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					                                                                               Moodle Lab
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                               Moodle Lab Exercise
During this course we will use the Moodle course management system to submit
assignments, communicate, maintain grades, to pass back graded work you submitted,
etc. You need a reliable, frequently checked e-mail account and an understanding of
Moodle’s characteristics, capabilities and uses. This lab will acquaint you with some of
Moodle’s principle characteristics as well as help us work out some of the bugs
associated with our Moodle accounts.
1. Log on to Moodle.
   a. You will self-enroll in the Moodle account.
   b. Open your browser.
   c. Navigate to the web site.
   d. Click on the “Create new account” link.
   e. This will open the New Account page.

   f. You will be asked to fill out the information presented above. For standardization
      with your other school accounts, your username should be
      firstname.lastname and your password should be your six digit birth date or
      something else you will remember.
   g. The email account should be an account you will check frequently during the
      week. Email is a major portion of this course management system. Course
      announcements will be delivered via your email account. For example, instead
      of logging in on Monday to see what I have assigned, you will receive an email
      from Moodle with the announcement included in the email.
   h. Once you have filled out the form, click Create my new account.
   i. You will be told an email has been forwarded to your account for confirmation.
   j. When the email arrives, open the email and click on the link inside the email. If
      you don’t receive an email, check your spam filter/deleted folder. Hotmail and
      Yahoo are notoriously bad at this. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours
      let me know and I will check with the administrators. I will need the username
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      and email address you used to create the account.
   k. A new web page will open and you will be told “Thanks” for your confirmation.
   l. Click on the Courses link on the web page.
   m. Locate your course from the list.
   n. Click on your course.
   o. You will be asked for an enrollment key. The enrollment key was in the original
      “Welcome” email I sent on the first day of class (for online classes) or will be
      provided in the classroom (for traditional classes). Enter your enrollment key and
      click the Enroll me in this course button.
   p. You are entered into my course.
2. Your screen should now resemble the following (only for your course):

   a. The Class News link is a forum is where I will post class announcements and
      other class-wide items of interest. This is not a discussion forum. The Week 1
      announcement is posted. Read it.
   b. The Have a question? Ask it here! link is a forum where you can ask
      questions of me and receive answers. In addition, you are encouraged to help
      your classmates with answers. I cannot be online all the time. If you have the
      answer, respond. It will help you learn as well.
   c. A copy of the syllabus is provided for your convenience.
   d. In addition I have added some other useful information. The Show Me What’s
      Wrong link will allow you to create a short (< 5 minutes) video of the issue you
      are having. I am a visual person. I can provide better assistance if I see your
      screen via screen shots or videos.
   e. The course materials are arranged by week similar to the syllabus.
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f. So let’s look at how materials are arranged in the above picture.
   (1) The first item is the Lesson Intro. There will be a Lesson Intro for each week.
       In the Lesson Intro, there will be a brief discussion of the week’s topic,
       demonstration videos, links to additional information on the topic, etc. Not
       every week will have all of this information but each week will have pertinent
   (2) Next is the lab (VMWare Lab). Under the lab link you will find:
      (a) Additional information required for the lab
      (b) Any special instructions pertaining to the lab.
      (c) Any demonstrations related to the lab materials.
      (d) The Practice Lab. The Practice lab provides you with step by step
          instructions and additional information regarding the material being
          covered. This is not a graded item. However, I highly recommend that
          you complete this. It will make the Lab Assessment much easier to
      (e) The Lab Assessment. The Lab Assessment is an unguided practice
          provided in scenario form. What does this mean? I have provided you a
          scenario from which you have to determine what to do and then do it
          without the benefit of the step by step solution. This is graded.
   (3) You will download the “Practice Lab” and the “Lab Assessment” to your
       computer and complete the actions defined inside of your assigned VMWare
       virtual machine (VM). After you complete the lab, you will save your work and
       upload your completed Lab Assessment file using the upload dialogue box at
       the bottom of the window. Only a single file can be uploaded. If you choose
       to upload a series of JPEGS instead of a Word file you will need to zip them
       in a folder for upload.
   (4) The next item is a discussion area. The discussions located in the weekly
       areas are graded discussions. You will find a Discussion Forum (Discussion
       1—Introduce Yourself) and a Discussion 1—Introduce Yourself Grade (a
       place holder for your grade). You would click the Discussion 1—Introduce
       Yourself link, read the prompt and provide your answer. I will use the
       assignment link below the discussion link to record your grade.

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       (5) The last item listed is the “quiz”. You will take the weekly quiz by clicking this
           link. Quizzes are ten multiple choice and true/false. They are timed (10-15
           minutes). They are open book. You may take the quiz twice. The highest
           score is recorded. The quiz covers the reading from the text—and nothing
           else. This week’s quiz covers the syllabus. Read it!
3. So let’s take a stroll around the screen. The left side of the screen is used for
   keeping track of activities.
   a. Hover your mouse pointer over a highlighted date on the Calendar notice what is
   b. Under Activities, click on one of the links. Use the “bread crumbs” navigation
      bar to bring you back to the main page (CISXXX where xxx is your course

   c. Locate and click on the Participants link on the left side.
   d. Click on my name. If you needed to contact me or one of your classmates, you
      could use this as a method of communication.
       (1) If you click on the email address, it will open your email client and allow you to
           send an email.
       (2) If you click on the “Send Message” link, you will send an on-screen message
           (similar to an instant message) but in slow motion. If I am in Moodle, I will
           receive your message. If I am not in Moodle, the message will be forwarded
           to my email after 10 minutes. Unlike an IM application, this is not a tool for
           having a discussion with multiple parties at the same time.
       (3) If you have a course question or course material question, I would prefer that
           you post the message to the “Ask a Question” forum so that all students
           benefit from the question and the answer. If you have a personal question,
           please use the messenger or an email.
4. Use the bread crumbs to navigate back to the main screen.
5. Want to check your grades, click on Grades in the left side under Administration
   there aren’t any grades currently, but this is where you will check your grades during
   the semester.
6. Use the bread crumbs to navigate back to the main screen.
7. Click the Profile link under Administration on the left side of the screen.
   a. Click the Edit profile tab.
   b. Click the Show Advanced button.

