunately, the
                                                       cent of crashes: hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed       report continues,          Child passenger safety seat
                                                       management and space management.                                   more than 90% of          technicians instruct parents
                                                       Driving Skills for Life educates teens with a combination          child safety seats are      on the proper fit during
                                                       of ride-and-drive events in communities across the country,        used improperly.           Corazón de mi Vida events.
                                                       support materials such as a DVD and lesson plan for teach-
                                                                                                                          Corazón de mi Vida — Spanish for “you are the center
                                                       ers, and an interactive Web site, which was redesigned in
                                                                                                                          of my life” — is an ongoing national child safety cam-
                                                       2006 to better appeal to teens. Last year, 9.5 million people
                                                                                                                          paign sponsored in part by Ford Motor Company
                                                       participated online, with more than 1,000 teens taking part
                                                                                                                          Fund. Created by the National Latino Children’s
                                                       in ride-and-drive events.
                                                                                                                          Institute in conjunction with the National Highway
                                                       One such event was a free summer day camp attended by              Traffic Safety Administration, Corazón de mi Vida
                                                       hundreds of southeastern Michigan teens and their par-             spreads the word in English and Spanish about the
                                                       ents. Participants were transported from locations across          importance of safety seat and seat belt usage.
                                                       the metro area to Michigan Proving Ground
                                                       in Romeo for a full day of hands-on instruc-
                                                       tion from professional driving instructors.
                                                       Young drivers in the Orlando area are still
                                                       talking about the Driving Skills for Life event
                                                       they attended last March, reports organizer
                                                       Heidi Koch. “Occurring so soon after we lost
                                                       five students in six months to driving acci-
                                                       dents, the ride-and-drive was a healing oppor-
                                                       tunity for us,” Koch says. “There isn’t anyone
                                                       there who wasn’t affected by the experience. engages teens              It exceeded everybody’s expectations.”             Orlando-area students get ready to hit the road during a Driving Skills
     with a fresh, interactive format.                                                                                           for Life event in Florida.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                             FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                              11
Ford Motor Company Fund’s philanthropy, company volunteer efforts and corporate giving programs complement one another whenever possible.
As a unified force, Ford’s impact is momentous.

