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									  Volume 3, No. 1   A publication of the Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic, P.C.

     Osteoporosis and Obesity
                     Extra pounds really matters

Free Sports Physicals O ered
 Schedules so area athletes can participate

      Lower Extremity Injuries
                    Education and treatment gets
                            you back in the game
                                                 Welcome . . .
            is a publication from                   Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic is committed to our local athletes as
    Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic            well as the weekend warrior. MTBJ is a proud sponsor of youth sports as we
                                                 provide professional services to our local high school athletic programs. That
    See our website for additional locations.
                                                 commitment includes presenting community seminars on not only how to
                                                 treat injuries but more importantly how to prevent them.
    1050 N. James Campbell Blvd.
              Suite 200
                                                     This issue of OrthoConnexion continues our tradition of providing impor-
        Columbia, TN 38401
                                                 tant information related to the treatment and prevention of sports injuries as
       800.552.BONE (2663)
                                                 well as healthy living tips to deal with diseases that threaten your quality of
       931.381.BONE (2663)
                                                 life. We strongly believe that prevention and treatment begins with education.

                                                   MTBJ recently held the first meeting of our Patient Advisory Committee.
                                                 This group was chosen from patients who have had both good and less than
                                                 desirable experiences with our clinic. The purpose of the group is to provide
       is an educational and informative         honest insight as to how we can provide the best possible service and treat-
         resource for physicians, health
                                                 ment to our patients.
          care professionals, employer
         groups, and the general public.
           This magazine/newsletter                 We also encourage your feedback and would like to hear from you. Please go
     provides a forum for communicating          to our website at and take our on-line patient satisfaction
           news and trends involving             survey. You may also share your thoughts by calling us at 931.560.1401 or by
          orthopedic-related diseases,
                                                 email at
      injuries, and treatments, as well as
    other health-related topics of interest.
                                                   I hope that you enjoy this issue of OrthoConnexion as we look forward to
     The information contained in this           providing you the best and most compassionate healthcare possible. We truly
   publication is not intended to replace a      appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be of service.
    physician’s professional consultation
    and assessment. Please consult your
      physician on matters related to                                 Sincerely yours,
            your personal health.

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                                                                  Education and treatment gets you back in the gam
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                                                                This year’s physicals will be
                                                              given at MTBJ, located at the
                                                              Medical Creek Plaza at 1050
                                                              James Campbell Blvd., Ste. 200.
                                                              The following is this year’s

                                                              Boys – Monday, July 12, 2010
                                                                   5:30 PM — Pop Warner/
                                                                  Elementary Cross Country
                                                                            6:00 PM
                                                                    Giles County/Richland/
                                                                  Wayne County/Whitthorne
                                                                            6:15 PM
     Continuing to Service Middle Tennessee After 13 Years!          Santa Fe/Hampshire
                                                                            6:30 PM
                                                                     Mt. Pleasant/Culleoka
                                                                            7:00 PM
                                                              Columbia Academy/Zion Academy
                                                                            7:15 PM
                                                                      Spring Hill/ EA Cox
                                                                            7:30 PM
    Call Ernest Faulkner for all your electrical needs!       Columbia Central/Columbia State

                                                              Girls – Monday, July 19, 2010
                                                                            5:30 PM
                                                                  Pop Warner Cheerleaders/
                                                                  Elementary Cross Country
                                                                            6:00 PM
                                                                    Giles County/Richland/
                                                                  Wayne County/Whitthorne
                                                                            6:15 PM
                                                                     Santa Fe/Hampshire
                                                                            6:30 PM
          Service Panel Upgrades | Electrical Remodels
           New Additions | Lighting Layout/Installation             Mt. Pleasant/Culleoka
             All type of fixtures | Landscape Lighting                      7:00 PM
      Troubleshooting | FREE Estimates | Licensed/Insured     Columbia Academy/Zion Academy
                                                                            7:15 PM
                                                                       Spring Hill/EA Cox
     Cell 931.580.0264                Home 931.682.2615                     7:30 PM
                                                              Columbia Central/Columbia State

Trust your eyes to experience

                                   Columbia Eye Associates
                      A wide range of services . . .
                     Located in the Medical Plaza at Creekside Place, Columbia Eye Associates feature complete vision services
                     from the medical professionals, Atnip, Gordon, Hamiliton and King. These eye care physicians are all
                     board-certified ophthalmologists and combined have over 80 years of experience.

