September 23rd 2008
Ms. Sally Cook
Zeus Present Taxi
288, West Street
San Francisco, CA 95451
Dear Ms. Cook,
In response to your recent advertisement for experienced taxi drivers in the Colorado Springs
Chronicle, I am enclosing my resume and two reference letters for your review.
As my resume indicates, I have been employed with Sousa Cabs for several years. I have been a
productive employee with an excellent driving record. For the last 3 years I have been on day-shift,
the shift that works well with my family obligations. However, as you probably know, Sousa Cabs has
been downsizing in the Colorado Springs area. Although I have kept my job, I lost my day-time shift.
Since Ever-Present Taxi has a reputation as a solid, growing company, I would like very much to be
part of your team. Obviously, I am hoping that some of your openings involve day shifts or the
probability of a rapid transition to a day shift.
I look forward to discussing the open positions with you in the near future. If we haven’t spoken by
the middle of next week, I will contact you.
Respectfully yours,
Martha Klingman
Enclosures: Resume and Reference Letters

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