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               A Quarterly Publication of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

Volume 20 No. 1 Summer, 2008

                                                                           Launches Hospitalist
                                                                           Program page 8

 HCMH Expands
 ER, ICU &
 Patient Tower
                     Imaging                                                       IN THIS ISSUE
                  Reception esk
              Information D

  Entrance                Temporary
Parking Lot   1     ER Entrance10                                                                                    12
             ER & Visitor’s
                                                                                  New Emergency Department Construction Underway  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 1
                                                                                  New HCMH Lab Opens  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
                                                                                  Women’s Services Promotions Gaining Momentum  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
                                                                                  Nursing Excellence  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6
                                                                                  Legend Award .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
        4                                                                         HCMH Launches Hospitalist Program  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
                                                                                  Dr . Dominick J . Carbone, Jr,  .Joins Medical Staff  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
                                                                                  Doctors Answer More of Your Questions  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10
                                                                                  Tobacco-Free .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 11
                                                                                  Doctor’s Day Celebrated March 30  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12
                                                                                  Hospital Week .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 14
         20                       14                                              Wellness at Work  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
                                                                                  Recognitions  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
                                                                                  Auxiliary Luncheon .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 19
                                                                                  6th Annual Wine Auction  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 20
                                                                                  Auction Donors .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 21
                                                                                  Honor Roll of Contributors .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 22
         16                                                                       Raising Friends & Funds  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 29


         A quarterly publication of Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital located in Elkin, North Carolina.

                                                       Stephen G. Pennington, Chief Executive Officer

                                                         Lori B. Gwyn, Editor, Director of Marketing

       If you wish to have your name removed from further mailings, please call (336) 527-7000 or write to us
             at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, 180 Parkwood Drive, P.O. Box 560, Elkin, NC 28621
                                                      CONSTRUCTION PROJECT

                                                New Emergency Department
                                                Construction Underway

On June 16th,                                                                              Lab
contractors began work                            Entrance                                      Business               Dietitian
                                                  Parking                                       Office /
on the new HCMH                                                                  Lobby &
                                                                                 Admitting                      Medical Staff
                                                                                                                Conference Room
                                                                                                                                                Sleep Lab

Emergency Department                                                              Reception
                                                                                                                Infection Control
                                                        Main                                                                                              Therapy
and the ED entrance                                    Entrance

                                                                                                                                                                         OLD ER
                                                                                 Gift                                 Dining                                             Entrance
moved to the Outpatient
                                                                                        Foundation   Chapel
                                                                                 Shop     Office
                                                 Outpatient                                                           Room

                                                  Surgery                                                                              Emergency
Imaging entrance                                  Entrance
                                                 & Parking                                      Court Yard

to the left of the old
                                                              Oncology Parking

                                                 & Parking
Emergency entrance.                                                                 Medical
                                                                                    Records /
The expansion plans call for an additional                                                                                                   Services
75,000 square feet in the department. The
                                                            Entrance                            Center                                    Reception
total number of rooms will go from 17 to                                                                                              Information Desk
23, and HCMH is installing state-of-the         Until the new Emergency
art equipment and facilities.                   Department is completed,
                                                patients enter through               Entrance
Hugh Chatham thanks emergency patients          the Outpatient
                                                                          Imaging Parking Lot          Temporary
and family members for their patience while     Imaging area,
the hospital improves the emergency             nearby to the left of the                                                                 ER Entrance
facilities. During construction, everyone at    old Emergency entrance.                     ER & Visitor’s Parking
the hospital remains dedicated to keeping
HCMH our region’s choice for emergency
                                                                                                                                    25,000 Emergency
and other health services.                                                                                                                                             23,000
                                                                                                                                    20,000     Patients
Ninety-eight Percent Patient                                                                                                        15,000    17,000
Satisfaction; Ten percent                                                                                                           10,000
Annual Growth
                                                their care. This helps explain why the yearly                                        5,000
“We are building so we can continue to
                                                growth rate of patients who choose the
maintain our reputation for emergency                                                                                                   0
                                                HCMH Emergency Department has reached                                                       2004               2007
services,” adds Stephen Pennington, CEO.
                                                10%. While we’re gratified at this support,                                                   Since 2004, the number of
“The latest patient satisfaction survey shows
                                                we need to build now to meet the needs of                                         emergency patients choosing the HCMH
that 98% of HCMH emergency patients
                                                future patients.”                                                              Emergency Department has grown by 6000.
expressed a high level of satisfaction with
                                                                                                                                                               Continued on page 2

                                                                                                                                                                Communiqué           1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CONSTRUCTION PROJECT

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Construction continued

                     24 Hour-a-Day
                     Care, Year Round
                     At the Hugh Chatham Emergency
                     Department, highly trained physician
                     specialists and excellent nurses offer
                     24 hour-a-day care, seven days a week.
                     And for patient convenience, the
                     Quick ER service helps with life’s little
                     emergencies, such as flu or simple
                     fractures. Quick ER is available seven
                     days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Construction Project Begins
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               June 16th marked the beginning of construction for our
                                                                                           orial Hospital
                                                                           Hugh Chatham Mem                                                                                                                                                    new ER, ICU and Patient Tower. The following are
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               details of changes that are necessary for our project. We
                                                                            Why is HCMH build gency                                                                                                                                            will continue to communicate construction information
                                                                                 a new Emer                                                                                                                                                    through our employee newsletter, our Communique’
                                                                                     Departmembers of reasons.)                                                                                                                                magazine, our website and local media.
                                                                                           e nu
                                                                              (Well, there ar                                                                                                                                                  •	 Fence has been installed across old ER entrance,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       cy Patients
                                                                                                                                                                                            Number of Emergen

                                                              The first numberH Emergency Department. While we’r
                                                                                                                    10%           th rate of patients
                                                                                                           That’s the yearly grow gratified at this
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  closing this entrance entirely
                                                              who choose the                              needs of future                                                                   15,000
                                                                                to build to meet the

                                                              support, we need
                                                                                                                                    round. At the
                                                                                                            hour-a-day care, year trained physi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                0                                              •	 Ambulance ER entrance is now the canopied area
                                                                 The second num rgency Department, you’ll find highly ay care, 7                                                                            2004            2007
                                                                       Hugh Chatham Eme excellent nurses offering 24 hour-a-d service.
                                                                        cian specialists and patient convenience, try our Quick ER
                                                                          days a week. And for emergecies, such as flu, or simple fract .
                                                                                                                                                 ures.                                      Since 2004, the numb
                                                                                                                                                                                            choosing our facility
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   er of emergency patien
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  has grown by more
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  near Mammography
                                                                           It helps with life’s little 7 days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m                                                6000  , or 41%.
                                                                           Quick ER is available
                                                                                                             Families have been service.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •	 Ambulatory Patient ER entrance is now the Imaging
                                                                                                             about our Quick ER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Services entrance
                                                                                                                                                                      of the highest ER ratin
                                                                                                  patie                                       nt satisfaction – one                      H
                                                                                  :                                      s that 98% of HCM
                                                                 The third number latest patient satisfaction survey show care. It’s another reason
                                                                               . The
                                                                  of all U.S. hospitals
                                                                                        expressed a high leve
                                                                                                              l of satisfaction with
                                                                  emergency patients region’s choice for Emergency Serv
                                                                                                                                                   nts even better.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •	 Direct Admits, Surgical Pre-Ops, Outpatient Surgery,
                                                                  Hugh Chatham is                                          caring staff serve patie
                                                                                                   new ED will help our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  OB/Well Baby Checks, Lab Patients now use Main

                                            Business           Dietitian
    Entrance                                Office /
                                                                                   Sleep Lab
     Parking                     Lobby &               Medical Staff
                                 Admitting             Conference Room

                                                       Quality Control

                                                                                                                                                                                square feet. That’s
                                  Reception            Infection                           Therapy

                                                                                                                                                                                                        the years to come.
                                               Cashier                                                   OLD ER


                                                                                                                                                                                   ands of patients in

                                                                                                                           The fourth num
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Front Entrance

                                                                                                                                                              ng, to meet the dem
                                                                                                                                                                                                      e installing
                                                                                                                                        square feet we’re addi rooms will go from 17 to 23, and we’r ent is
     Surgery                                                                  Room

                                                                                                                          many more
     Entrance                                     Court Yard
    & Parking

                                                                                                                                                    number of                            rgency Departm
                  Oncology Parking

                                                                                                                           For example, the total nt and facilities. Until the new Eme , nearby to the left of
     & Parking                        Medical
                                      Records /                                    Imaging
                                                                                                                                                 pme                                     area
                                                                                                                                                                    Outpatient Imaging

                                                                                                                           state-of-the art equi

                                                                                                                                                  enter through the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               •	 Physician Parking has moved to the row of spaces

                                                                                                                           completed, patients
                                                  Center                    Information Desk

                                                                                                                           the old Emergency

                                                                                 ER Entrance                                                                                                                          Emer-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   That’s the HCMH
                                               Imaging Parking Lot
                                                                            ER & Visitors Parking

                                                                                                                            The fifth numberin nearby to reach our region’s choice
                                                                                                                                                                                           for emergency care
                                                                                                                                                                                                                .                                 straight out from Radiation Oncology entrance
                                                                                                                    Phon  e. Jot it down and
                                                                           gency Department

                                                                                And here’s anoth
                                                                                                  er                                                                                                                                           •	 Patient and Visitor Parking is now the two lots in
                                                                                   June       a groundbreaking
                                                                                  Save the date: We plan 26. Watch the                                                                                                                            front of Imaging and the three lots in front of the
                                                                                                    y June
                                                                                  ceremony Thursda
                                                                                                      details, or log on to
                                                                                  newspaper formore
                                                                                                          and click on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  hospital Main Front Entrance
                                                                                   Emergency  Department page.
                                                                                                                                         at www.hughchatha
                                                                                                                       ent opportunities
                                                                                                        See our employm arkwood	Drive		•		Elkin,	NC	28621		• ww                                                                                •	 Staff will now access parking via the new service road
                                                                                                                            80	P
                                                                                                        (336)	527-7000		•		1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (off the road leading to Outpatient Rehab)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our goal is to continue to be the best hospital for patients
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               to receive care, physicians to practice and employees to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               work. Your support is much appreciated during this time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               of transformation!
2                                    Summer 2008
                                                     CONSTRUCTION PROJECT

                                                New HCMH Lab Opens

                                                                                                Frequently Asked Questions
                                                                                                Q: Do I need an appointment for a lab test?
                                                                                                A: No appointment is needed and the lab
                                                                                                   is open 24 hours a day. We prefer
                                                                                                   outpatients to come during regular
                                                                                                   business hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

                                                                                                Q: Can I eat breakfast before I have my
                                                                                                   blood drawn?
                                                                                                A: Please check with your physician to be sure.

                                                                                                Q: Can I have my cholesterol checked
                                                                                                   while I am here?
The Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Laboratory experienced an important enlargement              A: We need a physician’s order to perform
and updating in 2007. The renovations enabled the lab to add new technology and tests,             any lab tests.
and to accommodate a growing volume of clinical demands (the HCMH lab experienced a
25% increase in procedures last year alone). This translates to even better service through     Q: How do physicians use laboratory tests?
quicker turn-around times and flexibility in reporting results. In addition, the laboratory     A: Screening and diagnostic tests are
supports community health screening programs.                                                      essential to help diagnose and manage
                                                                                                   specific diseases and conditions.
                                                                                                   Physicians use the information to
                                                                                                   start, adjust and stop treatments.
•	Surgical	pathology		      •	Chemistry		          •	Coagulation	studies		
•	Microbiology	             •	Hematology		         •	Immunology	                                This allows for the most appropriate,
•	Urinalysis	               •	Transfusion	services                                              cost-effective use of expensive drugs and
                                                                                                other therapies. It also allows the patient
Accreditations                                                                                  to be treated at the most appropriate level
The medical technologists and phlebotomists are fully certified. The laboratory is              of care for the most appropriate period
accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals, the American                  of time. For more information, call
Association of Blood Banks and is authorized by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement             (336) 527-7315.
Act of 1988 to perform highly complex testing.

                                                                                              This aerial photo of the hospital’s campus
                                                                                              reveals the changes and improvements
                                                                                              which have been underway since the fall
                                                                                              of 2007.
                                                                                              HCMH made visiting the hospital even
                                                                                              more convenient and accessible with the
                                                                                              recent opening of several new parking lots.

