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First Report - First Presbyterian Church


									                                 First Report
                                   A publication of First Presbyterian Church                             February 2010 / Volume 41, No. 2
                                                                    840 South 17th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

                                                What’s In a Name?
                                        I can remember with fondness Catherine and I discussing what names we might
                                   name our children at a Chili’s Restaurant in Charlotte, NC. Names like Robert, James,
                                   and Mathew were at the top of the list if we ever had a boy. And names like Fiona,
                                   Charlotte, and Emily were front and center if we ever had a girl. It is funny and
                                   somewhat ironic that neither the name “Andrew” nor the name, “Emma” was on that
Ministers                          napkin over 13 years ago. And, yet, we can not imagine a richer more fulfilling life than
    Members of congregation        loving, nurturing, guiding, and watching Andrew and Emma grow into their name.
                                        I only mentioned this tidbit of information as an introduction to our Lenten Study at
Pastor/Head of Staff
                                   Forum entitled, “Gospel Portraits of Jesus” that will be examining the many names
     Brent O. Johnston
                                   attributed to Jesus of Nazareth like Christ, Son of God, Son of Man, bread,
Parish Associate                   resurrection, and life. Make it your Lenten discipline to come to Sunday School for six
     Donald R. Steiner             Sundays to learn more about what’s in a name and how we might grow in the faith as
                                   a result of our study.
UMHE Campus Minister                    Also let me encourage you to mark the beginning of Lent by attending an Ash
  Karen R. Moritz                  Wednesday Service. On February 17, 2010, at 7:00 p.m., our very own Youth and
Music Director                     Young Adult Director, Jeff Vance, will be bringing the Lenten Message. So come to
    Brian Pfoltner                 support Jeff in his preaching debut at First Presbyterian Church as well as getting in
                                   touch with your own mortality. The ashes one receives on the forehead remind the
Organist                           worshipper of the human condition… that every person who is born in this world will
    Charles W. Ore                 one day die. “Earth to earth and ashes to ashes, dust to dust, blessed are those who
Children’s Choir and               die in the Lord says the Spirit, for they rest from their labor and their works due follow
Bell Choir Director                them,” is what we say at the graveside during a committal of a loved one to Almighty
     Stephanie Nelson              God to await the Resurrection.
                                        So, in essence, Ash Wednesday is an important reminder that our life is not our
Youth and Young Adult Director     own… from the first breath to the last breath… it belongs to God. Jesus, was and is,
    Jeff Vance                     the only human to live life to the fullest from the first breath to the last breath and bids
Building Coordinator               us to do as well. So, in Lent, we learn again what it means to deny self, pick up our
and Receptionist                   cross, and follow. So why not follow Jesus to Jerusalem this season of Lent and let
     Carol Tucker                  that first step be an Ash Wednesday Service and the last step be a Maundy Thursday
                                   Service. And then on Good Friday we wait with all Christendom as Christ dies the
Custodian                          death reserved for all of us sinners. This waiting for Easter Sunday seems like an
    Mel Parde                      eternity… but then that day finally comes… when God calls Jesus to come forth to a
Maintenance                        new unbounded existence called life after death. I just hope my name ends up on
    Michael Seeman                 God’s napkin someday when it is time to go forth and live as well as yours.
                                                                                         Grace and Peace,
Publications Secretary                                                                   Pastor Brent
     Susan Diers
Finance Treasurer
    Charles Dunn                                                               Out of Retirement
Finance Secretary                                                            And Back in the Saddle
    Patricia Wissink                                I have heard it said if you first do not succeed, try it again, and
                                                    again, until you do. Evidently the Right Reverend Donald R.
Clerk of Session                                    Steiner has taken this lesson to heart with respect to
     Joan Berglund                                  retirement. I believe the number is now thirteen. Thirteen times
                                                    in Don’s life he has retired from one thing or another to decide
  Annual Meeting                   Rev. Donald      to get back in the saddle so to speak to start again. We are
      & Luncheon                       Steiner      extremely pleased that Don has agreed to come out of
  Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010,       retirement to be our Parish Associate for visitation. Don and I have agreed to
           12:00 p.m.          share the visitation duties of a pastor. I will visit the hospitals, rehabilitation
         Please Note:          centers, and nursing homes, while Don has agreed to visit those in retirement
     Only one worship          facilities and the homebound.                                     Don continued on page 3
   service at 11:00 a.m.
February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2                                                   First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”
                  Vernon Anderson, Rev. Bob Jeambey,
                    Connie Ore, Cynthia Tanderup,
                    Ruth Theobold, Arlene Whiteley

