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									                                                       THE BEAUTY MAGAZINE OF THE DECTRO GROUP

                                                   Light Therapy
  Volume 11 Number 2 Spring-Summer 2006

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       Santa Ana, CA 92705               Québec, Québec G1P 4S3
                                                                      Manon Laramée,
                                                           Technical Advisor, Dectro, Québec        Upcoming Events
                                                                            Suzie Drolet,
                                                          Instructor, Institut Dectro, Québec
                                                                                                    Esthétique Spa International
                                                                                                    Toronto, ON, Canada
                                                                                                    April 30 - May 1

                                                                                                    Great Dectro Sale 2006
                                                                                                    Québec and Montréal, QC, Canada
                                                                                                    May 7

                                                                                                    Five State Electrolysis Conference
                                                                                                    Hershey, PA, USA
                                 The column that answers your questions                             May 19-21
                                              Send your questions to
                                                                                                    International Congress of Esthetics
                                                                                                    Miami, FL, USA
Can we perform microder-
                                                                                                    May 20-22
mabrasion in summer?
               Elysa Barbara,    has been performed, we          client, and the disinfection of    International Esthetics, Cosmetics
           Chicoutimi (CAN)      suggest complementing the       working areas, all of which        & Spa Conference
                                 care with a VitaPhase™ IM       result in higher costs for the     Las Vegas, NV, USA
We have long considered          or SM dermaphasic device        professional. An electrologist     June 3-5
it best to abstain from          (available on the VitaPeel™     may also decide to use an
performing microderma-           Ion), in order to reduce        insulated probe, which con-
                                                                                                    International Congress of Esthetics
brasion in summer, but in                                                                           Long Beach, CA, USA
                                 redness, inflammation and        centrates energy at the tip, for
doing so, we have deprived                                                                          September 16-18
                                 oedema. It also has a sti-      greater comfort and effec-
our clientele of excellent       mulating effect and promo-      tiveness and to protect the
results! Don’t forget that                                                                          Esthétique Spa International
                                 tes cellular renewal. Many      skin surface. These probes         Montréal, QC, Canada
for you, this means one less     women are interested in         are of course more expen-          October 1-2
service to offer during the      receiving this type of treat-   sive to purchase. Moreover,
season. Take California for      ment during the summer          we should not forget all the       AEA Convention
example: they have been          season; it’s up to you to       towels, robes and slipcovers       New York, NY, USA
practicing microdermabra-        offer it.                       that must be changed and           October 20-22
sion for many years, even                                        bleached…
at very warm temperatures,
and with great success.                                          The type of device used by
Summers in Québec are very                                       the technician is also ano-
humid, which helps keep          Why is there such a             ther very important factor
the skin surface soft and        great price range among         in setting the hourly rate.
supple. Of course, clients       electrologists? Some charge     Logically, a more technolo-
who undergo microderma-          $30 per hour while others       gically advanced and effec-
brasion in summer must           charge $55 and even more        tive device will command a
absolutely avoid sunbathing,     in the United States and        higher fee. For example, a
use a good moisturizing          Europe...                       professional working with
cream and a total sunblock               Caroline Létourneau,    the new Apilus Platinum™,
such as OmbraCrème, of                       Montréal (CAN)      which uses the ultrarapid 27
the act'ion de Gala line,                                        MHz frequency and offers           actuelle is published three times a year by:
                                                                                                    The Dectro Group
at all times (see "Dectro        The Association des élec-       superior effectiveness and
                                                                                                    Head Office (Dectro International)
Specials" Canada only). Even     trolystes du Québec recom-      comfort, should charge             1000, boul. du Parc-Technologique,
in the winter, clients must      mends an hourly rate of $40,    an hourly rate of CAN $ 65,        Québec (Québec) Canada G1P 4S3

take care of their skin and      although rates can be as        US $ 100, or € 125, depen-         Subscription:
protect it from the cold,        high as US $ 75 in the United   ding on the location. ♦  
the wind, the sun, and           States, and up to € 100
especially avoid tanning         and more in Europe! Rates                                          Editor-In-Chief:           Karine Beaumont

salons. Either way, clients      vary according to the area                                         Proofreading/Translation: Michèle Mainville
who seek treatment for           where the electrologist is                                                                   Lyse Meloche

pigment spots or wrin-           located, supply and demand,                                        Graphic Design:            Yolaine Lamarre
kles, or who simply wish         rent, experience, and by the                                                                  Shany LeBlanc

