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                         Fair Housing                                                                                                              April 2009

A publication from the Community & Political Affairs Department of the NAtioNAl AssoCiAtioN of REAltoRs®

                                                                  Diverse Neighborhoods and
                                                                  Schools Strengthen Communities
                                                                  It’s no surprise that good schools are often at the top of buyers’ lists during the home search
                                                                  process. Research by the National Association of ReAltoRs® shows the quality of the school
                                                                  district was a deciding factor for 27 percent of buyers.
                                                                  While real estate professionals are careful to avoid steering, the illegal practice of directing home
                                                                  seekers to particular areas, even providing an opinion about whether a school is good or bad
                                                                  could be construed as steering.
                                                                  NAR President Charles
                                                                  McMillan says that while
                                                                  statistics like academic
                                                                  performance and student-to-
                                                                  teacher ratios can be easily
                                                                  obtained, what constitutes a
                                                                  good school is often a matter
                                                                  of opinion and depends on
   INSIDE:                                                        what parents are looking for in
                                                                                                                           For more information on this high school
                                                                                                                           project go to www.wearethetitans.com
   Open for your full-size                                        their child’s education.
   Fair Housing Month poster                                      Agents working in communities with diverse schools often face perceptions that those schools
                                                                  are less desirable. Not so, says educator taki sidley of t.C. Williams High school in Alexandria,
                                                                  Va., whose students created a photo essay on the value that diversity brings to the educational
                                                                  process. the resulting 112-page book of student-taken photographs and stories is titled We Are
                                                                  the Titans: A Profile of Diversity at One American High School.
                                                                  Duke University Professor William tobin hopes elite colleges will help further promote the value
                                                                  of diversity in K-12 by establishing undergraduate admissions preferences for students that
                                                                  attended racially, economically and ethnically integrated high schools. “this would encourage
                       SING MON
              FAIR HOU                                            parents to reconsider more diversified schools,” he says.

                                                                  Real estate professionals play a key role in promoting the value that diverse neighborhoods
                                                                  and schools bring to a community, but how can agents legally respond to inquiries and promote
                                                                  those benefits to homebuyers? try providing clients with resources or Web sites to third-party
                                                                  school ratings and parental or student feedback. Also encourage clients to meet with principals,
                                                                  teachers, or the PtA board to learn first-hand about a school and its programs.
                                              Real Strength.
                                g/diversity   Real Advantage
                                                                  Most importantly, agents should involve themselves in their community’s schools by learning
                                                                  more about local education issues and forming relationships with school leaders and educators.
                                                                  ReAltoR® associations and members looking to get involved in
                                                                  addressing the challenges facing public schools can download the        See Inside for
                                                                  National Association of ReAltoRs® Public schools toolkit for free at    At Home With Diversity
                                                                  www.realtor.org/smartgrowth, under the Resources tab.                   Special Offer!
                                                                  The Fair Housing DVD focuses on timely topics, introduces
                                                                  viewers to fair housing laws, and presents situations in which fair
                                                                  housing violations could occur.
                                                                  The Fair Housing Pocket Guides provide comprehensive
NAR Provides Valuable                                             information on sales and rentals. A must for anyone involved
                                                                  with management or leasing of real estate.

Training Tools                                                                            Diversity Toolkit for REALTOR®
                                                                                          Associations features case studies
At Home With Diversity® offers a comprehensive diversity                                   from REALTOR® Associations that have
training program that includes:                                                             incorporated diversity into their leader-
                    • fair housing “must knows”                                              ship and made diversity work for them.
                    • demographics, other statistics, and                                    Contact hmorris@REALTORS.org for
                      resources to help participants understand                               your copy.
                      their local areas
                    • marketing strategies and guidelines for                                 What Everyone Should Know about
                      developing an inclusive business plan                                   Equal Opportunity outlines the
                    • skills and exercises to build diversity                        responsibilities of each party to a transaction.
                      awareness and communication                      Brochure available in English and in Spanish.
	 • business etiquette for an international
    clientele and for particular cultures                         Learn About FHA Mortgages
                                                                  NAR, FhA, and the Department of housing and
                                                                  Urban Development outline improvements
                                                                  to the Federal housing Administration’s
             Fair Housing Month Special                           mortgage insurance programs, the
       STUDENTS: Take the At Home with Diversity®                 streamlined application process and how
        course ONLINE during the month of April,                  to qualify for an FhA mortgage. Includes
          and receive 50% OFF the course fee.                     additional resources available from FhA,
     Log onto www.REALTOR.org/diversity for details.              hUD, and NAR.
                                                                                  Learn How to Avoid
How to Avoid Predatory Lending brochure Identifies                                Foreclosure and Keep
warning signs of predatory loans and tips to consumers on how                      Your Home
to avoid them.                                                                      NAR, the Center for Responsible Lending, and
                                                                                    NeighborWorks® explain nontraditional and
The Fair Housing Handbook is an excellent, comprehensive                            other mortgages and their risks, provide
resource and “must have” for Brokers, Owners and managers.                           suggestions for getting help from a REALTOR®
Tools include:                                                                       and a reputable counseling organization, urge
                                                                                      borrowers to work with experts and their
                      • risk management procedures,
                                                                                      lender and lists ways lenders may be willing
                      • corrective action policy,                                      to help borrowers avoid foreclosure.
                       • record keeping tips,                                             These brochures are available in Spanish.
                        • fair housing advertising language,          VISIT the REALTOR.org Store at www.REALTOR.org/Store
                         • equal service check list, etc.                to purchase any of these fair housing resources.

