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									                                          FOOD FOR THOUGHT

 Is lost productivity costing your company?

On average, nearly 25% of employees leave the office for about 15
minutes every day when companies do not supply the appropriate
refreshments at work.
                                          YOUR SOLUTION

Perfect Choice Vending can help your company improve
workplace productivity by implementing a complete
refreshment program that boosts your employee morale,
satisfaction and loyalty.
                                                        WHO WE ARE

Perfect Choice Vending & Refreshments Source has been
fulfilling the special vending and office refreshment needs for a wide
range of industries in South Florida since 1984, taking into account
every aspect of the Vending refreshment operation.

Our company tailors its service to employees' and clients' unique
preferences by offering a wide variety of quality products from
brand names, private labels and regional favorites.
                                                    WHAT WE OFFER

Perfect Choice can install state-of-the-art food, snack and soda
vending machines at any location.

With a large variety of refreshments close by, employees, students and
clients won't have to leave the work area or building for a snack.

We provide convenient services to fit your worksite or school needs

• auto dealerships                 • healthcare institutions

• government agencies              • manufacturing companies

• colleges & universities          • professional service firms

• corporate facilities
                                                       HOW WE DO IT


• Providing unbeatable product selection – Our focus is to design a
menu suited to your facilities needs. We carry a wide selection of
healthy, low fat and low carbohydrate snacks. Our soda selection is also
very diverse; we can stock your machine with Coke or Pepsi products,
Juices, Gatorade, and local beverages like Jupina and Materva.

• Supplying state-of-the-art vending equipment - Our equipment
is guaranteed to brighten up any break room. Their superior
technological capabilities virtually eliminates employees, customers or
students from losing money and machine malfunctions!

• Providing Service second to none - High emphasis is placed on
promptly attending to service calls. Special care is placed on keeping
machines well stocked with a variety of products that meet each of our
client’s specific needs.
                                                 OUR PRODUCTS

        Products you want, service you deserve.

From soda vending machines to vending machine snacks,
we’ll work with you to customize a comprehensive refreshment
program to help your employees energize and refuel.
                                                       COFFEE SERVICE

Make Perfect Choice YOUR complete coffee
& refreshment source.

We are a full-service hot beverage and
refreshment provider, with a complete line of office
refreshment products and equipment to satisfy
every need and space requirements.
                                                 HEALTHIER VENDING


Perfect Choice Vending is also dedicated to working with its customers and
the vending industry to promote healthier snacking habits and wellness
programs at schools and at work places.

Although Healthier Vending is a relatively
new concept, we’re now offering an effective,
ready-made solution for your location.

We also carry a full line of products low in
carbs, fat and calories for a healthier boost.
                                                      OUR SERVICES

Making the perfect choice for your business can be an easy process.

Contact us for a free refreshment program evaluation that
individually suits your on-site’s refreshment needs.

         Let us help you make
             the perfect choice
                 for your location!

                             PERFECT CHOICE VENDING, INC

                             305-VENDING (836-3464)

                             1-866-483-6346 (4-VENDING)

make it the perfect choice
   for your location!        Location
                             11007 NW 122nd Street
                             Suite 18
                             Medley, FL 33178


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