                     An entire range of eye diseases can be treated at Columbia Eye Care Associates using state-of-the-art
                     technology that allows a cross section image of the underlying structures of the eye. By imaging the retina
                     in 3D, patients can more easily understand their disease and options for treatment. Corrective surgery such
                     as for cataracts can be performed on site by our physicians at the Surgery Center of Middle Tennessee, also
                     located in the Medical Plaza.

                      A wide range of treatment options . . .
                     Columbia Eye Associates offers a new treatment called ReSTOR Intraocular lens. This lens can enhance
                     near and distance sight otherwise known at multi-focal implants in the eye. The lens has the ability to
                     consistently offer patients improved vision at a range of distances, from close up to far. Also, if cataracts
                     and astigmatism are a problem, AcrySof Toric Lenses can give improved quality distance vision with
                     decreased dependency on glasses. AcrySof Toric intraocular lens is the first lens to correct ctaracts and
                     treat pre-existing astigmatism.

                      A wide range of eyewear choices . . .
                     Christopher Optical has been providing exceptional eyewear services since 1989 in the Cool Springs area.
                     Columbia Eye Associates is pleased to have Chris McWhorter and his staff operating their eyewear shop in
                     our facility. Christopher Optical has a large variety of designer frames as well as quality affordable frames.
                     Christopher Optical specializes in many lens designs such as polarized sunglasses, the latest in thin and lite
                     lenses and special non-glare, anti reflective lenses. They are also one of the largest Varilux no-line
                     progressive lens dealers in Middle Tennessee.

                      A wider range of specialized services . . .
                     To further provide exceptional service to Columbia area residents, physicians from Tennessee Retina, the
                     largest retina practice in Middle Tennessee, are now seeing patients in our offices. Doctors Carl Awh,
                     Kenneth Moffat, and Trent Wallace have regular office hours in Columbia. These fellowship-trained
                     ophthalmologists now perform examinations and treatments in Columbia that previously required a drive
                     to Nashville. For more information about Tennessee Retina, please visit their website at
                     or to schedule an appointment, call 615.983.6000.

                                            1050 N. James Campbell Blvd.
                                                      Suite 100
                                             Columbia, Tennessee 38401
    Patient Education by
    Je rey T. Adams, MD
    Surgery of the Shoulder/
    Sports Medicine
                                Osteoporosis &
O   besity is a nationwide health
    crisis. It has a tremendous
e ect on a person’s health with
increased risk of hypertension,
heart disease, diabetes and
premature death. In rank of a
state’s population being obese,
Tennessee unfortunately ranks
fourth. Billions of health care
dollars are spent on the treat-
ment of obesity and its compli-
cations. There is an association
between increased body mass
and osteoarthritis of the joints
that bear weight, such as the
   The mechanics of being
overweight increases the load
placed on joints which hastens
the breakdown of cartilage.
The body tries to create a more
stable base by making the
knees more knock kneed and
rotating the feet outward. This
causes more point loading by
changing the mechanical axis.
Being only 10lbs. overweight
increases the force on the
knees by 30-80lbs. with each        pound lost there is a decrease      weight reduction program.
step.                               in symptoms related to osteo-       There are surgical options such
   Obesity is a risk factor for     arthritis of the knee.              as a lap band and gastric by-
osteoarthritis. Obese women         Everyone knows that weight          pass that are reserved for the
have a four times greater risk      reduction is not easy. Television   obese that have failed tradi-
and obese men have a ve             shows like the “Biggest Loser”      tional weight loss programs.
times greater risk than normal      depict participants using a to-     There are signi cant risks as-
weight individuals. It has been     tal team approach of diet, exer-    sociated with these surgeries.
demonstrated that weight loss       cise, and counseling. Getting       Please discuss weight reduc-
makes a di erence on risk. For      to the source of the problem        tion options with your primary
every 11lbs. of weight loss, the    such as underlying depression,      care physician.
risk of knee osteoarthritis         stress management problems,
drops by 50%.                       and poor dietary habits are
   It has been shown that           crucial steps to changing a life-
weight reduction decreases          style. Calorie reduction and
the pain associated with osteo-     exercise are important to in-
arthritis as well. For every        corporate to any serious
                                                                                                  Written by:
                                                                               Randy Wilmore, MTBJ CEO and
                                                                                new Chairman of the Board of
                                                                                  Directors of Maury Alliance

