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PlaygrounD InSPECtIonS


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ConTraCT no. TPS 0705
Expiry 31 december 2012

Service Offering
WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Contract for the Inspection and
Testing of Playgrounds and Playground Equipment that meets Australian
Standard AS4485.1-2004 “Playgrounds and Playground Equipment: - General
Safety requirements and Test methods parts 1 to 6 inclusive.”

The best way to minimise risk to children using a playground is to ensure that
equipment meets Australian Standards and to ensure that a regular program
of playground inspections are undertaken that comply with Australian
Standards. This Contract provides information on matters that should be
considered once a playground is built so that the required Inspection and
Testing of Playground Equipment meets the relevant Australian Standards.

The Preferred Supplier is required to provide playground inspection services
to a high standard with respect to relevant Australian Standard as follows:

  • Testing of Installed Playground equipment.
  • Reporting of the outcomes of the Inspection and testing of playgrounds
    and playground equipment.
  • High quality proposals and documentation.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Highest standards of customer service.
  • Efficient asset condition reporting.
  • Access to a system that allows extraction of relevant asset data.

Company:      PlayRight Australia Pty Ltd

Address:      PO Box 1377, Canning Vale WA 6970

Contact:      Lynnel Migas, Managing Director

Telephone:    (08) 9256 1560

Email:        lynnel@playright.com.au

Website:      www.playright.com.au

PlayRight Australia provides professional playground compliance audits,
safety inspections, training, maintenance, impact attenuation surfacing
testing, management and strategy plans, project management and all
aspects of playground consultancy, management and advice. PlayRight is a
national service provider.
                                                                                 “The City of Mandurah Supply Contract for the past five
                                                                                  Inspections Preferred
                                                                                                        has used the Playground

                                                                                   years and has been very satisfied with the quality of
                                                                                   services available and the discounted pricing model.
                                                                                   PlayRight is a professionally certified, knowledgeable
                                                                                   and reliable service provider in this area and I would
                                                                                   have no hesitation in recommending use of this
                                                                                   Contract to any Local Government.
                                                                                   Lee Cooper, Landscape Services, City of Mandurah

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