What I can do with this degree?

Exercise science majors study the science of the human movement. They also learn how to help people
live healthier lives through exercise, rehabilitation, and nutrition. Interested in science, biology, and
health? If you enjoy working out, playing sports, and taking care of your body, this could be the major
for you. It involves studying everything about the human body, from bones and muscles to skin and
tissue, researching questions on nutrition and exercise, learning how to condition the body, examining
how diet can affect the body and understanding injury and illness prevention.

Exercise and Sports Science Skills

          •   Interest in Coaching                         •   Interest in Teaching
          •   Motor Skills                                 •   Knowledge of Proper Nutrition
          •   Motivational Skills                          •   Planning Skills
          •   Discussion Skills (i.e., Human Sexuality)    •   Patience
          •   Oral & Visual Communication Skills           •   Athletically inclined
          •   Demonstration Skills (physical               •   Interest in Physical Activities
          •   Interest in Health Issues                    •   Interest & Knowledge in the
                                                               mechanics and general health of
                                                               human body
       Degrees and Certifications

          •   BS, major in Athletic Training
          •   BESS, major in Exercise and Sports Science (Non Teacher Certification)
          •   BESS, major in Exercise and Sports Science (All-level Teacher Certification)
          •   BESS, major in Exercise and Sports Science (with Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis)
          •   BESS, major in Health and Fitness Management (Non Teacher Certification)
          •   BHWP, major in Health and Wellness Promotion (Non Teacher Certification)
          •   BHWP, major in Health and Wellness Promotion (All Level Teacher Certification)
          •   BSRA, major in Recreational Administration
          •   BSRA, major in Recreational Administration (with Therapeutic Recreation

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Possible Work Settings
 Professional sport teams                                        Rehabilitation clinics
 Colleges and universities                                       Weight Reduction Clinics
 High schools and middle schools                                 Adult Care Facilities
 Recreational organizations or leagues (e.g.,                    Sports Clinics
 YMCA)                                                           Fitness Centers
 Country clubs                                                   United States Army
 Racket clubs                                                    United States Navy
 Hospitals                                                       Gymnastics Centers
 Health Clubs and fitness centers                                Physical Therapy Centers
 Golf and tennis resorts                                         Sports Clinics
 Cruise Lines                                                    College and university athletic associations
 City parks and recreation departments                           Amateur Athletic Associations (e.g., United
 Professional sport leagues                                      States Tennis Association)
 High school athletic associations                               Recreational leagues
 Olympic Training Centers                                        Public Health Agencies

                                                CAREER PATHS
             (Some of the occupations outlined in this brochure may require additional education or training)

Sample Job Titles

   •   Aerobics Instructors                                        •   Fitness Associate
   •   Assistant Athletic Trainer                                  •   Fitness Center Director
   •   Assistant Professor                                         •   Fitness Specialist
   •   Asst. Wellness Director                                     •   Gym Manager
   •   Cardiac Therapist                                           •   Health Coordinator
   •   Camp Director                                               •   Health Educator
   •   Clinical Research Associate                                 •   Health Management Assistant
   •   Coach                                                       •   Hospital Wellness
   •   Commercial Wellness Center Director                         •   Kinesiotherapists
   •   Corporate Health Advisor                                    •   Lab Technician
   •   Director of Sports Medicine                                 •   Manager of Health Club
   •   Director/Health & Rehab.                                    •   Personal Trainer
   •   Exercise Physiologist                                       •   Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
   •   Exercise Professional                                       •   Physical Education Instructor
   •   Exercise Specialist                                         •   Physical Fitness Specialist

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    •   Physical Therapy Aide                             •   Sports Agent
    •   Physical Therapy Technician                       •   Sports Manager
    •   Recreation Therapist                              •   Strength and Conditioning Coach
    •   Regional Medical Scientist                        •   Therapy Tech
    •   Rehabilitation Specialist                         •   Trainer
    •   Research Assistant                                •   Victims Advocate
    •   Sports Instructors                                •   Wellness Coordinator