                                                                     Our sympathies and prayers go to
Many thanks to all the people for                              Michael Seeman’s family, in the passing of his
cards, visits, and prayers, on behalf                           mother-in-law, Erma Smith, on January 19.
of Ralph Beach. He is now home.
                                                                 And to Marilyn Hansen and family, in the
                       ⎯ Ruth Beach
                                                               passing of Dr. Hodson Hansen, on January 21.
Bob & Darlene Martin thank you
for all the cards and greetings                              Find the Homesteader online at
for our anniversary.                                          click on the Resources and Publications tab on the left.

     PW February                                                                 Sand Dollars
    Circle Meetings                                                             Valentine’s Day
            Circle II                      Worship Service                      Catered Dinner
    Wed., Feb. 3, 9:30 am                                                        Friday, February 19, 6:30 p.m.
           Library                      Wed., Feb. 17, 7:00 p.m.                        Fellowship Hall
    Barb Bruning hosting
                                               Sanctuary                          Program: Clinic with a Heart
           Circle III                                                          RSVP to church (477-6037) by Feb. 17.
    Wed., Feb. 3, 9:30 am                Jeff Vance preaching                          Please Note: Date change!
      Rousseau Room
    Marian McVey hosting
           Circle V                                      In the Footsteps of Paul & Beyond:
                                                         From Athens to Istanbul
    Wed., Feb. 3, 12:30 pm
      Rousseau Room
       (SSS) Circle IV
   Mon., Feb. 15, 7:30 pm                This very special trip is scheduled for March 14-25, 2011.
 Sharon Neumeister hosting                For more information go to:

                   Presbyterian Women                         Remember to…
                   February Gathering                         • Purchase your grocery cards from Shirley Jean
                   Saturday, February 13, 10:00 a.m.            Smith before and after the 11 a.m. worship service
                           Fellowship Hall                      in the East entrance on Sundays.
 Worship theme: "Wonder of Hope"                              • Collect General Mills Box Tops Education points,
 Guest speaker: Linda Crump from the Nebraska                   Best Choice bar codes, and Campbell’s Soup Labels for
 Minority Justice Committee which is a joint com-               Education for McPhee. Drop off in the church office.
 mittee of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the         • Good news: in 2009 we were able to get $90.00 from the
 Nebraska Supreme Court. It is a statewide collabora-           collection of Best Choice labels for the BackPack Program at
 tive effort that works to develop and implement just           McPhee. 2000 labels were collected. Keep up the good work!
 and sustainable policy reforms that will improve the                                                          — Ruth Beach
 system of justice and strengthen public trust and
 confidence in the court system. Ms Crump is co-chair
 with the Hon. John Girard of the Nebraska Supreme
 Court. This will be a very informative presentation.
 Our day will also include a bit of business, joys and
 concerns and a meal ($6 payable at the door).
 All are welcome!                                              Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m. on KFOR Radio Broadcast
                                                             1240 AM; and/or Thursday at 8 p.m., and Friday at 1 p.m. on
 Please RSVP to Carol (477-6037) or email her at             TV Cable Channel 13. To learn more about us at First Church                                            visit us at
First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”    2                            February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2
                                                    — MUSIC —

                                               Our Next Concert!
  Ahreum Han, organ
  Sunday - February 7, 2010 • 3:00 p.m.
  Don't miss a chance to see one of the next generation of virtuoso organists right here
  at First Church. Ahreum Han will play an organ recital guaranteed to captivate you.
  This young and talented virtuoso recently performed for the American Guild of
  Organists' Regional Conference in Florida to rave reviews. Her performance was
  described as "Dazzling Virtuosity", “Having Immediate Audience Appeal", and
  "Exuberant". At the conclusion of her performance there was a spontaneous standing
  ovation and cheers, with three curtain calls. And, to put you football fans at ease,
  it should be over before 4:30 p.m.—plenty of time to make it home for the game!

