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                                      Annalise Harmon
        Annalise Harmon is originally from New Tazewell, TN, a small town north from
Knoxville. She has lived there for about twenty years until she moved to Knoxville to attend the
University of Tennessee in the fall of 2009. Annalise has a brother named Spencer and her
parents are Todd and Shannon Harmon. Her mother is a school teacher that works at T.N.T
Primary School and she teaches fourth grade. Her mother graduated from the University of
Tennessee with her Master’s Degree in Education. Annalise’s father is a graduate from ITT
Technical College as a computer engineer. Annalise always wanted to follow her mother’s
footsteps and attend the University of Tennessee because she known how great the school’s
reputation is. Annalise played many sports in high school those which included tennis, golf, and
basketball. She went to the state championship her senior year for golf and in tennis she went all
the way to regional state tournament. Annalise graduated from Claiborne county high school and
attained two scholarships, the Wal-mart scholarship and the Tennessee Hope scholarship.
Annalise attended Walters state community college for two years and then transferred to the
University of Tennessee.

        A student at the university Annalise is a member of the Undergraduate Nutrition Student
Association, Knoxville District Dietetic Association, and the Knoxville District Dietetic
Association Mentoring Network. The programs that she is associated with are involved in the
community or give a great experience in the Nutrition field. Annalise has also job shadowed
many professionals such as Mrs. Davis at Children’s Hospital, she is the Director of Food and
Nutrition Services and she job shadowed a physical therapist from UT Medical Center. Annalise
was working at the Tennessee Recreational Center at the university as a Floor Fitness
Supervisor, while working at the TREC she received employee of the month. As an employee of
the fitness facility, she was CPR certified and became certified as a personal trainer by the
AAAI. Annalise is currently working at the Science and Engineering Research Facility where
she works as a lab assistant in the microbiology department. She assembles media, helps the
graduate students with daily task, and cleans and sanitizes tools and equipment. This job has
introduced her to work in the laboratory and has been a great experience.

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