                                                                                                                             Communiqué           3
                                                                     HCMH FEATURES

                                                    Women’s Services Promotions
                                                    Gaining Momentum
    For generations of women, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has been the hospital
    of choice for health care services in this region. The wide range of services, delivered
    by caring, compassionate and professional physicians and hospital staff members, means
    that women can receive virtually all their health care needs in nearby, convenient and
    state-of-the-art facilities. From birthing to advanced surgical services, Hugh Chatham
    Memorial Hospital is proud to provide these services for the women of our region.

    Because many women in our region have assumed responsibility for their family’s
    health care choices, HCMH continues to reach women through newspaper and
    radio advertising, health fairs, the website and written material.

    New Women’s Services Packet                     Women’s Imaging Center
    Explains HCMH Benefits                          Offers Multiple Services
    Now underway is a complete packet of            Another section of the information
    information to explain to women the             packet highlights the hospital’s new
    many health services available from the         attractive and private Women’s
    hospital. For birthing services, for            Imaging Center. The brochure tells
    example, the brochure provides an               how the Center offers a complete
    overview with these headings:                   range of services under one roof:            about additional images. The new
    •	 Single room maternity care                   mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic        equipment takes less than half the time of
                                                    breast biopsy, bone density procedures       traditional film-based exams and the
    •	 The BirthPlace staff
                                                    and other services. Examinations are         Radiologist may review the images while
    •	 The 10 outstanding physicians who            delivered in complete privacy, in an         the patient is in the examination room.
       care for newborns at the hospital            attractive setting and with a                Further, Computer-aided Detection
    •	 Sixteen special services and features        compassionate, experienced staff.            assists in the detection of abnormalities
       of The BirthPlace                                                                         and provides a “second read” of the
                                                    The information notes that the
    •	 Information about six new baby                                                            mammogram by computer.
                                                    comprehensive center spans more
       classes offered at The BirthPlace            than 2,500 square feet and includes state-
    •	 The highly qualified obstetricians who       of-the-art equipment to diagnose breast      Women’s Cancer Services
       care for new mothers                         disease and to detect calcium deficiencies   Offer Close-to-home
    Of course, the four HCMH affiliated
                                                    within the skeletal system. For example,     Diagnoses, Treatments
                                                    HCMH recently expanded its imaging           The brochure notes that, in addition to
    OB/GYN specialists also offer an array of
                                                    technology with a new Selenia™ digital       surgeries, HCMH offers two kinds of
    gynecological services. A GYN brochure
                                                    mammography system from Hologic™.            cancer treatments for women: radiation
    lists these services, and notes that they are
                                                    Digital mammography allows the               therapy and chemotherapy. Radiation
    all available right in Elkin, so women can
                                                    Radiologist to view the X-Ray image more     therapy is frequently the treatment of
    avoid long, inconvenient trips out of the
                                                    closely, zeroing in on suspicious or         choice for many types of cancer. Treatment
    region for expert care.
                                                    concerning areas. This enables the           usually takes a number of weeks.
                                                    Radiologist to make immediate decisions

4   Summer 2008
                                                               HCMH FEATURES

Because women make a majority of their families’ health care choices, HCMH
targets its marketing to women in our region. In addition to newspaper, radio,         The hospital’s self-contained mammography
direct mail and event advertising, the hospital uses billboards in six strategic       suites offer women a private and
locations to promote its choice women’s services.                                      comfortable setting.

Because state-of-the-art radiation therapy   Oncology physician provides care in the      Other Hospital
is available right here at Hugh Chatham      Cancer Center at Hugh Chatham five           Services for Women
Memorial Hospital, patients in treatment     days a week.
                                                                                          The brochure concludes with information
can avoid the added burden of travel to
                                             For chemotherapy, The Comprehensive          about 14 services available through
a distant treatment center. The Radiation
                                             Cancer Center of Wake Forest University      women’s nutrition and dietetic
Oncology Department at Hugh
                                             at Elkin provides 10 advanced services,      counseling, opportunities for volunteers
Chatham’s Cancer Center can serve
                                             all nearby.                                  and information concerning the
about 95 percent of the cases referred.
                                                                                          HCMH Foundation.
Technology treatments are identical to
those at large urban medical centers. A
Wake Forest University Radiation

                                                                                                                   Communiqué        5
                                                               HCMH FEATURES

                                              Nursing Excellence

                                              Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Honors
                                              Accomplishments of Nursing Employees
                                              HCMH recognized a record number of nursing employees at its 2008 Nursing
                                              Excellence Awards Banquet on May 6th at Elkin Valley Baptist Church. Shining Stars
                                              of Healthcare was the theme. Stephen Pennington, CEO, congratulated all 57 of the
                                              honorees citing their tremendous contribution to the hospital and community.
                                              Recipients of the Nursing Excellence          Special recognition was given to the
                                              Awards are nominated by their peers           following nurses who achieved
                                              because they exemplify the mission,           certification in specialties during the
                                              vision and values of the organization.        past year: Gail Poplin and Julie Collins,
                                              Nursing employees who completed               certification in Inpatient Obstetrics;
                                              degrees or certifications during the last     Debbie Myers, certification in
       Tracey Bauguess, RN, BSN, (PACU)       12 months were also honored. All were         Bereavement; and Sandra Luffman,
        is the 2008 distinguished Florence    given certificates and pins in recognition    NCC/Lamaze certification. Emily Parks
               Nightingale Award recipient.   of their accomplishments.                     completed her certification in Critical Care
                                              Each year one nurse is selected by the        Nursing. Donna Keck, Lynn Kennedy,
                                              physicians at HCMH to receive the             Rena Luffman, Jane Norman and
                                              prestigious Florence Nightingale Award        Randy Reed completed certification
                                              and a physician is selected by the nursing    in Emergency Nursing.
                                              staff to win the Hal Stuart Award. Tracey     RNs in Surgical Services who successfully
                                              Bauguess, RN, BSN, (PACU) received            completed certification in operating room
                                              the Florence Nightingale award. John          nursing are Amy Knight, Joann Fender,
                                              Venus, M.D., was honored with the             Carrie Irwin, Nancy Massey, Jan
                                              esteemed Hal Stuart Award.                    Dinkins and Amanda Beaver. Tracey
                                              Other nurses who were nominated and           Bauguess achieved her certification in
                                              received Nursing Excellence Awards for        post anesthesia nursing as well as a BSN
                                              2008 were: William Alley, RN; Karen           this year. Ambulatory Surgery nurses
                                              Andrew, LPN; Tracy Bauguess, RN;              Bill Alley and Cynthia Taylor completed
                                              Jenee’ Beemer, RN; Gail Brewer, RN;           their specialty certification. Andrea Potter
                                              Serena Davis, RN; Carolyn Hall, RN;           became a Certified First Assistant and
           John Venus, M.D., (OB/GYN) is                                                    Amanda Beaver completed the course
           the 2008 esteemed Hal Stuart
                                              Sandra Hayes, RN; Sue Myers, RN;
                                              Ramona Pardue, RN; Cathy Recchio, RN;         work for her RN First Assistant
                         Award recipient.                                                   Certification. Robin York also completed
                                              Cynthia Taylor, RN; Shannon Tymko,
                                              RN; and Phil Whittaker, RN.                   her BSN during this year.
                                              Others who received Nursing Excellence        Other employees who were recognized
                                              Awards represent various roles in nursing     for completion of academic programs this
                                              throughout the organization: Jennifer         year were Kim Hiatt, LPN; Beth White,
                                              Anthony from Med Surg; Dianne Holbrook        LPN; Sheila Riffe, BSN; Deborah Ford,
                                              from the Nursing Center; Andrea Potter        RN-AD; Rogina Hutchens, RN-AD; and
                                              from the Operating Room; Lynn Ray             Gail Brewer, BHA.
                                              from Acute Rehab; Merele Turner from
                                              Home Health; Marie Wood and Maj Ann
                                              Wood of Outpatient Surgery.

6   Summer 2008
                                                              HCMH FEATURES

                                             Legend Award

Nina “Bunny” Brown                           money to pay cab fare.
                                             If there is a needy
Clinical Nurse Manager for Supervisors,      family, she makes sure
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
                                             they are fed. She has a
Bunny Brown is the essence of her
                                             reputation for being
profession with her white uniform and
                                             calm in an emergency
nursing cap. Add to that her warm
                                             situation. Patient and
smile, and you have a true example of
                                             family needs always
a Legend. Bunny, a Registered Nurse,
                                             come first with Bunny.
has served Hugh Chatham Memorial
                                             Because of her nursing
Hospital for many years. Between 1976
                                             competence and the
and 1990, nursing schedules and call-in
                                             trust and respect she has
coverage was the duty of the Nursing
                                             earned, Bunny was
Administrative Secretary. Bunny was
                                             chosen to receive the
known as being the most reliable nurse,
                                             Florence Nightingale
for she was always willing to come in,
                                             Award for Nursing
even with four young children at home.
                                             Excellence, an honor
Bunny became the Supervisor of
                                             voted on by her peers
Supervisors in 1990. Even though this
                                             and physicians.
meant no new job classification or
financial gain, Bunny, as always, stepped    One year, a Joint
up to the plate. She took over the job of    Commission surveyor
staffing, never complaining, doing her       came into the hospital in
                                                                                           At Christmas she makes candy for the
best to staff the floors and provide good    the evening and asked to speak to
                                                                                           staff and physicians. She is the leader for
patient care.                                anyone other than Bunny. He knew she
                                                                                           the Physician Satisfaction Team and is
                                             would have all the answers! Bunny has
When there is ice or snow, Bunny stays                                                     working hard to see that things go
                                             done it all. After hours, she has been
at the hospital and has even worked                                                        well for our physicians.
                                             Medical Records, Pharmacy, Materials
24-hour shifts. Years ago, Bunny was
                                             Management and Plant Ops. Ask anyone          Thank you, Bunny, for being a wonderful
involved in “questionable” actions
                                             on call for these areas, and they will tell   example . You are a Legend!
during a huge snowstorm. Around
                                             you they rest well when Bunny is at
2:00 a.m., needing a break, she let the
                                             work, knowing she can handle it all.
staff into the kitchen for trays that were
used as snow sleds. She also made snow       Bunny opens her home to her many
cream to boost everyone’s morale.            grandchildren, cooking and cleaning
                                             and taking care of the farm all day
Many times we have a patient
                                             before coming to work with a smile
discharged in the evening who has no
                                             on her face to start her “second” job.
way home. Bunny has taken her own

                                                                                                                      Communiqué         7
                                                                PHYSICIAN FOCUS

                                                HCMH Launches
                                                Hospitalist Program
                                                HCMH Launches Hospitalist Program
               Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital   by Stephen Pennington
                                                Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital has launched a progressive program of inpatient

              Hospitalist                       care served by a relatively new physician specialty called hospitalist. Specializing in
                                                the management of hospitalized patients, a hospitalist takes over for a primary care
              Program                           physician when it comes time to admit a patient. The hospitalist then cares for the
                                                patient while he or she remains in the hospital.

                                                Patients and Primary Care Physicians Both Benefit
                                                Hugh Chatham has begun this program because it offers many benefits to patients and
                                                to our outstanding primary care and internal medicine physicians. For example, in the
                                                largest hospitalist study to date, the Tufts University School of Medicine found that
                                                hospital stays are a half-day shorter if managed by a hospitalist, with mortality and
                                                readmission risks comparable to those of family physicians or general internists.

                                                In addition, proponents of the program say that doctors who practice at the hospital
                                                all day, every day are in an excellent position to tackle complex problems such as
                                                improving patient safety and outcomes.

                                                Initially, the trend was driven by hospitals and manage-care groups, seeking to cut
                                                costs and improve care quality. But with hospital reimbursement rates failing to keep
                                                up with their costs, many primary care physicians are being won over and now find
    Providing 24 Hour,                          the hospitalist arrangement saves them time and money. In a recent survey by the
    7 Days a Week
    Physician Admissions                        American Medical Association, nearly three-quarters of primary care physicians said
    and Consulting
    Services                                    hospitalists provide them a “valuable service.”

                                                A Fast Growing Specialty
                                                These are just a few reasons the ranks of hospitalists have exploded from a few
                                                hundred physicians in 1997 to 20,000 last year – about the same number as
                                                gastroenterologists or neurologists. That’s the fastest growth for any medical specialty
                                                in the country, according to the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), the professional
              By 2010, the                      society for Hospitalists.

            Society of Hospital                 Today, the majority of hospitals in the U.S. have hospitalists, because they have
            Medicine projects                   demonstrated that they can improve utilization of resources, time, communication skills
                                                and quality of care. By 2010, SHM projects 30,000 hospitalists will be practicing.
            30,000 hospitalists
            will be practicing.