  Tickets available in the church office or online at                                                                        Ahreum Han

Music News:
Rehearsals for all groups have resumed. It’s not too late               BackPack
to join. If you know of someone who would like to join us
here are the times:                                                     Program
     Ring & Sing (preschool through 3rd grade, chimes                   Wish List
     & singing) Sundays 9:15-9:45 a.m. in room 211
                                                                        18 oz. Grape Jelly
     Kaleidoscope (3rd through 8th grade, handbells)                    18 oz. Peanut Butter
     Wednesdays 6:45-7:15 p.m. in the Sanctuary                         26 oz. Spaghettios
     Chancel Bells (9th grade to adults, handbells)                     Macaroni & Cheese
     Sundays 5-6 p.m. in the Sanctuary                                  32 oz. complete pancake mix (just add water)
                                                                        24 oz. bottle of Pancake Syrup
Look for Spring schedules posted on the music                           Tuna Helper
bulletin board!
                                                                        6 oz. cans of Tuna (packed in water)
                                                                        1 lb. package of rice
                                     18 oz. can fruit
                                                                        14 or 15 oz. box of Cheerios
   CENSUS JOBS: U.S. Census 2010                                        16 oz. can Refried Beans
                                                                        11.5 oz. Welch’s Juice concentrate (non-frozen)
  Do you or someone you know want to earn some
   extra money and help serve your community?