to have radiant skin will        growing number of strict                                           Contributors:              Clément Beaumont
be inclined to take proper       hygiene standards that must                                                                   Manon Laramée
                                                                                                                               Suzie Drolet
care of their skin. Of course,   be met. Note the use of sin-                                                                  Cinthia Caron
your judicious advice and        gle-use probes, which must                                                                    Louise Lévesque
product prescriptions are        be discarded at the end of                                                                    Johanne Fortier

also essential! Furthermore,     each session, the steriliza-
once microdermabrasion           tion of tweezers for each
                                                                                                    ISSN 1712-4301                           actuelle 3
                                             Karine Beaumont,                            Blue Lagoon Trends
                                             Editor-in-chief,                            Dive into the deep blue sea with the new
                                             Dectro International, Québec                Stagecolor spring-summer trends. Inspired by the
                                                                                         basic elements Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, and by
                                                                                         the islands of the South Seas, Blue Lagoon allows
                                                                                         make-up artists to create looks perfectly suited for
                                                           TM                            the summer season. Whether you intend to spend
      Light Therapy signed Vita•Lux                                                      a summer evening under the stars, or spend a day
      It’s here! Dectro’s new and advanced light therapy system is here!                 at sea basking in the sun, the four Stagecolor har-
      The Vita•Lux™ not only offers the three essential colours in aes-                  monies “Fiji, Atlantis, Curaçao, and Antigua” will
      thetics, namely blue, red and green, it also includes an ionization                bring out the sublime femininity in you!
      function with galvanic current, pulsing light therapy, a timer, three              Find out about our Blue Lagoon offers (Available
      VitaPhase™ devices (IM, SM, LT) and two distinct VitaPhase™ con-                   only in Canada).
      nections designed to work simultaneously. What types of treat-
      ment can this system deliver? Anti-acne care with blue light, cal-
      ming and anti-rosacea care with green light, and stimulating and
      collagen fibre-regenerating care with red light. Vita•Lux™, an aes-          O2 + light = radiant skin
      thetically designed, convenient system that is easy to use and that         Would you like to see an oxygen therapy system that
      allows you to offer the latest effective light-based treatments…            also offers light therapy? Look no further thanks to
                                                                                  the new Vital•O2™ with connections for VitaPhase™
      Contact us for more information (see also article on light therapy          devices. Thanks to this new function, you can now use
      on next page). Available in June.                                           the VitaPhase™ LT to perform red, green or blue light
                                                                                  therapy, in combination with high-performance Vital•O2™
                                                                                  oxygen-based treatments such as intra-epidermal injec-
                                                                                  tion, inhalation and nebulization. One device, two func-
                                                                                  tions, more than eight different potential treatments,
                                                                                  what a brilliant idea!
                                                                                  (See “Dectro Specials” and article on light therapy on
                                                                                  next page.)
Now available

Formulated with green tea extract, essential                                                  ®
minerals (selenium and copper), soy protein              A newcomer at Apilus
and vitamin E, the LibraMat emulsion of the              Due to popular demand, Dectro now offers a system that combines thermocoagu-
act’ion de Gala line is an uncontested ally              lation and hair removal. Its new system called Angie™ includes specific programs
for lipidic, oxidized or asphyxiated skins. This         for circulation imperfections, pigment spots and raised imperfections, as well as
mandarin-scented emulsion is able to reple-                                                          TM
                                                         an optional hair removal mode using Flash thermolysis. Simple to use and highly
nish moisture while normalizing secretions               versatile, this device allows beauty professionals to treat telangiectasia, cherry
and protecting from oxidation. What more                 angiomas, molluscum pendulum, skin tags, milia... with spectacular results, but
could you ask for! A sunscreen perhaps?                  also enables electrologists to offer effective permanent hair removal treatments.
LibraMat offers effective daily urban pro-               And as for aestheticians who are thinking about becoming electrologists in the
tection against UVA and UVB rays thanks to               near future, they can simply have the hair removal mode activated.
its titanium dioxide. This emulsion is truly a
                                                         Contact us for more information.
                                                         Available in May. ♦
Available in 50 ml/1.7 fl oz or 200 ml/6.8 fl
oz format. (See “Dectro Specials”)

4 actuelle
                             t . Sk                 in .
           Have. R a d i a n