8        Summer 2008
                                       PHYSICIAN FOCUS

                        Dr. Dominick J. Carbone, Jr.
                        Joins Medical Staff
                        This spring, Hugh Chatham welcomed          He has been an editorial reviewer for
                        Dominick J. Carbone, Jr., M.D. to its       The Journal of Urology, Urology and
                        medical staff. Serving families in our      The Scientific World publications.
                        region, Dr. Carbone is board certified
                                                                    Dr. Carbone’s professional memberships
                        in Urology.
                                                                    include The American Urologic
                        A graduate of the University of Michigan    Association, the Society for the Study
                        School of Medicine, he was a Resident in    of Male Reproduction, the American
                        Urology at the Hospital of the University   Association of Clinical Urologists and the
                        of Pennsylvania, and held a Fellowship      Forsyth Stokes Davie Medical Society.
                        in Male Infertility/Andrology at the
                                                                    Dr. Carbone is excited about relocating
                        Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
                                                                    his practice to HCMH and will gladly
                        Recently, he was Assistant Professor in
                                                                    see patients within 24 to 48 hours. He
                        the Department of Urology/Division of
                                                                    enjoys piano, golf and spending time
                        Surgical Sciences, at the Wake Forest
                                                                    with his wife of 17 years as well as his
                        University School of Medicine.
                                                                    three children, ages 7, 10 and 12.
                        His hospital affiliations have included
                                                                    Dr. Carbone is now accepting
                        the North Carolina Baptist Hospital,
                                                                    appointments from new patients. His
                        the J.R. Jones Medical Center of Stokes-
                                                                    practice is located at Yadkin Valley
                        Reynolds Hospital in King, N.C. and
                                                                    Urology, 100 Chatham Medical Park
                        Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte.
                                                                    in Elkin, (336) 526-0040.
                        A highly trained specialist, Dr. Carbone
 This spring, Hugh      brings to HCMH extensive experience in
Chatham welcomed        the practice of urology, particularly in
    Dominick J.         the areas of surgery, microsurgery and
                        lasers in Urology. He has written or
Carbone, Jr., M.D.      co-authored 14 articles in professional
to its medical staff.   journals and has given 30 presentations
                        on his specialty at regional or national
                        professional meetings.

                                                                                              Communiqué         9
                        PHYSICIAN FOCUS

                   Doctors Answer
                   More of Your Questions

10   Summer 2008


                  Tobacco-Free at
                  Hugh Chatham
                  HCMH joined 96 North Carolina
                  hospitals as a tobacco-free campus
                  in January ’08.

                  “With years of documented evidence
                  of tobacco’s impact on the health of our
                  citizens, we take this initiative as a
                  regional health care role model,” said
                  CEO Stephen Pennington.

                  To help the organization’s employees,
                  patients and visitors achieve this
                  goal, communication is of utmost
                  importance. The signage shown above
                  has been placed in all areas of the
                  facilities. Smoking cessation classes, as
                  well as nicotine replacement products,
                  are offered to employees through the
                  hospital’s Wellness at Work program.

                  Hugh Chatham has been “smoke free”
                  indoors since the late 1990’s. This
                  tobacco-free policy prohibits the use of
                  any form of tobacco anywhere on the
                  properties of the hospital, Nursing
                  Center, Retirement Center, Home
                  Health and physician practices.
                  “This initiative takes the final step in
                  ensuring the health of our customers
                  and employees,” noted Pennington.
                  “We strive to remain on the forefront
                  of health care through customer service,
                  quality and technology – becoming
                  tobacco-free is a part of that forefront.”
                                           Communiqué          11
                                                                  PHYSICIAN FOCUS

                                                  Doctor’s Day
                                                  Celebrated March 30
                                                  Thanks to the hospital’s administration and its Physician Satisfaction Team, Hugh
                                                  Chatham doctors were treated to a dinner at Elkin Creek Vineyard. In addition to the
                                                  exquisite fare presented by The Kitchen at Elkin Creek, physicians and their spouses were
                                                  entertained with ‘Drs. Day Oscars’. Voted on by hospital staff members, doctors were
                                                  awarded titles such as “Dr. Punctuality” and “Most Dapper Doc”. The five-course meal
                                                  included Elkin Creek culinary specialties such as She Crab Soup and Bananas Foster.
                                                  The hospital provided baby sitting services for children of the physicians. They made
                                                  cookies, crafts and played games while their parents enjoyed dinner. The 2008 HCMH
                                                  physician directory made its debut at each guests’ place setting, offering the doctors
                                                  first peek before the directory was released in the Elkin Tribune the following Monday.
                                                  Chief Executive Officer Stephen Pennington summed up the event as,
                                                  “a great time to recognize the dedication of our our excellent physicians.”

                                                  ★ Most likely to play a doctor on TV: Dr. Barron
                                                  ★ Most likely to win on “Jeopardy”: Dr. Gulley
                                                  ★ Most likely to win on “Last Comic Standing”: Dr. Groner
                                                  ★ Dr. Techie: Dr. Griffin
                                                  ★ Most dapper doc: Dr. Subbiah
                                                  ★ Achievement in writing award (legibility): Dr. Nabors
                                                  ★ Achievement in documentation award: Dr. Faulk
     Physician Directory                          ★ Best performance in supporting role of hospital staff: Dr. Shuck
     The week of Doctor’s Day, subscribers to     ★ Best performance in directing role of hospital staff: Dr. Whitman
     The Elkin Tribune found the hospital’s new
                                                  ★ Dr. with a smile that can cure whatever hurts: Dr. France
     physician directory in their newspapers.
     The new brochure includes photos and         ★ Dr. with a voice that could calm any storm: Dr. Neumark
     biographies of all the outstanding family    ★ Dr. Punctuality: Dr. Castillejo
     care and specialty physicians who make
     HCMH our region’s choice.
                                                  ★ Best All Around: Dr. Peterson
                                                  ★ Dr. Dependable: Dr. Canupp

12     Summer 2008
                                                        PHYSICIAN FOCUS

        r  latns
          u io
  Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

                     er of
An Open Lett

                       to the Hu  gh Chatham Me ees
                             l Physicians & Emp
            Hospital Surgica              am Memorial H
                                                                        r our
                                                        ospital, we offe the
                                                                         of          th                                 e
                                                                   n of Hugh Cha employees on achieving som
                                                 d Administratio                       d
                     e Boar   d of Trustees an spital’s surgical physicians an
  On behalf of th ratulations to the ho
                                                      d in the nation.
  gratitu  de and cong               in our state an                                                     Infection Rate
  best post op    erative results
                                                       orial Hospital
                                                                                P ost Operative
                                   h Chatham Mem care
   We are pl   eased that Hug              for Health                           5
                       in the Institute                      a national
   is participating ve Million Lives Campaign, ical                              4
                       Fi                      cidents of med
   Improvement’s             ically reduce in ion Lives Campaign
    program to dram itals. The Five Mill                          order
    ha  rm in U.S. hosp prove the care they provide in ical                       2
                       to im                                  of med
    asks hospitals s from five million incidents
                        nt                                      r 9, 2008.
     to protect patie onth period, ending Decembe ement                           1
                         -m                                    ov
     harm over a 24                         the largest impr
                        continuation of y by the health                            0                                         06
      It represents a
                         en in recent hi
                                           stor                                                           ge HCMH 20
         fort undertak                                                                   National Avera
      ef                                                                                                              ures
       care industry.                                                                            Surgical Proced
                                            Hugh Chath     am Memorial
                          cord to date at
       The surgical re nding.
        Hospital is outs                                                   n                                  tional average
                                                          erative infectio                   action of the na
                             , the av erage for post op s for HCMH record a small fr
        While nationally the most recent statistic
        rates  reaches 5%,                                                                                          physicians and
                                                                                                   by the surgical                s
         on ly 0.19%.                                                ork, coop  eration and skill age and support your effort
                                                ea t deal of hard w of your work, and encour
                              sult reflects a gr                   oud
          This enviable re staff at the hospital. We are pr                 services.
          the en tire clinical                gion’s choi  ce for surgical
                            improve our re
          to continually

                                                                Stephen G. Penn cer
                                                                               e Offi
         Mike Stanley                                           Chief Executiv
                        e Board of Trus
         Chairman of th

                (336)	526-7997		•		150	Parkwood	Drive		•		Elkin,	NC	28621		•

                                                                                                                             Communiqué   13
                                                CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS

                                               Hospital Week

                                               HCMH Celebrates National Hospital & Nursing Home Week
                                               HCMH celebrated National Hospital and Nursing Home Week May 11-17 with every
                                               day packed full of activities. The Human Resources Department and Employer Of
                                               Choice Team deserve accolades for a well-planned and executed week of fun!
                                               Monday was popcorn day, where theatre     Wednesday was the annual employee
                                               style popcorn was served all day. That    picnic with southern style barbecue,
                                               evening, the awards banquet was held at   corn-on-the-cobb and all the fixins’.
                                               Elkin Valley Baptist Church where years   Completing the perfect picnic, was
                                               of services awards were given from five   red-checkered tablecloths and drinking
     The Annual Employee Awards Banquet        to 30 years of tenure. The hospital’s     cups imprinted with the HCMH logo.
     is the pinnacle of Hospital Week          Legend employee, Mrs. Bunny Brown, was
     celebrations. Pictured with CEO Stephen                                             Thursday was the ice cream sundae
                                               identified and honored at the banquet
     Pennington and 2007 Board Chair                                                     social and Friday was fruit feast and
     J.L. Lowe, Jr. is April Williams, X-Ray   Tuesday was health fair day. Screenings   book fair day. Games were offered each
     Technician, who received her five year    for bone density, glucose, cholesterol,   day. Beat the dealer, win, lose or draw
     service award this year.                  blood pressure, falls assessment,         and Plinko, were some of the highlights.
                                               pulmonary function and body mass
                                                                                         When Friday came and this fun-for-all
                                               index were offered. Head and neck
                                                                                         week ended, the staff began to look
                                               massages were an added treat. The
                                                                                         forward to next year’s Hospital Week!
                                               employee golf tournament was held
                                               at Silo Run Golf Course.

14    Summer 2008
                                       CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS

2008 Employee Service Awards
Retirees          20 Years            10 Years          Brent Slate         Nettie Kinder         Debbie Johnson
Maxine Bivins     Leslie Allen        Margaret Bates    Tracy Sloop         Karla Kiser           Rena Luffman
Mary Bledsoe      Gina Bryant         Melissa Bryant    Wendy Triplett      Sharon Leftwich       Lisa Mears
Molly Carter      Susan Childress     Patty Caudill                         Trenda Macemore       Sandra Wagoner
Peggy Couch       Teresa Cox          Judie Clark       5 Years             Amanda Mendielta      Sandra Walker
                                                        Jennifer Anthony    Michelle Perry        Carrie White
Nancy Cox         Janice Holloway     Ann Cook
                                                        Alice Baker         Crystal Richardson    Sheila Windsor
Mary Nations      Kimberly Money      Nancy Crouse
                                                        Jenee Beemer        John Rogers           Jenny York
Betty Norman      Dorothy Moore       Kadeana Davis
                                                        Carla Browder       Alex Ross
                  Betty Reece         Lori Gwyn
40 Years                              Kristie Hawkins
                                                        Peggy Brown         Dawn Sheets
Regina Ball       15 years            Joy Hiatt
                                                        Sherry Burchette    Rachel Slawter        In Remembrance
                  Barbara Atwood                        Tina Byrd           Carol Thomas          Charles “Junior”
30 Years          Cheryl Blackburn
                                      Janette Huggman
                                      Dennis Leedy
                                                        Crystal Cartledge   Patricia Wagoner
Patsy Hooper      Tammie Bodenhamer                     Julie Collins                             Nyoaka Collins
                                      Cathy Mabe                            April Williams
Frances Poteate   Donna Phillips                        Sue Collins                               Debra Shumate
                                      Kenneth Mabe                          Andrea Winters
                                                        Heather Colvard
25 Years          Linda Reynolds
                  Lisa Shaw
                                      Emily Norman
                                                        Anjanetta Dingle
                                                                            Kim Winters
Kathy Coe                             Lois Norman                           Alicia Wood
                  Ethel Stewart                         Christy Gumpert     Janice Durham
Tammy Meadows                         Vickie Osborne
                  Beverly Wagoner                       Candy Harrell       Reggie Edwards
Jeff Seaford                          Laura Pardue
                  Martha Wagoner                        Sandra Harris       Christine Feddersen
                                      Cathy Recchio
                  Donna Williams                        Robin Hobbs         Peggy Garrison
                                      Grayland Ross
                                                        Jerri Howell        Charles Gregg
                                      Diane Settle

                                                                            Relay For Life
                                                                            Fundraising A Success
                                                                            The Regional Cancer Center at Hugh
                                                                            Chatham (Radiation Oncology Dept.)
                                                                            along with the Wake Forest University
                                                                            Comprehensive Cancer Center would
                                                                            like to thank everyone for their
                                                                            participation in the various Relay for Life
                                                                            activities during the past several months.
                                                                            Dr. Whitman was a great sport in the pie
                                                                            event! Darlene Templeton was in great
                                                                            shape to throw the pie thanks to the
                                                                            help of her Imaging co-workers! We
                                                                            as a group raised over $2,100 for the
                                                                            American Cancer Society, helping us
                                                                            become one step closer to the cure!!