Ford Volunteer Corps                                           Global Week of Caring                                   Disabled American Veterans
“I am truly blessed,” says Ford                                When an                                                 Army Sgt. Joseph Bozik was riding in a Humvee south
Volunteer Corps participant                                    entire com-                                             of Baghdad when it rolled over a land mine. He lost
Suzanne Bingham after be-                                      pany joins                                              both of his legs and his right arm in the accident, but
ing named Volunteer of the                                     forces to do                                            he didn’t lose his spirit.
Month in April 2006. “I work                                   good across
                                                                                                                       Bozik was among 350 veterans to ski, snowboard
for a great company; I have                                    the globe, the
                                                                                                                       and scuba dive their way through the 20th National
a wonderful job and a great                                    numbers are
                                                                                      Giving blood in Argentina.       Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Winter Sports
family. Volunteering is the                                    impressive. In
                                                                                                                       Clinic in April 2006.
least I can do.”                                               just seven days during Ford Motor Company’s inau-
                                                               gural Global Week of Caring in September 2006:          Co-hosted by the Disabled
Bingham was among tens of
                                                               •	 2,900 people actively volunteered, doing such        American Veterans and the
thousands of employees and
                                  President Bush honors          things as building homes, cleaning up parks, rais-    Department of Veterans Affairs
retirees worldwide who par-                                                                                            and sponsored by Ford Motor
ticipated in Ford Volunteer
                                  Suzanne Bingham for            ing money and hosting food drives.
                                  her volunteer service.                                                               Company Fund, the “Miracles on
Corps during its first full year                               •	 17,600 hours of donation time were logged by         a Mountainside” event featured
of service, the anniversary of which was February 2006.          these generous Ford employees.                        adaptive equipment that allowed
Later in the year, the company was presented with a            •	 $600,000 was raised for various causes.              seriously disabled veterans the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce award for its efforts in the          •	 45,000 toys were distributed to disadvantaged        chance to participate in a variety
wake of Hurricane Katrina, and was also honored by               children.                                             of adrenaline-pumping activities.
Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as Michigan’s                                                                      The event included the annual
Outstanding Corporate Citizen.                                 From the team who built four houses with Habitat for
                                                               Humanity in Northern California to the one who co-      presentation of the DAV Free-
Said Executive Chairman Bill Ford to employees fol-            ordinated a medical and dental outreach program in      dom Award — this year to Joey
lowing this recognition, “You are making a difference,                                               the Philippines   Bozik (pictured, center). “This
and that difference is being noticed.”                                                               and everyone      young man’s daunting physical challenges pale in com-
                                                                                                     in between,       parison to the passion in his heart and the drive in his
Indeed, it’s a difference that’s being noticed by none                                                                 soul,” says the DAV’s Edward E. Hartman. “He’s been a
other than the leader of the free world. In February                                                                   mentor and a friend to every participant he meets.”
                                                                                                     reached out
2006, George W. Bush personally presented Suzanne                                                    and worked        Several months later, in August 2006, Ford Motor Com-
Bingham with the President’s Volunteer Service Award                                                 together to       pany was honored for its support of the DAV during
for her seven years of service with Junior Achievement                                               make a major      the organization’s National Convention. Ford donated
of Middle Tennessee.                                                                                 difference in     11 new vans valued at more than $250,000 to the
“I’m a true believer that you reap what you sow,” Bing-          Employees in Thailand bring toys    one week’s        group’s Transportation Network, as well as $50,000 for
ham says. “The more I can do for others, the better I feel.”         and supplies to orphans.        time.             the Jesse Brown Memorial youth scholarship program.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                           FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                             1
Ford Motor Company Fund’s philanthropy, company volunteer efforts and corporate giving programs complement one another whenever possible.
As a unified force, Ford’s impact is momentous.

Juvenile Diabetes                                               America’s Second Harvest                                         Habitat for Humanity
Research Foundation                                             When Ford Motor Company and Paul Newman donated                                                  “When you see
                                                                eight refrigerated trucks (pictured below) filled with New-                                      the new home
As many as 3 million Ameri-                                                                                                                                      owners excited
                                                                man’s Own food in September 2006, it marked the sixth
cans struggle through their                                                                                                                                      and emotional
                                                                consecutive year of the Partnership for Hunger Relief.
lives with type 1 diabetes,                                                                                                                                      to move in, you
according to the Centers for                                    “Ford Motor Company, in partnership with Newman’s
                                                                                                                                                                 realize how it’s
Disease Control and Preven-                                     Own, has been a powerful ally in our efforts to feed the
                                                                                                                                                                 a significant
tion. This life-threatening                                     nation’s hungry,” says Vicki Escarra, president and chief
                                                                                                                                                                 turning point
disease can strike suddenly,                                    executive officer of America’s Second Harvest — The
                                                                                                                                                                 in their lives,”
most often during child-                                        Nation’s Food Bank Network. “Ford has donated 70 refrig-
                                                                                                                                                                 says Craig
hood, and lasts a lifetime.                                     erated trucks to our food banks, enabling them to deliver
                                                                                                                                                                 Erzen, a Ford
People with type 1 diabetes                                     literally millions of pounds of food to tens of thousands of
                                                                                                                                    May 2006 Volunteer of the    Purchasing em-
are haunted by the constant                                     Americans living in remote and rural areas.”
                                                                                                                                       Month Craig Erzen.        ployee who was
threat of complications,                                        The food banks benefiting from vehicle donations in 2006                                         named Ford’s
including heart disease,                                        were in Buffalo, New York; Concord, California; Flint, Mich-                                     Volunteer of
stroke, blindness, kidney                                       igan; Fort Collins, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Nash-        the Month in May 2006 for his years of work
failure and amputation.                                         ville, Tennessee; Tallahassee, Florida; and Yuma, Arizona.       with Habitat for Humanity.
The Juvenile Diabetes Re-                                       Says Paul Newman of the alliance, “This has been a               In August 2006, Erzen was among 400 Ford
search Foundation (JDRF)
                                 Ford’s Alan Merritt with his
                                                                compelling and rewarding partnership. We are proud to            volunteers who devoted a week to building safe,
was founded in 1970 by a          children Leah, Tressa and
                                                                partner with America’s Second Harvest and Ford.”                 affordable homes in Detroit’s Tri-Centennial Vil-
group of parents search-         Joshua at the JDRF Walk in                                                                      lage. “The efforts of groups like Ford contribute
ing for a cure. Since then,        Southampton, England.                                                                         to the overall progress and revitalization of the
the group has directed                                                                                                           neighborhood,” says Willie Campbell, director of
more than $1 billion in grants to the world’s leading                                                                            the Core City Neighborhood, a group that works
diabetes research facilities. In 2006, JDRF was able to                                                                          to improve the quality of life in the 2.5-mile area
commit $122 million to research — its highest invest-                                                                            surrounding the project site.
ment amount in a single year — thanks in part to Ford
Motor Company.                                                                                                                   Detroit is just one example of the work proj-
                                                                                                                                 ects across the country that Ford employees are
In addition to being a major corporate sponsor, the                                                                              involved in through Habitat for Humanity. In
company has sponsored the Ford Global Walk Team in                                                                               addition to hands-on help, Ford Motor Com-
JDRF’s annual Walk to Cure Diabetes fundraiser since                                                                             pany is proud to be a corporate sponsor of this
1998. In 2006, the Ford team raised $3.14 million, bring-                                                                        revered organization.
ing the nine-year grand total to more than $20 million.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                                   FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                           1
Employee-led groups in 38 Community Relations Committees (CRCs) across the country do significant work on Ford’s behalf. CRCs exist to serve many of the
communities in which Ford does business, because we believe that the people who live and work there are in the best position to appreciate the needs of the
area. Financial contributions are provided by Ford Motor Company Fund and/or Ford Motor Company.