                                    Make It Maury
                                    for Healthcare
R    ecently the Maury Alliance
     which is the Maury County
                                      Make It Maury means making
                                   Maury the place to relax and
                                                                          Make It Maury means making
                                                                       Maury a place to relocate, start-
Chamber of Commerce & Eco-         have fun in one of our fantastic    up or expand a business be-
nomic Development Organiza-        parks or outstanding golf           cause of our great workforce
tion began a movement called       courses.                            and community assets.
“Make It Maury.” Many would           Make It Maury means making          And last but most important,
assume that this is a “shop        Maury the place to visit one of     Make It Maury means making
local” campaign, which it is but   our amazing historical sites, an-   Maury your rst choice for
it is so much more!                tebellum homes or venturing         healthcare. Did you know that
    So, exactly what does “Make    (or taking a trip) down the Old     Maury County is the healthcare
It Maury” mean?                    Tennessee Trail.                    hub for southern middle Ten-
    Make It Maury means making        Make It Maury means making       nessee? We are truly blessed to
Maury the place to get a great     Maury a place to move your          have a regional medical com-
education at our local and pri-    family and enjoy the beautiful      munity that not only provides
vate schools and furthering        scenery, excellent climate, low      rst class healthcare but also is
that education at Columbia         cost of living and true southern    a major economic engine for
State Community College.           hospitality.                                         continued on page 14

                                                           Group Health Insurance
                                                               Employee Benefits

                                                                   Life Insurance

                                                                 Long Term Care
      Providing quality customer service
          for our clients since 1976.

                1517 Hatcher Lane
                                                             For more information, call us.
                   P.O. Box 375
            Columbia, Tennessee 38402                             931.388.1258

                                                                                                      Written by:
                                                                                           Je rey T. Adams, MD
                                                                                         Surgery of the Shoulder/
                                                                                                 Sports Medicine

                                     Lower Extremity
                                      Last issue we focused              player’s foot causing an inver-
                                                                         sion stress. The degree of
                                       on upper extremity                tearing depends on the angle
                                     injuries that can occur             and amount of force on the
                                                                         ligaments. A Grade I injury
                                      in football, this issue            damages a few bers, but re-
                                        we focus on lower                sults in no instability. Return to
                                        extremity injuries               play is usually in seven days.
                                                                         Grade III injuries cause disrup-
                                         associated with                 tion of the ligaments, massive
                                            basketball.                  swelling, and instability of the
                                                                         ankle. Treatment requires im-
                                     ment is prolonged immobili-         mobilization and can take up
                                     zation or surgical intervention     to six weeks to heal and return
                                     for placement of an intrandul-      to play. Surgery is usually only
                                     iary screw. Surgery is frequently   indicated if there is an associ-
                                     recommended due to the high         ated fracture or in the chronic