                                 Light Therapy
     Karine Beaumont,            In just two short years, light therapy has    light we can see is constrained within
              Editor-in-chief,   become one of the most popular beauty         the visible electromagnetic spectrum, i.e.
Dectro International, Québec     treatments in many parts of the world.        between 400 and 700 nm. Each wave-
                                 A number of light-emitting devices are        length in this spectrum is related to a
                                 now available on the market and several       distinct colour and has distinct effects
                                 spas and institutes have added light-         (Figure 1).
                                 based treatments to their list of services.
                                                                               Beyond the visible spectrum, we have
                                 Light therapy can even be combined with
                                                                               infrared light, which has a wave -
                                 microdermabrasion and oxygen therapy.
                                                                               length of more than 700 nm. Infrared
                                 But why this sudden urge to step into the
                                                                               light is not visible. Shor ter wave -
                                 light? Does it genuinely benefit our skin
                                                                               lengths have a super ficial impac t
                                 or is it just an optical illusion?
                                                                               on the skin, whereas longer wave-
                                                                               lengths penetrate deeper into the skin
                                                                               (Figure 2).
                                 Before we can determine the effects of
                                 light, we must first understand it. Light is
                                 composed of a multitude of photons and
                                 constitutes a mass of energy that travels
                                 like a wave. The length of these waves
                                 is measured in nanometres (nm). The

                                                                                                                actuelle 5
                                                                              Studies show that the dermis needs light to              Furthermore, light-therapy systems that allow
                                                                              supply cells with energy and to stimulate                you to use 2 devices at once like Dectro’s
                                                                              collagen production and blood and lymph                  Vita•Lux™ system offer a definite advantage.
                                                                              circulation. The light from light-emitting dio-          Thanks to this type of system, you can treat
                                                                              des (LED) found on light-therapy devices                 both sides of the face simultaneously and
                                                                              stimulates cytochromes, proteins that res-               thus cut treatment time by half.
                                                                              pond to light and colour to produce a natural            Another important feature to look for is the
                       10-6 nm
                                                                              biochemical reaction in the skin. The colour             number of colours offered on the system.
                       10-5 nm
                       10-4 nm
                                     rays                                     influences the response in the skin.                      Three colours are essential in aesthetic care,
                       10- nm
                                                                                                                                       namely red (mature skin, cellulite), blue

                       10-2 nm
                       10-1 nm                                                 Blue               Anti-acne, antibacterial effect.     (acne-prone skin), and green (sensitive skin,
                           1 nm
                                    X rays
                                                                400 nm
                                                                               (450-490 nm) *
                                                                                                  Blue penetrates sebaceous glands     rosacea, congestion). Certain devices inclu-
                          10 nm                 Ultraviolet
                                                                                                  to destroy P. acnes bacteria. It     ded with light-therapy systems only offer
                       100 nm                                        Green                        therefore reduces and prevents       one colour, whereas others such as the
                                                                                                  acne and comedones.

                  103 nm = 1µm                                       Yellow
                          10 µm                 Visible light        Orange                                                            VitaPhase™ LT can offer all three. It is there-
                       100 µm
                                                                700 nm
                                                                               Green              Calming, balancing, vasocons-        fore more practical and less expensive to opt
                                                                                                  trictive effect. Visibly reduces
                1000 µm = 1 mm                  radiation                      (500-550 nm)*
                                                                                                                                       for multi-colour devices.
                  10 mm = 1 cm    Microwaves
                          10 cm
                                                                               Red                Stimulates fibroblasts to promote     Certain systems also offer pulsing light the-
                  100 cm = 1 m
                                                                               (600-690 nm)*      collagen and elastin formation and   rapy. Pulsing light is largely used to energize
                           10 m
                          100 m
                                                                                                  cellular renewal. Stimulates blood   or to relieve pain such as headaches.
                                  Radio waves
                 1000 m = 1 km
                                                                                                  and lymph circulation.
                                                                                                                                       Finally, light panels are also an efficient
                          10 km
                                                                               Infrared           Infrared light yields the same
                                                                                                                                       option since they offer a very short treat-
                       100 km
                                                                                (800-1 200 nm)*
                                                                                                  benefits as red light, however it
                                                                                                  penetrates deeper into the skin,     ment time and can be operated without the
  WAVELENGTHS IN THE ELECTROMAGNETIC                                                              to reach the bones, muscles, and     constant intervention of the aesthetician. The
  SPECTRUM ARE MEASURED IN NANOMETRES                                                             tendons. Infrared light is there-
                                        Wavelength                                                                                     client stands before the panel and relaxes
                                                                 Figure 1                         fore an effective pain reliever.     for a few minutes, until the required 4 joules
                                                                              * Approximate range of values.                           is delivered. However, despite these advan-
                                                                                                                                       tages, this option is very costly ($15,000 to
                                                                                                                                       $30,000 and more) and is only accessible to
                                                                              NASA research on LED with wavelengths of                 well-stocked wallets.
                                                                              680, 730, and 880 nm shows that the light
                                                                              emitted by the diodes increases fibroblast
                                                                              growth fivefold and also speeds healing. Thus,  
                                                                              light therapy is shown to be a very effective
                                                                                                                                       During a salon treatment, it is important to
                                                                              anti-ageing treatment to offer your clients in
                                                  350                                                                                  place the light-therapy device directly on the
        Epidermis                                        400                  your salon. It allows you to stimulate from the
                                                                                                                                       client’s skin so as to avoid energy losses. The
                                                                              outside the internal functions of the skin, to
                                                                                                                                       ideal method consists in applying a water-
                                                                              obtain visible long-term results.
                                                                                                                                       soluble alcohol-free product on the skin, to
                                                                                                                                       move the device slowly over the area and to
                                                                              Light-therapy.devices.                                   respect the prescribed time in order to obtain
                                                                                                                                       the required 4 joules.
Subcutaneous                                                                  Before choosing a light-therapy device, we
                                                                              need to consider a few essential criteria.               Colour combinations can be used during a
                                                                              First, the number of diodes on the device or             single treatment depending on the desired
                                                                              system is important. The greater the number              effect. For example, in the case of a client
                                                                              of diodes, the less time it takes to generate            with mature skin and local rosacea, red could
                                                                              the required amount of energy in the skin.               be used on the eye contour and the face for
 LIGHT PENETRATION INTO THE SKIN VARIES                                       According to NASA research, the objective                its anti-ageing effect, while green could be
                                                                              is to generate 4 joules of energy per cm . A             used on the cheeks and nose for its anti-
                                                        Figure 2*             device such as Dectro's VitaPhase™ LT inclu-             rosacea effect. Light therapy can also be
                                                                              des 21 diodes and generates 0.75 joule per               combined with any type of facial or body
*Illustration for indicative purposes only.
 Depths are approximate.
                                                                              second per cm . For a local treatment, you               treatment, microdermabrasion, microcurrent,
                                                                              should therefore plan about 2 minutes per                or oxygen therapy. A $40 to $70 supplement
                                                                              20-cm area, which represents the surface                 is recommended whenever light therapy is
                                                                              area covered by the device.                              added to a treatment.