Allen Park                                                Atlanta                                                     Chicago
Every five minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood       When 17-year-old Joshua Brown’s car began hydro-                                                  In fall 2006,
cancer, according to the Leukemia & Lymphoma              planing on a wet road in 2003, he did not know what                                               Lawrence
Society. Every 10 minutes, someone loses the fight.       to do. He lost control and died in a single-car crash. To                                         Yamoah
The annual Light the Night walk gives people a way to     ensure that other young drivers would gain the skills                                             won $3,700
try to improve these odds.                                necessary to drive safely, his parents created the Joshua                                         for turning
                                                          Brown Foundation. The Atlanta CRC was proud to                                                    sneakers into
In 2006, for the eighth year, the Allen Park CRC          make a contribution and work with the foundation in                                               works of art.
sponsored the Light the Night walk in Royal Oak,          2006 as it organized programs, workshops and other
Michigan. Employees also participated in the event,       efforts to promote driver training.                                                                The Chicago 18-
raising more than $13,000 toward research into bet-                                                                                                          year-old received
                                                          Also in 2006, the Atlanta CRC and Ford Sales Division
                                                                                                                             Artistic entrepreneur           his windfall
ter therapies and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and
                                                          partnered with local businesses to sponsor MADD’s
                                                                                                                               Lawrence Yamoah.              through the
                                                          Strides for Change Walk, and worked with the Georgia        local and national business plan competitions hosted
                                                          Conservancy to promote ecological thinking through          by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepre-
                                                          the Youth Environmental Symposium.                          neurship. The Chicago CRC is the sole sponsor of
                                                                                                                      that city’s local contest. Yamoah — who used his earn-
                                                                                                                      ings to purchase an airbrush machine and make his
                                                                                                                      business plan a reality — is a fine example of the 1,700
                                                                                                                      young people who participated in the program at 33
                                                                                                                      Chicago schools in 2006.
                                                                                                                      Another organization supported by the Chicago CRC
                                                                                                                      was the Jennifer S. Fallick Cancer Support Center,
                                                                                                                      which provides free wellness programs to families
                                                                                                                      coping with cancer. The CRC donated thousands of
                                                                                                                      dollars in 2006 to help fund activities for children
                                                                                                                      such as Summer Fun Days, where kids affected by
                                                                                                                      cancer can meet and play with other children going
 Ford’s Light the Night walkers pause for a team photo.                                                               through the same hardships.