       Apply by taking a basic skills test                         Don continued from page 1
        at First Presbyterian Church,                        It is important that as our long time members are less
             Fri., Feb. 5, 9:00 a.m.                         able to be present to us that we find a way to be present
                                                             to them. Don will also be attending Staff meetings, and
     Bring two current forms of I.D. to the test (driver’s   Session meetings, and occasionally the Care of
      license, social security card, passport, etc.) and     Members committee. And if Don perchance does not
 veteran’s documentation if applicable (SF-15, DD-214).      immediately recognize you upon walking into a room,
 For more information or to schedule yourself for a test,    know that Don’s macular degeneration gives him trouble
     call: Lincoln Census Bureau Recruiting Office at        with facial recognition. Or maybe it might be something
             402-479-2320 or 1-866-861-2010.                 like that onion you ate that is wafting through the air
                                                             screaming “stay back!” Regardless, we are happy to
   The Census Bureau is an Equal Opportunity Employer        announce the newest member on Staff, the Reverend
                                                             Donald R. Steiner.
February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2                             3                      First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”
                             — YOUTH & YOUNG ADULTS —
            YOUTH GROUPS                                                    YOUNG ADULTS
Middle School:                                               NOOMA
Feb. 7: Super Bowl                                           Are you busy on Sunday mornings
         Party (TBA)                                         from 9:45-10:45 a.m.? If not, join the
Feb. 14: Youth Group 5-6 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 p.m.              NOOMA Group in Room 215 for
Feb. 21: Youth Group 5-6 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 pm                some breakfast, fellowship, discussion,
Feb. 28: Youth Group 5-6 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 p.m.              and reflection as we review short
HIGH SCHOOL:                                                 videos and other resources by Rob Bell,
Feb. 7: Super Bowl                                           Francis Chan, and Doug Fields and dig deeper into what
         Party (TBA)                                         scripture has to say to us about living in today’s world as
Feb. 14: Youth Group 6:35-8:15 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 p.m.        a Christian. For more information contact Jeff Vance.
Feb. 21: Youth Group 6:35-8:15 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 p.m.        Nooma (pneuma) meaning 'wind,' 'spirit,' or 'breath' of God.
Feb. 28: Youth Group 6:35-8:15 p.m., Meal 6-6:30 p.m.
              DARE TO SHARE                                  Have you checked out FUEL? It’s the latest and greatest
                                                             of gatherings for those your age! We will be meeting on
It’s that time of year again! Dare 2 Share is coming to      February 5 at NuVibe (downtown location-126 N. 14th
Lincoln on February 26-27. This is an opportunity for        St.) 6-8 p.m. Go to to check us out.
our Middle School and High School youth to gather with
others from around the region to worship, grow, and
learn more about what it means to be a Christian in                                   Souperbowl of Caring
today’s world. Registration forms are online (church
website or and due on Feb. 14.
                                                                                       Celebrates 20 Years
The cost is $25 per youth and all are encouraged to                                     of Service - Feb. 7
bring a friend (that includes boyfriends and girlfriends).
                                                               Mission Statement: Utilizing Super Bowl weekend
                                                                  to mobilize youth to fight hunger and poverty
 CONFIRMATION CLASS                                                         in their local communities.
Dear Parents: The Confirmation Class starts on Feb. 17,           Vision Statement: Transforming Super Bowl
7:00 p.m. at the Ash Wednesday worship service at First        weekend into the nation's largest youth-led weekend
Church. Then will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays for                          of giving and serving.
the next eight weeks after F3. If you have a Middle            Join the movement that is transforming Super
Schooler who might be interested and ready, or if you          Bowl weekend into the nation’s largest youth-led
have any questions, please contact Pastor Brent or Jeff        weekend of giving and serving.
Vance. It’s never too early, or too late, to have this
conversation. If you have a High Schooler who is still          Stir it Up! Join Souper Bowl of Caring 2010
considering their options or interested, please let them       Thousands of youth from churches across the
know that we offer a mentor track as well.                     country will ‘Stir it Up’ in the fight against hunger and
                                                               poverty on Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, 2010.
          Youth Bible Study                                    And you can help too! You can help provide shelter
                                                               to the homeless, food to the hungry and compassion
We meet on Thursday evenings 6:45-8:00 p.m. at                 to the needy. How? Join the Souper Bowl of Caring.
various locations. We are currently taking a look at the       Following worship on February 7th, the youth will be
early church (the book of Acts). Below is an outline for       holding up soup pots at church doors and asking you
the month of February:                                         to participate by dropping in a dollar or two to help
  Feb. 4: Mills Family (3415 Casa Grande Ln.)                  people who are hungry. 100% of the donations go to
  Feb. 11: Kroeker Family (2536 Ridgeline Ct.)                 the Matt Talbot Kitchen. You can write a check too…
  Feb. 18: Richert Family (3330 Williamsburg Dr.)              make the check out to First Presbyterian Church and
  Feb. 25: Wood Family (3323 Potomac Dr.)                      in the memo line write: Souper Bowl of Caring.
                                                               Here’s a fun fact: Souper Bowl of Caring raised
Do you Facebook?                                               $10 million dollars in 2009. Lets do our part in 2010.
M.S. & H.S. Youth search:
First Pres. Youth Group and join us!                          PARENTS: If you haven’t already signed up to serve a
Young Adult groups for First Presbyterian and FUEL!           meal, please prayerfully consider doing so. Sign up
Search: Young Adults-First Presbyterian -OR- FUEL.            sheets are in the East Entrance.
First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”    4                            February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2

                                                                   WE PRAY FOR HAITI
                                                                  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as the eyes of the world
                                                                  turn to Haiti, let us join our hearts in prayer:
                                                                    God of compassion please watch over the people of
                                                                    Haiti, and weave out of these terrible happenings
                                                                    wonders of goodness and grace. Surround those who
                                                                    have been affected by tragedy with a sense of your
      UPCOMING SCHEDULE                                             present love, and hold them in faith. Though they are
                                                                    lost in grief, may they find you and be comforted;
Grab a cup of coffee and join us Sundays at 9:45 a.m. in            guide us as a church to find ways of providing
Great Hall.                                                         assistance that heals wounds and provides hope help
Feb. 7 - “Paths of the Displaced”                                   us to remember that when one of your children suffer
         a look at Sudanese students in Lincoln                     we all suffer through Jesus Christ who was dead, but
  Paths of the Displaced is a video documentary                     lives and rules this world with you. Amen.
  created by a senior at Lincoln High School as she got             (Adapted from Book of Common Worship)
  to know the life stories of 4 of her Sudanese                            — Bruce Reyes-Chow, Gradye Parsons
  classmates. It is a powerful look at the lives of                         & Linda Valentine
  Sudanese teens living in our neighborhood.                                              The PC(USA) is responding to this
  FYI: The “Paths of the Displaced” film was created,                                     earthquake through Presbyterian
  filmed, narrated and edited by Jan Enstrom's & Scott                                    Disaster Assistance and its
  Svoboda’s niece, Natalia Ledford. (Michele Langer)                                      partners. You can Google
Feb. 14 - In the Footsteps of Paul                                                        “Presbyterian Disaster Assistance/
  A presentation of the March 14-25, 2011 trip.                                           Haiti” for updates on how we
  (Pastor Brent)                                                                          Presbyterians are responding
                                                                  through PDA. You, too, can be part of God’s answer to
Feb. 21- Mar. 28 Lenten study                                     prayer for those affected by this disaster. Funds from One
         "Gospel Portraits of Jesus"                              Great Hour of Sharing are already helping with the initial
  The Lenten Study will focus on names and titles                 response. You can give to the ongoing relief by writing
  given to Jesus as his ministry on earth came to a               your check to “First Presbyterian Church” and putting
  close. See how Jesus became known in the                        “Haiti” on the memo line.
  Gospels as "teacher", "bread", "messiah", "son of
  god", "resurrection", and "life".