                                                                                                       Communiqué         15
                                                 CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS

                                                Wellness at Work

                                                                   HCMH Wellness Program Honored
                                                                   Hugh Chatham was selected by Blue Cross Blue Shield to
                                                                   present its “Wellness At Work” program at the provider’s
                                                                   annual Healthcare Symposium in April. Blue Cross chose three
                                                                   companies to present their implemented employee wellness
                                                                   programs, but Hugh Chatham was the only hospital. Human
                                                                   Resources Director Jeff Seaford said, “This opportunity is a real
                                                                   tribute to our leadership and Board for allowing us to invest in
                                                                   the health and well-being of our employees.” As part of the Blue
                                                                   Cross Blue Shield recognition, the hospital received a crystal
                                                                   trophy, a DVD filmed by Blue Cross at Hugh Chatham, and
     HCMH Wellness Coordinator Sabrina Fletcher proudly holds      $5,000 to further enhance the hospital’s wellness initiative.
     the Blue Cross Wellness Trophy as HR Director Jeff Seaford
     stands to her right. The two are pictured with Blue Cross     The HCMH Wellness At Work program to date offers employees
     leaders at their annual symposium.                            a walking trail step challenge both in and outside the hospital,
                                                                   weight watchers and aerobics classes, healthy option ‘blue plate
                                                                   specials’ in the cafeteria, a bowling league and smoking cessation
                                                                    classes. For more information about this program, log onto
                                                           or call Human Resources at (336) 527-7661.

                                               The Hugh Chatham
                                               Standards of
                                                Performance Team and
                                                 the Wellness at Work
                                                  program together
                                                  created calendars
                                                   for each employee
                                                    highlighting every
                                                    month standards
                                                     as well as a
                                                      wellness tip.

                                                                          The 2008 HCMH Employee Bowling League meets weekly
                                                                          for fun and activity at Blue Ridge Lanes.

16    Summer 2008
                                             CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS


Service Recogniton
2007 Board Chairman J.L. Lowe, Jr.
and Chief Executive Officer Stephen
Pennington recognized longtime
Board member Bill Boles for his
service to the organization with a
plaque presentation this Spring.
Mr. Boles retired from his seat on
the hospital’s Board of Trustees after
28 years of service. In recognizing
Mr. Boles, CEO Stephen Pennington
noted, “The dedication and leadership
of Bill is both generous and noble.
Our hospital is a better place because
of his service.” The plaque reads,
RESOLVED, that the members of
Board of Trustees of Hugh Chatham
                                            Our Appreciation to the 2008 Board Officers
Memorial Hospital express their
                                            Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital appreciates its Board of Trustees for valued
sincere appreciation for the years of
                                            leadership, thoughtful guidance and dedicated commitment as trustees of the
loyal and dedicated service by
                                            organization. Officers of the Board give a tremendous amount of time and energy to
William L. Boles on behalf of our
                                            protecting, leading and growing the hospital. Pictured from left, back row, are Board
hospital and the citizens of our
                                            Chairman Mike Stanley, Assistant Secretary Van Hamlin and Vice-Chairman Mike
community.” Mr. Boles served on
                                            Chatham. Front row are Treasurer David Cline and Secretary Carol Jernigan.
the Board of Trustees of Hugh
Chatham Memorial Hospital from
1979 to 2007.

                                                                                      Best Hospital Award
                                                                                      In the March 2008 issue of Business North
                                                                                      Carolina, HCMH has been named one of the
                                                                                      best hospitals in the state for surgical services.
                                                                                      Congratulations to everyone at HCMH
                                                                                      surgcial services. This is a great honor!
Faye and Bill Boles stand with Board Chair Mike Stanley
at a recent hospital event.

                                                                                                                       Communiqué          17
                                                     CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS


     New Entertainer at
     Hugh Chatham Nursing Center
     The Hospital Auxiliary is pleased to announce its newest
     gift to Hugh Chatham Nursing Center—a beautiful Chase
     Mahogany piano. Auxiliary President Betty Cockerham said,
     “This has been a wonderful process. From working with the
     musicians who assisted us in selection to watching the nursing
     center residents’ faces light up when the instrument is played.”
     Mrs. Cockerham and Volunteer Coordinator Patricia Wagoner
     are pictured with the piano just after delivery in April. The
     Auxilians wish residents, families and staff of Hugh Chatham
     Nursing Center many, many hours of musical enjoyment!

                                                                  Mark your calendars for the 17th Annual

               fore!                                        Hugh Chatham Foundation
                                                                  Golf Classic
                                                                                  August 21st
                                                                        Cedarbrook Country Club
                                                               Look for more information in the coming days!
                                                                    For more information, contact Foundation Director
                                                                         Jeannette Hendrick at (336) 527-7457.

18    Summer 2008
                                              CELEBRATIONS AND EVENTS

                                             Auxiliary Awards Luncheon

The Annual Hospital Auxiliary Luncheon was held during National Volunteer Week
on April 29th. The Honorable Ricky Bowman, District Attorney for Surry/Stokes
counties, spoke to the volunteer group on the importance of volunteering and giving
back. Mr. Bowman also spoke of a very special personal experience where both patient
and family were comforted by hospital staff and volunteers.

Over 150 attended the luncheon this year. Reverend Rebecca Maynard gave the
invocation and praised the work the volunteers at our hospital do. Volunteer
Coordinator Patricia Wagoner said the day could be summed up by calling it
“a wonderful time of fellowship and praise.”

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital is grateful to its volunteers for giving of themselves
to improve the lives of others. Congratulations to the following volunteers who are
receiving pins in recognition for accumulated service hours in 2008.

100 Hours             200 Hours             300 Hours              Jerry Schaufenbuel    Nora McCann            1000 Hours
Kris All              Joyce Bryan           Sara Carter            James Smith           Carol Shore
                                                                                                                Clara Henderlight
Rebecca Boles         Margaret Cartner      Mildred Davis          Catherine Transou     Sam Shore
                                                                                                                Faye Martin
Juanita Bullins       Lynn Farmer           Bronda Harris          Ruth Weatherman       Joan Swaim
                                                                                                                Dwight Money
Rebecca Coleman       Donald Fowler         Margie Harrell         Marie Wilmoth         Rebecca Swisher
Linda DeHart          Betty Hendrix         Mahala Huffman
                                                                   500 Hours             700 Hours              1100 Hours
Logan Freeman         Brenda Howell         Linda Jennings                                                      Pat Hemric
                                                                   Ann Branon            Bill Bruce
Louise Haynes         Evelene Lowery        Phyllis Lowe                                                        Joan Vasata
                                                                   Emmalee Cheek         Carole Bruce
Beth Rummage          Shawnda Miller        Carolyn Norris
Helen Shoaf           Shelby O’Toole        Billie Payne
                                                                   Elizabeth Fisher      Willie Mae Corder      1300 Hours
                                                                   Kay Gifford           Mary McCrary           Betty Cockerham
Jamie Utt             Phyllis Qualheim      Gaye Randle
                                                                   Judy Golding          Dolores Taylor         Polly Simpson
Lynn Williams         Carol Sturdivant      Mona Schaufenbuel
                                                                   Betty Harris
                      John Sturdivant       Glenda Strole
                                                                   Dot Mathis            800 Hours              1400 Hours
                                                                                         Joyce Billings         Faye Canupp
                                            400 Hours              Bill Steelman
                                                                                         Earline Taylor
                                                                   Nancy Steelman
                                            Rose Barnes
                                                                                                                1500 Hours
                                            Larry Carter
                                                                   600 Hours             900 Hours              Virginia Hart
                                            Wilma Cockerham                              Gayle Altemueler       Corbett Walters
                                                                   Madelon Blackburn
                                            Linda Davis                                  Elsie Tivey
                                                                   Lib Callaway
                                            Christine Freeman
                                                                   Shelby Childress
                                            Shirley Martin
                                                                   Ethelene Holman
                                            Louise Nace

                                             New Look For Volunteers
                                             Volunteers are now easier to spot at Hugh Chatham. New uniform jackets set a
                                             professional tone and enable patients and visitors quick access when a helping hand is
                                             needed. Larry Carter is a volunteer at the Surgery Information Desk. Mr. Carter says
                                             he feels the jackets will be helpful for our customers and staff. HCMH Volunteers now
                                             proudly boast the hospital logo and brand each day!

                                                                                                                     Communiqué       19

                             6th Annual Wine Auction

                             HCMH Foundation and Yadkin Valley Chamber
                             Host 6th Annual Yadkin Valley Wine Auction
                             The Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce again sponsored the annual Yadkin Valley
                             Wine Auction held to benefit Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Foundation. This
                             year the event raised over $42,000, an increase of $1,800 over last year’s number. The
                             auction featured a draw down trip-for-two which was won by a local realtor, Martha
                             Swindell. Set on the eve of the Yadkin Valley Wine Festival, the auction was held on
                             Friday, May 16th, at the newly refurbished Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom.

                             The Chamber’s distinguished Rebel Good Award was given to Derrill Rice, owner of
                             Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery. Established in 2003, this award is presented at
                             the auction annually to someone who has ‘worked to advance viticulture in the Yadkin
                             Valley Wine Region.’ (top photo)

                             Recognition was also given to auctioneer and local restauranteur John R. Hall for his years
                             of service to the Yadkin Valley Wine Auction. Mr. Hall has served as auctioneer for this
                             event since its inception in 2002. In the future, Mr. Hall will have the honor of opening
                             and closing the live auction by announcing the first and final lots. (bottom right photo)

                             Wines from more than thirty regional vineyards and wineries were available for tasting
                             and for auctioning at the event. Among other items donated were rare wines, trips,
                             jewelry, original art, furniture, clothing, fine dining, decorator items and many other
                             extraordinary gifts. The menu for the evening featured beef tenderloin, shrimp,
                             scallops, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and various gourmet cheese selections,
                             highlighted by fabulous homemade pastries.

                             Among our community’s finest black tie affairs, the auction is a great opportunity to
                             join in the excitement and contribute to the advancement of our community’s health
                             care. This year’s auction benefitted the Foundation’s 2008 campaign project to expand
                             and upgrade the hospital’s laboratory. The goal is to ensure that Hugh Chatham remains
                                                                         in the forefront of health care by adding space
                                                                            and technology and by helping keep our
                                                                            patients in close proximity to their homes.

