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					           Outdoor Adventure
                     BACHELOR OF SCIENCE
                                                                                                  of Health
The Outdoor Adventure Leadership degree               U.S. Forest Service                           and
is designed to prepare students for careers in        Ecotourism
a wide variety of leadership settings with            Recreation Guide                           Human
hands-on learning activities. The program             Outfitter Organizations                  Performance
develops student’s skills in group dynamics,          Camp Management
leadership principles, educational philosophy,        Youth Risk Programs
as well as teaching and communication. This           Hotel and Resort Recreation Management
degree combines the study of educational and          National Outdoor Leadership School
leadership theory and practice with technical
outdoor travel and adventure. Students will        Required Courses Include:
acquire and enhance environmental skills and       HHP 200 Foundations of Outdoor/Adventure
knowledge related to a variety of populations              Leadership
including senior citizens and youth at risk;       HHP 210 First Aid/CPR/AED
and explore issues ranging from ethical contro-    HHP 214 Outdoor Recreation in the U.S.
                                                   HHP 280 Challenge Course Fundamentals
versies and risk management to program design.
                                                   HHP 310 Adventure Leadership
                                                   HHP 381 Camp Counseling and Leadership
Specialized skills acquired with Outdoor           HHP 405 Outdoor and Camping Education
Adventure Leadership include sequencing,           HHP 466 Ethical & Legal Aspects in Outdoor
facilitation, and processing of activities, with           Adventure Leadership
specific attention to transferring the learning    HHP 490 Senior Internship
from activity-based experiences to the “real                                                      Physical Education
lives” of participants. In addition, the ability   Possible Basic Skills Electives Include:       Building Room 120
to safely engage in and provide outdoor activi-    HHP 131 Cross Country Skiing                  1500 University Drive
ties and effectively teach skills in outdoor and   HHP 132 Beginning Downhill Skiing              Billings MT 59101
indoor settings are central to the degree.         HHP 134 Beginning Snowboarding                Office: 406-657-2370
                                                   HHP 142 Lifeguarding
                                                                                                  Fax: 406-657-2399
                                                   HHP 180 Basic Navigation/Orienteering
An Outdoor Adventure Leadership degree will                                                              Web:
                                                   HHP 292 Rock Climbing
allow the student to teach outdoor skills to                                                     www.msubillings.edu/
others, safely oversee outdoor programs, and
                                                   Possible Advanced Skills:
design programs for corporate and community        HHP 143 Water Safety Instructor
organizations while preparing students for         HHP 144 Lifeguarding Instructor/Waterfront
Professions with agencies that have a natural              Modules
resource base foundation and public and private    HHP 181 Advanced Navigation
entities for utilizing the outdoors.               HHP 185 Winter Survival Skills
                                                   HHP 230 Wilderness First Responder
Career Possibilities:                              HHP 480 Advanced Challenge Skills and
 Adventure Business Companies                            Facilitation
 Community Centers
 Travel Agencies
 Ski Resorts
 City, State and National Parks

                                    Access & Excellence

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