How We Can Help Survivors in Haiti
     The children in our congregation have shown                  Five dust masks
amazing compassion and concern for the victims of the             Fifty clothespins
Haiti earthquakes. They will be donating their children's         One scrub brush
offering for the next few weeks to Presbyterian Disaster          One 50-78 oz. box dry laundry detergent
Assistance to help with the recovery.                             One 12 oz. bottle of liquid concentrated household
     Families are also welcome to donate Emergency                  cleaner (like Lysol®)
Clean-Up Kits to send to Haiti. More information is               One 25 oz. bottle liquid disinfectant dish soap
available on the website:                (like Dawn®)
     These supplies enable people to begin the over-              Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.
whelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane,             Two pairs latex gloves (like Playtex®)
tornado, or other disaster.                                       24-bag roll of heavy-duty trash bags (33-45 gallon)
     To assemble an Emergency Clean-up Bucket you                 One 6-14 oz. bottle of insect repellent
will need:                                                          (drops or lotion, not aerosol)
       One five-gallon bucket with re-sealable lid
       Five scouring pads                                       Please purchase all liquids in plastic bottles. Be sure
       One pair work gloves                                 to send only new, unopened materials. Put all items in
       Seven sponges, assorted sizes                        the plastic bucket, making sure they are packed securely
       Eighteen cleaning towels                             to avoid damage during shipment, and seal lid with
          (reusable, like Easy Wipes®)                      packing tape. Then bring to the church for shipping.
February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2                            5                    First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”
          —— SESSION HIGHLIGHTS - January 14, 2010 ——
Care of Members Report                                                   200 – The Gathering Place/Soup Supper Program
 a. Baby quilt & cross were given to John Soerjawitaka &                  50 – Mission Yearbooks for Prayer and Study for
    family for Tayten.                                                         staff/MOC/congregation
 b. Grocery Card Account was $2,470.90 at the time of            Personnel Committee Report
    CoM meeting; 10 community organizations were given            a. Approved Pastor Johnston’s requests for vacation;
    $200 each for end of year needs. With remaining                  January 21-23, March 22-28, June 18-July 2 and
    monies several people were helped.                               continuing education; May 17 to 23.
 c. Visits to shut ins & poinsettias delivered on Friday,         b. Approved Patty Wissink’s Training Outline which
    December 11th.                                                   started January 4, 2010 moving her to 30 hours a
Christian Education Report                                           week. This is in preparation for Charles Dunn’s
 a. Planning underway for some sort of Sunday morning                retirement on June 30, 2010.
     class targeting parents, particularly those not currently   Financial/Treasurer’s Report
     engaged in other Sunday morning classes.                      a. Property budget was under by about $19,000
 b. Continuing discussion of CE Director position, and                which left a deficit of about $6,124. This will be
     how to go about finding a consultant to assist in this           covered by interest from the Foundation.
     process.                                                      b. The offering taken at the Thanksgiving Service
 c. Looking into purchasing t-shirts for nursery volunteers           which was the All-Lincoln Presbyterian Church
     and considering making the t-shirts general for the              event, was $307.07. This offering will be given to
     church, and offering them for sale as a fundraiser.              the Cornerstone Ministry.
Mission Committee Report                                         OLD BUSINESS
 a. Approved disbursements for remaining 2009 Allhands
    Mission Funds as follows:                                    Update on Jacob’s Well Project: The committee is
    $2,400 – Clinic with a Heart/McPhee site                     working on an agreement between Jacob’s Well and the
      1,000 – PC(USA) Basic Mission Support                      church regarding responsibilities of this project. They hope
      1,000 – Sudanese Ministry of FPC                           to be able to begin in February.
        500 – Homestead Presbytery Mission Budget                Correspondence
        500 – People’s City Mission/Benevolence Prog.            Request from Virginia (Cuz) Johnson to resign as elder to
        500 – Jacob’s Well Food Distribution Support/            Session. Resignation was accepted with regrets.
              FPC site