                                                                           For information about next year’s
                                                                           auction, contact the Foundation office at
                                                                           (336) 527-7094 or log onto the hospital’s
                                                                           website at

20   Summer 2008
      The hugh ChAThAm memoriAl hospiTAl FounDATion

                                                      Auction Donors

Thanks to these                         River House/Gayle Winston
                                        Eddie Harris
                                                                              Riverview Holdings Hotel Group
                                                                              Tim Bruce
                                                                                                                          Joe Lamp’L
                                                                                                                          Plums/Nan Transou
Auction Donors                          The Spa at North Bridge/              Anonymous                                   Shutterbug Photography
Dr. Steve & Linda Erlandson                Susan Joines-Reavis                The Posh Fox                                H.G. Greene General Store
Dr. Jim & Isabel Harrell                Barbara Chatham                       Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital              Anne Gulley
Ben & Liz Mastin                        Dr. Tom & Pam Vybiral                    Gift Shop                                Old Times/Lovie Phillips
Merrill Lynch Investments/              G & B Energy                          Appalachian State Athletics Department      Lin Taylor Graphic Design/
   Max Barnhardt                        Dick & Molly Smith                    Kitchen at Elkin Creek/Mark Greene             Lin Johnson & Dave Knesel
Dr. Alexander & Carol Snyder            Vaughn Bassett                        Harvest Grill/Charlie & Ed Shelton          Flossie Johnson
Marion Venable                          Lowe’s Home                           Gardner Glass Products                      Safari Nails
Allison Oaks Vineyards                     Improvement Warehouse              Cater Pots/Robin & Daniel Cater             Cindy Key
Benny Parsons                           Song’s Jewelry/Connie Song            Triplette Competition Arms/                 Barney Hall
   Rendezvous Ridge                     Steve & Jane Motsinger                   Walter Triplette                         Westpoint Home
Black Wolf Vineyards/Dana Theis         Alvin Shaw & Lucy Chatham             Yadkin Valley General Store/                Lewis Furniture
Brushy Mountain Winery/Matthew &        Basin Creek                              Phillip Lyles                            Dr. Bill Griffin
   Anna Mayberry                        Cedarbrook Country Club               Carol Vanderpool                            R. Philip Hanes
Buck Shoals Vineyard/Terry &            Harry’s Place                         DB Designs/Debbi Shelburne                  Wake Forest University
   JoAnn Crater                         Nikola’s                                 & Barbara Harrell                        Teresa Adams/Glamour Time Spa
Childress Vineyards/Richard Childress   Pirate’s Landing                      Hunter Dudley Darden                        Kayla Haire/Glamour Time Spa
   & Mark Friszolowski                  Royall’s Soda Shop                    The Bob & Sheri Show                        Anonymous
Elkin Creek Vineyard/Mark Greene        Snickerdoodles                        Belk/Jerry Randel                           Marek & Jill Wojciechowski/
Flint Hill Vineyard & Winery/           Taste of Italy                        Robin Hobbs                                   Chatham Hill Winery
   Tim & Brenda Doub                    The Depot                             Pardue Pottery/Johnny Pardue                Peggy Garrison
Grassy Creek Vineyard/Derrill & Lori    Valentino’s Italian Restaurant        Blyth Home Scents International/            Susan & Johnny Briscoe
   Rice, Jim & Cynthia Douthit          Dan Gillespie                            Mike Deal                                The Stevens Center
Hanover Park Vineyards/                 The Tastefully Simple &               Studio Roxie/Stewart Royall
   Michael & Amy Helton                                                                                                   Squealer BBQ Company/
                                           Jewels by Park Lane/Lori Carroll      & Tammy McGrady                             Mark & Tina Davis
Laurel Grey Vineyards/                  Paige Nance                           C.S. Wells Designs/Carole Wells
   Benny & Kim Myers                                                                                                      Chris Chatham
                                        Chris Mcgee/And Wine 2, Inc.          Diana’s Bookstore                           John Furches Gallery
McRitchie Wine Company/                                                       Cherries Café/Ollie Cherry
   Sean & Patti McRitchie               Donna Thompson & Heath Ford                                                       Autumn Owings
                                        Machine Productions/                  Pilar Rodriguez                             R.G. Absher
Native Vines Winery/                                                          WXII Channel 12
   Darelen Gabbard                         Bill Entwistle                                                                 Dave’s Antiques
Raffaldini Vineyards/                   Dr. David & Melissa Cline                                                         Anonymous
   Stephen & Susan Lyons                Jerre Boren
Frank & Lenna Hobson/                   Amy Tayloe
  RagApple Lassie Vineyards             Dick & Ann Merlo
RayLen Vineyards/Joe & Joyce Neely      Rumple Furniture/
Round Peak Vineyards/George &              Don Rumple Company
   Susan Little, Lee & Janet Martin     Alladdin’s Hallmark/Tommie Ford
Shelton Vineyards/                      Johnny & Jennifer Hall
   Charlie Shelton & Ed Shelton         Dr. Flippin’s Bed & Breakfast/
Surry Cellars                              Charlotte Adkins & Gary York
Weathervane Winery/Sid Proctor          Homescapes Interior Design/
Westbend Vineyards/Lillian Kroustalis      Lois Draughn
David & Diane Brendle                   R & R Catering/Randy Kirby
                                           & Randy Brown
Lori & Will Gwyn
                                        Horn & Stronach                                                                Yadkin
Jeannette & Frank Hendrick
Jackie & Doug St. Louis
                                        Ratledge Florist                                                               Valley
                                        Yadkin Valley Winery Supply/
Patricia & Peegie Wagoner                  Joel Poindexter, Sharon
Foothills Sugar Cured Ham/                 Macemore & Terry Darnell
   Gregory Pardue                       Chad Sowers Jewelers/
Paige Flippin                              Chad & Jordan Sowers
Dr. A. Michael Minotti                  Frog Holler Cabins/                                                            Auction   ™
Wachovia Bank                              John & Teresa Litschke                                                      May 16, 2008
Holiday Inn Express                     Stephanie & Scott Walker
George Denka                            Stephen, Sheri, Grayson,
John R. Hall                               & Kate Pennington
Troy Hall                               Thistle Meadow Winery/
Atlas Photography/                         Tom Burgiss
   Jeremy & Andrea Specht               Doris Petesham

                                                                                                                                          Communiqué      21

                                                         Honor Roll of Contributors

     2008 Annual                            Honor Club ($500-$999)
                                            Dr. Timothy & Kristina Lea Barron
                                                                                   Barney Hall
                                                                                      Memory/Mazie Shumate
                                                                                                                             Jerry & Diane Swaim
                                                                                                                                (North Wilkesboro)
     Campaign                               Clara Coffey                           Leo & Wanda Hardy                         Dr. Vernon Taylor, Jr.
     The Foundation has made a              Jim & Beth Easter, Jr./Hart Freeland   Henry & Anne Harpe                        Doughton & Patsy Thompson
     concerted effort to ensure the            Roberts, Inc. (Brentwood, TN)       Linda Hayes (Clemmons)                       Memory/Mr. & Mrs. Currie Eldridge
     completeness and accuracy of these     Martha Harris (Greensboro)                Memory/Paul & Dorothy Scott               Memory/Joe Eldridge
     lists; however, we apologize for any      Memory/Raymond &                    Tommy & Karen Haynes/                        Memory/Mr. & Mrs. Hort Thompson
     errors or omissions and welcome             Elizabeth Harris                     Nationwide Insurance                   Sam & Betty Tesh
     your corrections. Please call                                                                                           Jack & Jeannine Underdown
     (336) 527-7094.                        Dorothy Henley (Hobe Sound, FL)        Dr. & Mrs. Ned Hedgpeth
                                            Trent Ragland (Raleigh)                   (Durham)                               Sterling Vestal (Orlando, FL)
     (Gifts designated to the 2008                                                 Hoover & Jo Hendrix (Hays)                   Memory/Jerry Vestal
     Campaign will add a new laboratory     Curt & Jennifer Sidden
                                               Huntersville)                       Bobby & Ethel Hobson                      Dr. John Wood
     to Hugh Chatham Memorial
     Hospital)                              Ruth Carter Stevenson                  C. J. & Mary Holcomb
                                               (Fort Worth, TX)                    Arthur & Mahala Huffman                   Other Contributions
                                                                                      Honor/Dr. & Mrs. James Harrell, Sr.    Warren & Dorothy Brey
     Founder’s Society ($5,000+)            Amy Tayloe
                                                                                                                             Alan Martin (Louisville, KY)
     Max Barnhardt/Merrill Lynch                                                   Harold & Kay Hurt
                                            Century Club ($100-$499)                                                           Honor/Jack & Mary Gentry
        (Winston-Salem)                                                            Judith Jester (East Bend)
                                            John & Betty Allison (Lewisville)                                                Dr. Tom & Mary Mascenik
     The Winston-Salem Foundation/                                                 Ron & Billie Jester
                                            John & Cynthia Altemueller                                                       John & Rebecca O’Connell
        Lucy Hanes Chatham Fund                                                    Una Key
          (Winston-Salem)                      Honor/Phil & Gayle Altemueller         Memory/Nan Norman                      Abbye Harris (Spencer)
                                            Joe & Vickie Arnder (Mount Airy)                                                   Memory/Lois Miller
     Virginia Hart                                                                 Teresa Lewis/Workforce Carolina
                                            George Ballie/The Teague Group            (Mount Airy)                           Roger & Carol Jenkins
     Martha Womble (Winston-Salem)
        Memory/Calder Womble                R. E. L. Barnes (Winston-Salem)        Nelson & Mary Lowe                        Charles & Mary June Madison
                                            Saveria Bianco (Boonville)             Ron & Sherry Macy                         Marlon Marshall/Matt Marshall
     Excellence Club ($1,000-$4,999+)       Anthony Brett (Clemmons)               Pamela Marsh (Isle of Palms, SC)
                                                                                                                               & Company (Greensboro)
     Amsol Physicians of Elkin              Mason & Anna Laura Burcham                Honor/Leo & Wanda Hardy                June Neal
        Dr. Daniel Barnette                                                                                                  Phyllis Qualheim
        Dr. Deborah Holden                  Rick & Beth Callaway (Houston, TX)     Ben & Liz Mastin
                                               Honor/Elizabeth Callaway            Larry & Sara McCann                       Betty Windsor
        Dr. William Martin
     Bill & Faye Boles                      Jane Calloway (Indianapolis, IN)       Hilda McDonald
     Dr. Tony & Faye Canupp                 Dr. Stephenie Cartwright               Dan & Sallie Park                         Hugh Chatham
     Dr. Dominick & Nancy Carbone, Jr.      David & Mary Cline
                                               Honor/Dr. David Cline, IV
                                                                                   Bill & Mary Parker                        Memorial Hospital
     Dr. Bill & Linda Davis
                                               Honor/Melinda Burchette
                                                                                   Walter & Beverley Parrish, Jr.
                                                                                   Stephen & Sheri Pennington
     Dr. Richard & Ann Merlo
                                            Kent & Betty Cockerham
     Mr. & Mrs. Guy Mitchell/
                                            Tim Cook/Cooke Ins. Agency
                                                                                   Leon & Katherine Reece                    2008 Employee Campaign
        Mitchell Industries Foundation                                             Derrill & Lori Rice                       (Employee donations to the 2008
          (Birmingham, AL)                  David & Lorre Coone (York, SC)         Gill & Dee Ripley                         Campaign will add a new laboratory
     Steve Sink/Salem Electric Company         Honor/Henry & Jo Brown                                                        to Hugh Chatham Memorial
                                                                                   David & Cheryl Roberts (Yadkinville)
        (Winston-Salem)                     John & Guylene Cox                                                               Hospital)
                                                                                   Jerry & Mona Schaufenbuel
     Dr. Alexander & Carol Snyder           Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon DeBorde                                                        Regina All
                                               (Austin, TX)                        Mildred Settle/NuLine Embroidery
     Charles Quattrone/BlackRock                                                   Mukeah & Neelu Shah/Days Inn              Regina Ball
        Financial Management                Sylvester Douglas
                                                                                   Mary Kate Shugart                         Sharron Ball
          (Princeton, NJ)                   Jim & Cynthia Douthit
                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. W. Edward Smith                Warren Bates
                                                                                   Estelle Snow                              Diane Bauguess
                                            Marcia Fincannon
                                                                                      Memory/Thomas LeRoy Snow                  Honor/Frances Poteate
                                            Charles & Betty Fletcher
                                                                                   Max Spain/MLS Communications, Inc.        Pat Baugus
                                            Dr. John & Holly Gambill
                                                                                   Scott Stanley/Carolina Select Home Care   Patricia Bené
                                            Richard & Deborah Gentry
                                                                                   Dave & Lois Steed (Mooresville)           Pam Blackburn
                                               (Chicago, IL)
                                                                                   Valma Sturgill                            Lorri Bowman
                                            Dot Gilliam
                                               Memory/Bob Gilliam                  Robin Smith/Foothills                     Susan Briscoe
                                            Rebel & Evie Good                         Forestry & Surveying                   Gail Brewer
                                            Dr. & Mrs. Robert Graper (Charlotte)   Mr. & Mrs. Bennett Steelman               Bunny Brown
                                                                                      (Boonville)                            Diane Brown
                                                                                                                             Gina Bryant
                                                                                                                             Kathy Bullin