6 actuelle
A series of 8 to 12 sessions spread out over
a period of 4 of 6 weeks is recommen-
ded for a complete course of treatment.
Subsequently, one session per month will
be needed to maintain the results. These
results may take up to 10 weeks to become
visible on the skin surface, since changes
are initiated in the dermis. The effects are                                      ®
                                                    Recommended Gala products for light therapy
also cumulative. So, the more light therapy
                                                     Red          JouvenCell, Anti-Age Serum, Bx-Intense Serum, Youth Serum,
you receive, the more results you will see!                       System9™ DermoClair and DermoLife, Lipo Serum, Stretch Marks
In short, if light can help boost our morale                      Serum
and prevent depression, it has now been              Green        HydraPlus, Youth Serum, Yi-zhiBaume, LibraDerm, Lightening Serum,
demonstrated scientifically by NASA that                           System9™ DermoClair and DermoLife
it is also very beneficial to our skin. Light         Blue         LibraDerm, Purifying Serum, Yi-zhiBaume
therapy is therefore an extremely interes-
ting service to provide for aestheticians.
Not only does it yield visible results, it is      References:
also safe, versatile, profitable and a very         BACCHUS, Brett, «On the Light, adding LED machines to the menu», Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine,
                                                   American Edition (August 2005), p.53-58.
pleasant experience. So, if light can make
                                                   CARNEY, Kathleen, «Shedding Light on Beauty», Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine, American Edition,
our clients even more radiant, then let it         (January 2005), p.154-159.
shine! ♦
                                                   NASA, ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE DATA CENTER, What Wavelength Goes With a Colour, October 4, 2005,
                                                   ref. on February, 17, 2006,
                                                   http: //

   Be on the leading edge
   and get our latest innovation!                                                                                                  respirer
    Oxygen and
    Light Therapy                                                                                                                     beau

    • Intra-epidermal injection
    • Inhalation
    • Nebulization
    • Oxygenated microdermabrasion*
    • New! Light Therapy*
    * Optional

            The Dectro Group (complete listing on back cover)
                                Face & Body                           VitaLift
                                                                                          & Vitaderm

                                 The Dectro Group
                                 (complete listing on back cover)

                                     Your Beauty
   Because .
  furniture…                                                        The New Generation of Cellular Beauty Products

    makes                                                      The Natural Solution to Fight Expression Lines.

a world of
                                                                                The Dectro Group
        The Dectro Group                                                   (complete listing on back cover)
        (complete listing on back cover)                                            
                  During                                                                                                Cinthia Caron,
                                                                                                                 Instructor, Institut Dectro,