                                                    Blessings of the Season
                                                        On December 19th, eleven Stephen Ministers, and one musical
                                                    leader, Shirley Cole, carpooled to the Lakeview Care Center in Firth,
                                                    NE, to spend time with fellow Stephen Minister, Vern Anderson.
                                                        Vern is recuperating from surgery at Lakeview.
                                                        A joyous time was had by all as we rang chimes and sang
                                                    Christmas carols, and had conversations with Vern. Vern's daughter
                                                    (and new Christmas puppy), joined us.
                                                        You may send get well greetings to Vern at:

                                                                                                  Vern Anderson
                                                                                                  c/o Lakeview Care Center
                                                                                                  404 East 8th
                                                                                                  Firth, NE 68358

First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”    6                            February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2
                 February 2010 - LIFE IN THE CHURCH
Monday, February 1                           7:00 pm - Spiritual Formation/Parlor       Sunday, February 21 1st Sunday in Lent
1:15 pm - Staff Meeting/Rm 115               7:30 pm - Adult Choir/B15 & S              8:15 am -12:15 - Nursery open
4:30 pm - PW Planning Meeting/RR             Thursday, February 11                      8:30 am - Worship/GH
5:30 pm - Budget & Finance/B-18              9:00 am - Sewing Group/FH                  9:15 am - Ring & Sing/Rm 116
6:00 pm - AGO Student meal/GH                1:30 pm - Knit 'n' Cro/Parlor              9:45 am - Adult Bible Discovery/Parlor
7:00 pm - AGO music student recitals/S       6:30 pm - Session Meeting/ FH              9:45 am - Sunday School for all ages
7:00 pm - Personnel Committee/RR             6:45 pm - Youth Bible Study/Kroeker’s      9:45 am - Children's Opening Exercises/C
Tuesday, February 2                          Friday, February 12                        9:45 am - Adult Forum/GH
Brent day off                                7:00 pm - Viola Recital/GH                 9:45 am - YA-NOOMA/Rm 215
7:00 am - Men's Breakfast/K                  Saturday, February 13                      11:00 am - Worship/S
10:00 am - Don Crosier Writer's Group/Lib    8:30 am - Stephen Ministry/GH & Parlor             & Children's Church/FH
4:45 pm - Gathering Place                    10:00 am - PW/FH                           12:30 pm - Nuer Worship Service/C
Wednesday, February 3                        Sunday, February 14 Valentine’s Day 5:00 pm - Chancel Bells/S
Bulletin Deadline                            Dare to Share registration forms due       5:00 pm - Mid High Youth/FH
9:30 am - Circle II/Barb Bruning hosts/      8:15 am -12:15 - Nursery open              6:00 pm - Mid High & Sr High Meal/FH
         Library                             8:30 am - Worship/GH                       6:35 pm - Sr High Youth/FH
9:30 am - Circle III/Marian McVey hosts/RR   9:15 am - Ring & Sing/Rm 116               Monday, February 22
12:00 pm - Men's Lunch/Howard's Pantry       9:45 am - Adult Bible Discovery/Parlor     1:15 pm - Staff Meeting/Rm 115
12:30 pm - Circle V/RR                       9:45 am - Sunday School for all ages       5:30 pm - Property Committee/Rm 208
5:30 pm - Lectio Divina/Rm 208               9:45 am - Children's Opening Exercises/C 5:30 pm - Music & FA/Parlor
6:00 pm - F3/FH                              9:45 am - Adult Forum/GH                   Tuesday, February 23
6:45 pm - Kaleidoscope/Rm 116                9:45 am - YA-NOOMA/Rm 215                  Brent & Jeff day off
7:30 pm - Adult Choir/B15 & S                11:00 am - Worship/S                       7:00 am - Men's Breakfast/Kitchen
Thursday, February 4                                 & Children's Church/FH             10:00 am - Don Crosier Writer's Group/Lib