                                                                 Atlanta’s Youth Environmental Symposium.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                          FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                             1
Employee-led groups in 38 Community Relations Committees (CRCs) across the country do significant work on Ford’s behalf. CRCs exist to serve many of the
communities in which Ford does business, because we believe that the people who live and work there are in the best position to appreciate the needs of the
area. Financial contributions are provided by Ford Motor Company Fund and/or Ford Motor Company.

Lima                                                     Nashville                                                Southern California
Each year in Ohio for nearly two decades, the Lima                                      Ten pounds per per-       Although most Californians probably take the Pacific
CRC and UAW Local 1219 have made life easier for                                        son — that’s how much     Ocean for granted, there are some children who have
people in wheelchairs.                                                                  food the Nashville        lived their whole lives in the state and have never
                                                                                        CRC averaged when         stepped foot on a beach. Those are the kids the Ocean
In 2006, that meant donating thousands of dollars to
                                                                                        it collected for the      Institute’s Adopt-a-Class program was designed to
pay for wheelchair ramp materials — plus countless
                                                                                        Second Harvest Bank       benefit the most. In 2006, with help from the South-
hours of labor to put those materials to use. To date,
                                                                                        drive. The CRC sup-       ern California CRC, this unique program gave nearly
this volunteer effort has installed ramps in more than
                                                                                        ports the food bank’s     6,000 elementary students from 61 schools the chance
400 homes of local families who otherwise would not
                                                                                        annual Letter Carrier     to learn marine science and study the ocean environ-
have been able to afford this crucial modification.
                                                                                        drive and then some by    ment while having fun.
In November, the UAW/Ford Wheelchair Ramp volun-                                        holding its own week-
                                                                                        long effort. In 2006,     Among the 40 other charities and not-for-profit
teers were recognized with a neighborhood leadership         Nashville CRC’s Second                               organizations the Southern California CRC supported
award for their ongoing efforts.                         Harvest food donations average the CRC increased         were a symphony family concert series, Meals On
                                                                                        donations by 38% over
                                                            10 pounds per employee.                               Wheels and the Museum of Latin American Art.
                                                                                        the year before, making
                                                         Ford Motor Credit employees the single-largest donor     The CRC capped
                                                         organization to Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee.      off the year in grand
                                                         Junior Achievement also benefits from this CRC’s         style with its eighth
                                                         goodwill; Ford Credit employees volunteered to teach     annual Ford Spirit
                                                         more than 100 classes on business and economics in       of the Holidays lun-
                                                         area schools in 2006. Organizer Suzanne Bingham was      cheon and toy drive,
                                                         named Volunteer of the Month in April 2006 by Ford       held in cooperation
                                                         Volunteer Corps, and further honored for her efforts     with the company’s
                                                         when George W. Bush personally presented her with        Premier Automo-
                                                         the President’s Volunteer Service Award (see story on    tive Group head-
                                                         page 12).                                                quarters in Irvine.
                                                                                                                  Some 700 toys and
                                                         In addition, the Nashville CRC focuses on United Way     goodies were col-
                                                         through payroll deductions and donations of time.        lected and distrib-
    Ford employees provide elbow grease and support      During Thanksgiving, employees filled food baskets       uted to children’s
           to wheelchair-bound neighbors.                with enough turkey and fixings to feed more than 80      aid organizations in
                                                         families in need.                                        the area.               California kids explore the ocean.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                      FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                               1
Worth Noting
From broadening people’s horizons to keeping them safe at home, there is no end to the Ford Motor Company Fund story…