                  Pr  ncy

W    henever we see a pregnant woman,
we can instantly see and feel her aura of
                                               Skin eruptions
                                               Pregnancy hormones affect the skin, espe-
                                                                                                • Alcohol-based products that dry out the skin and
happiness. However, for someone who            cially facial skin, which becomes thinner,         increase the risk of photosensitivity.
has never experienced pregnancy, it is         more transparent, congested and dehy-
sometimes difficult to imagine all the                                                          • Products containing marine algae.
                                               drated. Melanocyte-stimulating hormones
discomfort that comes along with it.           (MSH) react differently to the sun and may       • Certain pure essential oils are contraindicated as
Nearly all pregnant women go through           generate anomalies. MSH are secreted by            well as any cosmetic produc t which may
several changes including cutaneous            the pituitary gland, but also by the pla-          contain one.
modifications. It is therefore interesting      centa. This reaction increases the activity of
for us to know what we can do to mini-         melanocytes in the epidermis.                    Recommendations:
                                                                                                In your salon:
mize these changes. Usually, most of           During the second trimester of pregnancy,
these imperfections will disappear short-      pregnant women often have acne pro-              • EnzyDerm enzymatic exfoliating gel of the act’ion
ly after childbirth if we pay them just a
                                               blems. In fact, they are dealing with a            de Gala line.
little extra attention. On the other hand,     pregnancy mask, or chloasma. Also called         • Water-based endocosmetic Lightening Serum
certain skin marks can cause permanent         melasma, this condition shows up as dif-                                 ®
                                                                                                  of the act’ion de Gala line.
scars if they are neglected.                   fuse pigment spots usually found on the
                                                                                                • CollaMasq collagen masks of the act’ion de
Pregnant women are increasingly con-           upper lip, the cheeks, the forehead, the                ®
                                                                                                  Gala line.
cerned for their well-being during their       chin, and the neck. These anomalies will
maternity leave and set aside some time        generally disappear either partially or com-
to pamper themselves. Aesthetic care           pletely after childbirth.
can also provide added psychological
well-being. It’s up to us, as aestheticians,
to respond to this clientele in our salons.
To assist you in helping these clients
improve their well-being during their
pregnancy, here are some relevant facts
on the main cutaneous modifications
related to this special condition as well
as aesthetic solutions for the salon and

                                                                                                                                         actuelle 13
At home:                                              Avoid:                                               Massage therapy is excellent during pre-
• EnzyDerm enzymatic exfoliating gel of the act’ion                                                        gnancy. It benefits both the mother and
                                                      • Hot baths at more than 37°C.
  de Gala line twice a week.                                                                               child and provides a time of calm and
                                                      • Protein-deficient diet.                             relaxation. Always work gently and avoid
• A weekly application (morning) of CutaNé daily
                                                                                                           the abdomen, or just lay your hands on it.
  protective emulsion of the act’ion de Gala line.    Recommendations:                                     Maximize movements on the feet and back,
  Before applying the product, it is preferable
                                                      • Wear a properly adjusted (not too tight, not too   using only effleurage (stroking), petrissage
  to dampen the horny layer with lotion for better
                                                        loose) bra.                                        (kneading) and friction. You could even
                                                      • Practice physical activity such as swimming.
                                                                                                           show your client self-massage techniques.

