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ContraCtno.tPS0982                                                              Company:       Forpark Australia
Expiry19april2014                                                                Address:       36 Adams Drive, Welshpool WA 6106

                                                                                    Contact:       Mike De Sousa, National Sales Manager
SERVICE OffERING                                                                    Telephone:     (08) 9472 1788
WALGA has established a Preferred Supplier Contract for the Design, Supply
and Installation of Playground Equipment that meets Australian Standard             Fax:           (08) 9472 1799
AS4486.1-1997. “Playgrounds and Playground Equipment: - Development,                Email:
Installation, Maintenance and Operation”.
All suppliers have demonstrated a high standard of customer service and the
                                                                                    Forpark Australia is a family owned Western Australian company and one
ability to meet relevant Australian Standards in the:
                                                                                    of the largest manufacturers of commercial playground equipment in the
• Design phase of playground equipment.                                             country. Forpark has considerable experience in manufacturing and supplying
• Installation phase of the supply of playground equipment.                         playground equipment to the Local Government sector and is able to offer a
• Maintenance of installed playground equipment.                                    vast range of products to suit all needs.

WALGA recognises that Local Governments require the ability to select from
a catalogue of products the items that would make up a feature playground           Company:       Miracle Recreation Equipment
suitable for their individual needs. Custom-designed playground equipment can       Address:       54 Dellamarta Road, Wangara WA 6065
also be designed and manufactured for Members under the Contract.
                                                                                    Contact:       Mal Grubisa, Sales Consultant /Company Director
The design and layout of each playground under this Contract is to be finalised
                                                                                    Mobile:        0404 464 002
with each Local Government. All suppliers have clearly demonstrated their
experience and expertise in the designing and supplying of playgrounds              Telephone:     (08) 9309 0200
suitable for Western Australian conditions.                                         Fax:           (08) 9309 0222

All equipment will be priced on the basis of delivery and installation on site to   Email:
each Member requesting a quotation. Each quotation will clearly show the unit
price of each piece of equipment and the costs of freight and dispatch.
                                                                                    Miracle Recreation Equipment is an Australian owned family business
The play structures available through the panellists include, but are not limited   designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds, spray parks and
to, the following:                                                                  recreation equipment throughout Australia and overseas. Miracle is able to offer
• Spacenet-style climbing structures                                                a comprehensive range of products and services at affordable prices.
• Swings and slides
• Cable runways                                                                     Company:       PlayRight Australia Pty Ltd
• Platforms and roof coverings
                                                                                    Address:       PO Box 1377, Canning Vale WA 6970
• Play tunnels
• Safety matting                                                                    Contact:       Lynnel Migas, Managing Director
• Soft fall installations                                                           Telephone:     (08) 9256 1560
• Water playgrounds
• Associated works                                                                  Fax:           (08) 9256 1561

The expected outcomes from this Contract are to ensure that users procure
playground equipment of the best value, which is intrinsically safe, that has       Website:
been manufactured to best practice and relevant Australian Standards, and
                                                                                    PlayRight Australia is a renowned playground professional in Western Australia
represents the best value available to all Local Governments in WA.
                                                                                    and is the State distributor for international award-winning equipment by
                                                                                    KOMPAN. The company is able to offer WALGA Members value with an
PRICING                                                                             extensive and unique range which includes Kompan (toddlers to teens),
The pricing under this Contract is aimed at achieving the best “value for money”    Corocord (Spacenets) and Rhino-Ramps (Skate-Parks).
outcome across the broad range of products and services.
Preferred Suppliers have not been restricted to a fixed structure price model for
this Contract. WALGA recognises that pricing structures for goods and services
are complex and varied. Preferred Suppliers under this arrangement are aware
that the products and pricing offered must meet Local Government needs
today and in the future and must remain market competitive throughout the
period of contract. On average, Members can benefit from discounts of up to
20% off the cost of procurement for goods and services under this Contract.                                                        CONTINUED OVER PAGE

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Company:       Playmaster

address:       12 Coney Drive, Kewdale WA 6105

Contact:       Kylie Stedman – Design Consultant

telephone:     (08) 9359 3344



Playmaster is a 100% family owned and operated company supplying play
equipment to early learning centres, schools, Local Governments and private
developers throughout Western Australia. A growing business, Playmaster is
focused on providing customers with great service and top-quality products.
The play equipment range from Playmaster has been carefully designed to
encourage growth in physical and social interaction skills for children of all
ages and abilities.

Company:       Water Features by Design

address:       61 Welwyn Avenue, Manning WA 6152

Contact:       Tony Jones

telephone:     0403 805 229



Water Features by Design is a trusted local name in the design, construction
and installation of custom-built interactive water parks.

The company is a recognised leader in the field with a reputation for
excellence and commitment to client satisfaction.

All water playground components are designed and manufactured locally in
Western Australia which helps keep costs down and provide more flexibility.
Each water play area is custom designed with a number of standard features

• no standing water
• completely random sequencing for all water features via pumps and
• fully recycled and automatically treated water
• exposed aggregate concrete or rubber-based flooring                            “TheWALGAGosnells hasEquipment Preferred Supply
                                                                                      City of
                                                                                                         been a long standing user of

• unlimited choice of colour schemes, play area themes and layout design
                                                                                   Contract and is very pleased with the high quality
• touch pad activation                                                             and extensive range of playground equipment that is
• option of interchangeable play area components                                   available. In addition to the financial savings associated
• Health Department of Western Australia approval                                  with purchasing through this Contract, use of the
                                                                                   WALGA arrangement significantly reduces the time and
Design possibilities are endless and Water Features by Design is able to offer
                                                                                   complexity associated with the procurement process.
a truly unique and purpose-built application for each Local Government.
                                                                                   I would recommend use of this Contract to other
The company personally oversees each project from the design phase
through to completion with after-sales training in water playground
                                                                                   Local Governments.   ”
                                                                                   Andrea Whitwam, Landscape Architect,
management and maintenance as part of the service.
                                                                                   City of Gosnells

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