W     e will concentrate on stress
      fractures, ankle sprains,
                                     incidence of nonunion.
                                        Shin splints and stress frac-
                                                                         condition of recurrent sprains
                                                                         resulting in an unstable ankle.
and knee injuries.                   tures of the tibia are di cult to      Knee injuries usually occur
   Stress fractures of the foot      distinguish. Shin splints usually   on landing or a sudden decel-
and the tibia are commonly           hurt on the posterior and           eration. One of the reasons
seen in basketball players. Yao      medial side of the tibia over a     female basketball players have
Ming (professional basketball        fairly long segment whereas         such a high incidence of ACL
player) has been hampered by         stress fractures are usually        injuries is they land with their
stress fractures of the feet.        more localized and hurt when        knees collapsing inward, there-
Stress fractures are caused by       tapping on the bone. X-rays         by putting more torque on the
repetitive micro trauma. Activi-     and bone scans are utilized to      knee joint. Once the ACL tears,
ties such as jumping, running,       make the diagnosis. Treatment       there is frequently a pop and
and cutting on the hardwood          of shin splints are compression     the knee swells very quickly.
  oor load the foot, especially      sleeves, ice massage, NSAIDs,       X-rays, MRI, and clinical exam
the fth metatarsal which is in       and activity modi cation.           are all important in making a
the transition between the           Stress fractures are treated by     diagnosis.
mid foot and the ball of the         rest, immobilization, and sur-         Cartilage tears are also fre-
foot. The ‘Jones’ fracture is        gery if it does not heal.           quent in basketball due to the
characterized by pain over the          Ankle injuries are the most      twisting mechanism seen
outside of the foot, occasional-     common injury seen in basket-       during changing direction
ly there is swelling or a pop        ball. Most commonly seen with       quickly. Both ACL injuries and
when a break completes. Treat-       a player landing on another                        (continued on page ?)
                                                                      Orthopedic Surgeons

                                                                             C. Douglas Wilburn, MD
                                                                             Surgery of the Spine/
                                                                             Sports Medicine

                                                                             Randall L. Davidson, Jr., MD
                                                                             Surgery of the Foot/
                                                                             Sports Medicine

                                                                             Je rey T. Adams, MD
                                                                             Surgery of the Shoulder/
    Skilled Nursing | Physical Therapy | Occupational Therapy                Sports Medicine
          Speech Therapy | Social Worker | Personal Care
 Private Duty (hourly nurses) for Pediatrics, Adolescents & Adults
                                                                             J. Fredrick Wade, MD
           HCBS - Waiver Program and Options Program                         Total Joint & Recon-
                                                                             struction of the Hip
                                                                             and Knee and Surgery
                                                                             of the Spine

           For Your Information . . .                                        A. Lee Hunter, Jr., MD
                                                                             Surgery of the Hand
 For the convenience of patients, Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic
       has four locations throughout Maury, Marshall, Lewis,
    and Giles counties with the main o ce located in Columbia.               Scott W. McCall, MD
    For directions, contact the o ce you are visiting or go to our           General Orthopedics/
        website where a Google map will help you navigate.                   Knee Replacements/
                                                                             Sports Medicine

  Columbia (Main O ce)                          Pulaski
1050 N. James Campbell Blvd.             215 South Cedar Lane
          Suite 200                         1.800.552.2663                    Jonathan R. Pettit, MD
    931.381.BONE (2663)                                                       Joint Reconstruction/
   1.800.552.BONE (2663)                     Hohenwald                        Sports Medicine
                                            617 West Main
          Lewisburg                         1.800.552.2663
     1080 Elington Parkway
                                                                      Physical Medicine
        1.800.552.2663                                                and Rehabilitation

                       Office Hours
                                                                             Charles S. Kim, MD
        Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM                         Physical Medicine and
continued from page 9