22     Summer 2008

Linwood Campbell                       Jane Reynolds                      Bobbie Cothren                         Amanda Casstevens
Dr. Tony Canupp                        Regina Rogers                      Melissa Darnell                        Vickie Caudill
Amanda Casstevens                      Stewart Roten                         Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress   Bobbie Cothren
Vickie Caudill                         Ed Rufe                            Amy Davis                              Melissa Darnell
Missy Church                           Jeff Seaford                       Jim DeBorde                               Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress
Kathy Coe                              Dave Sciano                        Vickie Dockery                         Vickie Dockery
Emily Colbert                          Hattie Shores                      Lynn Farmer                            Lynn Farmer
   Honor/JoAnn Hughes                  Debra Shumate                      Christine Fedderson                    Paige Flippin
Bobbie Cothren                         Lori Slate                         Paige Flippin                          Jeannette Hendrick
Larry Culler                           Tracy Sloop                        Lori Gwyn                              Robin Hobbs
Melissa Culler                         Donna Swift                        Jeannette Hendrick                     Janice Holloway
Melissa Darnell                        Cynthia Taylor                     Gregg Holcomb                          Charlotte Lawson
   Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress   Darlene Templeton                  Janice Holloway                        Sandra Luffman
Amy Davis                              Cynthia Thompson                   Lynn Kennedy                           Tina Mounce
Kadeana Davis                          Don Trippel                        Charlotte Lawson                       Beth Orta
Jim De                                 Merele Turner                      Rene Luffman                           Susanne Reavis
Vickie Dockery                         Jackie Turpin                      Sandra Luffman                         Peggy Reikowsky
Lynn Farmer                            Jamie Utt                          Tina Mounce                               Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress
Christine Fedderson                    Patrica Wagoner                    Beth Orta                              Jane Reynolds
JoAnn Fender                              Memory/Frank Simmons            Susanne Reavis                         Stewart Roten
Sabrina Fletcher                       Judy Walker                        Peggy Reikowsky                        Dave Sciano
Paige Flippin                          Glenda Walters                        Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress   Lori Slate
Velvet Gentry                          Margaret Wheeler                   Jane Reynolds                          Cynthia Taylor
Rebecca Gibson                         Stephanie Wilmoth                  Regina Rogers                          Jamie Utt
Julie Gillespie                        Mary White                         Stewart Roten                          Patricia Wagoner
Lori Gwyn                              Sheila Windsor                     Dave Sciano                               Memory/Frank Simmons
Jeannette Hendrick                     Pam Wood                           Lori Slate                             Cynthia Thompson
Robin Hobbs                            Sandra Wood                        Cynthia Taylor                         Merele Turner
Gregg Holcomb                          Wanda Wyatt                        Cynthia Thompson                       Jackie Turpin
Janice Holloway                        Marc Womledorf                     Don Trippel                            Glenda Walters
Amy Jones                                                                 Merele Turner                          Margaret Wheeler
Toni Kimber                            Excellence Club ($1,000-$4,999+)   Jackie Turpin                          Sheila Windsor
Lynn Kennedy                           Dr. Tony Canupp                    Jamie Utt                              Pam Wood
Amy Knight                                                                Patricia Wagoner                       Marc Womledorf
Charlotte Lawson
                                       Honor Club ($500-$999)                Memory/Frank Simmons
Betty Lewis
                                       Pat Baugus
                                                                          Glenda Walters                         Memorials
                                       Diane Bauguess                                                            (Memorial gifts are a meaningful
Rene Luffman                                                              Margaret Wheeler
                                       Susan Briscoe                                                             way to remember loved ones while
Sandra Luffman                                                            Stephanie Wilmoth                      also helping advance quality health
                                       Sandra Luffman
Tammy Meadows                                                             Sheila Windsor                         care in this community.)
Lisa Mears                             Century Club ($100-$499)           Pam Wood                               Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Shelton
William Moore                          Regina Ball                        Sandra Wood                               Memory/Margarita Day
Tina Mounce                            Sharron Ball                       Wanda Wyatt                            Ed & Dottie Shelton
Tera Norman                            Warren Bates                       Marc Womledorf                            Memory/Margarita Day
Vickie Osborne                         Diane Bauguess                                                            Employees of Shelton Vineyards
Beth Orta                              Pat Baugus
                                                                          Two Minutes of Giving                     Memory/Margarita Day
                                                                          Sharron Ball                           Joel & Joan Pinnix
Gail Parsons                           Pam Blackburn
                                                                          Diane Bauguess                            Memory/Nan Norman
Stephen Pennington                     Bunny Brown
                                                                          Pat Baugus                             Carson & Betty Pittman
Frances Poteate                        Lorri Bowman                                                                 Memory/Eddie Snyder
   Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress                                      Pam Blackburn
                                       Amanda Casstevens                                                            Memory/Eldon Parks
Susanne Reavis                                                            Lorri Bowman
                                       Vickie Caudill                                                               Memory/Frank Simmons
Peggy Reikowsky                                                           Susan Briscoe
                                       Missy Church                                                              Dick & Molly Smith
   Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress                                      Dr. Tony Canupp
                                       Kathy Coe                                                                    Memory/Nan Norman

                                                                                                                                   Communiqué           23

                                                    Honor Roll of Contributors continued

     Gordon & Linda Bondurant          Dr. Richard & Ann Merlo                Honorariums                                  Honor/Nella Mae Blackburn
        (Charleston, SC)                  Memory/Gerald Miller                (Honorarium gifts are a way to show          Honor/Peggy Blackburn
          Memory/James L. Lowe, Sr.       Memory/Nan Norman                   appreciation to individuals and also         Honor/Brady Blackburn
     Elkin City Schools                Fred Norman                            help provide much needed financial           Honor/Lenora Blackburn
        Memory/Nan Norman                 Memory/Clarence Billings            support for community wellness               Honor/Ilean Byrd Blackburn
     Mr. & Mrs. John Bullard              Memory/Frank Simmons                and disease prevention programs.)
        (Montgomery, AL)               Rich & Dale Osmus (Abbeville, SC)                                                 Miracle of Life
                                                                              Staff of Dr. John Wood                     (Celebrate the Miracle of Life by
          Memory/Nan Norman               Memory/Clarence Billings               Honor/Dr. John Wood
     Vaughn Bassett                    George & Carolyn Parker                                                           artfully painting a name among a
                                                                                                                         mural of cascading flowers.)
        Memory/Nan Norman                 (Yadkinville)                       Animal Fund                                Lilly Augusta Felts
     Tom & Laura Gwyn                     Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet        (Gifts help support the integration
        Memory/Herman Clarence Ball    Alan & Billie Payne                    of animals in the Hugh Chatham                By: Frank & Jeannette Hendrick
     Dr. James & Isabel Harrell, Sr.      Memory/Nan Norman                   Nursing Center environment).               Autumn Naomi Longworth
        Memory/Clarence Billings       Amy Powers & Frank Stamper                                                           By: Lisa Shaffner
                                                                              Alan Martin (Louisville, KY
        Memory/Nan Norman                 (Cornelius)                            Honor/Ralph Martin                      Memory/Ashton Michael Spicer
        Memory/John Charles                 Memory/Nan Norman                                                               By: Gail Poplin
        Memory/Charles Chatham
        Memory/R. G. Chatham
                                       Dean & Debbie Rose                     Tree of Life                               Hugh Chatham Nursing
                                          Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet        (An opportunity to honor any
        Memory/Wilborn Goodman         Jeff & Omegia Seaford                  life that has been touched by the          Center Activities Department
        Memory/Billie Holcomb             Memory/Glen Dickens                                                            (Gifts to the nursing center
                                                                              challenge of cancer.)
        Memory/Jack Holcomb               Memory/Nan Norman                                                              Activities Department help provide
        Memory/Harold Hurt                                                    Sharron Ball                               residents with hands on project.)
        Memory/James L. Lowe, Sr.      Glenda Strole                              Memory/Donald Miller
                                          Memory/Nan Norman                                                              Alan Martin (Louisville, KY
        Memory/James Marsh                                                    Sharron Ball
                                       Carlos & Jo Ann Surratt (Toast)                                                      Memory/Vesta Simmons
        Memory/Donald Miller                                                      Honor/ReElla Ball
        Memory/Evelyn Swaim               Memory/Frank Simmons                                                           Anne Garvey (Winston-Salem)
                                                                              Jerry Blackburn                               Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Sue Wyatt               Darlene Templeton                          Memory/Austin (Augustine) Blackburn
        Memory/Mike Somers                Memory/Mary Reavis                      Memory/William Blackburn               Dave Moffatt (Winston-Salem)
        Memory/Adam Marion             Harold Lee & Dorla Wagoner                 Memory/Sarah Blackburn                    Memory/Nell Wall
     Dr. Robert & Gina Peterson           Memory/Herman Clarence Ball             Memory/Eli A. Blackburn                Mildred Mounce (Baldwinsvile, NY)
        Memory/Debbie Shumate             Memory/Nan Norman                       Memory/Eli A. Blackburn, Jr.              Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Junior Childress           Memory/J.B. Mathis                      Memory/Mary Caudill Blackburn          Mary Wade (Baldwinsvile, NY)
     Virginia Hart                        Memory/Butrice Luffmam                  Memory/Mary Winfrey Blackburn             Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Nan Norman                 Memory/Bill Hall                        Memory/Mary Jane Alexander Blackburn   John & Sun Yong Baldwin
     Frank & Jeannette Hendrick        Dickie & Glenda Walters                    Memory/Sarah Alexander Blackburn          (Kathleen, GA)
        Memory/Herman Clarence Ball       Memory/Charles (Junior) Childress       Memory/Rosa Bell & Ray Von Garris           Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Clarence Billings          Memory/Debbie Shumate                   Memory/Marcus Alexander                Frank & Jeannette Hendrick
        Memory/John Charles            Dr. John Wood & Staff                        & Eda Woods Blackburn                   Memory/Lois Lewis
        Memory/Nyoaka Collins             Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet            Memory/Lavada Wood Blackburn
                                                                                  Memory/Lewis Everett Garris            Kate Hoots (Winston-Salem
        Memory/Ted Coggins             Charles & Elsie Warwick, III                                                         Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/James L. Lowe, Sr.         (Palm Beach, FL)                        Honor/Helen Garris
                                                                                  Memory/John Stephen Blackburn          Myrtle Key & Family
        Memory/Louise Mayberry              Memory/Richard Gwyn Chatham                                                     Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Mary Lee Norman                                                    Memory/Eli Grant Blackburn
                                       Matthew & Margaret Snyder                  Honor/Lucille Blackburn                Ardmore Baptist Church Sunday
        Memory/Nan Norman                 (Charlotte)
        Memory/Rabon Eugene Roten                                                 Memory/David Emanuel                      School Class (Winston-Salem)
                                            Memory/Eddie Snyder                     & Pearl Garris                            Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Debbie Shumate
        Memory/Hazel Smith                                                        Memory/Garnace Blackburn               Molly Ann Long (Jamesville)
        Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet
                                       Hugh Chatham Nursing Center                Memory/Vally Blackburn                    Memory/Nell Wall
                                       (Gifts to the nursing center help          Memory/Von Blackburn
        Memory/Margarita Day           fund much needed support for a                                                    Bill & Carole Bruce
        Memory/Frank Hawkins, Jr.                                                 Memory/Ilene Blackburn                    Memory/Nell Wall
                                       growing number of individuals who          Memory/”Boss” Montsay
        Memory/Carolyn Parker          receive the special care.)                                                        Margaret Todd
                                                                                    Dewitt Blackburn
     Tommy & Dana Jester (East Bend)                                                                                        Memory/Nell Wall
                                       Jerre Boren                                Memory/Claude Blackburn
        Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet                                                                                     Vera Southard
                                          Memory/Mabel Sale                       Memory/Montsay Dewitt Blackburn, Jr.
     Benny & Jo Jolley                                                            Memory/Connie Blackburn                   Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet                                              Memory/Lynn Blackburn                  Jay & Pat Holder
     Judy Jester                                                                  Memory/Roda Blackburn                     Memory/Nell Wall
        Memory/Mary Jane Stonestreet                                              Memory/Stace Blackburn                 Wade S. Dunbar Agency, Inc.
     Grace Laffoon                                                                Honor/Victory Eller & Lillian Garris      (Raleigh)
        Memory/Nan Norman                                                         Honor/Jesse Blackburn                       Memory/Vesta Simmons