A sunscreen, ideally a sunblock should be             • Gently massage the breasts, moving the nipple
used year-round. Even if the expectant mother           towards the shoulder.                              Pilosity
decides to stay in the shade during the sum-                                                               Pregnant women should not receive hair
mer or even during the cold winter season,                                                                 removal treatments using continuous cur-
                                                      If we look at the back, with the additional
her skin needs protection. The epidermis of                                                                rent during pregnancy. As for alternating
                                                      weight in front, the centre of gravity shifts
a pregnant woman does not heal well and                                                                    current (thermolysis), it is preferable to ask
                                                      forward, which causes the spine to curve
may be affected by the sun’s rays, by sud-                                                                 for medical clearance. Nevertheless, any
                                                      forward while the pelvis remains fairly rigid.
den temperature variations and by pollution.                                                               type of current is contraindicated during
                                                      Aches and pains, muscle cramps, fatigue
OmbraCrème total protection creme of the                                                                   the first three months of pregnancy, for
                 ®                                    and insomnia are often the lot of pregnant
act’ion de Gala line is a zinc-based total                                                                 safety reasons and to avoid disturbing the
sunblock. Thank s to it 's colour, it 's                                                                   client’s nervous system, unless the woman
easily mistaken for a foundation. It is               Turning to the abdomen, a brownish line              received thermolysis treatments on a regu-
ideal to even the complexion, conceal                 may appear in the middle of the abdomen (a           lar basis before her pregnancy.
pigment spots and prevent scarring                    few centimetres from the navel down to the
                                                      pubis symphysis). Stretch marks may appear           Increased pilosity may occur during pre-
(see "Dectro Specials").                                                                                   gnancy, due to hormonal imbalances. After
                                                      on either side of this line. It is important to
                                                      intervene as soon as they appear, to prevent         childbirth, excessive loss of hair in the telo-
Body modifications                                    the appearance of papulous and polycyclic            gen phase is also possible. This should be
The silhouette of a pregnant woman will               urticarial lesions, even if the latter are not       disclosed to the person’s physician, and as
change throughout her pregnancy. From the             that common. They can even extend to the             electrologists, we should note these sud-
inside out, her organs, muscles and tissues are       trunk, the arms, the thighs and the buttocks.        den changes in pilosity in the client file.
constantly changing during the whole nine             These lesions appear during the second and
months of her pregnancy and after childbirth.         sometimes the third trimester of pregnancy.          In conclusion…
The aesthetic aspect of the bust depends on           Itching is common during this time, especially       A woman’s diet during pregnancy and
the muscle tone of the pectoralis major on            in the lower limbs. Thus, it is recommended          breastfeeding should be diversified and
which it rests and the state of the connective        to apply a moisturizing and calming body             above all, balanced. The best advice in
tissue that envelops the mammary gland, adi-          milk to soothe itching. Pregnant women               terms of developing healthy eating habits is
pose tissue and Cooper’s ligament.                    should avoid excessive scratching to prevent         to drink plenty of liquids, especially water.
During the nine months of pregnancy and               developing pruritus on the legs.                     Although proper hydration is an obvious
later during breastfeeding, breast skin beco-                                                              choice, it is also important to promote
mes stretched. Responding to hormonal                                                                      external hydration. Applying a specific
hypersecretions, the breasts swell, which leads                                                            cream for the body and another cream for
to relaxation and loss of firmness. Since it is        • Apply on a daily basis some body milk such as      the face is a good place to start.
one of the most delicate parts of a woman’s             NaturVive of the act’ion de Gala line, which
                                                        contains sweet almond oil, or a nourishing creme
                                                                                                           It is also important to continue these good
body, this deterioration is a problem that                                                         ®       habits, even when the newborn arrives.
affects millions.                                       such as VittoSoin of the act’ion de Gala line,
                                                        with emu oil and shea butter.
                                                                                                           It’s the ideal way to recover your former
To minimize breast skin ageing, JouvenCell                                                                 silhouette! Moreover, aestheticians and
rejuvenating complex of the act’ion de Gala
                                                      • Exfoliate the skin once a week with ExoDerm of     electrologists should always remember to
line is an excellent solution (see "Dectro              the act’ion de Gala line.                          inquire on a regular basis as to whether
Specials"). It promotes cellular renewal as           • Perform 1 or 2 weekly gym sessions.                their clients are expecting, in order to adapt
well as growth and nutrition of the epithelial                                                             treatments accordingly. And to all pregnant
                                                      • To improve skin tone, take cool showers.
tissue. However, even if this cosmetic product                                                             women, we wish you a happy pregnancy,
contains active ingredients that exert a direct       • Treat yourself to a Swedish massage adapted for
                                                                                                           soothing care, a beautiful baby and a fulfil-
influence on the skin, it should be applied             pregnant women.
                                                                                                           ling moterhood! ♦
in a massage. Regular exercise will also help
tone the bust. The sooner you start preventive
treatments, the better the results!

14 actuelle
 Prenatal care schedule
 for your pregnant clients
   st    rd
   1 to 3       critical period to start preventive home care for the breasts and stretch marks
   month        (VittoSoin nourishing repair creme of the act’ion de Gala line), and to start
                using facial creme and moisturizing body milk.
   4 month
                thermolysis hair removal, if needed

   5 month
                lightening facial care

   6 month
                pampering session (hydrotherapy bath)

   7 month
                foot care, since they support the added weight all day
   8 month
                facial care using CollaMasq collagen sheets of the act’ion de Gala line

   9 month
                Swedish massage adapted for pregnant women
   N.B.: The pregnant woman will need to change positions often on the treatment table. It is
   important for you to help her in her movements and to supply cushions and rolls for her personal
   comfort. Always place a pillow under the client 's knee, to support the highest joint.

                                                                                                                               Movable Elbow Supports

                           ACTIVELY ADVANCED SKIN CARE

                                                                                                                               Work… just got comfortable !