Lower Extremity                         237 Years of Service
quickly. Both ACL injuries and
                                                  . . . to You!
cartilage injuries require sur-
gery. ACL reconstruction takes
six months to heal and ready
                                        M   id-Tennessee Bone & Joint
                                             Clinic has a long history
                                                                                    nine of its employees have a
                                                                                    combined 237 years of
                                        of providing compassionate                  experience?
for play whereas cartilage sur-         and professional orthopedic                    We salute and thank these
gery patients can return in four        care to southern and middle                 employees, for their dedication
to six weeks.                           Tennessee and its surrounding               to the Clinic and to our patients.
    The nal injury seen in bas-         areas, but did you know that
ketball that receives a lot of
media attention are chondral
                                                 Pictured from left to right:
injuries. A number of NBA
players such as Tracy McGrady               Dr. Doug Wilburn — 28 years
and Aware Stoudemire have                     Elaine Alderson — 35 years
had microfracture surgery for                     Archie Farris — 32 years
chondral injuries. Repetitious                     Andy Pogue — 31 years
microtrauma is felt to be the                    Tina Faulkner — 26 years
mechanism for the damage to                          Amy Allen — 24 years
the joint surface causing it to            Renee McEndarfer — 21 years
  ake o . The surgery requires
                                               Ginger Chesnut — 20 years
trimming the edges of the
                                          Dr. Randy Davidson — 20 years
lesion and drilling the bone to
stimulate the bone marrow to
  ll in the defect.
    As you can see, the lower
extremities are at high risk
                                           “     Working for the Mid -Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic has been a blessing in so
                                                 many ways. I am grateful for so many wonderful people who have impacted
                                                my life, both staff and patients. I appreciate what the clinic has meant to this
                                               community and for a chance to work and be of service here in my home town.          “
during basketball season.
                                             It is always encouraging to see former patients or their families who remember
Proper training and education                                   and are thankful for our help. I am proud of our past and look
can prevent some injuries,                                                      forward to greater opportunities in the future.
especially in female ACL injur-
ies. Early recognition and treat-
                                                                                                                — Andy Pogue

ment can get players back on
the court as soon as possible.
                                                      “    I feel like I have grown up here — it feels like family.
                                                           — Amy Allen

  Just a reminder . . .
  If an injury occurs a er a game,
                                             “    There have been a lot of new & exciting changes in the medical field
                                             since 1975. It is a wonderful atmosphere to work in & the Physicians are
                                                   very kind & understanding. I appreciate the opportunity to be part
                                                                                of Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic.
  please remember OrthoQuick is
  open on Saturdays from 9:00 AM                                                                           — Elaine Alderson
  to Noon.                                                                                                  “
  OrthoQuick is a “clinic with-in
  a clinic” that treats injuries like
                                         “    I can’t imagine working any place but MTBJ. I feel very blessed to have
                                              had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful coworkers,
                                              physicians and patients over the last twenty six years.
  fractures, strains, sprains, and                         — Tina Faulkner
  other urgent orthopedic needs.
Minimally Invasive
Alternatives to Total
Knee Arthoplasty
Over 10 million Americans lives are affected by osteoarthritis of the knee.
Pain is the main symptom, as well as stiff or swollen joints or a catching
sensation which may interfere in normal knee movement. There are non-
surgical alternatives which can help such as:
■ Lifestyle modification
■ Weight control                                                                  Presentation Made On
■ Exercise and physical therapy
■ Anti-inflammatory medication                                                  Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009
■ Steroid Injection
■ Joint fluid therapy (hyaluronic acid)
                                                                                 MTBJ Community Room

If surgery is required, there are many surgical options as well, depending on
the location and severity of the osteoarthritis:
■ Oxford Unicompartmental Knee (only the diseased portion is replaced)
■ JOURNEY DEUCE system (preserves healthy bone/cartilage in outside
    compartment of knee)
■ Total or Partial Knee Replacement (damaged parts of your knee that need
     repair will be removed & replaced with metal & plastic implants. During
     surgery, an implant,
     especially selected to
     match your needs, will be
     affixed to the underlying

                                                                                  Scott McCall, MD
                                                                                    Sports Medicine &
                                                                                   General Orthopedics

                Medical Plaza at Creekside Place, Suite 200
       1050 N. James Campbell Blvd. | Columbia, Tennessee 38401
      931.381.BONE (2663) | 800.552.BONE (2663) |
continued from page 7