Texas State University - Student Organizations
•   Association of Recreation Majors
•   Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Club
•   Eta Sigma Gamma
•   Exercise and Sports Science Club Http://studentorgs.txstate.edu/essclub
•   Adaptive Sports Club of Texas State (ASCOTS) Http://studentorgs.txstate.edu/ascots

Job & Internship Search Sites
    •   Medical Fitness Association Internships http://www.medicalfitness.org/display
    •   Blue Fish jobs http://www.bluefishjobs.com/
    •   NCAA http://www.ncaa.org
    •   Public Health Career Action Center http://www.sph.emory.edu/studentservice/Career.html
    •   NYU Health Education Professional Resources-- job listings
    •   Team Work Sports Team Jobs http://www.teamworkonline.com/
        Search for all kinds of internships with professional sports teams
    •   Health and Wellness Jobs http://www.healthandwellnessjobs.com/
    •   Human Kinetics http://www.humankinetics.com/careers/
    •   Johnson and Johnson https://opportunities.jnj.com/index2.html
    •   Healthcare www.healthmanagementcareers.org
    •   Online Sports http://www.onlinesports.com/pages/CareerCenter.html
    •   Education job listings web sites http://www.uncwil.edu/stuaff/career/Majors/education.htm
    •   MonsterTRAK http://www.monstertrak.com
    •   Health Care Job Bank http://www.healthcarejobbank.com/
    •   Taz Sport Coaching Jobs http://www.tazsport.com/
    •   U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services www.hhs.gov/jobs
    •   National Institute of Health http://www.nih.gov; internships http://www.training.nih.gov
    •   TeamWork Online’s Sports Jobshttp://www.teamworkonline.com/
    •   Professional Baseball Employment Opportunitieshttp://www.pbeo.com/
    •   Jobs in Sports http://www.jobsinsports.com/

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Career Planning Links
   •   Exercise Science Careers http://careerservices.rutgers.edu/Mexercise.html
   •   NCAA Career Coach http://ncaacareercoach.monster.com/
   •   Get that Gig - In Sports & Fitness http://www.getthatgig.com/sports/index.html

Professional Associations Links
   •   National Association for Sport and Physical Education
       http:// www.aahperd.org/aahperd/template.cfm?template=students.html
   •   The National Athletic Trainers Association http://www.nata.org
   •   American Physical Therapy Association https://www.apta.org/
   •   The American College of Sports Medicine https://www.acsm.org
   •   Sports and Exercise Psychology - Professional Organizations http://spot.colorado.edu/~collinsj
   •   American Association. for Health Education http://www.aahperd.org/aahe/template.cfm
   •   Aerobic and Fitness Association of America www.afaa.org
   •   American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons www.aaos.org
   •   American Academy of Physician’s Assistants www.aapa.org
   •   American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance www.aahperd.org
   •   American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org
   •   American Dietetic Association www.eatright.org
   •   American Fitness Professionals and Associates http://www.afpafitness.com/
   •   American Heart Association www.americanheart.org
   •   American Kinesiotherapy Association http://www.akta.org
   •   American Running Association http://www.americanrunning.org/
   •   American Occupational Therapy Assocation www.aota.org
   •   American Physical Therapy Association www.apta.org
   •   American Physiological Association www.the-aps.org
   •   International Sports Science Association www.issaonline.org
   •   Medical Fitness Association www.medicalfitness.org

Career Library Resources
   •   Occupational Outlook Handbook
   •   O* Net
   •   Opportunities in Sports and Fitness Careers
   •   Careers in Focus - Coaches and Fitness Professionals
   •   Careers in Focus- Sports
   •   Athletes Guide to Career Planning
   •   The Sports Industry

                                        Information for this handout compiled from:
  University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Texas State Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, DeSales
                      University, World Wide Learn, University of Georgia Career Center, Hope College

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