The Dectro Group (complete listing on back cover)                       The Dectro Group (complete listing on back cover)
                                                                                 Knowing the full potential of your equipment is a good
              It is possible to insert your probe at a slight angle when trea-   starting point to achieve the results you seek.
              ting hard-to-reach areas such as the buttocks. However, this
                                                                                 Cinthia Caron, Québec
              technique is for experts only, since the insertion technique
              must be perfectly mastered.
              Suzie Drolet, Québec
                                                                                 It is essential to update your skills on a regular basis given the
                                                                                 phenomenal evolution of electrolysis.
                                                                                 Cinthia Caron, Québec

              Tension is not the same as pressure. Keep your client’s skin
              taut, to make insertions easier and your client will not be as
              indisposed by the heat.
                                                                                 The area around the eyes is highly vascularized. Be careful
              Suzie Drolet, Québec                                               when performing insertions to avoid bruising. Also avoid
                                                                                 applying too much pressure on this delicate area.
                                                                                 Cinthia Caron, Québec

              The quality of your work relies on the precision of your inser-
              tions. Take your time, this is not a race!!
              Suzie Drolet, Québec                                               Always keep some time for post-epilatory care, cataphoresis
                                                                                 and final recommendations. Your clients will really appreciate
                                                                                 this personal attention.
                                                                                 Cinthia Caron, Québec

              Always begin by removing hair in the facial area before ten-
              ding to other body areas, both for hygienic reasons and for
              your client’s satisfaction. By proceeding in this manner, the      Arm hair has always been a concern for certain women.
              skin in the facial area will be soothed by the time the session    Today, this area can be rapidly and safely treated, like any
              is done.                                                           other part of the body. It is preferable to begin with the
                                                                                 longest and darkest hair and to treat progressively both arms
              Suzie Drolet, Québec                                               during the same session.
                                                                                 Louise Lévesque, Montréal

              Cushions are used for your client’s comfort, but also to
              provide easier access to the treated area and thus improve the
              quality of your work. Don’t hesitate to use them and don’t         During the consultation, you must take time to perform a skin
              forget to raise the opposite side. (see "Dectro Specials")         exam. In some situations, a slight chloasma on the upper lip
                                                                                 or a few freckles could become more visible after hair remo-
              Suzie Drolet, Québec
                                                                                 val, and this should be mentioned to the client.
                                                                                 Louise Lévesque, Montréal

              It is recommended to have your equipment checked at least
              once every 3 years under normal operating conditions.
              Cinthia Caron, Québec

16 actuelle
                     Electrolysis Instructors, Institut Dectro

It is possible for electrologists to offer thermolysis treatments
to persons wearing a pacemaker. However, don’t forget to
contact your insurance company before performing such
treatments. Furthermore, ask the client for medical clearance
from her attending physician.
                                                                     If you wish to offer a special to your clients, don’t discount
Louise Lévesque, Montréal
                                                                     your prices, but rather offer a free service or product.
                                                                     Reducing your prices only reduces the value of your work in
                                                                     the eyes of your clients.
                                                                     Johanne Fortier, California
Never forget to emphasize to your clients that it is critical to
apply a sunscreen in the 48 hours following treatment or
more if there is presence of redness.
Louise Lévesque, Montréal
                                                                    Make your electrolysis treatments relaxing. Play some soft
                                                                    music, cover non-treated areas with a soft fleece and offer
                                                                    your client a cup of herbal tea…
Be careful! Use only as much energy as you need for your
                                                                    Johanne Fortier, California
treatments. Adjust your treatment duration according to the
depth of insertion and constantly watch for skin reactions on
your client.
Louise Lévesque, Montréal
                                                                    Always cover your client’s eyes with small protective glasses
                                                                    when performing treatments in the face or neck area. This
                                                                    helps prevent incidents and increases your client’s comfort by
                                                                    shielding her eyes from the light source.
                                                                    Johanne Fortier, California
Many electrologists worry about performing electrolysis in the
facial or neck area of African Americans, due to the presence
of keloids and distorted follicles. Always keep in mind that
a properly treated follicle will be straighter and shallower,
and so easier to treat during regrowth. Obviously, this skin
type has a tendency to react to hyperpigmentation, thus it
becomes essential to use insulated probes such as IsoBlend™         Clean your probe on a regular basis during treatment using
or IsoGard™ probes by Pro-Tec , depending on the selected           gauze dampened with antibacterial solution such as BactiRince
technique, to avoid any unpleasant side effects.                    de Gala in order to eliminate residue which could collect on
Louise Lévesque, Montréal                                           the probe. The current will flow more effectively and your
                                                                    insertions will be easier.
                                                                    Johanne Fortier, California