Make It Maury for
the area. We are also very for-
tunate to have a top-ranked
hospital like Maury Regional
Medical Center (MRMC) who
was recently named a 2009
Excellence Award Winner in the
annual Excellence in Tennessee
recognition program admin-
istered by the non-pro t Ten-       Randy Wilmore, MTBJ CEO is pictured here with Brandom Gengelbach, President of
nessee Center for Performance       Maury Alliance. Our congratulations to Randy for being appointed as the new Chairman
                                    of the Board of Directors of Maury Alliance.
Excellence (TNCPE). The Excel-
lence Award is TNCPE’s highest
honor. You cannot recruit and
keep quality physicians with-
out a rst class hospital and
you cannot have a rst class
hospital without quality
   Just how important is health-
care to the local economy?
Consider that a little more than
                                                proudly announces a new on-campus facility
two years ago, the partners in
the Medical Plaza at Creekside
Place made a capital invest-
ment of over 10 million dollars.           Assisted living facility for residents with various types
The various groups located in
                                            of dementia
the new facility employ over               Inside and outside environment designed for safety,
100 non-physician sta with
                                            security and yet individuality
an annual payroll in excess of             State-of-the-art monitoring system in resident rooms
4 million dollars. This is only a           (each room equipped with infrared motion detectors so staff is
small part of the economic im-               aware of resident activity no matter the hour)
pact that healthcare has on our            Licensed as a Secured Unit by TN Dept. of Health
community as these numbers                 All ammenities included
will only continue to grow.                Spa Room
   So, when you are looking to             Beauty Shop
shop, get an education, have
fun, visit, relocate, do business                       The Gardens at Poplar Estates
or take care of your health, we                            1310 Rosewood Drive
encourage you to always Make                                Columbia, TN 38401
It Maury.                                                       931.381.8405
                      Spotlight On
            Dr. Fredrick Wade
D   r. Wade has been in practice
   at the Mid-Tennessee Bone
                                      dence and choices with the
                                    practice. Due to advances in
& Joint Clinic for the past 16      technology , joint replace-
years. He attended medical          ments are lasting longer than
school at the University of Ala-    ever before and MTBJ is able to
bama and completed his resi-        o er joint replacement sur-
dency at Carolinas Medical          geries to older patients. MTBJ
Center, Orthopedic Hospital of      has been able to o er joint
Charlotte in Charlotte , North      replacement options to              pedics that can’t be done by
Carolina.                           patients in their late 80’s which   the physicians at MTBJ.
    Dr. Wade trained with Dr.       is 10 years longer than what          Dr. Wade is most proud of
Je Adams in Charlotte, NC and       was previously o ered. Conse-       his family. He and his wife,
it was Dr. Adams who called         quently the mobility and life-      Stacey have three children,
Dr. Wade and asked if he would      style of older patients have        Jake , Sam and Helen.
be interested in coming to          been improved.                         Hobbies include playing golf
Columbia to talk to the part-          Maury Regional Medical           and shooting rearms. And
ners at MTBJ. Dr. Wade came,        Center is able to o er patients     then there is football . . .
liked the group, and decided        specialized care on the 6th         “Auburn football is my life.”
to accept an o er to practice         oor with private rooms and           When I’m dead, I would like
at Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint       orthopedic nurses. 100%             for my patients to say, “he was
Clinic.                             orthopedic surgery rooms are        the best doctor he could be.”
   Columbia was a good choice       also provided now. The quality
for his family because it’s close   care and quality sta make the
to Alabama, where he and his        Total Joint Center at Maury
wife Stacey are from and have       Regional Medical Center an
family who live there.              excellent choice for joint re-
   Dr. Wade is most proud pro-      placement surgery.
fessionally of how the Joint           The state-of-the-art o ce
Replacement program has             building at MTBJ is a commit-
improved and become more            ment to the community that
competitive with larger             shows their investment and
surrounding practices. There        how it is keeps abreast of the
has been more focus on hip          latest technology in ortho-                   Next issue,
and knee replacements which         pedic care. There is almost           coming in September 2010,
have given patients more op-        nothing in the world of ortho-              will spotlight
tions to help ensure their con-                                                Dr. Lee Hunter

                                                  Presorted Standard
                                                     U.S. Postage

1050 N. James Campbell Blvd., Suite 200              Columbia, TN
Columbia, Tennessee 38401                           Permit No. 710

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     OrthoQuick is a “clinic within a clinic”
     treating injuries like fractures, strains,
     and other urgent orthopedic needs.
     Walk-ins are encouraged.
        A service of and location in

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