9:00 am - Sewing Group/FH                    12:30 pm - Nuer Worship Service/C          Wednesday, February 24
1:30 pm - Knit 'n' Cro/Parlor                5:00 pm - Chancel Bells/S                  Bulletin Deadline
6:45 pm - Youth Bible Study/Mills’           5:00 pm - Mid High Youth/FH                12:00 pm - Men's Lunch/Howard's Pantry
7:00 pm- Spiritual Formation/Parlor          6:00 pm - Mid High & Sr High Meal/FH       5:30 pm - Lectio Divina/Rm 208
Friday, February 5                           6:35 pm - Sr High Youth/FH                 6:00 pm - F3/FH
9:00 am - Census Testing/FH                  Monday, February 15                        6:30 pm - Confirmation Class
6:30 pm - YA -FUEL/NuVibe                    Presidents Day                             6:45 pm - Kaleidoscope/Rm 116
Saturday, February 6                         1:15 am - Staff Meeting/Rm 115             7:30 pm - Adult Choir/B15 & S
8:30-11:30 am - Stephen Ministry/GH          7:30 pm - SSS Circle/Sharon Neumeister ‘s Thursday, February 25
Sunday, February 7                           Tuesday, February 16                       9:00 am - Sewing Group/FH
Souperbowl of Caring                         Brent & Jeff day off                       1:30 pm - Knit 'n' Cro/Parlor
8:15 am -12:15 - Nursery open                7:00 am - Men's Breakfast/K                5:00 pm - Care of Members/Rm 115
8:30 am - Worship-Communion/GH               10:00 am - Don Crosier Writer's Group/Lib 6:45 pm - Youth Bible Study/Wood’s
9:15 am - Ring & Sing/Rm 116                 12:00 pm - Clergy Peacemakers/GH           Friday, February 26
9:45 am - Adult Bible Discovery/Parlor       Wednesday, February 17                     Dare to Share/Pershing
9:45 am - Sunday School for all ages         Ash Wednesday                              Saturday, February 27
9:45 am - Children's Opening Exercises/C     Bulletin Deadline                          Dare to Share/Pershing
9:45 am - Adult Forum/GH                     12:00 pm - Men's Lunch/Howard's Pantry     8:30 am - Stephen Ministry/GH
9:45 am - YA-NOOMA/Rm 215                    5:30 pm - Lectio Divina/Rm 208             Sunday, February 28
11:00 am - Worship-Communion/S               6:00 pm - F3/FH                            Second Sunday in Lent
         & Children's Church/FH              6:15 pm - Adult Choir/B15 & S              8:15 am -12:15 - Nursery open
12:30 pm - Nuer Worship Service/C            7:00 pm - Ash Wednesday Worship/S          8:30 am - Worship/GH
3:00 pm - Arts for the Soul Concert                  (Confirmation Class attends)       9:15 am - Ring & Sing/Rm 116
TBA: Super Bowl Party-Mid & Sr High          Thursday, February 18                      9:45 am - Adult Bible Discovery/Parlor
Monday, February 8                           First Report articles due                  9:45 am - Sunday School for all ages
1:15 - Staff Meeting/Rm 115                  9:00 am - Sewing Group/FH                  9:45 am - Children's Opening Exercises/C
Tuesday, February 9                          1:30 pm - Knit 'n' Cro/Parlor              9:45 am - Adult Forum/GH
Brent & Jeff day off                         6:45 pm - Youth Bible Study/Richert’s      9:45 am - YA-NOOMA/Rm 215
7:00 am - Men's Breakfast/Kitchen            7:00 pm - Spiritual Formation/Parlor       11:00 am - Worship/S
10:00 am - Don Crosier Writer's Group/Lib    Friday, February 19                                & Children's Church/FH
Wednesday, February 10                       6:30 pm - Sand Dollars Valentine           12:30 pm - Nuer Worship Service/C
Bulletin Deadline                                    Catered Dinner/FH                  5:00 pm - Chancel Bells/S
12:00 pm - Men's Lunch/Howard's Pantry       Saturday, February 20
12:00 pm - Partnership/RR                    8:30 am - Stephen Ministry/GH             Mark Your Calendars!
5:00 pm - Worship & Sacrament/Rm 115         10:00 am - Presbytery Stated Meeting/     Synod School 2010
5:30 pm - Lectio Divina/Rm 208                       Good Shepherd Presbyterian        July 25-30/Storm Lake, IA
6:00 pm - F3/FH                                                              
6:45 pm - Kaleidoscope/Rm 116
February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2                      7                  First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”
                      First Presbyterian Church                                                         PERIODICAL
                      840 South 17th Street
                      Lincoln, NE 68508