Avoid discussing your personal life with your clients. If one of
your clients decides to confide in you, your professional duty       If your client has curly or distorted hair, treat these hair in the
is to listen, not pour out your own problems.                       early anagen phase. At the very start of its growth, the hair is
                                                                    shallower and not as distorted, which makes it easier to reach
Johanne Fortier, California
                                                                    the bulb.
                                                                    Johanne Fortier, California
     Platinum™ launched in Spain, Portugal and England
     Last spring, Dectro proceeded with the official launching of the Apilus Platinum™ 27 MHz in Spain,
     Portugal and England. Our partners were impressed with the comfort and effectiveness of this new tech-
     nology in permanent hair removal. During his visit, Mr. Beaumont also presented the results of scientific
     studies on the destruction of germinative cells in the hair follicle comparing laser technology and electroepi-
     lation. These studies were conducted within the scope of a research project with the CHUL (Laval University
     Hospital Centre), in Québec. Many clients also attended these information seminars showing the limits of
     laser epilation versus the new 27 MHz technology for 100% permanent hair removal. We wish our partners
     much success and appreciate their efforts to develop the electrolysis market throughout the world.

     Without Borders
                                                                                                                        Karine Beaumont,
                                                                                                                        Dectro International, Québec

1.                                        2.                                            3.                              4.

     Platinum™ expertise in Italy
                                                                                                                                 ®          TM
                                                                                                                        1. Apilus Platinum launching during
     Last December, Mr. Carlo Confalonieri and Mrs. Giada Zambelli of Italian firm NeoPanesthetic, paid us a visit
                                                      ®                                                         ®
                                                                                                                           the Cosmobelleza Fair in Barcelona
     in Québec in order to follow an Académie Apilus training session focussing on the new 27 MHz Apilus                   (Spain).
     Platinum™ epilator. Over the course of an entire week, our partners learned about the numerous features            2. Mr. Clément Beaumont, President
     of this ultrarapid system and mastered the new Platinum™ techniques, namely PicoFlash™, Synchro™, and                 of Dectro International, and Mrs.
     EvoluBlend™. Congratulations to the entire team!                                                                      Cinthia Caron, instructor at the
                                                                                                                           Institut Dectro, in London (England).

     Beauty Forum in the snow!                                                                                          3. From left to right: Suzie Drolet, ins-
                                                                                                                           tructor at the Institut Dectro, Mr.
                   st         th
     From March 1 to the 5 , Dectro travelled to Zurich to meet with Swiss distributor Jean-Pierre Rosselet, in            Clément Beaumont, President of
     order to present its newest products and to attend the Beauty Forum congress and trade fair. A training               Dectro International, Mr. Carlo
                            ®                                                                                              Confalonieri and Mrs. Giada Zambelli,
     session on the Apilus Platinum™ was on the agenda, as well as two days to showcase the VitaPeel™,                     of NeoPanesthetic, at the Institut
     Vital•O2™ and Apilus systems at the annual convention in Zurich. All Dectro systems attracted lots of atten-          Dectro in Québec.
     tion from Swiss professionals, due to their effectiveness and their high quality standards. Congratulations to     4. Mrs. Louise Lévesque, instructor at
     all Rosselet employees who did everything in their power to make this event a success, despite the snows-             the Institut Dectro, and Elisabeth
                                                                                                                           Lucchi-Wetzel, representative of Jean-
     torm that hit Zurich during the trade show!                                                                           Pierre Rosselet Cosmetics in Zurich
     Alpha Salon software more popular than ever
     Dectro recently introduced its Alpha Salon management software at the Lachine Professional Training
     Centre in the Montréal area. This software, jointly developed by Dectro and Dectronique, is now included
     in hairdressing, aesthetics and electrolysis training courses offered by this school, in order to introduce stu-
     dents to computerized management. Working on a single computer platform or in a network environment,
     this software allows users to fill out customized medical forms and to keep a record of previous purchases
     and services rendered for each client. It is also designed to keep track of inventories and employee com-
     missions, to issue invoices, to manage purchasing orders and to monitor courses of treatment thanks to
     its appointment book. A major computer breakthrough for this public school, who joins six other schools
     already using the software since 2004-2005!

                                                                                                                                                    actuelle 19
                                                                                           Winner of the
                                                                            CANADIAN INNOVATION
                                                                             OF THE YEAR AWARD

                                                                                               27 MHz

                                                                                           Ultrarapid Frequency
                                                                                           Unrivalled Comfort
                                                                                               New Modes
                                                                                       À-la-carte Hair Removal
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