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c. Let’s review the information in the above picture.
   (1) First name and last name are self explanatory.
   (2) Email address is the email address Moodle will use to forward information to
       you. This should be an email address you will check frequently.
   (3) Email display should be set to “Allow only other course members to see my
       email address”
   (4) Email activated should be set to “enabled”
   (5) Email format is your choice.
   (6) Email digest type
      (a) No digest means that you will receive an email for every post anyone
          makes in the class. During the first few weeks this will be many.
      (b) Complete means that you will receive one email each day with the
          complete posts from everyone.
      (c) Subjects means that you will receive one email each day with only the
          subject lines of each post.
      (d) Choose the one that is best for you. Each email subject line is prefaced
          with the course number therefore you can also use email filters to place
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       class email in a folder for later viewing.
(7) Forum auto-subscribe. I will force you to be subscribed to some forums (i.e.
    Class News and Ask a question). All others, I will force you to be initially
    subscribed, but you will be able to unsubscribe. Since the others are graded,
    you may want to subscribe. Choose the option you desire.
(8) Forum tracking. Your choice. Tracking makes it easier to see those posts
    you have already read.
(9) When editing text should be set to HTML
(10) AJAX and Javascript. Should be Yes so that you get the full benefit of
   items I have placed inside of Moodle for your learning experience.
(11)   Screen reader. No, unless you need one.
(12)   City should be where you live
(13)   Country should be your country

(14) Timezone.      This is important!!                The default is Server’s
   local time. The server is located in the Midwest. If you leave this set to
   Server’s Local Time the following will occur. I have specified a due date and
   time for all assignments (normally 6:00PM). I have set my time to the local
   time zone. Therefore, the 6:00PM due time is 6:00PM on your watches and
   clocks. If you leave your time zone set to the Server’s Local Time, your
   assignments in Moodle will read that the assignment is due at 8:00PM (the
   time at the server). You will log on after 6:00PM locally and the assignment
   will not be available. You are late. The current time zone is UTC-8. Select
   that from the list.
(15) Preferred Language choose the language you want the headings to be
   listed in. If you choose Spanish, some of the heading will be listed in
   Espanol. However, all my materials will still be in English.

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      (16) Description requires and entry.      This is important!                If you
         do not enter something in the text box your time zone change will not take
         effect since you have not completed the profile edit. This is designed to be a
         short introduction of you. Enter something here. Keep it short and brief.
         Even a single character works.
      (17) If you desire to have a picture associated with your name, you can upload
         a picture by browsing to the picture and then clicking Update Profile. Moodle
         will crop your picture to about 100 x 100 pixels. You should edit and size your
         picture before you upload it.
      (18) Below the picture upload link are several communication links.
         Advertising these links are up to you—they are not just available to members
         of your class, but to everyone in the world that uses this Moodle server.
      (19)   Click the Update Profile button.
      (20) Use the breadcrumbs to navigate back to the main page (CIS190 or
8. The right side of the screen is used to keep track of recent changes to the course,
   who’s in Moodle, Messages and upcoming events.

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9. Click on the Discussion 1—Introduce Yourself link under Week 1.
   a. Read the discussion description and complete the assignment. Remember that
      the discussion items inside the weekly boxes are graded. If you want to ask
      questions use the Ask a Question forum.
   b. Use the bread crumbs to navigate back to the main page.
10. Click on the VMWare Lab link under Week 1.
   a. Download the appropriate VMWare Practice Lab sheet by clicking on the link
      and selecting Save from the dialogue box.
   b. Complete the VMWare Practice Lab.
   c. During the lab you will learn how to take and save screen shots in the lab sheet
      for submission. You will also learn how to zip your lab sheets to minimize upload
      file size.
   d. After your complete the VMWare Practice Lab, download the Lab Assessment
      and complete that.
   e. When you are complete with the Lab Assessment, return to its location in
   f. Click the Browse button at the bottom of the page.
   g. Locate your Lab Assessment file.
   h. Click the Upload this file button.
   i. Notice the Due date information. The Due date is the date the assignment is
      due. If it is submitted after that date it is late and the grade will be reduced.
      About 2 weeks after the due date, the upload function will cease to be available
      and you will no longer be able to upload files for that lab. If you upload the wrong
      file, you can change the file until the upload button disappears. Once the button
      disappears, you can no longer submit for that lab.
11. Now, read the syllabus. Quiz 1 covers the syllabus. It is timed and it is graded.
   a. The quiz navigation is probably different than you may be used to. To answer
      the next question, click on the number (at the red arrow) in the following picture.

   b. You will also notice that there is a countdown timer to keep track of your
      remaining time. The quiz will end and submit your uncompleted quiz when time
      runs out.

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   c. At the bottom of the question are two buttons. Save without submitting, saves
      your answers without submitting the quiz. Submit all and finish submits your
      answers and quits the quiz.
   d. Take Quiz 1.
12. Congratulations. If you have made it through all these exercises you are ready to
    start your class next week. Remember to have fun during the semester.


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