24     Summer 2008

Mark & Pamela Guyer                    Gifts-in-Kind                           Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital      Bill & Sally Sullivan
   (Oakwood, GA)                       (Gifts donated that are non-cash        Foundation would like to thank         Dr. Jeff & Stacey McFadden
      Memory/Vesta Simmons             donations of goods and services.)       the family of Iris Byrd for         Mason & Anna Laura Burcham
Kathy Bullin                                                                   requesting donations to the Hugh       Anonymous
                                       Pat Baugus                              Chatham Nursing Center Activities
   Memory/Lois Lewis                                                                                               Velma & Leo Darnell
                                       George & Martha Denka                   Department in Iris’s memory.
Jeff & Omegia Seaford                                                                                                 Anonymous
   Memory/Lois Lewis                   Dennis Haynes                           Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital      Frances Coone
Fred & Jane Eidson                     Sandra Luffman                          Foundation would like to thank         Lorre & David Coone
   Memory/Lois Lewis                   Margaret Wheeler                        the family of Kathleen Carter       Steve, Glenda, Matthew
William & Delrine Sidden               Jimmie & Suzanne Reavis                 Chipman for requesting donations       & Emily Brown
   Memory/Iris Byrd                                                            to the Hugh Chatham Memorial              Lorre & David Coone
Grace Burcham                          Pink Rose Garden                        Hospital Foundation in Kathleen’s
                                                                                                                   Shorty & Jo Brown
                                       (A garden to honor breast cancer        memory.
   Memory/Iris Byrd                                                                                                   Lorre & David Coone
Pauline Sidden (North Wilkesboro)      awareness established by The Yadkin     Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital      Jim Sanders
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    Valley Garden Club).                    Foundation would like to thank         Judy & Bill Walker
                                       Joe Lamp’l                              the family of Lois Lewis for
Betty Windsor                                                                  requesting donations to the Hugh    John Marsh
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    Dr. & Mrs. James Harrell, Jr.                                                  Judy & Bill Walker
                                                                               Chatham Nursing Center Activities
John & Carol Anderson                  Dr. & Mrs. Tony Canupp                  Department in Lois’s memory.        Mary & James Marsh
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    James & Eleanor Myrick                                                         Judy & Bill Walker
                                                                               Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital
James & Carol Byrd                        (Bermuda Village)                                                        Parkwood Employees
                                                                               Foundation would like to thank
   Memory/Iris Byrd                         Memory/W.M. Whitaker                                                      Judy Walker
                                                                               the family of Mary Jane Brown
Randall & Carolyn Settle               Dr. Tom & Debbi Shelburne               Stonestreet for requesting          Dot Simmons
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    Dr. Perry & Carol Jernigan              donations to the Hugh Chatham          Patricia & Peegie Wagoner
Larry & Nettie Gambill (Mooresville)                                           Memorial Hospital Foundation in     Harold Lee & Dorla Wagoner
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    Foundation                              Mary Jane’s memory.                    Patricia & Peegie Wagoner
   Memory/Frank Gambill                (Gifts given directly to the Hospital                                       Dr. V. W. Taylor , Jr.
Lillian Holder                         Foundation given to support its         2007 Love Light Honorariums            Margaret Barker
   Memory/Nell Wall                    Existence in this community.)           Morgan Swaim                        Una Key
Barbara Holyfield (Mt. Airy)           Lynn Farmer                                Barbara Johnson                     Margaret Barker
   Memory/Nell Wall                                                            Veena Jain                          Susan Taylor
Robert & JoAnne Jones                  (Gifts designated to the 2007              Judy & Bill Walker                  Margaret Barker
   Memory/Nell Wall                    Campaign will help add a new            Imaging Volunteers                  OR Nurses
Rex Barker                             emergency room and intensive care          Mahala Huffman                      Dr. Mark Heiner
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    unit to Hugh Chatham Memorial           HCMH Auxiliary                      OB Nurses
Bill & Claudette Cothren               Hospital)                                  Mike Chatham                        Dr. Mark Heiner
   Memory/Iris Byrd                                                            HCMH Volunteers                     Vicky Dinkins
Rich & Dale Osmus (Abbeville, SC)      Excellence Club                            Mike Chatham                        JoAnn Campbell
      Memory/Iris Byrd                 Dick & Molly Smith                      Barbara Chatham                     Peegie & Patricia Wagoner
Patsy Holbrook (Greensboro)                                                       Mike Chatham                        Harold Lee & Dorla Wagoner
   Memory/Iris Byrd                    Century Club                            Fred & Jane Eidson                  Dr. Steve Erlandson
David & Betty Blackburn                Thomas & Jeannie                           Allen & Blair Kayler                Harold Lee & Dorla Wagoner
   (Roaring River)                       Rutherford, Jr. (Alexandria, VA)      Sara Graham                         Dr. V.W. Taylor
      Memory/Iris Byrd                                                            Bob & Glenda Graham                 Harold Lee & Dorla Wagoner
James & Pete Cockerham                 Memoriums                               Stuart & Herman Couch               Lib Callaway
   (Roaring River)                     Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital             Bob & Glenda Graham                 Billie & Alan Payne
      Memory/Iris Byrd                 Foundation would like to thank          Lindsey McFadden                    Spencer & Ruth King
Paul & Rozanne Shumate                 the families of Nell Wall for              Dr. Jeff & Stacey McFadden          Jennifer & Chris Chatham
   Memory/Carolyn Crater               requesting donations to the Hugh
                                       Chatham Nursing Center Activities       Jordan McFadden                     Barbara Chatham
Beth Parks & Bill Hll (Greensboro)                                                Dr. Jeff & Stacey McFadden          Jennifer & Chris Chatham
   Memory/Carolyn Carter               Department in Nell’s memory.
                                                                               Joshua McFadden                     Edith Crouse
Jeannette & Frank Hendrick             Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital             Dr. Jeff & Stacey McFadden          Jennifer & Chris Chatham
   Memory/Carolyn Crater               Foundation would like to thank
                                       the family of Vesta Simmons for         Glenn & Nora McFadden               Radiology Vounteers
Rich & Dale Osmus                                                                 Dr. Jeff & Stacey McFadden          Radiology Department
   Memory/Gladys Newman                requesting donations to the Hugh
                                       Chatham Nursing Center Activities       Dr. Jeff McFadden                   Alan & Billie Payne
                                       Department in Vesta’s memory.              Stacey, Lindsey, Jordan             Elizabeth Callaway
                                                                                    & Joshua McFadden

                                                                                                                                   Communiqué      25

                                                   Honor Roll of Contributors continued

     Fred & Nan Norman                 Rev. Jerry Fugate             Jeannette Hendrick              Jack, Jessica & Luke Shuck
        Elizabeth Callaway                Enoch & Mae Templeton         Bill & Carole Bruce             Dr. Linda Shuck
     Dr. & Mrs. J.A. Harrell, Sr.      Lucille Blackburn             Melissa Darnell                 John Mathis
        Elizabeth Callaway                Jerry Blackburn               Bill & Carole Bruce             Cord Gentry
     Clyde Powers                      Joseph Rippey                 Hugh Chatham Nursing            Roger Gentry
        Elizabeth Callaway                Lynn Tilley                   Center Staff                    Cord Gentry
     Barbara McNeill                   Avis & Mack Hendrick                Bill & Carole Bruce       Thelma Gentry
        Elizabeth Callaway                Clyde Powers               Pat Sizemore                       Cord Gentry
     Maurice & Gladys Miller           Nan & Fred Norman                Jane & Fred Eidson           Lilian Walker
        Kristie & Monroe Hawkins          Clyde Powers               Shayne Smith                       Cord Gentry
        Autumn & Braylyn Hawkins       Juliann & Lewis Alexander        Jane & Fred Eidson           Brittany Holcomb
     Benny & Linda Wiles                  Clyde Powers               Patricia Lane                      Mary Holcomb
        Autumn & Braylyn Hawkins       Lib Callaway                     Jane & Fred Eidson           Carolyn Holcomb
     Fran Greene                          Clyde Powers               Carolyn Combs                      Mary Holcomb
        Pat & Bill Cosby               Barbara McNeill                  Jane & Fred Eidson           Caleb Griffin
     Naome Orr                            Clyde Powers               Amanda Call                        Mary Holcomb
        Pat & Bill Cosby               Isabel & Jim Harrell             Jane & Fred Eidson           Nicholas Holcomb
     Mae Muncus                           Clyde Powers               Dick & Julia Richards              Mary Holcomb
        Pat & Bill Cosby               Holly & John Gambill             Robert & Chris Holthouser    Julia Holcomb
     Mr. & Mrs, Bob Colson                Clyde Powers               The Derek Reece Family             Mary Holcomb
        Pat & Bill Cosby               Madeline & John Shore            Leon & Kathy Reece           Ann, Tom, Jane & Cathy Anderson
     Carolyn Oliver & Lucy                Clyde Powers               The B.D. Reece Family              Mary Cockerham
        Jim & Louise Cockerham         Grassy Creek Church & Choir      Leon & Kathy Reece           Annie Elizabeth Vargas
     Dr. Debra Garing & Staff             Ann Cook                   Wayne & Lynn Barnes                Dr. Ramon E. Vargas
        Jim & Louise Cockerham         Cecil Crouse                     Rosa Barnes                  Ms. Dayana Rubio & Family
     Dr. V. W. Taylor                     Ann Cook                   Jo Brown                           Dr. Ramon E. Vargas
        Marshall & Sarah Campbell      Bill & Jane Reynolds             Steve & Glenda Brown
     Susan Taylor                      Shane, Evan, Krista Jasmine   Sharon Fowler                   2007 Love Light Memorials
        Marshall & Sarah Campbell         Ann Cook                      Shelia Hinson                Jessica Welborn
     Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Burchette         Bud Crouse                    Dr. Tony & Faye Canupp             Sabrina Fletcher
        Margaret Poplin                   Ann Cook                      Jeannette & Frank Hendrick   Andy Foster
     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Poplin         Sarah Pinnix- Brandon         Winnie Luffman                     JoAnn Foster
        Margaret Poplin                   & Aiden Ann Cook              Oleene Harris                Rusel Foster
     Muriel Golden                     Nancy & Bailee Crouse         Butrice Luffman                    JoAnn Foster
        Jennifer Swift                    Ann Cook                      Oleene Harris                Gene Aldridge
     Freda Swift                       Caleb Gullatt                 Barbara Cundiff                    Mary Aldridge
        Jennifer Swift                    Ann Cook                      Sarah Pinnix                 Walter Minish
     Family & Friends                  Caleb Mounce                  Grace Laffoone                     Jo Anna Hughes
        Jennifer Swift                    Tina Mounce                   Glenda Strole                Babbs Taylor
     Elkin Presbyterian Church Choir   Katie Carter                  The Shook–Kallam Family            Dr. V. W. Taylor Jr.
        Virginia Hart                     Joyce Billings                Clyde & Sue Shook            Claude Yale
     Rev. & Mrs. Bill Brown            Jim Carter                    The Shook-Hyder Family             Bill Griffin
        Graham & Fran Greene              Joyce Billings                Clyde & Sue Shook            Estelle Sloop
     Peggy Dudley                      Darbey Wood                   Susan Taylor                       Bill Griffin
        Graham & Fran Greene              Joyce Billings                Dr. V.W. Taylor , Jr.        Arlene Burgess
     Nell Sale                         Gabe Wood                     Margaret Barker                    Bill Griffin
        Graham & Fran Greene              Joyce Billings                Dr. V.W. Taylor, Jr.         James W. Miller Jr.
     Barbara Fulp                      Will Felts                    Marcia Fincannon                   Lois Miller
        Graham & Fran Greene              Joyce Billings                Sam & Mary Tayloe            Ben & Betty Schaufenbuel
     Shawnda & Scott Miller            Mark & Rebecca Maynard        Thomas Comer                       Jerry Schaufenbuel
        Dolores Taylor                    Bill & Carole Bruce           Carolyn Comer                Fred & Ila Waters
     Jason, Sherri & Joshua Couch      Robin Hobbs                   John Comer                         Mona Schaufenbuel
        Brenda & Donald Couch             Bill & Carole Bruce           Carolyn Comer                Jude Speas
     Lisa Womeldorf                    Patricia Wagoner              Fred & Nan Norman                  Fred & Jane Eidson
        Marc Womeldorf                    Bill & Carole Bruce           Ruby Harris                  Carl & Rachel Boyles
                                                                                                        Fred & Jane Eidson

