Pay Per Click Advertising to Earn Money at Home

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					Pay Per Click Advertising to Earn Money at Home

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An internet affiliate program - like the one offered by Click Booth - makes it easy to earn money at
home. For those who work from home online, internet affiliate programs are an ideal solution for
making money, at least once they know of the tools that are available to them and know how to use
those tools effectively.

Pay per click advertising is one of the most effective tools for those looking to earn money online. For
the sake of simplicity, let's focus on Google's Adwords program in this article - even though Yahoo!
Search Marketing and MSN's AdCenter also deserve a second look. Why focus on Google? Simply put,
Google is one of the most popular search engines (if not the most popular search engine) for finding
things online; Adwords advertisements come up when people search for information.

You've probably seen ads that others have placed through Adwords when you've searched on Google.
At the top of the results listings and in a column on the right hand side of the screen are "Sponsored

With pay per click advertising, the ads that are shown are selected based on a bidding system.
Businesses - like your internet affiliate home based business - bid on their preferred keywords. If you
chose to promote a home security system with Click Booth, for example, you would want to focus on
such keywords as "home alarms," "home security system," the specific name of the system or other
terms that you believe internet users would use when they were looking for information about those
products and services. Then you would focus on developing a budget for how much you could spend
each time someone clicked on one of your ads.

Those businesses that are willing to make a high bid for a specific keyword as well as those advertisers
that have a consistently high click through rate on their ads will find that the ads they've placed are
listed in the top positions. A word of caution: know, watch and stick to your budget to be sure that
you're making more than you are spending so that your home business turns a profit.

If using Adwords to promote your Click Booth affiliate products and services sounds like a good idea
to you, the next thing that you'll want to do is to register for an account. When you register, focus on
which countries you want your ad to be shown in, what language your ads will be written in, and have a
sense of which keywords you'll be using. In other words, if you're promoting a product that's only
available in the US, you'll want to limit your ad so that you're not charged if someone from Germany
clicks through.

Designing the ad that will help you to earn money at home is the thing that may take a bit of work. It's
not that Adwords ads are hard to write, it's just that you will only have a 25 character title and two 35
character lines of text with which to catch and hold a person's attention. The final component of your
ad, of course, is the link - and you should be careful to make sure that the page the searcher lands on
provides all of the information that he or she is looking for.

While there is some work involved in generating a pay per click campaign, many find that the business
opportunities far outweigh the risks.

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