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									      Fast Action                                                       FACT: Over $3 Billion in
prevents health issues                                                  Mold Claims were paid out
  and minimizes costs                                                   by the Insurance Industry
                                                                                 in 2002!

         We Give you                                                     Call the Professionals
        Peace of Mind                                                         At Purofirst
                                                                             Fire & Water
     Complete Mitigation
    and restoration services                                                  Restoration
 Purofirst is the complete mitigation and
 restoration company that is uniquely
 qualified to remediate all mold losses. Our
 state-of-the-art equipment and techniques
      Inspection & Testing Procedures
      Professional Drying
      Mold Remediation Certifications
      Complete Structural Remediation
      Residential and Commercial
      Independent Clearance Testing to
         confirm success
                                               Purofirst of CNY
           Call the Experts                     315-635-0383 Main
                                               866-794-8608 Toll Free
 Purofirst Fire & Water Restoration, LLC is
 your best choice for professional and           7035 Van Buren Road     Stachybotrys and other molds can
 complete mold remediation and water              Syracuse NY 13209      become a health and liability risk
 damage restoration.
                                                                As a leader in the mitigation and remediation industry, Purofirst
   Our Guarantee                                                pledges to save property faster and with maximum cost efficiency.
                         When you need it.
                                                                                                                MINIMIZE WATER DAMAGE
Health, Safety and Insurance                                 The Purofirst process                              Water damage can be devastating and very
                                                                                                                costly. Understanding that timely response is
        The Issues                                      Prevention/Timel
                                                                                                                essential, Purofirst responds to emergencies
                                                                                                                within one hour.
Concern about the consequences of mold                                                                          REDUCE RISK OF MOLD
contamination has become one of today’s top                             iness
                                                    Having Purofirst handle your water loss is clearly the      One benefit to using Purofirst for water
                                                                                                                damage is that mold usually is avoided
subjects in water damage remediation.               very best way to prevent mold. However, when mold           altogether. However, if mold has already
    Owners and renters alike are seeking           does occur, it is essential that it be treated As Soon As   developed, Purofirst are the professionals to
       more extensive compensation for              Possible! The trained, certified Purofirst professionals    call to remediate the problem.
       damages                                      are, again, the very best choice. We will:
    Mold damage that is not remediated
                                                        o   Fully assess the complete scope of the problem
                                                                                                                 Important                       Mold
       properly & quickly can turn into huge
       losses & claims.                                 o   Work with Environmental Professionals when           FACTS:
                                                                                                                 Exposure to mold can result in serious health-
    The press and other media have made                    appropriate
                                                                                                                    related problems
       all consumers more aware of the                  o   Establish a comprehensive plan of action               Moisture from rain, water damage and high
       potential health risks of mold that is           o   Reduce the moisture in affected areas                   humidity accelerates mold and bacteria growth
       untreated or not properly remediated             o   Monitor indoor air quality at all times                 and can cause structural damage.
    Prompt action by the well-trained                  o   Use appropriate drying and cleaning methods for        Mold can grow on virtually any substance, with
                                                            contaminated materials and content                      the presence of moisture.
       professionals at Purofirst is the best way
       to minimize both remediation costs and           o   Identify, extract and eliminate contaminated           There are more than 100,000 species of mold of
                                                            materials                                               which at least 1,000 are common in the US.
       the potential for escalated claim costs
                                                        o   Communicate continually with all concerned

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