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Georgia FCCLA Mid Year Update


									   28,398 Georgia FCCLA Members

   301 Chapters

 7,100   Urban Affiliates (27 chapters)

 10,406   Middle Level Affiliates
    (16 chapters)

           We are #1 in the NATION
 Must  have 9 members
 $9.00 national dues and $3.00 state dues
 Go to the national website
 Click Membership. New System available in
 One time to input school information…Yeah!
 Will automatically keep up the years of
  advising --- So put it in correctly!
 Will not have to mail a copy of affiliation to
  State Office.
 Must be affiliated to attend all state events
  and meetings.
 Look  on back of Leadership Manual
 Region 3 is now Region 3A and Region 3B
  3B - Jewell Ross from Youth Middle School
  Region 3A still vacant!
 Region 4 is now Region 4A and Region 4B
4A – Margaret June from Drew High School
4B – Jenna Black from Decatur High School
 Region 7 – Lauren Amis will be on maternity
  leave and Kathryn Snelson from Bradwell
  Institute will be helping out at the first of
 Youwill be receiving details through the
 CTAE Resource Network regarding exact
 dates and times for the Region Meetings…

 TentativeDates:
 Region 3 (Both A & B) – August 27th 5:30pm
 Region 4A – August 22nd (9am – 12 noon)
 Region 7 – August 27th 5:30pm
        Again only tentative dates!!!

*You will be receiving promotional materials in
  the mail in September
   September 20th
       FCCLA Day with the Atlanta Falcons
            Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers
          September 20th Kickoff 1:00pm
           $35.00 (Game Ticket & T-shirt)
                Proceeds benefit the
              Georgia FCCLA Foundation
Start planning now for B.A.S.I.C. Training –
  Take your chapter officers or take a group
  of CTSO officers

     Contact Leroy Bagley at the Georgia
              FFA/FCCLA Center
            770-786-6926 or visit
 September 25th-26th
              FFA/FCCLA Center in Covington
    Opening Session Friday night – Saturday afternoon
$55.00 Registration will include t-shirt, meals and lodging
        On Friday, school clothes (may wear jeans)
  On Saturday, wear conference t-shirt and khaki pants
 Last year we had 108 chapters and over 651 delegates
 Preconference Workshops Available on Friday
 Adviser, Officer, and Member Tracks
 3 Competitive Events: Membership Recruitment,
   State Lapel Pin and T-shirt Design Event for
   CASH Prizes
 October 14 at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA
  Cost: $15.00 (Rally & T-shirt)
        $30.00 (Rally, T-shirt and Unlimited Rides)
         Bus drivers - FREE
 195 chapters & over 4,145 students, teachers and
 You can make a donation to the Library Fund
 Foundation Event
 7 Competitive Events
       FACS Knowledge Bowl – Nutrition and Food Science
       Culinary Knowledge Bowl – Study Guide posted on State Website
       Chili Cook-off
       Culinary Competition
       Chapter Fair Booth
       Brochure Event
 November  13 – 15
       Washington, DC
 November 20-22
       Salt Lake City, UT and Louisville, KY
Go to to register

*Georgia will be traveling to Louisville –
Charter Bus available
New This Year – Knowledge Bowl Competition!
             All will have the theme
            “65 years of Leadership”

 T-shirt
 FCCLA Poster Design for FCCLA Week
 Cake Design – Cost is $6.50

     National Office will be sending out an
        email to explain all the details!
February 8 - Region 3
February 9 – Region 4
February 10 – Region 5,6 & 7
February 11 – Region 1 & 2

*February 11th – Tentative Date for CTSO
  Legislative Breakfast
        Tickets: $20.00 each
 Region 1- Etowah High School
 Region 2- Marion County High School
 Region 3- Youth Middle School
 Region 4- Decatur HS to Dekalb Tech
 Region 5- GW Carver High Freshman
 Region 6- Lakeside Middle School
 Region 7- Bradwell Institute

Must be affiliated member
by Feb. 2nd
1.   Environmental Ambassador – focuses on
     Environmental Issues
2.   Fashion Design – Design & Sample Garment
3.   Food Innovations – Create, test and market
     an original prototype that fits into an
     annual theme.

      Look for updates on the national website
     in September for the guidelines and
 March  18 – 20, 2010
 Classic Center, Athens
 Registration at

Thursday – Opening Session & Dance A Thon
Friday – State STAR Events and State Events
         Career & Trade Expo
         Business & Recognition Session
Saturday – STAR Events Recognition
         Chicago, IL
       July 4 – 8, 2010
National STAR Events
National Events
Ultimate Leadership
 Academy -Phase I & IV
 Delete *** Required for Honor Roll and
  Distinction under Standard A “Membership”
 Delete ***Required for Honor Roll and
  Distinction under Standard B “State
  Leadership Meeting”

*Corrected version will be sent out on the CTAE
  Resource Network and be located on the
  State Website
 Purpose is to seek sponsors to help fund
 the cost of National Leadership Meeting
 for State STAR Events Winners

 GACHEF  Inc. - A Foundation for Culinary
  Arts Education
 GECEF Inc. – Georgia Early Childhood
  Education Foundation
   120 Grants Rewarded

   Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center, Covington, GA

   Dates have not been finalized for SLC
Located on the national website - $59.00

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