Program Code 30-543-1
                                                    Expected Program Costs: $650
                                                    Median Annual Salary: $22,000

                                                    Nursing assistants, sometimes called nurse aides or attendants, are in high demand
                                                    to assist in the care of patients in hospitals, extended care facilities and home
                                                    care situations. Working under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse, their
                                                    responsibilities may vary, but personal care and emotional support of patients are
                                                    always primary considerations.
                                                    This 120-hour program involves online lecture, campus lab experiences and 48 hours
                                                    of clinical practicum, which involves working in health care agencies with patients and
                                                    residents. Students must be at least 16 years old to attend clinical practicum.
                                                    The Mid-State Technical College Nursing Assistant program is accredited by the
                                                    Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Bureau of Quality Assurance.
                                                    The Nursing Assistant program is offered at the Marshfield, Stevens Point and
                                                    Wisconsin Rapids campuses.

     PROGRAM OUTCOMES                             POTENTIAL FOR ADVANCEMENT                         5. Complete a Background Information
     Employers will expect you, as a Nursing      Potential advancements generally require             Disclosure (BID) form and submit
     Assistant graduate, to be able to:           further education.                                   $15 for the Caregiver Background
     • Effectively communicate and interact on                                                         check. The Wisconsin Caregiver Law
       a one-to-one basis with clients, family    ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES                                requires a background check. This
       and peers                                  To apply to the Nursing Assistant program,           form is available at
                                                  please complete the following steps                  nursingassistant.
     • Provide care that shows recognition
       of client rights and the role of state     and submit all required documents (in             6. Complete an online information
       and federal agencies regarding abuse,      one packet) listed below to the MSTC                 session and accompanying quiz found
       neglect and misappropriation               Admissions Office:                                    on the Nursing Assistant accepted
                                                                                                       student website only after satisfactorily
     • Report and record observations timely      Step 1:                                              completing steps 1-5 above. This
       and accurately to proper persons           1. Complete an MSTC application                      website address will be provided in
     • Perform within legal and ethical              form available online at www.mstc.                the program acceptance letter sent to
       boundaries of the nursing assistant and       edu/nursingassistant or request an                applicants upon satisfactory completion
       home health aide                              application from any MSTC campus                  of those steps. In the information
                                                     and return it with a $30 nonrefundable            session, students learn about the
     • Safely and effectively provide for            application fee.
       personal care and hygiene                                                                       profession, academic requirements of
                                                  2. Complete the Accuplacer or ACT test.              the program and the impact of program
     • Demonstrate skills and behaviors that         Minimum scores required:                          coursework on one’s personal life. Once
       assist the client to attain and maintain
                                                     • Reading-Accuplacer score of 55                  a student has completed steps 1-6, he/
       independence through restorative care
                                                     • Sentence Skills-Accuplacer score of 60          she is then able to register for a Nursing
     • Demonstrate acceptance of and                 • Math-Accuplacer score of 34                     Assistant course.
       concern for clients and their families        • ACT equivalents for above scores
       who are experiencing long-term                  are acceptable.                                ________________________________
       disabling conditions, including dementia
                                                     If a student does not meet the required              Mid-State Technical College
     Note: Outcomes for the Nursing Assistant        test scores, they may retest or complete                     Admissions
     program are state and federally mandated.       an identified structured course(s) in the               500 32nd Street North
                                                     Academic Support Center.                            Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
     CAREER OPTIONS                                                                                   ________________________________
                                                  3. Must be at least 16 years of age.
     CBRF Caregiver
                                                  4. Provide proof of identification
     Home Health Aide
     Nursing Assistant
                                                     (photocopy of driver’s license or              FUNCTIONAL ABILITIES
                                                     passport).                                     A list of specific physical, emotional and
                                                                                                    mental tasks needed to function as a

     140                                                                                 Mid-State Technical College 2011//2012 Student Catalog
                                                                                                            TECHNICAL DIPLOMA

     Nursing Assistant is available online        progress in the program, students must:
     on the accepted student website or in        • Receive a minimum grade of “C” or                         CURRICULUM
     print by contacting the Service & Health       better in the 30543300 course
     associate dean. It is the student’s          • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0
                                                                                                 30543300 Nursing Assistant   3 credits
     responsibility to notify the disability        or higher
     services coordinator in the Student
     Affairs Office to receive assistance.         CERTIFICATION
                                                  The Department of Health Services,
     CLINICAL RELATED                             Bureau of Quality Assurance requires
     REQUIREMENTS                                 that students who successfully pass the
     Clinical sites have the right to refuse a    Nursing Assistant program take a state
     student’s admission based on pending         certification exam to qualify them to be
     charges and conviction records. If you       listed on the state and federal nurse
     have a criminal history, you may not be      aide registries. Information to apply for
     able to complete clinical courses. MSTC      this certification exam will be provided
     will make two attempts to place a student    to students during their Nursing
     in an appropriate clinical experience.       Assistant course. Nursing assistants
                                                  must be listed on the state and federal
     Students with a criminal background will     nurse aide registries to be eligible to
     not be allowed to register for a Nursing     work in Wisconsin.
     Assistant course until they receive
     confirmation from an MSTC counselor
     that they are approved for clinical
     placement, and those students may
     only register for a course with clinical
     scheduled at the facility that approves      PROGRAM COURSE
     them for placement.                          DESCRIPTION
     Prior to beginning a clinical experience
     in a healthcare facility, students must:
                                                  30543300 // 3 credits
     a. Provide evidence of good health           Nursing Assistant
        by completion of required health          This 120 hour course prepares learners
        work within three months prior to         to display effective interpersonal and
        starting their clinical experience.       social interaction skills in a care setting;
        The required form for reporting the       perform basic nursing, personal care and
        results of your physical exam and         restorative skills; identify principles of
        specific immunization information is       and requirements related to client rights;
        available on the accepted student         and demonstrate techniques for meeting
        website. The completed physical           the basic needs of clients with dementia.
        form is due the first day of class         Prerequisite: Admission to Nursing
        unless the class is accelerated, in       Assistant Program 305431 and Nursing
        which case it is due three weeks          Assistant Informational Session
        prior to the first day of class.
     b. Obtain the required uniform for
        clinical experiences.
     c. Assume responsibility for clinical
        assignment(s) regardless of
        time and location, including
        transportation and other personal

     In order to maintain a passing status and

     888.575.MSTC • Get the latest course updates online at                                                                141

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