                                                                        “Our industry, like our nation, has come
                                                                        a long way in the past 60 years. NAR is
                                                                        committed to helping REALTORS® from all
                                                                        backgrounds work together more closely
                                                                        to ensure the value of homeownership
                                                                        remains steadfast for all people and a
                                                                        cornerstone of our great nation.”
                                                                             2009 NAR President Charles mcmillian
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         PLEDGE                                                                         to learn more abou
                                                                                        be sure to visit ww
                                                                                                            t fair Housing Mon
A REALTOR® pledges to conduct business in keeping with                                                                       iversity.
the spirit and letter of the Code of Ethics. Article 10 imposes
obligations upon REALTORS® and is also a firm statement of
support for equal opportunity in housing.                                               You supply ideas.
                                                                                        We’ll help with funding.
                 The Fair Housing Act                                                   Associations can receive funds from the NAtioNAl
                                                                                        AssociAtioN of REAltoRs® to support critical
               establishes a national policy of fair housing.                           programs.
The law makes it illegal for any person or business to discriminate in the
   sale, lease, advertising, or financing of housing—or making housing                  the NAR Diversity initiative Grant Program provides up
                    otherwise unavailable—because of:                                   to $5,000 in matching funds for activities that reinforce
                    • race • color • religion • sex                                     the role of REAltoRs® as leaders in our country’s
                          • handicap (disability)                                       increasingly diverse communities and that extend the
                   • familial status • national origin                                  benefits of home ownership to more Americans. to
                                                                                        apply: go to www.REAltoR.org/diversitysupport to find
            Some state and local laws also prohibit discrimination
                                                                                        the application form and submit electronically by April 3
                      based on other factors such as:
                                                                                        or october 2, 2009. or contact Hugh Morris at HMorris@
             • age • source of income • sexual orientation
           The Department of Justice offers the Fair Housing Act
                                                                                        the NAR Housing opportunity fund provides grants
                     (45 U.S.C. 3601) on the Web at
                                                                                        up to $5,000 to fund programs that support the
                                                                                        mission of the NAtioNAl AssociAtioN of REAltoRs®
                                                                                        Housing opportunity Program – to position, educate,
                                                                                        and assist REAltoRs® as leaders in creating housing
                                                                                        opportunities.to apply: go to www.REAltoR.org/
                                                                                        housingopportunity to find the application form and
    0                             April is
 $ a                        FAir housing Month
                                                                                        submit electronically by April 3 or october 2, 2009. or
                                                                                        contact lora Mccray at HousingopportunityGrants@
                 SPONSOR                                                                REAltoRs.org.

                                                                                        the NAR smart Growth Action Grants provides up to
       NAR At Home With Diversity® & SAVE                                               $5,000 fund programs that support REAltoRs® efforts
                                                                                        to implement programs and activities that position
   Sponsoring the At Home With Diversity® program is easy and valuable. If you are,
      or become a Course Sponsor, we will waive your course fee in April. Offer the     REAltoRs® as leaders in improving their communities
   six-hour At Home With Diversity® program at your location, and students will earn:   by advancing smart growth.to apply: go to www.
                 •		Credit	toward	the	CIPS,	CRS	and	PMN	designations                    REAltoR.org/sggrants to find the application form and
                       •		3	hours	of	continuing	education	credit                        submit electronically by April 3 or october 2, 2009. or
                      •		NAR	At	Home	With	Diversity® certification                      contact Hugh Morris at HMorris@REAltoRs.org.

                               TO SIGN UP: visit
                       www. REALTOR.org/diversity and click on                                                OPEN HERE
                    At Home With Diversity® for an application form.                                    for your Fair Housing
                               Cost is normally $150.
                                                                                                            Month poster!
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                 Leading With Diversity                         Foreclosure
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