HKU and the Sichuan Earthquake - Notices by hongkonguniv


									Message from The Vice-Chancellor Subject: HKU and the Sichuan Earthquake Dear Colleagues, Students and Alumni, I was deeply shocked to hear of the devastation brought about by the earthquake in Sichuan province and the horrific loss of life. I am sure I speak for the entire HKU community when I say that our hearts go out to all those who have lost family and friends in the catastrophe. As we continue to hear of the efforts of those involved in searching for and helping survivors, we have all been considering how we too might lend a hand. I am very pleased to learn, having just returned from my trip abroad, that the HKU Family is already mobilised and active on this front. I am most impressed to see students and staff joining forces in their relief activities. The University's administrative departments would be prepared to coordinate and to see to the setting up of appropriate mechanisms to facilitate their work. The University has been contacting current students and staff from the Sichuan region, and at this point it seems we have reason to be optimistic, as we have managed to confirm the safety of those we were able to reach. The University will of course continue to monitor the situation. As the full scale of the devastation and the long-term implications for the region emerge, I appeal to all HKU staff, students and alumni to offer what support they can, in whatever form that may take, to help those in Sichuan who will have to rebuild their lives after surviving such monumental destruction. Professor Lap-Chee Tsui Vice-Chancellor May 16, 2008


四川省日前經歷強烈地震,造成重大災難,罹難人數數以萬計,無數災民喪失家園、痛 失至親,受災家庭數目難以估計,我們都為此而難過,對於他們的痛苦,我們感同身受。 在我們不斷聽到救援組織在災區努力搜救生還者,幫助他們脫離險境之際,我們同樣心 繫災民,希望能加以援手。 令我感到欣慰的是,我剛從外地返抵香港就聽到港大成員已積極協助賑災;校內師生和 員工合力開展援助活動,大學行政部門正預備作出配合,作出適當安排以協助他們的工 作。 大學亦已跟來自四川省的在校師生聯絡,至目前為止,慶幸所能夠接觸到的師生都安然 無恙,然而,大學會繼續關注事態的發展。 基於這次災難所造成的巨大破壞及對有關地區所產生的長遠影響,我呼籲香港大學全體 師生和校友竭盡所能,給予援手,以幫助劫後餘生的災民,重建家園,重新振作,開展 新生活。 徐立之 香港大學校長 二○○八年五月十六日

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