  The FIRST REPORT (USPS 198-380) is published monthly for $15 per
  year by First Presbyterian Church, 840 S 17th St, Lincoln, NE 68508.                       Next First Report Deadline:
  Periodical Postage paid at Lincoln, Nebraska.
  POSTMASTER: Send address changes to First Report,
                                                                                             Thursday, February 18, 2010
  First Presbyterian Church, 840 S 17th St, Lincoln, NE 68508.                                  Articles received after this time
                                                                                             may not be included in the Newsletter.
          Please notify the church office of any name,
           address, email, and/or telephone changes.

                                               First Presbyterian Church, a place to belong!   
                           Where faith is nurtured, curiosity is encouraged, diversity is welcomed, and all are loved. 

 For after-hour calls to the church office, 477-6037, the
 staff voice-mail extensions & e-mail addresses follow.
                                                                                                       February Birthdays
                                                                                                    Birthdays are important events. If your birthday is
 Church Fax Number: (402) 477-6048                                                                  missing from our list, or listed wrong, please call the
 Church website:                                                   church office, 477-6037, so we can correct it.

 Pastor: Rev. Dr. Brent O. Johnston                               1    Erin Boyle             15   Kile Johnson              22   Elyse Peterson
 x 103                                  2    Shannon Diedrichsen    15   Kassandra Bruguera        22   Karen Walklin
 Parish Associate: Rev. Donald R. Steiner                         5    Emily Van Meter        16   Edward Sexton             22   Nyawech Koang                                     6    Emma Johnston          16   Morgan Boyle              23   Jared Kasl
 Music Director: Dr. Brian Pfoltner                               6    Jacques Tallichet      17   Jeff Koolen               23   Clara Wilberforce
 x 121                   6    Dale Novotny           18   Bhan Riek                 24   Willa Smith
 Children’s & Bell Choir Director: Stephanie Nelson               7    Audrey Richert         18   Olive Myers               24   Tyler Knoche
 x 108                                    7    Finnegan Killeen       18   Shelby Knorr              24   Paige Buresh
 Organist: Dr. Charles W. Ore                                     10   Helen Tallichet        19   MarShawn Jefferson        27   Pam Carrier
                                                                  12   Boyd MacDougall        19   Henry Hill                28   Ryan Roberts
 Youth and Young Adult Director: Jeff Vance                       13   Carlene Miller         19   Annette Hinrichs
 x 106
                                                                  13   Jose Napier            21   Marian Christensen
 Building Coordinator/Receptionist: Carol Tucker
 x 101
 Publications Secretary: Susan Diers                              Sunday Morning Drivers
 x 107                                  Nancy Field, 466-7848
                                                                  Marianne Guenther                          If you need a ride to worship
 Finance Office:                                                                                             service at the church on
   Finance Treasurer: Charles Dunn                                Lynne Hughes, 489-1435
                                                                                                             Sundays, please contact a
   x 102                                Nancy Janike, 489-6779                     Sunday Morning Driver or the
                                                                  June Pickel, 488-1854                      church office at 477-6037.
   Finance Secretary: Patty Wissink                               Ross Smith, 420-2422
   x 114
                                                                  Betty Tenhulzen, 486-4439
First Presbyterian Church - “A place to belong!”    8                            February 2010/Volume 41, No. 2

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