                                                                                                                                                                                    Ford f
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                                                                                                                                                                                           f vario ongoing su ll-
                        Aca ted a d ns in                      Ford           to su     pro gram                                       Michigan, h
                  ord ebra                o                            n ues          p                                to Ford’s glo                    ome                       such a          us hea             p-
            ry F        el           ecti        ns              conti cholarshi students                                             bal enterpri                                        s
                                                                                                                                                                                 Health Detroit’s H
                                                                                                                                                                                                          lth cau
      Hen born c g conn ach tee es.                                er of
                                                                         s         eward g but
                                                                                                                       various cult
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                                                                                                  ican                               es, along wit
        of m ommu ds-on e                                            ho sh ed to the , His-                           youth cente
                                                                                                                                    rs and progra
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          the ugh ha                                                     limit lege Fund ispanic                      benefited fr                    ms,
                                                                                                                                                                                      ith the Wil
             hro                                                    not         ol            ,H                                   om the com
                                                                                                                                                   pany’s               partnered w                 Wild-
            t                                                               nC             nd                        community                                   Ford               l to develop
                                                                     India ollege Fu United                                         involvemen
                                                                                                                                                   t.                  itat Counci ms on corpo-
                                                                              C            d,              -                                                      Hab
                                                                      panic rship Fun d, Nation                                                                                  progra
                            Hundreds o                                 Sch  ola           Fun ogram,                                                              life at Work ds worldwide.
                                             f middle-sch                        Coll ege                                                                                       lan
                                                                                             ip Pr                                                                 rate-owned
                            girls saw the
                                                          ool           Negro Scholarsh rship
                           science at Sep side of                                              la
                                                                         al FFA Key Scho rgood Ma
                                                                                                               r-                             e
                                               tember’s An                                                                               tast                                   Ford continued to pa
                                                                                                                                                                                                            rtner with
                           Arbor Scien                      n             G
                                                                            olde d the Thu nd.                                     en a o
                                                                                                                                giv tw                                          key national organi
                                           ce Festival, sp                         an             Fu                         re                                                                         zations such
                          sored by Ford                    on-             Fund holarship                                  we ough
                                               Motor Com                                                              nos       r          d-                                   as the National Urba
                         ny Fund and                       pa-              sh all Sc                     ng    Lati rvice th ny Fun ational                                   Congressional Black
                                                                                                                                                                                                          n League,
                         astronauts an
                                            featuring fem
                                                            ale                                       You lic se ompa the N Of-                                                                           Caucus
                                                                                                            ub            C        s:         ed                               Foundation, NAAC
                                             d engineers.                                              of p Motor rogram o Elect and                                           PUSH Coalition, An
                                                                                                                                                                                                        P, Rainbow-
                       M                                                                                   rd red p Latin
                                                                                                        Fo so                                  m
                                                                                                                                          gra on-                                                        ti-Discrimi-
             ued t otor Com                                                                                    n            of        Pro                                      nation Committee an
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                     ited W ajor con ontin-
                                               c                                                          Asso s Ford tor Com Leader .                                         United Latin Ameri
                                                                                                                                                                                                       can Citizens.
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                         2006            volun                    partnered with th                                  ss e Lea
        $16 m                   , mor            t                                      e U.S. His-             gre tut                                 caring a            connect
                                                                                                                                                                                     ing with
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                                                                                         Commerce                 In sti                                portunit
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      throu d in the U ollected a                                Foundation to ho
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                                                                                       ps with a                                                     Ford Mo b site made pos a’s
                                                                                                                                                                tor Com                s
                                   s.                           focus on the auto
                                                                                       industry.                                                                          pany Fu ible by