26     Summer 2008

Dixie Freeman                      Charles Marion                     Sammy Shoaf                           Manuel Holthouser
   Fred & Jane Eidson                 Evelyn Lowery                      Helen Shoaf                           Robert & Chris Holthouser
Fred O. & Hattybelle Eidson        Brenda M. Marshall                 Ted & Verlie Lyon                     Nell Sale
   Fred & Jane Eidson                 Evelyn Lowery                      Bill & Linda Davis                    Myra Helms
Ennis & Buzz Finney                Joseph Mascenik                    Viola Moxley                          Pauline Newman
   Fred & Jane Eidson                 Mary & Tom Mascenik                Brenda & Donald Couch                 Dean & Debbie Rose
Barbara Lee & Ray Collie           Cleo King                          Arnie R. Moxley                       Elson Parks
   Fred & Jane Eidson                 Margaret Barker                    Brenda & Donald Couch                 Zetta Parks
Frank Simmons                      Frank Simmons                      Walter Couch                          Penny Walker
   Dot Simmons                        Curt & Dot Darnell                 Brenda & Donald Couch                 Cord Gentry
Frank Simmons                      Bruce Burchette                    Ollie B. Couch                        George Childress
   Patricia & Peegie Wagoner          Louise Nace                        Brenda & Donald Couch                 Shelby Childress
Frank Simmons                      Bob Nace                           Elsie Goodman                         John Feddersen
   Peggy, Presley & Mike Slawter      Louise Nace                        Holly Gambill                         Christine Feddersen
Bittany Slawter                    Frank Simmons                      Nancy Gambill                         Pauline Feddersen
   Peggy, Presley & Mike Slawter      Linda Jennings                     John Gambill                          Christine Feddersen
Phil VanHoy                        Leff Simmons                       Mr. & Mrs. Eli Grant Blackburn        Nita Darnell
   Alice Baker                        Linda Jennings                     Jerry Blackburn                       Debra Garner & Ellis Hamby
Penny Walker                       JB Mathis                          Glenn Pardue                          Ruby Key
   Kim & Dennis Bridgeman             Wells & Susan Stewart              Dot Gilliam                           Debra Garner & Ellis Hamby
Christopher Graham                 Eddie Snyder                       Evelyn Gilliam                        Martha Bryant
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Wells & Susan Stewart              Dot Gilliam                           Debra Garner & Ellis Hamby
Frank Simmons                      Billy Harris                       Ola Jean Prevette                     Eddie Morrison
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Bronda Harris                      Lucile Golden                         Helen Morrison
Robert Graham Jr                   Tom McHone                         Ned Shore                             Eula Bovender
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Vickie Caudill                     Sam Shore                             Ola May Bovender
Brittany Slawter                   Dr. Martin Jones                   Lonnie Smith                          Dallas Reece Shughart
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Vickie Caudill                     Carol Shore                           Mary Kate Shugart
Todd Luffman                       Robert Royall                      Paul Fisher                           Herschel Baker
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Vickie Caudill                     Elizabeth Fisher                      Edna Baker
Joey Boyle                         Alex Chatham                       Whitey Nixon                          Pat Redway
   Bob & Glenda Graham                Jennifer & Chris Chatham           Teresa Utt                            Bill & Iris Amburn
Dorothy Hanks                      Ed Snyder                          Mack Harris                           Zeb & Tammye Johnson
   Scottie VanHoy                     Pat & Bill Cosby                   Betty Harris                          Linda Johnson
Phil VanHoy                        Mr. & Mrs. A.O. Rentz              Danny Harris                          Jessica Welborn
   Scottie VanHoy                     Pat & Bill Cosby                   Betty Harris                          Lula Gentry
Byron Wolfe                        Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Cosby             Daisy Crouse                          Richard T. Chatham Jr.
   Margaret Wolfe                     Pat & Bill Cosby                   Ann Cook                              Mike Chatham
Virginia Porter                    Mr. H. D. Rentz                    Paige & Irene Walker                  Mr.& Mrs. Eli Grant Blackburn
   Margaret Wolfe                     Pat & Bill Cosby                   Ann Cook                              Jerry Blackburn
Lux Family                         Zach Shelton                       Hubert & Jane Martin                  Gary Wayne Childress
   Thomas & Adrienne Lux              Vicky, Addie & Lauren Dinkins      Dot Simmons                           Brandi Waddell
Burke Family                       Charles Meador                     Jeremiah Bryant                       Ruel Scott Pardue
   Thomas & Adrienne Lux              Charlene Buck                      Gina Bryant                           Vallie Pardue
Clara Booker                       Phil VanHoy                        Martha Bryant                         Brent Allen Hincher
   James Booker                       Jim & Louise Cockerham             Gina Bryant                           Kathy Bullin
Carrie Brown                       Robey Golden                       Archie McCormick                      Babbs Taylor
   Lorre & David Coone                Jennifer Swift                     Kathy Coe                             Dr. V.W. Taylor, Jr.
Sue Barnette                       Clyde Swift                        Wayne Davis                           Betty Blanchard
   Lorre & David Coone                Jennifer Swift                     Connie Horton                         Willie Mae Corder
Benjie Edward Sheperd              Family & Friends                   Hattie Little                         Alex Dorsett
   Jenise Collins                     Jennifer Swift                     Donnie, Melanie & Mallorie Brown      Willie Mae Corder
Pauline & Roy Gillespie            Robert Branon                      George Burrow                         Glenn Dorsett
   Dan, Julie & Sara Gillespie        Ann Branon                         Donnie, Melanie & Mallorie Brown      Willie Mae Corder
N. Herman Cotton                   Mr. & Mrs. Leland Smith            Wanda & Lila Pipes                    Minnie Theobald
   Irene Cotton                       Ann Branon                         Mary Norman                           Phyllis Qualheim

                                                                                                                            Communiqué      27

                                                   Honor Roll of Contributors continued

     Bill Wagoner                 Susie Smith                             Henry & Irene Altemueller
        William Larry Wagoner        Barbara N. Johnson                      Phil & Gayle Altemueller
     Opal Wagoner
        William Larry Wagoner
                                  Isaac Craig
                                     Pam Myers
                                                                          Harold & Elizabeth Jones
                                                                             Phil & Gayle Altemueller
                                                                                                        Foundation Board
     Linda White                  Monroe & Vera Bledsoe                   Gladys & Fred Suchy              Members
        William Larry Wagoner        Mary Ann Wall                           Elizabeth. Lewis           James A. Harrell, Sr., Chairman
     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Boles, Sr.   Troy Nathaniel Martin                   Max Blackburn
        Bill Boles                   Ronda Martin                            Pam & Maria Blackburn           Elizabeth Callaway,
     Katherine & Jim Amburn       Sue M. Icenhour                         Gene & Burnice Combs                  Vice Chairman
        Jim & Connie Amburn          Kay Baldwin                             Shelby O’Toole                  Ron Jester, Secretary
     Everett Henderlight          Larry Crouse                            Roby & Ruby Reece
        Clara Henderlight            Jayne Crouse                            Leon & Kathy Reece              R. Lewis Alexander
     Edward King                  Alex Chatham                            Tom & Rose McEwen                      Frank Beals
        Clara Henderlight            Barbara Chatham                            Leon & Kathy Reece                 Bill Boles
     Ernest Evans                 R.T. Chatham                            Charles & Greta Cockerham
        Sandy Moser                  Barbara Chatham                         Harold & Kay Hurt                   Jerre Boren
     Ruth & Woodrow Hooper        Bertha Pardue                           Gilbert Cartner                       Carole Bruce
        Shelia Hinson                Barbara Chatahm                            Margaret Cartner               Chris Chatham
     Opal Duncan                  Doris Darnell                           Bill Davis                              Pat Cosby
        Jo Ann Fender                Thad Darnell                            Mildred Davis
     Bert Dickens                 Lee & Lula Moore                        Ramon Antonio Vargas
                                                                                                               Dr. Bill Davis, Jr.
        Jo Ann Fender                Hilda McDonald                          Dr. Ramon E. Vargas              Paul Gulley, M.D.
     Eva & Carl Cockerham         Charlie Guy Crouse                      Penny Walker                          Phyllis Harris
        Betty Cockerham              Edith Crouse                            Kim & Dennis Bridgeman             Virginia Hart
     Gertrude & Lonnie Darnell    James Vernon Lewis
        Betty Cockerham              Kathy & Bruce Carlton                                                       Tim Hodges
     Nelson Benton                                                                                              Edna Martin
        Glenda Groce                                                                                              Ann Merlo
     Pernie Benton                      Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital                                      Robert Peterson, M.D.
        Glenda Groce
     Pam B. Smith
                                                                                                            Jerome Schaufenbuel
        Glenda Groce                  Hugh Chatham                                                            Dr. Curtis Sidden
     Sandy McCain                     Memorial Hospital                                                          Garry Steele
        Kay Robinette                                                                                            Amy Tayloe
     Sue Barnette
                                      Shopping & Volunteer
        Jo & Shorty Brown             Opportunities                                                            Michael Wilson
     Carrie Brown
        Jo & Shorty Brown
                                                                The Hospital Gift Shop is located in    Stephen Pennington, C.E.O.
     Margaret Simmons                                            the HCMH front lobby. The shop
        Susan Briscoe                                              sells traditional hospital gifts,             Alan Payne,
     Kathy Simmons                                                  home decor, crafts, custom
                                                                     floral, jewelry and more!
                                                                                                        Hospital Board Representative
        Susan Briscoe                                                 (336) 527-7201
     Eva Walters                                                                                             Honorary Director
        Arthur & Mahala Huffman                                      The Hospital Thrift Shop                 Barbara Chatham
     Eva Walters                                                     is located in downtown Elkin.
                                                                    The shop sells gently used
                                                                                                               Peggy Dudley
        George B. Walters
                                                                   clothing and household items.                Fred Norman
     Herbert Graham , Jr.                                         Donations are greatly appreciated.
        Clifton & Grace Davis                                   (336) 835-7909                                   Molly Smith
     Ruth J. Southard
        Steve & Glenda Brown             Proceeds Support                                                    Jeannette Hendrick,
                                        Hospital Services and
     Joe R. Johnson                      Equipment Needs                                                      Executive Director
        Barbara N, Johnson
                                        Volunteers Needed
     Nellie H. Norman                 Call (336) 527-7208 or
        Barbara N. Johnson              Visit Our Website
     Ora H. Dinkins         
        Barbara N. Johnson
                                                       180 Parkwood Drive • Elkin, NC 28621

28     Summer 2008

                                               Raising Friends & Funds
Foundation Receives                            the rentals will benefit the Foundation’s
Vacation Time Share                            annual fundraising campaigns.
Donation from                                  Susanne has worked for the hospital
Loyal Employee                                 as an Admissions Clerk for the past nine
Susanne Reavis and her husband,                years. She served on the 2008 Foundation
Jimmie, have graciously donated their          Employee Campaign Committee as a
vacation time share to the Hospital            spokeswoman to ancillary hospital
Foundation. The Reavis family deeded           department staff. Susanne is a faithful     Susanne for her demonstration of
their beach and mountain time share            donor with passion for the Hospital         support and love to her employer.”
rental properties to the Foundation for        Foundation and its fundraising efforts.
oversight and profit of four, week-long        Foundation Director Jeannette Hendrick      For information about the vacation
rentals to vacationers each year. At a value   said, “The Reavis’ gift is inspiring. We    rentals, contact the Foundation office
which exceeds $20,000, all profits from        appreciate their generosity and applaud     at (336) 527-7094.

Miracle of Life Wall                           name of a patient, friend, physician,       University of North Carolina at Chapel
At the Regional Cancer Center at Hugh          nurse, caregiver, etc. will be placed on    Hill. Mr. Blackburn accepted a position
Chatham Memorial Hospital, we are              the Tree of Life wall. Leaves: Green $25,   at NCNB. NCNB was later acquired by
privileged to celebrate the lives that are     Yellow Leaf $50, Orange Leaf $75 and        Bank of America where Jerry retired after
challenged daily by cancer. We offer           Golf Leaf $100. The goal of the cancer      35 years as Senior Executive Vice
you the opportunity to honor any life          center is to enhance the treatment and      President. The mountains pulled Jerry to
through a gift to this donor wall. When        recovery process by providing high          live at Roaring Gap and then back home
you contribute to Hugh Chatham                 quality medical care that is easy to        to Elkin. Jerry saw the Miracle of Life
Memorial Hospital Foundation, the              access, cuts down on waiting time           Wall in the Radiation Oncology hallway
                                               and is close to home.                       of the hospital and he was motivated to
                                                                                           donate. Mr. Blackburn has made several
                                               Wall Inspires Contributor                   gifts in memory and honor of family
                                               Jerry R. Blackburn grew up in Elkin         members. Mr. Blackburn stated “The
                                               graduated from Elkin High School in         Miracle of Life Wall is a great place to
                                               1961. Mr. Blackburn completed in            gift a memorial and a great way to honor
                                               undergraduate degree at High Point          not only family but also friends and people
                                               University and completed master’s           who had an influence in your life.”
                                               degrees from Wake Forest and the

                                                                                                                      Communiqué         29
         HCMH Expands
         ER, ICU &
         Patient Tower
                On June 16th, contractors began work on the new
            HCMH Emergency Department and the ED entrance moved
             to the Outpatient Imaging entrance to the left of the old
                              Emergency entrance.
            (336)	527-7000		•		180	Parkwood	Drive		•		Elkin,	NC	28621		•

Communiqué                                                                                     Non Profit Org.
                                                                                               US Postage Paid
Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital                                                                 Elkin, NC
180 Parkwood Drive                                                                             Permit No. 12
Elkin, NC 28621

Address Service Requested

30   Summer 2008

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