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                                                           FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                                          16
 Ford Motor
                           What We Do Support                                   What We Do Not Support                                  How to Apply
 Company and               Ford Motor Company Fund supports not-for-            •	 Advocacy-directed programs                           Requests for support are ac-
 Ford Motor                profit organizations in three areas: Education,      •	 Animal-rights organizations                          cepted and reviewed through-
 Company Fund and          Community Development and American Legacy,           •	 Beauty or talent contests                            out the year. There are no ap-
 Community Services        and Auto-Related Safety Education.                                                                           plication deadlines. Budgets
                                                                                •	 Day-to-day business operations                       for our fiscal year (January-
 have made corporate       Through our active involvement, we seek to build     •	 Debt reduction                                       December) are determined in
 citizenship a priority.   partnerships with organizations that have a well-    •	 Donation of vehicles                                 the October-December period
                           defined sense of purpose, a demonstrated com-
 This effort includes                                                           •	 Efforts to influence legislation, or the outcome     of the prior year.
                           mitment to maximizing available resources, and a
 working with a                                                                    of any elections or any specific election of can-
                           reputation for meeting objectives and delivering                                                             To apply for support, an
                                                                                   didates to public office, or to carry on any voter
 variety of not-for-       quality programs and services. We place priority        registration drive                                   organization must complete
 profit organizations      on the support and development of organiza-                                                                  the grant application avail-
                           tions that promote diversity and inclusion.
                                                                                •	 Endowments                                           able online at
 that strive to make                                                            •	 Fraternal organizations                              Please note: Paper applica-
 the world a better        Ford Motor Company Fund evaluates grants on          •	 General operating support to hospitals and           tions are no longer accepted.
 place through many        an annual basis. We reserve the right to cease          health care institutions
                           support if the goals and objectives under which                                                              Please also see the Web site
 programs and                                                                   •	 Individual sponsorship related to fundraising
                           the grant was made have been changed by the                                                                  for a complete description of
 projects.                                                                         activities
                           grantee; if the grantee no longer meets its goals                                                            contribution guidelines and
                           and objectives; and/or if its goals and objectives   •	 Individuals                                          directions for submission.
 As you consider           have become inconsistent with the vision, mis-       •	 Labor groups
 seeking funding for       sion and values of Ford Motor Company Fund.          •	 Loans for small businesses
 your undertaking,         Ford Motor Company Fund recognizes there are         •	 Loans to program-related investments
 these contribution        many organizations worthy of support. Unfor-         •	 Organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) status
 guidelines will           tunately, budget and policy limitations prevent      •	 Organizations that unlawfully discriminate in
                           us from supporting all requests.                        their provision of goods and services based on
 provide a reference                                                               race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or
 to the types of                                                                   expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, na-
 projects and                                                                      tional origin, physical challenge, age, or status
                                                                                   as a protected veteran
 programs that Ford
                                                                                •	 Political contributions
 Motor Company                                                                  •	 Private K-12 schools
 Fund supports. These                                                           •	 Profit-making enterprises
 guidelines are not                                                             •	 Religious programs or sectarian programs for
 intended to be an            Ford Career Academy Innovation Community             religious purposes
 exhaustive listing.          students learn about medical careers during a     •	 Species-specific organizations                         Disabled American Veterans
                                            hospital field trip.                •	 Sports teams                                              Winter Sports Clinic.

SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN DREAM THROUGH INNOVATIVE INITIATIVES                                                    FORD IN THE COMMUNITY                            1
                        a ms                                                                                             unit y
F   ulfi l l i n g d re                                                                               He l ping the com)m
                   1   5)                                                                                           (see page 12
         (see page

                                       Inspiring you
                                                            n g mi n d s
                                                   (see page 4)

                               Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services             Editor: Rocky Egusquiza
                               P.O. Box 1899
                                                                                          Coordinator: Stacey Morton
                               Dearborn, MI 48121-1899
                                                                                          Writer and Project Manager: Rebecca Kavanagh
                                                               Art Directors: Julie Langdon, Denise LaFleur-Weisgerber,
                               888-313-0102                                               Mary Ellen Smith, Andrew Sieloff
                               To view the Ford Motor Company Annual Report or Ford
                               Motor Company Sustainability Report, visit
                               For a copy of the Ford Motor Company Annual Report,
                               you may also write to Ford Motor Company, Shareholder      Some photos and logos were provided by agencies supported by Ford
                               Relations, One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126-2789,     Motor Company Fund, by Ford Motor Company employees and
                               or you may call 800-555-5259.                              Community Relations Committees, or are file images.

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